32: Week 8 Review (Broncos) / Week 9 Preview (@ Cowboys)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, November 3rd

The Chiefs get back on the winning side with a MNF game against the Broncos. We'll look at that and preview the upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys. INTERIVEWS: -Travis Kelce -Mitch Morse -Harrison Butker #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsDEN #KCvsDAL


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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man and those GAAP. Welcome to this weekend she's football that she's close out we gate on Monday Night Football with a victory. Against the division rival Denver Broncos will relive a little about including a chat with Travis Kelsey. Also look forward to week nine as the chiefs will travel to Dallas for her regular season game for the first time since 2005 we'll hear the thoughts of offensive lineman Mitch Morse. Team leader Gary Johnson. The AFC's special team we're of the week I'm mr. Harrison blacker than before we do any of that we. She's headline on this week each football. Scandalous she's fans forget the numbers nine and one Tom how Lee. Was on the practice field today for the first time since last year and that is good news I had you spoke with him a couple days ago when he was excited about it they're trying to get some details worked out but. He said he was in shape. But he simply amazing he did he say drug like ten guess his quick feet he goes can really you know as well like do. There's in shape then there's game shape when you're getting hit and we'll just have to see other works out and no guy works harder at Tom holly it's going to be good to see him out there. On the opposite side of that news deep Ford did not participate yeah it's unfortunate he's got a back injury going over here from Russia what was but he went out early in the second half. Break saw both came in for him like you always have this a good job he actually probably plays the run a little bit better but he's not pass rushers so. I think that coincides certainly with the fact that Thomas about proxy. Also number twelve wide receiver Albert Wilson DNC PS2 batters he's doing with that hamstring injury I believe them to use however such a Goodyear has some key first downs this year but it looks like. He will not be active this week portion won't know until game time in less. Maybe regret rules about earlier them out but either way somebody's got step up Larry do Renee tardy back in the practice saddle you know Wednesday or Thursday full participation. Nothing is final and big red hasn't said anything but you would think if he's participating fully that he would have the chance start at right guard position. And I think not a moment too soon because this defense of pro war for ballast. Point five sacks leading you know felt 44 those from afar or we'll talk about that later on so if LTT complain that was certainly go a long ways towards helping keep. Keeping Alex Smith off right yes sir I mentioned this in the Ford Harrison buster special teams player of the week Alabama. Impressive five for five on field goals that warm. At 51 yards so important because it puts them up by more than one score late in the game. And Roy the other thing that people don't give credence to the fact if you miss that quote goes back to the spot of worry kick that which is eight yards back on line of scrimmage so instead of values now. A couple of three point she's kicking off course he kicks it to us to Tim back. Timbuktu and they don't have a chance returners so he's just making waves of about Bosnia you know we didn't really talk about him much on game day that there was a lot of wind that night I mean I assume some of that win these kicking with the he's stricken and when I spoke to date so we spoke to him about a spoke to felt a little equipped and they were really impressed the fact of you know it's almost he's so young he doesn't realize the gravity of the situation it but I think that's a good thing when I spoke to him this week. I mean he talked about that will hear from a world but later Brees like I just treat every kick the same way for me on ovals I treat them all saying they've they've never got back farther came up. A closer I was always snapping an eight yards. Ignorance is when settlers. Tired as the chiefs for fair play the cowboys a significant story which is really plagued us all season long Ezekiel Elliott suspension after losing his last appeal. The NFL PA interceded with an appeal to the US Court of Appeals to allow the cowboys running back to play against the chiefs. However Kindle in this. I don't know if this story can give much strangers that court. They've appealed to. Is off on Fridays so they're not keeping the name here this. Until next week it's absurd that's funny I'm thinking right now can I go to Vegas and killer put money down on the fact that he will not play. But I think I would have a better than average shot I you know honestly this has been teeter tottering back and forth all season long almost every team that has played the cowboys. His had to deal with this but the chiefs may be in the best position. He's least likely to play in this game that beneath the preceding eight so but you know who knows all the cowboys have a Nelson offered Morse is going to start so I think they're assuming. That he's going to be out also and that's kind of interesting we'll we'll go into that more because. Not a lot of rushes by there thereabouts no those are two very different individuals. Other