36: 2017 Week 13 - Preview (KC @ Jets)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, December 1st
The Chiefs prepare for their third New York battle - this one against the Jets. INTERVIEWS -Travis Kelce -LDT -Steven Nelson -Frank Zombo #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsNYJ

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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel led Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this week in cheese. But all week thirteen is under way the chiefs will try to return to their winning ways after another tough loss at home. Against the Buffalo Bills are returned to New York is the play bill this time against the JETS. Jets. Full week of prep for the chiefs will talk about that where your from Travis Kelsey Stephen Nelson for example and other players in the locker room right after we do this. She's headlines on this week each football. You know general manager Fred teach hard at work with some early midweek roster so yeah earlier this week she released Ross Travis which means that's the end of the experiment. He had a lot of outside we thought he potentially had a chance to be a star but they've decided to part ways. Not surprised that in Minneapolis picks him up immediately of course Chris Bauer went over to become GM this year so. Thought that what happened in his replacement. Orson Charles who's been on the practice squad the entire year of course went to camp with the chiefs comes in and now he will be Manning. That third tight end spot and also become a stalwart on special teams as well Thursday's injury report had left this kind of curious about Turkey and request yet we're still curious he did not participate Wednesday or yesterday. It was not injury related so we don't know what's going on without her we would assume we'll get something. Eventually become a similar way as an Achilles injury he did not participate awards live coverage back to full participation Thursday. So expect that he's gonna be okay for the game and in deep force continues to be out with a back injury. And another one of no is Eric Marie he has an ankle injury and he has not participated the last two days now. Limited participation Tom holy. Bennie Logan and Albert Wilson. Some of them got back to full participation on Thursday but they've been going back and forth so they'll probably be somewhat of a game time decision. Really depending on what their practice status is today it's good to see Albert Wilson improving hopefully that continues. How about for the jets well Justin Burris has a concussion is a defense of backe did not participate Windsor Thursday so it's likely that you will be out this game other people of note is Matt Forte at running back he has a knee injury he's been in Melbourne this year. He did not participate Wednesday we think that's just arrested and had limited participation Thursday and also Steve McClendon with a neck hip injury. But it's yourself who doesn't happen back and hip injury. He didn't participate Wednesday full participation on Thursday so it looks like he will be good to go I mean Jermaine curse as a shoulder injury has been limited both Wednesday and Thursday and finally Brian winters a guard. He has been limited also on Wednesday and Thursday as well your headlines for Friday December 1 2070. Israel cannot game in this week in chiefs football can before we talk about the jets game one thing standing out in common with these losses over the past few weeks. Is the lack of offensive production it's been quite frankly wrote to watch you when you think back hit five and oh the chiefs were. Skier scoring nearly 33 points a game that was the most unifil now. Of his last six games one and five and scoring just eighteen points a game in the Odyssey the fewest in the NFL over those last six weeks so. Right now the offense at Kansas City really having a hard time getting on track turning our attention to the upcoming game back in the meadowlands Sunday the jets' defensive front seven. And the physical group Dan there really are there led by two former first round picks Leonard Williams. The right defense have been 65302. Pounds out of USC and then Mohamed will pursue him. A seven year pro out of temple in these guys to me just give up the field. They're very disruptive Steve McClendon we talked about earlier on the injury report but we expect that he's going to play him. As six foot 3310 and he is very Agile he's got a sack and a half which you don't see from the defense of tunnel. Really a nose tackle very often but. Don't start with Leonard Williams this guy. To me and what he does to an offense is just really not clear I think he's very very physical. You look at him he's got eighteen to have two knockdowns on the QB this year that's the fifth most in Europe fell. And then Mohamad will pursue them. He has two sacks and an interception and it's just this front seven in general. I think is very salt or give up the field. Not to the degree to Philadelphia did where they were playing the run on the way to the QB. But they run well I look at their middle. Backers internally and to Mario Davis I think those two guys. Have the ability. To cover backs out of the backfield they have the ability to run sideline to sideline. And that's certainly what you want in middle linebackers especially at 34 so. When you couple those two together you've got three big deepens eleven on the front that are you know linebacker you know up. Offensive lineman