42: Week 17 Review (Broncos) / Week 18 Preview (Titans)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, January 5th
The AFC Wildcard is upon us!  We'll break down the home playoff game against the Titans.  Plus, we take a look back at Patrick Mahomes first start in Denver on Week 17. INTERVIEWS -Patrick Mahomes #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsTEN

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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Host Ben Israel man and those gamma. Welcome to this week in chiefs football weakest team in the. 2017. Post season chiefs preparing to host the Tennessee Titans. And women home playoff game for the first time since 1993 will preview that. And take a look back at the week's seventeen victory over the donkeys Patrick Holmes gets his first start in does not disappoint but is always let's first look at the headlines chiefs of this. She's headlines this week should football you know we said in September the rookie running back Karine Huff was on pace for 2000 yards this season that would be doubtful he can keep that up however. He did finish with 1327. Yards. That's enough to earn him the NFL rushing time. And all of just what one Russian that last game which he had to work to get but he took care of it. One rush 35 yards a touchdown rushing title. Congratulations though one of the best years I've ever seen for repeats on. I'm sure Todd Gurley at thirteen 05 was a little disappointed bill comes in at 1002 or 91 McCoy at 1138. Some fallout from the Denver game no chiefs foot wide receiver. Running back I came hundreds and cornerback Phillip gains on the injured reserve yet with that they now assigned CJ Spiller back. A 750. Tied a season. And I think it's maybe the fourth I've gotten here at least the third if not the sort so he's side to. Get some depth at the right back position and they also signs default Charles a nose tackle. That's Jarvis Jenkins looks like maybe he's having a little bit of issues this week as well. And the other is they're calling up Marcus coach kept from practice squad and so he will be. I would expect playing this week of special teams as a four core we get seek him a little bit at training camp also battling injuries are several key players. Yeah when you look at it we're human you Rocha she has an ankle his up participated. Involved Tuesday and Wednesday's practice and it also Albert Wilson he had a hamstring the last play of the game probably didn't participate Tuesday. Limited Thursday or Wednesday rather so. I would expect that he would be able to go and then the other the other notables who is Tom holy he was limited on Tuesday Albert develop practice Wednesday. And that is no surprise as he normally only prices. Once a very low so you would expect that possibly you'll be of their to have. Helped by its pass rush. Was this case it's. Fantasy about the noble sport that Tennessee tech support DeMarco Murray has been set that he toward them CEO in the game a week sixteen rather against the rams. He did participate Tuesday or were they so why would expect to fueled up latest game either. And him Brice McCain cornerback he was limited on Tuesday. But it's up to speed on Wednesday he's got a hamstring. Issues so what about will probably be a game time decision and I'm Logan right ignore sources. Did not practice on Tuesday sort of the practice on Wednesday of those are being set to be illnesses so. But that is hit the chief since evidently the titans as well. Yes some news from around the league will get to maybe after the season we'll talk on the podcast about some of the coaching changes but one thing that's notable for chiefs fans chiefs' offensive coordinator. Met Maggie confirmed he will interview. After the season for the colts head coach. While the Mets not surprising considering that Chris bowed as there is there as the general manager and of course was what she's part of that so. I you know what that's what you want. You want your coaches to be sought after that means they're doing something good but right now I know the first time the first thing and it is. What else to get the news from around the league is that Jon Gruden is definitely a candidate to become the Oakland Raiders next head coach he'll be the coach taking him from Oakland. To Las Vegas if indeed that happens that's interesting is that it's really worth watching because they're still a couple of years out from the stadium itself. It's perplexing because. We know what soldiers are like over right now to overcome America. And you know really it's calling them facilities is this really stretching they're just boxes you know there's a couple of things and I can see you definitely want the raiders. Want to own review I'm not sure why Jon Gruden wants the raiders he must like what he sees Kindle in terms of talent he must look at that team and say they're underperformed. That's the only way to explain it because otherwise why would you come back him and certainly to me. What Super Bowl had a couple of crew but evidently it's gonna prove something else. You know I think about is probably ten million other reasons that yeah how much effect until I could point I think if there's anything this creates. If she can go home again you don't nobody wants to finish the business this. If folks remember he got traded. Yes he did not want to leave the raiders the first time we get treated ended up getting reads him to say all right finally really get news AFC shake special teams. Player of the month Harrison but here. The guy continues to impress and certainly going to the playoffs to have somebody kicking the ball. Through the up rights like he does is they plus that was certainly the fact that people boom through the end zone. Force such facts as good as well filings when he eighteen the chiefs will play the AFC north the NFC west