35: 2017 Wk12 Preview (Bills @ KC) - Exclusive Revis Interview

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, November 24th
The Chiefs surprise the Kingdom with the Thanksgiving eve signing of Pro-Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis. We have an exclusive conversation with Revis and we'll preview the Bills coming to town. INTERVIEW -Darrelle Revis -Derrick Johnson #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsBUF #RevisIsland

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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Most then Israel led Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this weekend chiefs football week twelve was begun will discuss that and the chiefs host the Buffalo Bills on Sunday will go inside the chiefs like Herman talked with players and we have an exclusive conversation with the newest Kansas City Chiefs. Visit to Revis island but first it's the headlines cut off the press time. She's headlines this week actually. Get a huge breaking news from Wednesday as the chiefs signed seven time pro bowler Super Bowl champion Darrelle Revis. Yeah very good news for the chiefs defense as the quarterback position off sort of Marcus Spears has been a bit of a merry go round. You would expect that this will stop that directly and he should man that right side. Possibly this week but if the next week for sure we'll have an exclusive interview here in just few moments with the real. On the injury report a slew of notable names including Tyree killed but the good news is that only two of those were listed as did not participate from Thanksgiving day's practice right and no surprises before has a back injury is but I out for several games of them Terence Smith with a concussion. About participating of them would not expect him to play this part week either. But the big one I think is the fact that Tom holy has a chance as he's been limited on both Wednesday and Thursday as I would tell me that he's got a chance to play and also Allen Bailey who was out last week. Has been limited with a knee injury but again at least tees then they're doing something so. We expect there would be. At least questionable the worst what is the status of Tyree Q did you would think he would be good to go as he has been a full participant both Wednesday and Thursday in the gym that is good news for the chiefs receiving cores. So which have been down in the the other thing I also should be noted is. Albert Wilson full participant on Thursday as well the that was very good news Kindle couple notables as well for the Buffalo Bills. Well wide receiver and cover Kelvin Benjamin probably one of the bigger ones as he had knee injury last week. He's not expected to practice today. But he hasn't been ruled out now running back Mike told work as a hamstring and then left tackle forty Glen with a foot ankle problem. Both of them well for this game this will be the third straight game the left tackle Portland will be out. And that will certainly be good news from a defense that's very important for kids that he had definitely got quite a bit to talk about for this game other news from around the AFC west first in Denver. Four earlier this week the Broncos fire offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. And make it should I change Kindle at quarterback again bill musgrave we'll take over for the offensive coordinator and Paxton lynch will be there. There are back to the starting quarterback I don't know if that's gonna help their woes are not to be honest. Know at this point time I think they're just searching for ideas some maybe I'm making people take the fall but they are certainly haven't issues affect QB position. There continues to remain unsettled and as the Kansas City Chiefs it could be happy we have no doubt yesterday the world witnessed the Los Angeles chargers dismantle the Dallas Cowboys. As we all kind of sat on the couch in the tour events do for. They liked very good and certainly that wind tightens the pressure on the chiefs. It doesn't value as you watched it. The same way do I couldn't help but think OK is this the the chargers and everybody was talking about it to begin the season they're certainly. Living up to that billing but again the two games behind her guessing game right now the chiefs. Need to hold serve this week. But really. They just need to get back doing what they do which is play chiefs football and continue this two game lead in the west yeah I can read my mind definitely on the cheeks I would not put anything on those charges you just don't know which teams and so those are your headlines for this red Friday November 24. 