33: 2017 Week 11 - Preview (KC @ Giants)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, November 17th

The Chiefs are fresh off 14 days of rest and return to work on the road against the New York Giants. INTERVIEWS -Justin Houston -Mitch Morse -Marcus Peters -Chris Jones #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsNYG


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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man and don't gamma. Welcome to this week in chiefs football episode 33 the chiefs are fresh off their bye week ended back at work preparing for Sunday's game against the struggling New York Giants. Take you inside the locker room with Justin Houston chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones. As well as Marcus Peters. In chief senator Mitch Morse plus we'll talk about key matchups to this contest she never won a look past the team no matter what their record let me tell you that giants' record is abysmal. But before we do any of that let's take a look at the frontpage I. She's headlines on this week's change. Campbell despite a week of rest or keep players remain on the injury report as did not participate. You know when you look at it Allen Bailey deep for Tom Hawley and help for Wilson hauled off participating. Both Wednesday and Thursday Bailey with a knee and hall leave within the of course and then Ford with the fact who's been out the last couple games. And Wilson who's been out also with that hamstring injury. And did to me this just tells me these injuries. Are certainly of substance because when you have a whole week to heal. And you've got this week as well and you're still not participating something's going on their so certainly you hate to have those guys out. Other people will have to step up on Tuesday chiefs linebacker Teddy Nicholas returned from the populist now that's good news because in his limited time last year before hurt himself. He has he was getting some pressure on the QB he has now met three week window much like Tom holy was M albeit he was in that window for roughly a day. You guys have played and played well what led but that he Nicklaus will be in that three week window where they can evaluate decide whether they want to bring him up to. The active roster or keep them down stay on the are on our side of things I've got to believe that would then bring them. With them bring him back that he should be on the active roster sooner or later especially with. The situation that we have an outside linebacker for the chiefs are breaking news over last weekend as Roy Miller arrested for domestic violence. Then last Monday morning the chiefs released the nine year veteran who spent his last ninety days as chief. Yeah and that's certainly a sad story that you never like to hear about it and what's going on with that. Of course the other courses we'll have to play out but if it is in fact truth and that's not a good things certainly have felt the surface there and look forward to play around with this. As well or should I say but in his place Cam Thomas who was in care for the chiefs the vick's six foot 4300 pound. Nose tackle. North Carolina. Seven year veteran they'll come back kid in the talk to him this week would you may eventually fact that. You can stay in shape or to make sure he's ready for his chance very happy to be back to choose because of success. No doubt doesn't have learned a whole new. Nomenclature defense for a speech very active as well on the bye week bringing in some wide receivers to work. Yeah I didn't sign anybody that this is so that we see each do each week as he keeps bringing people in and out some of the guys you keep there because they are viable backups. But it gives you a chance to look at more more players you bring the man. You didn't ship them out and now you've got some tape on them and it really helps you to roll the roster of the training camp roster for the 2018 seasons so. So you know I think as you've seen him do quite a bit. Very active participation finally some leaked news. Do you story surrounding the chiefs last opponent the Dallas cowboys' first the easy keel Elliott suspension circus the chiefs had to contend with. Well it's come to an end go to bat from the chiefs out of thanks for you say you wanna beat them at the first live work that goes with the Z dual L affiliate. But we saw what happens when he's out there it's not a pretty sight so he scored the risk of both. That tells you some of the story which is he's he's dropped the case he's just going to serve his sentence but I think maybe there's a report to go out. Well I think you know part of that is that they've just done the math on this the legal possibilities are solos they're not gonna continue to delay this literally pushes it right up against the remainder of the season but what I really think is interesting. Is the second story which is kind of unfolding right now. This story isn't easy man. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been dialing up the heat against the contract extension for NFL commissioner Roger detail Jones once again they'll supporter fell out of favor with the commission. After the league handed down the six game suspension to the cowboys running back Ezekiel LE. After threatening to sue the league in individual owners trying to block a bill's contract extension. Jones' cabin disseminating false information about details domains trying to kind of sway public opinion. Whoever that's worth everything to don't know what he was trying to accomplish there. But despite all of Jones sparking the league has now growled back showing some teeth Kindle was that you laid the legal ground work this week. To possibly remove Jerry Jones as an owner. You get a fills constitution and bylaws under section 813. Article seven. Yet the leak power to not only find incarnation owner that oust him altogether this conduct is deemed to hurt the league as a whole what is in fact. While that's them fighting back a little but that's