2017 Wk4 Preview - Redskins @ KC

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, September 29th

Kendall and Dan discuss the upcoming Monday Night Football contest at Arrowhead. INTERVIEWS -Chris Conley -"The Hulk" Allen Bailey -Ron Parker -Laurent Duvernay-Tardif


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This week he'd teach football. The official chiefs radio podcasts. Now your host an Israel man Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this week in chiefs football have you heard Friday kingdom went in Israel alongside Kendall Gammon. Coming up we'll discuss this week's Monday Night Football match up between our chiefs in the Washington Redskins. We'll talk with chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley safety Ron Parker the whole Allen Bailey. In the connect indeed Lauren do Renee tardy but before we do all of that let's get the headlines right. She's headlines this week chiefs football. Kindle biggest news of the week obviously the chiefs moved Harrison has to be injured reserve. It's you have it was shot we saw him get hurt in the game we didn't know that how difficult it was going to be. How serious it would be we sued bear watching we have been watching it. He's been placed on IR they say it actually wasn't from the hit dead it was from that groin injury that he had. In jail for resurfaced a little bit him the pregame warmup so again. Tough news for I was sort of didn't think he knows there's been a designation. And the old rules you had to declare someone designated to return when you put them on the IR is that still the same way to you know that is not the same way now you just have the ability to uphold believe bring back to people whoever they are what you bring them back anybody else will be off about the move with Cairo leaves the chiefs meeting your kicker. And they were searching the Carolina as a person but Kirk who was with Carolina settle for a draft choice he actually made the team. Out of here they kept he warmth and Graham could go. But decided that the program could know what could handle the kicking duties after the first week and he was put on practice squad I think he was kept. Quite frankly so maybe to be trade bait but it didn't work out that way but either way the six foot 3210. Pound. Rookie so perfect as I said out of Georgia Tech. I will be the chiefs new kicker this is a big strong away. The accuracy is. Just to be figured out later we'll see. Started Monday night. Talk about a mile away and started out both going to be interested yell let's talk more about that. No the game on Monday pushes the chiefs scheduled back at base today is the first real day of practice. Here's the news from the injury report really the only notables are deep Ford did not participate. You to a back injury senator Mitch Morse remains on that list as well as Derek Fisher listed. Put a back injury however he was limited participation KPL but going limited participation. And he was listed as well but in full participation. Along with Parker anger in Bennie Logan. Other than that there's no real news for the chiefs. I don't think so I think the main thing was head trainer Rick for poultry was given time and in these press conference. Talk about how we assess those who do get the update on him and what we're doing with everything he did that then nobody else has been discussed yes I think the chiefs. Are relatively healthy heading into Monday night's game with Washington. Right those are your headlines for Friday September 29. Two thousand seventies. And Israel Kendall Gammon this we can chase the ball can we ended last podcast meet insisting. No action by the league on this all out for the kickers and punters was gonna end up having causing some team to lose a kicker Connor. Fortunately it's chiefs yeah wasn't as we explained earlier wasn't actually from the hit it was just from a prior injury but all the same. Kickers are getting banged up a little but I actually talked with Dave told about him he thought it was an interesting problem phenomenon because two weeks ago that Boston was hit twice and it really was sore for about a course Cairo last week which. Allow them to put three more points on the board because he missed technically got closer and he did make it but tell ya this rough job. I'd say it's it's a shame Cairo is sure footed kicker and you hate to lose any kind of quality players that you can count on like that. I think the biggest question then becomes you have a rookie kicker coming in. To play his first game in a skimpy on the Monday Night Football stage prime time in front of an entire nation yet that is a big thing Harrison but Kerr is that the interesting name to say I've got to be careful what I say it pleased. This guy. And his senior year of seventeen for eighteen had a long of 52 actually his first three years standing struggled and struggled mightily but he got together. And the one thing in talking with Dave tell was they'd like what they saw him. The chiefs had him as their number one rated kicker coming out where if they didn't have it if they're kicking situation where they're going to drop a kicker that's who they would have drafted. He likes him the big