34: KC @ Giants - Review (Week 11)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Wednesday, November 22nd
Chiefs lose on the road in an uncharacteristic performance against the struggling New York Giants. INTERVIEWS -Andy Reid -Mitch Morse #TWICF #CheifsKingdom #KCvsNYG

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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man and don't GAAP. Welcome to this weekend chiefs football today will review week eleven the cheese the giants from New York certainly not going to be our focus podcast. We're short on highlights of that game will hear from coaching any green possibly some players in the locker and the Kindle let's start with your thoughts on that get punch from East Rutherford. Boy it's tough when you. Look at that there's just so many. What I think are in explainable things that fact that you can't put a touchdown on the board. We didn't go down the field to. Couldn't get really the run game going. You know how has sent a three yards on eighteen carries a minute they tried to stay committed but not able to break through the light and and get some chunks of yardage I think that's probably the big thing. Israel's longest play from scrimmage was Tyreke till we goes up and and really high points of all very nicely at 38 yards but other than that. Not a lot of big chunks Kelsey had a nice day it's evident he catches for a 109 yards. But other than that you just. It seemed like they couldn't get any type of continuity I think the most stop it's we saw where they were really. Maybe somewhat all along was when they had to. Get a score to tie it or hopefully win the union we get that field goal in. I don't know a lot of soul searching I'm going on this week I've been a part of games like that it's at some point time and he just can't explain it you gotta go back to the drawing board. On a break it down just a little bit break it all part here and I think you know from the outset if you look this you say hey you hold the giants to nine points in regulation twelve points is a gain that should be. A winnable games say there there might be a tendency for one. It's kind of take the defense off the hook for this scheme and say hey defense plea right but I I also want to preface that by soon and without being a downer about this whole thing. The giants' offense was truly inept. They were dropping balls. They were. Functional at times I'm not really sure that we saw that could test. For the defense some of the things that I think it did go right we're some of the divisional snap counts that they did for Derrick Johnson a putt that got him more rest I thought on the bright side of the defense was Reggie wrecked yet yet they. And you let all Tucker's for the chiefs simply with eight tackles I guess dining and assist as well end. Yes he's playing well. He's doing what I think they hoped he could do and thought he could do and he needs to because. No we save that they're resting DJ I don't know. If it's rest so much is he he's just not physically. People to play the way you would like is body's not allow him them in the spirits and willing but the to me the bodies not people being. He he came in a couple different times and and took people off their feet that the signature DJ improved. That no coach likes except for him because of he can generally do pretty well. But I don't see him run in the way he used run I think that Achilles is just. Really slowed him up a little but I hope I'm wrong but what I see on the field right now it is somebody you. Can only take so many news snaps because of of the of the body and what's going on with that and you know. What do you know what one of the things I liked about him reducing his time as he had that big stop on fourth down. To me that I'm not sure a less fresh. And fresh as such are relative Ryder. But the I'm not sure that a little it's that time off isn't allowing his body to kind of catch its breath I think that's the first thing it and I don't know if that's going to be ultimately. A long play here because let's let's face it that's the beginning of the end right when he can't. Pulling every snap them he played just over 50% of the snaps her directly and played adding 60% or something. Like that but I felt like the moves the coach made with line backing. Made a difference in fact. I ask just about that after the game. Yes he decided to clear young linebackers give DJ some rest just talk about bridge radical in some of these decisions on linebacker that we again we're just trying to keep dervish fresh accurate and an opportunity. And that's that's sort special teams assumed to play a big factor really missed extra point person barker to into the win in the one to tie the game. You don't kickers. He's got some poised to him doesn't it as a nice job I'm positive noises coming back then you know yeah. Feel there like that touchdown that. And over the field goal. To tie it. We we did take care business to policy take your business urban Dem Packers on bush announced a flawless tennis to its children. Yeah Germany's stick together many of that are collectively start of that coat and but demand. You don't know fans get frustrated with country because they feel like he's a kind of a broken record in those those post game press conferences taking the blame. I don't know what they want from him eating none of those coaches have seen film we all know the turnovers were a huge factor rest gain. And the only thing for him to do is throw his players under the bus and I and I guess that's what fans and the media want from him he's never entity that I don't think he probably should do that. I think the most we can do is try to be constructive in try to get from him his and honest assessment. Of what they were trying to do may be vs what they thought was gonna happen because he's just not like mountain say. Alex Smith had a rough day. He's not gonna come out and say Gary Johnson isn't stopping