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Mark Levin
Wednesday, December 6th

If there was ever any doubt that the Democrat Party and the media despise the state of Israel, then today should quash those doubts. It's a conga line of Israel and Trump haters. There’s a long list of Democrat politicians who previously supported recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and are ...


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They show is sponsored by talks if on Monday or become their faction the patriots additional therapy it get taken experience licensed therapist she relates until comfortable. Each and every Erica says at least in master's degree and completed over 3000 hours of supervised black magic a perfect act as their talks they fat content lower class room. To share sparked this podcast he's code Blum hit 39 is not your first month that's been talks space dot com slash bloom 00 and. Hello everybody mark the event here are number 877381. 381187738. Ones. 3811. If there was ever any doubt. At the Democrat party in the media. Despise the stated as. Then today. Should quash those that. It was very painful I started watching MS Ellis. And they were trashing president Tron they were trashing his decision they're going on and on about how this will lead to violence and it's not right. They cherry pick the guests as they were bringing on and so forth. I watched this clown Nicole Wallace who her whole life as a Republican but now as an independent. She hated Sarah Palin even though she worked on that campaign with McCain. She hate Donald Trump and in order to to get a payday and a host. On MS Ellis species he completes out an initiative that she's done and she's nasty and of course these are some of the elements that are required to work at that station. On that network. For a house. Her treatment of the ambassador from Israel to the United States run garner was disgusting and I'm gonna have mr. Cameron on this program at the bottom of the hour. Will it be treated with some respect. But Nicole Wallace is they're trying to score points Chris Wallace yesterday doing exactly the same thing it is a conga line of Israel haters. And trying to pay. That's what it is I'm what you keep something in my MSNBC. Is tied at the hip attached at the hip with MDC. NBC so this is face oppose it news out. Now many of you who actually where I can pay taxes and you didn't have time to hear president trumpet 1 PM eastern time. You're gonna get the here now. And what you hear what he had to say this has to be. One of the most historic speeches. One of the most historic speeches period in what he did today. Take it from somebody now who's been Israel what he did today will be remembered for a thousand years in the state of his. The orbit he recorded by other historians that's how important us. So the short shrift or worse that he's getting from the media today. You have to reject it. You have to reject. Let's begin. Donald Trump at the White House today count one ago. When I came into office I promised. To look at the world's challenges. With open eyes and very fresh thinking. We cannot solve our problems. By making the same failed assumptions. And repeating the same failed strategies. Of the past. Old challenges demand new approaches. My announcement today marks the beginning. Of a new approach. To conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. In 1995. Congress adopted. The Jerusalem embassy act. Urging the federal government to relocate. The American Embassy to Jerusalem. And to recognize. That that's city. And so important. Is Israel's. Capital. This act passed congress by an overwhelming bipartisan majority. And was reaffirmed by unanimous vote. Of this and it only six. Months ago. Yet for over twenty years. Every previous. American president. Has exercise. The laws waiver refusing to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Or to recognize. Jerusalem. As Israel's. Capital city. Presidents issued these waivers under the belief that delaying the recognition of Jerusalem. Would advance. The cause of peace. Some say they lacked courage. But they made there best judgment. Base or facts as they understood them at that time. Nevertheless. The record is it. After more than two decades of waivers. We're no closer to oil lasting peace agreement between Israel. And the Palestinians. It would be folly to assume. That repeating the exact same formula. Would now produce a different or better result. Therefore I have determined. That it is time. To officially recognize. Jerusalem. As the capital. Of Israel. While previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise. They failed. To deliver. Today. I am delivering. I've judged this course of action to be in the best interests. Of the United States of America. And the pursuit of peace between Israel. And the Palestinians. So every modern president ladies and gentlemen has campaigned on this as he points out every one of them. Democrat and Republican including Obama. Congress passes the statute the Jerusalem embassy act in 1990 five's past. But ninety Democrat votes excuse me ninety senate votes in the United States and including Dianne Feinstein legitimately. And it is overwhelmingly supported. And now the president has acted on it. He's being attacked by the Democrat he's being attacked by other surrogates in the media. It's being tapped by the Arab state to being attacked by the European states. But with time. Some of them come around. Because what trump this. Was historic for things to the historic friend Mandy. You don't go a long. But the common mentality but the mindset that exists. You make decisions that are prudential you make decisions that are righteous whatever the politics. Whatever the politics. Donald Trump has done more. In this one action. To support the State of Israel. And virtually any other president the United States bar probably Nixon. But historically. As an ancestral matter. And as a matter that will be remembered a thousand years from now particularly in the State of Israel. This. We'll be considered the greatest president. That is Rosa renown. And it was courageous what. Trumpet. Because it is. Exceptional in and of itself. It's courageous. Because listened to the projections in this country and the very people who voted for this statute. Politics first party fares are attacking him. Saying he's changed. He's changed American policy really and Tommy when Barack Obama sold out America to a Randy he change America's policy yes. When Obama destroyed our health care system he change America's policy yes they don't mind that not in the least. But the Democrats like the media are all coming out of the closet and they're revealing themselves. The revealing themselves. Cut to go. This is a long overdue step to advance the peace process. And to work towards a lasting. Agreement. Israel is a sovereign nation. With the right. Like every other sovereign nation. To determine its own capital. Acknowledging this is a fact. Is a necessary condition for achieving peace. It was seventy years ago. That the United States under president Truman. Recognize. The State of Israel. Ever since then Israel has made its capital. In this city of Jerusalem. The capital. The Jewish people established. In ancient times. Over us three. Thousand years ago. There were 3000 years ago. You know North Korea will not recognize the capital of South Korea when I recognized Solis the capitals center. We recognize soulless capitalists country. The UN does. MSNBC does CNN does NBC does the near times does the Washington Post. Why is that. Does that help us with peace with North Korea anyway go ahead. Slim is the seat. Of the modern Israeli. Government. It is the home. Of the Israeli parliament. They can ask as well as the Israeli. Supreme Court. It is the location. Of the official residence of the prime minister. And the president. It is the headquarters. Of many government. Ministries. For decades visiting American presidents. Secretaries of state. And military leaders have met. There Israeli counterparts. In Jerusalem. As I did on my trip to Israel earlier this year. Jerusalem. Is not just the heart of three great religions. But it is now also the heart of one of the most successful. Democracies. In the world. Over the past seven decades. The Israeli people have built a country. We're Jews Muslims and Christians. And people. Of all states are free to live. And worship according to their conscience. And according to their beliefs. Jerusalem. Is today. And must remain. A place where Jews pray at the western world where Christians walk. The stations of the cross. And where Muslims worship. At a locks. Mosques. However school all of these years presidents representing the United States have declined to officially recognize Jerusalem. As Israel's capital. In fact. We have declined to acknowledge. Any Israeli cap at all. But today we finally acknowledged the obvious. That Jerusalem. Is Israel's capital. At three mr. but it should go this is nothing more or less. Than a recognition. Of reality. It is also the right thing to do. It's something. That has to be done. That is why. Consistent with the Jerusalem. Embassy act. I am also directing the State Department to begin preparation. To move the American Embassy. From Tel Aviv. To Jerusalem. This will immediately begin the process of hiring architects. Engineers and planners so that a new embassy. When completed. Will be a magnificent. Tribute to peace. In making these announcements I also want to make one point. Very. Clear. This decision is not intended in any way to reflect a departure from our strong commitment. To facilitate. A lasting peace agreement. We want an agreement that is a great deal for the Israelis. And they great deal for the Palestinians. We are not taking a position of any final status issues. Including this specific boundaries of the Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem. Or the resolution. Of contested borders. Those questions are up to the parties involved. The United States remains deeply committed. To helping facilitate a peace agreement that is acceptable. To both. Sites. I intend. Can do everything in my power. To help thwart she's such an agreement. Without question. Jerusalem is one of the most sensitive issues in those talks. The United States would support a two state solution. If agreed to. By both sides. In the meantime. I call on all parties to maintain the status quo. At Jerusalem's holy sites including. The temple mount also known as Iran. Al Sharif. Above all our greatest hope. Is for peace. The universal yearning. In every human soul. Now ladies and gentlemen. Democrats like Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein. Bernie Sanders. I say usage of these are Jews. But they're Democrats first and their left this first. Washington free bacon Feinstein or just tried not to move the US embassy to Jerusalem despite voting to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Is that not incredible. Yes it's incredible. Hillary Clinton had called for an and divided Jerusalem. In her policy paper in 2000. Nancy Pelosi was an original cosponsor. Of a house resolution calling upon the president's secretary of state. The firm publicly as a matter of US policy that Jerusalem must nearing the end of ID capital of Israel. Back in 1997. And I really did Chuck Schumer at that time a New York. Somebody strongly believes that Jerusalem is the end and I capitalist from calling for the US embassy in Israel to be relocated to Jerusalem. So that too funny 17 October it what's interesting is he had no influence on Obama or Hillary Clinton. 