tall frame a six foot 4210 pounds. When you think about that it's it's like a long golf club swing and you could really generate some power and he is known for having a good leg kicking the ball off the became college he had a 74%. Touchback rating which would have been good enough for number two lashed you're legally you have to also. That is a positive. His son consistency kicking field goals we'll see because those are long levers and there's a lot more than we go roll but. They can be they say they like him and I have to believe them yeah nine you have to trust that they took knows what he. Talent when he sees it but I just as we stink you know. Such a mental position anyway aren't let's move on don't go back I apologize but I would say one more thing about that which I think is interesting to look at is. If he does if he can make the greatest force as kicking field goals which we think we cue the camp. Bet that that big leg may come in handy when you get down late this season and cold weather games. Because if you could kick it in the end zone because slots at times towards the end of the season. Balls are getting into the end zone because there colder than the weather and that's something that I think will play. In a a positive factor for kids in chief when you look at their schedules. On the nineteenth of November route to New York Giants bats are cold weather game we have buffalo the next week at home November 26 cold weather game. At the New York Jets back. That's cold weather and then you look at the last three that are home to sixteenth between fourth on the 31. Against the chargers and dolphins the Broncos. Well those are potentially cold weather games as well I'm sort the last game is at the Broncos and we know they'll be called the what I'm getting out is. At the indices the last six or seven games if he's able to still without that big leg kick the ball into the end zone and forced touch backs. Beckham be a huge advantage for Kansas City I have to question two I guess at some point you know Kara is in the last year of his contract I guess that's all speculation and it really can't go there anyway but the I think you can I know we're told this is as far as the salary something yeah I think that's a legitimate thing to talk about because. He's a rookie he's signed for four years. And probably with an option I think that's how did you rookie contracts. And it would be substantially less than Kyra Santos now. A big red the Danish press conference talked about Cairo the fact that he's been there he's done that so. I think you get tonight I don't think anything's been made decision wise one where the other. But when you're looking at the positives and the negatives of the kickers that's something you have to bring into it is the the salary cap savings potentially. There's not I just in the back in my head you know I I wanna go into the playoffs with guys that have playoff experience so you don't like the idea of a few extremists in the early as Jessica can really just I'll say in the office like say it like not saying Baltimore you can't see the word that's. Perhaps although I will say this. If he can perform as Kareem hurt performance because enemy qualms at all. About that in all your cameo role Carrefour the dornin is. Join up to New England on Thursday night at all I had wants their routes a restaurant right. All right let's turn to use this week's game against the Washington Redskins Washington has had a a little bit of a power struggle at the quarterback position going back for a couple of years where. They basically took Robert Griffin the third and Kirk cousins and it didn't work out for them they had a power struggle RG three had a great first year then basically fell apart at the end of the season. They made the insinuation. That the coach pushed him too far I believe that was Mike Shanahan that was the coach at the time. She and hands gone Jay gruden isn't there now coaching Kirk cousins is their guy that he is still playing I believe his second year under the franchise tag. Yet I don't think he's I don't think I know is not very happy about that he's putting up nice numbers this year of course Washington. The Storm Warren I watched I've seen two of their three game so far washed and other one probably tonight or tomorrow. But in their first game against the Eagles. They didn't look very good. I thought the Eagles looked OK but I thought it was more because I didn't think it was a good Washington team. And then they come back end and they thumped the rams and then they thought Oakland even more than your back game was actually worse than even the score indicated because. They turned the ball over couple times which led to scores but getting back to Kirk cousins. He's really proved his worth and if he gets things going this year in the continue fashion that is going right now. It's going to be a tough decision or maybe an easy decision for Washington in the year just kind of depends because. I guess you could make the argument that maybe they've saved money the last two years on the QB of the paid in the average of the top five but. It's the Washington Redskins any Daniel Snyder's never made any bones about spending