the run. I don't know you know I talked about all the time that the win loss situation when you go into a locker room after a loss it's brutal and none of those guys wanna talk. No they do not in. It's rookie Phil buddy and ask them them top talked it. They're so competitive course you know you you go him talk within each and every weaken. I mean I mean he takes it personally I mean I think it's too by the fame can't see. The look on his face and the body language because you know what matters in the sky as wildly competitive. And I really think he believes that when he says you know I got a call plays Federer got to do spender I think he really takes up calling himself. But to your point earlier which is the right thing to do he doesn't throw people on the bus nor should you as a head coach I don't believe end. You make a great point also what you think people need to understand and probably are starting to understand which is. Your five minutes removed from the game. You haven't seen the film you you voicing seems so much I mean your your starting your plays and you're always going on to the next play you just can't. Go there and you you take it take a listen I had a chance talked to Mitch Morse center for cancer chiefs after the game. Match obviously very frustrating day just talk to me from your point of view what you saw out there today. So lack of execution experts from my part I think it's just. Give us an excuse for what you can't sit here and so that we can listen these text you better and to mountain compete. You never like to lose a game certainly against team where you felt like you were better and I know you'll do it but the fact is she there for six and three to six and four. Still in the lead still have a chance to control your own destiny obviously with six games left so what's the mindset have to do. I have to improve after it you know dig deeper as appear as a person and I individually and find out what we can from you know work. Better at it and good effort and going to be critical. OK so when you listen to match their army but he just flat out says I've got to play better first of all. Mean he's looking at the mirror and he's taken on himself he doesn't think he played a great game and he had a very. A top Simon without big defense of tackle him and knew who weighs about 340 and and that's roughed. And you know I didn't focus on him enough. During the game and Mitch Boerse to know how he played completely. But I tell you think he played and I think in general. He believes they lost and they didn't score they didn't score touchdowns. They didn't rush for a lot of yards in his mind. That's not good enough to end. You know that's really about as much as you could hope for but to me that was a very. Honest opinion from a player a stand up guy who who it is very very bright in just. You know it is strictly as competitive as the day is long also and you know what that. It is ticklish nobody it is what it is you've got to do at the same team. It's harder to understand because the team goes five and oh is now one for less then ten or five games rather. And who knows what we'll do in the next six games in Munich they can change that quickly. Too bad but also from bad to good as well. Absolutely it. Hey before we get on to the office I wanna complete your thoughts on defense. So the reality of it is that I have a concern that second quarterback position and sometimes I have a concern with Marcus Peters I honestly I still saw if you look at the first touchdown. The running touchdown but the giants. You can literally see Peters jump out of the way so that he doesn't get hit in the guy comes into the end zone. When I watched that on film I'm like why why is he jumping out of the way in honestly. I thought Marcus Peters played better in New York city's may be played in some games prior to that so I guess Marcus is turning the right direction what is going on with Justin. Justin Houston to me hasn't really been a factor in LS cup which games. I know he's only practice and a day a week or whatever it is but for whatever is going on here. He is just not been able to get in. They double teaming him how much are they holding what do you see anything. I see them keep tight end sometimes I see them I chipped with a running back that the fact is a lot times you rush for. And you've got five offensive linemen blocking and so somebody by duke default can be double team why wouldn't shoot to. Double team number fifty I think that happens a lot. And talked about during the game the chiefs blitzed the fewer times on pass plays and on the other team in the league so it is. Bob Sutton chooses not to put pressure that way. But that's the case then to your point earlier. You've got to have better played core position and certainly doesn't issue the recipe. To go after the secondary secure institutes I think is it has been dealt him who went way back to a was a Pittsburg first loss I forget which is. It's basically throw the ball up and I'm feel like your receivers have a better chance to go get it will knock it down. And and not let them catches him and that's what we saw with. Well what with the each each and every week and this week you know it was Lisa Lewis film but yeah I was egregious there at the end I mean. Phillip was all of them as he has some good play is a display even end up working and he was. Borderline where you need to be turned assert. Felt like he located the ball but just can't. Bitten hands up to make the play in and nobody wants to do more than him but it's just not happening an interesting thing. It's sit out to mean on the snap count. Was on the defense that sign was the fact that Justin Houston had less snaps than for example for example played every step every single snap just in Houston played all but about six ups. And you know I hate to point out the obvious here is I'm sure fans are you know it it. He's a high paid player rep and you know if