and that allows you're inside backers to run freely and get to where they need to go and that's what I'm seeing from the New York Jets. They lost this last week to Carolina. But they played good they were a couple really. Bonehead moves away. From having won that game so. They are dangerous opponent this week again no doubt in the know that one another one I guess I should mention. Is Josh Morgan good fourth year pro out of Columbia he's a former Kansas City Chiefs and had a couple good years here before a move in on how to they need to handle. Well I think. Mr. did you guys have said this is cushion they see all to supply and you've got to get physical the double teams I said this last week it was partly keys to winning which is. The double teams. You've got to come together. In good form and be on the same level and take your man. Up off the line of scrimmage and try to get to that sector level which is the linebackers. And even if you don't get off to a linebacker. If you make them bubble around if you if you get in their way a little bit. That's effectively just like blocking and so I think that's one thing and I'm talking about that on placed side backside they have to cut the defense late. No right now from what I saw last week you had lots of times of the backside. Defense civilians. Slammed into the inside in the tackles in my opinion. More people look at it off as wells I think they were liked. And that's not enabling. Karine haunt the ability to put his foot in the ground and come back the way I think you would like a very few times. Last week Dan and I think that we got. Two and through the line of scrimmage with the running back and I think that has to happen this week for them to have some success. On Wednesday Mitchell to source who chiefs caught up with the render an eight tardy who says it starts with. Let's talk about just getting it started to wiped us. Mark can get to fire back. Bob I think it's about time America and we all no doubt there's a lot of urgency I think in the locker room right now people. I realized that there's only so many games left and we're gonna turn that thing around. So some pretty tough and I think everybody is in the locker room. And his resume review one of those read where you can just get after them and I think as a unit as a whole warrant will get a few deaths and ordered to learn. Extremely all the truth on the offensive side of the ball on the defensive side of the ball. I've seen you grow and you have the best camp of anybody I've seen since will shields us from the pro football fan. And I've said that publicly. The one is stars has to start with a one guy just doing their job and get after what about you send all right I'll take it all turned the screw. I think does a way to approach this week for I think I'm the only one as well you know every guy whether it's amid strong men insurers or fish. Wanted to better and one assure everybody that's. We have to do unit to turn that that ship around on the offensive side of the ball. And the mentality of saint take the fight to them this sort of take the blow deliver the blow what about style. I think uses but that's sunrise well the football in the trenches. I think if you go there with the mentality of like you know what I'm gonna dominate my guy no matter what. Not always gonna be pretty good I'm gonna get the job done most of the time with my blood MM didn't make get a guy assuming. I think it's abyss which make sure you're on top of things in the fourth quarter. Is chiefs right guard elite team and you know I can appreciate what he's saying you know it all starts with. Mean in the offensive line and I think everyone agrees with that but it just seems as move knowing that in doing that have been two different things. Yet they really have him. It's the chicken of the exterior are you gonna get the confidence and make a worker you're meant to work that's gonna give you confidence I don't know. I think the other thing that was telling from LTT was the fact. That he's very aware that there's five games left the time is of the essence and the chiefs if they really wanna do things they've got to start to make a run now and I think that starts with the offensive line. It's you know. Filters back to the QB making good decisions and then getting the ball into the hands of play makers which. You know. Brings up Travis Kelsey brings up Tyreke killed those two guys right now. Not getting the type of action that I think we believe they need to get if the chiefs want to be a successful we talked with Travis calcium Wednesday. Coming in today to see and everyone's alertness and men and want to get better and anarchists. Turnaround in the troops in everybody's confidence going. Knowing that we believe in each other in the you know the so season is far from over no work pretty attack whoever whoever's in front of us kind of question your veteran star. True to influence the rest of the team going and what's go how do you started individually. Actions not words just go out there and then bust my tail their practice today's show you know I'm. I'm working my tail off Monday through Friday to try to deceive meridian. Sure enough from junior the young guys who will be doing the exact same thing in and trying to make sure that you know world their throats and often saw the ball would. I'm all there for each each and are you going doesn't seem. Tied in Trevor. Skills seemed kennel he's been playing very well earlier in the season you saw the big