significant news from around the league is the same day loss of two AFC south quarterbacks. For the season the colts finally call it quits on their attempt to get Andrew Luck back under center. In 2017. But the real headline wasn't unexpected loss Kindle of the Texans signal caller to Shawn Watson that's really to value had a great game this week I think it was even a loss to Seattle but. Who were touchdowns but to have an ACL injury non contact injury. During practice let's just brought this horrible things that happens sometimes it's so different from relief. Some of the Achilles injuries nobody's around you don't touch him but you just you break the wrong way boom. We talk about this every year can't even put together the greatest team and it can be a Super Bowl contending team. But injury can slowly he waited that sometimes in a significant fashion that's exactly what's happened with the Texans people ask me all the time about the chiefs of werder out with things they say we've got a chance if we stay healthy and we've been getting an injury that we're we're staying healthy in the right positions both. Yet let's just sort of fortune you are joke about it but it's really true with me which is never move fast enough. I have a possibility of pretty recent elections in LA goes into breakaway. Yeah up it goes because somebody hit me I wasn't Smart enough figured out shall have to ask you did appear that did not know exactly right well that's a tough one on the Texans fans it's. Horrible horrible way to finish out what was an outstanding start two rookie career for Shawn Watson's. Tough news all around. Those are your headlines for Friday November 3 2007 to. In Israel can look him in this week in chiefs football and Kindle and the short week for all of us. You have to get a lot in on this red Friday let's start with last Monday's victory over the dunks in theirs fuming story lines here first the chiefs scored 29 points. He lets them on the field Salma left a tunnel on the field anytime you've got to kicker that kicks. By field goals you're not getting it done now. They've they've got those awful lot of turnovers from that about helps sway things but it. For his convincing a win is a was you could look at a lot of different factors that the brings up concerns but one thing I thought. In you call forty pregame actually you're talking about all pregame on. Travis Kelsey needed had a big day and boy did he he did seven receptions for 133 yards and that was the thing that was my keys to winning as I said I want to see Kelsey get the ball early I want him to get involved often. In my other thing was patience by the office make sure you don't turn over the ball. There's nothing wrong with putting it back to that offensive unit of Denver because they're just not that good of course we saw that's a semi him. When he was just bat that's saying he's not start this week all spoilers going to take over so they certainly have some issues she's first offensive touchdown was to number 87. Alex Smith. It's a good dad. Darian Stewart. Can he had a chance to talk with Travis skill. Seven receptions and they are 33 yards just talking. About some you know we just went out there with a team mentality to get after him and we know they're ran a lot of man coverage in me and Alex what kind of banking on just being prepared for when they do and so we could I think and take advantage of some of the mismatches out there Sony's just said going out there playing. Par for the guys around. Grown up from you've been honestly don't think five years now so I imagine you know that you watched it wouldn't play coming up but talk about him but yet they too menus hall of Famer and everyone's book when both on and off the field. Grade a class a guy and it's is he going to be funny kinda. Finally compete against him is this being my first time actually on the field against the cowboy suit some. It's it's a fun challenge come out dive obviously taken a lot from his game as well as every other tied it in the lead up again to you so it's is definitely him. An article gets it too. Did you hear there Travis Kelsey very excited about the way he really just. Just was happy to get back to ball in the offense and and knows that. They're really this team depends on him when he has to do some things to make sure that they get were they wanna go and it's good to see him big dip back on track when you look at them out. Kelsey in games where he's had six or more receptions the chiefs of fourteen and three so while that's good news when he catches the ball. A lot of time I really like tearing T he and Alex they had a plan had their own little personal plan they're going. And it may have been part of the bigger plan but I love the fact that they were laying in wait waiting for the Broncos to do something in ministers they did they attack didn't took advantage of the out I think. It's nice that Alex was able throw some balls that work particularly accurate at times. Until she went up like a basketball type player in just plucked him out of thin air I think that bill some report between the two and Jews Alex more confidence that he can go open and make some plays because that's what he needs to do. I think he's arguably the best title in the league certainly crawl when he's healthy. Is right there also but I just don't think he's as healthy as he used to be he had to he had that one play coming across the middle where he actually jumped up took the ball out of midair he certainly an athlete it's no question. Chelsea is a tight end at 6465. To sixty who