1995 Schumer stated it was embarrassing to have to go to Tel Aviv to reach the US embassy. Feinstein and 1995. We will send word that Israel like every country in the world has the sovereign right. To designate its capital to have the capital recognized. By the nations of the world she said then 1995. Sharaud ground. Sure Rob Brown in 2012 the Democratic National Convention made the important move to reaffirm our belief that Israel's capital expenditures on capital of Israel. Ben Carson. And other Jewish gentlemen any complete lightweight. In 2010 Jerusalem is the under body capital the State of Israel Joseph Manchin same thing. Kirsten Gillibrand same thing Chris Merrick he sane thing governor Cuomo's same thing DNC chairwoman Debbie class have been shelled same thing. They know our mayor at that time Cory Booker same thing. Even though now he's opposed. Joseph Biden same thing now they're all cautious and concerned I'll be right back. Have Israel's ambassador in. States Ron very enormously. Intelligent articulate gentleman. It was all about this. Finally originally born. In Miami Florida. And his brother. Was the democratic mayor of Miami Florida for sometime as was his late father. Companies and very very close advisor to and prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. And just seems to me ladies and gentlemen all of these Democrats. All the media and now. Really troubled lives. They so despise Donald Trump. This is where they go and I'll tell you something else. Obama not only did that they got stitches yes. Obama. Was busy funding the Iranians. I'll be right back. The ground conservative. No ifs ands or parts. Pull him at 877381. More yeah 11. Plus an honor to have on the program the ambassador to the United States from Israel around armored how are you sir. I've been great day mark. Thank you Bradley and you don't truly workday. It really isn't great historic day will you tell everybody why that's the case please. Well because recruitment in the capital of Jewish people for 3000 years. It'll King David. With the went native art capital 3000 years ago and it has been. We did better of the Jewish people's political and national life. For over a thousand years. And after we were in exile it was really dead center of the Jewish people Coke and drink that it be kept saying. Year after year next here in Jerusalem and it kept that they kept our hold applied to a very longs. And difficult day X style we were subject they've pretty much every evil under the not. And it's also be in the capital of the modern Jewish state for the last seventy years. And it's something has to be an ambassador to have the privilege to serve as an ambassador to the United States. I'm the game when president prompt I become the president of finally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and I think that it. I'd come to knock them down right after the speech she he'd take an honored place. Alongside president Truman who was the first. President the first world leader to recognize the State of Israel seventy years ago president trump we'll take an honored place. R&R people this street in our state history and we're very deeply grateful for his leadership and he's courageous leadership. To make it such a decision again that you thought you heard. I almost every leader around the world I think it's there's an active great political courage and we're very grateful for. And I can only imagine. I UN United States you and Israel right now. I am in the United States can walk into your capital and we were wrecked the properties. On the roof on my I I I live under them and. How orpheum in our home in Jerusalem and I was reading for awhile but if you don't move the capital we're gonna move our embassy in New York. Maybe that would work I don't know but we are just we're just very pleased that you heard the prime minister. Also I'll respond to be president trump. Speech. I anticipated Jewish people would you stay will be eternally grateful and there's a real self centered celebration. And rejoicing in Israel today. Isn't likely by the way. Russia recognize true Islam is Israel's capital last spring did they not. Well rocket that something that wasn't entirely clear about Webster whose arm but they also mentioned East Jerusalem for the Palestinian. That would actually much more complicated what president trump data here. You can just recognize Jerusalem as Israel's got a leak that I'm not pre judging negotiations are boundaries even what dangerous combat for the party that besides. But I'm recognizing groups some of the capital and I know there's been a lot of talk about it somehow undermine peace well it would only under my feet if somebody thinks there is a peace deal. At some point they can be put on the table would Jerusalem would not be Israel's capital and that and that's got an act that there's all sorts of ideas that I've been. About pizza Grande. But I have never seen a peace agreement that put down on the table. It suggested that Israel would not have its Kaplan from I don't think it it actually undermined because I think it advance the speech beat up piece. Because it conquers. All of a lot. All the denials of the Jewish people Klein in Jerusalem that the Palestinians Christ he. Try to push through the international community that was a decision about Mexico. At a UN organization last year. To deny any historical connection between the Jews in Jerusalem you remember that terrible decision at the UN Security Council at the end of last year. Which essentially says that the western wall in the occupied Palestinian terror Gordon and those are the type of thing that actually set back because of Pete speaking truth. Recognizing reality actually advance the peace in the middle so we're very pleased that he did so. In other made in number of people in this audience. Who are not familiar with some of the Jewish holy sites in East Jerusalem can you tell us what some of these holy sites. I'm glad they're wholly. Well the temple mount a lot of people come upon mistakenly there at the western wall which I think he's. He's known throughout the world about the holy that it was and that's not the holy that's accused prey and the reason they pray before the wall. Is valid and external wall where the Jewish temple once stood to reason might call the temple mount. Is because both of our temples stood on Matt bout Saturday holiest site in Yediot and at this site according to use tradition. Where this story of the oddity here sacrifice of Isaac took place. And many other things that happened in June tradition and that would like it gave it. I chosen Thalmann eventually built the first Jewish temple there that temple stood for many many centuries until the Babylonian. And the pick entry BP destroyed it David was about a thousand BP. Com and of the second temple was also built there and that's stood for hundreds of years until the Romans destroyed. Jerusalem and like today it was always the center. Our national and political life and and religious lot as well. There was only one place we could perform all these religious right and that was in Jerusalem so. He's been in our prayers goes that your listeners who've been to a Jewish wedding. Will know that at the end of Rome fans who put on a collapse. The reason why does that it could remember the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem which stood on my temple mount. If they do and it at a morning how throughout the morning Jerusalem and go you mentioned on our way out the door so but it is part of. Not only the history of the Jewish people are really the goal of the Jewish people and to have the world did not. The right debate given every other nation on our. Every nation in the world has its capital recognized except. You know root cause. Which is older cars I know that any other capital on earth so the older capital the one that has the strongest connection to the people who were and it. That's the capital that would not recognize until today. How about president crop and I think because something will be remembered not for decades not even percent treatment for millennia. That's an important point this will be remembered especially in Israel especially in the Middle East. Europe historians will definitely be writing about this and 121000 and that's that but it got. I don't know it beat her again remember Cyrus. But we remember our callers Jewish people are members tired because I'm 2500. Years ago. A Persian leader allowed begin to go rebuild. The second temple in Jerusalem. That would giving did you religious freedom and religious independence but not political in the past. This is something bizarre political right Deborah Kaplan Jerusalem into historic. The historic day that I think. Obviously we're very grateful for about I think it's something that Obama should make all the American people proud that the president decided I had to take it that historic step today. And he took this historic step a step that was encouraged by Eric congressman has been for over twenty years. Any law that congress passed overwhelmingly both parties. It's something that every candidate who's run for president in modern times has said they would do. And this is the first president to do it. Now. He'll be remembered your point is and I believe this is absolutely true for a thousand years in Jerusalem Ponte. Absolutely and it was an act of courage and there's always breed and. Why people didn't do it and they were good men who were not all that they probably had good reason that people came to them. Probably with a warning that you know potential violence or was it undermined Pete it is not the right can't. You're listening should know that when president Truman made his decision correct if not the stated as he did it did it again the week it. Under secretary of state George Marshall. Colin a great figure in world war two and had it there and Marshall plan that it's so much good to rebuild Europe but on the issue that really was wrong. And president Truman overruled him and did the right thing and today people look back and appreciate the fact the president Truman made it to court decision. I think even though there. A lot of dispute over a lot of issues a year contract with pot people look back. Pot and they will remember and actually take great pride in the remarkable decision and I want to you mentioned the truth on. And but the act that would act over forty years ago I read you something from the Israeli prime minister. That it that we differ in our opinion left and right we disagree on the means and the objective in Israel we all agree on one issue the whole method to. The continuation of its significant this capital of the State of Israel there are no two Giroux. There's only one Jerusalem for our troops and are not subject to compromise and there is no peace without Jerusalem. The prime minister who said those words with prime minister used pepper being. It is seen as an icon of the effort to advance peace he said them and watching 1022. Years ago two days after the package. Of that act in congress. And I think that expresses the overwhelming sentiment within Israel on Jerusalem. Not left and right where united and exit like I'd edit data great rejoicing with an. And after the six day war in nineteen it after the 1967. War. When you're a country. Retook Jerusalem. What did you find there as the what what had happened to the synagogues in the other places. Of import the Jews in net interest. While they were all destroyed and a good part of history that people don't remember. Journalists and aid group commander Israel controlled expend the only time when actually the rights