41: Week 16 Review (Dolphins) / Week 17 Preview (Broncos)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, December 29th
The Chiefs clinched the AFC West Championship against the Miami Dolphins on Christmas Eve. Now they return to work in game where rookie Patrick Mahomes will get the start at quarterback. A visit to Milehigh that means little in the standings, but much to the players. INTERVIEWS: -Patrick Mahomes ...

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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this we can chiefs football episode 41 can only help. Everyone had a wonderful Christmas. The chiefs are back in the office preparing for the final week of the regular season road trip to the division rival Broncos but it's a game that will not improved or worsened the chiefs or Broncos position we'll talk about that more in a minute we'll also hear from Patrick Holmes Parker anger. In went out JU chests and and can we must look back to the division clinching game against the dolphins on Christmas Eve but first. Let's get right to the headlines. She's headlines on this week each football. You know head coach any Reid announced last Wednesday that Patrick Holmes we'll start that is going to be very interesting we'll talk about that more later but it only makes sense. This game has no bearing on any thing. And it really aren't going to be a nice litmus test see Patrick Holmes played a little bit that we want to see him play. But the big thing is. Alex along some other people are going to restaurants and that's a huge that's probably the biggest factor in and I know fans think you know that it won't get rusty and there's so much to consider who can't talk about all of this situation. In Denver really I mean this is a weird scenario where you're you're at point this season where you can't. Nobody's come play the spoiler nobody can gain anything by winning it's just a it's an oddity that doesn't happen very often will discuss who else might start. Who might be enacted in a few minutes but first but down the injury report if you work well when you look at the chiefs the only still removable but as quarterback benefactor. He puts attack overcame those road shows every back structure requests that were actually sent home dad on Wednesday and then did not participate Thursday. I do however think that all three. We'll play this week if they're somewhat healthy because I think we're going to wanna set some other starters so that was of no the only two notables that were hurt him would develop practice Wednesday or Thursday. We're defense lineman Ben Hogan and defense event. Tom holy and I actually don't expect. Either one of them will play on Sunday yeah you would think certainly not time since. But where terror and he got kind of feel sorry for Turkish request she's gonna get an opportunity here. We have to pitch you know you gotta play when he got to play and if you're sick you're sick there's nothing you can do about it. Something tells me you kind of rise to the occasion anybody notable for the Denver Broncos still wide receivers Emanuel Sanders he has a thigh injury and Cody Latimer. He has an ankle injury Paul did not participate Wednesday and Thursday. What we're hearing is that they probably won't be ready to go on Sunday either so I guess watching today's practice on Friday in what they do tell a little bit more to tell. I'm the only other one would be former dancer in chief officer tackled adult students and he has a hand and he's been limited on Wednesday and Thursday. We got to review report this week they were saying you can record beat him or alum barber who was voted the right tackle position. You know. Right those are your headlines for Friday December 29. 2007 to. Then Israel can look him in this week in chiefs football before we talk about the upcoming game in Denver. In fans really finally getting to see him Patrick Holmes. Gillis take a look back at week sixteen against the Miami Dolphins obviously the division clincher and it's what you wanted to seek out the Kansas City Chiefs was to was come out. Play with that same energy that they played at the played with against their last two division rivals. In what we thought were must win situations and they really were. And they did all the the the good the things they're supposed to do offense continued to shine we saw big plays from the playmakers. And it's just the way you want to be playing if you're gonna head into the playoff stretch you know look the fact in war and again more get more into this I love the fact that there's really nothing to go up to Denver four to prove you can't hurt your ego. You can't nurture your box score I mean you can. I guess you can change nor wants to be 9710 and six announcements that are three quality that is where division champions and that's all that really matters we get that ticket to the dance and what we do with that is in is what accounts but. I love this situation the scenario what the chiefs were able to do in December. I wasn't sure they were written that November was so rough on them right and yet mentally somehow they found a way to kind of get back into this rhythm and I think part of that is student who we talked about the several times coach three kind of relinquish the play calling Matt Nagy takes over and he's just got a different rhythm about him. He's getting them in and out of the huddle earlier I think coach Reid did was freed up to look at some other things it kind of zoom out and see that 30000 foot view. But all in all they've felt like he played in December much more like they played in September. They were playing. Their best ball in December but very good