plays happening from a lot of different players Korean hall Tyreke kill. I Travis as you mentioned. But as of late we're seeing defense of defense is play cover two and basically that's too high safeties. Around him plain house and and around you know 1518. Yards back there. And the school thought as this is just keep everybody in front of view. In effect you're able to somewhat bracket those players when they come out Kelsey you're retired reeks and you get a two on one net times. And all you try to do is keep the big plays from happening. And defense is are betting. But the chiefs can't put long play drives together which they have not been putting together and that's been the rest penis out there and right now everybody's use and you. You saw last week. The Buffalo Bills they hadn't been playing a lot of cover two yet they played last week because. Other teams have shown that's what's working so. The chiefs. Going back to your first question is the offensive line has to get the running game going cream or pastor gig going. When you look at tyra kill. This last week he was targeted at eleven times. That's the most he's been target the season. He caught seven balls and that's tied for the most balls is cup this year. But you only had a little under six yards per reception and that's the lowest of the season and that really makes a point of what I'm saying with the cover to work. Okay he's gonna catch the ball. But we're gonna kinda have the shown in the back candidate we're just not gonna let you make that 405060. Yard run. We understand how far past you are we respected and sort of make sure you don't get out of the gate to begin with. The cover two defense is weakest right in the middle of the field between the two safeties in about midway back in terms of depth. Eight that forces the linebackers drop back in coverage that's the area of the field its weakest. How would you attack that. Personnel wise with the chiefs is that Travis Kelsey across the medals at Tyreke through that spot. How how would you attack debtors it'll never quotes a little bit of everything I think Dan as you mentioned when you talked about the Mike backer dropped him back in there that's for the Tampa two work. It almost becomes a cover three in a sort Sino us and it's technically a cover to win them. When you have a good Mike backer who can run that seem in the middle with a tight and if he's going up the middle because he's trying to split the two safety's. Then. That makes a defense even better right I don't think there's anybody really to can run with the with Travis Kelsey from a linebacker situation. But he's certainly not Tyreke no certainly not Tyree but again this brings up the point also though is. When you have covered too you know you have your two deep safeties in years and you know you have your two quarters. So you know there's four coverage right there and so your only gonna have seven in the box most. And less you have to put somebody else by concurrent was so you have seven in the box. You should be able to run on that a little bit and if you run on that then you start to weaken things and make people start to do some different things maybe to bring an eight man up in the box. If that's the case and you're not going to play cover two and you could exploit some of these different areas and right now the chiefs are able to exploit. What's being in them which is that the cover two and in my opinion on a course. They're shifting to different things and it's it's not a simple as just playing cover tried every single time for those of you listening I've done during what should take me out of context. But they are making the play of OK we're just not to let the big place. Beat us and to your point is what can't we run up to the same with different things well. We can but right now we're not be effective we did seek we ditzy Kelsey targeted once. And he caught a a nice of ball room nice ceremony yards this last game I think on the left side. We didn't get enough about him I think he only had three catches his last name. Let's turn it over for the jets offensively what they need to accomplish well I think they you're going to try to run on the chiefs for sure rim and make that she stop it otherwise. The keep doing that they have kind of a running back by committee when you look at Forte. Elijah McGwire and the Walt Powell. These three guys all have over 250 yards and we all have one or more touchdowns so it is running back by committee. Our Forte of course his best years I think are behind him you know he's still the knee issues when he was in Chicago. He was fabulous but this year 67 rushes for 267 yards just a couple of TDs the big thing though is his longest run today. Is this twenty yards so he's not a big play guy he was all Powell though. This guy impresses me a little bit the only has uttered rushes for little over four and fifty yards. But he's got a long as 75 and I don't know watching him until last couple games just seems like there's a little something to him so ho hum it will be worth. Watching to see what they do in the run game. And if the chiefs can stop but if that's the case. In the gonna get tough passing game and a Josh McCown not a big name he's been in the league a long time thirteen years. I was talk with Dave told yesterday about him also and he was very complimentary of him because he said no I think Josh accounts been surprising I think so to a lot of people I'll tell ya I don't think Dave told the surprised he