28: 2017 Week 6 - Preview (Steelers @ KC)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, October 13th

The Undefeated Chiefs host the Pittsburg Steelers in a rematch from last year's playoff at Arrowhead. Hear exclusively from players in the locker room. INTERVIEWS: -Ross Travis -Kevin Pierre-Louis -Kareem Hunt #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsPIT


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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this weekend chiefs football the official podcast of your undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. It is the NFL week six the chiefs host the Steelers and was expected to be a monster crowd at Arrowhead Stadium we'll hear from the players including KPL Kevin Peter Lewis. Tied in Ross Travis and of course running back Corey Hart as we discuss what continues to be a very difficult schedule for Kansas City right now let's get the headlines I. She's headline on this week's football. Get so excited Travis Kelsey who did not play in the second half of the Houston game because he was in the concussion protocol he's in full participation yesterday after sitting out on Wednesday. The and we think this is great news I think it is and it was normal that he would. Sit out on Wednesday was just good to see him go back on Thursday. And I would expect by all accounts it looks like he's going back to. For Sunday that's their kids and teach from her office is good news is that is the next is quite the opposite is chiefs just in Houston sits out his second consecutive practice. With that calf injury yeah that's an affair watch and that's probably a game time decision and certainly hope they just rested him but he had some type of contusion. But again I don't think we will know. Until their red comes to play on Sunday wide receiver Albert Wilson did not displayed on Wednesday because of the knee injury he was that limited yesterday. The now Tyreke kill also on the report as well that's interesting he has a hamstring and he had nothing going on and on Wednesday. But there was limited on Thursdays so I tell you that maybe tweaked a little bit on Wednesday. That also warfare watching but I would expect. After seeing him banged up a little bit throughout the different games this year that he should be OK and so in this world. Good news surrounding. Customers who took a back injury and we thought it was going to be out for awhile but he's full participation both Wednesday and Thursday so it would appear that the outside linebacker opposite Justin Houston will be back. Some significant names on the injury report but that's not all there are some others battling injuries as well well you've got of course our Chris Connelly who's out with Achilles he hasn't been removed from the roster yet but I expect he will be LTT has to me he did not participate. As did Stephen Terrell he's still doing with a concussion so I don't believe. He will be suited up for Sunday's game as well on them. Thirty Logan to that in the coming out of the game was limited on Wednesday. But full participant on Thursday which is good news because he had a great game against the run on somebody. Vs the Houston Texans held up for the Steelers doing well I think the big things rashes ear. But he was limited on Wednesday damper on Thursday was full participation use their heart and soul that defense in the middle linebacker. Position here as a quad injury but I expect him to be there are some very. The one thing is their offensive line is more she's currency had a chest injury. Ramon Foster had a back injury and Marcus Cooper had a hamstring he was full participation both days but we just went ahead and listen to from the game. The big thing is Ramon Foster did not participate. Either Wednesday or Thursday sort of appears that there left guard will be out for the game for the camp that maybe it's game time decision as well. Those are your headlines for week six this Friday October 12 2017. Then Israel Kendall Gammon this week in chiefs football another great week and other tough competition. The Steelers come to town Kindle will we have Travis Kelsey I think is what everybody wants them or we think we will not going on what we heard from Wednesday and Thursday practices and getting him back in full participation but it's very important this week because the Steelers defense. Vs the past number one giving up a 140 yards only. Through the air of the rushing defense for Pittsburgh though they're giving up a 137. Damn it's number 28 illegal what's crazy is last week. Against Jacksonville 37 rushes for 231. Yards so. That is something that is just out there ordinary course we're gonna get to the run game here a little blip but I think from the passage especially what did you Pittsburgh Steelers got exactly it is completely the opposite. You know they've made their bones on stopping. The running getting after the QBM and right now they're certainly have some issues first five games and their three and two. And to get beat as soundly as they did by Jacksonville that's something. That you just don't expect us so. You know I always say there's nothing worse and you know told them it's an embarrassment or however wounded animal but your plane and you've got both with those. Pittsburgh Steelers and the chiefs have a tall task even that earlier that I want to talk about the wounded animal it comes to town here because they did have a rough week last week but from a defensive standpoint talk about the Steelers are we faced a front four front seven it seems like it's just been thunderous the past three or four games are they the same way they're back in a little more solid in their front guys I think are backing is a little more solid but. In idea. I think ranchers near there at the middle backer at 641230004. Year