ball and headed in the right direction. Or very much so on them when you look at that stretch where they were one in six I don't believe they had a rushing touchdown but in the yup five wins in the in the season. And in these last three you have multiple rushing touchdowns and really any time you can run the ball you have a chance to do some other things very very well. Namely throw the ball down the field which is exactly what. Alex Smith has done in this last week point five to 39. Only sacked once sort of protection from the offensive line besides running the ball. And then also you're has one passing TV has a long of 52 yards and in really. Just spread the ball all over the place I thought. And I think people think this is a little bit may be our that this is what struck out to me but. Demetrius terrorists and the three catches he had Orson Charles who had another catch. And were actually Dmitri said foursome nine catches from the tide in position for like a 116. I yards and a distinct that's interesting because. If Demetrius can be. A pass catching threat and continued that's just one more weapon that really makes it difficult for defense is going into the playoffs. He's got to find a way back to the where he was an early part of this season though that focus that concentration he seemed to be catching. Everything that was thrown his way in the early part of the season struggling of late kind of more like the old Demetrius there's. Yeah ending a course last year it's no secret that he had at our time. Coming down walls and as you said earlier in the year he was catching them. Quite well but some I don't know this game what I liked was not only effectively cut the ball. But boy got up body rumbling going forward and he laid the he laid the wood on some people going up over them and I guarantee defense the bucks could see that they're gonna think twice about to try to tackle him. On that in the touchdown that there at the drop that he had that would have been a touchdown if you're looking at that from the film standpoint your defense you gotta think who. There's nothing I did it would have prevented that touchdown if he had caught the ball he take it all the way in so and that. You know any time you can scared defensive back you've done your work their. Are at let's get started with the ex she's got on the board first with a Harrison bunker field goal. And Alex Smith was a 52 yard pass to Tyree kill. It's Alex Smith and. Alex Smith. Defense. 56. Absurd and CNN about Kendall month. 11 yards or more you can do that so that this Travis skills he touched him for three. So it feels it snapped back yeah it's been hard for. Terrific run out to a big batch Chelsea and traffic just aren't the probable safety Rashad challenged and the cheese. Foolishly never in the end zone. And then that's always something you like to see in the red zone when you can play advertisement for a touchdown. I was doing my son is a career he got on the board as well right here second. You don't do. And so. Gil I don't know how many possessions the chiefs actually had but it seemed like there was only. Maybe one or two where they did not score paerson biker goes on to get another. Two or three field goals I think he was what 56 for the day so one an outstanding offensive effort ya really was and you're exactly right there's only one putt putt during the game and that was Dustin Colquitt leave though was an idea for the 49 yard jaunt through it and threw up their so that was nice. You mentioned about her 56 he was the special teams player of the week. Often and in the AFC so again that's the second time he's got mad and he was the player of the week in October as well also what he's done this year. The records he set. And it's continued to be so. Very accurate and powerful kickoffs. Has just been soaked them that's that's that's really fun to say it'll skid is the offense did the defense really set the tone first. With this theory Johnson tackle in Marcus Peters recovery. She's territory for the 45. The ball pops out. Everybody market leaders. And looked again by Jarvis Landry. The ball came out really laid on the farm ground greed and bounces into the waiting arms of marchers metered use. And Dan. We've talked all year long that DJ is certainly no he's aging all the do we know that he's mentioned the fact that he stopped playing as much. Right there was a perfect example as he flew over to the far sideline he forces up all loose I was a huge play to get the defense going. And to me I'm I'm convinced that's because. That's Dirk Johnson who is fresher because he's playing about how many places you have been playing. And I think that's going to pay dividends going into the playoffs as well now of course Marcus Peters he's around the ball like you said right there. Articulate them here a little bit later you'll hear this one where. He actually takes the ball away. Kansas City. Marcus Peter's definitely an improved player since his suspension. Few weeks ago yeah tough it's been fun to watch and he seems to be doing all the right things he's my complains he's having fun. Sometimes you get reset a little bit and you go about your business I don't think he enjoyed that. Being the competitor he is because I don't think people are. I don't think they're. Trying to cover anything up religiously how competitive it is I do believe. He's one of the most fierce competitors on the team. And I guess the best of them sometimes but he's certainly got it in check right now. I would say it's about at the right time yeah that's hard for fans to believe you know in the of these 101550000. Dollars in Filene's. It's hard for fans to understand that