2017 Wk3 Preview - KC @ Chargers

This Week In Chiefs Football
Thursday, September 21st

Kansas City Chiefs prepare for their first divisional contest of the 2017 season by going on the road to the new home of the Chargers. A preview of Los Angeles with exclusive audio. INTERVIEWS: -Charcandrick West -Zach Fulton -Dustin Colquitt -DeAnthony Thomas


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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this weekend chiefs football week three we had back on the road and play our first division game of the season. We'll talk about the chiefs at Los Angeles we'll hear from skills Turk can't request exact Fulton Dustin Colquitt. If we have time we may even hear from Betty Logan in. She's headlines on this week changed football. In normal last podcasts and across social media you've been calling for the league to make chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones AFC defensive player of the week it's exact. What they did you know when you look at it three sack so to forced fumbles and interception the interception leader for the cancer and she's right now talking not just make him so's a pretty easy call ya. Great to see him rewarded in just a fine young guys to be around absolutely chief senator Mitch Morse was unable to finish the game last week. Coming off the field just before Travis Kelsey acrobatic touchdown the good news on his injury is it looks like it will not need surgery that is great he's got a foot sprain but as you said. No surgery which means that he should be back in a couple weeks hopefully in the big things you've got the exact Bolden who can fill them. For as long as need be he has the experience we'll talk with Zach here shortly sticking with the injuries today's report mr. Parker anger Reggie rattling along side Mitch both of limited participation no surprise there however. 55 linebacker. They talked about I've got to think that that's probably just precautionary and other wins that you don't let him practice and you keep them out I've got to believe that he'll be in their Sunday he'll be. Raring to go again. Just couple of notables on the injury report for the chargers. Yet dontrelle Inman had a groin injury in the game but he was full participation Wednesday's apparently. They've recovered but the other one Jason for a defensive back he has a knee any did not participate. And that's one that is definitely worth watching as he is certainly their best defense about those are your headlines for weeks street Thursday September 20. 2070. Israel Kendall Gammon this week in chiefs football happy Thursday everyone thank you so much for joining us a couple of housekeeping notes as we could before we start this episode. Normally we will release our preview on Friday each week but there are few times that's not gonna happen today is one of those. We are coming to you on Thursday due to some limitations in not travel logistics. Now the upcoming game in Los angels is requiring some special attention plus my son Matt lives in Los Angeles SOA. And take advantage of the fact that the rams play on Thursday giving him the weekend off and head out to Los Angeles a little bit early so I mentioned this. As most weeks will release that preview on Friday morning not Thursday or second housekeeping item is a proactive apology for the numerous times during this podcast during this week's broadcast and many hits that we all do that. Each of us are gonna use the words San Diego accidentally. No need to send me an email letting me know the teams moved over the offseason I realize that send me email references for a good neurosurgeon if you like but. This is strictly in an ability from my small mind can of the liver the proper words although if you can't teach radio the yearning that Sonoma. You'll be the least surprised I start talking about cities it. No longer have NFL franchises instead of cities that have too many NFL franchises. We be surprised when they start talking about info outs and Kellan winds un Don Korean island the other day that's our show. Do we like to when we like how we like. Let them leave things Don't Ask Don't Tell. All right with that said let's get down to show it Kindle this is a team we know very well the chiefs played the chargers twice a year and they haven't changed a whole lot in the past few years no they haven't the one constant is Philip Rivers and he still get that done of course the road the chargers are owing to. But each of those games really not on him really on the kicking situation what's going on there and epic. They lose them both by just a few points and it's really scary really think about that the AFC west. That three of the seven. Teams that are too you know come from the AFC West End the fourteen NE XUS is that you field goal miss away from being too you know it's. But that speaks to the strength of analysis division and you know it was just it wasn't that maybe three years ago when I think a lot of people thought this was the weakest division but. This certainly changed forever it's competitive. Hard to believe that you you wouldn't see two teams like the playoffs so this division you would think three. Forward be kind of I don't I don't think that's ever possible as it's ever been done no carrier but Noah now that would not be possible there would not be possible currency that's Kitna had too many times but I didn't think it was all the same to know. You can start to go early in the year you've you've really got to go to Mecca and of course. What I said last time still goes which is I think you know. All these teams are going to do well outside the divisions so it's gonna come down to who has the best record in the division our belief you know let's go to the locker room of the first personality here from. Is skills to sister canticle. Just talk about where this. Offense is right now in particular going up against the division foe on the road and I mean hey it is offices early right now we Tennessee was gone army we got the office last ran very have a sister and myself Obama got Karine travelers he was there rises team being. To be missed UNAIDS are becoming. You stay as