he's not healthy. Then I guess you know that's a situation but that's not what we hear that's not only in it certainly. Justin's heart I mean if you were to ask me do I think Justin it is just me alone DN I don't. I mean it's not always seen the locker and it's certainly not the way he acts I don't know what the answers ours just but I just thought that was interesting that basically you know. We've got three pass rushers and big guy that played every snap is for example. Yeah I would be that the the pass rushing situation right now is rough because the course before it's not in their. And DJ you can do a sum he's not playing linebacker position I was gonna get to a earlier. But we kind of I went on tender which as you know he also got a KPL a played a lot. As well he's he's doing a good job but. It hit this defense and how it looks now is very different from outlook to the beginning the season now that you have Steven Nelson back. And new us. I guess and after a vital place he was probably in the slot position so that's why he wasn't playing corner. I would guests are in the ups a quarter burst. They've gotten no complimentary. Pass rusher other than just some things up and get it done. As of late as well I think the chiefs now have five. Sacks in the last six games something to that nature I don't believe they had won the skin today. No no so. You know. Well I think it you don't have to suck QB all the time but you have to berth at the very least. Put pressure on him in the chiefs are doing that that doesn't help the. Agree point because the defensive line is not pit entry they are not winning that battle and we saw Eli meaning. Kindle if he had eight or nine seconds to throw up all that time he had 25 seconds I cannot remember a pro I couldn't believe it I mean it was just like is now I think we were only bring in three to be fair. I'm I but still I even with value generally get off all I can say is I remember watching that thinking. I've never seen anything like this you know you could use the sun dial to time how far back he's so how long it was so in fairness to Philip gains I apologized. And did maybe they're asking too much out of our secondary. It defensive line has to win some some of those battles in and around Bailey's down but. I'm not offer him a lot of solutions right now because I just don't know half of them because of thought the fact is this is a giants defense. But I have been awful day in weeks prior in and they were giving up 31 half points at home on the season that was of course the worst in the league. Coach called some of the players out. Embarrasses them at a meeting quite falsely. Really kinda test their pride. All the sudden the place they come out the player pretty darn good game and that's a fact. That can happen each and every week I don't care or fitness Cleveland with its New England Patriots they can go one where the other dependent on. Powerful leader gets them going in there's there's something to be that coach how you motivate players and they were motivated this week they were trying to make amends and they didn't. And I was going to announce that it is is gonna be a 4016 gaming and existing homes coming in before you know. The end of the the gaming in get some time obviously that did not work out. What I saw from the giants on tape and we talked about this she sought as well. Was we saw their defense quitting. What we could not understand is that this playoff team from 2016. Spent some 200 million dollars on their defense. In their defense this most of this year has been playing. Any level which is highly suspect. We saw them quit on plays we saw backside defenders just stand up not even pursue. And we saw time in time again. There was no indication there there was nothing to say. That these guys were ever gonna come together on a page especially in a season when he was all said and done I mean they're going nowhere right that he had not academic the playoffs. It just goes to show pride. Is this a substantial motivate her because when I looked at our game just the pieces I've seen so far. Those giants. Played horror. What's how physical the giants' defense was going to be because they haven't show it's right that it it it. It's it's hard put into words what when you look at the game though offensively when it came down to was turnovers. Certainly in. That that first interception in the shovel pass that was to me kind of a fluke thing the other one was. Who was was just you know an overthrow not a not a great past but at least nine for 87 yards and very costly penalties one big long. For the day would have been a longer run I think in excess of 25 yards for. For cream are met down towards the red zone that gets called back. And then red zone efficiency over 30 yeah that's right there you put three field goals home as opposed to maybe get the touch and you get one touchdown you in the game now. AM and that's when it comes down to him. You know. It's it's maddening really. No one played it's obviously stirred up a lot of controversy here it is. They didn't Cindy Anthony thomas' in the game down the troops to a lot of shifting. And in the backfield retiree bill. And they're gonna throw it to Kelsey this might be a double bass fills. He's gonna throw a double. Into the flow and a city tour. On the Marcus Robinson after he hit him. Did going million of those are the kinds of plays if they win years. The genius if the if they don't you're just a buffoon that I got to be honest review and Alec Depp play. Kelsey throws that ball 12 earlier. It's a completion to Marcus Robinson has to slow down. That ball because Kelsey doesn't throw it. Kelsey is kind of catches are takes the pitching kind of rolls. Runs back inside towards the pocket. And he takes a couple of extra steps before he throws that he throws that ball earlier that safety is way far on the other side of the field still. That play works I mean that's got one belongs to