29: Week 6 Review / Week 7 Preview

This Week In Chiefs Football
Tuesday, October 17th

A look back at the Chiefs first loss of 2017 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. And a preview of the quick turn to Oakland and Week 7. #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsPIT #KCvsOAK


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This week it seems football. The official chiefs radio podcasts. Now your host. Then Israel led Kendall Gammon. Right after we do headlines coming. She's headlines on this week's huge football. Chiefs lose their first to the stealers who get into the specifics but the real news as it relates from that game is regarding injuries Kindle let's start with Tyreke kill ya on that 32 yard won't return which really set up a potential. Game winning drive he was not suing their very hard on the chiefs' sideline. He would into what we're told his confession or ball protocol. And it would be in game protocol they're trying to determine if he had a concussion we saw him come out of as we understand it. He was released and came out he wouldn't give up play again but. It's been reported that he does not have a concussion so we should be open for Thursday but again we have no. Police official word from the chiefs as of yet but the fact that he came out from the we've. After being evaluated it was not immediately taken locker room. Should tell us that you. Does not have a concussion unless there's further examination. Always good news about Turkish request well he was being evaluated warm as well if you about the game and that's why you saw a key part. No way ever play a little bit the running back position so it's still up in the air is as to what his availability is as well as we don't have any official word. As of yet. As we are cutting we are prepared to go to Oakland as well so this podcast maybe a little delayed from. Breaking news of course hit the big headline is the chiefs lost doesn't affect their standing in the AFC west as both the raiders and Broncos lost on Sunday as well yeah that's kind of hard to believe with the way that this division will go into early on the season but again the chiefs of five awards still commands up there. Their own destiny and certainly. Stiff test on Thursday night going out to Oakland oh god code stadium it's going to be a tough when there's no doubt about it with the raiders. Not getting embarrassed but you're losing to the chargers. It's been that woman you once again. I got to work available before. Two teams that couldn't be more ready to play right away disease to me not physically that I felt mentally everybody's ready to get back out there shows that. All right those are your headlines for Tuesday October 17 2007 to. And Dan Israel Kindle came in this week in chiefs football. And then there were noon. We begin this podcast for the first time behind the heels of the chiefs' loss we shouldn't pregame Kindle. Last Sunday that she's had to defend Dan brown and bill unfortunately lady and bill C seems to be comfortable feel her. It's amazing he was almost. Exact numbers as he had in the playoffs as he rushed 32 times. Sunday for 179 yards and a wall of 27 and one TD you talk about. What are the other piece Antonio Brown he had an eight receptions 455. Yards of course the wont be in the touchdown. Immaculate reception of 2017. Where it goes through a who gains as hands hits is. The shoulder pad and stays up in the air for eternity until he can catch it go the distance for that game would game clinching TD just. Hard to believe them Ben Roethlisberger. No not. I've newest numbers as he was seventeen for 45252. Yards yet the one interception should of had another but certainly as compared to what he did last week. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars give him the ball five times in the year he certainly made some improvement and we talked about it we expected to that they would come back and play well and they did. But the chiefs. Boy they just started off. Poor and it didn't get much better from there no it didn't in the chiefs really struggled to get under a rhythm in the first half in my opinion. Both offensively and defensively before we get to the offense was let's continue on with the chiefs defense here. In the way they were defending. The Pittsburgh Steelers right out of the gate the Pittsburgh Steelers were backed up against their own goal post. I don't know it just seemed like a strange situation the way we were defending well what you're talking about was they were all mineral water two yard line and a lot of conventional wisdom says that you run the ball. A ticket a little bit of room to operate because you're so close to be in the safety net that the chiefs that's what they were thinking they had more bigs in there. And it's somewhat of the goal line defense but certainly a the heavier than what do based defense would be of course the the Steelers came out and did the complete opposite and threw for a big game game to get out of there. But it seemed throughout the day. With the chiefs would go with a smaller line up because they they thought that the house was coven let's publisher perform they've basically only have to defense of linemen in the air than news otherwise it was linebackers. Defensive backs and really the game plan as you saw the whole day. Was if the chiefs were with the only two bigs. They they they ran the ball if they came in with more picks then they threw the ball. And the fact is they couldn't get pressure on Ben Roethlisberger and they weren't able to guard. The crossing routes effectively as we saw several different times different guys hit. Across the middle of people 57 yards where program and and it really. They had a game plan