that is much much more palatable to a player. In not playing these two have whatever you do has more palatable. They're not playing him as soon as you sit a player you've really got his attention you know I am them again Mitt this week he had two tackles a forced fumble fumble recovery. And up a pass defensed and now let's just solid day hit Marcus Peters. And that's what you wanna say I personally didn't think Jay Cutler is gonna come in and you know I felt like if we were able to handle Philip Rivers that we were going to be able handled Jay Cutler and ensure enough you know I'm a thought OK day. But honestly chiefs' defense was far superior that they the frustrated their the Miami Dolphins receivers in. And really played more physical than the dolphins did in the dolphins had something to play for they really did the big thing is when you look at the Russian. For the dolphins. Drake had thirteen rushes for 57 yards he had some success early on in the second half of course. I can't see chiefs' defense holds them scoreless but the thing with Cutler. There he was an awful because he did what have one TD that long 65 yard by John were really I think we let somebody go in and lack of coverage in just didn't pick somebody up. But in general. They pressured them they got in my office ground a little bit and I bring this up because to me going back 33 games go in this streak started. Against the raiders. The defense of lyme. Chris Jones in particular in my in my mind. The energy brought to the fill that date for from from player one got a sack early on and he's continued that in an energy and about supplement. I think is really spilled over everywhere else well the effort currency week sixteen result of the division championship and I think the best part about that Kindle. Is the scenario it sets up for week seventeen which is the Denver Broncos the chiefs travel to Mile High Stadium here. But they can't worsen and they can't improve their position. Nor can the Broncos improved or worsened the chief's position or their own position. So this truly is kind of an enigma for regular season game not quite eight. Pre season game. But from the standings and what can do it really doesn't mean much. Know from Kansas City side I think you're gonna see them sit down a lot of the stars and give them some much needed rest. We're talking will pay dividends. From. Members aspect I think they'll be playing hard don't have the starters playing the course Paxson lynch is going to be. That the QB that certainly wanna see him play they haven't seen him play that much quite honestly. It's gonna be a good test of course injury came up this week and said Patrick Holmes is going to play and I'm. You know everybody wants to see him play and I get that and I had a dislike calories handled already in fact because you know when I go out there and throw for a hundred yards or 300 yards. I'm not really worried about you as the first and foremost is to go out there. And wind and that that's what you wanna hear from the QB I spent a lot of time today in the locker room with these guys in one of the things that was pretty universal from all of these guys are getting an opportunity is. They wanna win. The guys that are gonna be out there playing on the field they wanna compete they not only wanted to demonstrate to their coaches that there coach oval. They wanna win they wanna bring home win runs I think that's really important had a chance to sit down with Patrick Holmes yesterday. Houses we've been different for you. Yes and also just in our some more reconcile with the offensive gambling didn't have a whole. Has been has been a great experience for me and I'm hoping to keep building and building and how hopefully have a exciting week what did you learn this season so far from Alex. Just kind of prepares and the biggest thing for me apps to be a professional. Such a quarterback gets to learn how to prepare for the game it's different in college in he's taught me in Romulus ago tried to eliminate some mistakes. He may when he was young and trying to help me advance faster Patrick for you when you step out on the field in Denver what do you wanna accomplish what we UConn home saying I was successful. That's definitely a win I mean I'd be the biggest thing for me is in the win no matter what away Tom answers that it'd be successful Meehan at saint Hamas will be efficient. Just make sure we get out a huddle to the plays and do all those things the right way and hopefully bill Lou bought on the field so you first NFL start what one thing do you think you'll remember from this. Yes beats branch of the guys you know met a lot of guerrillas have what is the teammates here we have a great. Corporate guys in his Mexican go out there and play as a mean awesome experience. Second you can hear Patrick Holmes already sounds like a starter but I love the attitude that they're coming up this game with you know I mean. All of them are in this situation it's kind of a unique situation. Let's talk a little about the positions that are gonna shift here because and I think we've we've muscles are the offensive line. My guess is they'll they'll set a few of these guys learned of an entire beef. Zach Fulton you know I don't know whether the seven wits and or not but. You certainly if they bring in those guys that's a pretty good core. Of lined to substitute in and out it is and certainly that'll make a little bit more defer the difficult for Patrick Holmes but the fact is. You know that and it's twofold number one. You get to see three backups played a started role and get some more off film on them and some evaluation but the fact of if you can rest LT TE