was around in the Chicago. Wim where was it when Josh was there and he made mission fact the only was a backup at the time. But he remembers you as a gunslinger in and he could throw the ball in any thinks look quite a lot of them so. It's really evidence you look enemies he's completing 67% of his passes this year is pass for a little over 2500 yards. You'll seventeen to eight on the touchdown to tip the tuck in to suction ratio so he's stolen some good things. The quarterback position. And when you look at the wide receivers. From my standpoint the one who jumped out of me who are really didn't know much about was Robbie Anderson just in the second year out temple. But he's a key he's had a TD and five consecutive games I don't care who your that's pretty impressive. And he's average him about seventeen half yards a catch so. I saw him last on the film against Carolina just go up and basically him in front of two people. And come down ever touchdown that's what I noticed too we seem to very athletic so he's an issue he seems to be the favorite target. Four Josh McCown determining curse big body guy also six foot. 1210 pounds. This guy has done some good things for part of what allows well so they've got a little bit of a 12 punch. I think the other one that you really have to be aware of as are tied him. Austin's a ferry journey Jenkins. This guy were out of Washington his fourth year of course Washington known for producing. Very good tidy NC six took five tour and 62 pounds and he runs very very well. Obviously without big body he's a big target those three are nice compliment for Josh McCown to be looking out so. It's going to be worth noting to see how that that pass game. Is affected. By a the defensive line of the cancer chiefs if they can rush and get to Josh McCown. And then also that we expect that we're going to see derail Revis for the first time this week he'll face his old team we'll see if he can't set up island on the opposite side of the ocean there because. Is no doubt he was one of the best to ever play at that position the question is what's he got left in the tank but you there's been a lot of talk this week also down about the fact well he's going against his old team Josh can kill you come out so that. They feel like they have a little bit of revenge against him because they practiced against him in the know some things. I don't really buy that mean that sounds like a little bit of a coach speaker players speak. But I guess it's it's got a little bit of the validity but you know you said. Where is gonna set up through the island I don't care where sets up the island along as long as there is one because if you can get him to do something good at that right quarterbacks by a spot. When you got Marcus Edwards. Marcus Peter's brother on the other side you've got a chance. To really have a good Sutter corners well. We have to look at the safety side of things and of course we said earlier that her Maria's not practice this week. As of yet because of an ankle injury and if that's the case. Then that throws in. Took to the loop of what you do in the Sullivan direct action packages because. Lots of time you were seen the dirty Dan up there I would think he would have to go back to the the safety position so a lot of things are gonna be affected in that deepens the secondary for the chiefs this week before here for frank some low in Stephen Nelson I want to ask you because I'm with few. Familiarity. To me it does more for the defense and does for an office I think so yes as you agree with that I agree I think you're right on without. It's been worth noting the fact that really derail a sudden very little so sick he came here you had a chance talked who would listen to that. Interview last week but a very humble guy. As you hear. Bob Sutton defensive coordinator talked about Amy made mention the fact that. Not only went crazy and was unbelievably gifted with his speed and his quickness and his his county but the fact that he was so competitive. And then east studied constantly constantly and you wanted to be the best that's when your stars happen Mets win. That's when you get a name a re an island named after you were so competitive like that. You know I I thought a lot about this over the week you know your first impressions of somebody and especially. 'cause he was a little bit smaller than Italy was going to be your first impressions always standout threat as I thought through this for him to be so calm. In so in control he must be a thinker he must be a guy that studies have always kinda attributed to him to being. Superior athlete that had attitude that. Letting them get it all done. But I'm not so sure about that anymore I think he might be a little sneaky choir chaos and so. You do what I like about them. That doesn't go anywhere at age he could do that the rest of his life so as long as his legs will stay under him. And he's mentally prepared he still going to be good player Bob Sutton mention the fact that he thought here's a fairly cerebral player and was excited about that side of things and generally if you have that even if you lose a step. You can still be pretty solid if if you have the experience that makes up for you're not a starting cornerback with the Super Bowl ring in not earn it. Right I put that very well put you get the just under this is just. We gotta get a win we gonna find it when we do need to get a win and certainly I think the passing game is going to big be a big deal. If