26: 2017 Week 4 - Preview (KC @ Texans)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, October 6th

The Primetime brigade continues: The Kansas City Chiefs follow their Monday Night Football victory with a road trip to Houston for Sunday Night Football. Kendall Gammon and Dan Israel preview the Week 5 AFC match-up. INTERVIEWS: -Phillip Gaines -Mike Vrabel (Texan's Defensive Coordinator) -Bryan ...


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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man and don't gamma. Welcome to this week in chiefs football our reds Friday preview for week five the chiefs at Houston. In the chiefs remain undefeated well we'll hear from the players themselves right after she said line. She's headlines this week changed football. After being fine by the league Kindle for inappropriate gesture last Monday at arrowhead Terrelle Pryor says chiefs fans were screaming racial slurs. And he required extra security to protect him during Monday night's game now the league. And the chief security have both confirmed that brighter neither requested. Or received extra security during the event. The story will continue to unfold but I think McCain and not too happy about being included in Pryor's deflection. Moving on the chiefs headlines we talked in the last episode about some streaks in notable stats a couple more of those relevant as we head to Houston chiefs are protecting. The football they are they have not committed a turnover since the first offensive play from scrimmage in week one. Additionally QB Alex Smith has eight touchdown passes and no interceptions they're also moving the football with every touch the other chiefs leave the NFL in yards per play at six point 78. And then rushing overall per game at a 163. And a half yards per game and talk more about this give me a rundown right now the injury report as of yesterday. Well when you look at from the chief side of things LTT did not participate. I didn't think it was interesting that Alex Smith was all me. Injury report with an ankle but he participated both days as to Derek Fisher PPL and Bennie Logan and then maybe a notable which will discuss what book were later. Is the fact that Parker anger was not listed anywhere on the reports so that brings to mind of winning easy going to play and where is going to play for the Texans JJ watt is on that list but in full participation which is to figure my guess is that he'll discuss that thing off for the comes there's nothing gonna slow him down for playing in this need be you'll cut it off there's no doubt about it finally some notes from Houston Texans rookie quarterback named AFC offensive player of the week yet to Shawn Watson who last week 25 to 34 for 283. Yards he had four TDs but one interception. And then the other thing that is going to be an issue this week for the chiefs yet four rushes for 25 yards. And an additional TV also the Texans made some roster moves yesterday in Wednesday for his drummer and he was waved as was Tyler for them. In their place Marcus Cromartie site to add depth to that safety position and then then he need was claimed off waivers from the New Orleans Saints of course he is a former. Can you jail. Your headlines for Friday October 6 2017. Then Israel Kendall Gammon this week in chiefs of all that of course is the Sunday Night Football themed. She will play Sunday night in Houston in our G stadium and gamble this game just might come down to rookie be rookie. Shawn Watson against Korean hunt it is going to be fun there's no doubt about it and when you have two explosive guys like that and both on the offensive side of the ball. It's going to be a match up that the whole nation is really into I mean I think cream cart has really taken the league by storm. Because of what he's done. And really the same with the Charlie Weis is certainly after this last weekend put in 57 points up on the board for tennis are against Tennessee router yet named AFC offensive player of the week from all indications deservedly so he didn't get the initial not from bill O'Brien glad he's certainly made it his team over the last few weeks his first start against Cincinnati was honest when September there's a few games ago and actually had a 53 yard. Rushing touchdown but the one thing is I watched film today. Is the fact of and it just makes sense if you saw him in college boot. The run threat is such a part of his game in such a part of the offense now for the Houston Texans. That the discipline of the defense for Kansas City is going to be tested here's cornerback Phillip gained. First of all when you just come back coming shoesource senate used to play in arise if you've been there before but what I've gone back there again. Is definitely different views known to us with the Kurt angle on on there. I'm not code people who got displaced from my home so this is definitely having art on back but it's good to give it to run back to Houston what your people say and about other recovered to this point. You know it's tough everybody's gone through their own bad those same nowadays they just trying to stay strong. I was talking football here. 257 on the board last week Hopkins and Fuller. What he do against these guns pages you just try to play take me you know the guy really test really talented players over there and they got a they're really good quarterbacks gone forward Watson's so. And Hopkins has been doing ever since he's been in the league info is really good so it is have to stay strong and they take me that I. What about that you would go to place lottery you're out there