38: Review Wk14 (Raiders) and Preview Wk15 (Chargers)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Thursday, December 14th
Fresh off a complete game and victory against the Oakland Raiders, the Chiefs have another divisional contest against a red hot Los Angeles Chargers team. INTERVIEWS: -Mitchell Schwartz -Derrick Johnson #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsLAC

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This week he would teach football. The official chiefs radio podcasts. Now your host Ben Israel led Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this weekend chiefs football it's the NFL week fifteen the chiefs will host the Los Angeles chargers in the first ever prime time Saturday night game. At Arrowhead Stadium go inside the chiefs' locker room. And talk with Derrick Johnson Mitchell Swartz of possibly some others but before we do that week fourteen is in the can. Let's take a look at the incredible performance the chiefs head against the raiders last Sunday can know your thoughts on what I felt was a complete performance I believe that as well. The way they started then the energy. From the defense to get off the field quickly east Stephen Nelson. How he defended their first Al route and then you saw Chris Jones can involve. With pressure on dirt car. And you could just see. The body language of the KC chiefs defense and transferred over to the offense and there was something that I think have been missing it was something that was a welcome sight it was something that needed to happen sooner than later because. The chiefs if they want to get into the playoffs number one in the have a chance to do something once they are there they've got to play the way they played this last Sunday no doubt. Yeah it was interesting I was looking through the binoculars from our perch way up on top of the the press box in and I saw Chris Jones lineup in net. Wide five take meeker is that's why fighter yeah where it was and then Justin Houston. Came inside and was like what is going on here and then this happened. Hard it's hard to sack on third and 1182. Only eighteen times he's been sack this year that she's wearing full. Plus it's a sight for sore. And she's kingdom. So coach Sutton showing a little bit of creativity and moving their defense to run around getting these guys some leverages the may be that they are used to but. It all and all they put the pressure on and on car and put it formerly and that's very important because. The minute you become predictable in the NFL you become. You become. Defrag child there and possibly. The fact is changing up port number fifty is Justin Houston and and also getting Chris Jones go in because as somebody that we felt like. Have the talent to be doing more than he has dug up into the sport you know early in the season three and a half sacks I think foursome fumbles that box and passes down. But hadn't done much since then and I really think. Internally the chiefs were after him. To get the motor revved up again and that's exactly what he did. And as you know over what he brought down dirt car I mean he was going nuts in the energy at remind Amir came Nunez rook of roaches nachos we call him. Every time he gets tackle or just something he goes he's going Nazis and he's as energy and that's really what you saw Chris Jones duke when those ninety numbers play well. It's going to be a good day and we had inter office Jane can tell about him. It was amazing Jarvis Jenkins I think played his best game as a yes she film I think he's starting to settle in some. But when you get deepen supply them. That are getting into the backfield like he did at times and then. When they get back there and the play goes a different direction we saw one time where he's on the left side he gets into the backfield the ball's thrown out two to the dark side of him. He finds the ball he takes a pursuit angle and comes in just blaze of great big hit on receiver and while. The ball doesn't pop loose generally it's times like that when the ball does pop loose. And that's why you take those perceived pursuit angles as a defense of player to try to meet the ball and hit them well they don't see it and then really just had. More fervor to the defense give more people around the ball came tackle when you do that good things happened and certainly the first recorders for the chiefs could things did happen. Listen I know Marc Cooper goes out injured early in the game but they still are very talented group. And we had a lot of controversy over the disciplinary action by the coaches this week to sit Marcus Peters is this the right game to be doing that. I think I think they said a couple of things here one is that no man is bigger than the team in two we can't win in coach Bob sentenced defense. If we playwright and because I felt like Dallas may be one of the most complete. Deep into performances since we've seen in New England. I think you're right on a truck with that and I do thick of things and opens example but certainly precedent had to be set Thursday you can only goes so far and we mentioned the fact that Andy Reid simply said it was something that was between him and Marcus in the team and that's where was mistaken I think that's proper way. But it's. When you look back at Terrance Mitchell yet three passes defensed you you look also a Stephen Terrell he had three passes defensed which incidentally. He was he had a concussion it was moved on you and injured reserve this week solely on the way the chiefs sixth round pick. Out of out of USC will come back up on the squad. So that that's a loss but again don't get Marie back but