25: Redskins @ KC - Review (Week 4)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Thursday, October 5th

The Chiefs remain undefeated. Go inside week 4's Monday Night victory with exclusive audio from Kansas City's locker room. INTERVIEWS: -"Stone Cold" Chris Jones -Justin Houston -Albert Wilson -Harrison Butker -Andy Reid #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsWAS


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This week in chiefs football. The official chiefs radio podcasts. Now your host Ben Israel led Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this. We came chiefs football the chiefs continue to be successful on Monday Night Football. And they continued their domination of the Washington Redskins in arrowhead will talk about all of that. We'll hear from the coach employers with exclusive audio from inside the chiefs' locker room including the man of the hour chiefs new kicker Harrison but Kirk outside linebacker Justin Houston. In May and who I think has been quietly making a significant difference. Wide receiver Albert Wilson is always the headlines first. She's headlights on the Swedish football. You know the biggest news chiefs remained perfect in the first quarter of the season and they are the only undefeated team in the NFL moving to forgo this is the fourth time him. In franchise history. That they opened up at least 40 of course the last time was in 2013. The other the other years include 96. 2003 which I was a part of the mid 2013. As well so. Kick start for the Kansas City Chiefs absolutely another guy making history books. Our punter Dustin Colquitt 400 career punts inside the tornado moves him into fourth place which is interesting and is also interesting that. Number two on that list of Shane Lechler who we will see this week with the that the Texans he has 444. But all the same. When you're in the top five in the history of the NFL and something that is impressive another guy they think footnotes and underscoring just how good a rookie he is. Is our running back cream on. Third game out before that music clips a hundred yards rushing or that is second only to Joseph kuwaitis the late Joseph Torre who did it in his rookie year in nineteen. 81 the only other person which we must fight with right now as personal Clinton he did it in 1962. It finally some injury news Kindle will rejuvenate our beef was not able to finish the game went out very early what is his status. What I'm hearing is that he has an MCL injury they're getting they're taking a look at obviously don't MRI but 21 other thing that I. Heard is that. He may be the first person ever to diagnose his own injury while on the war I believe he hole. People tell me doing it's been there for Africa. We would expect nothing less out of the Canadian doctor. Those are your headlines for today Wednesday October 4. 2070. Then Israel Kendall Gammon this week in chiefs football and candles so much to talk about but we have to start. With a winning. Bordeaux nine and one against the Redskins at seven in a row. On Monday Night Football they are 24 for 1814. At seven at arrowhead but 25 of 29 for coach. I mean this is an impressive streak when it really is and you can just go on and on with a different numbers we talked about Ream in terms of the three of the four games. He's had a hundred yards rushing he's had a hundred yards from scrimmage. In all four games he's had six touchdowns I believe. If that is tied with I think Billy Sims but what I've heard is that. His Jersey is going to go into the hall of fame because of those six touchdowns being a rookie so there's so many different superlatives that you can talk about this team. And that's the beautiful thing there's so many because there's so many different facets to this team in 2017. That's what you want and you want. As many ways. To beat a team as possible right now the chiefs are using a lot of them I think it's interesting with Karine a in particular because when I see him when I'm next to him in the locker room or wherever. He almost strikes me as still being. And he would hate humidity here this but it strikes me as being a college kid meaning either he hits like. You're too young to be here and yet you just had to take his Jersey to kept well I'm just going to hear it because he listens as well. I think that if he doesn't he should what else are they do you have what else could leave the door and they are they're preparing for sure but no you're right it is amazing to think about a kid who's just fresh out of college like he is and and you've been around him like I have been just got you got a small mistakes and join. I said it again or once cinema city gym which is. He's really a big team player. He doesn't. Weren't necessarily talk about himself but I think he understands that quite honestly you have to because of the things he's doing our very very special him and you know you hope they continue I'll tell you one thing the guy. This powerful he runs downhill heroes without forward lean he has a nice jump cut. He has shown that he has long speed it took to think that he timed them somewhere in the low four sixes are running back which is. Considered slow by running back standards yet he's shown that he can break big plays and that shows that he runs well and that's and it's fun to see there's no doubt it's definitely what you said it's how he runs that's that's just getting the job done another guy I think we got a mention here before we get into the game and there's a lot of good to discuss in this game so I don't want overlook it but. I think if we just have to call out this guy. Our punter Dustin Colquitt statistically this week not as good a week is