43: The AFC Wildcard - Post Season Special

This Week In Chiefs Football
Friday, January 5th
The Road to the Super Bowl.  Mitch Holthus, Kendall Gammon, Dani Welniak and Dan Israel discuss the regular season and the upcoming home playoff game against the Titans. #AFCWildcard #ChiefsKingdom

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Hey good afternoon everyone on this AFC wild card race Friday. This afternoon we have a special for you call the road to the Super Bowl. Until this day anywhere they can all night aired this yesterday it's the first and hopefully a series of post season specials for this season. This morning Kindle and I released our normal episode 42 of this week and she's so small. This afternoon we wanted to have a second helping for your playoff appetite. Colossal error an encore presentation tomorrow here in Kansas City on 11 the fox at 11 AM but in case you missed it or you're out of town. He thought would provide it to you here in episode 43. Of this weekend chiefs football and George. Each August. 32 teams begin their journey that unfolds week by grinding weeks. For many bad journey ends far too soon. Alex Smith goes to a near Madison and it is a memorable. The Kansas City Chiefs are one thing hey I have seen. Winning the division. Sixteen seats it now just six teams remaining NBA champs keep playing. This is the role of business Super Bowl. It's presented by X Kennedy TV good cop networks of lives sports on the go. Plus an on demand and DVR contents you can download from anywhere. Extremity give you more this streamed to any screen. Now you're you're hosts and it's all this Kendall Gammon. Danny well knee action and then Israel. What to do our playoff special on the eve of the chiefs' first home playoff win since 1993. Talk about all that much more we have a great show playing for you. And joined by the voice of the chiefs Mitchell to us. Former Kansas City chief fifteen year NFL veteran pro bowler that guerrilla. Kendall Gammon and 2008 WPF Super Bowl champion former women's pro wide receiver anywhere on the act. Welcome you to view is what it appears in times this is a lot of anticipation for the scale absolutely summary you know we all kind of I reconvene with the seeks ordinary hopes for the season and frankly when we start planning this special IO is comic count it a little. It's not easy to get here. And we've had a lot of seasons in the past thirty years were we to make it. I think I started off with a number of years in a row where I just it almost was like a given it was an entitlement of is that what you did the into the season which you learn very quickly if you in this league long and it can learn very quickly. That is not the case known especially when you have one and six middle portion of your earlier schedule now but I think back two of in the 1917 was a really good. And only five team was good VO three team was really good offensively the ten team not as much. In the in the sixteen team was going to none of those could win a home playoff games so I think this team this. Ready get it done as we sit here today he would mean what are your thoughts its primary what's foremost in your mind in. Will curse of all it's the fact that we've had such proficient rookies this season and the fact that you saw Corey hunt stepped up. And become the league's leading rusher and set that it at title in Henderson but Kirk come in and just east sewed. Dominant and pretty consistent for this team went. You thought that would Paris Santos went down you know who was gonna replace him and then on top of that. Both miss a field goal in fumble their carry on the first try and then we come back to set records so it's kind of it's than usual story going to have a duplicate in within the same team it is and it really speaks to the mental fortitude. Of those two guys especially and then also the team in general because they survived a few injuries this year. But what strikes me is the fact of even with some of the injuries that the chiefs have had. They've got weapons. At all the different positions and there. Bill as well flexing in the recent past to be able to make a deep run into the playoffs and and really make a run for thanks and that's always pharmacy. Russ the chiefs kingdom it started on April 27 chief's response to their first pick that night constantly. The number 27. On Dorsey Andy Reid decided to make a splash. For the first time Mitt since 1983. To Kansas City Chiefs franchise drafted high profile quarterback. And I will not forget the image in front of me of all those thousands of fans. Setting up on the stage and looking out and the reaction. It was. I can hear my neck stand every now and and the fact that the chiefs did it mean that aggressive trading took. Second are actually set the tone for the season even though Patrick has had enough practice time because the enthusiasm that was there that night. Never wavered and ended just carry the team right on into the OTAs and into the training camp in St. Joe. Yeah or midnight as well it just thinking you know what's gonna happen here and there. And then you knew you'd know that they were gonna go to Shawn Watson you didn't know whether they gonna go Patrick Holmes as it works out I think either one of those would have been a good. Good pick but what a fun night ones yeah I really was and of course a career taught him what he became a team. OK so more homes as your first round pick that he's not doing things purse say is he's that it premiership. But Corey Hart reform lecture 11 pick I mean anytime you could lead the league. If rushing met's huge and not to mention the fact of being a rookie. And staying healthy and be built to do not just on the ground but also the scrimmage yards catching the ball out of the backfield. And also maybe surprising I think a lot of people coaches included. With his long speed that I don't think they believe she had with the I took him in the third round out of Toledo so. That's always nice when you have a lot of research done on your draft picks and you're happy with them and they surprise you even more that's a good thing. Shortly after the draft the shake up in the personal scouting wing at one arrowhead. Occurs GM John Dorsey and chairman Clark Hunt