that's an aside but. Defensively and defensive backfield wires those guys along with Stephen Nelson. They've they've stepped up and they played to a level that. Really we saw earlier in the season that we felt like they're capable of but had not happened as of late and it just goes to show you that is the mindset and and how you get into things that can really make a difference and I think that it. Made all the difference in the world assault turns. Mitchell in the hallway and Indians I mean he could have been smiling any bigger he really stepped up I mean they needed him to play well and he did. I mean to your point it's he he had a great day. Yeah he did and. A lot of guys had a great day and that's what you need from defense in front is understand that it's gonna come from all different. Places certainly in the sack department. Jarvis Jenkins were set got a sack. And then also what Justin Houston and Chris Jones. When you through that to your three sacks come from your internal people sublime and that's a good thing in again with Justin Houston. I think as you mentioned earlier Bob's sudden change things up a little bit so people don't know where he's going to be and him not being in coverage. Do it when he does best we think that made a difference and again dirt car. He had been sacked that much coming into the game and in my mind if we could just crush shrimp and get in my office. If his his ground that would help a lot but the taken down three times and get some hits on him and some hurries and make him think about a lot of different things I think that. That was the deal breaker that worked for the Kansas City Chiefs you know skid deceit defensive takeaways as well. Let's turn it over to the offense or something you had heard in quite awhile. Inside the war. But exceptionally. You know that was the first rushing touchdown in what this felt like forever. Not to mention just seeing cream hunt get going again sure felt good it sure. Sure sure did I mean there's no way to put it cream hadn't scored a touchdown Russian wise since his third game. The chiefs had had a rushing touchdown since Al Smith to the the next game in the fourth game so to get back on the grid. On the Russian named Doug just rushing touchdowns but rushing in general because the chiefs tally to 165 on the day auriemma had a 116 up that. He goes over the thousand yard mark. It was a good decision. I mean he he started off we knew he could not maintain that trajectory. You know he started off so red hot he's just there was no way he was on on target to break Eric Dickerson is record I mean it just. You just cut it back in the in the back your mind you tell us. Quite continue at this level but then it fell off to a level that court made us question at all what was going on and so it was good to see him starting to look more like the September Karine hunt in the November cream on the was then hit the three catches also for 22 yards so. A lot was made of the first six or seven games the scrimmage yards he had and so all the day a hundred and and 38. That's type production you like out of the running back we'll tell you are you take a listen right here this is the type of production you like out of the running back as well as chart can request. Well mr. puts it this way he takes the rainbow. The thirteen yard touchdown run for Turkey and request could see him back is well. Yeah I really was and I guess the got a wrong it was skills for everyone permission I'm the one the thought that we're taste of the rainbow but either way. There was a lot of candy on the field and having a good time and with thirteen yard run that was just typical of Turco request you could tell. That he wanted to give him there and he would not be denied him. That's what you want to see from any running back flip load your second string running back who's in their I'm passing downs quite often and and it's good to have that 12 punch him. No it was just nice this was the offense. To a degree that we got used to see yet seen earlier. In the year and really what we saw last week as well as just a defense of him to things to hold up but. The chiefs can continue this and it's a big game the scope of the big game coming up this week but if they can continue this. And get this going as they move into the playoffs that would be a fabulous thing strong play from the tide in stratus Kelsey of course looked good. Teachers shares dropped a couple of big plays there every one of them in the end zone that was tough to watch but. Here's a guy Hugh I thought. Really it's just kind of when he's making plays in games they're always seem to be substantial once this is Albert Wilson. Question is they shouldn't. No my Alex Smith on third and Bob. Go to their site taught by well. It's a pick up of twelve on third and fun. Just another critical first down by Oliver Wilson and as that went on and I was Washington you Saudi understands that he Bobble little bit and still get his feet in bounds and then and just. That was really important on on the third and long to keep the drive going at a critical time because Oakland was starting to claw back a little bit. Then maybe show a little bit alive for him and that really just took. Extra minutes off the plot by extending their draft. It's funny some players just have that. Ability to concentrate. When it's needed most and he seems to be one of those it's pretty impressive. One last note I'd have on the the offense in general is really feel like the play calling. For Matt and Aggies working well I feel like in coach Reid said it on Monday night he feels the same way it just has a pace about it he thinks nick is