last week as he had a 47 net rarely you're going to have that and I how many weeks can you say that about well you really you know very few and and quite honestly you some of those polls that came down that went into the end zone. I think. If you asked the gunners who were the guys are supposed to go to recover there with say you know that's kind of on us because the ball hit where it needed to we just went to the room where the return was going to didn't find the ball you know that happens it becomes a teaching moment but the fact this. This guy anytime you put. 400 inside the tortilla when he in your career. You understand while he why he is the defense is best friend because you give along fields to an offense. That makes a difference defensively no doubt he's not only a veteran in the locker room he's not only a leader in the locker room. He's a good community a role model we're looking bullish about and and he's just fun to be around October fortunate that I was beautiful. I was able to call him a teammate for one year and you know what what he does putting the football special no doubt. Let's get into this game the Washington Redskins formidable they countered town Andy Reid told us this is going to be the toughest team we've play yet there's no hyperbole involved there does not coaches speak these guys are good. And right off the bat we in the first quarter were down ten to nothing they look great we do not kudos to the defense because they held to keep to keep them to a field goal instead of a a touchdown and going up fourteen nothing but Washington came in and they did what really we said we need to do at New England which was. Come out and withstand the first six or seven more of minutes of the big game. In new or Washington not only with stowed them you know they got up and then they did some very good things. Both offensively and deep instantly but. Again you I've talked to. The world is as head trainer Rick Burke Poulter he just talks about the fact it's amazing on the sideline how these guys rack they don't. Get flustered with anything like it's okay we got this and and not cocky ways just a cultural way of okay what we're just gonna keep playing our game in the they believe that they can live in and you know. It's not just sports I think in business in general anytime your leading when you show the confidence as a leader and you yet. By AM from the team your leading that goes a long way about how you're going to finish things and right now the chiefs. They believe they're going to win and they expect they're going to win and so far they have here's the coach on just how greedy. These guys are. You find yourself down ten to nothing. At the end of one and begin to grow anyway back to the fourth the talk about the adjustments that you mean well there are some small things and model most always just settle down and we're just up at the beginning and great crowd. And it was electric out there and and hard guys are film little bitterly him. I think Arabic to seldom know those some but our guys are flash I mean I've just I couldn't sense any of that down on the field at all. We just silly we just hung in there and just you know kept Matalin. I got things rolling offensively there that time possessions all skewed there at three and hand. And a couple big plays and you know we just need to listen just come down how to play our game. Do little better and Larry go down and you know Devi stepped up and a nice job for us then again just settled on you here and there and and they did that. JG a heck of a team I'm prodded the job he's done an old homeland. He's really done much of that with the Redskins. One of the guys that seems to be maturing in getting that grit. Is tight end Travis Kelsey had a rough week the week before they get one yard right you were hoping it was in many double that they'll actually tripled because he had a 111 you're so there's it's rare earth than is there you go seven receptions for a 111 yards so. Nearly sixteen yards a cavern a catch in the big thing. No longer 32 and one touchdown run and won acquittals in one of the better dances in the hands a little seen in awhile that skip a lot of play. Plus no guarantees I love I love it he's having a good time elect because there are around him and then they're they're checking in around him. Eric Clapton and get them going but to all the same. Good to see him come back now he did get a penalty called on him and it was really. Coming back after somebody got his face without so that we talked about on the broadcast and even off the air. Which was he's got to understand a little bit of a marked man because he's had a couple outburst in this will really didn't need it it got waved off in need to because there really wasn't on him. He's got to understand as a rep three Reza as an opponent players they're going to try to get misplaced and do whatever they can't have. Maybe get him off his game because he is that talented if you can get him off his game that goes a long way against. Being achieved so. I think he is growing up I think he'll continue to grow up. When Andy Reid says he's taking care so honorees talk somebody. I'm pretty certain has ended in its largest Travis its other guys on the team as well he's a player's coach and the players coaches who talked and talked to let him know what the truth is and what needs to happen probably best. And just the case and in particular and Travis is case can do all the speaking he needs that is playing well I mean we didn't mention the fact that he had won Russia as a QB. For three yards and that only bears mentioning because the fact of it's it's kind of bought the thing I liked about was how. That