37: 2017 Week 14 - Preview (Raiders @ KC)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, December 8th
The hated Raiders come to Arrowhead! Plus, a look at the Jets loss. INTERVIEWS -Steven Nelson -Kareem Hunt -Rakeem Nunez-Roches #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsOAK

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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host then Israel land and those gamma. Ended. Very pleasant read Friday morning to chiefs fans welcomed this week in chiefs football it is week fourteen in the NFL. The AFC west has come down to a bit of a log jam the raiders are coming to town Sunday. The chiefs could use a divisional victory over these next two weeks we'll talk with Korean hunt Rickey knew guess wrote shows and Stephen Nelson. How the chiefs can stop those big plays from the raiders. Also look at some of the highlights from last week's defeat in East Rutherford the now before we do this. She's headlines this week each football. Into the chiefs have now lost four in a row six of their last seven but the story of this week. Has to be the one week suspension of quarterback Marcus Peters who seems to have finally pushed things too far. After throwing a referee's flag into the stands and walking off the field. Into the locker room even though he had been disqualified from the game yet then we've. I heard over and over give them Marcus is a competitive person who sometimes let his emotions get the best of them. And I do believe that. But they've really shown patience with Marcus and some of this competitive tactics. But I think he had no choice but to sit Marcus got a week and given some time to think about this I know it's tough for the raiders coming to town they have very good wide receivers. But you gotta make a decision for the greater good on this is just something that needs to happen we'll see whether this is effective or not whether it makes a change ultimately. Pocono we were beginning to wonder we've seen before again this season now we know yesterday the chiefs placed Ford on the injured reserve. Or hasn't played since the late October Broncos game. Now earlier this season the club exercised Ford's fifth year option for 2018 that year has an injury guaranteed. Because kicking and if it's determined that he could not play next season so the first day of the new year. Which begins on March 14 could be an interest in one for the chiefs in deep for the shame because he was playing great for six games. He sex thirteen tackles and forced fumble. His absence makes room on the 53 for the acquisition of Justin Hamilton Hamilton is a defensive linemen from the Eagles practice squad. You might remember. 2014. Draft he was selected by thin chiefs general manager John Dorsey. Dorsey in the cheap sported ways prior to the start this season. No league news yesterday that John Dorsey will be the new GM for the Cleveland Browns. Good luck to you definitely got your work cut out for you there Kindle besides Ford what other notable injuries are their for the chiefs. Well unfortunately this week senator Mitch Morse re injured that foot that kept him out for multiple weeks earlier in the year and he did not participate in practices on Wednesday or Thursday. Nor did air marine who's doing with an ankle injury that has kept him out of the last two games. I would expect neither to play this week. Defensive end Allen Bailey was held out of practice on Wednesday what is he called down. But did limited work on Thursday what he does today we'll see a lot about his chances for playing this Sunday. The same can be said for thirteen year veteran Tom Hawley who did not play in either New York game. And was limited on Wednesday and then did not practice on Thursday this leads me to believe that he still having some difficulty without walking the and really that's probably going to be a game time decision as well you know it's funny that all the resources we have an outside linebacker you'd just. We can't seem to keep them healthy it's really amazing. How about for the raiders a lot of players on August oh my goodness here we go a long list for sure but I don't know how much it will stick more Sunday gets here. Navarro Bowman. Bruce Irvin colonial back and Reggie Nelson called did not participate in practice on Wednesday it was labeled as not injury related so I'm speculating that it's purely rest for key players. Only lynch continue to be on the DMP list. On Thursday and that was still labeled as not injury related so I expect him to play on Sunday today's report will ultimately tell the tell me help them be smoke this week. The heart to think you would miss this game. He Lyman Demeco Autry has a candor injury which kept him out of practice Wednesday and limited to come Thursday. I expect him however to play in you know Marty Cooper is dealing with an ankle injury that kept him out of action last week vs the giants. He could not practice Wednesday or Thursday and I don't expect him to practice today either which forced him missing a second game in a row. Reserve offensive lineman John