doing really good job calling plays you sit Q were pace and on many different occasions throughout the game you're watching and the chiefs are getting out of the hole it 1718. Even nineteen seconds. And that's just speeding the play up enough that commitment deepens a little bit uncomfortable. That gives them more time to let scrimmage if they do need to audible but generally we're seeing them getting out of the huddle. Recognizing what the front is. And the secondary front is of Oakland and in that play it was boom it was gone and they were go on and that continued and continued and continued and it just really warn that defense of Oakland Dallas felt he's got a feel for right now you know it's he's got the hot hand right up. He's the guy sit at the table when in the hand and he is and you really. Vick rich should be commended for not having an ego I saw him shooting you know what I don't care I've been doing this a long time because he has been doing a long time successfully. Obama called plays that he also he wants to do. His win analyst coach football and win. And however that happens he doesn't care he's always talked about. He's gonna look in the mirror first. And that's exactly what he's done and not say that he was doing report job but he's like OK something needs to change any decide to shake it up its work and so why would you change it back and I've. For one commend them and a folks still like to hear that you know I got to do better get a looking Amir but that's your right he walks that talked and I thought it was interesting at the end of coach Reid's press conference this week. The media applauded him. As he walked off they told him great winning coach and applauded him I asked him on Monday acidity or had them before he is now I'm not sure what that was about that I think what that is about as he treats the media. Like professionals right it's very very you know he's he's not gonna spill the beans any more than Bill Belichick he just does it with the a little bit more of a Colleen. Attitude in any considerate always and so I think that the media response to them. And they should in any case in point the I wanna go into this a little bit more. Last week he was asked numerous times about Marcus Peters in different directions. Any simply said listen I understand that you that you all want to know and I and I get that. And now I'm paraphrasing. Newseum basically there just some things that I'm not going to let out that you can't let out that I believe. Are we to coach and the player I think that's how it should be. As somebody asking questions how can you not respect you have to respect I mean because he could come back and said listen I if he could have done a very very rudely. But that's just not him you know it's kind of a some idiotic relationship there and I think what you see trees and big words from. I have been told that you see the media they have to ask it and he respects the fact that they have to ask your other coaches don't even wanna be asked that. It's like you have to respect is much you have to respect I'm not gonna answer that I respect that you need gasket so. If it is it's just. It was good to see you smile unconscious face first of all I mean it may and it. It was wearing on the entire organization and he takes it. Very personal yes being the top of that organization yet he does you know as much as people talk about. He's in general also bout Marcus Peterson be very very competitive. I don't think anybody's anymore competitive in my mind that we're watching coach you know and that's what are ones that coach conduct is flat out. It's one thing it's about what it's about nothing else but winning I think it's likely needy they eat a lot of people confuse that quietness. That wrecked four note do not make that mistake you're not make that mistake if you underestimate him in that way yes you will pay. Are one of the guy we got to mention here before we move on to the judges Harrison biker men I don't know what more we can say about the coaching scouting staff on this kid. I mean basically he played it cheats you have no return game. And if we can get anywhere near midfield. We got a chance. Right that's that's impressive that 53 yarder which is a career low for him I believe will hear it here a minute. To have confidence that a rookie like that to go out here that kick in make it. That there's a lot of different things that go on with the number one. If he misses that. The ball comes two were kicked of from sort would have come to the 43 yard line up that's illegal. That's brutal field position and your put your defense and so there's that the fact of how are you part of it. Maybe you get it inside the Tory but you're not forget that much extra yardage. But the fact that. He then makes a field goal you put three points on the board. And then the cyborg. Goes and kicks it out the end zone it's just phenomenal and he was seven for seven on touch facts on the day. And you can't say enough discuss I think sets the rookie record. For most field goals in the season yeah I inning in which he still has 33 more games ago while. And maybe. Some post season success. It's it's been fun to watch force field goals in the game. You know why you don't wanna leave points on the field like that it's nice to know he got a shirt kicker the kudos to him another big game let's turn our attention. To the Los Angeles chargers coming to town this as a team we know very well the other chargers that game it's stub out park. Earlier in the year. The chargers gave the chiefs everything we wanted to but the big plays helped get it done for the chiefs on the road that day