Travis Kelsey in that's also. Why you gotta be careful with having guys that aren't used to throwing that are used it to make those real time judgments throw the ball that's what's rough about that but. That play was designed well in the play call probably wasn't the issue I don't even think the wind was the issue to be honest he just held onto a little bit too long run. And then use you start off with a statement which I agree if if it works. Colleges a genius if it doesn't work and then there's like what are you thinking and that's part of it in coach goes I you do with the soap when people are saying things it rolls off the back and that's not because they don't care. They do care they just know that that's that's part of it as offend. As people who love the chiefs and won two women were allowed to do that we're we're not only allowed. It's called passion meant that they want us to carry him in. Caring is being ticked when things don't go your way especially after you see this season and how started at five and all but. The good news is even with all this crap that it's went on the one implies you've still got to believe two game lead. In the division and you can still somewhat control your destiny can auto possible body and that's all you could ask for. And crazier things have happened bit. It would not surprise me at all to see that she she bussed out from here on but they've got to get to practice this week and they've got to get the schemes down. They got to understand. Where they made mistakes and and really just takes data that data can dedication it's it's very and similar. To a degree maybe to some of these other teams we've we've played who got embarrassed the week before mean grief. We've cost some teams at the exact wrong time this year I think three of America in my opinion certainly. Certainly the Steelers. I think the giants and in Africa dormant in Dallas per. Oil and out you know greater raiders got us you know they they were a fluke as well no threat the raiders that it is well and I'm. Either way it I would say this in in May recognize. Him play calling is that he could certainly an art it's not a science. They tried hard you cream on going to yes I mean I elected to Marcus Robinson played all but I think three snaps. On offense. He was targeted just three times. So you know you could say why didn't we go down field. You could say why did we throw the ball more you could say whatever. But Alex Smith had a very in and I don't know the answer to why they couldn't get cream going because an in between did it 75 yards I mean that's not exactly you know. Mincemeat put. The he wasn't cream hunt either rep and they had any had a couple as you mentioned timely penalties and that hit one big. Perusing Roland got called back in penalties right this was talking earlier on the numbers yet is that in it was a usual I think Dellums on LTT in the you know that's not room for him but. With regards to to Alex Smith very Jacqueline Heidi because I gotta tell you. Men that that two minute drill looked so. Good he heat throws an interception there was another interception it's not an interception. It throws this beautiful pass to Travis Kelsey across the middle. Starts running with his body and jumping up in the hearing getting just plastered in the kidneys and I mean really sacrificed his body to make that two minute drive worked. That Alex Smith looked outstanding that he had a couple throws were yet Travis Kelsey open in the end zone and he throws. A ball basically it hit Demetrius Pierce's feet. Can't quite X. Well let's go on for me. I don't like she was getting pressured and he didn't have the time to set himself and and throw. With the type of power he needed that that's what I saw that player remember that specifically. You told me and your other people told me helped kill she was open on now what I didn't see at the time and and I have a reputed yet. That particular play anyhow but. No doubt I think the only through into the end zone once in the red zone I think that was him throwing the ball away so. I don't know that's going down through there are not going down filler knock those would have been shorter passes. But it didn't seem like protesting them deep end. It did seem like it wasn't his most accurate day that's gonna happen wind plays a little bit linebacker in the end that but. For whatever reason. They just could not put any continuity together. Let me ask you something about the two minute. So they. The corned two minute offense and they really looked at it I mean they had a temple about than you and you called for this game gave it just felt like they were sluggish and slow. It certainly through the first half really into the second half. Indicated that two minute offense where they've got to drive down the field man they looked like a completely different team in my opinion. They had tempo they had always they knew what they were doing people were in the right spots they were moving fast they were I don't know it just looked different. Well I think the it did it. Look different for sure and I did think they've looked like they were going to a better temple. That's the temple I think people need to be careful to understand also the situation. Which is the defense is playing differently also when their plane not to get beat over the top and and there are going to let things that they run out of that yet they open up a little bit. But I know that being said if if if you open it up if if you if you don't take advantage of a that it doesn't matter to the chiefs were taken advantage of it on that. On that on that series. And eventually as it is it closes down towards the end zone you know the windows get smaller because the field becomes compressed but they continue to perform but. That's window what I think is the a playoff team. Past fight away score touchdowns and I mean you know he's got to find a way. To get that touchdown and get a luckily