27: KC @ Texans - Review (Week 5)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Monday, October 9th

The Chiefs dominate the Texans to elevate to 5-0. Highlights and interviews from Houston. INTERVIEWS -Andy Reid -Charcandrick West -Kareem Hunt -Tyreek Hill -Frank Zombo #TWICF #KCvsHOU #ChiefsKingdom


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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man and do gamma. Welcome to this weekend chiefs football on yet another victory Monday for the kingdom. The chiefs returned from Houston in the middle of the night they remain perfect but the pay yet another price for the W. We'll talk with Katrina as well as both the chiefs featured running backs 127 cream run. And number 35 Turk can request will also talk with chiefs linebacker for example if we have some time we'll talk with defensive backs Terrance Mitchell. In backer Reggie rag in and of course will listen to the voice of the chief's call some of those 42 points. In a game and still on location in Houston will bring him in for his thoughts but before we do all of that. Let's take a look at the headlines. She's headlines on this week changed football. She's off to a five and oh start they remain the NFL's only undefeated team and start only achieve three times in franchise history. And two of those under coach Andy Reid also marks the fifth consecutive year coach Reid is at a minimum of a five game win streak. In addition the victory in Houston tallies a ninth consecutive road game for the chiefs. That ties for the longest streak in franchise history a mark that was set in 1966. We'll have to get Lind Austin's thoughts on that next Sunday. Back quarterback Alex Smith starting to mount a viable campaign for league MVP Smith remains very proficient treaty here. 29 of 37 attempts for 324. Yards and three touchdowns that earned him a 130 point two passer rating. His 36 career game over a hundred. Not coincidentally Smith is 35 in one in those contests. We yesterday's 37 attend Smith has now thrown 168. Consecutive passes. Without an interception dating back to week seventeen of last season against San Diego. That stretch ranks as fourth best in franchise history at number one with 312 Tim's was you guessed it Alex Smith. Green hunt also climbing the franchise in league record books eclipsing the 100 yard rushing mark for the fourth time in just five games. Holy Joseph Delaney has more at 5100 yard games now hunt's performance against the Texans totals 609. Yards rushing for the season. She's great Christian aquae holds the record with 660 yards for the entire 1987 season. I have eleven games remaining to shatter both of those. And finally what was a devastating injury day across the league. The Texans lose several players including fan favorite all pro JJ watt Whitney merciless. The league also saw the giants lease four wide receivers among them league star O'Dell let him junior. In the chiefs fear they've lost their wide receiver Chris Connelly with a ruptured Achilles. In what's become an odd streak of recent Achilles injuries for the red and gold Travis Kelsey what processed through the league's concussion protocol this week with Stephen Terrell. Albert Wilson Tyreke kill and Justin Houston who also received medical attention in the Texans game. Are believed to be non serious and should not prevent him from playing this week in the home game against the Steelers. Does your headlines for Monday October 9 2070. In Israel we bring in Kendall Gammon live from Houston Texas scandal itself beautiful day here in Kansas City I assume it's still swell to. Ring there it is margin to be sure I got outside for a little bit and I ran back to him well tale as yesterday's game could not have been more efficient and productive for the chief saying no they were dissatisfied a little bit in the first half. Not scoring touchdowns and settling for field goals but the reality of this is. They had five possessions and they scored on all five of those possessions any became the foundation. For a lead it would last. It does there's some buster has dual goals of 3542. And also 41 so you wish you could have gotten a score two out of those but they also have. To pass touchdowns from Alex Smith to chart can request a skills are going all over the kingdom an eight yard pass from. Request and then after her Smith rather than a four yard passes well and any time in the NFL on the road you go in with a 237 halftime lead you have to be pleased. It looked as though the Texans had made up their mind they were gonna stop scream hunt. And the more they focused on hunt be more Andy Reid went back to his tool belt it kind of all Ernst and unravel for the Texans. As Kansas City would mount scandals first touchdown draft. This rambling left and try to stay alive now financially for the and that chase. Taste a sweet nectar of the and steals everybody in the cheese kingdom it once is good. Fleiss'. Another cheese they have the distance mainly the ball between the four in the I had 41 seconds remaining second quarter last is the running back Alex missing trouble fires at the western side trips inside the pat. This too clear text and style Saturday. Slapped in