of course. Of course the division winners from the other two AFC divisions the south and east that's Jacksonville on the patriots. So. We don't win we're gonna play but now we know where. Yeah on the road course you've got the Bengals and cardinals and 49ers at home and away you've got the Steelers rams and Seahawks. Along with the relevant documents about what either so. You know what. You could look at this and them deciphered however you want the fact is when you get to the end of the season everything changes any help. If it were mum on how things go but that's for another time right now it's playoff time or anyone in the the most salient points is that you know when you win a division. You are gonna play a tough schedule and so when chief when fans look at that schedule that always gets on gets pretty brutal outside of the Cleveland Browns. It's a tough schedule but that's the way this guy really is him you know what. And you want that because you won't be divisional orders. Your guess couldn't agree more of those or your headlines for Friday January 5. 2070. Then Israel Kendall Gammon this week in chiefs of all happy new year to you can go on in the hopes that are high in the heat of September. The did not wilt and die for the chiefs kingdom in November although. 1% to clearly trying to do they tried for sure but it certainly showed that. What the chief foreign made up some leadership by a head coach injury to him to get them back on track and go into the playoffs with force street. Is fabulous you know before we talk playoffs let's discuss week seventeen your thoughts on the chiefs' first round pick. Patrick no homes butter specialists he delivered certainly yet one ball got away from them that was the pick him you got that out the way early but otherwise. I thought he'd. Kind of picked up. Where he left off in training camp in the pre season games where. He was doing what was asked of him didn't force the ball much and made plays that. Quite frankly a lot of people cannot make and that's what you want somebody who you moved up something spots. To get and made the tenth overall pick in the draft homes did not throw a touchdown in the game Kendall. But take a listen to this. Sherman is the running back team I played a little gut her career high probability that rushing right. The 35 yard touchdown on the opening series he's on my holds on first down and troubled scrambling to his right. Holding us to throw the football on the. Jack just a book about her right side and the 44. And twelve yard backdrop it's sort of been a fifteen yard sack. And while mills back in the saddle and heavily. Kindle I think you can see from that player you can hear from that play. What this kid's going to be like I mean you know it he was really evident to me. After the put in Tyler bray and it took him back out. And the chiefs had to drive down the field. He seemed to take it to another notch I mean even more so than what he played earlier in the imminent but even despite the interception. I had a good game but in that last two minute drive I thought he looked really good. Yeah he's a competitor in you the chiefs want to watch him in all situations. AM really you thought his day was done to try to break every government and things went haywire and all the sudden they need to put a drive together to. To win it so you bring him back here and now you could semen another situation you don't get very often. Am. It just shows how competitive is he is when he was asked this whole week about what would make it successful. First and foremost each and every time he answered and it was always well first of four or foremost it's a win or to win. And it just kept talking about that but the way you delivered. Calm cool collected a felt like. Keeps his eyes downfield and that is just obvious that the game is not too big for him yeah you get a chance. Looked him in the locker men's again. Patrick first off talk about all week and number one things come up with the wind come out with a win just talked to be about the might. Yeah I mean it was awesome especially come out to win I've stood out there first start and really tilted don't do what you can do to be a starter and that I having guys step up and every. Phase of the game especially on offense really stepping up in different positions and really make employees can ask I have talk Anthony Sherman. Also and then just what he did his running back today as you guys were short a little bit back that he can come in there and do all those things. And then also some of the wide receivers and what they did today yeah definitely were concerned it's important in order to utility player you've played a dude pretty much everything that. He stepped in really big test of our backs on and running it. I help you help me out whenever I was gonna gain a little days here and there but. I mean we have got to were never really really deep in the Gaza stepped up everywhere last caution come back can lead to drugs do to set up the field goal. Shows a lot about you and the team the guys are out there but. Mean that's really what she relishes QB is and yeah I mean exactly he wanted to go out there and and win football games are remains to daughter last round to that experience of just really don't ask don't after guys made big plays aren't blocked really well and we got down there and running but certainly he's not there. Patrick congratulations yet thank you. Right they're Patrick Holmes. Poised and he really is just just the way he he he talks after the game to you religious matter of fact. You can tell he's come from a fairly that's that's been around. Professional sports officer with the status having played baseball in. You're just excited he was happy for the win and I think he felt like. You performed pretty well column but there's there's just no there's no showed to him it's