runs routes like wide receiver any runs a low 46 so. That's just out there you really don't have a match up the safety's. They're not big enough linebackers are fast enough or big enough people it's a backs certainly are. There are so. You couple that we're having some other weapons. For the Chea sim and the thing is you have to pick your poison the chiefs decided that they didn't want to let Kareem heart beat them and they stopped the run but you can't stop it stop all the weapons that the chiefs. Second thing is as the defense came to play they did. You know is still bend but don't break him but they forced. Trevor Symbian into making some bad throws. Sometimes you make some bathrooms on his own but the fact is finally the chiefs came down with some interceptions. And really Marcus Spears what he did the doctor summary I think it was DJ and held him up and he came and ripped the ball out losers really textbook defense was nice to see and see him make a play him. Anytime anytime you turn a team over five times I don't know what the percentages are but I got to believe there Daryn darn near a 100%. It marks Peter's definitely set the tone early in the first quarter. This again goes the right side again. The ten. We're just. Last night the chiefs. Second. Comes out. Johnson went. It for a touchdown. Moore street just wasn't the only one with a nose for the football and Kenneth Acker and his first start for the game. It comes down with a late game I NT. And treacherous was that. But I Trevor Sammy and he was trying to. It's a bit Denver turnover. And the fourth career interception for Kenneth Acker his first as a Kansas City she. And rewards Bob Sutton for the start tonight with a big time there. Damn that was really nice deceived because. I curl was a surprise start I think we all believe that Steven Nelson was gonna store start the right core position I think they just decide that that I was maybe too much throw me into. Right away but he did man the slot position I thought he did a good job. Interesting this week to see if he moves over to the right corner spot or not. In the base defense and I'm if the nutcracker comes them in the slot during in the sub package and and they do what they did last week but all the same getting another deep back Tim rim really. It should be noted that Terrence Mitchell told gains did not see the field on defense this week. Coach just said mainly sometimes take a step back and watch and so. This part of furthering their development as players but still an issue with then I wanna get to it may be when we talk about cowboys still little bit of an issue with the run. But overall you know with the chiefs defense I thought played much better game against the Broncos in the net the previous two Danny right I think that she's decided okay. If the Broncos are going to be just we're gonna put it on the shoulders of Trevor Simien and we don't worry about what happened and they were exactly right so why there were. Some holes to to run the ball may be rare for a little over up about fifty overnight which is certainly not great. The fact is they didn't give up the touchdowns and they put on the shoulders of the Trevor Immelman is certainly. He just wasn't able to answer the well known the Broncos have made it official Brock our spoiler will start. For them this week are at lastly and think you know we started this conversation it can't. This is why have a microphone strapped to my face and I don't coach because I was scared stiff on this. On this change at kicker when Nate I would like to joke when you were just scared stiff you're sour at. But salary as the day is wall maybe a little yes and any you know I didn't do it sad part about that is. I respect coach told. But for whatever reason it just felt like you know I there was just panic that set and you know Kyra Santos was a very good he wants out player for us in any time I thought I weigh one. When Ryan sucked up left it was a solar we do the right thing we do the right thing but. The league has applauded coach told by officially certifying his rookie kicker as a C special team or the week this should be noted. That what Brett beast did him in terms this whole transaction because you had. Cairo Santos plane on a one year contract and he has a decent year he's probably do you make a couple million a year. And now you've got a rookie can become sin so he's going to make him the minimum or whatever it is significantly last month seven figures. He's kicking field goals as well or better. He's got a better lead to kick off things cheaper saves money towards the cap which allows you to usual resources. On other playmakers so. Boy it's been a win win whim for the chiefs what they've happened the kicker in Israel by chance to I think if he doesn't get hurt her sentence is still here. So my question is this turn this game comes down they gonna attempt to 51 yard field goal. When he comes to the line and he's pacing off the ball and you having played this game first fifteen years. How comfortable are you watching him I mean if that had been Cairo would you said. I feel the same way about Cairo as I feel about Harrison biker or had you have you already become as comfortable with Harrison but there. I mean to me I'm still a little bit tentative about it any he's missed one field goal is reversed field goal yes the grip the rest of their solid. It is amazing there's no doubt about it MI is comfortable. I don't know. Probably sold this point I don't know if I was before that 51 yard field goal but right now he just goes out there and am and he. Yeah doesn't give a second thought he does what he does and M and the fact is it doesn't change no matter what the situation it is say he has the right manned flights that take a listen. Doctor gonna try this Alanis crosses of 33. 