offensively to attack indices defense. Am I've got to believe that there in the film room right now they condone what we executed exactly the way we thought we could search him in this Antonio Brown seemed to have the entire middle of the the field to itself is almost as if we're playing zone so much zone. And they knew exactly where the Z where the scenes were meant. The good news here is that despite Kansas City slow start. And despite this being a loss for the chiefs they really were in this game to the very end. I mean the second half they played much better they did start to get into a rhythm. It and really at the end of the game you mentioned that tipped pass by Philip gains that really should have been interception. That could've certainly stopped the Steelers from getting that last seven points that you would have turned the gamer you bring up a very valid point which is the fact of everything that could go wrong it seems like for the chiefs. Did go wrong and yet they were still. People find a way to hang in there and stay close and have a chance at the end and certainly. It was not pretty and had they won you would have a lot of people say in world they don't deserve to win a game like that but that's what good playoff teams do generally. Is they give them Syria themselves a chance to win even when they're not auction at the highest level and really offensively and defensively. Didn't. Function very well for them for the most part. Alex Smith seemed to be throwing the ball over a little bit you have guys who were missing some catches and really just not getting open and in the run game was nonexistent in the north party. No attention to it over to the office but the defense. As you were talking about in terms of trying to stop. Pittsburg. They just simply they had no way answers for most and they had one tackle for a loss early on and Sarah sorts of the though is really Iran blitz off the edge and he did a great job and that helped thwart that drive. But for the most part the Steelers just have their way what you saw inside in the interior five all the slime them from the Pittsburgh Steelers. You saw culmination blocks and what little was was the guard and a senator or a guard and tackle. Combo read on it deepens alignment and then getting up to the second level gave up to a linebacker in simply put it was given lay beyond bell time to do what he does best which is not just from the ball. You know I've talked about the slot. He surveys the field I mean he he hesitates. And then he takes off and he really has a knack of finding the holes them. You can't do that if you don't have an office of lying in front view function very well. Any really you know I was so worried that she is the year was worried about it is excited for it says here. Over pursuing. Really think Libya and they'll take advantage of the chiefs' line backing over pursuing you know in in good back that's what good backs do. You get into the secondary in the near its own new man and they got the job done you have to handed the Pittsburgh offense I will say this. With regarding defense kind of to underscore the point that the chiefs were in this at the end of the game. The Steelers they're hold them to twelve was a twelve points I think yes yes so I mean you know that's. You hold the team to twelve points you've done a lot especially good team according neurotic guy when a guy puts up a 150 yards on the ground like velvet. Runner if you city's only get you twelve points out that you were right back to that bend don't break so. On the flip side at this ball I thought what was interesting was that. She is here didn't over pursue in this game from what I can see. He was very disciplined the Steelers defense was really really. A different animal than what we saw the week. Prior they're worth their linebackers were running very very well in getting to move to the plays. Their defense of lime him. They were just make compiles they were making plays themselves and really this office supply of Kansas City which is speed up admittedly in the middle as you've got does act fold them. Starting with at the center position for an injured Mitch horse now I think the third or fourth game in a row Cameron or bring many in the right guard position which moved the new left guard this year. They just seem to be. On Sunday at least overmatched by that defense of line of the Pittsburgh Steelers I think a lot of that had to do with the fact of the Steelers. In the run game they've got embarrassed the week before and you know they were common to make a statement. You elect talked about it which is no. Don't poke the parent and you will when you've got to wounded animal they're going to try to come back and that's exactly what they did they were backed up into the quarter. And they played well and really the chiefs have very little answer for the put pressure on Al Smith all day long there's after awhile. Think he got sacked three different times but a lot of pressure after awhile even if they were getting to them. He started flush maybe earlier that he would like to if you watched the film bella but he would tell you that same thing. It happens I think it's human nature you get beat around for awhile and all of a sudden even when it's not there you start to push little bit earlier and now you're dusting down Phil. Well. While bout was the case later on the game early on he did a good job of getting out of pocket. And finding receivers open to really get down to fill a little bit and kudos to him because if he hadn't. The that the Steelers are the chiefs rather really would have had nothing going on Kindle as has held true pretty much an all of these games the fourth quarter was a great quarter for the chiefs even though they