like you said you could rest Zach Fulton and then my other guess would be Eric Fisher. And you get Cameron urban in their Parker anger him at the right guard him and Debbie I assume the center. Now all of a sudden you've got three year five Lyman that are getting pretty nice rest. Mitchell Schwartz. I don't bring the name and you of course she is the oldest of of of all the players. But I think the fact that. He's been so solid and probably more so as the fact that a few guys have to play I think he wants to play he's got that streak going which. It is very impressive annual the most consecutive starts in the NFL so. That's ultimate as a competitor you want a place so. Either way is to accept good from the office of lifestyle analysts are important talked him today I love them. We were talking about that the streak maybe being broken in and somebody asked him you know is going to be different for use at tackle. I mean the quarterback a different quarterback in there and he said you know I came from Cleveland so I'm used to that. A little while and when I saw and what a coach so talk about the serious if indeed Jordan daddy starts European if he plays a significant amount of time what is hardest part of it can always at the line calls no I mean that thing they know in all it was snowing it's just the fact that you haven't played you don't W hasn't played much this year. And you're you're going up against a stout front in Denver butch. No I think will be after the test one thing we should have some pretty fresh legs. What but. In general thoughts what they want you wanna have a chance to play him the fact that up we think and again were were speculating all this but. I would be shocked if if those three. Reserves don't play and starting somewhere should perform to have to give the other rest in one guy we know is gonna get some time here if not the start. At guard is Parker anger that talked with Parker after practice on Thursday. For soft summer it's going to be like give back on the field. Oh you know it's a I think a bigger experience of the definitely you know it's been long awaited book it'll be a great experience director alternate mix things up for the guys how are you feeling. Doing great and been through Hungary most excited you know go back to Oden got activated again. Syverson send us you know and went sometime. This kind of a weird situation isn't it with you know having a regular season game is not pre season game by any means but it's also not a regular season then wins and losses don't mean what they normally work north stuff and I'll do undertaken lightly in office who were still going to be planning consume most doesn't have a Broncos or are there starting defense so. No stuff we're not a game to be taken lightly and on Austin on in the area don't don't wanna take this says he won't like a pre season game don't wanna go and get a win and affairs office straight seasons. You can electronic got the feeling talking to Parker. He's chomping at the bit to support Ian I mean you know I think it's he's frustrated that he lost that rule. To injury in that he hasn't been able to get his way back in there and I think he he kind of looked at this is his opportunity which you know can't blame him no not at all in the other thing this is less. As well as the fact that. Now you get some game experience for these guys going into the playoffs so if by yell and some unfortunate chance somebody goes down for a little while. They've got more experienced strong and so it's good from so many different angles. Our let's move to the wide receiver this feels like and this feels like a he can't showed us dust settles into the wide receivers I assume you probably see guys like. It's hard for me think that I Rican Albert or Wilson would go. Albert for sure because for me a nice I should say Tyreke as well but I don't Tyreke close to a the kitten Marcum and yardage there reply but I have a hard time thinking that either one of those who the field. Much at all if you talk of much with JU ya talk them bright young man he's very articulate yeah I wanna play this for you this is from my yesterday. To me about the swing keys to start. On the side for this week men we had a good match of the suit against the Broncos on big game and I'm looking forward to. Under invest like hang in my team went to me about how you get on a page quickly who is you know Patrick him. And just the situation yeah I know we've been we've been in chemistry. Bill like both whole season. He is a good ghetto worker he's due diligent about come into an extra refs are to post up like that so. We've definitely been doing those so I think oh we're on the same vision and a beer drinking. To me how the guys locker missed the specifically ever Wilson house even helping it. On men that. He's a great guy amended clear on and off the field in terms of learning the playbook just give me understand little nuances about the offense about the defense what to expect. Against certain coverages in a little bit things that I mean us throughout the bout that yummy tailored to. Poor regardless of how he plays the receiver position on Sunday he's definitely stepped into Chris Connelly scroll on Mike has me at least sounds great when he does he just stands up. Straight you look shoe in the he's got a smile on his face and you can tell he's happy about things and and he certainly hampered off chance that he's going to that we believe he's going to get on. On Sunday I asked him about the guys supporting him in the locker room and in course Albert Wilson was right there so I specifically asked me about Albert Wilson admitted he didn't link. He did not blink out or