Alex Smith was behind him. In a two point stance with his hands on his knees I think it was like he was Earl Campbell are softening get ready to go to Kenneth kind of chocolate while that was tap last time Alex Smith the that it was seven years exactly. Ideally. He had it all started for us anyway the first touchdown of the game comes from Travis Kelsey. Reside in Sunni Triangle set to go right of Alex Smith who's got three more. Besides hard left position all the right. Don't seek to write my Braylon. Kittles the half would close this whole story on the kicker line kind of began to unfold exactly how we scared that he would. And that is it came down to a possibility to tie the game going into half with our brand new kicker Harrison but Kerr in a field goal attempt of what may be forty some 46 Georgia he missed that just wide left the wind was blowing. Right to left. You're not making excuses for but it is his first kick. And he just hold a little bit and then I think the wind had a factor as well as it was you'd anywhere on the told us it was very gusty down there at the entire game. But you know what the fact is you're not paid to be perfect you're paid. After perform even when things don't go perfectly. And the fact that he comes back for three more kicks and of course the game winner which will listen to later on. It's huge for the rookie kicker and the other thing even that would sustain notwithstanding I'm on the misses the fact that. Every kick. I was basically about nine yards deep or out of the end zone so his big leg on kickoffs is going to pay dividends as well yeah that was definitely something was touted and he lived just is that no doubt. So I think she's going to half just trailing by a field goaltender seven. But the chiefs holding off starting demonstrate be there in the fourth quarter be there in the end and win it big thing is starting with coming out in the third quarter with a ball they decide to run hope he has four rushes for fourteen yards on this drive. Up ten place for severe nine yards of course they score a touchdown at the end as Alex Smith. It goes in from one yard out in which was just a crazy play that we'll hear in in a minute but the big thing is. Travis Kelsey again their exerts his will as the gets a twenty yard chalk. In the big things are set hearts started running the ball. And you just start to see the confidence of that offense grow at a course again highlighted with this touchdown by Al Smith yes for those of you who think Alex Smith is a game manager. Here's Alex Smith managing the football. Alex Smith. Kindle Alex Smith does not get enough credit. For what he does what his likes no he really doesn't and yours I think it was maybe three years ago when he rushed for in excess of 500 yards and had a couple seasons not as much. The fact is when you have a big year. People pay attention to you look the more people called him sneaky athletic he's not sneaky athletic he's just plain athletic. And he knew he had a 32 yard. Run a later in the game and others scrambled rather down the sideline which was very very big. You know I've brought up the stat which was coming into the game. The chiefs have won eleven straight games when he rushed for twenty or more yards which shows that he's getting out and accorsi didn't disappoint this came as he rushed for in excess of fifty yards and of course chief skip the whim. But more importantly is. How he. I'm gonna say it because I think it it's it's a compliment and out of the dutchman which as he is the game manager. He manages I don't know why we why no instead turn negatively I don't know but he manages the game he manages his team. There is no doubt that he is controlled this team and he is the the leader that everybody looks to even with the Justin Houston and on the deepen the side of it I think. You naturally. Want to look at one guy and it's generally QB and that's what this team doesn't this this guy is amusements a Smart literally he's had one of the highest. Wondered what test ever he's just somebody that Andy Reid has complete confidence in this a QB is that half closed or leading rusher was Alex Smith you know what he understands what's going on. Without long run. He realized that. They remain coverage and that the minute people clear out and he. He extends the the pocket to the right and he sees that. He's Smart enough to know it was like OK I'd rather throw for thirty yards but I just assumed by have to run portal take that as well and gets out of balance and it's suspect it's this victory the chiefs because now that's another thing that the opponents have to do. Airport a big facet of careened hunt's performance this year that three quarters of his yards are coming in the second half which I think is indicative of why we see the chiefs dominate in the fourth quarter. In this situation with the Washington Redskins. Kirk cousins really started mounting and they mean they basically drove down the field they retook the lead. It it was up to the chiefs defense to have put this game on hold get the ball back and give Kansas City a chance to win but you're right you talked. Thought cousins yet sixteen impasse 69 yard pass to a Vernon Davis which set up the touchdown for them to go back ahead but. Then as you mentioned the defense starts playing a robot better but getting after the QB while they never brought cousins down. They did get the pressure on him of course he had several big rushes at the end of the game which allowed them to get down there. And and tied the game up but in general you had pressure coming from Justin Houston and Chris Jones a throughout the night Chris Jones was flat. Amp and wired the entire game I had a chance