and no this is a team then. Los Angeles care. I want to say send do your intelligent and it's tough but Mickey in this promoted last week schema San Diego so it. It's Kitna saw and how can we need to bring that chart back percent to chargers can take a couple of years and they put the chargers are our plane as wells anybody in the NFL right now. Offensively. Defensively. Special teams circuit have done as well so. This is going to be a tough test and no doubt. For the for Kansas City Chiefs but. It's one I think they're up to and certainly the culprits that they've built this last game. Should that. Carry for him in to us a Saturday night's contest you know one of the things that you've always been able to count on Philip wanna rivers is his inconsistency ironically. And they fired their head coach last year Mike McCoy. In the new coach comes in and you know frankly in September we all kind of wondered. What was going on because they had a lot of talent. In the we're losing a lot of games but. Just barely losing a lot of games. Philip Rivers has been playing about as good as you complain as a quarterback these last few games and Kindle they turned. It around they really up on the season when you look at Phillip with one L 63%. As thrown for a little over 3600 yards. Probably the big thing is this TD to interception ratio. Point three touchdowns seven interceptions and it just rush say that I should seek the other big thing. She's only been sacked fifteen times you say that that amazes me an outline a look at the susteren I was fifteen. Let me see that okay yes I wonder how often he gets pressured because sometimes he just does not. Take care that football kitty has been lately. But I'm wondering if the pressure's been reduced not to go back and do some studying on that for Sunday's broadcast because something has changed something is different right and. You know it it's not funny but I say you only sacked fifteen times and actually Washington this last week got him down to those are coming in that game was only thirteen. Which is amazing but again. I mean. Big numbers yardage wise but when you look at a percentage wise of me was eighteen for 31. And had two TDs along with seventy warmed. Two tie Williams which we're gonna talk about your little bit because that receiver. Who I don't have a lot of knowledge about. Really go after study of a little bit more four catches for 132 yards on the day and that's that's pretty soon so while we're out there. Defending Keenan Allen he scorned timely hits well in and Keenan this was the first David Forte city hadn't scored a touchdown but the the last four games he's had over a hundred yards receiving. And I mean he's averaged this last game eighteen half yards or a reception. This sounds really good until you see Tyler williams' average which is 33 reception I mean big plays being made by those guys and them. You know the other one you always you always think about. Interview on on Antonio Gates easy for me to sit down but hotter Henry that tied it yet four catches for fifty yards and we know. But the tide in position has been kind of a bugaboo for the KC chiefs throughout the year certainly last week. In the fourth quarter. It was tough for your used your readers are gonna kick themselves on that plane ride home. On Jerryd caloric. She error read through another cycle of I can't hit left it hits it then parliament. Mean just couldn't couldn't get it going earlier than that a kudos again to Bob Sutton for computers in them I think really. They couldn't figure out how to get the personnel matchups they wanted until the fourth quarter and by that time a story six nothing. They had lesson a couple hundred yards. In total office it was just a complete dominate women you're going to cornerbacks getting pressured lasting unity was released tight end here you're gonna wanna keep him in there and and get some help with him right. Well yes but you can do go back salsa you can chip to me that they wanted to get Jared Cook out because you've had such a big game with the chiefs. But yes she's a first came so. But for whatever reason they couldn't figure it out and thank goodness because. He was doing some damage in and really even without the warm. Bad thing I guess we'll say from the special teams was doc cover that all sides to that gave them a little bit more life. But in the end the chiefs decided going on all three phases. Too much. She that crazy onside kick on Monday Night Football. We just kind of ruled the football. I did not see that I've seen it before it's a very slow him ever saying yeah I mean it was like slow motion is very. It was it was almost like something you'd see a training camp during prime like zero and afforded. No it was much faster than that who notes that arrests and now I'm sorry did. I know you don't notice are now teen years and apple TV would work so we're very well. Back to Keenan Allen on this they just. One thing are safe for him he's kind of like Travis Kelsey where he will. He will make clutch catches in the most inopportune times if you're chiefs. Yeah he will he is dangerous. When you look at his numbers on the year. 83 receptions for. 11143. Yards that's that's impressive I think you know 387 out of yak yards after the catch so not a huge amount of yards after the catch which tells me. That he's fast he runs good routes we could stay on the field and makes catches on the sideline but he's fearless you want to go across the middle as well. And those athletic catches you know those just tough tight window right. And you know those that those the hearse to defend his if you have a quarterback willing to throw