money on. If that's what they're trying to do it's an odd situation because you would think cute little lock down a young quarterback. As soon as you can end around that guy eight solely dedicated for you yeah and it's it's really amazing that they even draft. In the first place there was a lot of talk that. Know a lot of people the chiefs organization allot some. Backed them have thought about drafted him but did not think the kid out of Michigan State to draft two QBs like they did that year was definitely. Out of the norm I've never seen it since I've been around but. It was almost a bad hedge you know where they yeah they thought there was a huge amount of potential for RG three but they just weren't sure suggesting case that blew up in their face they also drafted Kirk cousins and that's exactly what happened but they're they're has to have pins at some level. A measure of doubt for them to have done that I agree but when you look at what RG three did I mean for awhile he was the greatest thing since sliced bread and they're worried they won't. You know you've taught the other guy is news just languish as a backup forever but. As you said it's come to fruition and in a good way portion Redskins fans. Cousins this year he's he's thrown 60% to he's got 784. Yards. Along with 745 TDs and one interception one thing has been sacked 77 times and I think a lot of that came against. The Eagles which those guys you know folks that you sprint is also so. Hum he he's he's throwing it and I straight 105 QB rating he's doing all the things he needs to do is QB but that's because he's getting protection there. For the chiefs they've got to get him off his ground I think one guy who has a chance to stand out in this game is Allen Bailey let's hear from him. They've been able to run evolves what you do controller London. America today and give back to attack you in you know what type content and are not soundness. Working together with the does it seems like you've been there awhile she gets a perspective what about the group you around Janelle in your room. Ms. We have a group. Says doesn't death was this a smokeless it was until we rotate used to numbers as we move would newsroom we are now. How much does it help you because there's times you visit this language Rutherford. Eighty snaps or whatever. Sources of help Peter go hey I don't have to do this Obama so fit it makes it different numerical sixty pushed NAFTA Dana admiralty take three Coakley welcome making and you know now he'll vote what the. All my years. That is the voice of the chiefs Mitchell to split chiefs defensive lineman Allen Bailey. It'll a lot of the guy is a lot of the weapons that Kirk cousins has on the Redskins are are unknowns. They they really are. No they got a few people hurt but then the one that really jumps out of me is this some lingerie. He writings from all you he's he's a rookie. He's run pretty well this year is up forty attempts for a 116 yards. And not a long warm and that don't belong of only twelve yards so it's not like he's bringing up these long runs. But he's just effectively putting yard after yard end. It's one thing when you look at him though I think is an Christians wells the fact that. Runs very well out of the shotgun but he does almost nothing win cousins is under center wanted to make no mistake that. That to a tendency will be duly noted by the chiefs defense because if I can figure it out there they figured out times about five but. You know. They are that they're a team that has weapons I think. They came out the first week the season I don't know that they later thanks so much as they played a good team. And and they came back with Dario were sick cousins had a couple interceptions in that first game in just didn't look that well since then he's played. Very very well actually just have the one interception the first game. But all the same. They have the ability to go down the filled them and it over the top of the defense with some unknowns when you look at their wide receivers Terrelle Pryor a Jamison Crowder Brian quick rob Kelly's been. Doing the most damage and he's out of the backfield but. You know none of these guys or names it's not names did exactly right that's the thing but you know we knew when you do when you talk to the defense of backs. You know they know who they are obviously they've been around a negated him and you know somebody who's definitely not take that taken things for granted always Ron Parker. What do you see with these guys gain some confidence gets Oakland what do you see on tape. Car memento worsened in the Delonte. They get a good offense figured the running game. They just into weapons Iran Corbett according to produce to do good W spread the ball around softening didn't vote in the boat and everybody and so. We just have so lost inside me then just in just keep doing Q did he put his office in just sort of matchup with the movie we demand a process. Those are going better not have an evening. The house or go an hour of adjusting without him. Well everything's must move a bit Mendes just a what do you view. We've missed some Bhutto regret like everybody they've been in the room with us has been has led