51 yard attempt. Parker's longest 53 year edited Oakland. He's got three tonight that sixty. It's seven. 07 to. I've got dirtier. Our field goal on this night belongs there Harrison but there. The chiefs last touchdown was in the first corner since then Ford Field goals by but. Even erode your keeping track when your favorite service base for the ships at sea blocker has been outstanding. In the chiefly 2613. Okay reliving it and not quite as nervous but I did know the outcome troop and in my I say this is tiger is climb on my soapbox here. I don't know what it is about referees why can't you just call it good or bad. What they have to take seven steps forward in the ins and look at each other Sindh over a letter I'd doesn't pigeons to talk back and forth and then decide. Let's both stick our arms up in the year but very slowly let's not do this deliberately we don't wanna. It's it's like hey this is my shot for drama I'm gonna make the most of it really drives me crazy. I think star mostly to Muster few radio through the people who have a poor angle and have oxygen mask over their faces so they can breathe a thirteen stories radio producer is wanting their play by play guys to finish this call you know you talked about that let's finish the other thing too is. Her some doctor and how are you as I had a chance to talk to him. This week also after he was awarded the special teams player of the week and at and listen to how he describes a Harrison first off congratulations a big win your big part of it totals and I'd just talk about your approach. I approaches games and other game this Monday night or Sunday or. Whatever time the game maybe palm pilots are for the same way businesses as possible treat every case has its own palm so yeah I feel confident you know on. I'm gonna get these cakes and around Wheldon at every kick or get more more confident. You know I just love being here love helping the team about the operation with dust them James. We had dozens of braille or can't say enough about him I mean he's doing all these types of tricks with the ball and then their goal and and so he's like a magician within James is doing a great job in the volatile. Congratulations pursued stiff and tired. The keeper shed. Denny just he's not very impressed with himself he said yeah sure sure it's nice but it. In the grand scheme of things they really he understands that doesn't mean things just have to go and that's next week Kim and I liked up from kicker. I am gonna officially apologize. For it has the first time I met Harrison bunker. Eyes set on the air that you know he still had pimples and so. I'm gonna officially apologized to him for that he's now mind kicker he's my kicker you complete. Perhaps most impressive part of last Monday's victory is the perfect week eight Kenny had you and how low. No he didn't talk that the promo code. Had a perfect week eight domination for the chiefs in the division you couldn't have asked for things to be set up better than last week. If you're one of those individual though he's feels that she's about to drop. I don't know any of those but if you are take a listen to a few of these stats the chiefs are the only team in the division with a winning record. In the air doing that with the most difficult schedule of the four teams in our division that's pretty impressive. Chiefs have a three game first place lead in the AFC west. In right now would only lose head to head tiebreaker to the raiders who coincidentally are in fourth place in the division. The chiefs are tied at six and two for the best record in the AFC with the Steelers and patriots. They would hold home field advantage over the pats. And since coming to Kansas City Andy Reid is six and oh against his old division the NFC east. Listen to this one and this was a little hard to follow on the radio but follow is Mitch would say this is huge. In this century 22 of the past thirty Super Bowl participants have had a passer rating differential among the top five best in the leak. The chiefs are in number worn by a mile the average differential since 2002 for the Super Bowl champs it's been eighteen point nine. Right now the top five or number five the pills at eighteen point six number four at the Jackson 21 point eight. Number three the saints 22 point four. Number two the Seahawks a 23 point two. In at number one. Is the Kansas City Chiefs at 32. Point five part of that speaks to just how good Alex Smith is playing the Kindle if we cross that threshold. In the first half of the regular season. To meet the chiefs have played some outstanding football and really set themselves up to make a run this year. They've got to stay healthy as I said earlier and I think they're going to end they do have a shot I thought they had a shot last year had they stayed healthy. The first half as you said was the most difficult when you look at the second half the season. I think there's not a game with the chiefs will not be. Favored him at this point time. I would've thought that Dallas would be favored but Vegas right now saying this is a victim game for real so yeah I heard that today so. Hum. Boy that did the chiefs are set up the right way am. It's fun to watch they've got so many different weapons on offense. Defense is a work in progress and there's some things that need to