Feliciano. Is dealing with a concussion is an upper practice this week while linebacker. Corey James this person in me that kept him last week's game and it's not practiced either. That is good news for the chiefs' offense no doubt. And then wide receiver core barrel Paterson and fullback Jim Mays who Wally who have a hip and ankle injury respectfully did not knock heads on Wednesday either. New to the list Topper was defensive lineman Jihad war was a full participant always stay put them listed with a foot injury that kept him out of practice on Thursday. What he does today you'll probably tell the tell them finally cornerback David Emerson was a limited participant in practice both Wednesday and Thursday. As he fights to get back from a foot injury that kept him out of last week's game as well. Did my apologies next time I'll ask you who's healthy how. Wow yes Oakland certainly dealing with their fair share of injuries it would appear finally the streak of 23 straight field goals is no more his rookie Pearson biker. Just misses wide right and I think that people think the point off the right upright the idea graze the right operate as you said he just as easily could have gone to him. But it didn't unfortunately those were big points that the chiefs certainly could've used at the end of the game. From a positive aspect though he did come back to make his next field goals so his streak now officially stands out. What rural start somewhere right. Those are your headlines for Friday December 8 2007 to. Dan Israel Kendall Gammon this week in chiefs football Kindle so much to talk about let's start at last week's game just briefly. The jets win the toss they deferred the chiefs received the opening kick off they passed right to the Marcus Robinson for ten yards left to Travis Kelsey for 32 yards. Left again to Tyreke hill for eleven yards. That handoff to cream on up the middle that gets nothing so they go back to the air on just the fifth play of the game. Play action victory. Alex Smith's golden stars like but again. The chiefs and store. Our offensive touchdown on the first. They have a ton. Events since nine Houston game but what he. Yard touchdown on the corner battered Alex looked at Travis jealousy at 1222 to go first quarter earnings Marcus may have run jazz miles. These past Kelsey down the left side kind of set a tone the defense then holds the jets to three and out. Kansas City starts their second position at New York's 36 with this play. Double tight right now Alex Smiths under pressure it's thought. Exact. We're Chelsea just got a 22 yard touchdown. 36 yard touchdown. And Marcus made that. We can adjust in six plays two TDs while it was great to have the quick strike back. Had zero yards rushing kind of foreshadowed what was gonna be coming in balance at time of possession yeah when you get to the end of the day. Alex Smith had a better day but the run game continues to stall in that. That was one of my keys two winning before the game in the chiefs for whatever reason that operative line which is beat up a little bit. Still having a difficult time getting Karine hunt back in the swing of things and really. I've gotten I would see scrimmage yards it doesn't have to be the rush to me you get him out in the flat and catching a screen pass guts or gore fight him off just make him a threat so that you could do some of the things down until that being said. The chiefs and then Alex Smith in in particular. Dissing titlist things in the air. Yeah you really canyon scored 31 points you can't really blame the offense here despite the time of possession we just let the defense out their little bit too long I don't know if they got tired I don't know if they. You know without a doubt. Timmy the most glaring statistic was the freak at third down conversion I mean they had first of all the the quantity of third down conversions. And then some very untimely penalties it just it was too much for the chief Steve. Yeah I'm thirteen for 25. The jets converted on third downs nothing. That the name of the game is to get off the field and in the defense of Kansas City simply could. Not do it I mean no matter how hard out Smith and the receivers tried to put points on the board. The jets just keep coming kept coming back coming out Smith all day had 366 charts for TDs along with 79 he had a rush for seventy yards with real no doubt it was fun to see that was amazing little scary in a senior quarterback got there Russian like that but you know I it was very athletic and Alex would spark but ultimately though. You we talked about the defense not you know to fill some of the things that the offense didn't do. Three parade on third downs those those are great statistics but about one and then the other one is over to the red zone. You get in the red zone you've got to score the chiefs just score once the games a whole different scenario so again very frustrating. The offense got back on track and then the defense kind of went to put. Well you know I eat we've kind of been watching this since the last raiders game. Where the pot has just