2070. Then Israel Kendall Gammon on this Thanksgiving holiday killer how was your Thanksgiving. You know it was good it was Turkey it was food and knows a few drinks and just than normal but. The normal on Thanksgiving is always a good thing did us yeah I did really good at the dinner table so I. I my daughter and mother fixed dinner. And I did really good on a set down I didn't stuff myself the problem was I didn't stop their man I kept going back if I had gone back. Like an hour later I would've been really good for the day today it's a cornucopia of food just can't help but sometimes it. Well we didn't is from the chiefs for Thanksgiving. Darrelle Revis way is I am somewhat shocked because normally we see this coming you know we see him coming to town. Apparently get a little word on this deal for about a year now are released about six or seven months and it just all kind of came together. It did and I had no idea it was coming up there was Doran on either which I think is a good thing when you can conduct your business privately and but let. Anybody get into it but certainly comes at a very good time as the defense and particularly the secondary youth of Kansas City. I've with the war quarterback position is certainly grim suspect a little bit and you bring somebody you like this eleventh your quarterback. You've got to be happy because this is the guy who has been in multiple Pro Bowl she's been an all pro player. And when you look at some of the stats 29 career interceptions three returned for a touchdown. A 137. Passes defended there's a reason they called him. You routed the cult Revis island because you could just put him out here are so you would expect that to us sooner than later that play at the quarterback position is going to bring improved on I really like. He brings to the locker room in in this in being Super Bowl champion in being art. I mean how how you argue it like to. At one point in time he was the best quarterback in the league he may be one of the best ever play the game at that position I don't know do you do would you agree with them. And I would ease a seven time pro bowler 2008 through eleven them took a year off and then thirteen through fifteen. And yeah I mean there's a reason that he's been sought after he's a former of first round pick of course out of that and you talked about his. His locker room presence I liked the fact of when you read the interview and him we'll hear from your little bit later but. And he just simply says I'm here to help us with him and that that's it that's what you want to him I think even though we got the Super Bowl Lester with the patriots he was still lost political ball course he hasn't been in this year but that also means fresh legs as are some rust probably so. But at this point time I'll try to I'll I'll take it. You know I found it a little fascinating in that it in granted I met him within a few minutes of him arriving to the first floor at the practice facility because it you know he when he arrived in town he went upstairs to sign his contract and all of that. I found him to be very congenial. For a quarterback that played in New York City. I expect a lot more attitude. Expected to be more brash. And he just wasn't he was very to. On earth yeah I well it doesn't surprise me that you're surprised that he words you won't those wage you would expect because that's generally. And generally that's what you see in defense of backs they do have to be brush that you have to be cocky they you have to have an attitude. I think he has set on the field but it's nice to hear off the field and I've never been around him so. Looking forward to seeing how he fits in which I think will be good I don't think you know head coach Jamie Reid would have brought him in here I won't spread breach of course doing his homework if they didn't think he was so well and that I think the fact that. Yes and history. With Bob Sutton as well him in this defense and below the step then move. Much easier I think that plays into it also because the last thing you want to do is to go to a team where you have to learn a whole new nomenclature and Knight I think also he sees that. There's a chance to Stepan and make a big difference and also has he mentioned the fact that he watched the chiefs earlier in the year so we've seen what they can do and he knows even with how the chiefs have played the last. Five games they give back to of the chiefs that we think they are and in the first five games and you've got a chance to do something so it is going to be fun to watch there's no doubt about it. He mentioned that Bob Sutton was a big factor in his decision to come here I'm sure there were many things that all of which you just said in and I also thought it was. Kind of neat that he was he's been watching the chiefs and again this dialogue it's been going on for some time. And honestly that's where I started let's just get to the conversation with him because that's where I started I asked him basically. Why now. 30 come to Kansas City first question to use why the chiefs in one week eleven. You know I think you know Mae says from both parties you know long we've been conquer tactic throughout the course of the year and you know they've been trying to. Give me to come income in you know for me is is all about how amending and had to Tom you know I was really focus into my training. And you know at this point is like hey man. Do you want you you wanna come and now Pau we've where we're building here and it was like yeah I think mentally or physically or Montgomery ago. Describe the last few Aardsma. It's been this. It's been awesome you know I mean everybody in the do Oden. You know. The Victorian. Seen some