the kingdom has passed tabled to June 2 different toxins in particular they gigantic touchdown. Yeah for Kendrick to first of all congratulations got to spy on your face if you took advantage of your opportunities run the ball and catching the ball of course two touchdowns. I just take me through those are manifestly did got a guess after the first up operas line Alex O'Brien and me and three for the steam it just it degrades our fears and address. The dealt with the like really make him go or affect. Maybe thank by the scene may we we've we've seen in a mile to my situation. Is it still makes me is that we've got to be up and I mean I think first off we got to go ahead subsidies are important in this county before and I'll listen hear me. I go down we don't miss a beat him you know won't lose I started when I mean hey I go thousands and stun apartment is a great job bringing in attendance OT wins. Giggles I mentioned they really seem like they were trying to stop Korean hunt and it just it's just too many ways the chiefs can beaches here. Andy Reid has a lot of toys to play with offensively and what you say is exactly correct because. Travis Kelsey was having a banner first tough also I think he had ninety yards in the first half. But of course ended up going out with a concussion is in the protocol which you talked about earlier in the headlines. But the thing is you've had other receivers step up I think in the first half alone then there were eight different receivers are caught passes from. Alex Smith so did you show that he was getting through his progression is. And if something wasn't there he was checking down to the backs in either way he was making yardage. When I saw also. As I just won't watch film earlier before we got on here. Was he had a complete command of what was going on do you offensively. From the Houston Texans you saw so many different times where the minute he got the ball. I in the shotgun formation. He moved one way or the other away from the pressure that he could tell was coming and just bought extra time there's definitely different times also works he felt like he had time to run where yards to run but he knew he wasn't going to get the first down so we just prolonged. The down and then he hit somebody cross and amp for a first down multiple times and to me that's a market for greatly leader just understanding. Exactly what's going on the field on the field at all times. This morning it seems as though there's a lot of people talking about Alex Smith league MVP candidate I think it's probably a little too early to talk about anybody that way. But Alex has really been efficient keystone eleven TDs without an interception in the 168. Attempts he is more than what people have given him credit for. He is so we've talked about it before but let's talk about it again he's a game manager and that is a good thing that's exactly what I want as a QB that's what you're supposed to be doing this. Everything out and he's getting the ball. Where it needs to be he's getting it there on time kudos to the office of line for giving him time in the pocket. And while they did get the ball out quickly often there were several times where he did sit back there and wait for longer routes to develop and that's what you want and what that one I think it was the first pastor chart Kendrick and he just absolutely. He drilled up ball in their I think it was a strike in it was a good catch by Charles Kendrick as well but Turk Kendrick had somebody on a step up ball was put. In the perfect perform position for a touchdown and that's an Alex Smith with a lot of confidence I think he's Lieberman the league also in percentage. Highest percentage as a as a QB and it just continues to evolve and with. Alternates to adults or confidence. Yeah I talked with coach read about Alex Smith last night after the game. Coach your quarterback continues to impress these old need eleven touchdowns no interceptions. Extended plays with his legs talk about Alex Smith. That any had a great day in third downs it's that's back to back house he he worked so hard you pull inform them. You know I'm I know his day in and day out regiment and he does a heck of a job with a first one and last one out. Nobody works harder that we wants to do better for the team. And that's an awful it's a little like his head coach you mentioned the third down conversions were great tonight you also. Seemed vastly improved to two minute offense. Hello we satellite tower last couple years on the and I mean of him pretty get a last year we picked up or left off. On. It's a little bit chaotic but gets done you know we are running up plays in the red zone with. Not a three wide receiver personnel that we are our two minute for himself. And get a little bit crazy but it is all strays history now. Mandate Rachal is a phenomenal job communicate to them and both of them. Like. And AMC Phil immunity has dual dual on the plane that just what can you talk at all about Kaymer he gets the start tonight seem like you played pretty well. You know I did their alleged. He's stepped in and and I did phenomenal first first first go around for a safeguard that. And all the positions it plays as