player out of Ohio State. He makes things go over them so that was important that injury that they think they'll get him back from. The front four and I'm doing and I'm including TJ watt even though he's a little backers from fort there because they do play the 34 defense but. Cameron Heyward to the big six foot 5295. Pounder. Our defense event is very active he doesn't have a lot of stocks stressed to show up to four thanks although it does have the three sacks but. To me this is not the normal Pittsburgh defense that we've seen in the past. But that doesn't mean that they don't turn on this week in the practice you'll have to go back to slip as far as last year and look with the Steelers did in the playoffs to work. You know you they've they hold the cheese to stuff till goals and not start generals and that's why they don't advance to the next round of the playoffs so. It is going to be work bear watching to see. Are what big red does against this front seven because. The way they're given up yards offensively on the ground and then what they did last week. Against Jacksonville you would think they would try to come out the chiefs that is and establish the run and if that's the case then you go after the route to your past came I think a little bit they initially shut down the pass scheme puts a lot of reliance on the tide in position on the running back if we don't have Travis Kelsey what is coach treat him well it's what he did last week is that you you go to Demetris terrorists who has gotten a lot of playing time last week in the this week or rather this year. And then also Ross travesty summit that we thought had a high ceiling last year in training can help. And he really had a great TrueCrypt camped just didn't come into. Fruition and so about after game six they finally put him on the shelf that we saw him come out of hibernation a little bit last week. As he had his first two catches of the year for 26 yards and that's his only two catches of the year. BS sultan to him he is closer to Travis Carroll C. In the past game the Demetrius terrorists is Demetrius is more for blocker although we've seen him get the ball. Thrown his way quite a bit depends on the day on whether he's going to catch it or not. But all the same I think the tide in position needs to be involved. And threatening in the middle of the field so you hold those backers in there and don't let them come up and Q on the run so much. You know it's interesting we would talk to a lot of people this year to one guy we haven't talked to I enjoyed hearing from was Ross Travis. Didn't into the flow are little more regional more responsibility to tell us about that. Him. There was services when down the injury. You know who is. Got to sit aero and us double makes it plays out it shows me so you know you mis I don't. But the ball and that would make some place. Goodness transferred today and times when you can communicate your rest your a lot of things. But when you just line up in that flex role or you can run every one of a run every round on the receiving tree did you know we're very Flexilis audiences who do we have a crude is anywhere we can we economic place. It was more comfortable when you know losing to skip veteran. I mean. Just for pre through different street you now and a year ago or two years ago it is he's got to play more confidence really. Known as an accident though the playbook and being able to read defense the coverages on. I think ought to combined as well as she knows you more field time. And in those those trips. Home field. In a practice and in the film room and tourists come. Think this all built on my confidence and loans to give throughout there's nothing can just play. And finally what is in from the Pittsburgh defense sort of frustrating last year. After we left a lot of players on the should on the playoffs what about but tuck and his guests did definitely you know Aniston has agreed defense you know as much physical guys. I'll tell us again myself Obama. There was no grudge actually solve what we've a plan and if this game is about a self. Whom we we control the outcome. Take careful here. That is the voice of the chiefs Mitchell to us with chiefs tight in Ross Travis and man when he first when he caught that first pass in Houston. Start the catalyst to it to become that more sure handed. Reliable guy that's it's and looking forward to that it is and I think if they can continue even whether kill she's out there and that's something you would like because. Andy Reid likes using three tied it's that it presents a problem for defense is. And if you couldn't get to where you can rely and number 88 Ross Travis to catch the ball. Hold all the Balkans a drop of what's last week got it back. That would really put the defensive. Position. For the Steelers and other teams that we played really in a bad position because it is tough to match up with guys like that existing after the game last week against the Houston Texans I told coaches because of really improved in the two minute offense. He city high you know that it three tight package that we run that out of we ran out of place you're critical of placing ROL Hudson had a which tells you how much much he likes it Tuesday called all those because they dial up quite a few of the other thing that wolf no doubt be a staple in the game against the Steve as you mentioned it they're giving up pat they're giving up yards rushing. That means Korean hunt who's not been struggling against even teams that shut down on the run now may make you something electric we may see him. One of those mile high moments from Jamaal Charles book of 260 you are who knows yeah last week he didn't get on track for a long long PD run. Yes he hasn't for the last couple weeks but we did see him get that. I would say trademark. Vertical