of all. Religion and all the religious holy sites have been protected the Christian guy. Mall comprised. And of course he would but in the years where Israel was not in control of the period your specifically talking about it after the 1948 war. So we had a ceasefire with the air and at the end of that cease fire we control what is referred to many Pete but many people electoral slump and the Jordanians occupied eastern on which include the Old City of Jerusalem. Where all of these holy site saw. And what happened in the Jordanians prevented. Both Christians and news from worshipping at their holy sites there were many restrictions. On their access not to produce but also for Christian but also destroyed. All dozens and dozens of pitted got there were in the old city actually took the summit ahead don't. Of the mountain olive the most famous cemetery in the world and you sent the paper the train. I don't in an officer so there was no respect. No respect for the religion type of others. And Israel is proud of our commitment to that it will never change the prime minister reiterated today that we will respect the religious status quo. And we will ensure that religious sites open gulf. Look at what's happening in the Middle East. When you have I could go and other extremist group gone to Larry they blow up the religious site about it when he thanked god. That Israel is in control of Jerusalem and protecting religious site. Of all and freedom of worship for all or else he really created tinderbox in the Middle East and we take our responsibility very seriously. And did speak did not taint that at all. Now ambassador camera nice and we've done a number of media interviews and if you have what kind of reaction you're getting from the media in this country. How well L into Mexico. Unfortunately that he like many excuse in your country couldn't get a little bit political side some people think it's it's simple low. I think the effort to advance besides I disagree with that assessment. But I think if you go packed the meeting and you go directly to the people. I think if there was a vote on the American people of recognizing Jerusalem that Israel capital look at the 1949. In 195919697980. Dotted every year. Over the lack 69 years so I think it's actually reflect overwhelming support. Among the American people to do that could do it. And I guess I I can't. Thank president prompt enough for making this courageous that they can you know on were were soon to be a holiday of a comic had a huge holiday Connick that would you like eaten an hour. That is the ultimate holiday of courage where few people stood against the Mehdi. And they won their sovereignty and won their independence the Mac could be one Robert C and one independent against mighty forces but it. The president is the most powerful person in the world but he had to stand up to a lot of. A lot of opposition. And a lot of forces who oppose it and I really appreciate him being a Mac upbeat today and standing with a Israel and I think it's gonna go. For generations and generations to come. That's really profound people you calling him a Mac could be today and I think that's right ambassador Damron. Have a happy Chanukah and a few weeks you and your family got blessed. Thank you happy Chanukah Merry Christmas to all your listeners. Are right countless. You know he's a great ambassador. Pretty Israel to the United States is another great ambassador. Her from Israel to the United States and we have won our unites states ambassador to Israel David Freeman. We have the DP number of you know real statesman in positions. We're able to affect this decision grammar Friedman. The vice president of the United States has been pushing for this for years and years and years Mike Pence. Who is a he man of deep faith and evangelical Christian. With the present the United States Donald Trump who campaigned on this and kept his word. Even when I had questions about it six months ago and I was wrong he kept his work. And that's why is under attack today. When and I say the other day they're not upset about his tweets and I upset about his mannerisms are not upset about his language. They're upset about the content of what he's done. He's the most conservative president since Reagan and he did something here this Reagan didn't do my hero. I'll be right back and. And a lot more coming up of the stick let us. How many colleges can claim that their 100%. Financially independent from both federal and state in fact. I can think of only one college in the entire country that refuses government funding of every kind not one penny Hillsdale College now why. Because government money comes with strings. In Hillsdale refuses to have government bureaucrats dictate what and how they must teach or run their campus. From the beginning at 1844. When James Polk a great president. Was president Hillsdale has provided a world class education that upholds America's founding principles. And preserves the blessings of civil and religious liberty. Everything hills though does from the financially than 97% of its students receive to be completely free online courses and offers. Depends on generous donors who recognize the worth of independence. Financial freedom preserves the integrity and excellence and they hells no liberal arts education. Attracting the nation's brightest students and scores of fields of study. From music of biology to business Hillsdale College teaches her students to pursue truth. And defend liberty. Learn more about how Hillsdale College house all of us become better more independent citizens. And how you can help Hillsdale further freedom. And live in friend Hillsdale dot com. That's LE VIN live in fair Hillsdale dot com I wanna mention. Another person. I can't mention everybody. Do has been thought it. Action and animation to. On Capitol Hill who've been dogged. In pushing this effort run Desantis. A Florida. I've gotten to know him he's really really a solid decent good guy. And they don't come anymore principal and conservative than he. And he chairs a subcommittee in the held a hearing last month tonight Tenet it quietly sent them. Front growers second or whatever it wants. We was pressing the case. And also in the senate. Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz has been a steadfast. Advocate. But what took place today. For years. And others deserve mention too but. Those of you out there listening to this program you have to be Jewish. There's many many gentiles who support this and as a matter of fact. If wasn't for Gentile specifically the wasn't for Christians. This wouldn't happen. It wasn't for the present the United States whose Christian this would not have happened if it wasn't for the vice president the United States was Christian. This could have happened the wasn't for certain members of congress like to that I mentioned who are Christians. This would not have happened because I know. That one of the greatest forces. In support of not just American American history and American culture but Israel and Israel's history and Israel's culture. Are Christians. Evangelical Christians. Christians of faith. And I got to listener Dianne Feinstein. And Bernie Sanders who disgust me they disgust me tonight core trust me. I'll be right back. When we listen to the radio we never agree on the station class. Rock hit I cut explains the one thing we do agree on we all want an awesome free phone that's when we switched and MetroPCS. Stuff by MetroPCS with the whole family get four free bones of your choice for brands you look like Samsung Motorola and LG when you switch MetroPCS. Wireless figured out. Covers and two of them are still stuff and included a price for the record what was numbers on the Tivo moment or. He's over until the terms and conditions. Know everybody mark living here are number 8773813811877381. 381 when it's amazing the network does and I'm compelled to listen to my headphones. They start off the last eight Palestinian spokesman has to say about Obama's. Not an American spokesman not an Israeli spokesman because the media want let me give up violence. They want violence they went riding they won an Intifada they want war they want ratings. This is what the media are all about. All these predictions of what was going to take place this is what the media want they want violence they want war. They wanna say that trump cause that. No more that. Partisanship ends at the water's edge now Canada. Now and you know what. History will remember if he remembers anything else. With respect to these people they're names. They're names. Benjamin Netanyahu. Here's what he had to say about what. The president of the United States did today go ahead. This is a historic day Jerusalem from the couple of the Jewish people for 3000 years. It's in the capital of Israel for nearly seven years. It was here that are totals. Are king's rule. Prophets preached. Jerusalem has been the focus of our hopes our dreams our prayers for the three millennia. And every quarter of the earth are people immune to return from. To touch his gold stones. To walk it's cobbled streets. So it's rare to be able to speak of new and genuine milestones. In the glorious history of this it. Yeah today's announcement by president trump is such an occasion. We're profoundly grateful for the president for his courageous and just decision. To recognize Jerusalem as the capital was rule and to prepare for the opening of the US embassy here. This decision. Reflects the president's commitment. To an ancient but enduring truth. To fulfilling his promises. And to invest in peace. The president's decision is an important step towards peace. For the original trees that doesn't include Jerusalem. As the capital of the State of Israel. Our call on all countries that seek peace and join the United States and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. And to move embassies here. I sure president trumps commitment to advancing peace between Israel and all of our papers including the Palestinians. This has been our goal from Israel's prisoners. And we will continue to work with the president and his team to make that dream of peace come true. I also want to make clear. There will be no change whatsoever. To the status quo with the old starts. Israel will always ensure freedom of worship for Jews Christians and Muslims alike frozen ground. Thank you for introduces store decision. To recognize Jerusalem as Israel's gotten the Jewish people the Jewish student will be for over great. And for average true. Now Maria marches on the Fox News Channel I guess. As a am regular contributor. How about before that she was a spokesperson for the Obama administration over at the State Department and elsewhere. And here's what took place she's questioned by Sandra Smith got time ago. What does this do for peace efforts in the Middle East sorry. Well I think it makes them almost impossible and it makes the United States. So for eight years and Barack no house Hussein Obama. Eight years of capitulation. Eight years of undermining the State of Israel. Eight years. Of trying to condemn the prime minister of Israel eight years of appeasement. How part of those peace negotiations go pokes and went nowhere they didn't exist I had. Very difficult position and to a lot of parties including the Palestinians. We won't be able to play a negotiating role like we have for so long who have. Palestinians that we're negotiating with Hamas. Black tie. They're both terrorist organizations we know Hamas is and we've identified Hamas is a terrorist organization which now gets some of its funding from Iraq. And Hezbollah. So we're