of the guys that no team that played gains or belongs. In my career. Meetings Andy Reid face base bird from prefers. Into an coasts and I mean is is carried it was like a welcome home party. How much to its coach and influence your decision coming. You know I think you know me his relationship probably. You know weighed on my oxygen more calm because I knew it was a more comfort level. Of me coming here in actually one where it was in the game or. Balls balls miss so much you know he he was. You know leader. You know well first contracted exists in 2007. Home you played a vital role. In my growth just as a young men at that time. A new face in his fail. I'm getting acclimated to a pro game is in he was always in my ear. Because I was always in my here. See for betterment and you're me better as as a person players in Rome you know I think we've. Drilling they've been taking care of yourself but are you ready to play how Long Will it take you to kinda. Re engaged to gain speed. A bomb you know I've got to be a process in itself. You know I haven't played. Professional football game since December. No OT. Ten on the field in and just even or overall in the chemistry. Home you know with the coaches and players. So you know once I start running around and gives you some chemistry. Moment and see now you know what we wanted to. Overall the overall big picture Danone I think I'll be ready to go it could be. So soon and and and later if it can be any time so basis you know for me personally just to really get in there. And you know you get because some pro rivalry with the guys and be around him. But when I ask you about chemistry but before I do or talking with the newest Kansas City chief number 24 cornerback Darrelle Revis before I ask you about the chemistry. Just give me your thoughts the year your first impressions of walking around today. Com a family atmosphere. You know everybody. Seems to. You know be be family oriented. Everybody yeah I'm doing a physical in in just music log into. There's IAA humans and so it. Can kind of see that everybody does it together this year and is one goal here in this in this to win. He said he'd been in discussions with the chiefs for a while now have you been following them throughout the season. Absolutely. Always follow it you know you know players there coach is that you might work with a impasse and Danone. Always careful for all close and in him what he's been doing and and watching his success in the zone this year I've been paying close attention to the Kansas City Chiefs and just being a fan of football. And im watching just to east Indian. And marks Peters in those guys made plays in and Alex Smith and I mean it is a great group of guys and them being cubicle as a. What are your thoughts in the guy you play across from Marcus speakers. I loved the way I love doing plays and loves game. Madam few times after couple loss Tuesday you know he's he's put the onus. Smack and he's on his Sonoma I love my phone. On the last couple years I think he's one of the top guys. You. He's an amazing talent super athletic you know at the corner position you definitely have to have those type skills. There's always growth. We will continue to get better. And be one is I've got the Phillies went top quarterbacks in week. Today so. Just me teaming up with him. Is amazing in can I can sit there in in in Rome watching him blossom into the player he's going to be how have you been taking carry your body these past few minutes your putting game now since last summer. Yeah two. I've done a lot of research this offseason. Even when begin. At to lose fifteen pounds. I'm still mostly focuses in on that guy is which is very difficult madame I have to do. You know what I need to do to stay it and missed a numbers go home continued to play his game we'll see outset if you are mentally because the smell of barbecue is pretty intense on Sundays. Come Sunday you do experience or hit from the other side what are your memories of airline. Bad memories yeah. I never won an aero never worn here when I was an opposing team. Very tough place to play I'll always remember that. Home and the fans are great the fans are great years is hopeful applaud community here. Football city and and Rome I'm excited to actually be a part of it now so this is going to be parents can be awesome to be part of it. Darrelle Revis again welcome to Kansas City Oakland is cheaper and thank you thank you. That is the chiefs newest cornerback Darrelle Revis and a guy probably who does not need. You know certainly from a name standpoint does need any introductions but Kindle a lot to digest there and I just I felt like you know he was very level headed. Very thorough in his thought process in quite excited to be here you it was. It was encouraging to see someone with such a fresh take towards. Where were at because it's been a rough couple weeks is a chief and his chief spanned an. And he doesn't feel that way at all he's very excited to get on the ground right and I think he's. A little bit you know he knows he's key he's not gonna come out of the gate is strong as he wants to because he hasn't played football since last December. But you know