decide to part ways that's one of his final acts was. As drafting both Korean hunt and quarterback pat my home to mean possibly future this organization the chiefs would promote Brett beach in July we all reported to camp. Spencer aware goes down in Seattle pre season game number three. I think we all collectively went low they're discuss it you know is almost like it shattered that specialness that we'd seen it can't you out because he's if he's a valuable player I get excited to think he's coming back next year. With what we already know about what happened to this team and seventeen game that can make this team really good out any team but what it in your narrative listening to that. You brought up what Brett breach brought to the party and what he brought to the party was. He has continually turning on him getting Reggie Redlands on August the 28. For a fourth round pick in 2019. Might very well be the one thing that helps this team won in the playoffs. Don't forget last year the chiefs lost to the titans 1917. In the game with a tightens control the running game they were just like the Steelers did. This year the regular season and last year in the playoffs. Right let's change that now you have a Willie Lanier looking guy. Complete downhill and be athletic. Hope had him as their number one special teams guy when he came out of college and he said that they ended following an all time during the offseason when you are schematic college. And they have their list of if anybody does go down who they gonna go to you would hope said. We knew immediately that since he was available at the guy we've got to go get. He was so calm I kept telling Kendall. I remember Lillian I was there or is there a place kickers means so much they can be the difference in coach told was just really milk were good we got this and it's kudos to not only the scouting department the Indy Reid's coaching staff. How well prepared they are how thorough they are about the talent that is out there yet and two kennels point we need to put barker in this class. And really technically we're probably ought to correctly in the. Class like I agree completely because it's who you bring all that year and then it doesn't matter how you go get them but to go back with radical and a six foot 1252. Pounds. And the fact that he's not only a far upper but he can run sideline to sideline. I think he hasn't shown the ability to be three down linebacker. Which he wants that known to be coming out of Alabama but when you last big read about him he said all along you know we we thought he had a chance to do that and you know is the way he picked up the defense this is the deep crystal suited for him he was about 43. I change a buffalo that wasn't going to work. As well schoolwork here this is what is suited to do but. The way he started recognizing runs in France and giving him and through the line of scrimmage and and it just. It is just energize the defense I think a little bit and also watching the practiced. It literally energized number 56 Dirk Johnson because now. You could put him down a little bit give him more rest and we saw. Times where. He he did some things that I gusher could have done had been playing full time and that's made a difference even during the season and also. Quite honestly I think it's going to make a huge difference going into the playoffs. On back to your point mention about you know you got courage drag and in this murky class in your Reid told us on the first pick him up. Guys got to realize that this pretty much is his rookie season even though it's a second season. And so he's gonna have a learning curve and he's going to have to get it just it like Kendall said this defense of steam. But he has just embrace that he has done so well this year. In the team's top five in the NFL in scoring defense in the last eight games of the year via a you have to look at them statistically. Once rag and kick then. And basically had a pseudo pre season in the first half of the year the second have very different. In the way this team was to salon points yeah they were really a tale of two seasons they are for rent one. And the last half when you wanna be playing your best football. Hopes were high end training camp but it would not take long. Those hopes to the test. National Football League would open its 2017. Season. On Thursday night football in front of an entire day. The Cole we'd go to big cheese to go on the road and battle the defending world champion New England Patriots. But the injury to where would trust the chiefs' third round pick. A little known running back from Toledo into the starting rules. Many will lessen doubting whether careen Khan a rookie was ready for the enormous spotlight. And marine on the road it's his first start this NFL career and hunt goes right site breaks for the first well and gets into the secondary now bubbles that leg. Now Bill Bennett says auriemma and his first NFL carry is fumbles the football. And now houses many fumbles in his NFL career as a head in his college career. Well be uncharacteristic. Stumble reinforced fans doubts. The coaches trust in the hunt never wavered telling. With the throw under pressure on left spreading of us are re just out touchdown. Tens out survey. Rave about this is actually a. Now the victory over the reigning Super Bowl champion patriots was a foreshadowing. Of this season. Weary in winning would com and its office. You're the theory is on the ground right now they're working on his left. Blake he is sitting on the ground he's slow to get up. The chiefs have lost to improve school safety and a formidable force inside the locker room. As Eric Berry's torn Achilles would end his season after just three and a half quarter. Having caught the eyes of the nation in week one. Week two would have the red and gold hosting the Philadelphia Eagles. It's. In the back field for the ride at valley. Alex Smith now wheels back on. A second the impressive win it would send it to windows chief squad back on the road. In what would feel like a home game. In the chargers new stadium. A small soccer field in Los Angeles storyline it's gonna in the rookie running back. It's right there is the exact. The high of the division win. Would again