not negotiating with the Annie I would actually like. So ruled by the Israelis with home they do negotiate. And if the Palestinians are each other's throats Hamas and put time they really aren't. How are supposed to work. And this two states living side by side sharing a common border what's had a. Hallmark edgy joke. There's a common border right now would think Gaza Strip. There's a common border right now a southern Lebanon as a common border right now with Syria. As I don't how that worked and now. Is that common border on Jerusalem. I had. There's a reason that president that that both Brad and I worked for a boat party. Never took its that ride they lied to the American people they ran for office they said they would do this and they didn't do it so they lied to get elected. And they are wrong. They are wrong. Go ahead. Daimler region that is a RE eight under enormous pressure. And and crisis right now. And there's a reason I'm here rambling idiot. Rambling but phone. Ladies and gentlemen who's at war with whom right now in the Middle East it's the Muslims killing the Muslims it's the Arabs killing the Arabs. It's the saudis. While to mourn activates the Iranians. Persians. Killing the Arabs the Arabs killing parish. But Muslims killing Muslims. So there wasn't a single Christian human being in the Middle East if there wasn't a single Jewish human being in the Middle East. They still the killing each other coming. How many Jews either exactly. In Iraq and landfall in Syria used to be a lot and handful. In Yemen. And a handful of Christians and I handful. They're not fighting over. Jewish occupied territory are Christian occupied territory and by the way what's not all about. Judaism's. Burris. Is in the Middle East christianity's birthdays in the Middle East. That's where religion to come along. Islam if practice in the Middle East so happy it'd be the right to return. Only Muslims not Christians and Christians have the right to return to. The Jews have the right to return in Iraq. In Iran and Syria and yet man 119. Any jet of course not. Mary Hart could barely controller south and was utterly and completely incoherent. Now there's some guy named Khalid Al Jim. IDC MSNBC and CNN if that's so they bring in. Primarily. To comment and then network news like whatever crap I have to listen to what the top of the hour in my head founds. There they act that Palestinians think of the Palestinian banks the banks. Cut eleven go. In terms of all of the options left. Forward starts. Mahmoud boxer who ordered him and and his allies left to do. I'm. Well I think they don't know what are Jimenez allies left to do now who's this full ask the question do we know. Now it doesn't matter to say Congo line and it let's go ahead. Likely to see protests. Sad and it's important to point out that the Palestinian leadership that is not always an inability to. Prevent these protests and and I. They just called essentially for three days of riding. They just call for three days or writing. And I and I really control what goes on they're in control of everything that goes. They subsidize terrorism. And they punish those who don't play by their rules go ahead. And directed the anger is often directed at them. Which really I think speaks to the broader point here. I think it's going to be very very hard it's not impossible for any Palestinian leadership. To return to an American led peace process. After something like this you know the United States alana. American led peace process spot. For 69 years that is that's been really swell. I'll be right back. Nobody on the program John Bolton. Former bastard and beyond from the United States among other things how are you John. You're fine art carrier and doing very well so what do you make of the president's decision today why is it important. Well it's an excellent decision. Long overdue nod in his administration the long overdue for the United States that. Recognizes reality namely that Jerusalem is Israel capital and accordingly that's where the United States embassy should be nine Tel Aviv could actually in the capital. Where the leaders of the country perform their official duties. Now there's still room. Steps to be taken to make sure that the embassy is actually. Build a new what is actually built in Jerusalem and so on and I think we've got to watch the State Department. Very carefully over the next three years they're very few people there in the bureaucracy. That approved this decision and it. President not careful three years from now they'll still be doing site selection so still a lot to accomplish but in political terms. This is delivering on his campaign pledge not to do what his predecessors have done this. Promised to do something about moving the embassy but then not carry through a lot. What do you think particularly Democrat members of congress including Diane fines and actually voted for the statue in 1995. Which compelled us. Thought why do you think there are now criticizing the president and saying they're very concerned about violence in the peace process why they reversing course and flip flop. Well it's hypocrisy it's an easy vote for people in congress to say they want the embassy moved there and then when somebody finally does it's an easy move for them. To criticize the president that makes. Decision. And this is one reason why the framers of the constitution were very careful to put. Primary responsibility. Foreign policy and the executive branch where you can actually make decisions and carry through on policy. Look those two who say oh yes what we favor moving the embassy just not now. Are are fouling up a fairly conventional diplomatic script which is what it boils down to is not now means not ever. And so Thompkins cut right through that and look they'll be dealt recent troubles in the Arab world there's no doubt about it. The radicals. Have predicted there would be riots demonstrations. And so quarterly they will now have to produce. Right and demonstration. But the fact is. That this this Pierce's some illusions that people had you know Israel doesn't have a permanent capital. In some people's minds may be it's not a permanent stay well we just solve that problem and you know more will follow it's also why the Europeans are upset. With the United States because. I know I know were all gotta wring our hands there it is now they've got to make some hard decisions about where they're gonna put their embassies. So you think it's possible whether it's your percent other countries in the world that haven't recognize this as a Jerusalem is Israel's capital on Heather embassies us rethink it's possible some countries will follow suit now. Well I think some day I mean I thought triumph gave a very carefully worded statement. To avoid the argument that your pre judging the outcome of the final status talks in. Jerusalem you know all these years nobody has ever set. We were gonna build an American embassy east of the green lives east of the 1949. Armistice line 1967. Lines. So is it there's no doubt that this embassy will be built in a part of Jerusalem that is that. Israel has held since independence. And that no Palestinian has ever argued should be in a Palestinian state. They can still argue about East Jerusalem. As long as they want to this decision does not prejudice that does not undercut the peace talks. There's not I'd eliminate the United States is of course that might help. Bring about a lasting peace that none of that would it was ever going to be sacrificed. By moving the embassy we have to come in particular law. Too brutal intimidation. To the threat of violence. If we did what is simply the natural thing to do put your embassy in the capital of the country to Richard diplomats are credit. I wanna play a clip that I might Chris Matthews on the morning show on today on MSNBC is that our rates there. I think I can probably make our way pro Arab heat headache go. Because if you don't give the Palestinians hope that they can have national integrity. And have a capital where they believe it should be you have it and ending problem by the way. That's are coming now because there's you can just bad the next few weeks we're gonna help pay for this. Totally erratic decision by this president. Every party has had a White House since 48 has recognized just be careful over there I live there rewrite of Damascus Gate. Primitive picture was and I can tell you everything is intrusion over their drew Bethlehem was interview with the Armenian church. And they could and they happily cherish everything is into the guys relief they also refer religious people. And a Jewish community and the Arab call to prayer is all intermingled and intricately you can mind is messed that up now makes no sense. For anybody that did it's not America's interests and I don't know whose interest in his throwing us. I'll let you have the first fight at this how would you respond. Well there's so much that's wrong with that it it's hard to know where to begin that the fact is that. The interest of the United States are served by having its diplomats. Able to operate effectively and efficiently where the Israeli government is and that's in Jerusalem. The whole notion that somehow. Jerusalem the special goes back to a UN general assembly resolution in 1947. Bad bad divided up what was left of the British Palestinian mandate. And would have made Jerusalem. A completely separate city under UN control. So in 1948 when Truman recognized Israel making United States the first country to recognize Israel. He didn't say anything about Jerusalem. Because of that resolution. What trump has done is demonstrate that resolution is a dead letter to respond is never going to be a city under UN control. And the whole idea that you can't talk about the status in any respect. Is just wrong. Trot did what any prudent president would do he called. Mahmoud Abbas the leader of the Palestinians he called king Abdullah the king of the Jordanians he called all the regional leaders he called watch the people in Europe. He told them what was comment he didn't do. The most expensive thing he could have done which has changed the name on on one of our consulate facilities in Jerusalem Hal and Colin and the seat he's proceeding into. Very deliberate fashion. The only real opposition. Got to this move comes from people who just fundamentally don't accept the legitimacy. The State of Israel. And how would this. Interfere with the intricate overlapping of holy sites and religious sites and so forth and so on. There's absolutely no change in the Israeli government's. Authority and management of this part of Israel not. Not not a whatever this is a matter between the United States and Israel. I mean and that didn't do what Mahmoud Abbas and the Turks and others who were critical of this deal are saying is. We get to tell the United States where to put it and the city in Israel mean just think about that. It it if somebody else try to do that to us this. The Russians said would you can't put your embassy in the United Kingdom in London because it would make us unhappy. And will have three days of raging over. We talent to go pound sand. And yet her all these decades. We've we've acquiesced in this threat of violence against innocent civilians in cities around the Middle East. And I think that given our enemies and Israel's enemies comfort I think it said give them through intimidation can work I think proper swept that aside today. Ambassador Bolton excellent I'm much appreciate what you had to tell the audience and you take care yourself. Okay Arctic air feel well woman right. America is most