like when your dog's just a California couple time obviously fell down for the third wheel like done. So that's what kind of know what's going on right there because about you don't my daughter has a puppy who's kind of played with my old Golden Retriever and she would tolerate a lot in the filings to get tired of the puppies she which is. Agree going to keep in ground latter is like a puppy you locate things have just gotten very serious and you're absolutely right that's going to be an interesting story zero watch unfold this he's been a fairly vocal. We may have lost Al Davis that we did not lose the UN TT continues that. In Dallas. Those are your headlines for a week ten Friday November 17 2070. Did Israel Kendall Gammon back with you on this week in chiefs football we missed every one greatly. We hope you missed us and I missed you but I missed you think of the buy them. And allies and sit on the couch watch a little football last week there was kind of messed watches from a different. Aspect you know what I liked most was not having to watch I agree with that don't want that such a it's kind of why stop playing fantasy football weighs just two it's too much work but I did enjoy a couple that bet chargers game that. That thing blew me away in his matter who wanted it the least coast teams were trying to get the team trying to get that game away it is it was a mind numbing experience. Messed with me because I watched it I thought it was over and I thought San Diego warm I turned it off and went and took him a little bit tired from insult them and Andy went into overtime they didn't and that it didn't. Turn out weird but it does the other thing that was nice about Washington was knowing that. Andy Reid was on a bye week in getting ready for his next game which she is very very good that I always like 170. Two as something like tablet such a sixteen to which is ought to darn good and you know what that's going to be interesting notes or should also know it's for us as immediate talk about. The chiefs have never wore them on the road constituents. Yet it's interesting and it remains. Apps I would prefer for talks that are that are further study of church and church a lot this week it means absolutely nothing but it is interesting. Before we get into this I wanna talk just briefly. About the Dallas cowboys' loss orca because one of the things I've heard. You know in doing hits over the last couple weeks I'm sure you've heard it is in this chiefs' defense they got to fix these problems let's keep in mind that the first half of the season the average winning percentage for the opponents of the cheeks was point 629. I think something like that and coming in for a that is that it was very very strong it was this is we played a lot of contending single to various and keep keep in mind that two of those teams are in our division aren't doing very well also took the teams we've played have really poor records running that that the average they're skewing the average a little bit. The second half of the season. We'll play one team that currently right now has been a ball 500 record and that's the Buffalo Bills by the time we played the pills they may not be. So the second half of the season much easier than the first half. You look at the ranking of the that the offense is it that we're gonna face for the second half it goes the giants at 28. The bills 26 the jets' 22 the raiders nineteenth the chargers at seventeenth and now rip rivers is gonna concussion protocol. The dolphins at 31. In the Broncos at eighteen we played really what's left of the good offense the remainder of the season and of those only about half those teams even have running backs. So it's going to be a very different second half of the season so here's what I wanna talk about just briefly on the loss to the cowboys in Dallas. Usually get so many opportunities to test themselves against really good teams teams like you'll face in the post season. I know chiefs fans wanna win and I know that the second half of the season I suspect there's going to be a lot of winning. But I still think it's really important that you get tested against good teams you need to know where your week. We know the running game is a problem but here's what I would say about the Dallas Cowboys. Because I would say that of the three losses that the chiefs have the Dallas game was really the only game in my opinion that I felt like we just didn't play well right however. I think they did a pretty good job. Of improving in their run defense. It's not enough. But let me just give you a couple of stats real quickly here before we get into the giants game and that's what we're gonna spend most of our time. Ezekiel Elliott 125 yards four point seven yards per carry is his average. The chiefs helped him to under a hundred yards with 27 carries in an average of only 3.4 yards carry. That's going in the right direction. I know they've got more work to do here but I really feel like they they get a good job with that I just wanna get your quick thoughts and do you agree with Paula I mean don't you think. That they need to play good teams that they can learn things from losses. No question about that I believe they did learn something from that loss and they did get better in you have to be very. Cognizant of the fact of what's going on the that the fine line between good teams winning or losing in at all. Is a matter of plays and I would agree with you earlier statement which is the cowboys game was the only one that I really thought was somewhat that I am him. We had our chances but they really I think that was a more of a must win game from port then it was thus there at home I think they know. That they're getting ready to have their star running back you up for six games at some point in time. On the got to keep pace with the Eagles. Yeah yeah your right you know no question and I think of the other thing is it. That the game wasn't unbelievably close like nobody could have been even a little