to a Prius is known because this on the field. So this kind of economy things easy this year when in this kind of stepped into a nice easy but it economy things will be better than normal. When when I don't stick and into he knows what was going on. My question for Tony Stewart from the mismatches if they try to influence either by scheme. For personnel to get what they want instead what you want because I think there's it hasn't as a defense meant nothing we just gotta do good job there's no one. How to go try to attack us and which way we know with little to go to the radical live. They're good tight end so we got to try to forget divesting businesses to keep our Mitchell's news we can. Mitchell this with chiefs safety Ron Parker. And let's turn it over to the offense the chiefs will face another team. But a strong front seven the other really are one guy that I literally had not heard of was Preston Smith when I was watching film. This number 94 just kept showing him shown him I didn't have my roster front me at the time that I was so watching the game. And I following October presence of the public who is that he's a third year player out of Mississippi State east leading them with three sacks this guy's six foot five to 65 but he gets off the ball so incredibly quick. He and then also. Ryan Kerrigan the will back her 64260. Out of Purdue reason seven year player former. A first round pick I believe in those two guys on the edges I think they have a match up. That they probably like our tackles are tackles are gonna have an all day soccer if if they can. Perform well in the restive I'm talking about Mitchell Schwartz and Erik Fisher if taken protect Al Smith and give him a chance. I believe they can still get over the top of this defense of Washington but. You know that's easier said than done because I thought they're going to do it. Against the Eagles and that that front seven that was continue to come in and crush here's Mitch with Lauren given an eternity. These guys a tougher grocer front. What challenges these guys post. I mean to me yes he had a little bit in terms of their physique like that you goals beyond that I did play hard to play to the whistle through which is gonna head out and practice those who have this weekend and I come out for ferocious on the Monday on a question deals with when your called a minimum protection or there's five and have been protection the communication that serve for you guys particularly when there's a blitz or delayed blitz really see David Baxter NN we're gonna come out because handled it. Well I think when we're at home it's a little bit easier because we did talk we can hear ourselves from the us but when you play a week. And though stadium it's all about the good chemistry knowing what's your teammates can you do always gonna react. And and that's why I think like having mentioned Mitch or mentions that. That's who doesn't have plea would do past couple years that he does help because we're on the same page when it comes that was some game. Always interesting Herron. From the Canadian Doctor Who rent to return before I think this guy is fascinating. Because. Just moved to do what he does to be a doctor there and play football. I joke about the by fact that I threw Baltic republics not the most readable things he can't do that because he's doing more things spoke. You know sounds less cerebral if you calling Larry yeah it is this kind of weather and you'll start doing that and see if that helps out a little bit but. I I think he's got a very healthy respect for this defense of Washington. One thing when you look at the the defense. You'll have taken the ball away four interceptions and really they've they've they've got the ball out a couple times also also doing some good things there I think this is a physical group. Not as physical as Philadelphia but physical all the same I think if the chiefs can control the front seven to a degree. Them they're gonna have more more the chance to to get over this over over the top I guess I should say and really. The big thing we wanna do is keep that run pass option as 5050 is they can't so. Those guys up front can't. And their they're their ears back and just come after his you know you offensively. I knew few of these guys but they've built some different teams the one is DJ swear injured Kris say after he put out great big hit on. Beast mode last week just came up and rock ten minutes it's one of those is a C a lot of hits in my day and if if I kind of yeah back and it's it's a big one but the key play for three or four different teams but he's at the free safety position Josh Norman of course I knew that name did know he was with them but. These guys complain everybody in the NFL's good but I still think. That's an advantage of things that's another weird story where Josh was a pan third the franchise tag in in the un tagged in many. Think they're playing games and then yeah there's a little bit of a reader mentality going on there which you know being Jay gruden. It probably is there's some rice village some leakage leakage we call it. Okay what if there's one thing that's been working for the chiefs it's our running game. Yeah and hum they're gonna get tested this week for sure it was a move the run defense last week of Washington while they're number two overall. Allowing just 62 yards a game and not a significant if you're only Lama that many yards you're doing something right so. Hum. I don't know read it just continues to do we kill we killed last week he had a solid game here at sixteen Russians. 