he's very humble person. And he you can just tell you what my last question Demi just he loves playing football. He marks is a little bit to his own drum you know I mean not terribly but just a little bit. What do we are falling home I was thinking back to training camp we saw him do these through news. That every quarterback coach every throwing coach would tell ye should make because. You got a plane to feed your body has to be upright he knows has to be over your toes there's all these things you've got to do step and throw. And he doesn't do all of those. And yet he still able to have accuracy. And so as the year faded and it you know the further we got from camp the more I thought. Maybe he wasn't doing that as much as I thought he was too and yes you blush but then you didn't like but her right there what. Now let's say it's the truth is I had my concerns about both I got hot in Harrisonburg Icrc. Turned out to not be my best movement but you know what I mean we saw on that in that game you saw him make some throws you like you he he can do that. That's the big. Thing is there were people look at you like oh you're just poster that must Muster that but the fact is he successful and continues to be successful on new successful champions successful. In pre season in the did the same thing in this regular season game. Am what it shows you is. He's creative com he's instinctive. It seems like he's got a couple tries to understand where the Russians come and broke he's able to. You've paid to people he's able for you through this game was somebody somebody draped all over but think maybe was Von Miller I mean it's. It's uncanny. The type of performance in my in my would put all opera's first time out against that a defense that was brought up trim them. It's fun to watch what shows is practiced he can't make him throw off of any platform or no platform. At all yet he is any makes decisions quicker low doses. They're the intangibles he has them and it will be exciting to watch him develop because. There is so much potential with amino and in you know I can honestly. I did I did get a wrong with Becker let. Hunter I thought looked great became a really did grow up I just didn't think he was ready for the spotlight and he has. I don't know how these college coaches are prepping these young men. To be so prepared for such him brutally white hot spotlight. They're doing a great job kennel mean some of them I mean he stepped into that spotlight going to New England tonight I thought it would crush him and it did anything but. He's handled it very well I think you don't Holmes is gonna be economic guys well. A degree in to go back on your point with that first ball but her I was in your same camp I mean you had a rookie vs somebody was tested I'm dismissal which is there the cream huh. Mean not only did he shine. But he responded after folding his very first carry which was a nice shrub and all the sudden. Huge bubbles there at the end Dubya would come back from that and do what he's done only that game but then throughout the year. And really have been me. Resolve to come back after really that 16 stretched. No hundred yard rushing games and no touchdowns. And to get back on track and do what he's doing now a mess of a lot about the young kid. You know us working on the into the season piece that will play we're gonna play a little bit of that in the on court presentation of our special that we had yesterday which was great we admits holt this. You Dini will only act and I all kind of cover the game we played a little bit of this. In that we're gonna play that again right before we go on a year at 11 o'clock on Saturday so make sure you tune into that because. One of the things I noticed in preparing that was the similarity the story lines between but curtain hunt. Parker missed his first field goal us putt dropped his first carry. In the end they come back both I mean with just to have vengeance. Cash I don't remember young players coming in but there's been a few of those guys certainly Ezekiel Elliott hit the ground running is a question about that that. I just it's been an impressive impressive year. Even with that sag in the middle it it was fund put together so make sure you tune in tomorrow at 11 o'clock has this is. This is a really good showed members really thankful to you guys for coming and doing them. Are right any other thoughts on the Denver game before it progressed to the Tennessee Titans. You know what I thought the some of the young kids do very nice job defensively. Kim Maria league way I think he played eighty plus laps wouldn't count in the special teams snaps as well because he had a full complement. And talking to Dave Toby said he was just completely gassed sept game but he was proud of him I thought he played well on the judge a position that he doesn't play very. I played normally rather 'cause he's an inside linebacker and in the other one I think was. The tunnel passed and we played well on the other engine that's certainly something to watch because the outside. Edge rushers. It is an issue for the cancer chief threatened you know something that I noticed on the plane ride home from timber was there were a lot of players dehydration. In the nineties and taken some oxygen from the plane that Cisco's to show. How much they left on the field now granted you know Colorado Denver in particular is a tough place to place but I mean nick talked about these young kids leaving it out there right that was really good to see. Yeah I was and again it's 'cause so many of them at double duty of not only the regular position to play a full gamut of special teams as well. You'll certainly we got some losses which we talked about earlier. In headlines but this playoffs well and you've got your starters rested. And that is very important for some different reasons certainly to