worse and let's not forget now you. You score touchdowns you scored touchdowns but not often do you throw little dog. At the end of the have to score some time on the clock to music go for you fifty plus charging what I read did. And really thought that the tide of change for second because you did that the and a half. And chief skip the ball in the score early in the third quarter and you thought they're gonna move on but the Dallas just. Have the number those big offensive linemen not that big opposite line of Dallas is what they used to be but it's still pretty darn good. As they did exert their will in all saw what happened to them last week with that was at their left tackle I believe yet tyrant. Yep you take him out of the game to take chain re gather chain ray and I look back that film he was a monster right he was getting a lot done anyway. I don't want to dwell on the cowboys' loss because I really think that you know the giants game is what's in front of us but I just. I idea you know we've taken a lot of wow what's wrong with the chiefs say what lost three of their last five. They are playing very good teams raiders maybe not but the raiders. You know I mean the raiders can be explosive right and so I. I don't the raiders have weapons there's no doubt about the I think so I think the big thing people need to understand is generally a playoff teams. Are about 500 against other playoff teams how they get into the playoffs is you make sure you keep the losing teams losing. And a seven game stretch coming into November and December. The chiefs. In my mind will be most likely be a favored in each and every game and it's going to be a lot of teams with some. Upside down records and they need to keep those teams that are losing losing to make sure that they not only I think they're going to get in the playoffs certainly. But you wanna buy that's what they're looking for and certainly they put their souls behind me all the build up by side of things with Pittsburgh. Because they would have to get up the game on them because they have the tiebreaker. Or they need to at least get even with New England who's who's playing well also. You mentioned favorites. Ten and a half point favorites on the root out first backs. That's incredible let's just Sony's of that goes to show. What the public thinks in the in the end the oddsmakers yet the oddsmakers that she goes to show what they think people want an eight record but this team is better than no one any record aren't they. They are. To a degree but we talked about the software before you start studying in this team offensively what healthy players did you go on the offense that's amazing to me Mina I would I would like it may be one or I was gonna give you I was gonna give you Eli and I might have given I probably could have given you but I wouldn't give him then you'll OBJ of course but he's he's hurt them Brandon Marshall he's heard as well for good defensively a would have gotten Jason pure air Paula what a gut bomb me. Doctor Marty others will let. I would've been blanked I mean these are. Not name players they've got seventeen players seventeen players on the EI are only one team has more in the league and that's San Francisco with eighteen I don't think it's any coincidence. Those are the two worst team in the league with just 71. One win so. You talked about the oddsmakers. And the points when you look at the New York Giants. Weeks and I intend to give up 82 points back to back games of the third most in back to back games this year in the NFL defense not getting that done for them. Then you go to the three week span in this week's 789 Tim had a bye in their they gave up 106 points I mean if Shuster egregious what's going on. Now you couple that with the fact that the chiefs are averaging thirty wasn't points a game. On the road again going to a place that never won him against the giants. I still like the Ross I'd look for their for them to have a good game supplement certainly we're gonna discuss. We talk about the wounded animal concept all the time and let's face it this team's one win is against a good defense in the Denver Broncos but when I watched them play last week in some of the film I've seen it really it looked as though some guys who quit. They are not finishing plays if you guys are running right at them they're on the backside of the play their name put any effort into it and frankly. Big Mac it either head coach called up this week basically brought him into a room put up a bunch of film showed these lack of effort plays. In some of the giants players said you know what we were embarrassed we got to do better but I mean that's what you see when you look at it. What worries me is if they come to play. Yeah and I think they will because the last two games. I've been certainly are we are that those ability to watch so far slip a little more studying to do but they're watching to San Francisco. The number of enormous chart plays that they gave up. I'll on the opposite side and them and really. And for touchdowns. Three of them for touchdowns were just on huge chunks where again it just people from backside where you should be getting. To your point to where you should be getting the effort of the defense of pursuit it's just not there than going back to. When Nate. It lost Billy rooms the only rams just absolutely destroy them that game was over. At the end of the third quarter probably earlier than that it was ugly you know what it's sad the way it's seventy Iranians are doing it to people so there's I mean they're much stronger team that we give him credit for all they are but there's has been the opposite of us when you look at them I think they've only played one or two teams with a winning record. To begin the season so it's going to be interesting in their hopes that Iran is big it's it's going to be interesting to see how they do as well but but you can't. You can argue with the fact of what they're doing now are doing and our running back he's. He's