as you heard him say he's been keeping himself in shape I don't know. I don't know how pro football player can be V and I mean he said that he's been continuing that process which you guys. Menu just you meet so many calories in you need so much protein. May he's got a way to do because he looks great he's any great weight he's right at his playing with his best playing weight it's going to be fun to watch. It will be fun you mentioned to one reason coming here because of Bob's sudden which certainly I agree and as you said he has tremendous respect prompts the thick another the probably just play into it. It's a fact of Marcus Peters so you know what you have opposite of view and you know that if you come remember I'm saying to relative drill comes in the place the way he believes he can play. Then you potentially got a duo of corners salute it's one of the best all of a sudden. And I would think that would be. Just something that that would really interest him as well you mentioned how down to earth he was and everything it was funny those reading about two. His first meeting. Ron Parker. Have a little fun with them it was an it guy in the room who got the room and you'll expect him to get up from introduced himself and I think he he was like oh could come you guys know what. Who I am in its. Admit they still make him get up and introduce himself and say his name and everything I just thought that was funny and study it was just basically went on to talk about the fact that this was somebody who was going to step in and fit in right away. He really likes how markets Peters plays how physical he plays and how passionate he plays. And he could relate to that in so that's a good sign in that that chemistry so off to a good start at least or has a good foundation to grow. I think supplements should not go on the notice also is you've got somebody. Who who Marcus Peters would have grown up watching for the last two point eight or nine years and his good locker room is an all pro am I'm sure has the has to respect. Of Marcus Peters say and I think there's a chance. 44 friendship maybe a ministership. Their attack happened which I think would be good for Marcus Peters. To see how somebody. Who's done it at a higher level the Marcus and Marcus has started a very nice level for a couple of years but to see somebody who started for over a decade. And understand how they hold them so electric that has a chance to pay even more dividends and maybe anyone realizes. I think your absolutely. On point here because. You know I've discussed this I think me you know multiple times or so much potential markets Peters. Yet he's at a very young age where he can kind of go both ways with it in terms of work ethic and in terms of how he applies himself on the field you know using that emotion for good instead of bad. And here's a guy they can teach him how to do just that the big thing now is let's see him on the field in the and so CRE goes part for me to think that you wouldn't be out there. This week. But you know crazier things have happened I haven't seen. In the that at the saga were caught him as we haven't seen any more Ross troops in terms of who they were after release but that would have to come sooner than later so. It just bears watching the end. You don't watch. It can change that the that the that the tenor of a defense overnight tonight and hopefully it will. He looks ready to play a manor house to put it he looks every bit. He's in shape and indeed taking care of himself. I just don't know if you can do that offline you know I don't know who if you can dating game shape. Without games but I don't know that you care and I think that's well put you can't but if there's any any position that you can get race. Things have if he's got somebody who's running routes against him and working on things than he would have a pretty good chance because. I mean that's that's pretty specialized know we talk about how much can get out there are no the defense or whatever well. If you put him out there and it's simply. Cover him. That's not too difficult but that pretty much says slowed and you know what to do it does doesn't matter what language you say about him what he does make his way onto the field this Sunday it will be against the Buffalo Bills. The stock a little bit about the bills can know what's your analysis so far the last three games for them have been really really rough offensively this year they're number 47 just average and a few yards over 300 game. The number thirty in the past and their number eleven in the rush so the rode the running game with with charity LeSean McCoy is definitely the strength of them. A little little bit of turmoil with Tyrod Taylor coming back to QB after the failed switch to make computer the last week and when I say we failed on whom the debacle anytime you couldn't. About it now is the exact word I was gonna use. What well I got to a first and yet. Yeah what if if you say that if you sit here and you still wouldn't be he would say how about it well it was IR squared. Yes five interceptions a mean. Your six of fourteen for 66 yards and of course to Mia Michael were you six of fourteen or were you love and a fourteen. Hum debated back and have bears discussing but either way I still think they believe that. The Peterman. Some upside forum adjustment for them just didn't go well last week but. It's hard to think that you wouldn't be better right now Tyrod Taylor. He came in. In the second half four Nathan and went fifteen for 25. 