cut and then really cut a back flip but also thing got to mesh a gain of over 20/20 plus yards and that's what you want from him is to get chalks the chiefs coming into the season. Thought they would get gain to 1520 and expect the fifty plus but now they come to expect it. But the fact is he's a workhorse as he ran the ball twin nine times that's the most ever for him in his young career and any caught the ball three times were also 32 touches. That is a big load for anybody let alone a rookie Mitch had the chance to sit down with cream on. We see with this that's for defense and you can attack from. I'm assisted defense who don't play hard you know living give a Loran well long moment I know they going to be you know they see the stop there on this week's. We are yet. We inability you know content on the ball and I just stay on. So north of Jacksonville tonight they objects around the twelfth straight time on them just down her throat college style. What do they do to them that you guys can do. Imus is got asked Thurman you know everybody kept blocking thing you know. And if an actor have run hard and that's the some some I things I like to do ski run hard and you know keep in a book consecutive times and they did a great job fee income and let them giro and in this running down my throat. When things living on builders is so patient what have you learned convenient patient as a running back. Vallejo C you know I hope set up your blocks that hosts you know Leo Limon finished their blocks and I've been impatient this allows you to see a lot more things and disable this Eli and then you know B and hit the hole. What about the stuff PH straight times and then all of a sudden you get him on the ninth. I'm me just got to keep gone demanded that sometimes tough to get a go on early and we go figure a way out thing in I have some success in Iraq again. She's running back cream uncertainly not having a difficult season in the statistics column. I wanna roll this thing over a little bit because last week this Pittsburg Steelers had in and characteristic. Moment by their franchise quarterback a guy who is considered one of the best in the league and Roethlisberger threw five interceptions can. Five but I mean that's amazing. And who does not get a winning game thrown five interceptions and no you're not nor nor what I expected he's gonna do that again no Obama. But he is prone to throwing the ball up there are letting guys come Donald that. He likes to extend plays he prefers to extend them to his left of all things considering he's a right into QB I don't understand that but it doesn't well. He stopped to bring down you have to get them by both legs you can't tackle piracy is gonna stay up. And he will stand in the pocket and take hits and that's something you have to admire from him but he will take chances also. And that's something the Jacksonville mired last week as they picked him for five times two of those pick sixes. So just be interesting to see how Bob Sutton attacks and because what we've seen. Throughout the year is. A little bit the mill from Bob early on and then as the as the game wears on he he starts to to mix it up a little bit and I think it. The Steelers offensive line a while they have protected them pretty well there will put banged up so we will be there will bear watching with this as well in terms of if you see the T games of the TT Jameson. The one thing that they won't have to worry about this week. As opposed to last is. You don't have to spying Ben Roethlisberger and you have to worry about cut by 25 threes you coffee or your governor when he starts blue Leah obsolete so. You know KPL computer Lewis who we're gonna hear from here in a moment. Last week he did a fabulous job of spying. Sean. Watson and as I went back and watch the film there's a couple times where the shown one to go and he just couldn't because Kate PO was there and kept them intact now a couple of times. To Sean got out for some big games they were spine and then also KPL just thought he had a many went up there and he got duped a little bit because. The Shawn Watson is an athlete now and so I I found that interesting as I went through the tapes that. No couples those those are big runs by him. Had he not taken a chance those would have happened either but but either way defense really stepped up. And played well last week well what the chiefs defense will not face a mobile quarterback this week they will face a very good running back in number 26 lady on bell. This is Kevin peerless talking with Mitchell to us about stopping the Pittsburgh run. Hill on the running game of Pittsburgh voice in and here's live gum belly waits waits and pops what he did. We we just have to stay on our keys and have a Levin has suitable you know he's a dynamic running back minerals a lot of dynamic players source allot some dealer for soared one just has put together. His fifth one of the reasons you came here in the chiefs made the trade was to be better against the run. At your spot and what about. That responsibility into the sky. This is one of those games where you know this definitely going to be. Some marijuana hormone so you know he's a great running back. Teach linebacker Kevin peer Lewis. Kindle lady on bell is the formidable weapon they've got some weapons we solidly beyond well I can do to you last year in the playoffs certainly. Ram a roughshod all over the chiefs defense and I think they'll take that personally I think her come on have a good game I believe. Chris Jones saga I believe Al Bailey. They Logan those three of fraud need to make piles and allow the linebackers to come and do what they do. But that's in the running game I think in the passing game going back to Big Ben. You know first and foremost Antonio Brown he's got forty catches for 545. Yards he's been targeted. 