a when he has the least experience but he got in there and I did well I got on pulled onto those plays. I did actually job there is the one hole and another everything is pretty clean I think and they did nice to other. You scored on every possession in the first half and almost all of in the second half my original like field goals you want touchdowns the more you put up points in the points now while. We dairy you know you want you want touchdowns we've got to straighten out early in the second half there and then talent back to the thing in. But as we've got a good kicker we do we found out here that's has done a nice job for us and he got some real practice in the days. Dole's got a Akron team there you have some injuries on his side to look like that are pretty substantial. You were lost Chris Connelly I think it's going to be an Achilles of and it's also and then here so. These things have her bosses go to him and go over good recovery in the back but for right now that says that this. So tough and use him a great game to Texas seemed almost purpose to stop. That there are they have one game plan they were gonna shut down cream hunt it did a little bit in the first quarter been skills comes up huge in and you cannot stop to seven. The second half this he's just dominates. And have a 107 yards on minimalism tournaments in my care is summoned. And yeah now he's tough way he's got he's got great Paul Caron endurance I guess it's. Generally he keeps Brandon. Are great vision two minutes that's a plus than skills him in those two touchdowns over that. You mentioned the vision that they've everyone's impressed by tube Terri kills speed. He's got just some football IQ envisioned he I mean that their return was incredible yeah I was I didn't do very good job getting on the ball on the pass gaming can. He needs more and more targets there than what we had I've had a better but. Manulife about that's what it does mean took it and angles on a matter emails that. He's fast he's also quick and he's got great vision so that's what makes some dangers. Well and you know when it's Steelers coming to town to host them but congratulations on just an outstanding game plan into this with out merit still there and are what did you have B Raman. Hasn't entered dangerous so we've got to make sure we prepare have a great week haven't appreciated thanks. Again you can hear encourage treaties already moved on to the Steelers game you know he's he's he's already mentally preparing for that no they don't enjoy these wins very long but to. I think overall as much as he would like to have been. He would like to put more seven points up in threes. He had to be happy with 42 points I don't know how you could not be happy with 42 points unless you just look at how many field goals are worried and like you mentioned. Understand that there were more points to be had. That being said though it is on to the next game the Steelers are going to be a wounded animal after losing I think thirty to nine to Jacksonville. And in a very ugly game from all facets up there. Ben Roethlisberger. Throwing five interceptions to pick sixes and of course we'll talk about that later prove preview. But it's. Not saliva the NFL as you get to enjoy it a locker room afterwards may be until about midnight that night and then you get it going and when I say that for the coaches really they don't believe enjoyed pal long marriages can go for the next one and that's what NFL season is it's not a sprint it's a marathon and you've got to be ready to I just keep going and keep going name. Again the chiefs in the second half they get another touchdown from. On a a little shovel pass that has become very very popular for injury. Schmidt has moved to. Demetrius various Sports Illustrated just price goes we gonna bring it on a little toss left. Chance. It's very good changes. Kindle first touchdown thirteen Anthony Thomas since last year yeah and that's what you wanna see is getting somebody else. Into the Macs and it just shows again all the different weapons and Andy Reid has at his disposal if somebody's being held in check. If and then if you wanna say Korean on its kind of being held in check again issue Kim. But either way there's other people he goes to him in the gym I at this point in time you know Alex Smith Mal got the ball ten different people. In one way issue perform and that is just tough to defend as a defense. I think the interesting part about this game in what a great game plan it was. If I told you on the plane we're gonna come home from Houston in cream hunt is not gonna have a touched on you to might be a bad night for the Kansas City Chiefs. But Mann act in in the fourth quarter this kid comes alive and he does exactly what the chiefs need they didn't need a touchdown. They needed to run time off the clock he really got he was a workhorse flow for them as he got 29 carries for a 107 yards or eclipses. The hundred yard mark for for the fourth time out of five games which is amazing. Then of course has. A hundred yards over hundred yards from scrimmage again for the fifth game in a row so he's and he was just a workhorse as I said earlier. You have to chase catch up with