158 yards have a TV who sacked once and he also ran four times for 338 yards and I think that's the big thing which is. What he does on the ground he's got 57 carries this year for 275. Three TDs which is very big and and I think the other thing is the fact that. He's gotten 171 downs with his legs. And that's significant. It is stored to bear watching this week of how the chiefs attack. But Tyrod how they defend him because Houston to Shawn Watson dollars in debt press got. And Al Tyrod this week I think. Those last two games suck KPL in their spine and I think that's what you're gonna see a little bit this week that in conjunction with. Roger radical and playing better than ever and am really. Making. Just making do on what people expected of him when he came over. From buffalo so I would think he has so much extra incentive to go after at this week cup. Thoughts I have on Tyrod Taylor in the quarterbacks which first is that. Somewhat surprising to me. Sean McDermott who is an Andy Reid protege. Would these so. Hank cavalier may not be the right way to say it but to meet switching out quarterbacks is a fairly big statement. And to go to Peter going to be that far off from where you thought you were. I really crazy did the other. Half of this coin is that we in Tyrod came back in the second half of that game he was bringing him back he was looking really good I guess I just question why Sean McDermott that the bills head coach. Felt the need to change quarterbacks that the problem was it. Quarterback yeah I I don't get it because they've had some other issues that need to deal worth them. And really the QB situation last week kind of boat are associated the fact that McCoy went thirteen for Harden for a four yards and a TD so. I'm gonna catch also for TV as well so it's it's hard to think that you needed to be messing with the QB situation like they did when you've got that guy back their run on the ball. Because to me. One of the big deals it is this wide receiver crew for for the Buffalo Bills to me. They're they're they're they're just not the best. Kelvin Benjamin him he was the name he has been in the hours Dylan with an injury so I just think there's a lot of other things there and and generally. When you go to the backup QB yeah you'd think there's no coming back but I think. It has to have a choice of the guys didn't have a choice of mean the thought throw five and one half is just just unreal and and you know what it is what it is those things happen and I just like a set I think they still think he has upside but. I'm not this week that's for certain what you mentioned a shady McCoy this is a player than any Reid knows very well heading for I think three or four years in Philadelphia. But man he he really is capable of being game changer. Yeah he is he's been doing it very well for a long time. You know he's one of those guys he's fast he's shifty and and you don't touch him he just averages these weigh down the list of yards after contact. Just a little bit up over one so basically when you get to a you're gonna get him down. But the fact is sometimes you just can't get to him because he is. He has been very successful in this league in the makes a mistake there was so there was no love lost when he was traded from. The Philadelphia Eagles to buffalo so. He is he's come back out about it and and and a nice product for them in buffalo but. It's going to test his defense of Kansas City which. The last several weeks of the multiple. Weeks has shown that toes stopping the run game is just something there have a rough time with. Caught up with DJA on. What Wednesday's practice yes. Mystical. Who did you know obviously not a country and election giants. As a leader this team or council. How you approach the week. Wolf you gotta go back to work turn got to go back to work we will Wu who. Things haven't went our way the last few weeks and and long way to change that. There's a grinding grid. In this league long enough to know. If you still the first places. Much as these were wrong course the last few weeks. But you still got a chance so who still ended this bobbled. The sense of urgency. To win and to get things changed around. Is here. Tyrod Taylor was Shawn McCoy what comes to mind. Dynamic players dynamic players home run hitters guys that on game changes star players. EE got a game plan can't just go out there and say hey you're just gonna run our defense. It's got to be all right. Where where where is Tara on their way you know where's some Corey and I at all times to to to make sure those guys are retained. I think when you look at a player like deejay AM and he's called cool and collected as you heard right there he's just he preaches stability and he's a calming influence on everybody and I think he helps leadership wise from this locker room because. Frankly he's not