54 times and you know what that I'm last week alone is targeted. Nineteen times so that's worth they're throwing the ball and they got mark Toews Brent who came off his son. His drug. 'til your last year where he didn't play but between Antonio Brown Layfield bell and the Roethlisberger Roethlisberger. These are three guys I guess I should throwing tied him Jesse James these are four guys. Who have the star power and that the history of making plays to beat you saw as a defense of Kansas City. You've got to continue. What Bob Sutton does which then really we we just have to understand it is bend but don't break and there's some of that but I liked because if you. If you don't give up too many chunks in Utah Klum and allow your defense line up and do it again and you make them do 78910. Play drives. It gives that offense to many different chances to make a mistake I think that's what we've seen this year a lot. None in Mitchell were talking earlier in the week you know this Kansas City Chiefs squad. Doesn't need to shut out defense now they can score points all they need to do is contain the team. And keep them from scoring as many remember your teams with Dick for meal. And you guys could score like there was no tomorrow if you got the ball in your hand you're gonna score the problem was we lose games 5150 riot you know so I think this is an interesting deal where. This chiefs' defense and isn't bad as the players Marcus Peters just in Houston those guys wanna shut every team out the theorist but what this Kansas City Chiefs squad calls for. Is that bend don't break is frustrating is it might be to the players. It's working. Well first of all thank you for calling that. Try to stick our government and people in my life of cold. Consider choose my teams left is so fabulous. But you're you're right it is it is. Every point you make it it is valid and the chiefs have so many different ways to beat you and me know. The one that we haven't talked about that maybe we can start and with his Tyreke Gil what he did know in talking with Dave told him. Mention the fact of once you get Terry keel to the edge and turn him off field. It's almost 90% that he's gonna get to the end zone because they just conduct such a genius faster than you and Tobin talked about the last couple weeks he thought he had a chance to get on track we were calling for a but boy he is electric and what he did. A last week against Houston and and you and I sat there and watched a mean the minute you turn the corner America called this may get. Good you are on the charter because you had some business in Houston he's always there but one of the things I wanted to talk to you balanced. He's watching him is a little like watching hockey television doesn't do it justice. When he was going up that the sideline there he cut in to the middle of the field. A kind of set everybody up going to cut back out. We all kind of looked at one another when he's gone he's gone. And you can't see that necessarily on TV when you sit up nabbed in in Houston we're very high were layoff that fueled some some like heroin. But you can kind of see them pitched the pieces moving around on the chessboard. And you heat is swooned this perfect thread. Three that I'm not sure there was another path that the incident now and he is he has phenomenal. Peripheral vision with Spezza and I think my teammate Dante Hall had as well fact I know from take the talking to a team doc. Once said he and he mentioned that real date they recognize that daunting had. Above average peripheral vision than you would you could see how that would help seemed more the feel absolutely and and recognizing people are understanding of that. But Tyreke for whatever reason he just gets moving just seems to glide community is really. It is really poetry in motion and it just looks so very very smooth them. No it's fun to watch it goes back to what you said which is we've got so many different weapons and we've got a more special teams as well we should mention also that. I think we had ten kickoffs. And eight of those were touched by expired he did by Harrison and all ten went into the end zone. So that's good value is four for 4525 on on field goals are forget now so you know five for. So. That's a good saw a side as well but I can't believe you just said ten kick offs. I don't know all of us was looking at you different for you look at me like. What were you talked about but I think that's what a wuss you call for a pregame he said he may and special teams is gonna start to bang on the cylinder and I and I said as we walked her out now you see what complementary football and all three phases come together for the chiefs right and the scoreboard starts lighting up like pinball machine coming into that game I've felt like the chiefs would have a chance to get a return because Shane Lechler. Who is in his eighteenth year amusement playing so long and actually you know I want probable together I mean think he was just in his seventh season them. But the one thing he's known portions bang it down the field. He's not really directional punter the first one he did directional out of bounds but the cycle warmed. He just felt that and if you're hang time your distance don't match up. Then you give up all to tie reek with too much room and one on one assist up there and there was a guy who was on blocked going down there. And he never had a chance there was no way using it any thing agreeing grass and that's exactly what to tackle. Are as we wrap it up here let me have put on the spot where the two things that have to happen here you know what I think the chiefs do need to continue and establish the run game and make sure little doubt in Pittsburgh. That man why can't we stop the run I think. Defensively you