it. And a guy willing to go out and get it. Much fewer. Yeah it does end and when you got a passing game like that in you've got someone like Melvin Gordon or the arc or those two guys you know combined for over a hundred yards this last week against the Redskins and the pretty nice 12 punch and right now. The chargers have what you would like does is they have a solid running game. And they've got a great passing game. And that the defense and its defense has really stepped that up also yeah they're number two in the league I think right now aren't yet they. They get after it defensively and are you only have to go as far as his posts up but you could talk about Ingram as well as these guys skip pressure. I say they borderline. Play the run on the way to route to the quarterback committee the are all over things and it's gonna be another stiff test. For the Kansas City Chiefs I just talked to Mitchell Schwartz about the edge rushers. Okay Mitch. Seems like every team has some people that can rush the passer course they have those boasts of having Graham just what comes to mind with those guys. Tough week. He knows we're playing an incredible level in the put on individual also working together unit in the put him on the same side of them walking around them and all sorts of different Lyman selective to play around that it can cause you know confusion and have reckon. And if you leave you static to a degree game plan that both have much him rumor around that we like to try to get as many one on match ups and then. There are a lot of little malign influence and so so there's less for less predictable and the lupus of their strengths. Last question how about. Being an error how big a deal is that has charcoal and am I supposed to be on the road we can't hear things in there and just the energy that you draw from with the crowd. Give me it's huge being home like you said that the energy from our fans and in a lot of stadium in the world so. Nearly we have a lot of juice from that is it's great when. You know of their play and tell us and then our offense is getting up our defense of monkeys reckon in the crowd and then saw the economy comes as one one great excitement but. Like you said the staff kind of minutes president venison to be accountability is the Republican events and you know I'm not have to rely on the silent so. You know we do is get a job mixing it up and Maria guys jumping off sides every week so. Resiliency and really depressed or should either you're gonna keep doing them. A future government and then if you don't get off sides and you know theoretically they're not quite as quick off the ball and their little more hesitant so. China and the rest account things. Right there you talked to Mitchell Schwartz you're gonna get an answer this diverse three really understands that each and every week. You've got some of the stuff to do with him you know if it's fun talking with these these veterans. Because they've been around the league so long. They study so long him and they just have such a good understanding I think of of their opponent on what's what's going on. Well and. The biggest got it done last week it would to me I was a celebration. What those offensive minds in defense of lines can get done for you. If they can continue that against the chargers. That that the guy that scares me is boasts. Has he is a game changer and but it is if they can handle him at that figure out a way to handle him I think they've they've they're demonstrating. That they have a post season. Mentality among them you know I mean that's that's that's a job has to got get done in you got it done. I would agree with I think the game plan to give it has to be. Or no it was a game plan it's what I want to see happen and it did happen which is. Get the ball out Alex's hands quickly to the first and second level and let that set up the run and let that set up the third level passing to go over the top. Because I I do think that this defense secondary. The chargers. It is not the best they played and I think they'll have chance to do some things but again. None of that happens if somebody. Like a boasts a rich African you're you're exactly right here's a game changed changer in time come applies scrimmage you must. Declare him in no worries out. Who wins the special teams problem meets among these two teams you know what I think the chiefs. Are the battles better special teams unit picked the chargers are playing well in that phase Travis Benjamin. Yeah he had a big return last week but really. The that the game was out of hand and you saw Washington made it somewhat quit on things they were going after a but he is dangerous. You know I've talked with Dustin Colquitt in the past also which. By Travis Benjamin is somebody that he's always wary of the nose and yes that top and speed. So you need to make sure keep the ball away from him keep it up in the air a long time give the coverage team. A chance to get down there and cover it but overall I think with Austin's putting. Anderson but curse. Total kicking and how we kicks off Andy's coverage units of cancer in which a ticker during a solid job I think the edge goes to Kansas City there. Speaking of return games just couple league notes Devin Hester the ridiculous Devin Hester. Retiring. I've never seen anybody like that I mean Dante hall's great. Tyree kills grade that has to lose was freaked me he really was the first two years of his career he had twelve. Touchdowns of sixty or more yards of the most in NFL history. Actually instantly who second is is Tyreke he'll. Now all of doubles were returns where is I wreaks horror or. They