continued did kind of boil under number 22 markets speeders finally it it's just boiled over enough where coach Reid felt like they needed to do. In this isn't a suspension from the league route for throwing that. Referee's flag this is a suspension from the team you know as I said to somebody else this week when you're a player you look down to ground in you see the flag. It's not your property something you don't normally touch her handle and you know in the back your mind you got no business touching it. And you pick deputy heave it into the crowd. Here it's representative of a loss of self control your emotions your are getting the better. It really is to go back to your first point that not only I mean do you not Jordan in there that you just don't touch it. I can remember a couple times seem people pick up a flag and just give it to rep try to be nice. They don't even like I just thought it it's literally don't touch my stuff. It's Marc almond take my ball and we all hope that this is just stay away from my stuff and that's fine so. You've got to respect that there's got to be the difference between the players and the reps reason what's going on. And the talk all year. Winn Marcus is blown up as well he's just a competitive young man and he's he's healed but that's part of of his game in him. We're gonna let him be him and I get that to a degree. But a certain point I think it becomes. Destructive and I think that's what you were starting to see. With him and the defense side I believe. They were getting a little bit tired of his antics two degrees well when you call out a. A little play your teammate man you better be on your game in to watch him play in New York is to not be physical after calling out teammates for not being physical. I can't sit well with anybody. I don't think it doesn't anytime that's one thing that the NFL stopped playing him. As you wanna talk about the other team a little better if you if you wanna talk about maybe being treated unfairly by the fans or coaches or whatever that's fine. But generally there is an unwritten code that you you don't talk about these each other on the same team which is something that. That's going to breed contempt doesn't help you can't help Willy Canterbury breeds contempt like I say it's and it just stated drives a wedge in there and I think. Andy Reid felt like you know about what it was and far enough that he had to remove it and make sure you give and give him some time to think about things what's going on. I do like how windy. Handle things so he's got asked repeatedly. About what he was going to do or what he did and he's like listen that's internal and we keep that amongst ourselves. And we as fans in the media we want to know and they get step but the fact is we don't get to know everything and things like this I do think need to sit to stay internal between the player and the coach and just the fact that. You know we suspended so not only is he not playing but here you losing a week's pay as well that's a pretty big fine in and of itself. To me that sends a message to everybody that the coaches had enough. We'll see if it makes a difference we'll see if it's effective which got to try something yes I wanna ask you about its relationship to this game which is you take what. On data Lee is whether or not he's playing that way is your most physical most athletic quarter. And you got a team coming to town in the Oakland Raiders you get a team coming to town with a very good receiving corps and MR Cooper. Michael Crabtree will play his suspension was amended to be only one game so he'll play. So we gotta we got ahead. A quarterback in some receivers that we have to defend in how we do that without mark speeders. Very carefully. I think. Somehow. You're going to have to get pressure on the dirt car and that's that's not an easy. A task because overall this year. I think this offensive lineman of the raiders has given up making nineteen sacks that stopped him Derek Karr in the games that he's played he's only been sacked fourteen times. He's got seventeen touchdowns eight interception pretty good ratio there. And mean you just look at what he did to the chiefs last time and he can flat throw the ball around and then also what we saw last time was. Debt they felt like their receivers were better athletes just throw the ball up and let them go open get it and to me the only way to do to affect that. Aside from the deepest blacks playing better. It's getting pressure on number four and making sure that he can't get the ball off as accurately as he would like one of the athletes Derek Karr will test. Is quarterback Stephen Nelson. Defendant is again is a better this time I wonder what's it gonna take with the weapons again. This is going to say for everybody ma'am are living there wasn't sure you know regarding just trust and our coaches trust Wu Rui and our duties and we're take care of opponents throughout the rubs people run Novell run your route and the communication that's required with whomever you have out there and on defendant knows. With the road Rouse nannies