happen I think we all understand that but. You make a great point. All those people out there I don't understand it but you make a great point all those people out there there right now are saying you know the worst chiefs can do is six intend this year stop it. This is this is a good start this is a great start of the season. We need to enjoy the ride in and we all know is is we've seen with the Houston Texans. Journey can end very quickly let's enjoy the journey and it's enjoy the ride as we get here. Yes. There's about a what is that next for the chiefs the four and three cowboys. As I mentioned this will be the first trip to Dallas since December 11 2005 Kendall we've not played in Dallas. Since you were still playing. And that being IA remember watching it from the sideline because I was hurt and they had the they put me on IR. Hum we're sort of IR I was a little Lara for six games Meyer. This was that the only time yup and then they knew we had a another Stafford they were excited about complete tight end also. Hum but he couldn't sap and those of course not they never got the kick off and I don't believe that she's made the playoffs that year because they lost that game that was a bad decision. Had coach. Starting quarterbacks for that game remember obviously you remember ours. And green. Yes some if memory serves me right or by just read your computer right it would be true. Let's let's chew Bledsoe I think the other is stinging his head coach Jason Garrett hectic cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. It just come off he was still a quarterback in 2005. But this is the most amazing all right starting tight ends for that game do look. I did look but I knew it was different Gonzales simmering here Tony Gonzales go in and number 82 Jason Witten who will start on Sunday is that crazy it is crazy and Witten is special immunity you've heard a lot of people talk about him Bob Sutton gave a supportive for the chiefs even made the comment but he Yates stood decisive but. He really enjoys watching Whitney said he's very crafty and how he does things and that's one of those guys who. You just won a limit him you know he's gonna get some catches you just want to make sure that he's not born who beats you he's kind of like Antonio Gates and he's definitely on the decline. He's not what he once was he can still beat you in the it's yeah I had to be careful it's pretty impressed by its hard to think that he wouldn't be immune. Halting some agree these two teams only played each other ten times since the merger interestingly enough she's 71. Only once in Dallas just. Wants but it's a new stadium this. As just jurors world so I guess a couple of big questions we've forty S will Elliott play who knows what according to two magic eight ball out in his. How about the front four we had just had this is seek I think last year we head the parade of hall of fame quarterbacks this year it seems like we have. We played the best front four or seven in the national football. Yes this front for work to me the markets Laura t.'s lead in the league. Saxon ten and a half he had a warm last week he's got pitching and have to knock down slow start for such a most of relief David Irving. Who was yes that David Irving who was in camp with the chiefs a couple of years ago came from Iowa State. He just came off of his suspension. Any other couple sacks last week he's got buyer for the year 67073. This guy. This flap put together humbly called Tyrone Crawford those guys getting it done as well and collectively the front four of the total five. Sacks between five and tell leading sacks. 24 come from the front line that doesn't I've I've never seen him in my life that is that is interesting and can name talking with offensive lineman. Up to Kansas City they made the comment that they really. The rushing the passer all day long and I remember this this term which is. They play the raw and all the way to the quarterback so now you're susceptible to giving up some yards but they're going after the QB they're trying to get pressure each and every time I think it'll be interesting because I'm not sure they've seen a running back to the caliber of Korean hunt if you are. Playing. Particularly impressed me as well. Not awful I just don't see anybody that's unbelievable so. I think Kelsey just to get into it I think Ty recast exert himself. I think Marcus. To Marcus Robinson has chance to do some nice things well but. I think Kareem hopes. We really want to it's interesting to to to think that'll say this but I think you'll want to redeem himself I think he's not happy about the fact that. This last week was the first game he didn't have a hat and a hundred yards from from from scrimmage it was like you probably are. For your first seven you did it in you set an all timer that'll record so I'm looking for DC madam in really. The body that after this comes at a good time she's gonna get to swim. And get to seven into it and have a buy and get rest going into that last summer games of the season now would be. Huge so I suspect eat you know you're you're excited gets a lot of these pieces to the offensive line back where will we stand on Sunday well I think when you looked. At things I expect the whispered we'll continue to stay flipped our position course Fisher Fisher will be left left tackle. Morse came back and while he's he's listed on me. On the injury report but as for participation in these times I think registered upper couple weeks outwards but. Big red cities sore but he's OK buddy played pretty well in D'Amato