derail plays are his starts at the right corner position are plays there which I think you will then you're gonna see. Stephen Nelson displaced. But then the fact is he can play were I think they've always wanted to play him. Most of the time it was at the slot and and really I think that's the best position for him at this point in time them and Mitchell the chance topped him this week. These kids have the ability of Enron and Andersen spit some yards per catch one of us who lead producer Bruce run by a throw it deep what about the told these guys away from the big plus. I think we'll do I think we'll be fine we more alert for that guy you know he's there are more vertical guys everybody knows and which is blaming him knows big chances will be fine. What is seen curse to the other guy that's a compliment. Prisoner you know savage said he I'm proud wanted to better route runners that they have but I think we cannot control him and number eleven movie fun. The final question deals would take away some men and a six wins or even twelve takeaways and and you get those in this guy. We learned there we it's got to practice hard in our practices are weighing new show and again. She Stevie Stephen Nelson. Kindle site asking to name the chiefs for pass rushers but he be easy for you to come up with Justin Houston Tom Ali indeed Ford. The number four would have been difficult up until a couple of weeks ago. Franks combo has been steadily playing better and better his development and as a chief he seems to me to have his best in front of himself. The former chippewa out of central Michigan is the consummate pro and I column that all the time because he's just steps up and does what's past. I think it's impressive in the fact that I know that he understands. The defense enough that he can play all four. Linebacker positions and that's a big deal to me but stepping in has that right outside linebacker position. Think he had the only sack last week does a nice job stopping the run and you know it just has a very. Home soothing cerebral notice to him as well and I think that's good for the defense. Is he do you forward to know if he's not he doesn't have I talked to speed. But like we talked about no the defense about giving. Past his prime but his experience allows them to do some things I think the experience and the tape study of of drinks on ball. Allows him to perform at a better level than some people might think before it. Allows them to perform better than some people might think four the F what a schism they see imminent in the frank you're listening to some not calling you about athlete. I'm just saying your one not as you're not the athlete that it Justin Houston or a. I'd even go as far as say is I mean Justin is a very when you stand next to Justin he's towering hazy physically demonstrative figure. Drake is a big guy but he's not. Physically. Built like those other guys and yet he delivers a chizik already. Beyond his size in my opinion I think maybe athletically to the I think that's a fair statement and again I just think he's the consummate pro he's there all the time he's never hurt. He knows what's going on he makes plays he's batted. Multiple balls down the last several years of really made a big difference and he just gets at a dead. Probably the best compliment I can never give anybody and I'm given mr. frank has he is a football player whom he may not test out the best. On the forty on the bench whatever it is I don't know how strong he is or whatever but he knows how to play football and knows how to play at a high level right now. That's something to beam admired and something that's new to by the Kansas City Chiefs defense talking with coach Reid on on Monday he said frank zone mode is beginning the gives you a 110%. Of everything that you ask him to do. That's a pretty big compliment. Yeah I am. People you you probably do understand but if you don't award should understand. Andy Reid does not hand held called it's like very confident he's saying that the name he means something new and and it. Brings some ball has the ultimate respect for everybody on that team as for all these reasons that we've just pontificating on their menus just. That guy and that's a good that's a good leader in the locker room I love the fact he's making the most his opportunity because this is a team that has evil rich. Line backing core is certainly the outside position he's getting his opportunity yeah I really isn't him this isn't a huge deal but. I notice that which is you know last week the buffalo locker room the game the locker room after the buffalo game. I understand nobody wants to talk come in there and I might as well been invisible. But I asked frank if if you could help me out if he can talk a little bit to get an interview to give something for. For folks listening that to to to hear a reaction. Any just steps up and any talks and he's very real about the fact of what's going all and in. You know that cuts and that's a true pro also when you can get up and and even in the hard times. Stand up and talk about what's going on him Inge to understand that. People wanna know they wanna hear they want what the wanna have a sense of what's happening and he does best and that's tough at that at a time like you know he played the into that game incredibly well this week in that he we had tonight. I think the bills had. Three positions in Peru where he just meant he was still in the current stuff try to roll yeah absolutely that's