is one of those things is yes it was repetition and you have to know the situation of the game with office trying to do do you who run our Manso. Who wanna get those decision started no priest now would that we're possibilities. I talked with coach Sutton a little bit coming home from New York in just kind of was picking his brain. He mentioned the big plays we rip they really have to figure out a way to stop car from. From making those huge plays on you where you've you know you've done good you've done good you've done good then he just he kills you with one. If they can stop that is that enough to say don't let them get a big play on us is that I left it to get the job done here and. You would think so because it's been the big chunks of yardage that are really killed the chiefs. Her name again that third and long lived it they've been so poor and even third and long situations. That it is it's almost been maddening now. You know a bit of good news is if Mark Cooper continues to be injured then you've got a guy who caught eleven passes for 210 yards. And two TDs on the last game. Not on the feels about would be good but too. You look at the guys that stepped in last week because both Cooper and Crabtree didn't play unit Cordero Paterson. You'll come up with a game four catches for 97 yards and injured cooked the tight end. This last week just one catch for nine yards report. The first game against Germans he killed us out and I didn't know who wants I had nor do this tied in wasn't maybe that's me just not having been around enough to. Seen him play but. He had six catches for 170 yards against us last time and and just a lot of key first downs that kept the kept the the drives going and that is going to be difficult now it's gonna become panel by the fact the beast mode appears to be getting into rhythm as he had a hundred yards this last week. Albeit against the giants but. Got another to a couple passes for twenty yards so if you got him going you've got different weapons now to where this defense of Kansas City. When you look at it on paper. They could very much beyond their heels but again we know now that you don't look at paper what the stats say because. If you did and you listen to that in the cheese would rule one more than one game in the last seven. All of the one thing I will see is that I think the defense seems to have been playing the run better but boy when I watched that game with Marshawn Lynch last week. He more than passes the eye test and he looks like the old beast mode he does I do again. Preface that with the fact that engines of the giants and their not a great to run stopping team but to. No this this office over the steepest Salina Kansas City which is where you start with a run stopping them and Allen Bailey. You know he's probably going to be a game time decision. I don't think we've got in the play out Chris Jones that. We believe he's capable of required also that I think he thinks he's capable up Betty Logan has been doing some good thanks last week six tackles two tackles for loss. To me he's been very physical always been very active he's been. I think somewhat what the chiefs expected him to be but when it comes down to we're just not getting outside rush. It's hopeless as defensive lineman Ricky Nunez wrote to us about going up against beast. Just running anymore Sean got to go on last week. When you guys have been really good against the run Nelson stretch and together and what about stop them or shock. Oh welcome my aunt Jeanne do we don't hurt continued our current terms so he's okay and yeah shoot past the humidor in the aluminum doors are there. Exceeding chizik talent they also must come and you physical on Norman exceeded on her immediate what about you personally. Tenure assignment. In physical. Oh are triggered are only the reality load of his carrier began around. Sometime on the interior rugged play and try to do globe do wireless mighty Osama home winters so. I've definitely our road open for this guy whose parents around. You don't do the ground to lose you know pulling the inclusion where it won't fight through it. You've been around for a long enough now to know about this trial or what's it mean do. Oh man is alive and they have per thousand a night used was gone and I hear good. Very it is no not anymore it goes down easily your serves armor and full. Turning this over to the chiefs' offense. It's more screws down and game again boy just he's just struggled to get that come up. I'm not convinced Kimmel he was ever really back. No I don't think so I think he. You try to get back out of office too early on in May just gotten to a point that it wasn't gonna get much better and you try to play on. I don't know that certain I just know that happens a lot in this game. But again now Zach pull moves over from the left guard spot to the center position and he did it during the game into the early effective and courses play that position. Earlier in the year when Mitch was out and then what's been comes back left guard positions you've got guys. With experience in those