right after the game to talk with him about it. Chris first off congratulations on a big win. You route they're going nuts at the in the game you just look like you're having a good time to talk to me about the experience tonight that's what it's all about letting your personality show a feed off the crowd you know. That you needed Jews an argument that call you know that was agreed to gamer they're came down to an island a line and that's a very good team. That's what it's all about you know when everyone is tired you dig in deep. Pinky nail and they and they as the grip out of you you know if Dawson our resources you know like you can say. They've all of it on the field you'll hardly imagine yourself put an ominous feeling you know. This team's show tonight it's of the character and his team and the carrot that is defense. I got asked last week earn their the last home game came in afterwards you're trying to figure out who was playing the music and how you got what you want. This week did you get the music you want it when you wanted to. We are stone cold baby has seen a star all code maybe 315 day. Turn it up make it now. Chris Lovett you're you're joy to watch a porno is not a feel good now it's back to business and a short week with Houston but. You go down there and you get back to it and really it. The only undefeated team in the NFL. We don't care about on the field the most important thing right now. As in this league that's on the you know this prepare for witness you know enjoy a win tonight tomorrow let's get this get ready for distance. Chris procedure taken time. Thank you. Stone cold Chris Jones bet he's been playing well he really hasn't. You know what I think just in Houston's been playing well also but it was interesting because I had a chance talk with him also. And as you listen to this you'll hear no this is the guy who didn't like how he performed I even tried to move to different direction. There's basically no it's on me I'm the leader I need to play I need to play better take a listen. Just in first off for no congratulations on the win just talk to me about it we didn't play greater load because it was terrible. We put we got a limo and a great friend who look for because of the situation warm up big especially for a lot of went well they're as good. Is that part of being a good team is his hold yourself accountable I mean you said you played terrible but you guys played decent game but the fact is you guys hold yourself to a high standard. Me personally for his defense team struck movement on the weak central government Amal won't be so far through his crusades consistently. Beverage and went to a veteran laden said if honestly me personally some. As a square off later. It took personal record about. But the only talk Russian. We are we gonna do about it. He's pass rushing Justin Houston and I love the fact that he's got self accountability. Yeah it is amazing and he's he's just got a sense about him this year. I think he sees the wind overseas it's open PC's they have so many different facets. On all three sides of the ball and as a veteran. When you recognize that you know you would take advantage of it that's certainly what he's trying to do inside two minutes the Redskins tie the game back at. They leave us with just 47 seconds we have to drive pretty much the length of the field. Yeah I'm of course there's some big plays their currently have a ten yard. Catch but relief may be the biggest forum was Albert Wilson. As he. Double touches the ball just gets leveled. Goes out of bounds but it takes a huge chunk code gain of 37 yards. Pocket now. We do it. But Wilson. I asked Albert Wilson about that play after the game. Albert quietly over the last four games you just seem to be making. Very key and very big plays for the cheese. Every since I was young you not come on strong at the game go in on I felt like that that is perfect here with a cease. And again like keeping a strong a strongly in you know those plays coach talk about. Goes for Bob plays coach talk about a game does not change the game not wall for a while so you not play every play like is the fourth Bob plays not but they're grounded its own. Two huge plays in my mind one was the protection of a ball that was about to be a turn over to what did you see there. Palm the ball in the air includes always talks about rallying to the ball. A clever enough guys in the man balky knee the zoo so you know as quick as a blade on passing the ball in the air. Guess he went to the opportunities I felt like I had opted a chance at decides that it came down with a. Second play is that game is tied you guys got to move all the way down the field you make him as just a phenomenal catch. On a long play on the right side of the field talk about done. Yeah we believe in so that we we trust the process of men enough they'll let does Gaza under a great job of frank. That they broke down with Alex he's a great a great guy you both stand on his feeding keeping a bailout so armed. And we get a scram Madrid you know you try to try to get open and on that's what happened on the sideline and of course Alex Simi got his eyes. Definitely hit me in the with a ball. And those you know what Albert Wilson came here few years ago I was just hire a is could be on him I thought he was gonna light the world on fire. That didn't seem to happen and I think this year it can't I may be consistent words. I'm write him off in he's just he's not gonna be the guy that I thought he was you know what I'm taken all that bad I have to backtrack. He has quietly gotten the job done. In four games here in in by got the job done I mean he has made some very high namely. Catches