on the base how does that change your gamer what do you do. Is definitely is definitely different you know give mooted a slide you have to that should be allowed more tied to your words and this is not as much help. On the inside as outside could you got that sonong which is so he didn't have two switch it up and just play play again. She's quarterback Philip gains talking about Texans rookie quarterback to Shawn Watson. You know this is you know he was a difference making player and Clinton he's brought a little them mentality to the Houston Texans I mean he is. He's a lot of chiefs fans were disappointed I think originally. That the chiefs didn't select him he went after Patrick Holmes and not trying to compare those two players. But he has certainly done very well in his opportunity. With the Houston Texans however to Shawn Watson is not the only weapon that Texans offense has. Know when you look at it younger Hopkins he is the go to marquee wide receiver. He leads the league with 31 receptions and last week he had ten receptions alone for a 107 yards. And one TDs so he is going to be on the minds of whoever's playing opposite of of Marcus Peters this week and rightly so because he is a star in his own right and that being said this last week watched the Texans use their tight ends a lot both of them quite also between. Ryan Griffin and Stefan Andersen. But it's. It's it's a team that has different weapons because they're kind of a running back by committee when you look at it nobody had over a hundred yards but. Lamar Miller had 75 Alfred blue. Had twelve but I guess I shouldn't mention that one but dot. Dante Foreman had 45 of course wants and that's where reports they rushed for 173 yards against Tennessee which I think is a pretty good defense. So that shows you that they can get it done both in the air and on the ground in we mentioned it's kind of rookie vs rookie here in I want you take a listen this is a former chiefs and patriot Mike Vrabel. Who's now a coach for the Texans talking about our rookie running back three. One thing I think they do is they commit to the run a lot of those big player runs of occurred in the second half played a game. Katie gets sixteen carries in the second half and you know look like they bottom up early and an even against Washington broke a couple you know fifteen yarder late but. Certainly a home run hitter and I think that the Carolina defense is once you get through that. The first line really sometimes you talk about being a post safety. And he does a great job of her running in the open field of attacking the guys leverage and make him a guy sit down. As opposed to just look for the sideline he's he's attacking the guy and then. And then make or break so it's huge challenge force and obviously we were preparing all week we're trying to prepare for it for the running game. That is the Houston Texans coach Mike Vrabel talking about Korean hunt. And what it's gonna take to play this chief softens and you can hear that interview that Mike has the utmost respect for. Korean haunt him as he showed me I think he talked to and really described it pretty well when he said Ari. He looks to stay in barrels innings he becomes that you as opposed running. Away from you. According pro football focus this year. This last game forced Manning missed tackles and that was considered the most in the NFL running backs and you know but that's impressive and that when you see it he's shifty he's got that jump cut and then he just runs over people also as he's the Scott the second most. I yards after column of contact as well so. He's just finding a way to the what we already know just through four games a complete running back I love that mixture effort mentality because that's what gets in those yards after contact in the thing I thought the Vrabel correctly deduced is that a lot of these yards are coming in the second half yes if you took away the the yards that. Career in this rush for the first half. I believe he would still lead the league in rushing by 820 years thirty yards so that says something in. And certainly you like that because if you're getting stronger in the second half. And you know that's where the games one for the most part. It's going to. Bear watching. To see as he continues to get the number touches he does how his body holds up but. I don't know about what you think but what I see in the locker room is a guy who's just really put together very very well. And it's interesting hearing. Eric being mean talked to the running backs after the gamer or sometimes a practice and some of the information he gives them just about how. Taking care of your body and it's not just football it's really. A that the whole season. And it's to me it's very intriguing is still a little better to remember when Jamaal Charles for scan in Italy and we (%expletive) him he's just too little he's not gonna take solace trailer yell literally. And ensure enough you know he did take a tune in tomorrow at a very good weekend last weekend would timber and you know it's that's great to see but what's not good deceived him do you appreciate death having known Jamal yes so I'm glad he's healthy enough to be out there but. But cream hunt is built differently than he is a thicker. More herb stout running back in just as Agile as Jamal that's what I think is interesting most guys that thicker they get. The less you know actually become that's not the case with Corey. And we knew looked at Kareem also the one thing coming out of college. Which we didn't know about him that we knew about Jamaal Charles Jamaal Charles