The 2017 JGC Chile Fest at the 5th ever Iron ChileHead Festival

The Good Life
Saturday, August 12th

Local food trucks and brewers have been busy creating recipes and brewing their own unique take on yummy creations using roasted Hatch Green Chile from Johnson’s Garden Center in preparation for this competition. Be a part of the fun on Saturday, August 19 from 12-3 PM.


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Doesn't mean yeah. It is the bit life that would give them but it about the equipment relatively thin air movement. Grand opening today a lot of a couple of intercom but to be here rupiah and I can't wait a minute it. An opportunity if the kings treatment position Erica invigorated him. Emit no control over twelve minutes now. And then steam and hot leather. Marty when the color cable. Yet but could you keep look I. So an a plus over you. Perhaps innocent movement but pretty good god I don't think we'll look at your book. Okay this is it defeats the fourth or fifth ever. But. It's good for us Buddha iron to him with big and personal than 2012. So this will be that. The six six. That is the well here's the deal if it's probably. One of the fastest growing and Providence. And it's tough you. It's. The person than that we do at the garden center. It's at with your people off it is busy. If it ever seen it. In my life at the guard says that people are having fun wonderful people they're right. And people and market Edberg got that from the church across the street and it is just a lot of fun to have. Have the the food trucks there which are no cost to that Washington just you were costly. Mutant body. And they're all using has been children. It's all the reduces your feet Trinidad. And some of the things in my truck. Your. World where. You could go outside and inside this. But. It. Much less him. Right. Beat the event is Saturday right but it's part about it is it. Two of the three. The patriots were people who go online aren't actually had dot com. And buy tickets 25 dollars. Would buy the tickets at either store. For that went by boat you can get any incidents taster clash which are watching. Very. I must say a limited. Beer. Samples for. Regional craft. Rumors that have it all made a great debate re killing me here I think that it brings other sampling as well. That you get sticker. All four point five dollars for three hours. And it that you could. It. And their system. And in which we refer him. Bolton dipping in and out of Nebraska is coming back there again this year and there are while there was dancing. Last year I'm sure there will be dancing again this year to explain this is pretty cool. And out of what they do. Last year they were in. There in Europe fooling around prior to coming from and tested and Johnson's. Okay that we talked about the current talk about the year that evening and judging. It saying grosses he might play. But she desires haven't been doing that we're talking here he's. That's probably been better. These new leader in question. The three musketeers. Then. It took pictures in that which you know we'll we'll do that. Good to be judging all of the food truck injuries. There's also going to be people's voice on the food trucks. And have. But here this part of it. We haven't people's stores judging their favorite beer bottles eighteen craft breweries we also have three judges accomplished. These are people Michael column here at home ball and Michael you know will mean that judges. The competition resist is it belongs to the national very. I think criteria. It's it's a coveted trophy to the wind are killing head. The truck wound up with a beer fest at the job this week in from the day. They take it serious it can be a lot of prep goes to businesses and a lot of people with bill is actually being here. You and I both know we have some pretty magnificent beard he's got together with just in of that beautiful world that actually there. It's tension because you're you're right people. Person abusing children BI don't think so that they need it takes innocent. I don't. But it pasted it into motion until conservatives and it's just. And the experts. Never Cave Creek in outlet in 1990. OK the history. And accurate with her she appeared frequently run up right here. You know and that adds to this process and that whole match I would have had not open but what else to believe after. But until that date fiscal. If the ticket in the in the. I actually hit dot com. That desperation normally. 25 dollars. Will go to other stores in and Pickett. I think it is paid for blacks in any sticker. All the samples of the vote. That. It. But since 2012. We have changed their behavior tweak it in March the area the first year there were I think we'll. Brewers. In the area and now there's there's eighteen. Who trucks that can and all the ones you know rant there's also the very local beer truck will be here which we kind of part of that. That the putrid it's. As it were itself out of the current bill or business tickets so you know it. People crossing party can you give me an infant. They're gone Crist for the general let me. If there's an edge so that the best way to do it to get your tickets today. If next Saturday. New victory and made it can't be one party what a pleasure that we at the about. The people we view him. Did you live we can get way too ticket if you don't value. And don't call it. Don't call it. First. Person issue. At either drop note just to the West Street store that registries. Less pollutants that story but if you. The lift their future store for for the show up starting right now and say I've heard about it on the good. If you might think it's pretty good at it and know we'll have the occasion to blast to perform and actually cast him as as well. All right so you know through the patent and this it is. I think this region in Spain it's called media looks like Jim Miller JUN. Is rock for good in the southeastern part of Spain. The majority of the region with about forty miles inland but still considered post. And really cultural civil we've made reminder of what they're really it was in the last dictator. As Spain joined the global wind market. They ended up deciding that. We're not sure. Vermont stroke which. It's wrong treatment groups. There's another world he has. Room. And this. If you hit it went wrong and most. Smokeless. You know it almost smells like. You can go back and forth between the piece of real meat or piece of double chocolate analyst Kate. And it goes good with both of those and it just you know beautiful color. Could any. At ten dollars if you write yet and then they'll. Be talking about the hold their commitment. Like conference. Here to do it meant little mechanical part of that help with the clubs. That's statements that prevented. And then. If there's two to three months and American Apparel that we should be a difficult. From smelling it I would guess they are not new it was like in their shoes. Having this month rose for a problem like this if you had beautiful quote me. Black and rich Syrians. So hats green chilies and people don't strictly. And maybe the mushrooms. And at the end right. It's very good on the it's Jacobs Flickr if the current Northrop group. And if it picks that it right up front revenue levels and it's called variant that putted fourteen from. It producer is called eco. If you've used to go whatever it got sideways and it out there that want spectator behind me. Information about. Yeah. And a lot of medals they won the ninety. Gold medals at three major competitions. And and don't forget Dick Gordon. If we can't pay. Tonight this Saturday would have to be if that's carpet you know Greek heroes. Root root for him Barbara three great example of one and equally. Admit it you're not on the you know let's get on that that you get the particular group fire. Seventy. There particular field outlook now back there. All of the ones listed are ninety point. Does he built. Movement but it. There's the web sites. You know what you know or believe in the world I've got a good life mortgage that your brother that he had gotten. Quick. Obviously you we'll see you in a couple of weeks that these shows are recorded above Soviet grant him forward.