very critical timely catches no question about it right they're getting a 37 yard chalk to essentially. Set up the field goal that we'll talk about the moment was huge but you back to those other games first. In all three games he has just as you said very timely catches. Very difficult coaches have been all for very critical first downs on third down so. He is getting it done you and I I was right there with you on the I love them as well and then things didn't go well hit some injuries. But maybe this is why in your readers that can has yet because this. Even in the injury a year couple years ago where I probably wouldn't let him go for what we had. I would've been wrong because she's doing it at a very high level right now he's complementing the other receivers we have also so again I mean. You can make it you can make an argument for a lot of big plays in this game. Of course we saw it come down with one catch. For zero yards that got tipped up the muddy got intercepted and that would have been the game that could have been the catch of the game for several yards which is crazy. But I think this one was. I just wanna say I support highlight the fact what you said with Albert Wilson to his. Or at least kindly critical patches that were talking about it seems like none of them are just nice so I am not only thrown passes I mean he's got that. That's an acrobatic catches and catching in traffic. Catching over his head that this catch in the red skins game he kind of bottled and almost like he bobbled off his helmet you know he tipped it forward and then had to reconnect shouldn't. All the time he's getting hit driven out of bounds and it seems like a level of concentration is same with that eating you heard him say he saw all the ball on the air. What focused he's had at the right times I just think that he's really impressed me. These last four games yet I think that's what you expect from a veteran who's played several seasons as a preventive continue to grow and that's what he's done well this scene gets set up exactly how we hoped it wouldn't. And that is as we watched Sunday Night Football the night before the Seattle kicker kicks lefty kicks right he's all over the place we're thinking boy I. You know here you have a brand new kicker is a rookie in the league he's never kicked in an NFL game. He comes to Arrowhead Stadium which was has very turbulent wind pattern it's not your normal kicking environment. You have. Monday Night Football undoubtedly one of the biggest stages as the national audience in the last thing you want to do is put the game in this guy's hands but guess what that's exactly what happened. Eight seconds remaining in regulation it will be a 43 yard attempt from the right edge. But you're trying to learn in this Winchester will slim. Hope we will hold 120 time I step. Picks. On pregame show off the air I said you know Dave toe coached over had to be in the fetal position could hold certain date night watching that thinking. We sort of let this is that this happened in my kicker. But you know you can't control these things and sometimes they happened this is the way they are you've been on this special teams you've been in that situation. How difficult this. Well it's as typical as you let it be for me I always took the stance and I was correct in the back it was no different than any other. Staff for me because of Phil gold the once you get past certain yardage. Can become global harder but as a slapper still only eight yards in the ball's still leaves rotate three and a half times. Everything's the same and I treated it as such. But again. Your first came to spell or three Lawrence. Your I mean I don't know I don't Lott and high you commoners and and you miss your first one wide left from just three yards further I thought to. Andy Reid talking about it yesterday. Saying that he was so you know certainly proud of Gerson and how I handled things that he gave props to Dave so I think you watched him. How he handled paerson as a came off the field on the first missed. And what he's doing way in the way in the first half of that first missed is getting him ready for just this moment. No same position in the field he's kicking this to the same goal post same direction everything. I I just don't know how the I don't know how they put the nerves under. But you know ultimately it's the results. And in this situation the result was great course he was your player of the game you caught him in the locker room afterward. Gerson first off congratulations on the win. Just take me through the week in your mental preparation. Does put week I think goes Monday afternoon I got the call by the chiefs. Flew in Monday night we have practice I take Wednesday and Thursday. It was OK you know. Came out here all pumped doubles or to plan play any game since. College I guess finish in the tax their bull in a real game. But you know I came out I missed early field goal but I knew you know is gonna come down if you go to win the game that's ever gonna get the ball and if you were arranged I gotta make it. That's really big thing is no matter what happens you can't let the last kick the person next to right. I'll completely I mean this there's a comes off your foot you got to forget it and that's what I did I didn't dwell on then he made the ticket mattered. How about James and Dustin in terms of the common in the operation going back. Yeah they're great I mean they've been very welcoming of me we have a great operation this happened also have full confidence and emanate. Came in the clutch as well. You remind me a little bit of a guy that I snapped or Norma Johnson got this big frame and kicking the ball at the Indians