you knew. You know we have he ran track you knew we had it was fascinating we did not think that nobody really thought that. About Korean putt and yet he's proved to them in multiple occasions this year if he gets out in the open. And it's going to be hard to to catch him I mean he he's not I'm faster than you all but he's he's right up there and that's what speed due to. But I think the big question to be honest with you with regards to three mine is. Did we not notice that speed or was it because we were watching Toledo. I think it was because we were what and Toledo well proof from what I've heard because there was about five or six teams that were interested in him. Am nobody what I read his everybody said that they liked him. But that he didn't have all speed but they still liked him because remember us talking about yeah so I just think it's one of those things I always said this about myself because obviously I was a very slow player. But I like to think that I could run okay impacts. It's still pretty obviously. But there's some guys that that their speed translates better when they're on the football field with the ball their hands and I think bring as one of those guys. Now I totally agree on unfortunate for Texans quarterback to Shawn Watson. The Texans are not very good at protection they're the bottom of the barrel infected they have allowed more sacks. Than any team in the National Football League. That should be the feast waiting to happen from one mr. Justin Houston yeah MES force acts this year he needs only nine more to pass are still aggressively three for third most of the chiefs history certainly that's gonna come at some point time this year. I say moss certainly but I issue ocean with him having for now though put him to thirteen. But it's huge that the chiefs did not when they were not able to take the QB done last week him and kudos to Kirk cousins and and and how we got out there and he really had some scrambles there at the end. That I just don't think they expected that being said this week it's hard to think that there walls by the QB because you expect to show Lawson to run them back to. Just in Houston he needs to Gadhafi needs to have a good game I think he has a chance to have a good game. And you really he's played against one of the best in JJ watt so. I think there's a personal side of things well and I talked to root Justin after the game last week. And he was very very disappointed in how we played and he was very critical of how I played. And while it may be I thought he played a little bit better and I thought he was a little harder on himself. I do love the team leader side of things which says listen I didn't like get it done and I've got to do better and I expect to come out don't go gangbusters a week. I know we played that interview on the podcast I'm not sure if we played the portion or this was off line where you tried to tell him hey you know. Kudos go to Kirk cousins because. He played well too and all he would give Kirk cousins. Was the fact cousins took advantage of every mistake that the chiefs defense made room which again that personal accountability yeah I'm liking it you have to love that. Well unfortunately for Alex Smith. The second worst team in sacks allowed Kansas City Chiefs. Lauren do Renee tardy goes out early in last week's game Jordan daddy comes in we can we didn't talk about this on the Redskins review and we should have because he came in and played very well. Yes and who we thought so and then big red in heat in corroborated study says Debbie came in did a very nice job and the fact is. Andy Reid doesn't handout compliments and if not drawn any offensive line no not at all sign especially of course being a former officer Lima so yes. That it would that was a big deal and at the offensive line. No ultimately that's that's worth games are won or lost in the Mitchell has got a chance to eat to catch up with guard Bryan Whitman take a listen. Just the way you guys are fed can't spackle and piece it together logo has yet alone. We do we have guys in spots. Through introspective and backed it up we know they're gonna. Phillips threw literal cumin and in hinders evidence that's we son. On the Internet so I was we're comfortable are you now I mean just more reps more weeks. Where you're compared even week one. Yeah I think it's a comfort levels. With anything in life when it was soup. To the more rest of the more feel for it it because courts had an answer I think that's really. Progressive ring so. This front that's your face and all of us are league average people know about. Polonium. JJ watt and even their backers merciless and others. What about the challenge this week it would have to do to win I mean we we've faced some really good defense fund so far this year. My my first team was and he's and so and all about them vote. Yes immediate tests some but what about that what about your background start with nominee and we'll see what about their organization and what we say there's. I mean. It's been a long road from me is my fourth team. And so it's over it too much older. Going back to at all certain. Now bunkers here he's an engineer's seat you're not the only engineer on the team has are going to be in Q can you guys go through a series of differential equations on a missile talk to mow it looked as there and you visited him. But we'll see X. That is chiefs left guard Bryan Whitman and Kindle. Park ranger comes off the entry list here now but we've still got a couple of starters that are down a mean talk about the carousel points intriguing because if LTT