flag getting that done him in golf has really proven is where as a as a receiver right attitude you already know they probably is. Possible coach of the year and I can be and guys doing some nice things. With regards to the giants so yeah we put this into an analogy. In week consider the game of Tug of war. If couple things going on so if you are a player on a side. In you're not pulling hard. You're not putting the effort into it. Then. You're not gonna win. If you were a player on the outside in your pulling as hard as she can be your pulling in a different direction in the player in front of you are behind you. That you're not gonna win right. It could be a combination of coaching it can be accommodation and effort he can beat it back them already muddy what do I care I get pulled into the mud pit again because they're season's over their rep playing for nothing as you just sent at them and their plan for the job there on film everything I give up but it's still tough yes it'll be interesting I think to see whether or not that they even if they bring the effort to because there is some talent on the giants. But I'm just not convinced they're coached well enough to beat Andy Reid in their not coached well enough in my opinion many people are not coach will lift beating Andy Reid in a bye week. No 16216. Into pretty impressed the that's not an anomaly that's that's happened in them. You know you your round of each and every week him. We always talk about how bright it is and it's because one reason he's really bright. We're gonna go inside the locker room here in a few I I wanted to mention one thing that I also think about the last half of the season that I think is gonna really be something did to kind of watch for and that's Karine punt I think you gonna see him finish out the year like he started. I think he's going to be a dynamic player I don't think he's hitting the rookie wall do you. I do not end I think this bye week came Edberg retired for him but you can't help but look back all on the Tel two seasons rushing. Wise for Kansas City Chiefs in weeks one through five the average 156 yards a game that was second only to Jacksonville 465. I think toward who was torn up on things as well. But since week six the average is 67 yards a game that's second worst group that legally Cincinnati's averaging less. So they got to shore that up again they played some good defense is some good teams. But all the same they've got to get that going on I think the bigger thing. Maybe two degrees which one through four six rushing touchdown since then no rushing which is of course the fewest in the NFL. That definitely needs to get to the to get shored up court what do you attribute those numbers to mean is that. Teams just saying look cute you can beat this if you want that you're not that'll run on us I mean what do what is I think a lot of it had to do with. The continuity or lack of continuity of golf it's life because you had to under five starters out after an important positions. That at the center in that it took the right guard position. And I just think it's tough I think you're a camera in play in there and you know he's he's given everything he's got that he's new to the team and you what time he saw him do great and at times you saw why you know he was. In the strait of four from from another team and I think he's going to need some coaching is going to continue to get better and I think. Any offensive line in the league if you lose to your five starters you're going to have an issue. But that coupled with the fact what you said which is okay. Number 27 is vicious toward a Korean and we're not going to let him beat us we're gonna make somebody else do one of those key pieces that was down for a couple of games now back to sinner Mitch Morse. He sat down with our own metropolis. Block an affront to get some big folks out there are forty muted and give the line of scrimmage back to get explosive runs back. You know I think we just got to go back and as cliche as it sounds just focus on our techniques and fundamentals. You know it's it's also a mind set to run candidates and extremely cable runs lovers of big guys on the defensive front so it's just challenge for us to not compete with somebody. Teams it seemed like the last couple weeks or giving a caprice Smith look at and that kind of tricky to Iran somebody else in there. What's the challenge with that and make him line calls and making those blocks. I think he is understand concepts of all right every play can be run against many fronts of this understanding what to do and not managing when that happens who's never been on the same page. As consultants with senator Mitch Morse and you can electing its interest in you know it's a mindset the EU were an offensive linemen is that it is a mindset then right there that's how do you like considered to be cools the other side of the pillow disguise he doesn't get to walk and he he just just taking it. In the fashion that you should witches. You know you just dissect that I mean. Really you. He made mention the fact of the union knows it's shaping you've just got to focus on things and do your work and it really is that simple mean that Alter its Alaska there's a recently. Did what they did early in the season and it doesn't matter. If those teams were the best teams all teams left or good and you can't do what they did. If if you don't have things click and so they just got to get back on track I think. Having their legs back under them in the Reston. And getting on the on the same page offensively the five of those guys I think that'll make a difference any sort of those are some big run stoppers. But that the giants have we're talking about their size. But again I think. Technique wise I'll receive offensive line get the double teams get moving up to the second level which is getting them up. Towards the linebackers. And then even if you don't block linebacker get off to a if you make him bubble over and Alter his past that