winning get out there with an ugly win and and just go about your business. You love the no huddle to works and I wanna say you mean people in general now but the fact is if if you drop back since and laceration. Three straight times that don't work out. And it's a three and out yep I'm back people again or will that will what do you think now. We we could talk about the soul night and it looks is does that for you we are. I was hoping maybe put. Also may be if we keep talking about it we can change we can I'm done. So it. Let's get let's kick to the good stuff here and you know we're gonna do we're gonna put together preview for the bills coming to town for Friday after the holidays for everybody but let's get to the good stuff from this game because we're a couple of the things we mentioned Reggie regulatory he had a great day. I tell a man and I I'm backtracking a 100% on this because I was nervous as all get out. When in Cairo and congratulations to carry a sentence picked up he's now Chicago where I'll toss some it's really for reacted news. I was nervous as all get out. Win because I was here when Lin Elliott missed those few Russ. I hope valuable place kicker. And in a guy who can put through the up rights. But I was really nervous when that went Cairo. We were parting ways with Cairo in the proper soon coached so coach Reid everybody tallest it's going to be fine. Mean this kid is something Kindle heat he kicks to own a very windy day. To keep this in the ball game. And then this went to tie the game. All the points today for the cheese sold 496. 843 yard attempt to try to tied at five so. Down but his kick is up and they kicked is it. It is tied at nine with 12 to go in regulation. And but your with the three field goals that's 22 and a row. By the rookie from Georgia Tech. I'm telling you that that's a big kick by young kicker and is it his particular he's doing things I think he's now tied the record for. For the most consecutive. As a rookie for the chiefs went into it peacefully and ransacked yeah it's it's. It is phenomenal I think did the 26 because the record. For a rookie in general for for field goals so he would he should be up by a long ways. He he is steady I mean he is calculated he's what you want the kicker I think the other thing which told the talked about. To meet in the past and even this week Lehman too which was. Even with wind even with cold coming how to ball compresses lesson doesn't travels far. He still go to kick it in the end zone and that's exactly what he does and that's big it was touch backs. Nine nights I think we you can you've been talking about this for some time in and we really had undervalued the fact that when you shut another team's return game down. You keep them from from turning the tide very quickly. Which any team can do at any given moment and so it is it's he's been a real. He's that are real pleasant surprise for me in in I'm already grown at my confidence in him has grown exponentially. Because I would hope so well point to it rolled it in and that's the thing you know I mean. He's kicked some of those 22 in some pretty critical situation ten from from some distances yeah. And so it's not just a matter of you know didn't chip shots who you are at all and so it. I don't know what. What's allowing him to do this but he can keep this up kudos to the scouting staff to find him coach toe on special teams who said don't worry I got this news and man did he I just think it's been a real bright spot the past few games. To have this kid and the one other thing our solidarity like Jessica calling by his name and you can cure you can call them what every one look at biker Harrison there you go absolutely. The big thing or a big thing also the fact that he's cheaper and I mean you hate to say that the pats didn't notice period is arming their problem they're. There will be in excess of an extra million to spend some type of player or or whatever they decide to do the personal side of things. Because he'll be at least that much cheaper than Cairo would have been. Coming up another year it's funny when you when we first started talking about the business side of this is so unfair to Cairo which you know what the reality of it is. We knew Kyra was gonna get picked up by another team he's too good a kicker to sit out there and not kick right he got healthy the bears picked him up he's you know he can look at thanks for the men that they can use him so. That's the good news I guess any other thoughts from this game. No I'm I'm about. Ready to put this game to bed is sometimes I I can remember. Some poor games that played an herb that I was a part of when I was with the Steelers specifically. Inning I remember cut come and him on Monday because that we would come over on Monday and watch films generally in. He just like now he goes. Get it out your mind were not even gonna watch the film just go home. Think about things and be back here on Wednesday morning ready to go after. I'd I. No I don't think they watch the film and they're going to go you know they're going to try to correct things but. I do like that attitude sometimes of it is urgent get rid of them because it was Utley Kindle. My best to you for Thanksgiving and thank you are looking for 200 today both of us wish all of you. I'm very happy Thanksgiving we hope you enjoy it some family time takes some time off work you bunch but he too much but he enough to put you on the couch watching games. Just relax play with the dogs please kittens in the doors some payment. Thanks to all for subscribing we appreciate everyone's support we're certainly thankful for you guys are subscribers on this Thanksgiving we'll talk to get on Friday as we prepare for a preview of the bills game. Bills and arrowhead on Sunday until then happy Thanksgiving everyone thanks for listening to this weekend chiefs football laces out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios dot com.