39: Review Wk15 (Chargers) and Preview Wk16 (Dolphins)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, December 22nd
The Chiefs hold on tight to the AFC West driver's seat. A review of the divisional Week15 matchup. And a look forward to the Week 16 hosting of the Miami Dolphins. #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsMIA

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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this week in chiefs football episode 39 in the regular season is winding down today will look back at last week's divisional saving victory over the Los Angeles chargers. And we'll look forward to the chiefs week's sixteen opponent the Miami Dolphins but first. That's a wrap the front page I. She's headlines this week each football. Scandals achieve smooth. One game closer to a second straight division championships something this franchise has never done before. Three players named to the Pro Bowl roster not as big a list is maybe years past no really isn't but still some very deserving distrust Kelsey arguably the best tied him in the game. Garnered his third straight nomination why while tired we killed. We'll now have gone in each of his first two years and belief as a returner he was also of course you ultimately as a wide receivers well and finally rookie sensation cream hunt rounds up the list of three. It's one of the running backs away. Yes certainly very deserving for Kareem as he has said numerous records both chiefs' franchise wise as well as. You know well all time best for rookie four rookies rather them. It should be noted that course that joining Tyreke is alternates in their respective positions are quarterback Alex Smith. Cornerback Marcus Spears linebacker Justin Houston and both kickers Dustin Colquitt and here's a doctor. Any surprises there any snaps you know I think you could certainly make a case for all of them but Alex maybe jumps out of your little bit and he's had a great year. And I didn't think it was nice that person bunker but her was recognized for what he did as a rookie this year because really. That was no small task he certainly set some worthy. Franchise records for picker himself moving on to this week's game vs the pins are the injury shape. Today it's the cold flu season and while not sure exactly what he'll assist the seems apparent it has hit the chiefs as Erik Fisher Travis Kelsey. And Justin Houston all the they'll participate practice Wednesday because of that illness. Now Fisher got back at it yesterday but Houston and Kelsey were still out due to view if the illness. On another front Tom Hawley is enough to spit on Wednesday it was limited on Thursday but. Quite honestly thirteen years in the league and he's he has that's pretty much expect yeah absolutely any others that we should be aware of you know I think linebacker Kevin peer lewis' shoulder issue and he did not participate on Wednesday it was still limited yesterday. And in Jenkins Logan and Marie were listed with them elbow knee and ankle respectively. But they were all full participants both Wednesday and Thursday I think you're listed because they came out the game some injuries but that they seem to be fine and OK how about the dolphins anything of note there. While the dolphins they are we up a little bit dead as they have thirteen players what's the report. However as of Thursday only wide receiver to plot to Parker with an ankle injury to safety Michael Thomas personally were still out of practice. Senator Mike Kelsey very good player did not participate on Wednesday goes back on a limited basis Thursday and then come home soon. Which was full go yesterday after taking Wednesday off because of the knee injury certainly. That is what god it achieves record have to deal with the full forces which are those your headlines for Friday. December 22 2070. Then Israel Kendall Gammon this week in chief so galling to go before we look at the Miami Dolphins. All the back to Los Angeles chargers game because that in my opinion may have been a season saving game. Yeah I really was it was the second huge game in as many weeks against a division opponent to work you'll lose your. You're down on the tiebreaker or series of things or is important against Oakland this one against LA equally with some important and the chiefs. The answer each week and other their defense is respond the last two weeks or office is respond to the last three weeks so. You have talked about it. You wanna be on parole when you get into December and move into the playoffs and I think what we're saying that you were like c'mon at the turn terribly lost the giants have lost the jets. And they were. You always notice the same team out there and now they're starting to get on a roll and it's the type of game you wanna see it was a statement game in to show that it wasn't a fluke last week. I think more than anything for me it shows that the mindset. Of the players that win the game is on the line they're able to reached down deep wherever that is. And pull out and you know that's not easy to do it's much it's it's easy to say and it's easy to philosophically. Suggests Ryan is much harder when you're an athlete going up against a guy who might be physically more gifted than you. Like a joint cosa if it's almost mad. Mean because you see how they played early in the season and then you have that that skid in the and they get back out of the disliked but it's the same players what does this happen to me. It speaks more of how the guys are getting motivated like you said the understand the gravity of the situation. And they've stepped up and played in this they're doing it the right time I mean when you can get someone like cream home back. At a 155. Yards rushing and that's another TD so a second rushing TD in as many weeks after not having once since week three. That's what you need going into cold weather games in the playoffs in December end. That's not just Korean them that's the offensive line which is which is a banged up a little bit. Getting the job done as well I think that's also a credit to big red deciding that Matt make his call plays and he feels like he's on a roll and Kindle he rolled his way right into the hands. We're going to kill. Standoff on on the delay. A consider it to worry about college is not good night what's been. Tasting the sweet nectar and that she's had exploded. 