need to get after big band you need to make sure that lay beyond bell does not get on track like you did in the playoffs last year and try to get them in and predictable down and distances so you can pin your ears back. And really rush Ben Roethlisberger. As that I think you're ever chance to get your hands on a few passes there as well certainly wanna see special teams continue to play like they did. Set up field position well they can really bring about another one back I don't know because. Ice to for the life of me I don't know how you can consider kicking to. A tyrant killing me crazy you should be drug test if you are so. Bomb there will bear watching to see how they handled out of him just one I didn't touch on was the chiefs. Passing game offensively and you'll have a lot to do with who's healthy how healthy because we're doing with with Albert Wilson will but also such Kelsey but assuming they're good to go. You hope that she's will continue to move it around I think. I think all but a team sport caught a pass last week. Which is crazy. And so I think there's eleven different players caught a pass and that just goes to show you the out Smith he's not looking for one person is going crisper aggressions. Insurer a play make it called that that. The big red maybe knows where it's going on but Al has just rolled through the progression and get there and as a defense when you don't know what the balls go armed and in and dealing with that type of offense I think it makes it very very difficult yeah I think's gonna step up. Now Chris is out with an injury. I think Marcus Roberts I discuss our current huge huge effect and some I think so too I think you'll see the markets. Or. Moving to line up a little bit more than you can say Jerry you'll see JU chests and I would think suit up the place special teams. And and talk was told last couple weeks he mentioned the fact that it looked CJ you'll persisted doesn't work with the way the wide receiver position is going somehow. Again this speaks to with the depth that is the creator of this are on the Kansas City Chiefs there was standing. Some injuries have some decent players Chris Connelly was average at sixteen yards a pop when he was averaging just under that perfect game. So it's really really sad that that that happens no matter what it is the certainly with the numbers he was starting to put up. But that being said the chiefs I think at the wide receiver position. Are going to be able to withstand that and they just have to keep charred little. They ask you tough question are you don't have the definitive answer to this but it's ski trip thoughts if Justin Houston is down. Against the Steelers and we don't know the status of his injury might might I suspect and I would think you'd think the same he's such a competitive guy he's can. He's gonna fight tooth and nail to be there is can be he's in even if he's at 75% he's gonna wanna play and frankly. Just in Houston 75% might be better than most guys but if he is down how to achieve suggest is before we'll Yahoo! if he's down before. Hulu or two left side which is the site he actually preferred but he knows that's not up for grabs when Justin was playing. And he sees almost to stay at the right side because he's been playing for before and we should mention. Is also has been playing very very good football very very stout against the run out like that as well. The one thing. That I will say about Justin Houston is. Yes I do want him out there if you complain. But the fact is I do not. What I'm out there to play if he can't be effective and more importantly if it's gonna run a risk of affecting his availability. On down the season. You don't wanna lose you don't you want a long season just along sees you wanna make sure this guy is ready to go because I think. That is the one position. For the chiefs along with quarterback and running back that you cannot lose to that back guy has to say healthy and I'm glad too that the fact that this is a very. Tough two week period I mean essentially chiefs have will play two games in four days of each other and so you've got a quick turn. Immune you don't wanna get a guy where it if you hold him out this game may be getting back for Oakland you don't pulling out this game you lose him for this game and Oakland minutes. There's a there's there's a lot here to eat a lot of dynamics got. Many expect nobody even more which the fact of KPL played a lot missed last game and a lot of it was because of his athletic ability and be you know put a spy to shawl and but I think also is to say 56 Dirk Johnson because if somebody coming off an achilles' heel injury in his thirteenth year. Having to play late on a Sunday night and then play on a later. Sunday game the next weekend in a Thursday game on the road if you could take some of the what did the tread off him that's gonna help out and I think that's exactly what they did. Agreed speaking of the next week's schedule call have housekeeping notes chiefs having very quick turn as I mentioned this Sunday's game are normal seventy workweek gets depressed just two days. As the chiefs will travel to Oakland California on Wednesday of next week so next week. We'll come to combine our review in previous for a Tuesday release hopefully we'll have. Whole lot to talk about from the Steelers game you'll set a record for longest if so who knows either way. We'll make sure to gets covered her now that's gonna do it for episode 48 weeks six kickoff against the Steelers 3:25 PM this Sunday. Our pregame starts at noon on 11 the fox on the network at TP. Until then have a great Friday in a fantastic Saturday we will talk to you someday live from arrowhead with the best coverage in the national football. Places out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios dot com.