taco that he played against such a big vessel told romantic. The six foot 3340. So. He he he had a a workload that day and it'll be work this week as well. I think. The fact that LBT. Practiced both plays at the Q a good chance to see him at the right guard spot on. Whole com home Sunday. My thinking beforehand was wealth giving one extra week. This game off because there has to buy we can you really get ready but if he's ready go these are ready to go in the course Schwartz. Has the longest active. Place streak in the NFL. But did the right tackle him he's gonna have his hands full. Talked it'll DT in the elevator so what do you do with your time off when your recuperating well enough he said he was doing. Study for Jim Carey was just so sudden but we're supplementing us he's got some I think this offseason he has to take some test and it's got to memorized like. Every blood vessel on them you know body year. There the I've USO to most people really well as played Madden yeah she's. And actually you know and I mean I'm going to break tuned food not really channel that only he knows how to give his mind to break. To have Mitch Morse back in the line at you talked with the senator about his role on Sunday. Mitch. Came back last week announced in two hours until the strict enough so good feel is my street back out there with the guys and competing as a unit and as sisters can be regular. No rest for the wicked the stylist defensive line 24 there 25 sacks have come from from four very active group of very accomplished group. Yeah I think you you know the really hit their stride right now so it'll be a great John's first comes under yours what are on the ball hasn't been as successful as you would like what your thoughts about. Well we knew of a diploma also. You know an excuse and assignments to announce also months of so come on the right mindset we. You give back on notre for a game. Damn right there you hear guys. Not just in control of the offensive line that's what you want your son do he's just very low key. Looks at things rush situation. Wise scenery understands that they need to get the run game Goldman because their assignments they understand the this is a prompt for that may be one of the best they've played against him. He and the fact is its challenges each and every week you have to do something warm and their after the challenger should be. It should be fun to watch it'll I think it's etched in Dak Briscoe one of the things he does is he everything is a development. The running game they really need the running game first all of the blue lakes all of the play action passing it all starts with dallas' running game. They don't know their situation nobody knows their situation is running back they dole but I think. Internally they aren't they're not stating that they do but I think internally. I feel like they do with the fact that they announced that opera Morse was going to start. Certainly they're still trying to get things I just think there are rumba looks like that's what's going to happen but. You hear the chiefs talk about that your Dallas talk about there are also the same thing as it's our scheme we do the same thing it doesn't matter who's back there. But come on I mean does he kill Ella this year 164 rushes for 690 yards six TDs. Over the last two years according 300 yards all but over 43 TDs total that's a big thing to take away. Opera Morse then yes thirteen rushes for her and five yards this year. Darren McFadden he's just been clapping because he's got no Russia's this year a rod Smith has ten rushes and Keith Smith. He's been clap and also but he did catch the ball couple times I mean it it's. Is collectively. The rest of the running backs don't have what generally. Is he cool would look rushed in in one game pour touch wise soul. And he is so it is going to be an issue it's obvious there whose top shelf on no doubt about it and know. This is a very very good offensive line for Kansas City but per room per dollar should choose me. But they've got some issues Tyrone Smith he didn't practice on Wednesday on Thursday he was limited and he's got this these back problems he saw last week I watched that game on rarely talked about it. Ad nauseam the fact that he has got a lot of help issues going on during he's just chiseled when you look at him six by 320 he's flat chiseled. But he's got some health issues and you hope that one of the yet rushers we consider chiefs can take advantage for that I. In the face the the research on some of the spent Muslim that there offensive line tell us she's they have or number one picks. On their offensive line I mean they have invested a significant amount in their offensive line it regardless whether they're banged up or not. This is that this is a man's line. It is. And generally now easy kill Ellis who is a great running back. But generally when you have an offensive line is good is that upfront. No matter who you put back there if they gusts in general running skills they're going to do well and I think that was the thinking. Behind for the Dallas Cowboys but you I Harken to. A little bit of back last played a medal to supply we had with will shields the Willie row from Brian Waters minute John Tate those guys are special they've. They did some good things up front and it Priest Holmes was a great running back but he he definitely benefited from that top line had. Last week and it alumni at C both pre stones and I. I am fairly certain I saw Willie Roaf. Very far off from the distance but oh you. Or you can see him in the distance