playing quite as much because his body's not. Allowed him. To your seen Reggie Iraq on Stepan mourn your seem KPL soaps. He'll be interesting to see this week how to play Kerry goes because Reggie himself actually. Rate is the third best. Linebacker out last week throughout her pro football focus so he started to turn him. But to declare that the chiefs believed he might be when they traded forum you at some point they have to make that transition DTs not gonna be able to play forever. So Ian you've got to you've got to have somebody that is crossing that bridge yeah I end and thank goodness that they did get fruit can go up rigid because. He's not only I think. Capable I think he has a chance to play up to that former number one pick status that he was you know accorsi have the health issue with and he's so this is his first year playing end he just continues to get better and better and I think the chiefs of very quietly are very very happy with his play. We mentioned in the podcaster earlier this week so we need to see more out of the past rest chiefs' defense have a lot to do but really. Job number one for the chiefs. Yeah and there's no doubt about it because if you let them establish the run game in that opens up everything else in in the play action in the past came in general and and everybody knows that when you talk about each and every week but it's not a Porsche it's absolutely true and and this week for sure because I don't think the the passing game has evidences. The fact that a buffalo so far down racan wise in the pass game that I don't believe that can be the chiefs if they get the run game going the Mets another story absolutely. Okay let's turn the ball over to the other side talk about chiefs' offense well how about that let's start with the bills defense yeah you know it's it's it's at Tel two. Two cities a little bit because the bills run defense this season in the first and eight weeks the seven games. They were they were giving up just under three to have yards per carry. And only eighty yards a game that was fourth and third respectively but then he's the last three weeks it's. Just changes completely. As they've given up a little more than five yards a rush which is 29 in the league and then Hercules helped. It's hard even believe this or given up 213. Yards rushing a game in the last three weeks which is dead last in the league in fact actually that may be 34. Somehow it still may be so bad that you've got to add two teams but so they're they're they're trying to get it going I think they're embarrassed for madam that's the last thing we need. And in the these last three weeks they've given up eleven rushing touchdowns. And that's the most in single season three game span for them all time. And then they've they've given up 630. Rush yards and yell that's the most. And and that's the most by any team this year and a three game span so they're setting some records. They're not are not good and then. What looks good for the chiefs is a factor in these last three games also they've allowed 45 damp 45 runs of ten or more yards. So they are given up chalks this. Matzo from the chiefs need to take advantage of because they have not been getting those sharks they need to get tired Kareem going sooner than later so this defense. Has a chance to be taken but again. We saw with the giants were last week and they stepped up so. That's why they play the game the chiefs need to come to play this week no doubt about it we'll give us a could just a quick recap then for your keys to this game once and well I think offensively for Kansas City they've got to get the run game going they have not done that that they stop with that as much as they could last week. They got 173 yards and eighteen carries so but but again his longest rush was twelve yards want to see him get a choker too. Expect possibly that Albert Wilson soared to be back and then. Of course Ty re kill should be okay as well so the passing game needs to that. To have to get on track also and you know it's really acted mentioned Dan everything on the office because they didn't do anything on offense last week the only thing we've really got going offensively. Is we've only we've got a two goal kickers a butt kicker I mean he's. What 2223. In a row I think is what tuna. 42 so. But the fact is. Are you can't win the field goals you've got to win with a with touchdowns of the chiefs need to get down there red zone has been a problem last week O for three so they need to get that. Moving in the right direction as well and and certainly the turnovers are what they chiefs had last week that can happen this week. Chiefs and bills on Sunday kick off at noon the community America pregame show begins at 9 AM one when the fox. Followed by the fort count down to kick off at eleven art means dean will only have called fame quarterback Len Dawson was doing Kindle and I for all of that. Until then thank you for subscribing continue to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day weekend. We'll talk do you want Sunday so long for now on this week in chiefs football laces out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey chief radioed dot com.