lost this one. They played very well in the fourth quarter yet the Anthony Thomas at a little blue spark take a listen. By two minutes left there. Three man rush this time Alex Smith won't fade off Lester was left always sort of this idea. The series while. That is TNT Thomas with the chiefs only touchdown of the game high potent offense held to just one touchdown that's a tough day there really is and he did a nice job of really. Running with the ball after the catching getting in there and give the chief reason to believe and get in the crowd reason to believe. But certainly they didn't get it done I had a chance to speak with the into the locker room after the game. Opening obviously a rough day. And it just two great teams is battling you know and that are Fallujah to come back Monday. And you know just give back to you know just being achieved things don't go the way you'd like often struggled but here and there. And certainly don't get to win. The Q can you take a little something away the fact that you guys battled and made that game at the end and still had a chance even with some of the things happen. To win this game when really you didn't have the eight game today. Just you know just dollar initiative focusing you know just taking advantage of those opportunities. In. We took advantage of some opportunities and some we just let them do. You can Oakland loses a game talk about some of the weapons they have just really. Your mindset for game after a loss they got a great team we got a great team and we start to come out and battling you know. I'm just displayed chief football. Can you talk about it being a Thursday night game and help the body feels and deal with. Gauges on cocoa cover yourself like that it. Make sure we just take care of our bodies change is going on there and in making whatever we can't. Kindle after thomas' ties to and I beat him to regret at not get in the field goal a lot of the you know the fourth down attempt. You know you always second guess those things I mean when I was in front of the coach last night and I asked him about it and it's just such have. Pointless endeavor I mean you know if you don't go forward. Be that the the it would it would quarter but there are a lot of people say well you've you've got to take it towards game and I understand that that's certainly a valid point but the fact is if he kicks a field goal they're still going to be people that are going to. I have an issue with that and he kicks a field goal and we lose by four there like don't we were down there we had a chance to connect with the locals that a goal for me. Yeah you're not from Iraq and the one thing I like about one of the many things elect about Andy. Is listening said. Listen to my gut yeah it's one that told me to do that's what felt like that we hadn't been down there very often. And he has a foul play without also sweep felt like OK you get down their unique and touched him because you may not get down. Close again and that's when you pick a long field goal hope you can do. So what you're thinking that outweigh that makes some sense but the big thing is. The would do one thing I nobody in the in this is not to say he doesn't care about the fans. The fact is all they can listen to is. His inner gut but the coaches that are there and do what he believes the right thing and I know while the fans are going to get on a one way shape or form that's a coach you expect that. And you don't feel the you don't worry about it now the one thing any and I even said this to him you know he's a very experienced point collar you know he must've felt. Positive. Run there and so I respect that I kind of wanted to ask him but he looks a little. He was already to be done with that game and certainly not in the mood to talk to anyone right let I wanted to ask him eating you go forward on fourth down. Demetrius Harris. Has what is a very questionable. Touchdown not touched down situation. I wanted to say you did did you consider. The investment in the fourth down and go ahead in spending another timeout. Find out what you had any guy exec of the question that. I don't know I think I would have I think it would throw on the challenge well. And as you look at it the third Demetrius how the ball in his hands. And two feet came down and so people are saying well but he didn't complete. I'd I think that's going to rent I disagree with that because the minute two feet. Or on the ground. Any into the end zone. And it's secure it should be a touchdown day. I promise. Take what we do we have a short week here and so it's gonna be really difficult for me to contact the league but next week I will contact the league because you're exactly right. He did not go to the ground. That makes the process of the catch different they've taken out of the rule that you have to make a foot ball movement. You know if you're in the end zone. And you get two feet inbounds on the ground why you have to position the ball it's a touchdown and in the place over and it's they set her up because if you are going if you're saying that that call is correct. You're saying that if somebody runs into the end zone and they get to step sending you got the ball well that's not touchdown that's exactly right because you've broken the glass at the bit the end zone. You're Indians and so it is completely different than when you're going to the ground yes going to the ground you have to hang on him there was a big. Jets had a big controversial game on Sunday to where the guy. Where did the Titanic and it's saffron Jeffries or whatever his name is he had the ball it was moving around just a little bit. They not only to touched him in a way they keep the other team the ball saying it was fumbled out it was a