were still up right guard uses say OK fingers up and he's ready to play then you put him complacent with them because. You assume that that's assuming he's come back and he's playing better. But then we don't know that because this week you know big red talked about what's been having maybe his best game of the year and so if that's the case. And he's played well. It makes you wonder okay were they going to do it right guard this week because we know LBT's going to be out. He mentioned that Jordan Debbie played well but it's hard to think that you're not going to put in somebody. Who started last year a multiple games even though it was only 45 before it got her course of a speaking of Parker anger so. In that interview you're heard which we talked about him filling culpable so if he still comfortable there and it's his first year starting do you. Not upset the apple cart there and just decide between Parker anger in Jordan Debbie who's gonna playwright guard. Do you tear the mandate off right now took Parker anger right back into that left guard decide you're gonna play on the right guard it's it's going to be. That's going to be a very interesting. Facet to this game because as you said the chiefs. Not kicking off Smith has Wellesley need to they've got to do a better job. And certainly I think with some of the injuries that Houston have they have a chance to make hay over the top with them as well as say it every week but I believe that. But they won't if they can't protect Alex and he's got to feel protection number one to get the ball out number two sweet little confidence so he doesn't start to maybe. Get happy feet a little bit when he's getting hit hit repeatedly. But this won't this this dark situation with with slim anger and Debbie you those are the 32 of them were gonna play and they whip. It wouldn't surprise me gut tells me that which one's gonna stay at left guard and the jury either go to C Parker anger or Jordan Debbie go at right guard. With. Anger and have been on the injured list this week that tells me that he's just completely healthy and he's going. If that's the chance and you're having a chance mentally in these plug him right back in because to me what I'm saying you do for sure I'm just saying if he's not on the injury list. The and they believed his sleeve these physically healthy physically healthy what you're you're saying is is absolutely valid point which is if he's mentally not there yet then. It is what it is because let's remember he's only second year player too it's not like Jesus grizzled veteran and that's not taking things away from I'm just saying. They get a chance to maybe look at him and Jordan W this week at the right guard position and decide what they wanna do again I'm speculating all this I didn't know until game time and quite honestly I'm not sure the coach knows yet well he doesn't and it's really a good thing ME probably has an idea. But really. The big thing is the Texans don't know yet and so they don't know how to prepare completely for the summing. Similar to close club they we herself to the podcast where your troops how many are there and really you take me to them that's not going to happen no matter what happens no matter how you cut this the nice thing about it is with Parker anger coming back. One more piece of pie to work with here yes and especially with LTT been done of course some refer to a rim diverted toward you've. And likes it that way also become very proud of the fact electricity at its sales a year. You certainly know I like sinful they ought to tell us if I gotta compliment from LTT once after a gamer so that he's like oh that's pretty good about Grumman working on first first time I heard somebody Colin Larry in the locker month. Here yeah I think like hole looks a lot easier why oh why we can use a low rent. Yeah has little rib is if she started in the wrong direction it's like spelling passed and yet if decision put down McKay yeah austere never gonna get there by the way did you like the fact that they used the analogy of high with the bigs I mean you know along a little words you use an analogy your metaphor it's it's a good we can be either YouTube it's that you are sure to. I am numb I don't know if I'm bright enough to know the difference oak. Well I either way he added I think one of the nice things here about having a coaching staff the caliber of Indy Reid's. Is that he really key interest and they had they managed to take what we sought camp. And turn a concern into something that was a product they can put on the field and get the work done with then. And they've done that for frankly for games despite a couple of key injuries he got to believe that you know they're gonna continue that. They will they'll find a way Indy is a master at that. Beautiful mind he's drawn plays up right let you see each and every weekend. He yelled. Got a hundred different ways to beat people hopefully and end this last week it was nice to see Travis skills to get back into it without 111 yards. A seven catch performance but he'll go and maybe discuss such as briefly as effective. Yet look like troll in this weakens facility got his face and really was on warts and got picked up picked our. But I think that's up to that he needs to be aware of which is right now he's a little bit of a marked man. Yeah yeah I think the same goes with Tutu and you know he agreed you. Unfortunately sometimes you climate hole you've got to climb back up right where your free and clear of that but. You know hopefully he'll that will continue I know it takes a lot of emotion we talked