that's the thing and in either one thing that hasn't changed about Willie is may end as he walks list. I talk slowly and walks like he's hurt he never want. He walked between plays. Between. You know was that people talked throughout battled tiger like and it's amazing so ordinary thing and he does. But if you've ever seen his dad is dad walks the exact same way. That figure is always Shuster estimate is conceal those guys Carlos Carson getting inducted you know IS today. On Sunday there was a lot of our Monday rather there there was a whole lot of good in the eighties here is that very tough time for the Kansas City Chiefs and in chiefs fans that. Carlos was one of those guys that he was a quality player and team player good guy and it was pretty cool he thanked Allen right the chiefs equipment manager for. All of the time he spent iron balls out of the jugs machine. I talked out about that and he was really taken back then he told me he. Carlos asked him to do something that. He'd never done before he's never done since he's try to pick us to do it but they were used to judge machine I'm Al how to where he could move it around very quickly so when he came back. And basically was shoot him different routes are there drug routes and he was shooting the ball where it needed to go. And it and that's pretty difficult and that would take some some time but he said he should into the 300 balls a day. And Dahlia as you said he thanked Allen for help him make his career now literally moved with that. Yeah own sit right next to me and I think it cut him off guard yeah is he didn't mention a whole lot of people in this and is he mentioned Otis Taylor he mentioned a few people but. I he really called out. Allen right in they cut him off guard young and keep people underestimate. You do equipment staff for what they do for the teen mom I mean it's just. At a tipping me a lot of to this day I still give you the whole equipment stuff. Christmas presents each and every year and did it wants played of course but I still do it. Alice well it's neat to see you know like Mike Davidson was their former chiefs equipment manager in your equipment manager when you were there with those and all the players come up and it's like one of the first guys they had aria you know you you get to know them could quickly arming. People who really joke about it but there's a few of us that we we just hung out in the equipment room I don't know how many hundreds of towels like I should be thousands of tiles look old but. I would sit there with them purple towels in my off time. Yeah you folder if you tells for me it day Kate and Harry's. When they're asked that can Kensington Palace that's where as I did them. Also towels there that was completely defer those to. I don't know me I'm an old you know what happened but he liked your response to my ear and note about the league possibly flexing our buffalo game. They just say you know I'm OK with complexion of that which would take us to seven prime times as opposed to six what do you primetime at BR I mean I'm. And I didn't kick national writer renowned idol job. Which would be breaking some rules but as long as they don't take this the ball well okay. If I had anything any last spots for. No it's going to be fun to see the chiefs may be as healthy as they've been awhile. Am looking forward to going down to also look at port dissimilar stadium I I think it's it's a monster everybody tells me even people have been around there like. There's all the stadiums in the league and then there's the Cowboys Stadium and it is something different I was trying to tell some of the data is it do you is that a goal appears to like have been to. All the stadiums are sort of the Dennis almost thirty years you can't do it. You just can't do it because some teams you only go to write once every eight years in in within that eight years somebody else is gonna build a new stadium prior to this year the only stadium I had not been too was the Dallas Cowboys were going to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. But now Atlanta in Minnesota have any stadium which we've not been too. So that's onerous it's almost impossible to do the yacht a fifteen years to earn 43 games I've never played at Detroit. And I actually never played in Dallas I was hurt but I can I will say this one other thing there was talk with Dustin Colquitt said so you can you try to hit the scoreboard. Is it any useless to me goes he goes I'll probably take a shot at a quickly in pregame and see what I can do after that no that's our best and appreciate that can. All right that's gonna do it for episode 32 U we put the. Team playing tomorrow for Dallas chiefs and cowboys at 325. Our local pregame starts at noon on one when the fox Kansas city's classic rock station that will be joined by the largest radio network in the National Football League at 2 PM. What more exclusive interviews or comments from all the guys for Nelson is your comments and thoughts via Twitter at in Israel Casey or at Kendall Gammon. Hash tag TW I see death always thanks for subscribing to your friends your coworkers your crewmates subscribe don't risky one of those things it doesn't know. Don't know to be that person don't see the house so it just passes out on the you like on Halloween you give an awful story that we would get to give an apple for. Actually doesn't work I till Sunday I'm in Israel he's in the game and thanks for listening to this weekend she's football. Laces up. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios dot com.