403 yards in them that seventeenth rush came. And while I mean he did not get touches to a 69 yards to the end zone you know Carolina I'm just doing. Basic math here that he something like 563. Yards in three games notes that has to put him on course. Four when he 2000 yards rushing. If he were to continue I'm not saying he can't remember saying he will ride it while what do pace he's a he's he's quite the clip right now yeah I Hisham but again he's gonna have his work cut out for him because last week Washington held Oakland to just a 120 your yards total. In just 32 yards rushing was last time you heard team being held to 32 yards let alone beast mode now I know he may not be the same guy that he was. In Seattle but the 30 yards yeah I am and 120 yards that they gave up to Oakland last weak dollars and the fewest given up by defense. Of all the teams in April this year. In 2017 so their their dorsal special things there there's no doubt about it at this point if Kareem hunt just laces his left cleat I think that the NFL won't give him an official 28 yards. It's. That's funny if the running game needs assistance it's gonna come in the form of Alex Smith throwing the football how about the passing game for the chiefs. Well Alex Smith he's he's he's been empire on fire in my book because seventy he's no interceptions he's completing 77% of his passes. And you get one of those courses is along with 78. I I. That the one chink in the or iron. The armor rather is is obviously you've got to protect him he's been taken down twelve times that's. That's just way too many now the team we've played have good pro suburbs vote. You see him at times. Nugget happy feet but but give flushed a little bit you know up you get hit two or three times to get taken down hard I think it's only human nature no matter how arguing about think about it. It to start to to to feel like something's coming restarted we saw impartial pocket once against the chargers when I don't think he had to but. All the same. Other than that he's been staying in the pocket and deliver the ball. I would say as accurate as I've seen them at this point in his career he's overthrown a couple deep. But that's still. Serves a purpose because it lets them know that you're going to go and stretch the field and belliard stretch the field not only horizontally like they always do but Berkeley as well. I was on the air which it's on I said the same thing about that does this fake punt you know people were. They're like how can they called the fake pine you know I'm Aaron it's never gonna work you know odds are solo. You know what it gives them another. It gives the opponent another thing to think about it's just like going deep it doesn't have to work all the time. To have an effect I'm not saying they should do a lot right bush there in in you know in the case of I think. You got to let this one go we won the football game yup. You don't do so if it isn't the difference in the game sometimes those decisions become the differences in games wasn't the case here and so. Now that it's on film you've got every opponent that the chiefs of play for the next 456 games they're gonna see that. They anywhere in every time they go to pot they're gonna think we're good you know any kind of fourth down situation they're gonna think Roy wait a minute be ready here the ID which. On your heels just a little bit and and that's at a valid point when you watch I watch that play and they were doubling the gunners but one of the guys in the donors are that the guys way out near the sideline the good on the field quick and you doubled so they don't get down there. But one guy who's going back and forth since he saw him and basically your Marie mystical. And he and he thought they were running it so literally the reason they hit the hadn't missed the call. They they were out the gate for first down there would have been protocol because. I know are surprised I didn't expect out there now I don't think you did not there tonight there are happy once we did make our remember that put all the same if if the miscommunication doesn't happen. Then they're out the gate and it's a great call re just like they're geniuses is good that's the beauty of the NFL. When it works it's stimulus that's my guy is that he he's due to these beautiful wine them and if it doesn't worker like he's an. Won't let her the it's a much easier to judge those decisions after the fact that it is too make calls had a time. Right before I want how much you're one more person this is Mitchell to swift chiefs wide receiver Chris Connelly. This is it physical and aggressive with the Oakland what did you see in on their back can. Carl we see guys who heard it just says he says they're aggressive they're clinical confidence and they won't shy away from anything. They're in their competitors