include the two that the wealth are returned but the catch is as well and so it Evans was all special teams Tyreke is a combination of the two but. Devin. The top end speed that he had. The vision you had and that I really think you after talking to Dave tow the fact of how big of a guy he was. And how he was just fearless when up America we just continue to get ignored it and I remember this you mentioned Dante Hall. You get a team ought to roll. Where they feel like they're turner has a chance to go every time we touched the ball. Those guys up front they start blocking even more and better and and they really take it personally and I think that's what happened with Devin Hester. I'll never forget watching him in that. And I don't even know who the bears are playing by the punted the ball. In Devin Hester faked like he was gonna receive it. In the at two guys deep him and another guy he fakes like he's gonna receive it. In the entire. Punting team win after Devin Hester even though they knew they were punting away from Devin Hester. They all on the fake they were so scared of Devin Hester picked it on the fake yet again runs back for touchdown it was the darnedest thing he'd ever seen but it just goes to show. Mentally you hand that guys in your head the whole way. It is and and that's really good segue into what happened last week with the raiders. Architect he was coming and use netting 44 yards. A pot bust in the league having a Pro Bowl season. He was rugby style kicking. They wanted no part of Tyreke he'll have a ball in his hands he netted 34 yards so even though I wreaked didn't touch the ball very much repeated. The guilt the guilt for many yards. The fact is that a net of 34 as opposed 44 you're basically getting a first down every time that they monitor and that was because. They did not want the ball and Tyreke heads heap he strikes fear into opponents there's no doubt about it and definitely. Anyway congratulations Devin Hester on what is surely going to be hall of fame career right Korea announced well. I would think if they're going to go with a special teams are things I know it's not normal but I don't see how you keep tech Miami Heat he changed the game I agree with you I just wonder whether enough people agree that and up because of so ethical separate should be in all of them. I need to. To you know what op next time we go off by your new book which in that if you don't agree you got ticket you know I totally will get info whether or not he gets in he certainly agree there's congratulations on a great career because in in coach toe for finding and creating and you know helping Foster that career one other league know just a sad one Carson Winston and the united. You watch the former chief softened supported Doug Peterson having a great year with Carson. And this is why when I see Alex Smith scramble. In go down seventy yards on a rush it's scary man it's because it just takes one hit. There's nothing intentional no ill will it's just this is the way guys attack the running back. And Carson which is a big guy not not that Alex is because Alex is very solid rep but Carson once is a stout. Young man in just you know it just. Hopefully I'm changed the course of the Eagles but certainly changed the course of his is his season this year. Yeah it's really is too bad you have and a great season set. Set numerous records for the Eagles with think TDs in them and and another statistics and it was too bad because it was clean hit it just happened come from two different sides and it just happens that he is a big strong young men and I thought it was interesting hearing. Doug Peterson talked about the fact that you know it's. It's tough I don't wanna take his competitiveness from him. And at the same time you want him to have you know to live to fight another day and and fortunately it happens it's a violent game those things happen to him. No I think he's you probably do it all over him that way because that's how he plays. He is a competitive dude in just a tough kid Mann educators is ACLU is good for the NFL yeah I agree. He's tough kitty here's his ACL or whatever it was that he did knew and he goes back and throws a touchdown pass Denny goes out. It's like I gotta wait a minute let me throw this touchdown pass that Odyssey to go in August the docks at. Find out what's going on here any last bomb thoughts about the chargers come and attempt you know what I think the big thing is for the chiefs. But to get started like he did last week which expires in fast and furious and really the crowd. You've got to get out there will we need everybody. Of the world's lot of stadium needs to be allowed all on Saturday night because it makes it different you heard. You're Mitchell Schwartz talked about you he named yet outright they're talking about it be allowed an Al. It's such an advantage and that will make world differences with this team the team feeds off the energy of the whole crowd known as much as it messes with car I think it misses rivers even more. I think they are for whatever reason whether he's he's older. I don't know what it is but he just seems that they seem to get more false starts right with a loud crowd and the team that comes there so. Come on out enjoy the fun chiefs and chargers under the lights at arrowhead it's a 745 kick off our pregame starts at 4 o'clock. 1:1 the fox 6 o'clock great network. Throughout the kingdom that's gonna do it for week fifteen thank you for subscribing spread the word in Israel Kendall Gammon thanks for listening to this week. In chiefs but. Places out there. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios I.