powerful. Conservative. Voice. Mark love and show off island now 8773813811. I admitted. See mode Yeltsin. Beats me anyway host on MS Ellis needed an. Tell me any pro American or pro Israel host on MS Ellis thing. I can't think of one can you think of one I can't think of one. I don't CNN that I can't think of one can you think a one night can't think of one. Israel's annexation. Of East Jerusalem I guess they annexed it from Jordan. Which seized it in 1948. You have to understand there are literally. What doesn't admit let's watching MS solid state who have no knowledge of history in this area so they get it from people like. Amen mole yelled at. Pac ten don't. Those who follow history those who follow international law those who paid tribute to the international legal order the united nations Security Council what have you we'll tell you that he. Annexation of East Jerusalem the unification of it no wait it is a went about two ID populates in parts of East Jerusalem settlement at this is. All of heavy duty. That Palestinian. Liberation organization Palestinian Authority a top. Hamas. Propaganda disguised reading right off the talking points now ahead. So called. All of that was considered illegal under international law so what Angel has been doing for the city of Jerusalem for decades. Tonight is a violation of multiple standing UN Security Council resolutions it has now I don't know who this city it is that. Fact of the matter is let's say the UN passed multiple. Security Council resolutions saying Washington is not a capital. Our sovereignty isn't determined by other countries where collection of other countries at the UN. Israel's capital isn't determined by the UN never has been and is never supposed to. I don't know. Is anybody else is capital determined by the UN. Anybody else's sovereignty determined by the UN. No it's not. It's not called the international Security Council genius it's the united nations Security Council by the way. Israel is deep populated in certain parts of East Jerusalem Israel is protecting all the people. In East Jerusalem. Regardless. And who they are or their religion. All of them. Tell me how many Jews in Christians can go into the Palestinian parts. Of Heber. The second most important to us that you may have heard of Hebron. Had brown Hebrew have brown. Well none. Choosing Christians are not protected. In Palestinian parts. How about Bethlehem. In your Bethlehem. Who was born in Bethlehem. Anybody know. I listen that the Palestinians control that town. Is that their town duke. Under international. Security Council along is that they're counter. What is it to Christians were never in the Middle Eastern Jews were never in the middle and. Italy is actually the Jews and Christians the first and second. Just pointing this out because you'll never hear that on MS LSD or constipated news station CNN. You never well you're never gonna get a history. You gonna get. Oh my god this is gonna cause this and cause that why would trump does this mean every Republican and Democrat before them wouldn't do this and when did that. Very historic what was them very very historic that I can go through all these clown Democrats. These hypocrites. That they are revealing themselves. And that's a good thing sour the media. MSNBC and CNN have now demonstrated that they are not just anti trop not just anti conservative. Anti Israel. Many of the Democrats in the Democratic Party growing. In numbers. In terms of being anti American. An anti Israel. The Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party to a which is a big and growing went. If you hadn't finished shopping for the perfect gift for your friends and family while we've got the perfect gift idea theory over at CR TV dot com. Through Christmas how well through Christmas. We've created some limited addition holiday marks teaching your favorite show host on CI TV. You know it's your chance to get my mod is a matter of fact on your mock. We wanted to say a special thank you to those who are signing up to support what we're doing it CR TV conservative review TV. 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Or 844 living TV promo code Hala it's a lot of fun we want you to join us a lot of fun. Yesterday I spent the entire program on Jerusalem before the president's announcement. Today I spent the entire program on the tax issues that are coming to have a Tri-State to three days ahead. What's taking place. We're gonna take you calls. And we're gonna discuss a few other things in the third hour over 101000 texts between X smaller officials found it to discovery and anti trans messages. This is a breaking Fox News report that's a big deal. Looks like Al Franken is going to resign. When you have a gaggle of Democrats in the senate all acting together all of a sudden. They were dragging their feet given due process they also the same thing that they're talking points and sending it to the senate ethics committee Dick Durbin even said that Franco is dangerous. Constable and now all of a sudden. They're all coming out demanding his resignation even Schumer is demanding his resignation. Let's at all about that's politics. These people don't care about sexual harassment in passing anti sexual harassment training information. A week or two ago. A week or two ago you know what Franken wise man house they know all about 'cause they know all about these people. And as Marat until there's no question in my mind. More on this the third hour because they're the something no it's not even about Rome Roy Moore. Himself. You have to keep something in mind when you watch the Democrats operate in now the media to. Out to destroy Donald Trump if they can't destroy and they wanted to feed of everything they do. Whether it's immigration whether it's taxes whether it's ten. Whether it's sexual harassment training whether it's demanding the resignation of one of their own. Whether it is condemning his farm policy which is an absolutely outstanding. Absolutely outstanding. North Korea Iran Israel. Absolutely outs and whatever it is. It's because they wanna destroy him and not because they don't like they used to like him now because of his tweeting tendencies you know elected annoy them. But because they do not like what he's doing. And they do not like the fact that they're great. Late Iraq now house Hussein Obama is not president threw Hillary Clinton his state terror. They're furious about what's taking place. So this is not really even in attack solely on tropics an attack on all of us all of us. Let's take some calls Bryant. Ball Lamar Merrill and the great WC BM doubt. Mark erudite. All right thank he's. Or if they head out I'm incredibly proud of our president and night for the bracket yeah actually stood up and took a stand that. Nobody else. Whether it was political expediency or just lack of Kurt would actually make that stand in the previous administrations. And around the fact you know you had a guy call last night that you know I'm a Christian thing Christians understand the cuter cut through the people you know Christians every being too got. Through right. So you know persecute them again pal as Paul Rubin some of the letter and now you're at the temple at as. Our ambassador to armament saying. The temple actually was. Build residing plate of god on earth Jerusalem is the colonel capital of heaven on earth that you Jerusalem is spoken about in the bottom or Italy for the fact that we actually are taking a stand which by the way the Palestinians mentioned. Well as Q where clearly laid out on a Mohammed didn't show on the scene until the seventh century Italy which is where wet in the iron age promptly. Now directly freak out and beat feet so they out there. Just the intellectual dishonesty of people who wanna take expanded it just blows my mind but it. The fact that we have a critic. Leader now he would standing up on our traditional Judeo Christian values that this country rounded on that we have gotten away from which is actually. I think what is called single act did unraveling of the civil society make very crowded it gives me hope. Poor defect it you know that there is that chance that you we might actually turn around and and it ourselves straightened out the right thing. And Harry and very web Brian I gotta give a very very well sent that very very well since all right thank you very much. Jim Paramus new Jerry city great WABC go. Work at the pleasure to be here thank mark I am very well right wing. Trolls I ordered disagree to me how much. I've lived there around whatever the tip of all Russia. I Walter Israel I would die per Israel. But I and and you wouldn't die for reasons let's not overdo it go ahead. Attacked our double reward and you're all but I'm too old but by 21 year old son were probably. B draft pick didn't have it appeared the Middle East I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I think you're Netanyahu. Got it big with like this settlement and things like that. Few scares me more than twelve but I well trump what. I read here will all go and have a great to what occurred what gonna go on now. Now let me get let me get let me get this straight you big trump supporter. And yet Netanyahu scares you more than trumps those trumps here as you even though you're proud supporter and Netanyahu skated a more because of the settlements is that you said. I. I'm sick and tired of calling these places settlements do you have any knowledge you treat day instrument do you know anything about that part of the world. Rick why they called settlements. I don't know. Well why don't you do indigenous people you know why. Ever hear of Jew Dahlia does it sounds similar to Judy ism and Jewish does that sound similar to yield. Brought forward today are so we have Jewish settlements in occupied Jew day yeah. Which belongs to the Palestinians. Which before it was controlled by the Jordanians and does that make sense you know. It could look at what Ottoman Turk period. But he had a bad old part of world. I'm well familiar with the Ottoman Empire which was that eliminated after World War I but this is nothing to do it that. I can talk about the Babylonian if you'd like I can talk about the urgency of it like I can talk about the Greeks the Romans if you'd like. But what is the one indigenous population. That out live to Athens. That outlived roamed. That outlive the Babylonian who's not doing in this an exact order that outlive all of them. I I agree I your good. Oh I. Mark my whole unit and his people to Jews who were there. What after all they're not to be. Murdered and on into listening to me. It's not occupied territory these aren't settlements then maybe they'll modern language of the UN and some of these countries in York and so forth. A the United States State Department how can you be occupying territory. Occupied and had settlements. That language. When of people of been there for a 3500. Years. Dirt or your court. Are you this whole debate over drew shall you're never gonna get the truth and MSNBC and CNN. It's filled with a bunch of sexual predators and drugs and liberals and Marat they're pushing an ideology. And I ideology. I would be happy to debate any of these people Mumbai terror not they're ridiculous parent I watch this immediate Nicole Wallace today. A longtime Republican she worked for George Bush she worked in the McCain campaign. But she has sold her heart soul and brain such as it is to be a host on MSNBC. And you have Ron Jeremy the ambassador from Israel to the United States coming on there and he's trying to mock a mop and timeout when the caller case. These morons these are idiots I have no context no understanding of the history in this they're not. I don't pretend to be a really really religious Jew. But that's my faith. And I flew. Studied history I've been studying it more and more and more and more as it's fascinating to me absolutely fascinated. These idiots that go on cable TV and network and satellite TV and radio. They have no comprehension. They're ill literate on this subject. Said the report they perk up that talking point say here do you think the news person who I have to listen to on my headphones on network knows. Who's going out and talking points of the Palestinians tonight. Do you think this news person has any knowledge of what now they're talking about. They'll Serra I wanna thank you for your call I guess I should thank you because essentially I called you. Hi Jim I appreciate your call me told get off get off he missed that deadline I'll be right back. You know ladies and gentleman and a Donald Trump slurred his speech today according to AOL dot com and it's really hot on Twitter. The media are sick. Mean did you shake. Paint to pillows he's been slurred her speech for three years. We'll all her weirdo emotions and actions what I. I.s in the face in the listen of that not a word Hillary Clinton keeps fallen out all of now thought that but gbagbo but they've just ignore Aaron. Outstanding. What do you notice she's Larry bowl gosh aren't flaring. Let's think if you wanna call shall we. Oh. Wedeman I was just admonished me funny yes. Simply save ladies and gentlemen getting good night's sleep is easier said than done especially if you hear a noise downstairs. Or noise upstairs. What do you do in that situation while it could turn on all the lights and keep watch. 