owner out of the end zone just talk about. Is it kind of pride factor in the fact that I mean the touch backs they were there all night you really open. Yeah I love Jay called you called the to start Monday Night Football on a kickoff you know those unbelievable. But yeah I love kickoffs got a big amount of Baghdad and so that's what coach wants right now and a lot of congratulations on the win thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen your new kicker Harrison biker he stepped up to the marquis was happy to talk obviously I was happy for him I've seen kickers. In that situation go the opposite directions so. You need debt at. Games and in this league and certainly with the chiefs at some point timer gonna get continue to get decided by three points or less than if that's the case you need to have somebody. Who can deal with the confidence and I and our deal with the situation rather. And this gives him the confidence now going forward I think in north quite closely he's pretty confident guy anyhow so I don't know if he needed that. But he'll take it all the same and I think. As we move into November and December and we have these cold weather games either at home or when we go to New York two out of three weeks when we go to Denver team of the year. Having somebody who can and boot the ball. Deep like he can't on kickoffs I think that has a chance to make a difference also one of our crew pointed out something that I dislike to reiterate. He still has temples he sought the oldest fellow. He's I've probably 23. Because I don't think he redshirt I don't think you Richards who's just there for years Georgia that you're doing this kind of crazy is very very young and not tall Yost Blakey guy six foot three day is all just before 210 the parents are you understand why can really kick off. That long but again. It came in on Tuesday so he has a few days with Winchester in Colquitt to really get that assess the situation no doubt in terms the operation. And it went flawlessly and kudos to those two guys make sure it was OK for him. You know and his his football experience he has not been in football a long time like a lot of players out. Maybe the Houston that. Maybe that allowed him to just not realize how heavy and in big the moment was but kudos to everybody involved. From the coaching staff who selected him. In felt comfortable that he could come in to replace a guy like terrorist Santos who it was by all accounts in incredibly reliable kicker yes kudos to them kudos to the way they coached and kudos to his teammates it cannot be easy for Dustin Colquitt and James Winchester to be in that situation. No I had a chance to talk Dave told today and he made mention the fact useless and he goes Cairo's our kicker we weren't looking forward to a Brecher. But he got injured in you have to do both things and then I brought up the fact we discussed it that linked which is that's why even when you have somebody who's absolutely Tricia position. You still do all your homework in the offseason you figure out who you would be taking. If you were going to take a kicker if you gonna take apart or if you run a ticker running back and you compile that information so if something comes up. During the season you've got that homework done and you know where to go I think it was. Very fortunate that they did know exactly where to go with a kicker and it's good that he was on the team with Carolina Panthers even though he was on the practice squad. He was basically in in the flow of things and part of the team so. I think that helped tremendously in them you know who knows this this could be the kicker for years for the Kansas City Chiefs Q you certainly hopes so they can perform like that. Well I have a feeling you know it doesn't get any easier so I have a feeling that the you know the close games are gonna continue and you know what this game in here early let's put into the tests was baptized him by fire because when they post season gets here yes I do not want to repeat the 1995 playoff game you know on there's this and it is an in this soul and talent. And I'm not gonna say the guy's name you talk it was a like Baltimore you can't do this is. Yeah absolutely is so you know ice is so you don't wanna hear the fact that I was on the Steelers at the time and at the time I rather enjoyed a cute huh. Yeah means Indianapolis came to our place here all three of those kicks right absolutely refuses to the other day that said also that cold that day. And what's your. If how you it was a veterans those a little bit different. Group game for the chiefs what a great start. As we said it doesn't get any easier in this before we wrap up today I just wanted to mention one thing I. At the privileged this week a year and I both I I so Jon Gruden for awhile in in you and I both get chance good MC talked coach term. And in doing so Alley stone burger who works for ESPN's sent me an advanced copy of a piece that Michelle buys their buck did. On Marty Schottenheimer. And Kendall on Tony man a listening to this thing. Or. It was written my heart out it it was very very difficult but only tell you why we do everything in life in my opinion we do everything in life. About. You're making memories trying to build this Reza me faults in a catalog of memories and and to think that at some point in your life those just gonna be taken from the news you cannot recall he don't know Marty Schottenheimer. We've known this behind the scenes for quite some time now is has been diagnosed with alzheimer's. And you know whether it's alzheimer's whether it's CTE Marty played for a lot of years and he played in in a time when things were very physical and I