in the sense. I'll blocks him without touching him and that allows you to to get some holes I think the big thing that we wanna see this week. There's not only can cream to line of scrimmage the cut off the backside so he has a chance put his foot in the ground. Make that backside cut and go against agreements were a lot of his big plays column. Well he's so fast you know peeking get an advantage at all that's what he's running plays turning to those chunk plays that we talked about it. There have been so instrumental in getting the chiefs that superior running game so that's offensively one key to this game and that's getting Kareem hunt going getting him not only to the line of scrimmage that downfield into the second level. Yeah I think so I think the other things Travis Kelsey you that he is by far our biggest welled up by far you got Tyreke but. He is a big threat and the tide in position. Against the New York Giants this year has been very very tough. Actually goes back last year ten straight games. A tide in the scored a touchdown against the giants stormed back last game last year so it's an issue for him it's going to continue to be an issue because I don't see anybody on that defense of a secondary that can handle Travis Kelsey and I certainly know they don't up linebackers that can am I and so to me. You go after that early you go after that often and you make sure to continue that trend because. Kelsey is the one wildcard. Right now who I think is the mismatch but absolutely nobody can stay with and I think one of the things that's kind of phenomenal to watch about Travis Kelsey is the more he gets going. The more he gets going. You know it's like the more active years and then the rule the bakery that rule becomes it's it's fun to watch frankly well I mean at at the very least. When scored touchdowns select and see what he's dreamed up in his mind. I did for the on this and I do I absolutely love that the many scored in Dallas in midst made the call. Enix describe everything comfortably like he always does I just like. They aren't doing. A potato sack race Erica and there was a potato sack race and it was fabulous you want not also go to we scored the touchdown he wanted to take a separate I don't know what the same and I I like it's going Marcus Allen just dropped the ball went back like you know to the bench that's my thing but you know eight. I'm definitely on the it as a minority here you know folks that you endorse me this is a side door always wanted to score touchdowns in the NFL. Because if they always say act like you've been there before. We know what I'd never been there before and I was gonna act a fool. So without historic America continue to act the fool it would have been great I promise you I had dreamed up it would have been a totally no doubt about that but it would have been it was I think I digress let's give back Travis Kelsey arguably the best tidy and you go back since 2014275. Receptions. The report 91. I yards nineteen TDs that's tied the among that's fifth among tight ends the other to refer early fouls to me that what percent receiving yards since 20143490. Awards basically 3500. To 200 certify receptions both of those are number one. Cumulative. For those years. And then there seventies and nineteen that's tied for fifth among title and so correct me if I'm wrong would never get thousand plus every year. Well torching 156. As a fourteen OK so well still it's 8800 something BI exactly what is it worries he's been with things so yeah. Billion US taken to a killed nine games this year. That's true. All right so careened on Travis Kelsey and then of course I'm sure Tyreke Gil will have something to say if not on special teams. Yeah and think special teams is a big thing because. And talk with Dave told the one thing he mentioned is when he gets colder he calls it return season because the ball doesn't compresses well. A kick off some policy go up an average of you know seven to ten yards less at times. And so now your dog on guy really is what they keep I think equal I think he said seven yards on. On kickoffs and I forget what it wasn't polished but this both these that you see an uptick in the returners couldn't touch the ball. And certainly for us that's a good thing because. You want Tariq killed it a touch of the ball as much as possible. It really brings up the fact that also when you look at Harrison but her. Of this year of 38 kickoffs thirty opinions zoned for touch backs and told maiden. He made no bones about it which was. Oh no he's he's still going to be Qichen written to or through the end and so he's got a big leg and that's one thing we certainly liked about it was funny also of did that the streak that the result totals don't talk about that. Don't exist pitches trying to shoot nothing I could leave her baby we're. Don't get them do we need one more up. I love Wacom by his office and that board that white board he needs a white or twice that size yeah A really dose a mile I don't forget one other thing when you looked. With that be returned season in the cold. And what's going on you have to couple that with the fact Brad wing the order a second year player worth the giants. He averages four point 06 hang time in the third secured net books that you have. If you don't know that's not good because when you look at Dustin Colquitt he averages four point 56 times what's half a second more. A half a second more you're talking. No getting down to fill probably at least an extra seven to ten yards of that is a big big deal. And he has a forty yard net so. To me it points to the fact that the the whole game this week with the giants has a chance to be a real difference maker may be he doesn't go. No the distance for touchdown maybe doesn't touch it. But you're going to seek to position created. From our game for Kansas City do you feel like at some point being that he's gonna break one to. So I think he's got a chance yes that does it feel like he's just on the there's gonna