touchback so. Yeah I mean that that's a whole different level when you're going to the ground Demetrius Harris never went to the ground to know. I know at this need to check an ordinary well and and that's just the fact is he had the ball and then that the handler was through there and loop that's what allowed the defender to. To reconcile yet but it but again yeah we were I think we're making a very valid point and yeah I think as you look back hindsight at this point toward a little bit would have been nice to to know. Yeah I I don't think they would've called the TD. Yeah I know in the in your right to your odds are really low when they don't call on the field their rights much easier for them to make political stand. Into reverse a call and maybe that factored into coaches are dissimilar and you know I mean I just seemed like. A timeout might have been worth the the cost there who goes to let me ask. You're interviewing big red after the game. A few seconds into that interview could you tell home. I'm more into Oakland and it's time to eat you know it was it's really interest in with him and he is such a gracious human being mean you know I will say the better on coach's corner piece of right after a loss. And I walk into that office and you can see the weight on the space it's not the same mean he reads not the same bright smile it's rallies upset he's mad. And he told that in. He's very gracious when he starts but his answers are about 110. As long described it right normally beat. And there comes a point where. You're asking questions. He'll he'll give you short answer and you ask another question. It's time to move on so you know in this interview yes he moves he needs to do it and he does it. He's ready to move on to Oakland so. Why don't you and I'm Yvonne at Oakland Oakland of course they'd lose a heartbreaker. To the chargers I'm very happy for the chargers because. Outward about the division of more about. The Oakland Raiders in the death of brothels and of course as we opened up with they both lost but. Certainly. Oakland losing at Holm. Had to hurt against the chargers. I mean you know they're. Car comes back in the ink. For whatever reason they were anointed very early before the season started is being you know Super Bowl contending team right there are struggling to Angela. And you really think they're. And I really think there. They're achieving their potential at least that's not from the outside looking in know him and this is the second year row or their cars got hurt him. Everything was going well up until he did get hurt of course he has the yet decent game 21 for 3071. Yards he did his sacked once and threw an interception. But in general he's you know and it is he earning the contract that he got in the offseason I don't know about that. The opening but he cornerback Trevor Owens. All the same Oakland Kansas City as a special payment will be top out there and that is. You know there's no way to put it that crappy place to play it's it's a crappy place to. The broadcast from and I mean there's a reason their leave them open in that stadium but the fact is when you get the teams on the pill no matter where there. And what the records are it's a dog fight and it's going to be one this week for sure I think it's interesting that in the years at least last couple years teacher really had the raiders numbers I think it's interesting. Sheets in the last twenty games are fifteen and two against the NFL. They are owing three against the Steelers the Steelers have the chiefs' number it will for whatever reason the same holds true in my opinion with the chiefs and Steelers the the teachers and I'm starters chiefs and raiders right there we just seem to be able to play them very well that's a little different because it's not just Gary Carmichael cracked tree in MR Cooper anymore. They've added the power running game Marshawn Lynch. Yeah and you know he's beast mode in is the the Seattle based mode idol thanks nobody is running at a decent pace and then at Jalen Rashard Lewis picked up here few years ago in the draft has done a nice job for them and they've got a lot of weapons but for whatever reason they have not lived out out the way. I think they believe they should and I think a lot of people believe they should as well now defensively we'll black is the real bill and it means that all the soccer you can go about one dollar nickel back a little bit too we talked about the speed at Thursday's game coming off of the steelers' loss and had a chance to catch up with instant and picture on the sausage with fullback and he had this to say about the loss in the week. Afternoon. It's a short week just talk about what you have to do to get ready to play in Oakland team. I think we know pretty familiar with the team so did the biggest thing is is getting your body. Back to what needs to be for game day. With the travel and he's staying hydrated and get the soreness out as quick as possible and really study the game plan mentally it's not going to be as much physically so scary man earlier this week for us. That's was gonna say because Rome on Monday you really just walk through. If the middle part of things going on Tuesday actually have a practice but the rules to your troubling if there was a whole league you can have a little bit of practice there but I'm not so this week. Now I mean I think of course is great job scheduling viewers' throats. Arm our preparation for so he will be ready. It's just a matter time to react to this case out of her mouth and and really opportunity. So damn right they're really what you here's a guy who's a leader in the locker room and he's saying basically you know what. If we're gonna play Thursday game I'm glad it's this week