Wilson was giving him a hard time and men didn't like Oscar that's fine that that's. The bulk of the things that go on locker room you're really misses a former players is their camaraderie and during. Durden during that. During your views when you're just muscle people like that one I think one of the things that it's its own unique about this position is it coach Reid says this. In his. Talks. That you want these guys is if they've got a step in down the line you want them to be ready you want to don't feel like their battle tested. What I see going on in the locker room in the support in this situation is really amazing. Yeah it's fun and you know I can't add much to that they've got a good locker room. There was Iran. It's never been fractured since I've been here what within you read. And I don't expect to never will because he leads in the right direction uplift in apps Larry let's turn it over to the Donnelly and let's catch the running back NIC or the running backs at tinkering cream we'll definitely set us shark Agricole will play I think is slow lonely he's healthy in the McCain hall will probably get. An even bigger dose and then you move on to the tight ends. I see it and in no way shape or form the Travis Kelsey would place a UC Demetris terrorists. Stepan of that role which I think will be good for him in the Orson Charles leaving duke. A little more the top playing time as well in the past he had last week was that last week just seems like forever gonna let it go out with something up. I mean Alice Travis Kelsey like he was he was always on the other side of the field yeah I was it was I see him again when you come. When you can give them the more guys you can get the ball who's a QB the more difficult that it makes that. We're defense they just don't know where it's called them before we roll to the defense would you rescind that Alex Smith is gonna be inactive in Tyler bray would be active. I that's what I think I think. And again I don't I don't believe we'll know any thing rise until game day but I believe that Alex Smith would be an active. And Tyler bray would be yours your back up okay 'cause to me there's no reason. For him to be in the game and if brave work in active. And of course Alex would be active and if sultan. God forbid happen to my homes and he would have to go in and you don't want test that you just take that off the table in my opinion yeah I agree. All right let's talk defense already see the changes happening on defense well I think the probably the biggest thing is I believe Bennie Logan won't. Play because he's stopped play and he's not participate in these last two days. That along with the fact that you know he's he's a little bit older vets and he's had knee injuries. Through the second half the season so you can get him healthy make sure. An extra week of rest for somebody like a nose tackle. That to me is huge to have impression so that's one I think Gary Johnson I think that's a no brainer you'll see him. I don't I don't think you'll see him active either you know Justin Houston. I don't think you'll play. Brings some low I don't think you'll play. What are their interactive or not I don't know and the only outside linebacker side of things that's something that we kind of discussed because to me. Every easy you've got to that field the team actually stood up to level on the field theoretically I don't think you see Houston play. I don't think so although as the only other truly. But trim healthy outside linebacker plays either. Okay Tom holy did not participate this week and bowl Thursday or Wednesday and Thursday. He's got knees anyhow sure I think there's no way that he plays so that's only now one outside linebacker in total personal he's gonna play there's no doubt about that one. So now you have to look the inside backers. I think you take DJ out of there. I think. You probably take Richie raccoon out as well so now you just have four inside linebackers. And to me I think one of those guys. Is gonna see some time on the outside as an outside linebacker and as I look at it because you've got you can lately the only way. Meek will soon compare Lewis and Terence Smith. I think KPL because he's been a regular will be in there and your room wrote me because it suited up at all it's been. Kim I used been playing. He's been playing special teams but I think of those two I think one of them has to go to the outside linebacker. And if I'm taken I guess I must say that Kim has a chance to play on the outside backer side of things can we don't know any of this but that's just what I'm. As I'm looking at my three deep chart right here that yeah that's how I see it. Going on I think you could see some other people author's well I think. I think it's not going to be the best situation for the defense honestly as far as players in their right positions but. It's the best for getting people healthy and resting them getting ready for the next game blew again going back to the moniker that if you need them down the road. You need them to be battle tested and ready right getting what a guy like illegally some time at the edge where you we were then we are opinion that the I don't even think about where are just going for from who was going to be gone or whatever but that's a great point in this is the guy. He's got something to remember a 62240s. Mean you would be more but a quick edge rusher author as opposed to you know. Any top power but he is a pretty powerful guy in his own way so. About will be one to watch him certainly we'll keep an eye on him and in pre game to see where he's out and I think he's the one probably. Maybe wildcard. So a lot of positions in