12913. Lead. Kindle 2 touchdowns on the day you mentioned 155 rushing and another. Fifty something to the year 206 I think total unbelievably good day for a guy who's never played this many games in a row this is this kid's a rookie. He's never had this long a season to be playing this well it was good to see him playing his it is September fever vs that October November yeah I think he's too. Some all time highs for rookies in I think yards Carrey's. Catches all kinds of different things and of course. Doing it on the ground and also was in the air in and just proving to be a complete threat which is what you want. She's got him in space that's what you wanna do it to playmaker and I think. I think it's because. Out Smith was gonna ball out of his hands quickly you know I've talked about a little bit which is set up the run and the deep pass with the intermediate pass and I think that's what the chiefs of the last two weeks. Because quite falsely. There's their buried cognizant of the rush it was coming each and every week two weeks ago to loom will back this week was gonna be joint posts and company. And now both times they don't they don't do a lot of from the chiefs really showed up well and it and they're getting over the top Tyreke killed continues to main reason. Unless it's it's fun to watch he was the first touchdown pass to Tyreke. Third into Kansas City. On third down the on third and two. They'll throw a. Words. Lows they are doing Casey an alert. Dylan ever get tired of seeing Alex Smith Terry keel I'll never. Ever not love that though as you definitely had me at hello I'm outlawing them the fact of win college released the ball I thought maybe he he overthrew Tyreke but he hit it seems like he's hesitant yet does imperfect spur strident. And you know. Tie reeks like Spinal Tap he's always got one more green and he's in seventh jury's gonna go to eight I mean it doesn't matter. And that's 64 yard TD pass there. That's his tenth. Touchdowns of sixty or more yards in his first two years only Devin Hester who retired this. This week ironically has more at twelve and it's amazing to me the Tyreke. He's really done that without having the luxury of returning kick us. Or else I think you would have some more so he's doing some special things of course they scroll through years. Running now and he is is a special player. And one of the reasons both those guys had success I felt like the offensive line really did a great job. Taking care actually closer in Melvin Ingram because those two guys can be painful for so much. They don't really seem prepared for them that they really told the integrity of the pocket together well on my opinion. Yeah. Tocchet was asked about this weekend set with the simple play things up a little bit not that there are unbelievably complicated the sometimes. You put a few extra things Inge sighed take them out like let's just get a handle on how you and move these guys but I thought they did a good job was saved data tackles. O Schwarz and Fisher. Protecting the inside a machine. The rusher around the outside in the integrity the pocket was held up decently as well talks could step up and make the throws but. Even more than that was that the way they block against the run I think the exact told the the center position while he's not as mobile as a Mitch Morse. He does have a little. Bit more let him is behind and I think he handles the bigger and I say that but I think Mitch is I don't think that what was right I think he got reentering I think he was playing because it felt like you need to be out there I appreciate that and I know Michener talk with them. How blocked from several different times in just a great guys and not get on him but I think is sacked his brings something to the center position I think he plays center of the better than he plays guard. And we seem which split it's been step back at left guard position and play well so. You've got to you know to go into the playoff run a what we expect to be the player from has a chance to maybe do some damage. Really just playing so well let's turn the ball over a little bit talk about. The defense turned the ball over like how you got exactly no pun intended it that to me has really been the difference you know this this Bob Sutton defense over the past whatever for you five years has its. Lived off of turnovers and it just seemed like we went through dry spell now all of a sudden. And you know you called on pregame we started talking about you know how well Philip Rivers has been protecting the football in ha it's just candidate. In he's getting it and that's just what he does that don't change a strike zone snipers do not change his stripes and you know user who after daisies competitor is trying to make things happen. I think that coupled with the fact that you have Marcus Peters everybody is curious about. How he returned after one game suspension. I would say he answered those questions and differently and with authority. That was nice to see getting two