positions. But it's not the starting line and I'm. So you think they're not going to be is good I will say this. Zach may be able hold up against the run. Or gore to run block a little bit better than Mitch I don't know. Where he stands in the past walking side of things with slim. He's the next man up he started several games but you've got to believe that they were completely happy with them or else they wouldn't of had Zach Fulton. Take his spot at left guard position so. Ultimately the office supplying not playing as well as you would like and certainly Eric Fisher Mitchell Schwartz. They're going to have their work cut out for them this week because when you look at Camille Little Mac and then. A Demeco Autry the Niko has is. He just has one sack but he's he's got five passes batted down I guess the big ones Mac with seven to have Saxon. Really. That doesn't tell the story with him to seek its double teamed all the time he's at times he's virtually unblocked doubles so that's something it's another seven that's very difficult to handle. Oh yeah there's no doubt about it now Corey James is expected he was out last week and is expected to be up this week as well so. Nicklaus moral steps in for him and he said he a rookie so you lose some American Navarro bar Bowman who they picked up. The chief earned raiders she picked up actually game week before the play the chiefs. He has been a big fight for them at the Mike backer the course Bruce serving who have spent some years of Lee to Seattle. He's done some nice things for them that's Sam backer position is five and a half sacks. So. That front seven is difficult they are aggressive they get up to filled and another violent at times as well not for lack of trying. Certainly but they just cannot seem to get cream aren't going that the chiefs running game. What was so powerful in September. It's just literally been non productive I mean Alex Smith had seventy yards last week but that it that's not gonna happen very often certainly knowing the he even with the seven yards you would expect that he wouldn't be the leading rusher in writing yet he was saying. I'm for whatever reason. And I don't I'm I'm it's inexplicable to me I I can't understand how they can get more running game going. I think they've still been trying to get it going I think. They've they've committed to the run in the continue to do so they can. Have the the possibility of the play action. Game to help set up things but. Wherever reason right now they're not getting it going this week to me. They're basically going to have to have the quick passer you have to get the ball out quickly. To set up maybe long passes and then also set up the run because. If they stand back there were any time at all I think they're going to have an issue that. What was so interesting to me in New York their first four. Plays were were passes. All first downs. And they finally give it to cream and still can't get any yardage with the you know you can't expect. That's the passing play eventually to loosen up that Brian oxen in getting through there. Mitchell has got a chance to sit down with cream yesterday after practice. Attacking these stats were last week who's in attack mode stayed aggressive out an attack in this Oakland defense. Did you know we just one tamale you know make plays me we play is that we know we Canon. Just be able to sound attack the shared how much of that spurred you guys on this weekend prepping for this guy. We just you know wanna keep doing we're doing and has got them make the plays you know just make all the big plays that we can in does the ready for whatever they bring. When asked about the rivalry for your first year to taste a little bit what about playing a rival like this. You know it's only a physical game they don't come into play in we don't have to come may replace a lot on line for this game and who's got to do is show up. Actually don't Hoosier they're gravel did you guys just like government here's your blood boil and those deathly Bowling Green but. I feel like and I use or how real rival to. So Kindle it's obvious with Korean hunt there they've been talking about just how important this game is yeah and it's raider week it and it takes on new meaning not that those games are almost always adopt part to the end no matter where they play at Korean hunt. Of course has four rushing touchdowns but. The chiefs in journal they haven't had a rushing. Touchdown for eight consecutive games that's one short of the all time record in chiefs history so they're on some monumental task in and really. I don't have to have a rushing touchdown. I just need some rushing yards Daryn to loosen things up a little bit right now it's just not happened the time of possession last week which is so we imbalances. It was. You know you can't. You can ask your defense to be out on the field no you can't. You have to take into account a little bit that there were 21. Play drives one with sixteen seconds the other was eighteen seconds so you got fourteen points. But the defense got an arrest. You an indication of the second