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Thank you mark the reality is that undated usual but Israel. They'll be gay rights. Woman's right Arab right Christian right. I mean if you're over fifty times and when he goes through them to go to Hadassah Hospital Muslim female doctors were next to Jewish male doctors. You have people of gay orientation working there it would never happen. Under I don't know Iran cannot tell you something else I was a hospital hospital. Near the border with Syria and you know it took place there Larry. Syrians were sneaking over the border in Israel to get medical treatment and you know what happened when they snuck in Israel to get medical treatment Larry. They got medical treatment. I don't think that happens the other way around EL. Thank you for your call will be right. They show is sponsored by talks if on nine err become their faction the prices additional therapy he can't take an experienced licensed therapist she relates until comfortable. Each and every campus has at least tenacity and completed over 3000 hours of super nice black magic a perfect Eric is gonna talks based at com lower flash them. To share sparked this podcast he's code bloom yet thirty dies out you first month. That's and talk space dot com slash. 00 and. Where under the Britain's. Hello everybody mark event here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. A little less than 25%. Of the house Democrats. Voted today to impeach gonna try. On historic day like this where Donald Trump it's something he promised to do. At other president's promise to do when they were running for office and never did. The Democrats. Almost 25% of them were going to impeachment ultra. What does Donald Trump done exactly. No high crimes and misdemeanors as ambiguous is that there's. There's nothing in the world he's done. That should result in impeachment and you'll hear people blithely say well it's a political decision impeachment. That is a comment by. People who fully. We don't fully understand what the impeachment processes of that of course it's a political decision is supposed to lead legal decision. But it comes down to a constitutional match. So there is. Some substance. In some history and some background in terms of what impeachment is supposed to be about. It's not supposed to be that I don't like the outcome of the election and a peace talks funny I think he's insane and I don't like the way you know we talk does this set that's not a basis for impeachment. Never has been. 58 Democrats voted today. To impeach the president United States keep an eye on this and keep talking about it. Was a big big story. Big big big big is that Sullivan with saying does he forget it. Fox news' Jake Gibson. Over 101000. Texts between X smaller officials found if the discovery of anti drug messages. Justice Department officials are reading through over 1010101000. Texts. Between FBI officials Peter stroke. And Lisa page. Fox News has learned if thirty marriage that stroke that that's how you pronounce it. Was removed from special counsel Robert lawless rusher pro following the discovery of antitrust messages between them. Department of Justice officials told Fox News they are in the process. Of going through the texts so they can hand them over to the House Intelligence Committee. Now stroke you remember this guy. Ichiro and his wife had an affair. Was pro Hillary anti trump. Help clear Hillary helped launch the so called Russian collusion investigation again trump all that you not ask him. Distrust roku was an FBI counterintelligence agency had worked on the Mahler pro. But was reassigned to the FBI human resource is environment after the discovery of anti trump text messages with page discovered by the inspector general by the way. Not by at close out the Mahler. But Tony was having an affair page was briefly Muller's. Now on his team but since his return to the FBI. So they're going through 101000 text messages you know ladies and gentlemen I've known my. Wife for several years now I don't think I have 101000 text messages from him. 101000. This has on the public payroll what the hell could be they be texting back and forth and back and thought I guess we're gonna find out aren't. Oh dear friend of mine. And I don't. Have it is okay to mention him and it's not that it secretly just didn't edit. And he said to me you know there's nor has senator has written. I really big deal. That day eight prosecutor. And investigator. Has strong political. And even voice is them in attacks to a girlfriend or wife. Or friend and so forth that's okay. As long as when they do that job it doesn't influence. But isn't that the point. If they do the job and it does influence them if there's disparate treatment. Between how you treat it Clinton case faces a trial matter. Then it does become relevant. Your mindset what motivates you than it does become relevant because it is your mindset it is what motivates. If you're doing a professional job as well as he can. And you're leaving your politics behind even though you've expressed here in there that's funny. Now there's also a significant appearance problem. I can tell you when I was chief of staff to the attorney general of the United States and at the Department of Justice. Everybody knew I was a Reagan disappoint. Everybody knew my basically my philosophy. I would never and never did you fear they criminal investigation never. Because it would be improper. It would be inappropriate. So the people who are conducting the investigation. Not only. Reveal. Their politics to another person. But likely act on their politics. That's a different question. I suppose we could wait around for more information to come out the problem that is mr. Mahler. The senate cover up job and an obstruction job when it comes to congress trying to get to the bottom. Of this FBI agent and his conduct. They got exactly the same thing when it comes to fusion GPS the extent to which this particular FBI agent or anybody else including James coming. Used. Political Democrat party Hillary campaign. Opposition research involving the Kremlin. Through different levels of protection. The instigate. A trigger an FBI this these are very very important questions are they not. In this Ramallah has demonstrated himself to be tone deaf it's not worth it partisan hack. He hires this guy Weisman Andrew Weissman who is a partisan act. He's thrilled. That the Obama hold over at the Department of Justice. Thrilled that she does here S swan song with her add drama act. About how she will not defend the president's executive order. The second iteration of which was upheld by the United States Supreme Court seven it to and I believe the first iteration what it did senator. So Weisman. Was applauding Yates the Obama holdover who refuse to up. To even argue for. Advocates for the president's position which was supported by the constitutional office had chest as the office of legal counsel. So Weisman who's out there looking for anybody who may have tripped. Was thrilled. And it Obama holdover. Would undermine a legitimate constitutional. Presidential act. So yes antennas go up. With respect a mullet is trusted deputy he was as General Counsel when he was the FBI and and there are others on his team. Who are heavy duty political partisans including what their contributions. Including whether contributions. I find it perfectly legitimate and in fact. Necessary to call these people out and to put pressure on getting more information about them. That's how I feel and UN. There's a great piece in the New York Post. Great piece. By Paul Sperry. Double crossing FBI agent must be held accountable. And I just started you can you go look at yourself FBI investigator Peter stroke. SD IZ okay have caught on three different names because I don't know how to pronounce a name that literally has. Four consonants in a row I'm not picking I just don't have to bill. SDRs yoga its straws out. Not only let Hillary Clinton off the hook he may have used Democrat party opposition research we just talked about that is excuse to spy on the front campaign. And his advisors. Struck became such a political liability special counsel Mueller had a boot them off the Russian case. Where work for nearly three months Mullen made the move after the Justice Department's inspector general pointed out text messages. In which in which he sent to his mistress who also worked for Malek. Exhibiting a strong anti trump pro Clinton bias is misconduct has sent shockwaves through Washington not through all of them up unfortunately. Because in July 2016 just days after close in the Clinton email case he leg which he led. The same FBI agent signed the document that opening investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign in Russia. His fingerprints are all over both cases one widely criticized as they whitewashed the other condemned by the president many parties in which then we've talked about that. Potentially more disturbing. Is rose though it's possible Raleigh what many see as even a bigger scandal the weaponized in a US Intel against political opponents now who raised that. Hello. Piazza signed documents asking a federal court to allow FBI to spy on Trump's advisors it's a critical question. Because they so called bison document authorizing eight used to monitor the communications. A trump advisor Carter paid for one reportedly was based at least in part. On anti trap Russia propaganda. Propagated and that fusion GPS does CA underwritten by the Clinton Campaign. Eight partisan smear machine that the FBI and while I have nonetheless used as a road map in the Russia pro. In a Washington Post to mean make post interview. Page said he suspects it would be the New York Post straws out as the FBI's number two counter intelligence official. Was also involved in applying for an obtaining the secret surveillance warrant on him page. When divisive court. In September 2016. According to