interceptions maker of forced fumble the couple times out of some tackles worse trying to force a fumble. Didn't really like it because it looks at it and looks and he misses that tackle. But he is trying to turn the ball over which is what Bob Sutton and that defense likes to do know and at one point I thought it was gonna get a touchdown this is Marcus Peter. You're seven. There's just. The chiefs get back and along. On return for the chargers six a 61 yard interception return by Marcus Peters. I will say this about markets Peters when he's running the football. He needs to spend a little time with their the enemy because he was swing and a ball back and forth I mean. It was a good two and a half feet outside his body. I don't see how I can I hung onto it. If anybody can he got to and they get a bad at it easily out of his hand no question about it there's a reason that he didn't carry the natural rhythm and Washington or in the NFL. Really want him to get into the end zone obviously to get that six because the chiefs ended up only getting filled a lot of that is they. The kind of stalled there in the red zone were to go back to when you look at it. To take points off the board for the chargers and you put a mob that she's so that's a good thing. The turnovers. I think happened because of the because the defense of play in the back feels good no doubt about it but I think the pressure from the front seven specifically the front three. To meet them. Has been stellar the last couple years has that been the difference because it sure seems like it Jarvis Jenkins and Chris Jones and just seem like they're getting were penetration I would agree or you look at Chris Jones this week he had one sack one tackle for a loss. And two QB hits. Over the last two games he's had two sacks three tackles for loss of four QB hits so. He has stepped it up hold them to probably got five and a half sacks he had three and a half up until these last two games so we didn't do a lot in that stretch. But we're seeing him get penetration seems like he's been Lipman being let loose a little bit more than and then I also think. You're seeing more TV games and TT games trying to confuse the office of lines of the opponent. And I think that bodes very well for some electric Chris Jones was very athletic and can get up the field. And has a good feel for where the QB's out of were the runners here's big Chris Jones making a big big sack. It's. Think Kansas City. Pryce Jones came Steve. Admiral and bring it sailor runs and old you know. Wolf there's one guy Kindle with a new engine bing and have to bring sand and all the elves it's Chris Jones. No question about it you you knew that there it is it's not just they don't secure brings me also say like I've got no problem with that red nosed reindeer just keep Russian the only dating back to the defense of the chiefs the last two weeks and how they've played. It's such the antithesis of what we saw during the slide. At times although there's some games are they held to 1617 points offices couldn't get Jirga in religious can put a complete game together but. The defense right now. Doing what they're doing nothing Bennie Logan is a little bit of an unsung hero as the nose tackle. Not make a ton of tackles legislature easy up offensive linemen and I think maybe the big one really and it's because of Bennie Logan goes deeper sublime and is Reggie wracked with what he's doing right now as the inside linebacker running sideline to sideline inserting himself into the line of scrimmage. Recognizing plays diagnosing plays. Making plays and and that's just good stuff for cancer she says is. This is possibly linebacker like the chiefs haven't had for quite some time finally as we talked about this game I really think it's important to realize the chiefs are now putting together teams with all three phases. They are special teams making a difference although they did get out of warm. Potentially. Games shattering situation early in the game the first part where Tyreke stored up to fill the ball and dinosaurs and strive to block somebody. And in Utah hustle play I talked to Dave Toby goes. They've got to be more aware there's no doubt about that but at least it's possible play he's trying to block somebody they've got to communicate more he goes what I was proud about was the fact. That was the balls on the ground. They understood you had to get all mad and of course and end up being Orson Charles who's just brought up from practice squad hasn't hurt him exactly two weeks ago. So out of about though I think they performed well or some barker trim continues to kick the ball out of the stadium Dustin Colquitt. Took the field the couple different times had a nice net. And up that debt field position. And held the ball in his position from the special teams unit that's going to be big going in the playoffs is well in its simplest form just quick answer chiefs vs Miami Dolphins offense last week him and they and they kind of boggle like game up in the coming off of a big win. Vs new England and while I think they're not tactically out I think are basically out. So they would have to embrace the role of spoiler on the road at arrowhead rules lot of stadium I just don't see it too especially for. Yeah that you will you send it it's too much to overcome in my opinion because I think the chiefs overstepped it's still important game. You know one thing we did not mention about the chargers game that I think's gonna be an impact this week that is the fans and we talked about this game. I was on here all week last week and my basic was at its that you pick him at this point. It's been what's gonna make the difference is chiefs fans