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Steve & Ted
Thursday, August 17th
Moneytracker Don Grant says 40 million american households still have no retirement savings.

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You look. Okay. 9730. KM SS. We are Stephen Chad in the morning at 646 now for big things. Funeral service for woman killed in violent protest in Charlottesville city. One man dead after motorcycle crash in west Wichita why some damage reported after thunderstorms rumble across south central Kansas. Three big things Steven dead on K in a sense. So far this morning in which it saw traffic get moving right along up there were starting to see some heavier traffic. Here on the roadways in which is off. The gasoline prices still unsettled but all coming down a little bit at the high in and seen about 213. A gallon. But I've also seen several places this morning right around 209 a gallon traffic updates from Kate and SS radio on gas chambers. Sunny today with a high of 88 degrees 40% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 68. Friday mostly sunny with a 30% chance for rain and high of ninety. Now partly cloudy 64 degree to give northwest wind at seven miles per hour. At and Dex has a great selection of summer camps still available. Mentioned you heard this add on Stephen Ted and receipt 45% off any straw hat through August 19. Ant man Jack six of one west Douglas at the clock tower in the Leino. 647 out here on a Thursday morning in the Associated Press has found that the Thai family that co owns red bolt. The world's leading energy drink use offshore companies. To cloak purchases of aircraft and luxury properties read me really. The firms were at the revealed after a member of the family fled to of late hit and run charges a nice affair opening Red Bull. Barbados gives you wink and offshore companies are not illegal but agents for the family were twice warned that they were not complying with anti. Money laundering rules. I don't drink Red Bull like number heaven number try to do anybody here try to Red Bull. On grants he would be the bunny tracker who will drink anything I've only headed a couple of times and quit it podcast. So are you gotta stimulant and a president in a class and you got a ball around the woods in Missouri they got somebody at a guard Donald break it right. On him and they beyond currency pre. Your money may go much further in some places and others. After you retire. Where do you plan to retire caring dot com ranked all fifty states in here's what they found Utah and Iowa are numbers one into vice president Tim Sullivan they got. They're buying a really nice combination. Equality and this senior care services and resources there available. In the cost. And news I see you care. Resources South Carolina came in third getting high marks for affordability well Sullivan says Washington State came in fourth with the nation's best quality. Senior services overall. Area holding her ABC news. US stocks rose slightly Wednesday as Urban Outfitters in target helps reach retailers rally. That was enough to cancel out more losses for energy companies. Standard and Poor's 500 index picked up three points the Dow added 25 the NASDAQ gained twelve. A growing number of business owners without legal residency in the United States are scrambling to get their affairs in order. Amid a crackdown on illegal immigration under president trop. As many as 10% of the eleven million or so immigrants in the country illegally. On such businesses by some estimates and many are selling their enterprise is transferring them to relatives are closing down to avoid a total loss if they are deported that's uninteresting figure. 10%. Avila for the million immigrants in the country. Our our business of now Hyundai motors says it says new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Will travel more than 360 miles between fill ups. South Korean company says its second generation fuel cell a QB will be launched early next year to hydrogen the what do you fill it up with what tied up with him is indeed apparently they're not many stations where you can get this that's why it's not well but I that it isn't it produced by electricity and water essentially miniature. And I'm sure there's a hydrogen station near you soon. Destin neighbors management knows why. It's so easy to make that your Revver science class no okay nevermind. International I just remember the potato can now conduct electrical. You can make a bad idea these houses entirely power but it yelling. At the forefront of that he bought that potato technology. So I was gonna go had no electricity could just maddening game has been here. It doesn't catch. And Steve goes off the grid at the plate smells like starch that's. Whom know him well he made younger recruitment. Or never lost something you don't Saturday night. But baked. So today and whatever else this blood tower widely and management of dictator car. And I think that's an cater and O'Neal does power edited by. One that NATO. I don't 163 day Iran at all you need to do it's fine Freddy's. And I'll. OK I had some serious stuff. I think you'll wait at the thing you have serious there's a serious information. While but dead the bulldogs information is serious to yet they'll see now for all pay automatically enroll you that it's working I'm grant CME. Money tracker. They get away wipe that smile on your fellow wipe a hit out. This just statistics are easy to find data from the national institute on retirement security. Reveals that forty million American households have no retirement savings at all how much forty million American households now. And that. Contributes to an estimated savings deficit of four point three trillion dollars. The Federal Reserve fund found that the median retirement account value among those who have retirement accounts. Is slightly more than 60000. Dollars that. The mean balance is 201000. So it I don't wanna game and his sole average in means that right here remember that premier math classes. Keep in mind. That a retired couples medical costs. For life according to nationwide insurance estimate is about 200000. Dollars of the mean balances 201. Oops. The good news is that more workers in the millennial generation are investing in retirement then Jan actors or baby boomers. A study from Bank of America shows that 82%. Of millennial. Invest in retirement accounts 77%. Of gen X here's workers and say it workers and 75% of baby boomers. Have retirement accounts but why. The 2006. Pension protection act allowed employers to automatically enroll their qualified workers in the company retirement plans. That means when an employee is its eligibility thresholds. An employer can automatically and roll that person with a minimum percentage of their income. Going into the plan. In one in year one it can be 3% of income which moves up one percentage point each year until it tops at 6%. In year four participation. Employees are allowed to automatically invest in certain investments that are considered appropriate for the employees age and risk tolerance. A participant can opt out of the plan. And of course at any time. Unfortunately. Many military millennial contribute less per paycheck than those who opt in in initially but the good thing is they're doing it much younger. With at least some percentage. But something of course is better than nothing and of course if you have any questions about this or your retirement savings you give me a call number 634. 2222. I gotta say our 401K here that that I have has been working quite well. On a problem of the need to change the distribution of it. Because the allocation allegations in the you have to get way too much of stocks and bonds that. Lotus could go along here and feel pretty good about it you issue. Mark good for you that's it's it's it's working. National black cat appreciation day. We shouldn't have be Halloween you know she's just as they say if a black cat across Japan it's been. That's definitely a couple times on the way to work over the years. I did we had a black cat and our house I can't remember the cat's name it was wanted to you know Alex. Could have been my young daughter kept bringing it wildcats when she was at my house. You know every almost every week it seems. And and have to get the catheter in and you know the food and Newt don't of that mall at the court I was the one who did all we did have a black candidate of the testing. Tenure you're ever had a blanket yes I had a I'd just lost the black cat really back in December dated ever crossed your path you know of content area. I lie low black beauties they are they're sweet special and they don't get they don't get adopted as much as other acute needs to be and why I'm because on the because of their color and they kind of bland and people all people to attach meaning in excited. Don't can sometimes people try to pull. Race card is safe with black dogs to pull scar on on the make and use that you said you said that that the black cats are sweet. Yeah I think they are how are they any sweeter than any other cat like it's like he's sweet he's nosing about cat personality. Yeah. It's very sensitive about cat personality yeah it's a make me sneeze here. Jordan era I was at short and toward their camps about it. And her long hair I heard both. Like this Linksys that's thinks. That's skin caps look Malia and you would back. Thank you done on black national black and appreciation day coming up her at 7 o'clock we gave us this morning news was even Ted. A look at all today's news including some damage reported after thunderstorms in south central Kansas. Seated at the morning on KE NN cents.