right this had a chance to talk with frank some low earlier this. Do you read more scrimmage announced that you've had maybe since you've been here that you responded back to back to back in stopping three drives last week and what about. Continuing met this week against is Justin. He starts you know you know starting stone's Vietnam have seen what. They're gonna do I think this took the preparation came into big effect last week Kingdome garrison to seduce him for us defensively. Then very sort of strong who today you don't get after him and now you don't watch what they do Powell has had some big runs and younger they got a bigger runs what about. And only stopped from Iran to keep an original package that. Yeah I've Arab dignity play. That they have veto of a really fast wide receiver quarterback who's been played extremely well and you know rotation running backs and always seem to be pretty fresh. And a strong alliance so they have very potent offense and nearly of but we're off for us from DC and almost everything in your career almost everything. At this point in the the responsibilities been put on your plate what about you overall. It's down united. I've been in this position many times in my career. It's nothing new just keep going Bob I'm doing you know. Stay in the film room. Put in my strains which is you know being a Smart veteran player and but that demise my edge I guess. As chiefs linebacker frank sound only it's nice and refreshing that he is able to play and bring it depth to this team when he needs it most in he keeps playing as hard as he is they are gonna turn this thing back around. Yeah I am in the knees start sooner than later certainly this week. With the jets no easy tasks is is this is not a bad jets team they may very easily could have come out on top against Carolina last week if not for. Really of little bit of bone head play about the QB trying to. To throw the ball away any of fumbles certain. Equally of Carolina. But picks it up and goes in for a touchdown and then also the the long bomb where Anderson goes up limiting catches up for touched down those two plays to me. Were the difference in the game finally have a special teams can well. In talking with Dave told yesterday. He's very frustrated I think he along with for the special the guys on special teams feel like they can contribute more than they are right now. We talked about the fact that. What teams are doing them before they play the chiefs and what they do with the chiefs are are almost. Completely different which is they're they're trying to keep the ball away from Tyreke killed and rightly so I say it all the time if you kick the ball to Tyreke on purpose. You must be smoking crack something's going on there it is you're doing some thought to drugs nor do we saw last week. What we saw buffalo is don't care we're gonna kick the ball this close to the sideline or out of bounds as possible. And it's it's only a 31 or 33 net we don't care we just don't want him tense hands and they're trying to limit the playmakers. And that's what they did last week and it was. It was frustrating quite honestly for for not only Tariq special teams units in general now. On a good note pare some but Kirk continues that streak continues to kick the ball how the end zone with that big strong leg and he's definitely been a fine and special teams. A for the kids city chiefs of this year now. Backtracking a little bit. Off on them the punt return game for Kansas City Chiefs. If they can get one. The jets showed last week that they are vulnerable as Carolina took a punt back sixty yards for TV so. If ever there were time to. Get things moving on special teams and try to get out of these doldrums that we're seeing in the offense from the defense and special teams in the last several games. This would be at this is this is a big game. And the special teams in general needs to make a dent in both offense and defense of field position when we set this reform that. Teams that aren't that we don't play often haven't seen Tyreke in person. They can kick it to a spot on the field but what they're not prepared for his. One that guys coming at you one on one what it's gonna feel like to kind of back up your point completely. Not the greatest analogy may be but I can remember. Covering down after ponson and covering against the cowboys and the ideal settlers back there and hadn't played in them. You think OK we're gonna go get them in my corral him I was a sheep daughter know what mimicked tackle army times and maybe I can cut in mangalore whatever. And you go down there and they're like them no good. Didn't realize that he's much faster than I thought I haven't but I'd didn't and is a sheepdog Barrett and heard in my didn't do any thing Mo here get me tell you have a chip wouldn't even more or until you have a chance to see him you really don't know. Chiefs and jets 1202 central local pregame starts at 9 AM sharp on the most powerful classic rock station on the planet one won the fox. Kansas city's classic rock station in the NFL's largest network will join us at 11 AM all across the chiefs Keenan has always what the best coverage of your cheeks anywhere. Thanks to everyone for subscribing keep spreading the word we can't think everyone enough for the tremendous success we've enjoyed this year already till then thanks for listening to this week in chiefs football. Places out there. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Stacy cheap radios dot com.