Italy that just isn't the depth that you've got like that defensive line and attributing a massive amounts swapping out there that cornerback is a situation where we could see some change. I would expect Marcus Peterson not play possibly even be enacted in this game right I would expect that they'll try to read Stephen Nelson sun so that's gonna move. Terrance Mitchell probably. Into. Either the left corner were putting me you know along side you know is it going to be. Philippines there is gains gonna be a nickel back would you see there. You know what I I think you're right Peters I think he'll be out I think Stephen Nelson will be out especially with some injuries you had your course he came off UP. A list. Gains you've seen somewhere should perform at the quarterback positions. You're gonna see hacker in there researchers in new I don't know which a gift from him but. He'll be active for sure I would think because exempt place a special teams and and provide some depth. Safety wise is interesting to me because he just brought McQuay up a couple of weeks ago. Hum source and has been stepping in for. Eric Berry you know Marie just came off his ankle here a few weeks ago. Of course Ron Parker's long stalwart back there I think Ron Parker will not play I don't think. He had an ankle injury earlier in the year so I think. The pressure you can get him the better so. That really of of all the positions we talked about I think we've got a good idea. Defensive back to me is the warmest most unsettled in terms of who's going to be where who's going to be active who's not gonna play and things of that nature. You know one other point I'd bring up here is that guys like frank some boom. Were part of that 2013. Team that went to San Diego with Chase Daniel. At the star went right at the end of that season in. Those some of those guys Kindle may have made their long term home here with that game. You don't know coaches got a chance to see them in and so this is an important deal is goes back to that same old thing it doesn't count but it matters. Well I mean this one does count it just doesn't mean anything if this could be a very valuable tool for the chief stay tuned to. Assess their talent that absolutely is a valuable tool the NFL wants Vodafone Europe went away. I understand why but. From a developmental standpoint is too bad because the NFL was using it in the right way for that part of things. But this is. This is going to be the chiefs. The felt developmental league game for sure there gonna it's a lot of young people play in a lot of positions in. Is something that's much more than a pre season game I mean it's not the playoffs. But it's much more than pre season game that's big. Yet is certainly not free season speed this is gonna knowing full you know this is going to be something the U can't get any other way but on Sunday yet and another thing we should be noted is make no mistake. These guys are getting an extra chance to play and while these guys are going to be starting. And they're still going to place special teams is that the the regular array of special teams so they're gonna be. Asked to do a lot. But the fact is. They know they're being value evaluated by the chiefs. And they also know that there's 31 other teams that are looking I'm also and this is their chance to do something via for the chiefs or somebody else and as businesslike as the sounds it's not it's just a fact of life and any cheese personnel would tell you the same thing. Which is it's part of it you're always on film noise get looked out and it's a big opportunity for a lot of kids. Erica my final question then is about Denver and I think this is the little bit unique in that Denver cannot play the spoiler so will guys like Von Miller. Will there starters really come out we know how excellent is gonna start for him. Do you expect to see them at 100%. Thanks so I think. No matter who you are in the NFL you want to play you want to at the very least. Have your last game the pinnacle of playoffs the women do which you can't him them. Just for competitors says that you want to come up or make a difference closest division game it's arrival. So in my mind you do see those guys. Start play if they can tweak. With an ankle or something or whatever then they probably don't push themselves like they might if the game meant a lot more or in this case met any thing. But otherwise I think you see guys play their other school thought though is that embers like okay. This means nothing to business decision we've got young guys we wanna see them play as well so that there is that part of it. Now that the that I know rethink it a little bit so you might see some guys out of there. Early on. Starters wise so they can see some back ups and get an idea of what their they can do. I know these guys are proud. But there's not a lot of pride for Von Miller to take in in his mind in not calling park during your second string right I'm just saying. If he can't beat Parker anger who couldn't get his starting job. There's a lot of pride to be earned their bite Von Miller now I will also add to that. That is in Von Miller's contract. He's got X amount of sex writer and he's close to that threshold. He may be played and 120%. Right but I kind of think that the Denver is in the same situation where they need to look at talent they need to figure out what they've got. They're headed into the same draft we are yet as. That that are really campers and better than that that is exactly. What will be going on there. Again that there is a business side to this game of on the money factors you talked about the likely to be earned incentive some things that