showing up in being loud from bell to bell. In my goodness did they do that it was louder and all get out any it started early in did not finish. It was too much for Philip Rivers to handle in in my opinion if we can do that Philip Rivers we can do that to Jay Cutler because he's not much. Different from Philip Rivers in that he makes a lot of mistakes when he gets flustered. And he's not even as good a quarterback is Philip Rivers is where he's playing well so why it feels like the chiefs ought to be able to handle the Miami Dolphins. But if they get the support they got last week from the fans I think it's an easy one. I think you're right on the mark there can occur which is. You're gonna get a chance at two or three. Passes to bring down defensively from. A color that's just. To me his makeup and I think the chiefs right now. Our our they've got pressure up front and they got deeper to Baxter played well I think dear dirt Darrelle Revis is it helps with the stabilizing force he's it you know. Really. Terrance Mitchell still played quite a bit of course Stephen Nelson resume their in the slot but you just added another quality. Defensive back came in. I think the last two weeks we haven't seen the big plays given up by. The defense of back to ultimate bet that makes a difference let's talk about playoff. Scenarios because this is really simple folks it goes like this chiefs win. It's a division championship. They chargers lost its division championship. Chiefs tie. And a chargers tie its division championship. But it is so good to be firmly planted in belt buckled into the driver's seat here chiefs don't have to worry about anybody else. They just need to take care business but do. And you don't wanna back Kim you wanna win these games and taken out right because it feels better the more important than any thing. Which is certainly won't get the playoffs the most important thing is to continue that role. Yet to continue to have play in the big mowing your side and have the momentum going and in doing good about things and if she's gonna do that. Than they've got a chance that they're built. Other of their their team that has chancellor means. Of the best teams in the league they've beat him. You look at doing when you look at the Eagles the Eagles certainly. Didn't play well against the Steelers still have a chance to win that game if not for kind of a crazy took place there at the end. So well. There aren't as good a position as anybody. I give you my prediction for wildcard weekend this is a prediction nothing official. So this doesn't mean it's actually going to happen this is just what you think. It might happen in my own mind but in reality you know. I believe the ravens are gonna come to town and I believe it's gonna be a noon Sunday kick off and I believe that. Arrowhead is gonna get its third playoff victory which. Blues. My mind. There if only been two other wins inside Arrowhead Stadium in fact I give you this stat it's staggering franchise of the Kansas City Chiefs. Has two home playoff points. That's it. I was part of one of those all of it all the rest of the playoffs with the Steelers but I was part of a so you guys with the Steelers yes he did that is that was a tremendous game and in fact that was one of the fondest overtime games that I can remember. I didn't like at all yeah. Yeah that must have been a tough plane right owner was snowing dual cam are but that was. But the you know it. When you look at the stunning amount of winning that they did in the sixties rock for them to not have a home playoff win is really weird it is odd. McKee said earlier man if these guys play the way they've been playing I'm not sure who could be. I agree I agree they're they're they're built to do well playoffs are really think you're gonna be great game it's going to be fun I'm looking forward to get to where America. And then get on a plane the next morning Christmas morning going to Phoenix and watching case taken away in the cactus bowl on the 26. It'd be nice just blaze excited about them but he's very excited yes you know he left yesterday for. Phoenix and so there out there they're going after that such a look at some crazy to a script I was all excited because. There was going to be put it's normally played it edit Tempe Arizona the Arizona State. Because some until renovations and whatnot. They're playing it inside the baseball stadium. Oh really I think it's kind of cool that is cool I was looking forward to the other field because that's were played Super Bowl thirty rows with the Steelers close. But go to school but either way. And get out there watch them play maybe she affirms around let's say hello how good luck. The blaze and all the K staters all the K state fans that like Phoenix in December although we're supposed to have a significant. Snowfall. On the torso. We're so explicitly. So I don't want and insecure we will change that well you're with a but I'll have my people go with them this people but I am a people I don't know what to say that. Billy Billy. Week sixteen is upon us the chiefs host the Miami Dolphins on Christmas Eve. It is a new kick off the community America pregame show will start at 9 AM exclusively on 11 the fox. The fort count down to kick off across our network at 11 AM. Of course the best game day coverage in pro football all day long until then Dan Israel Kendall Gammon. Wishing each of you very very Merry Christmas happy holidays to you to your entire thing. As always thanks for subscribing. To this week in chiefs football places out there were. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. And exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Stacy cheap radios dot com.