cream hunt after the game. Scream a big second half kicked me out through the night from your standpoint. You know honestly we just got to. Babylon. Very thankful we got to land then that's the most important thing in. Product of those does that play in the front you know that to a lot at a San we just can't fight and can you explain I guess the strength that you gain in the second half honestly it just didn't. More warm more carries than again strength as it goes on and pretty much that's how to take advantage every opportunity idea and I. In the second half on this you know I'm in the moment of the game and it's just comment to me I'm not got to feel how they're gonna start planned in. Know a lot of sins off to a lot of different stuff fattest you know stopped around. Then as you heard there cream cart. Doesn't have a lot to say he just wants to win he mentioned the fact that when many fun if they were women. And he's he's a warrior and did he do you could tell he was tired the 32 touches he had to beg god to him a little bit as well as it would anybody but. The the big thing is they just continue to find a way while he doesn't get the touchdown he does provide valuable yards on the ground. And in that run throughout opens up the play action pass for Alex Smith and the. Super for the Kansas City Chiefs instinct as I said and headlines he has eleven games more to break some of these. Season long records but Joseph Delaney in in Christian aquae it's. He's really on a phenomenal pace and X 609 something yards rushing already this season imports just five games in. But you know it and you really shouldn't surprise us anymore I mean every game he's doing something else. One thing that didn't surprise me yesterday was and you called for him pregame my friend you said this special teams needs to have a big data day in Tyreke kill. Did not disappoint. Another rumor of the middle of the field. You were taken at eight team first man miss going to the right side needs a blockage by that guy's got thirty look. Didn't act right. Diary kill you lecturing can mandate he spark this special teams coming into the game you're nude the special teams coverage units for the Texans. We're 30 AM both Paula and cover and kickoff. Cover so there was a chance and talk politics told earlier in the week he said as much privately. And of course Tyreke Tillis you'll hear right here. I just. Does what he does best is is he out runs people he makes a couple nifty moves him as he says on Twitter he's faster than him. Tyree killed who had it achieves first. Punt return touchdown of the season can you take us back through that 82 yards. Right I've been saying this is less of man's nominee you know out there on the field. Almighty created so Arlen gather they're doing a phenomenal job and blocking. My finances are managed to meet on this use must be made this gets me so I mean I'm pleased to have these guys you know sand just such a coastal loss of. I was gonna say is their weight now lifted off of the special teams unit now Adidas finally cracked down on. Area man now we've been eager to get one I'll see them. Prioritizing kick a return man they come in bunches so we just got to continue to be patient continue to do it continue to do it armed we're coast to do. And that our car. And from an offensive standpoint Alex hit ten different receivers tonight for catches or ten different players for catches. How nice is that to have so many different weapons that he can go to a. How man's amazing you know saying. Everybody is out there man trying to make a big play in is this amazing you know San strategist to have all of those weapons. That is our own Danny will react with chiefs wide receive retiree kill and he is faster than. And everyone else there's no doubt about that well it was good to see. The special teams unit from a return side of things get it going and you want that to continue. Certainly Harrison bought her held up his end of the bargain. Going perfect on the day and those are some very important points good to see that the rookie is starting to settle in a little bit but I'm sure that he was ever not settled them. But all the same I do he did shores human a little bit as our couple kicks. Actually were returned on him although I don't think either one even got to the 25 so there would have been better. He just kick them out and so like the others but he's definitely shown at the long legged kid six foot 4200 champ. I can generate some power and as we talked about the pregame that's going to serve as chief swell come the end of the season when you start playing some cold weather games. You know what you hear from frank samba here in the second in my final thought on this game really is this that. Now you see what we've been watching complementary football most of the season with coach Dave so special teams coordinator Dave toe. Basically saying we're not there yet in now Holy See what all three phases of this game coming together can produce its 42 point scandal. Up if I'm an opposing coach looking into King's Speech he's right now. You have if I'm trying to figure some things out because they Kim give points. In a whole lot of different ways and they can be