they they do him. I guarantee you in some way shape or form. Somebody has looked at all whether it's been acted upon or not I don't know. And you look at a guy like Von Miller he terrace and ACL or he Terry he does something that puts him out into next year in it in eight. Potentially destroy as part of next season. There the economy in the same pickle with that I think is. Maybe not as much as the chiefs are but because they don't have to play the next week yeah I won't mention name but I have been on a team before where we had nothing to play for. And we had a receiver that had a big incentive in this contract. Am. The QB threw to him and he threw to him off. And you're through to him early he threw them off and I tell me who it is this is a Steelers team and there was about the Steelers. It's it's a chiefs team you can result achieve cyber I was a size that's saint San Diego but. This player I think had ten or eleven catches like game. While yes pro while. In 24 targets. Our analysts thought let's start briefly before we it's a wrap this episode up. Playoff scenarios so obviously chiefs of clinched a playoff berth there they really cannot change they are gonna be the fourth seed. There's no way to improve it to the third they will not falter the fifth they are the fourth seed folks. So really what we don't know is what time will play. And who come to town now in if you just do the math and you do that probability and statistics it would suggest that the Baltimore Ravens will come to town. There's a slight possibility that the titans could be that team in them by slight I mean slight you know. One in five verses four and five so it's probably going to be the ravens Mike guesses it's gonna either ravens on Sunday I think the seventh at noon. We don't know we probably the fact fans will probably be able to find out before we will we will likely be in the air on the way home from Denver. On Sunday night when this is announced but the NFL week all of this out. Through social media and so I'm sure. But the reality of it is that it's either going to be the titans or the ravens in its gonna be the fourth seed for the chiefs. So that's the way the playoff scenario sets I think there is any way it's for fans up missing all the charges can get in yes they can that they cannot improve past the six seats so we wouldn't Clinton we will not played them here it you know they may go to Jacksonville Jacksonville. May host the chargers they might post the ravens they might host. The titans it's it's just gonna have to see how this plays out in Tennessee this Sunday. Has a tough game yes I think he played Jacksonville though they do yes so it's it's not. There's a lot of lot of little pieces still glued to wrap appear I think even Denver are not Denver New England in Pittsburgh can still swap places as well so. And I understand. That they forty announced that it Todd Haley and in my talent or not gonna play Ben Roethlisberger the Sunday. So I think that's a little bit of an interest in twisted this whole thing and I don't know if Roethlisberger is injured. Were they just one arrest him but if indeed while it's true. That's an interesting one because they do have something to play for on the field all the way through in New England loses they were. I don't have while again you know that's just the report I heard earlier eight or late yesterday so we'll see if that shakes onion or people on the Internet you know yeah so what he meant. It if it must read it I mean I wrote it down and our rhetoric I believe everything I read. I was a Christmas and get it was it was good it that you got to go to you got to go game and they're hoping Nixon watched my son play them and Phoenix is warm that's gotta be less it's got to be it's got to be fun watchable as. That was a blast it was in Phoenix. I wouldn't buy some they'll say because that's where as with Steelers were played Super Bowl thirty. I want by the hotel where we stayed out the Super Bowl just a compressed and I just remembered back from a long time ago. If that's what you do when you get seasoned in those memories seem distant. They seem like another lifetime ago they seemed just the other day and elect him yeah outlook isn't that something that is. I keep thinking that about the the buffalo the trip to buffalo for the AFC championship game in. And now it just seems like it was a complete different life ago. I sure thought I beat their 345 times if you look at the coaching staff. The chiefs have had. It is amazing to me union throwing their hall of fame coach pink strand it is amazing to me that this is the first time in the history of the franchise. That they have back to back championships. I I thought I urge you read it wrong when I select likeable again that was really ought to adopt you know who else could not believe them who Clark can't. I am talking about a block reviews like that I just can't believe although winning that that we did in the sixties and right in in my dad's teams never did it and it's so yeah it's it's edges goes to show how tough it is that is stuff that a league has not structured 32 win year after year and also. The way it is folks. All right that's gonna do it for weeks seventeen chiefs and Broncos this Sunday at 3:25 central time. Our local pregame starts at noon or more when the fox Kansas city's classic rock station. And our great network at 2 PM. More exclusive interviews and comments from all the guys until then happy new year to everyone and thanks for listening to this week in chiefs football places out that. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from that Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios dot com.