he weighs and here we are most of the reason I feel like in the in the National Football League so. Does he need you Sunday. It seems like there's more confidence more explosive I mean Wilson since may or compliment comp are confident what about the growing confidence in the task. I feel like you know we'd be yours yet and almost was we had to give us about four years I mean like even the I was like man having it was four years in the same office his crazy you have a so affairs. So I will salas we've been here we know. The time by this game we co threes off his machine learning you rightly fares this broadside. She's turning back Turkey and request so you know you hear him say any given Sunday is exactly what we're talking about. Ya any given Sunday any team. Really the one thing that you don't like going into this game is the fact that they are over in two and I think there's nothing more dangerous. I've been wounded bear that's what you've got in the L a chargers some sort of some tough when the decision that way and get it done as it does not roll off talk. But any time your owing to you know you're you're trying to get back from the wing Comas quickest possible because a really good solid widow and three. And really it's it's just a pride factor mean. There's honestly not a ton of talent that separates. Good teams from bad teams it's a few plays here and there are always say is probably four or five plays a game. And thus far Cindy. Los Angeles. Hasn't had to bring a bill wanting America to always and every time we saved Justine if you like for Christmas is winning city kissing it can't save it sailor kissing. And you're going to push that buzzer should have that going on for those of you that don't know much humor that's a ceremony in my movie quotes put. Yeah I itself. It's a wounded animal and it's often their turf thing. You know its content is a map funneled to slump they've got the potential of 127000. Rabbit fans going after us. There is Senator Clinton still you are tournament now I know you've been circulating and it just kind of funny the fact that it's 27000. They've got a chance it is that is if they sell it out. And that is a factor in this is that is the stadium there was no real home advantage for them no there's not it is. It's about as lame duck I think as you can being something and we are meant to Oakland yet this year but Oakland still has a good team right mini gat. Something that they were at pains wanna watch and wanna participate in its. And hosted it Los Angeles does not. No end and that there's there's just so much ambivalence. About what's going on there and it's too bad because it's a great franchise and goes way way back Kim. You know it's a good team it's it's still amazing to me now again they were just filled go away from being near to an 02 with these but. The way so many people had set this was the team to be in the division still doesn't. Hold water with me. But all the same. It's going to be good test that you you've got to the West Coast trip your plane and a different facility. And you've got a team that's wounded as a sudden in the chiefs tall task and has a scuttle sub. You know in any given Sunday somebody can do something one word the other you know last week it was the dolphins and edged him out by just two points and it was 1917 score. But the Broncos. I think it is twice for 21 in week one so that's a little bit more of a competitive game in terms of debt Broncos they have a defense they do with the Broncos still unknown we'll get to that later on but you have to look at that game discharged played in the in the factors. What we saw in the Broncos and them playing. Dallas and the way they handled them not just defensively put both the way the offense of Denver stepped up. Members of better team that I thought and for San Diego played them the way they do it now you know shows that there are good team as well him and you know. When you look at some of the stats in this this last game with the dolphins looking. The big thing I see from the chargers is they averaged nearly seven yards a play where is the dolphins averaged just under five. You know yet they lose and that the big thing I think is is the fact that the the chargers were so one dimensional think they only got 44 yards on the ground sort Corsica the rest. Through through the air which is 323. And for a a net pre 67 so there. They're gonna put yards on merit I think. Looking at their weapons. We of course know Phil presented as a talked about and and and gates. He's now I think the all time leading coach leader as the title and if I've got that corrected. Any is a weapon although I think he's way on the decline I think he Stater and I think the big one is canal and and what comes of him. In the wide receiver position. Four of the Los Angeles chargers and you know he was doing good things last year before he got hurt against. Marcus Peterson there's there's there's going to be a war there I think this week. For sure and just looking at the stance from both their first two games of the chargers just have ponderous. Eight yards rushing and mean 64. In the Broncos game against you know a good defense Granite Bay and then not much more in in it you know that the dolphins were. One thing I've got genre we were talking about his physical and total tents one for 3M and you make either one of those and then you're tighter your your win in the game so. It makes a difference and and trying not to go through this is what time of possession pretty big deal you know seven more minutes that the dolphins tell all the balls that makes a difference as well. Yen and and I know I'm because we're coming to everyone early day nearly a new film study and stuff for you is he got finished putting rubber get your keys to winning so. Obviously so this is kind of raw or just piecing it together as we go. I want to he. Special teams obviously a an issue for San Diego the past two games we mentioned that they do have some weapons on special teams here's Mitchell this with chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt. K what about these guys from a special teams standpoint there's Travis