about this before takes a lot of emotion depleted scheming you've got to. You gotta have attitude you got to bring in it's just really a tight group walked. And now it's tough I wanna talk about a couple other areas for me that are keys to this scheme. In the biggest one. Is the red zone the chiefs are excellent in the red zone this year than they are just doing so good in frankly Houston is not now. And get they scored fifty cent from where it's part of titans so maybe they're turning the corner here but they haven't done that every game. Know they have them and you hope that will continue this week you'll have a lot to do with how the steepest Kansas City plays it's it's effective to bend but don't break I prefer it's just don't brick right off the Bakken and get a few three and outs. Would help to position but. You know for whatever reason the chiefs are fighting her way in the right time to defend it and you know. We're giving finished he deserves the Shawn Watson deserves a lot of credit but let's let's not forget that he used a rookie yes throw some interceptions. He has made some mistakes and to that end I think Bob. Sutton defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs will probably try to change a few things up in May be computers in the secondary I think. May be tried to. Disguise coverages skid into coverages and late so he doesn't have a chance to audible but. No title told no one will know sooner than later when the game starts if they're going to try to do that. The big thing though that he presents. Issue wise but no matter worries to but certainly in the red zone is a fact that. For him to get out scampered 1015 yards is not an issue in the red zone just forty yards so you saw the last gaming had a rushing TD and he just. He just some crud in their arming Al Smith what he did last week. That was great any read it but there was a one yard plunge to show Watson and has some breakaway speed. I think your point here is really valid and that he's young and you're talking about he's playing his what third game I think he start game at the start we too I don't remember when necessary to restarting since Somalia he hasn't seen a lot of you know defense is correct me if you disagree or you think I'm wrong here in the NFL you have defense is bitter they're just physical I might put Denver in that category they're just. Physically dominating. And then you have really sophisticated defenses. I don't think. Ours is in physical because I do think there's a physical body took to the way these guys play especially to blunt rep but it's definitely a sophisticated defense. And it's because of that issues that you bring that I agree with that that I think the chiefs are going to have success I think you're going to see. I don't know about exotic blitzes but I think they wanna pollute a little bit of pressure on him but Bob's sudden show that he likes to do at a very timely fashion not a lot in the first half. I think you may throw water to their to see how he reacts and then if you can't stop it. Then you keep going after a big thing go on the chiefs' pass rushes they've got stay in their lanes because. If they get other loan lanes and he extends the playing gets out there. I can get ten or fifteen yards and hurried because of the athletic abilities he has in terms of running the football. And the speed that he has so. Don't have Kirk cousins can peel off a couple of big ones that's definitely a weakness well that's true but. With Kurt you're really just spying him you don't expect him to do what he's not as we can which are what we spoke to Joseph Wiseman. Beat beforehand them in and after we learned what is paper moma was from Monday Night Football we. If we. We learned that we usually play that hilly. A moment in time for the chiefs radio network take a listen with the but and yelled he talked about how Kirk cousins was sneaky athletic but to show Watson is a sneaky athletic he is just. Flat athletic plus he throws the ball well plus he reads well but notables are going to in the future because he doesn't have the experience. I think the chiefs have to. Spy him a little bit on certain downs and distances because otherwise he's very very dangerous take one as he did against Cincinnati 53 yards to the house. My final thought on this is that I I feel like the Texans and chiefs match up very well against the run. Despite you know cream on having great. Start of the season. I I feel like that they're gonna match very I think the Texans are going to be able to run as well. So I think it's gonna match up very well in Saran do you feel like we can take advantage of them in passing because. I kind of feel like this is gonna come down to the difference in this ball game is gonna come down to whether or not we can pass the football. Probably there's a very good chance we will take advantage of them in in the passing game and here's why they knew you they are really banged up in the secondary and I don't know that it was the best secondary out to their. To their defense of backs Kevin Johnson and oh what for your worries out here. A the other went there because station right now but they've they've got an issue. Injury wise back there I think we'll try to take advantage of that. I believe the mid level in terms of a crossing routes to two Kelsey and in them again getting. Tyreke kill him all the things will the more I believe. That. Will come to fruition we'll have a chance to really softened things up there and whim you. When you put that along with cream cart and the running abilities he has and also the fact that he can get