an in depth near times retrospective published earlier this year detailing the FBI's to campaign investigations. Clinton subcontractor. Christopher steel brief the FBI leadership about the findings in his new look now discredited does here in August 2016. Weeks later the information landed quote. Would miss this rose up and his team. Tenneco's norm. Ladies and gentlemen. This is the scandal at scandals I've been saying this and saying this over and over again. This is a massive massive scandal. He picked scoring guard media. Are trying to run interference. For Obama and the Democrat party in the Hillary clip pain they're trying to run interference for calming and Mahler. Because these are key players particularly comb. Practically com. I'll be right back. Or. Well we have a cup. A couple of special guest on the program. Who's written a very very compelling book let trump the trump. Pleased to say that about Reagan when you live skit trying to interference. The inside story of his rise to the presidency Corey fluent ASCII David bossy have known bossy for what thirty years maybe. And asking I don't really know that our how long is it yeah. Tony if I usually don't look at that over whatever and that affluent asking I think we've talked a couple of times Harriet I'm doing great thank you supported what. One I get a real audience and even bounced around radio and some of the cable shows that this is a big audience so. I'm interviewing you is a guy who back Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries and it was a close call for me but I back crews. And that you know I talked to trunk before it back crews who were quite friendly aspect back crews that's not the course. Although I saw him the other leak leak could have been better could have been nicer. Here's what I got in mind meeting with president trap he was extremely inquisitive. He asked me about judges he asked me when I thought about the tax bills he asked me on and on and on. Did he do that sort of thing during the campaign as you right here. You know what we talk about it lets hope become this. Donald Trump the community. Learned. As he did interviews and learned from asking people questions and his debate that. We can talk about what not typical debate prep riddled with. People working you'd go through balloonist to at least he didn't want to talk to people and that's how we learned and he would ask people their opinions. He would then incorporate everything people told him and he healed and grow that debate did you dominate in the primaries. Yo U think about what. We do on the immigration issue particularly in the primary calling Ann Coulter brilliant Stephen Miller to the campaign we used to be over at Jeff Sessions opposite. Saying that the immigration plan that don't come put together was driven by incorporate the time. She called the greatest document says the Magna Carta I don't disagree with us out pretty good kid I was audio part of that and and it was hard line stance that nobody else. Was willing to take it and he's got to that position not just because the way he was fundamentally but because the people around him telling him. This was where the future of two things were going and he knew that that was a right. And Dave this is a great point and Dave bossy we'd look at what the president did today is also based on listening to people as has sent Cory just mentioned listening to people experts on this. People he trusts and just saying you know what I'm gonna make the right decision that. Could. Question you know mark for the last you know thirty or forty years every president has said let's recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Let's move our our embassy there. And nobody has ever done it once we've become president even Gerald Ford campaigned on it and go. This president's promise made in a promise kept it and that's what he's about and sure certainly he's interested in doing it the right way and giving. Q diplomats time in. It is real time too to be able to manage that process which is gonna take potentially a couple of years but it is an important symbolic effort. Did he instead I'm gonna stand tall and do the right thing. That campaign to what was a typical campaign day I get the sense certainly at your book and I get the sense as a as a pedestrian spectator here. That this is a very different man in other words he may not stick to a specific schedule I don't mind being on time I think he has I mean. He just doesn't run campaigns like the people running campaigns and he's not necessarily following the hierarchy of the campaign structure is that correct. Marquis in in our book. What we do it is we articulate. What the president did each day. This kid it was a grinding schedule this guy you literally has a motor even those log off fast food. With the traffic and a little hasn't gone that. And miss it but the mainstream media's heads explode when we talk to the meeting McDonald and in peace in Kentucky fried chicken and what we what we he has a motor that just runs and it runs every day. Morning till night he never stops and that's why we would do as we were always on the move but. Do we need speed crooked Hillary Clinton the read that he took it to her. What that he swore doctor he put his shoulder to the grindstone and we did three events or event. Six events that debate in different time zones across the country. If we were going to battleground states that she never what do you forgot where Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin works and we kept going there over and over. And this guy schedule we would it just in the last week of the campaign. Alone in in November we did a like 35. Events in the last six days to the event video of the campaign. It was an amazing scheduling killed most of us. Not quarry. There was a point at which you were separated from the campaign correct there what you would go to being part of the business. I was trying to be nice all right so you're you're flat. Tell us about that tell us how you stop and yet you're still friends with the president. Well you know mark I gave up the big part of my life my kids liken my kids are really young really go from six to ten years old right now. And I've been on a campaign at that point for about a year and a half and I left when they were really you know between you just pouring and eight years old. Into the I was fired in June 20 to 2016 I had helped shepherd the campaign through. That the primary process who want 38 times in my candidate helped. And you might help get more votes than any candy in the history of the Republican Party anti we have done a pretty good job. But we're going into a phase of the campaign. That was now focused on the delegate selection process and quite candidly. I'd take cruises operation of the Internet was so exceptional. Which can come to Delhi in his teens then bringing news the delegate selection process better than most. And we brought in a relic of the old days America god and Paul and therefore who. You know would last the last purported fax machine you remember that came out. Yes and you know what what was brought in to do was to make sure that Donald Trump's delegate that he has warns. We're actually secured and voted for him at the convention and this decision was made that I was no longer going to be people who made the campaign I sat. Right there. And I did busy schedule can you guys hold on a little bit. Of course for UN because. Anything OK we'll be right back woodland askew bossy know it's not a law firm they wrote a great book let trump the trump. I'll be right back. Love that now America is to hear any hot here called lead now 8773813811. Set time of year again when the days are shorter don't waste your precious daylight sifting through a sea of search results. When looking for the right business software go home on time tonight but captain Karen dot com. You know whether you start out looking to keep better attracted customers a nonprofit hoping to have a record fundraising Europe businesses simply needs better payroll software. You need software and kept Terry's got you covered search captain Harris 400 categories of software. And discover the right tool for your business anything from email marketing to scheduling to accounting and beyond. Kept haren makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Kept hearing has thousands of ratings and reviews from actual software users just like you best of all using kept hero is absolutely free. 2018 while being here before you know to make sure you've got the software your business needs today to help you do what you do better. Join the millions who use capped era that's capped here SC AP TE RR eight dot com slash event. Kept hearing dot com slash lament. The book is let trump the trump I think it's number one nonfiction on Amazon right now where we want to keep it. And the authors. Court Landau skiing and Dave bossy and when he is he that you write about this but you know the purposes of that. Explaining this morning ask you guys have been election night. That's 6 PM 7 PM 8 PM let me start with David. You get a sense for what's going on you're not sure how you feeling. Actually mark what we've found it you know and and we. And give people did detail of it connects the one I got a phone call. From somebody ABC news a longtime friend of mine Chris Blackstone would ABC news senior producer there. Giving me the early exit consortium numbers eleven staged a consortium all the networks were covering would exit polls. And I took those numbers down that we were down in eight states. In two and I didn't know one of the eleven we were getting killed and when Edwards and eight we were down 68 points in every wanna look. There just aren't enough votes to come back from that so. We are going to like I go to eBay and I tell him I told Jared Kushner and I tell Ryan's previous the sort of closer together. Like we go to the numbers shared goals mr. Trout the candidate. Don't work for a long bad night the numbers aren't coming and pretty good. And so we're we're we're all a little down in the mountainous some looking at these numbers actually. The state of Colorado. And I read into this fourth time it on meet the Colorado and all men and lets you present. They have they do polls so I feel like diet maybe try to babysitting sends me the email that he'd received. And millions and strict limits on the stage most of the states districts which were. Celebs it's partial phone poles over the last couple of days in a 100%. And soul and that was done with three very important in their numbers were garbage and we got back to business. We got of the campaign turned in to a morgue over that thirty minute period. And so we had to get everybody back to work in the we we notice that mr. trump that the numbers weren't very good. And then at midnight or 9 o'clock 10 o'clock. Then the numbers were coming up on the big screens. And we were getting data from our people on in the data. We knew we were on to something and then when they called Pennsylvania. And Michigan Wisconsin and of course they didn't do that until really late. Kellyanne Connolly phone rang when we were standing in it in the president's. The kitchen and big all the races and it was unbelievable we we we could we just couldn't believe. And sick. One month ago we had been counted out its one month ago nobody went to the Billy bush tape. People are saying he should drop out of the race in one month later we were able to come back to the biggest victory and defeat. Crooked Hillary. Cory what's your recollection of 567 PM. I was unfortunately on CNN at the time and I was on the seven the first