Benjamin again I can get the torrid twelve play out of my head in Cleveland. Yeah and he's he's one of those dynamic return guys that can make something out of nothing and he's one of those guys you gotta be. Deceptive about where the pods going to be got to hang it up you got to depend on your gunners. You gotta protect vote and you gotta get out and cover for so obviously were taken all of other precautions that we need to go and an LA I think LA is you know exciting new territory for the NFL would be and so we just got to go in and try to handle our business and you know this is a team that they have had X provide the most close losses in that assault the last two years and so there. You know right there got a lot of good young players and swish got you know respect them and just go on and work. Follow up. Your long snapper forces a fumble and Darren Sproles. How much your your guys around you now on the Gil young guys here's a team hunt to me. Are they learn how to play with Dustin Colquitt go here's how this is gonna work us. I salute near. I'm on the hand that held the ball in the first one of those classic football player Israel say that's exactly what they've towed in Iran has been working all of OTA's. This couldn't they have on hand. And get that ball out you know we talk about and every week trying to get them all while we talk about return guys that are bucket you know they're. There cavalier with their ball skills keep them football out run in with both hands and try to strip the ball out so it's fun. Watching guys run it down there you know they're excited to play guys against Darren Sproles you know he was old. Charger guy and now love planned love that challenge and so we come to work every day just as we have a challenge we got nothing but great return guy especially in the AFC west and throughout the sleek. So each each each each week is a big challenge for us and you know we got great guys or step and then your rookies that are. Your plan like third and fourth tier guys. You know learning quick from the veterans and just you know making the most of opportunities. Can you don't listen to Dustin Colquitt is he's such a grizzled veteran and that really is the sound of somebody to. Who's completely comfortable in his assessment and knows what needs to happen. Yeah I mean he's he's very introspective and you can just hear that calmness about himself you can tell that he studies of people he's going to play against. And and you can tell. How important it is to him and again the guy he's in his third thirteen fury was a teammate of mine for one year and really enjoyed it and I've watched him mature over the years and just such a good guy and really honestly one of the best punters in the history of the game. He talked about how you hang the ball up there and try to deceive your opponent in terms of world ball's going. And he does that is good as anybody I've never seen anybody how the type of fund or leg that he'd he'd. He has them and you know our I didn't bring it up but I should of having been a former launched ever which is a factor of when Chester getting down there last week in and forcing a fumble. I'm not only helps the game. But really what that does now is it puts teams in a quandary of like wait a minute you that you normally assume and rightly so certainly when I was playing you assume. Maybe with the exception exception of the car owner the wolf separate the worst athlete on the field and you let him go. You don't account form. Well. You gotta count for number 41 now with the choose because he's run down there he's foursome filed formal if that's the case. Then you're taken away from celebrity LC you can't double team or something so. It makes a difference in special teams. It makes some difference this last week but I think this game in LA this week it needs to make more and we haven't seen the field position created. The buy you the special teams units that. We want to see in that we expect to see them. I think it's gonna come sooner than later do you think that do that we're judging the special teams stood glasses and an offense and defense that seems to be clicking. Or is are they are they truly not quite hitting a stride I think they're true or not hitting their stride and that's a good point because yo and DR playing so well. But no I don't think they're creating who's more and yet there's sort of pick their creator and I think Dave tell would tell you exactly that he was not happy. With the first week's performance and I was not happy with the last week's performance ought not to speak to him. Until another day but. He's very critical about thinks that he and wrestling I mean they may have thought just because you when you can't kick yourself if things didn't go as well as you like to listen I'm not sitting here are saying. The the special teams units were awful because they were not. It should set that got such a high standard you that in generally teams that go deep in the playoffs and win a Super Bowl have great special teams. And that's what intensity I think pass will have and has the ability to enhance even more and it's important. I think there's a stark contrast here because CD has lost two games close games with missed special teams opportunities. There's there's a and it seems in contrast however I think most a lot of teams would it take what the chief special teams' performances right now. It except that what I love about Dave toe is he won't except no he won't discuss. Yeah I'm he wants or he has an expectation there and I think that's so important coaching will he knows he has players that. Have exceptional ability tie Reid to kill if he stays healthy. And people the other eventually gonna kick to him a little bit or they're gonna mess up in kick to him. He in my mind I am now the red Dante hall and an I saw. You know some other guys he to me is the most export explosive player I've ever seem content in my career. As a player and also broadcasting want him to me that's us open and and I wouldn't say that hard and I don't say that lightly I'm not just bring it up. He has lived most acceleration is the fastest kid I have ever seen in