sure a whole lot of different ways than they have so many different weapons. End. The fact is there's no doubt right now they are the best team in improved ball now. That's one thing to be doing it now we've got to continue to put games together and meticulous in the playoffs but there's a long ways to go results only number five. All right I want to hear you know much was made about the Texans rookie quarterback to Shawn Watson how dangerous he was gonna be. How he could pretty much slice and dice his way through any defense. Even is in his young three games start. I want to hear from chiefs linebacker frank zone. Frank first off congratulations five no just tell me about the night he knows quarterback was extremely gifted. We knew we had a heart be a huge task ahead of us and you may displays on his until the ball deep. Susan come down a bit but we had a within their low score some points it's we ourselves into the game I'm just so happens we have a W social support. Going into the game you know he's very athletic quarterback you've gotten scouted you know what he's capable I saw there at the end. KPL spying him which seem to make a difference also but for the most part you guys. Seemed like you got quite a bit of pressure on him in the past. Yeah we're able tune. In the end they counted in little Max protection and again we have these five guys through Russian three. It's tough to get to a guy attacked attacked he has a kind of pocket awareness and Daniel who's to ball arm and you know his office. Chiefs linebacker frank some Bowen Kindle I think you have to give the chiefs defense some credit here yes they starts they scored some garbage points at the end. But for the most part they held to Shawn Watson in chicken really made him. I looked a little un polished in my opinion he was scrambling kind of throwing the ball around he did not look like a poised quarterback that everybody's been talking about. Know everybody got excited last week because it was 57 on the board and they should there's no doubt about that but. As you know I talked about pre game he still a rookie in. You know in that zone in that interview that that I was interviewing you know who I'm talking with rather ray exile mode you can see their desires they felt ready for him they knew they had a plan they knew. And respected what he brought to the game. But you saw the end of this Kevin pure Lewis number 57 Americans and he was spying. To Shawn Watson of which really helped out immensely because then when he tried to get out of pocket. I he had nowhere to go ending a kudos to to KPL for what he did and really Bob's sudden for developing something because and they were just rushing three so they weren't necessarily always getting to the QB all they did although they did a couple times. Just Russian three. But they start to contain him and they didn't let. Him beat them with the legs they made that they made him declare him throw the ball and what he showed right now is he's not quite ready to be sure looks good you'll never be rated the issue with his arm but. When you take that the running away. That really limits him athletically. Final thought for this one is this game opens up the very first play we end up with a injury on the field a significant one. In boy it didn't let up all night it was really tough candle on the plane. Watching Chris Conley walk off under crunched power and even just knowing he has a great game we said hey man when it would be great if Chris Connolly had a break out game and he does he kind of has what I think was his best game of the season so far in Indian team we've already won. He ends up you know going down with kind of a non contact Achilles injury it's believed to be ruptured and now putting out for the season. He is just hate this stuff man it's so hard to watch. It's really too bad because he came into the game averaging sixteen yards a catch this game accorsi had three receptions for 46 yards so. Just over fifteen to catch and making some very timely catches a well as well and was just a nice compliment being that big body six foot three receiver. And this is tough because you're seeing a season ticket away from him and I don't think your career certainly as we've seen other guys come back from a but. Achilles injury to skill positions is no joke and it's not easy self he's got a long road ahead of him but he's got a strong faith tomb a strong belief in himself and his friends. And really easy as Jews were the better guys have been around him in very very grounded so we'll come back from this OK but all the same tough to see. Her brother that's gonna do appreciate you grab at some time there in Houston safe travels back open so much or look forward to will be back on Wednesday in the would you rather do this all again with Pittsburgh. Absolutely that's gonna do it for our review of the Texans game that teach very to host the Steelers this coming Sunday. And the great preview for you on Friday as usual until then enjoy being undefeated. Great week and as always thanks for listening to this week in chiefs with laces out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. 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