don't know you don't mean it is the result is that he struggles with his memory. And to listen to this man who was once so incredibly powerful. You know has always his stories the way he would speak would literally make the hair on the back my neck stand up it would give me your response. To see him. In such a DOS hole. None engaged statements really really tough in fact let me play just a little bit of this for you this is. This is a piece what I can't Michelle by Starbucks did for ESPN and Marty Schottenheimer you'll hear a voice in the background here. That is pat Schottenheimer Marty's wife take a listen we'll talk about on the other side. Marty Schottenheimer spent 41 years in professional football as a player and a coach. He ranks seventh all time with 200 regular season wins and in 1990s. No head coach won more games and Marty. Give a favorite game the U coached. No. Ha ha yeah Denver with no worse this lot won't but. Nice after about football. When he remembered that I can. I'll be honest with you I don't remember a whole lot about it. The two thousand sixties and mark Marty's last and an NFL head coach. As you begin settling into retirement his wife pat begins noticed changes in her husband of fifty years. Horror. He'll forget names so forget people who forget wary is. What did the doctor and finally tell you. You are dealing with. Alzheimer's is. Big word. And how little reluctant to get into that part of it on because I don't know much about it. What are your days look like. I might get one cup of coffee in me before I. Particularly we in Pennsylvania. You know it's. Freezing out there in the morning. On Sundays. Them papers and but. My. Now in Pennsylvania well. We're in North Carolina. You know that and Pennsylvania are long gone through corn. Our Kindle it had conversations with Marty have been around him when he's talking about this game. To hear him say. I don't remember it. You know you've heard me say a that that game in 94 in the playoff game in Houston 93. Two great games in my life in June 30 years of covering chiefs football those two games those two memories. I hold very dear to think that there could be a day when I can't recall anything about them. To watch that done to somebody. Who has done so much for this organization. I don't know it just it hurts my heart. It's tough because of course I've ever played for Marty but I've played against him several times were as with the which is Steelers and the saints. But I know from being around head coaches which is. No they live eat sleep Reeve the football. And to not remember something is even more amazing to me because these guys in general. Remember sold many details of each and every game award goes also yet it is really really side. It's part of it all all of you hope is that. He's doing as well as he could he could do it's it's really hard to even put into words and how you react to that. It is because you know NI and sometimes I think a lot of people you know we've seen this you know with guys that are close to us we've seen people say you know cast he sees. It doesn't add anything he doesn't contribute. Yeah but he he used to so much you know in in the fact that he can't recall a person can't recall things. And do you know why in the back of my mind. I'm a year mid forties but I worry about. All of you guys who played because it'll look you don't have to play football have rugby you know affected by this search. You know afflicted by certainly this or any other memory she's been. I just it's it's very few thing I've heard in my body fail rather I'd rather my body failure Marty's in perfect health as far as I know. To think that all of those years of everything he's done in pro football. In so many years of working with all these guys in knowing how mentally keep they were. When I was in chemo and I could not reach for I could see it I knew was there I just couldn't find the word. I just it's it scared me enough in the when I hear this in it's tough it and so. In my thoughts and prayers certainly go out the Schottenheimer is two to everybody he's dealing with the NT you guys TU who played so hard and you know I know you do it again. I guess that but. I just hope that is one of the worst worst thing I can't think of much worse. And certainly someone wouldn't wanna be. Nothing that can add to that that's that's ultimately set. Well a hint not to change the tone where we're at because chiefs had a very very good week they continue to win you know I couldn't be happier. For this is squad we saw it can't that we sit hate these guys have a lot of promised you set it all along they can be chin and any number weighs in. You know what the Washington Redskins. Found that out unfortunately. They do not get any easier no chief said it on the road to Houston. Team this playing very well we'll have that preview for you. On Friday as always we'll talk about Shawn Watson he's been having a great season so far. Until then thanks for subscribing spread the word if you would we'd also love to hear Freddy Kendall is on Twitter at Kendall Gammon. I'm add Dan Israel Casey as we leave you today a little more from the Michelle by Starbucks peace check out the full video at espn.com. Most of the hardest part for you. Watching him. Not be able. To understand. How many people. Love him and admired him. My part sees it might parts is slipping in and taking care of him. His heart is a hard time this can't do everything that we use to do it. You cannot plan. Because you don't know what's coming. One play at a time you've got an opportunity at a moment to control something. I'm just gonna find. Anything in front of you may never get tuned Richard take one play at a time.