my life. Yeah I mean if you figure that because I feel that way too so between us we've got 2530 years and yes it's it's that's what it is saying something. In you know bit if your hand did that sharper knife you're gonna be extra careful with it. Could create a good way to put maybe that's not how they took thinks about that time thinking about it. What it for you what do you see in terms of Kansas City Chiefs offense against the Los Angeles chargers defense well. I'm Melvin Ingram George boasts of who forget coming sex he had last year but. Doing it only happened twelve yen gains through Apple's pretty impressive than. They have attend the computer after the QB so I think you've got to once again protect the QB give Alex Smith time to stay in their in the pocket and deliver the ball. Now last week he got roughed up a little bit in the first half and kudos to him come back the second half for them and and making the plays that he did so I think you've got to protect. Alex I think you wanna continue to. I haven't even run pass mix and that's of course scream her having success on the ground which I think the chiefs have a chance to do. Even with what we were expecting is a different lineup us we think the exact poll will replace it sooner or were almost certain that this is not official the world certain that. And if that's the case it's going to be interesting. This we get them to see okay. Who. Knows Los Angeles. Decided that they're gonna say okay we're not to let him beat us because if it's Tyreke. That I think you have a chance for. A seat for Kelsey if it's Kelsey that a particular church retiree. I say that that Carly can step up I think Albert Wilson can step up I think the Anthony can step up. We have and of course we Okur helped him beat you on the ground end up in the air so we have so many different weapons do Kansas City Chiefs. And the notion that last year also but it's nothing I don't think compared to what they have this year. And Andy Reid is. I think he's a kid in the candy store because he has a lot of Detroit. She can go. You mentioned the offensive line and a great week against the patriots in week one. Still that good last week. Probably not as good I mean obviously Alex Smith spent more time on the ground and he did in New England. And then Mitch forced its search exact full mount step then this is so Zach pulled today after correct. Going back being called upon to do what you had to do with Dennis couple seconds and you do degrades what about. The block you made last week and what you gonna do this would. Oh really has got to be ready whenever the Communist. Mama certainly past couple weeks and I'm almost a period and as far as this week the same thing on policy pronouncement is down and its growth there and kind of look into the week. What about guys like me being in their defensive front legion what do you see there are other great great Russian scourges in this. Hopefully we will their technique and fundamentals so tune guitar trustworthiness of Hamlet. Kind of talking all week about your value to the kingdom into the team. I saw some things this year camp you ripped off five offensive line spots and Wanda are gonna tell Zach Bundesliga while I've never seen that. What about you being able to do that. Not because there's definitely gives me a lot of value. Fourteen put on it this far announcers really fund and would do that militant no word. Did you guys don't want nothing to this music is insurance brokers on the editorial propositions on the roof. Not the gardens and protect amusement parks went there so it's very fun on doing. Kendall Zach Fulton is so impressive in the he just stepped into any of those positions we saw last year we saw you know Sunday it's amazing yeah it. Chiefs are very lucky to have him because he can't put some play all five positions well basically playing. He's back in a cart center guard and both guards and center position. And it's interesting when you hear him talk like that he really reminds me a little bit of dust and of of how can perspective he is how Coleman cool collected and you can just tell the game's not too big for men and again his rookie year started all sixteen games so he's been through this this is not any thing that's. New to him her unexpected or at all it's just his job what he does is excited for the opportunity to play and I like that I think when you go back. To. The game against the Eagles. The fact I think you read it would call shovel pass to Travis Kelsey up the middle. Behind the setter who just came in that first play tells me that they have all the confidence in the world and in him. And they don't have to Alter any thing from a play calls to import. And that's your ultimate compliment as a backup where and when you come in they're not going to deviate and they didn't end it paid dividends. Coach said he talked to Zach right before he called the play is your okay if I call this is he says and you didn't take a lot of snaps and and Jack told an armory. And coach Eric called it and sure enough it was a touchdown join me in if they just don't understand. I mean that's a little bit like an understudy. In a play studying three or four different characters and memorizing every one's lines. You know you've got that's a lot of preparation to be ready for. They're really is an electric says a lot for big red and the fact that. It's one thing to ask a guy and you know what he's gonna tell him but then to go ahead and act on it and we've heard this story also a little bit with. On the long. Column up by Tyreke killed in the first game where we're big wrench and I think I think I can beat him on this. And so what does he do he calls the price. And lo and behold I mean you talk about build some confidence with the player and coach relationship. Stop like that's pretty cool but you know we've heard that's like players wanna play for him you know that's they are you said it before I mean that's why. If he's that count again and the couple minutes that he carries Tyreke kill in terms of his football acumen and and how well he picks things up. But that's but so can I mean. That's what lip service from Dick