get the rest of them this is a short week also Tennessee yes travel so there's a there's a couple different distinct advantages of chiefs have. You know like that are let's turn our attention to week eighteen. And yes it does is just nothing like playoff football week eight team brings the Tennessee Titans to Arrowhead Stadium. On a short week as you just mentioned you gotta like that. Coming to arrowhead you gotta like that. I know the chiefs kingdom is out there and they're saying man this may achieve your snake bit they just cannot win at home. In a playoff game but the reality of it is none of that matters Kindle. No it doesn't end arm a lot's going to be made of of so many different story Liza think. I think Tennessee's may be run won for the last five games at arrowhead in a summary different things. Play into that boat but. Big red is really good. But with us when he talks to us but also mainly with the team which is none of that has any bearing on anything it's a new year each and every year and you go about it and it's going to be worth watching to see how Tennessee. Performs because they had to work to get in the playoffs had tough game last week. They have not been in the playoffs since I think a since that 2008. When they won their division they have about one. Since 2003. So. Com they are very happy to be in the playoffs. Where's the chiefs expected to be in the playoffs. And are pushing for more which is to get deeper into the playoffs I think you've got two different. Mind sets team wise and I'd. I'm expecting to see that play out. From the chief Stempler with a win on Saturday. I shutter to say this because of the kind of year we've had been if you look at this on paper. They basically have a couple of players on offense that they have to worry about that first and foremost in my mind is quarterback Marcus Murray go to. Last week against Jacksonville he ran ten times Kindle and I watched him stiff arm his way through a couple of people downfield I mean it's it's he's certainly impressive athlete. He is very impressive six report to order I'm 22 panels this is his third year out or give and he does have. Aspirin or speed but 1645 speed which is off awfully quick for QB what I think's interesting as we talk about him. And I'm. His athletics and and how much she rolls because he's got five rushing touchdowns this year. But when you look at Al Smith actually has more rushing yards and has. And really three if you were personnel to these matters like you know after that I was surprised most adults is surprised me when I start looking down on. But again. You know. He scored touchdowns on the ground DiMarco I'm Marie and Derrick Henry those three of all score five or more touchdowns I think. DiMarco Marie is actually scored six there. One of only two teams in the AFC that have. Three players with five or more Russian toast and so they got some threats that are now we believe that the really DeMarco Murray is done with UCL but I about what time will tell about what. What it says to me is you've got to stop the run game first I think we all understand that this is not a team. That is predicated on the past Marcus Mario Villa in my mind is not going to beat you through the air you just have to make sure. And not allow him to get on tracked. With his legs because that is a perfect complement for him. One of the things that chiefs have been very successful doing is not necessarily sacking the quarterback. But the chiefs defense has put a lot of pressure on opposing quarterbacks and really disrupt the timing in the passing game. Is that part of the do you think that'll be part obviously be part of the plane and the do you think got to be effective. It is Marcus Maria I think it will be Bob Sutton defensive coordinator for Kansas City Chiefs he talks all the time about the factor of what is brought up we knew we will have enough sacks he goes sacks are great I love sacks. But the big deal. Just get QB office Grail to to give hurries and move him around make him do things and become comfortable when you look at the chiefs this year. They have a 104 hurries that's the six most sixth most in the NFL so they are doing something good there the dollars bringing the QB Dell. But their harassing them and appear harassing him. Then you're making a difference oh with the passing game that's what you want to do one other guy besides markets Mario it's the chiefs defense will have to worry about as the tight end Delanie Walker. Yet Delanie Walker he is an interesting study as well he came. A to the titans in 2013. Since then and that by your period. He's. Got 356. Receptions which is the most as the tide in which I think would it surprise some people. Over that time frame me as the third most yards at 4100. And then the fifth most TD catches of 26 so. He has been a weapon for them and he has been the weapon used their. They're leading receiver 74 catches for 807 yards in the three TDs. And he's somebody we know he's he's a he's a local guy from Central Missouri State universe that's not in his twelfth year. Embryo in the east he's what he's quicker than his big he's six foot 248. But he's been doing a long time and fell in his certain somebody he's certainly somebody. At the chiefs are gonna have to mark effectively if they wanna win again this offense. It's it's not special. It is so what the desperate and it is it is they've. They've they're actually the one of two teams in the playoffs who actually are negative on the the total points they scored 22 less points. Then their opponents this year up close the only other one that's negative as well salt. They they are they are not. Juggernaut offensively but they do some good good things defensively that we'll talk about later on but. They've got enough to hurt you and the fact is anybody in the playoffs is dangerous let's turn the ball over to