polling results came in like gay event. Everybody here except he was very gracious and magnanimous that you can imagine mark they work. So complimentary of the great race we Reno they told us how you're going to win the greatest landslide ever. And dad that trouble Honolulu there and you know the jewelry inside dad now suddenly when that newsroom was. You know and you Gloria stand by about 9 o'clock at night and looked I don't know much but I know at the a searching the numbers adding up the terms of the wind or water in North Carolina Ohio. Michigan Pennsylvania. Iowa. That you Gloria what tissue or dreading people were crying inside my god my leg is ruined and he I would personally attacked. That day on. TV that Donald Trump one of the we have learned our country. But the greatest part and I write about this in the book David articulated so much Gillette company trump. I don't speak to the president that night because he's surrounded by hundreds of people and I'm in Washington DC and I give them an early flight back side and you look at the literally. In a battle of hotel trying to put some clean clothes on given the same clothes while forty hours and my phone rings. And I look and it does Donald. And I am out here are our listeners knew exactly language that we use like say yes mister president. As the source semi speak to the president elect of the United States it's semi in the next morning and he says scorer eight. And I chase did you hear what they just said you're the president of Iraq. Of these United States of America and he says to me can you believe it. They had no I can't sit mean either they should I start this thing does need new and airplane and that's all we hadn't. And I'll tell you market for a guy gripping the Massachusetts. Without any wealth or privilege or special things. Can now know that a friend of mine has become the president elect of the United States of America and he called me and thank me is so beat up in the book. I have to talk about it because it was such a touching thing. If you know I I think we change America for the better and we get rid of the Clinton could well I hope once and for good. The book is let trump the trump is he fascinating. You know I witnessed firsthand account of what took place in. What has to be one of the most amazing campaigns in American history now that the boy you guys mr. producers might witness. I watched a lot of campaigns I was involved in the reg campaigns and I was watching these results. And I didn't have the early you know whatever it is. And I'm looking at these numbers and I said what I see you rich might produce at 8:40 PM. May leave the air at 9 PM when they savient. I sent highly transparent when this thing. Because she's not pull in enough numbers in these so called bad she's just not pile in a mock. And he's hanging on and hanging on with 2% ahead 3% ahead 25% of the vote and I said. Senator guy who's gonna win that's what I told mr. reduces that Dave bossy. Next time call me don't call your ABC friend absolutely mark let me ask a question a lot of people wanted to know when you have co authors. Having two people write a book like this you right Simon the other one right Simon you shared you go back and had you do this. You yeah you know what we did we sat together in a room. And we had any. Quote a professional. Writer help us do you just that because. First draft when we didn't we try to go back and forward in our voices one chapter by Dave another chapter by Corey. And to be that he just didn't work it didn't flow well so we finally put it in kind of a third person voice. And we wrote in a Linear fashion look I introduced I was introduced to mr. trump. By the threat to the president in 2010 and and I got to know him over the years because I was raising money for Children's Hospital in Washington DC where my son had heart surgery. And I you know a mock mark knows all about this but my son had four brain surgeries in two heart surgery humble. And we wanted their kids to be able have. The same opportunity that it phenomenal healthcare. Did my child had so we were just raising money and Donald Trump. Steve Wynn introduced me to him Steve Wynn my friend from Las Vegas introduced me to Donald Trump. And Donald Trump without any fanfare without any press. I didn't even know me very well but in 2000 penny started helping me. Raise money for Children's Hospital did it for years and with that if you just did it because he did kind. Jen told. It's very gracious man who takes care of his friends and and he just did become a very good friend of my son's. Who's now fourteen and in great health. But that's how I got to know him out and introduced him to Corey and I introduced him to Steve Bannon and many of the others that are around him but I. When when the president called me back refer campaign manager. No other person came to mind a core Lewin down skeet and so I introduced him to court in April of 2014. And he got the job in December of 2014. And took to campaign over. That you know a few days later in January of 2000 fifteen so what we've been through the entire kit and that's why we wrote this book because. We were too we were together. And he will. Keep we cover the entire campaign chorus from the beginning in the campaign. And meet in the general election and it really was a great marriage and I I think it's a great read I hope people enjoy it. And I'll tell you I've I'm enjoying it. I'm finished down about two thirds of the way through I'm enjoying this very much I don't care if you're so called nationalist populist. A conservative. Reagan I ain't a white Everett you don't like this book because it's factual it's telling how they rent. But it was quite a roller coaster wasn't emotionally. It is it that trump is is is a very emotional guy on top of everything else is well. He's he is in and call it recorder will tell your story but you know we'd. We at this stat. You had to have you know a pretty good. OK you know. Top this gives you because he would we we we turned it the staff turned to getting your face ripped off and and looked. The president is spinning music great guy to be around but he's a perfectionist you want everything to beat. Exactly right and so when we have staff failed him. You know it's too big you know you take your lumps but you made us better at as stated in made us better people. And I think. I think that you know we hear what we've got a chance to see an incredible roller coaster and the president's. An amazing guy 11 minute he's done yet but he still your friend. You know market out play this I had my face tripped up many times by the community the united failed in his microphone didn't work or something wasn't right. But the next day he's calling hate Corey. Like your kid could come home hard you work until at least they can lay your wife know how great lying and he's always so magnanimous and he's always so graciously always knows how important things are. That you are missing and sacrificing could be next to him and that is why even after I was fired I think they do everything humanly possible. To make sure you are elected president United States. And I feel good I'd just so grateful that we had a small role in it. Played a big role on it. Both of you and you succeeded and thank god you did that Hillary Clinton's not president and I think this is why don't compass under constant assault. No matter what he does he's done nothing nothing that that that should result in this kind of the vitriol against them. Cannot tell you why I think not only did and they expected to win they wanted Hillary to carry out Obama's third term. And you guys really little rag tag team at that first and you know on on a tight budget. You guys are supposed to get slaughtered and you weren't then you meet them in this book is absolutely fascinating you tell us how you did it. With mark with the islanders miss the point we talked about in the book it was according to a basket against Leno and hope they can. T sure the body man for nineteen years and we turn to build the team. He'll I took the job would Donald Trump let's talk about the book. My friend and we will never work again and the friends I called them become more clear they left in my face you know what now this thing in the human resources department for the federal government be there would want the job. And that you know. That the president is much more gracious than I have been in victory he deserves all the credit he did in 99.9 percent. And Dave and IN and the recipe that point 01%. But he's so gracious and that's why he's so successful that try to get. It went so far he's done and that's what this book is about is a real man the real person that the media doesn't wanna talk about. Let it come beach company is on who Donald Trump really is. Good days bad days but a man who's driving hard to save this country can do about doing apparel. Or at a time unfortunately but I wanna stressed my audience this is a fascinating book I know you don't know enjoy it I'm really enjoying it let trump the trump. By echoing Landau scheme and David bossy it's not your typical book where people on the outside are writing about trump these guys were witness. To a presidential victory which. Very few people look at the experience. And they worked with a absolutely fascinating human being. Which you guys are killed so folks I got a link to my social sites mark Sullivan show FaceBook mark living show Twitter it's up on my radio site homepage. Mark limit what the hell's that called anyway and and no. Markel avenge show what a mark living showed up kinda remember mark living showed dot com you get an Amazon.com. Any major bookstore. Thanks for coming on guys much appreciate it thank you program and mark I take carries house. I know that website. Markel then showed that come that's the radio website. Functional of this book I'm not just talking and telling you in a lot of this book I got an early copy of and I kept my mouth shut. And they asked me for a blurb on the back which I game and I see Hannity gating Gingrich and Ingrid soon. I was not part of this campaign. In any respect. I learned a hell of a lot in this book and it's absolutely fascinating. I'll be right back the but I do you believe these idiots at the NFL. Extended raji could douse contract. Extend the ask contract. I don't get it. I really don't get I don't get these billionaires is a few of them I do get to a solid that the rest of them. Who the hell would keep it in essence a CEO. Who's destroying your business. It is and how to handle these things. Except the throw millions and millions of dollars in. At the social. Warrior fund or whatever they can't just pathetic. It's their business in any mining do whatever they want. 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On spot there are absolute classics and they are beautiful gifts and they are inexpensive. Now. If you're not of that age I hope you'll seriously consider rediscovering Americans and as a gift. It's very low priced on Amazon. And it is a a really really cool gift in is somebody actually reads it they're gonna learn a ton. Let me just suggest us. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel and the president of the United States for his historic act tonight amen to him. Check elevated TV. Late night. It OK if it. Pat. The Phillies have a good time please come and check out our podcast basically what we deal over here is neat talk about celeb got fat you. You talk about cock can't enjoy being a hot Nash and we let it takes celebrity Conor and yeah. And make sure you check this out on apple podcasts. And described I was let me see him I need.