wrote he would not be saying that just say that because that's again what you said. This is he tells you how it is with you whether you want here or not and so. Boy it's it's it's a pretty cool dynamic that's going on right now we've got the chiefs have a good locker room they have a good blend of rookies of mid your players and in some. It's grizzled veterans have been their for a long time that are still doing that at a high level and also were providing that leadership. One more I want to hear from this guys travel home this is Dee Anthony Thomas. Kind of Cohen homeowner hello Victoria get closer to Eleanor. What about going back and play in his guest on this. Approaching just like how we've been doing it you know audio as we've been planning. They got a great team without a great team just going out there just play t.'s global. What about you get warm opportunity of scrimmage downs in line and are kind of all over the place how's that worked and he knows. We we do what we don't know a lot of different these this year off base you know this is not the same so we need to learn in those spots in his. Being in the fifteenth is getting ready for those opportunities but about the return game and what you see in what you get done there. On the edges distress in the process you know. Guards you know making great box and each is fine and Nancy. You know I can't think of a better way to get special teams on that fast track that coach still wants Mon may be returned from that. Yes and the Anthony is. Special we were talk about him more if Tyreke we're here because he has that still are speed as well and you know you really we've we've talked about it before he came off the scrappy from last year when he wouldn't play well the sun is insert himself and become important talk to this offense not only. In the special teams like you're talking about but even the offense itself and you know you love when a kid like that's gonna go Holman has chance in his mime play in front of hometown crowd or people are words from him. And there's just something about that the body figures out that it's it's capable sometimes even more than it thought. You may have or. It's been good yeah stands out in the charge you know what sound you'll here don't you. You used to hear that can go often and I understand last week they shot they can and when you call was missed that's beautiful. That's you know or can you say to new guys to her new job right the that it that would be an epic fail world were in football terms do you fumbles do you think there Raymond for the kick some of them may be why they went off but but I think you're being seen the new sound you'll here from this stadium when Philip Rivers there's a touchdown it will sound like this. And that's singular I'm telling you that they eat. My son went through this with the rams when they moved it is very difficult to move these franchises in these organizations. They've they get their hands full there's no way these guys moving from San Diego to Los angels isn't gonna affect this season. There's no way that lack of stands in in the lack of fans in stands. Doesn't hurt them doesn't. You know if for no other reason and they don't have the fuel that did our players do right and dare I may be as many chiefs fans they are my. As there are gonna be chargers it's it's what you're just there's not very many incendiary games. Since Higgins drive and up to the camera Erica but investment strategist due to drive by egg throwing or something that erodes they just wanna come up and hear me say the words send the reagans and laughed because I'm excitement and I think this might actually be the right to I don't know how close are on the stove. In your thoughts on this game you know what they were. Always going to be to know Reno is really a Bellwether also could your your start to knock him out and and certainly you wanna hold serve with the other teams in division also that are undefeated so. And that's really the trick at this point him to do it's trying to get trying to separate yourself and become a leader in your division and right now it's all knotted up here I mean it's it's great that we started to know. The men you know I ended the the advantage I guess that we have is we play two very good teams in. In one of those teams is an AFC team and you wanna you wanna winning your conference for sure. But to. It's just not it's it's tough in this division yeah others there's no question about it and electing. San Diego team has played good and they had a chance to win some games that didn't. But this is defensively for send. Los Angeles cook this is NASCAR and F this is not the Philadelphia Eagles front. Subtle yet been any stretch of the imagination I will save about their defensive backfield will be a little bit better. But they will not I don't believe they'll put the pressure on. Alex Smith like the Eagles did that being said I think both there's this there's a special player for sure men and Gordon is. Melvin Ingram rather as well yeah I think he's got a big new contract in the off season. I wish I had several columnists and and so they've like him as well and perhaps the most. Alien point of all of this is pick your poison do you want cream hunter and down your throat or do you want Tyreke this bill to catch it over your head I mean. Or Kelsey everybody and personally as it is the chiefs fan I don't care. It's all yours if you UPU picked fifth it's it's kind of like. Tell like ghost busters don't and it's kind of just the busters and particularly look don't think of any pain felt that it's the same proportional amount. He's gonna read this is the injury comes. That's gonna do from week three will talk to you next from stub hub center on Sunday kick off for the chargers 325 we'll hit the airwaves at noon on one when the fox. In 2 o'clock central across the largest radio network and pro football thanks for subscribing spread the word. Send us your feedback at Kendall Gammon at the end Israel Casey have a great Thursday in a great weekend and we're talking next time on this week in chiefs of places out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios dot com.