the defense because that really is where they make their hey. In its isn't said defense wins championships these gas can be very. Very stingy especially long runs the other really can't im dumb and know what Wesley would yard. This year. He leads the team 124 tackles he's got five sacks this is a Mike linebacker normally dolce this out of Mike backer in my opinion I mean he's. He's got a TV does stupid score a couple fumble recoveries. It goes all and all and all and he is in my mind Kandahar and sold by defense as a linebacker position of course Iraq pose a rusher off the edge. The one guy that probably. Gets my attention more than anybody's drill Casey's via nose tackle the deal with the tackle is 61305. It's kind of a Bennie Logan light. Lookalike. But he's been very very effective he's got sixty tackles this year he's got six sacks and seven tackles for a loss so. He has gotten it done at a very high level really Sylvester Williams. Doesn't have a lot of numbers but he's a he's a guy in there who has has done a nice job for them as well so. Watching how they do and and really I think the key is going to be. Identifying the defense is because they're gonna try to. Confuse the opposite Kansas City they will roll in and out of coverages. Weight try to confuse the office supplies you'll have sold blitzing go at all to seduce and twist on stones and all that stuff comes. Title comes from but what about former coaches with the Steelers which is Dick LeBeau. Who I wanna say I think keys eighty here 81. And it's still gets done there it is amazing and not a chance to be around me training camp this year melt up pre season. I guess it would enemy camp. Other Tennessee Titans brought me into work some of their launch peppers had during their camps like gutsy German. And NC some of these other guys all of their own turf which was interesting but. Their defense to me is what's. What you're scared off into what could be the contributing factor to gonna have a hard time on Saturday but IE. I still think our office can deal with them they do that those twists and stunts that they do sometimes they'll push him with two guys in the they'll bring in outside rusher and bringing mall. You know like at Toledo all the way around it it's it's it's a little bit intense but I you know if if the chiefs are ready for that it's something they eat bacon easily handle like I'm with you derail Casey. Iraq vote to mere rule formidable forces another guy gets a lot of attention from their. Is Kevin buyer but I you know he gets a lot I Ain T work. But he doesn't he's not going up against quarterback that doesn't throw many nineties like Alex Smith very often mean top there's only a couple of those guys it sort of reaction to see who wins that that. Yet Kevin Byron the interceptions that's pretty impressive but it Tory Jackson their. First round pick. This year he's had a nice year as well him. And not only as a quarterback but he returns kicks in these dangerous their special teams wise that we talk about later. But this defense in general. They're opportunistic. But I think the weapons. That. The Kansas City Chiefs have at their disposal offensively. Should be enough to put enough points on the board and take care business Saturday. All right one last storyline I wanna talk to you about new ideas special teams of course we always talked about special teams in this situation not Ryan insect up former chiefs kicker against the guy he replaced him Kara Santos. Ryan sucked up against the league's best rookie kicker ever hears a biker. Yeah I'm writing a sucked up by his rookie Jiri was pretty Alice as well so. The nine year pro who of course spent. I've six years with the chiefs come bout will be interesting because they've both got big Lex but some. Suck up 3542 he's got a long. Are you used 35 up 42 this year he's got along with 52 yards so. We all remember him from last year being that she saw the last second field goal as time ran out of course. He missed it the first time the week called timeout to ice him. And nobody got no chance he drilled it to win with no time on the clock so. We've got that the we'd like to have events I think for sure limped into the putting side of the things you've got to two best part personally his wreck heard. Who is going to the pro ball for the FC and then Dustin Colquitt who is the alternate. For the Dixie pro ball so that's going to be an interesting battles well because. The kicking game improvised fill position for the go Indian that's going to be very important on Saturday when you were down there working with these guys did you plan a subliminal message that you know we can trigger from the PA system I'm mayor made out of you never know again that's just. It was a tough decision rose by. Yes. Ahead this January football the playoffs are here. Jason titans at 335 tomorrow afternoon our pregame begins at 11 o'clock this week we've got that one hour special. We're gonna do an encore presentation of a great special we have all four of us from yesterday. Don't miss that that starts at eleven in a regular pregame the community America pregame show starts at noon on one when the fox Kansas city's classic rock station. She scored count down to kick off at 2 PM down the network. If you're playing good team and get in there early be loud be proud parking lot opens at 10:30 AM Kendall's stadium gates at 130. Remember you can purchase your parking ahead of time I teach dot com forward slash parking delegates you know smooth and orderly. If you're not playing to attempt. Me to cook up some Heidi brought some. Real sit down on the couch turn up your radio listen to the guys. It know your keeps the best Olympian Israel Kendall Gammon saying thanks for subscribing to this week in chiefs football it's the playoffs they have it. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios dot com.