when I mean they were out there for seven or eight minutes already before that. Yeah which which is tough you don't wanna not to pick touched down very a bit but up 43 minutes even if you say you give three minutes to drive to those as opposed to one play. And take six it's still. Lopsided beyond belief 43 to seventeen basically is unbelievable him. And it's just tough for him and again I think they had the one point in time I think. The first drive of the second half. I was eighteen plays. First down after first down after first down. And they kept converting on third down we get admin and that the position that we liked and we just could not get off the field. And eighteen plays is just a long time you know we'll see what the change would Zach Fulton to senator does for the offensive line but hopefully they can continue that finally special teams. Or whatever and timely. Game to end your streak in the you know I guess can't control these things. No that's too bad and they've told yesterday talked about the fact that. You know is just the battle line and he pushed up all a little bit corset it's yup right it could've just as easily went in but it it went out when you talk about a game of inches that is certainly right there the illustration of that and those three points. Along with the fact. You gave them for extra points. By a by hitting the center. On back culpability Logan which by the way if you go back and look at it it's an absolute BS call. The senator was leaning try to block downtown here is going to that he was going through the the gap. And it just absolutely shouldn't should have been called. Did the rep pre missed it my opinion and that's too bad it. And that was a huge huge call holds its enormous call there's there's no doubt about it I think you've got to make sure that you saw everything there. Before you make that call. But these guys are human and you know they they may look at him and think I'm wrong but one out what I seek says that called doesn't get made certainly in that situation because really. What I couldn't understand them and now hope this corroborated what is the fact that it's a chip shot. Most likely no matter what you do that ball's gonna go through the upright they're gonna developed nation you're not a block it so why you a ticket cheap shot. On the senator mostly Don Meehan now I know that really you didn't he was just doing his job and and make him not doubt that was a game changer because from there are doubts when the event started in the had petered out and place with gold would go and that's swim in no. Marcus Peterson and everything goes on without so who knows how the game goes from their. It's funny ass country when Thomas how he handled. Calls that you just don't feel old. Are appropriate is you know they can't stay right and he basically said you know what the ones that really eat at him. Are the ones where he can't coach a player to do anything different. That the players don't exactly what the what they've coached him to do exactly what they're asking him to do in a rare free throws a flag because he sees it differently even though. You know they're doing exactly what they're supposed to be aces that's the ones. Those are the ones that he got you right you know so I get everybody's human they get everybody's gonna make a mistake but boy you hate it when it affects. In Canada to meet that was a turning point your pivotal right game and and the chiefs could have really hung their hat on a defensive stand with that. Yeah and this week they'll have to do to bring a lunch held because this is a good special teams unit for the Oakland Raiders. And that honor. His name escapes are now. That corner market king he's got pork inside the tenure of the five yard line. He's got nine inside the ten yard line he's got a forty fort that he's having a Pro Bowl season. He is. Kicking the ball sometimes how kicking his coverage Ian doesn't have the same hang time at 447 which is very very good. But he's kicking the ball five yards further which. That doesn't completely match up. But as I talked to Dave Toby said the fact is though their their governors and their cover team in general they're just doing such a good job covering that it's not matter in. Think Cordero. Paterson. He is the number one returner in the league on kickoffs returns now he's only got fourteen returns. So we doesn't officially qualified for the stat but when you look at his average she's number one in the league so he something to be reckoned with this week. As well it's going to be a difficult. Challenge on all three phases of the football on Sunday of course because it's raiders week. She's hosting their hated rival at noon on Sunday join us here in Casey on one when the fox the community America pregame starts at 9 AM. Then the forward count down to kick off at 11 AM can be heard throughout the chiefs kingdom promised to have the greatest the best chiefs coverage anyway. Until then thanks for listening to this week in chiefs of places out dammit. Here's your team. 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