couple times Jim there's been a couple times also word broke that. Long and there's a building there and thrown I think I think. He has a fearlessness about him. Coupled with the fact that you have very good scheme in front of them by what does not keep a special teams coaches in the league. That's a recipe for a TD sooner than later. Did he is an interesting dynamic because when he came in he was. On fire fast fearless. He got just. Pummeled. In one gained got hurt seriously. Had a really difficult time mentally coming back from that I I didn't think he'd make it back to be honest with well now he seems to be back to that original guy as. Gimme the ball on going forward I think you not only about your your exact. Right I think he's taken it to a new level you know he was on the scrap heap I mean there were some some talking internally that some people. Wanted to get rid of them and I think they were just a little bit maybe hesitant where he was gonna end up and I think he would have ended up in Oakland. As they were looking for returner and so they held onto him. But to his credit he just kept working hard didn't complain didn't saying. Why would they start to use an activist several camps and then start playing in the Nelson did was perform and I'll be right back out at. Yeah I would've sold my Jersey last year on him I just you know I just thought I was done and it's neat to see a guy like that. Kind of rehabilitate himself the be fun team just bust one of the sports teams needs to create to a position for the show of unity all on Sunday for sure. Let's turn it over to the defense we had the chance to talk with Justin Houston yesterday after practice. For the defense to kind of get back to what area was on your thoughts and having a time Macinnis it's some breath and and relax but now a comeback what has happened. Car that we have a brother just the royal way a person. From. Sort of along holder referred all gonna go through window situation room. But they wouldn't slack you know there's a moment we don't win altered mountain road withdraws his third longest cigar got through. What does soon mean you play Eli what do you see with these guys and and they don't look like one and a team what do you do to stop them verify and also go. The inaugural ball quickly just your place I'll borrow your stock eroded if you wanna run a ball and it's sometime ago total sleaze is going to be diverted once was a vote. You do make certain Meserve thanks so. Buckeyes as far as I'll put Barbara good bad or neutral expression bridges where ball quick passes and run well also stubborn oil that would reduce. And finally the younger guys look to you mean your leadership is so vital to the same. What do you tell the younger guys Richard Cohen and I hit these next seven are. Really knows not to Todd do our talking first and this comes to show. So let's talk more just more me sort of 10 what a bill so we work is just sort of Lopez started. She's outside linebacker Justin Houston Kindle. There almost to their goal I think their goal is to hold. An opponent in first down to less than four yards rushing and I think there about five and a half right now so they're close is not where they wanna be. The down the really hurting in his third down kick it off the field that the conversion rate is just way way too high you're hurt. Just some talk about that also they're aware of it they know it's something they have to get better. And that the players that are on the team they're the ones that are gonna make it. Worked him I think what you see there from Justin Houston. And you'll certainly is. The hard sold the team I think certainly dealt with just with Eric Berry being gone. But it's it's a metal frame of mind of understanding what you've got to do and just make sure that your into the film more more you understand their tendencies on third down. So very important to get those keys. And it's culmination to the got to get. Pressure on the QB. With having good coverage in the young defense backfield goes to mesh together and you've got a chance to do what we're we're talking about which is get off the field of. Third down was just a little disappointed that he wasn't more of a factor in Dallas and that's a good offensive line you know and wanna take. Anything away from them because they were good I'd really like to see him be a difference maker. Any game can we haven't seen in awhile and hopefully this breast will help him with whatever he's been dealing. I think you will I think. Somebody else has to step up there is going to keep chip in them or double teaming him to a degree if you don't have another threat. And I you're Chris Jones and Allen Bailey of course we don't expect placements just practices all week. You don't have to you for over there some Bo great position a player he's not the pass rusher that is deep Porter elite pass rushers so. You hope somebody can step up from there and improvise. Something to where you can't focus on number fifteen as much as teams duke is right now. From a pass rush side of things that's really the only one who's really get it done Chris Jones a treat to have sex early in the season that we haven't heard from him much both the sacks. And pressures just seem like they've been lower again need to separate the first half of the season playing better teams but that's what they're gonna face in the playoffs got you they will end in really. They've still been getting pressure on the QB but not to the degree that we would like to knock him off his ground as much. But they're not getting the Saxon Bob Sutton is talked about it which is. You'll sacks are important you wanna get those and bring him down. Of what we really great on his make sure that were getting to the QB pressuring him getting him off his ground trying to make him uncomfortable. I think they're doing that decently. But not to the degree. That they should be for what I believe the child is they have on the defensive front seven were you worried at all about the