out of the backfield and the flats and you can. Get that glorified. And off to a woman in that the past it just. I think we're gonna spread that the with the field I think we're gonna spread it with the length of the field as well. Yeah that field it last time we were down and energy it was passed. Remember that is seems all over the place and that he was actually refused it was simplicity there's there's a few years ago yeah it was a year not slips who yeah I was young it was a year that that we actually played him three times we had the first hours are when we we played him early in the season and changed after that because it was so bad yeah last year we played and we we cut to him. That was the 1912 lost by the chiefs that they scored all of their first possession are believed to. You know warm. Younger Hopkins and after there was just about all the field goal kickers the rest the game but. You know what's. This is a good Houston team there's no doubt about it the they were going to present a very tough task of for the chiefs and especially going on the road while national folks picking the Texans to be the AFC. You know representative in the Super Bowl and I am not ready to anoint that I mean I think Du'Shon Watson's got a lot of potential he's going to be around the sleazy and be very difficult for a lot of years. Sure he's ready and the super well known fact is so I think some of those guys also picked a San Diego to go a little farther so sure if they do I can put no credence than. Think that she's just pray tell me the sky is blue I'll tell them they're relying. All right just for union played digitized peace. Former Redskins great quarterback sympathize and until Monday Night Football what's your biggest Monday Night Football memory. Are you seriously asking me that question she let me think. You know what it might have been a game against the New York Giants. It was November 18 1985. I've remembered pretty distinctly. Because it was who has sadly played professional football it it was a game against the giants that night lord spoke my leg I get your people are so not. They come up until until we're so sorry you broke your leg and I have to correct the month or secular I think Rick. For a killer quietly. You know what qualified it properly it. That one of my better moment she got to admit. Narrate some or any any final thoughts about the chiefs that Texans game we've got to get special teams going Dave told today. Mention the fact that he is not happy with the return game. He believes there's a lot more there I think we all know that. And they expect more I think a lot of teams would be happy with major with the chiefs are doing. But right now they have not created the field position they would like to expect to soak. That could be very big in Houston on Sunday evening. It certainly going into our crowd it's going to be primed up for that big 57 to fourteen win over Tennessee I think was 5714. Yes thumb but. That will without ruled go a long ways towards maybe quieting the crowd. And giving some short fields for the offense and hopefully so long tilts for the defense coach Toby you know I know it's frustrating for him to have the special teams not performing where he knows they can. I find that exciting. Yeah because the chiefs are winning football games Kindle if they turn on the third phase here yes in the gas is going to be full tilt that's going to be 110 degrees before you know and of course last week was. Not disconcerting but it was very interesting the fact that. No Santos is hurt the game four and he leaves him only sign that the nuclear current course. We know what happened there the one thing we didn't talk about much notice gloss over quickly is the fact that don't don't let it go unnoticed. That he kicked he was six for six or touch backs. That's a big deal when you can just sucked the ball down to 45. And that's gonna pay fruition right now certainly in the dome I would expect that the you'll probably kick called touchback so unless they decide to do something differently. We were that's too common place November and December when the ball's cold and their plane out or games in new York and I still think he's gonna have a chance to it to hit touchback. Yeah when they when they made the roster move you told me that. And I thought at that time I fight in I don't know how big deal that is and then after Monday night in watching him do that. I realized I was wrong and you were dead right. That is going to be a weapon to always be pin their ears back and forcing him to drive the full length of the fuel you we take that for granted that some of these teams have really good return games yes and if you could eliminate fat intake their third phase out of him. Let me ask you what's the over under on how long until. Or some bunker. Some type of endorsement deal with clear so. Well folks file this kid is your cup helped him get I think he's got a purple you're there I mean it's really it's really refreshing because he holds himself well but he is John. We poured the chiefs charter tomorrow morning in minutes Sunday Night Football for the chiefs of Texans kick off 7:30 central time energy stadium Houston Texas. Pre game starts in Kansas City at 4 o'clock on one when the fox Kansas city's classic rock station. Then down our great network at 6 PM keep the feedback coming didn't start reading some some notes from the mail that some. You can reach us at Kendall Gammon at the end Israel Casey two minutes go chiefs on this week in chiefs football laces out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios dot com.