because I wanna get this taste out of my mouth of the loss. And the quicker I get on the field the better in elect kind of like that I hadn't thought about that side of things but. No he really sat down with me in. Was very perspective about about the loss and what they do and then also about how the week would be in getting back on the field and going after that and he is definitely one of the the big leaders in the locker room he doesn't do a lot with the ball in his hands cause it's obviously a pullback. A special teams wise he makes a difference and leadership once he makes a difference as well so called courses when as he wants perfunctory and engineer Ricans in the sense that. Thursday Sunday turn you were an NFL player for fifteen years and I know some of you do have to do this for a lot of your career which you. Late in your career you did I believe right right how do you give you guys always say it is it's Friday before you feel better. How do you get through the soreness well you your adult hugest deal with that the best you can you know by her coach is talking the players after the game of how they take care of their body in the bus that could talk with Dave told during the week in the match the fact no Mondays really just a mental day because you were covering from the game Tuesday you get a little bit of practice in Wednesday on the plane flies so it's not only a short turnaround when it's on the road in the short term short turnaround that's even worse not to mention the fact that it was a 325 game instead of 12 o'clock game. That has some some effect as well Larry I can remember being. Working out next Priest Holmes and he was talking to me about the fact that from from his standpoint. Generally Wednesday. Or Thursday was when he start to feel a little bit better in in the week and the fact is okay. You start to feel better maybe and you gotta go play game that's tough now everybody's got to deal with that but certainly Oakland has the advantage because they don't have to go across the. I'd say that's exactly right I was I was two and a hit this morning with no Mahoney to veto both teams have have to deal with a cycle not really. I mean the chiefs have to travel and that extra travel day. Oakland has almost twice as much time as the chief Steve to prepare for and that's a lot that's a substantial and other 50% it is so substantial amount so. It is a very very tough deal specifically to concerns my second question is this we struggled with the running game for some time now. We thought we kind of had that may be tightened up a little bit Pittsburgh Steelers have demonstrated maybe that's not the case. Now we've got Marshawn Lynch from the chiefs' offense are from the chiefs defense side rather is what do they need to do to fix their problems against the run well. I expect them to react defensively in defense of life and lies exactly the way Pittsburgh Steelers reacted which was. A wounded animal back into the quarter you somewhat got embarrassed by a running back who ran all over yeah. So this week I expect them to come out the play. And I'm you know if it's a pride thing and you think well can that that doesn't make sense that mean they should be playing in the same way each and every week well you know. It's it's a human mind it's the human body you don't perform at the same level each and every week and sometimes you can draw him into little more strength William. What when things haven't gone well the week before him and I also don't think Marshawn Lynch is even lost his name is Libyan rebel leader on Belgrade Jim bell specially if not got on track much this year but he certainly did on Sunday on the other side of the ball the chiefs' offensive line. The Pittsburgh Steelers activated. Harris because it that it good matchup against Derek Fisher they were right yeah he was all over the field and he did do an ice and managed job we talk about James Harris right yeah yeah I got on the edge of him a few different times that in them. I forget to stay competitive at first it was fence but the the outside linebacker. I he had two or three sacks on the day that refuses to but he late some vicious hits and he was all over the place and really what came down to us. Off the sublime and of the cancer chiefs. Doing exactly the opposite of what Pittsburgh Steelers opposite which was they were. Not getting up to the second level into the linebackers in the linebackers for the Pittsburgh Steelers run pre. And make them plays that along with the fact that these people to line them themselves were getting up into the gaps American place. And really wreaking Havoc on the run game and then pass game was rough as well in terms of keeping Alex Smith a bright. Pride is a big deal yes it is. It's interesting art scenes there's a deal forcing news and so in the middle. Right before halftime I have to radio back injury updates and so I radioed he'd been injured he Whitmore junior moon said yeah our pride you can put our pride on the entry in this two he threw at him like that we had six total yards of offense at halftime. While. We've definitely moved on all right that's gonna do it for our short week is always thanks for subscribing follow us on FaceBook Twitter it's Graham whatever social media you prefer. Tell your friends we'll see if we think about a may be achieved trading teacher before tweet it text or tensions. He created. If you do. Meantime have a great day tomorrow we board the charter for Oakland kick off at 73725. Rather on Thursday. A pregame starts at 4 PM on 11 the fox will be joined by the entire network at six. Until then I'm in Israel he's cable damage thanks for listening to this week chiefs with. Laces out. 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