deck press cuts ability to bounce outside the pocket very much so he. Is very mobile he's very bright you know this is a kid to. Who lives I think borderline across the street from the stadium in this in the of the film room all the time and he understands what's going on he's played well beyond his years as a rookie in. You have to be careful because it is they cut out of their rush lanes he was gonna go out there to extend the play and that's what he did a gust and the first downs. And of course he got that one rushing. First are rushing TD rather also you mentioned that somebody else besides just in Houston was gonna have to step up. Mitchell to sit down cornerback Marcus Peters. Question just got to get this flag back for this defense can play in order regardless go. We need terms when you turn Hosni presser and we need everybody else swimming into the ball. We need to be back to the first couple weeks we'll walk close to passing a very very same case. Marks Peters with Mitchell listened candle Mitchell's question is a valid one. This team was so confident in the first six games of the season. That confidence is taken Diener two. It has but I like what he said which is or is saying surrender to the question which is a gonna get turnovers and that's what this defense of Bob suddenly KC chiefs have done historically since the end you read or start which is turn the ball over. At a very high rate. And we were the chiefs were doing that earlier but not so much lately and then get back to that in. And I liked the fact that he's got that on his mind of course the EU hopes his into the bargain up most time 'cause he's given those interceptions are. I think it's even impressive salaries to multiple times pulled the ball away for. Four fumbles so and that needs to spread and be infectious. With this whole defense and they and they mean to make that happen because this the softness of the giants. I I like their elect or the running backs when when you look at whirling stark while like Kelly runs the ball I think he runs a tough. A really impressed with that but they don't have a lot really the main thing. That I believe they have to have to deal with and probably my keys to winning one of them. Is seven Ingraham of this tight end the rookie yes touchdown and four straight games and he just really got some gifts to him so they've got to make sure and stop him. I've taken do that and make kit. A game where to run game would have to be electing they'll come out a writer and. Giants defensive coordinator Steve spec in laws obviously has a reputation spin around the league a long time it's been very successful but Kendall their offensive coordinator my excellent in their head coach in McEntee I'm not impressed at all back to you know apple around this league a long time. And you can't feel or sense the way the way head coach should act this Mecca is strike you as that guy he does not meet. I know we should perform them up and I see. Is any photo like anything like any of the coaches I've played for now got reps that with the fact that played particular. A play for her arm a place for cower you know clippers coach I've played for some some pretty uniform for milk up played for some pretty iconic coaches but. No it doesn't strike me and I do think he's lost the team I think keep it as an attitude of how he wants to play with things but I'm not sure he has enough success. On his resume to back it up. And right now it's just like going now wait did you ever have you had with Ditka that you had a losing season in yes. Talk talk about creative. Talk about the mindset there because that's what's most intriguing to me I know that Dick professional athletes are very proud individuals. In a lot of times you play either for your resume or you played just because that's the way you war as an individual. But when I coached loses a locker room don't know that that's what's happened here that's way it looks when a coach loses his locker room what happens. I think it's incumbent upon. The veterans. They're to step up. I really felt like at times. In New Orleans. Ditka had lost us a little bit because of relief some of the assistant coaches he who just. Work up to snuff and pick for everybody from the QB on down would would tell you that it was it was frustrating at times. But you've got to have Utley that leadership of the locker room if you can overcome that. But if you don't then they can get ugly him. No I've never been part of other where it's every man for himself that. I could see where that might happen if you don't have not resolved and inside the locker room to get it going in. You know I wonder eight Eli Manning to super bulls MVP two times you got a lot of different things. But he doesn't strike me is the same type of leaders Peyton Manning or some other people is bitter and I could be completely wrong but I got to pricey outwardly so. I just don't know if they've got that strong figure inside the locker room I just think it's fascinating the mental aspect they're that it takes place when it teen gets up on itself. Yeah and you know it sure looks that way. Agree it's hard because. I noticed that the most on defense I just don't see that defense running up the ball. And pursuing the ball from the backside like I think you have to to be successful loosely. I hate her petite so cold and Peyton. Eli Manning. I've gone back to it to him I mean I say those things he's played 200 me straight games that that that's pretty impressive so he's always been available. Right now is getting beat up a little bit and I can protect the real well I don't think he's throwing the ball very effectively done not very accurately. Am again he's got a whole cast characters a receiver. But I just don't see that intangible in him right now who who knows though. You know I saw the same lack of effort I thought on defense and you know I can only imagine when they've faced with. A guy like Kareem hunt and Tyree kill who can cut on a dying right. They're gonna have a lot