and that's what we like you were produced to ask him what you do to generally attacks the skirts and you got a platform yourself football. That's not the most flashy answer that everybody wants but this is a solid defense team they don't really have any glaring weaknesses. And being solid all around we have to play complete games it's gonna be run. One in the trenches with offensive line and it's going to be one blocking downfield and making plays when you get opportunities thrown a field. Finally the crews dealing with the Monday Night Football Eddie Andelman a football home but it had been in the throes logistics off the grid yeah I you know I definitely throws are we Coughlin party started. The week a little bit different but. Pulls humiliated the football game you sort of 1111 hits primetime minerals to be watching but you put all that I remind you prepare. The way that we've been preparing we eliminate issues and just remember why you're here acquired at this point and we know what you have to continue to do to be the team one of the. That is Mitch in chiefs wide receiver Chris Connelly. I love the way they get talks yeah he is. Is very perspective and he's. He's making a name for himself what think quietly he's on the team that. I think a little bit forgot about it because Tyreke build some other people there in Travis Kelsey about. You know he's he's a guy at six for 3220 pals that's the big wide receiver he's made some big catches them. And certainly the big thing also is he's he's happy to block he's willing to block and he's good at it. If you get a big wide receiver out there in front of some of those. And manhandled a little that you got a chance to make big yards also with those balls it's well sometimes it's the magic yanking the magicians waving his hand over here why you're looking at that pain he's at the other hand over here I feel like Chris Connelly. I feel like Demetrius here's a feel like some of the you know Albert Wilson the two degree yes I think these guys are are waiting just for that moment who's catching the shall pass this week. They're arguing the playbook she have a chance to show what I mean you Bruin DT just brewed it. April 3 two and you know the sad part is that would be the one shovel pass that fails then finally the bills and I passed to the radio guy. Couple things couple at any of the nets for the Washington Redskins no that's that's for the most part they're the other one thing I think is interesting it's history it's interesting to hear. It doesn't really have a very on the game but the chiefs 31 against the risk it all time. And they've won six straight they've they've never lost home vs the were vs Redskins. In Russia three you know an arrow heads so. Hum they've never lost at home. Or is that doesn't breath tests just over the past few years or no they never lost to oversee the rest operates one all time that's pretty good it's it's pretty interesting so. I'm gonna check with the league I think they're gonna go had to play the game but I'm not certain because of a mean it would appear from all aspects we could save. Weren't terrible players. You know that just hauled away and the I'd like to do that because the odds are going forward no. Is much tougher than what fans give it credit it is you know right now where they sit there or three knows already done so the fourth when should be. Just one more game. It's not quite that easy if it's not this is spinal that half the stuff just yet so it's one more it's. It's a big. Win I think. That brings to mind the fact of of plain and Merrill had a Monday it's. Billion in you know fans need to turn out and they need turn out loud because. And this team just they get a fuel off of that they they they take their energy directly off the crowd and and at this point every game they win becomes exponentially statistically. More difficult. Rough four or no is fairly rare five and knows is starting to become something six and oh. I mean we've done it we've you have both been a part of that it is quite the ride when you get so many going in a row and if you look back at. That take out the playoff game look back how many in a broad this this franchise has worn straight he its stunning it its almost again statistic. It's it's an anomaly yet and so I feel like I guess I'm just always feel like she's gonna try. Yeah a unit and that's why I think I agree completely and that's why I think it's even more. Of fortunate an important in the fact that they're played in our head because that energy. And course have been apart of illness sidelined. The last ten years. As the voice down there but the course I've played as well and boy I mean you just it's it's hard to really put into words. What comes over you with a crowd Q school nuns in your your from media you right here and you can't hear each other talk because. The crowd is going that notes that it just makes it so difficult for the the opposing team to come in to communicate and when you get those off sides penalties. You know that is the that is chiefs kingdom that is sheer red. Yeah you'd disrupt. Their whole offensive effort there you know I mean is it really does affect a team may not be real team. But he