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40: The Christmas Day Game! (1971)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Monday, December 25th
In this special Christmas Episode of TWICF, we look back to Christmas Day, 1971. The Chiefs and Dolphins in a drama tough fought playoff contest. It remains the longest professional football game ever played. INTERVIEWS: -Hank Stram -Len Dawson

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And welcome to a special addition of this weekend chiefs football in Israel and Kendall Gammon. Can only wanna take just a moment and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas happy Chanukah to each of you. The chiefs delivered an early Christmas Eve present gift wrapped an AFC west champion paper they defeat the Miami Dolphins and another complete game. If doing so they secured eight playoffs and we'll take a look at that game because it was a fun when. Later this week but on this Christmas Day we thought we revisit in iconic piece of chiefs history. 46 years ago the chiefs played the Miami Dolphins on Christmas Day. While the outcome wasn't as good as yesterday's he remains one of the seminal moments in chiefs history. So sit back and enjoy this look at the Christmas Day. After winning Super Bowl for hopes were high for rookie the following season. It just is the 1969. Seasoned hand. 1970 season would come down to a battle. With the Oakland Raiders. In the end Oakland would finish his division champions but only one game ahead of Kansas City. So history would look to the early November tie between the two teens is the difference. Who wins slip through the fingers of the chiefs as the Oakland Raiders didn't Davidson would sphere the back of a down Lynne Dawson. Clearing the benches and a ball that would inevitably changed the rule book not before costing the chiefs of post season birth. But the 1971. Team would rise from that disappointment with a vengeance. As the club would finish atop the AFC west all alone something even the 69 Super Bowl champion cheats. Having finished the regular season 103 and one streams chiefs would report for work on Christmas Day. 1971. Yeah. He was the AFC divisional playoffs against. Miami Dolphins and it was the final game to be played at the only Kansas City home the club had noon municipal stadium. The game would feature an astonishing fifteen future pro football hall of famers. Names like Glenn Dawson Bob greasy Bobby bell and nick Buoniconti. Willie Lanier Larry sunken Paul Warfield Johnston rude and Don Chu would just to name a few. But the undisputed stars this game would be number fourteen bed total. Who when all's said and done what amassed 350. Combined yards. Hall of fame coach thanks to him. Many Portland or at about three go to football shoes and run up and down the feel like kick off return punt return to run the ball from scrimmage and catching passes put relax Christmas performance sent an NFL playoff record that stands today. Kansas City would control the first quarter but Miami would answer with a second leaving the score tied at halftime ten to ten. Both teams would trade scoring in the third closing the quarter tied at seventeen. Then with only six minutes and 46 seconds left in regulation. Collects three yard touchdown run would complete the chiefs drive and give the chiefs a 24 to seventeen. An adult and go to Miami Florida. There are big enough to go to bed total lack that would delay yeah and no doubt but point. At. And a dolphin quarterback Bob Griese would restore the balance capping a dolphin drive with a five yard pass to tight in more fluent. It's second down at about 300 goals for the worst done five for the shutdown. And that is why it left but they live right. Putting aside and right didn't stop the running back didn't we did what about the ball counts. Thank you guys brought back on the all what are hey. Guys I don't. Again tied now at 24 would only one minute and 25 seconds the dolphins were kicked off the total. Who would attempt to end the game with a 78 yard return. And though Chris Johnson's tackle on total lack may have saved the touchdown that she's been shelled one of the most reliable kickers in pro football. In with 35 seconds remaining young Stewart would run up to make a 31 yard game winning field. They are hard like I did at the door on anyone birdman. Maybe Americans got the all star game considered by many to be about money get during the game. One big reason why is honestly a man who could really go bullet bunch. I don't really being all but the biggest one now it career. To get both from about 31 yards. Don they're holding the flag hey let's put our whole goal in the evening. That being born every adult market for thirty group. Although the great eight vote just got better than all right Bonnie Ford when he sports. This just gives its. Okay. Usually sure foot have you on stood route would fail him as the kid with sailed wide right sending the game into its first overtime. The two teams would meet at midfield winning the toss the chiefs would elect to receive with a chance to score first. Playoff sudden death. Buchanan would take to kick off and lateral support elect who would return almost to mid field. In just four plays later Stewart would again find himself for the game winning opportunity. This time from the Miami 35. Everybody okay. It's. YN dot. That it's playing this as a winning field goal looked at him for supporting militant Barak. Didn't like William. How did they do things like that you can yeah it. Bogged down in the morning but I don't know. Generates 42 yard attempt was blocked by linebacker nick Buoniconti. Play would continue back and forth throughout the first overtime period that would include an opportune. Beat the dolphins kicker scare your brilliant to secure victory for Miami couldn't play anymore also falls short in a 52 yard field goal which. According to the game like this it's always good to make understatement bill but that's what the greatest football games ever witnessed in the history of professional football understatement. You gotta be kidding. First down and up 45 an athlete and that's of their burying the. First overtime period within which Miami picking off a driving when Dawson. We're proud chiefs' defense had no intention of letting the dolphins capitalize on the turn in both teams would continue to showcase their abilities. Four minutes into the second overtime greasy second and five from the Miami 35. It is now the longest game of golf football they're big Warfield is the left post goal wide right hand up big all locked up. 4540. Down to the 36 hour drive but again. Did you think there are made a stock market broad very big all off my back cobra Mario Boggan. Doubt Miami Dolphins and then there's the big but penetration vertigo but that doesn't. Kept in check throughout most of the day Larry Sonko would run over left tackle on account of play for 29 yards to the Kansas City 26. Jim kick with two more hands on guy again for another four. Would set up dolphins kicker Garros your premium for another game winning attempt this time from the Kansas City 37. Don't look for more. And here. Little or very appropriate. Well abandoned professional football. Then there are different because it has a lot riding on netbook. It will all business will be a 37 yarder. That's been upfront nobody back good but he'll Avaya. Thank goodness. Bad. The development. Of the did not know over time they don't have any effect at the Betty. Playoff achieved an event for another Super Bowl title and all that good does it not been overdone. In mud and blood soaked jerseys perhaps the best squad in the chiefs long history would fall that Christmas Day in an exhausting and gut wrenching 82 minute epic. Ensure irony prior to the double overtime loss the longest game in pro football history was a double overtime victory over the Houston Oilers in 1962. By none other than Lamar hunt's Dallas Texans. Though Kansas City would get to remain a part of the NFL's longest game it was a loss that would haunt him forever quarterback Len Dawson. I'll assure you I will never ever forget Christmas Day 71 because to this day I still believe we were the better football team. And it's so many opportunities to win that thing it was really the best. And qualities we had that was irony in that game in the fact that green it was our best team and we lost in the double overtime. Though it's signified the end of almost a decade of domination by the Texans and chiefs to the men have played it in those that Washington. You'll always personified the gritty toughness a competing in the National Football League. And to this day December 25 1971. Will always be remembered sounds. The Christmas Day game. There you have it the longest game ever played professional for. I hope you enjoyed our look at Christmas Day game stay tuned for our review of this season's dolphins game. Coming up later in the week can you preview the chiefs' final regular season contest as well the road trip to Denver on New Year's team. Merry Christmas everyone. Truly thank you for listening to this week in chief's ball.