of guys caught unaware it is hard to think that you wouldn't see won't give up both guys in Tyreke and I'm. Careened have multiple big chokes. Because what I see in the last two games were. Promised giants' defense just. Screams that what you're saying is is run on port well I promise you Christian of these kind of dead pancreas saying I always think it's amazing chris' gregarious outgoing personality innocent as you hit the record button he. He falls into this series or monotone stupor. Originally yet he had one comment that I like here's Chris Jones with me the difference. It is like back while three levels. Rodriguez talked about a coming get that back I mean we had about we've come. Not had time to record very rejuvenate. It SF prepare mentally and physically around. Sufferers get us away they feel as though last part of season are great. They're running game when you look at it because there ruler on a ball on Denver what what do you see in Iran Yemen had his stuff that they're there also is in their record shows on. And got a quarter big big they're. Had just who have known him very well and you know on tangle him up and down in this game you know from. Jingoism that Federer I think it's a court wreck. My question pressure without having to send extra guys what you guys go and I let's give pressure and a quarterback. It would be keeping an old guys back on coverage what has happened. Do you mind is gonna play together you know put together as a group around him most of all I have found what we don't it's not take the quarterback at ten. Take the Miami you know play fast and physical. Kindle let Chris Jones unhurt server every corporation means but it lunch with rejuvenate so I'm all for it I'm Chris pushed baby. The fifth best and I think that's out flaws of the chain that took back so did the trick to interviewing Chris is first of all get a get a return down the music in second find that personnel because that is wound. Polite kid and I love the way he's playing football right now I'd love to see him. Have a good finish to this to the season yeah and you're talking about the at this in my notes that just came across that boat when this year 2007 team. A team with the most fifty plus yard receiving TDs. Concede chiefs was six to notify him come into a and what's even better go to that can't be right because I've heard now for a few years Alex Smith can't throw the deep balls that can't be right OK it's not a government Peña well it's it's that you know will put couple of those. Lot of polling in five yards in the you know Eric runs for this team this is what I've been saying about that if you need a quarterback to control 5060. Yards to the year. That means you're wide receiver can't get open for 45 yards. That's a problem that's the sound to me that to me. That the church is kitten opener early enough forget to throw while he still can't I would have thought those six. A fifty plus now what's even better you couple that with the fact of the giants have given up four to two yard passes for TDs this year which is the most me at all. So there there's a lot of things that go back and forth there that's a recipe. Exactly right so. It is a recipe for a win. And that she should win and you and a bold prediction I do what apple is prediction I predict. Patrick Holmes is gonna see time in this game. All I think we're gonna put it out of hand early enough to maybe get little Patrick Holmes and about corporate. Dunked on him and I humbled that. He is so much but I'll never forget there are headed idiot at the L locker room after that Atlanta win where Eric Berry to depict two. And accurate with that he was he was all wound up in the east I started in a game and he can't chemical strike is on hungry. Yes if I bring you some food we Houston had been that. So now I can I can get an interview any time along with Chris Jones as long as they Brinkley Obama tell you though he has he is one awesome guy he's is his laughter him. Phone is infectious I ran into home. That. A local restaurant down on the plaza after game and they've been told that it a couple friends with me in the intent on him. I introduced them that he was very nice to whom and introduced himself and then he says used by senior mister chairman of the you just just would. Mr. gable. It hey at least he got the plural he's after right all right that's gonna do it for week ten episode 33 thank you for subscribing to make you deal tell one new person describe this week it would give you free podcasts. Alike. This costs. We for the big Boeing bus for New York City tomorrow maybe a stake in lower Manhattan on Saturday night. Like the idea that more than we return to action at noon I know I know what you're thinking that seems awfully early for a chief's game but I can do not it is a noon kick off. With the giants thank goodness too because it has been a crazy year uh huh I'm telling you that's what happens when your good you played all kinds of primetime games and national groups announcer I sit down the broadcast clocked the rundown in. It called out to everybody that it was a new start and Eric Townsend said you know back this is what is this noon start you talk about this it's been crazy but we have a lot of knee starts the rest of the season I think really of that one. I think we of one minute Saturday nineteen may be home one afternoon but the rest of governance unless something gets well that's true. Now that flexes for a week twelve per hour we will not be flex unifil has chosen to take the LA rams. It shock. But for us anyway we remain noon start this week in next. And you start means a community America pregame shows start at 9 AM on the world's most powerful classic rock station one won the fox. There will be joined by the chiefs kingdom and eleven with the chiefs or countdown to kickoff until then. Keep your eyes on the road in years right here with this week in chiefs football. Laces out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey chief radioed dot com.