can Foster and Aiken and frustrated team to a point where. You know they fodder for a quarter may be even more young ethnic. It is big and it makes a difference in the prep coming in also because I've been with those teams on on the other side of it. And you're get an extra speakers out there and you're playing music or were crowd noise as loud as you can't and it's just. It's it's irritating through the week when you do that but you have to get used to it because if you don't have a silent Carol and everything ready to go. You're gonna it's gonna be a comedy errors out there and office trying to get off the ball one note from the Los Angeles chargers game in folks this is why you listen. This week in chiefs football. And to give you a piece of information that is. Behind the scenes that you can't get elsewhere so is this it was what you call a symbolic this is a nag at them like this is a nugget for sure they're ready this is a market. The Marcus Peter's situation last week I talked to achieve staffer that was in the quarter that ends down. He said that refereeing was going. Marcus Peters like you would not believe he sort of artistic walked away in that breath would not leave it alone. And he can't John and John finally Peters turned around and that's when they get them in sports McAlpine. That's wrong I mean honestly that is akin to entrap my guys who is an end this this is the danger for guys. Like Marcus Peters in Travis Kelsey is that you've got somebody who wants to pulling your thread in your gonna unravel so you've got to. You've got occurred yourself you gotta gotta figure out a way to protect yourself but he he was. This particular staffer was appalled I mean he could not believe that the ref was. Was acting in that behavior because he said it just seemed like he wasn't gonna let it go. Until Marcus group returned as volley and churn up as soon as he did boom that's. Or so I'm I'm shocked because one thing I always cult let you know fellow who's the rep reason the other not a part of the game and him. I mean trust me I would after us before wells also things and yell and autumn and yell about them. And then I come back for more input and they said nothing to me what's so I think do they supposed to do you their you're gonna take some abuse that happens. But he got to a point. And hitting turnaround. And he just looked at me goes he's like number 83 that's enough. And like you know what you have a nice day I'm gonna go over to the sideline him that I know what happens after that win. I continue to phew I said you had enough I can smell the coffee brewing concern you know I. I I have no personal knowledge whether that's true or not I do you know this you we both know the staff were very well in is it pretty reputable guy if what he says is true it's very disappointing. Religious and it and I would also it's not fair to Marcus I. No it is not it's just you know the thing I hate because he's competitive it. Electable that's wrong here here's the other part of that is and I got to I have to say this that if indeed that is true. It is very rare. I mean most of the time what you see is exactly the story you told to wrap his take it take it take it in and says are enough is enough. That is that the guys are good I have a little bit inside because I. You know former guerrilla marketers in. A crew with that in a file for what were juniors which you haven't come up India Russia we showed I actually had lunch with them before came here today what did you bring him I don't know the analysts thinking folksy doesn't I don't know it's not like just as much as I think like anything else to. If so join the crowd. But we will do that sometimes it'd be great to be fun because nothing you know if you allow that that he would know who am I not it's a unique perspective. If that is indeed alienated if maybe we can even do we even going to lose him thing. It's something he can talk about but I think it's interesting you there was come to so talked it was a camp right and I love that. It's interesting to hear the game in the way they have to think because. They do study very hard and they do work very hard they're not perfect and more than players or coaches are. I don't know like broadcasters what to say you in our subscribers that have been here since the beginning knew exactly what I'm talking about. That's gonna do it for week four remember kick off with the Redskins 7:30 central Monday night. Our award winning coverage begins at 4 PM hearing Kansas City on one when the fox the greatest classic rock station. When it's that it's six you can hear us throughout the thirteen states to comprise the chiefs kingdom. Don't miss it for the full crew Mitch dating will react are Haynes and of course our hall of fame quarterback Len Dawson. And possibly even a few guest including ESPN's John gruden can be doing color for the game that night he also happens to be the brother of the Redskins has kept. That all starts Monday evening till then thank you for subscribing spread the word and we'll talk to you next time on this week in chief's ball places out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. 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