demand double payments from the 2017. T the player is down Santos appears to be injured at this time they're young sure footed and reliable place kicker. Tyrone Santos and cut his plant leg and Santos is our. At three and over the chiefs were prize. For primetime. A home Monday Night Football game against the Washington Redskins. Questions in the back. The pocket now running right. The victory would leave Kansas City is the only remaining undefeated team in the National Football League. But the only thing garnering more national attention. Kansas city's fourth straight win. Was the cheapest next opponent. Big Houston Texans and their rookie phenom. Quarterback Sean. Watson thanks in just one of four on third down conversion only touchdown pass to Leon Greyhound. Snapped to the right may end up the shot Watson will be Ian gold and white and red and other boomer with a middle of the field. At the eighteenth first man miss going to the right side need to block it by that guy the thirty look. Undefeated. Even hardened chiefs fans began to ponder the possibilities. Of this five and bills luck. A team that seed. Unbeatable. But after having climbed to the very top of the lead the whole load. This speaks he and close to woods suddenly drop leaving fans to wonder what was behind that next corner. First the Steelers loss at home there in the last minute meltdown and Oakland. He had no time left on the clock change thirty Oakland when he for any wild series of events here. Over the past several sent to Oakland thought they had a touchdown upon review they put the ball the half yard line Oakland decided to throw. On the throws offensive pass interference on the ensuing play of the ball went high inning completely pulled Parker for holding. And now the raiders have the ball at the five and a chance to win the game it's boiling. Of this car in the backfield he's got three nights. In the shotgun right footed. Looks eleven months those other. I don't Kansas City. And we're gonna do this again Kansas City thirty. Oakland twenty for the ball gets a half the distance Billy ball just inside the free. Action by guard zipped a pass your. The day. 31 took thirty Oakland Raiders. In a crushing loss to Kansas City this. Right back to back losses. Now it's five minutes two overall and one in one and ended division big cheeks would host Denver through week gates. The sound defeat of the Broncos would recharge the whole of the chiefs kingdom. And elevate that team took first place in the AFC west. And to really felt like this season was off to a fairy tale start. Much like Disney does in their old cartoons planted in the middle somewhere was like Google fashion scare will pick up the second half of the season next. You're listening to exclusive coverage of the chiefs football. Sports. Hey. Do you hear that. The silence. Silence is the sound of things working. Sounds is the sound of brand new technology for your home bringing you amazingly fast more reliable Internet. The sound of aches for unity X one updating itself and it totally advanced fiber based network and Comcast were continuing to make our technology more reliable so enjoy the silence with our most reliable network ever. One that keeps you connected to what matters most to you learn more at X Hannity dot com slash service. Chased the lane now back to the road to the Super Bowl presented by extended DTV. Then Israel missile this Kendall Gammon. In Danny well the end guys we talked about the first half of the season which really probably couldn't have gone too much better I mean I guess you could of gone undefeated but the practical aspects of being six into. I don't think anybody would argue with that right. Known known would argue with that whatsoever specially whose baby when they beat the patriots you know they wrecked their dinner party up in New England on the road. Then you go when you face a one of Indy Reid's former coaches in Doug Peterson in the Eagles who end up just running away with the NFC. So some of those wins were huge the Redskins win was big so. You could've asked for a better burst half. I would agree it because there were some definition given to. To the team and because we've talked about a retiree kill emerged as a route runner. In cream on matured and Travis Kelsey so. The whole stat line that was given at the end of the of the 4001001001000. Those seeds were planted in the first eight games of the season. I think when you look at it also is. You watched confidence dipped built am most anybody with click OK six and two here we go. And yet that really wasn't the case absolutely chiefs come out of the gate strong. Very little drama from that first half in fact. Of the two losses the Steelers and raiders games may both we were in contention late in the game. As we're preparing for week nine. At first trip back to Dallas we really had no idea were sitting in that draw lawless shadow. The first state what the second half of October. In the month of November would entail. The chiefs were six into it that passed away march and had completed the most difficult path of this digital. Exactly and only one team of their remaining eight had a winning record. That's one team and that Dallas Cowboys. And for the first time in over a decade. The chiefs would return to their birthplace. Of the Dallas Texas yeah. The last minute court ruling would stay the suspension of the cowboys star running back and Ezekiel Elliott him. Making him eligible for the week nine contest. A sluggish start with the chiefs behind early but in the final seconds of the half. The cowboys would experience firsthand. Just how fast and timing this year's cheeks could be. Receivers in the right Alex it. Turn it back right it's Tyreke killed is at the thirty of the cowboys' Tony five running out of lockers he's got the warning comes out the best candidate. All right the big days. Boys were blacked out expecting help marrying. I think she's the event. Probable touchdown. The first half wow. Despite making big game close they're chiefs of 2017. Could not escape the goats just keeps teams packed house. And since moving to Kansas City in 1963. The franchise would have to remain winless in besides that Dallas city limits. To make the cowboys lost worse the defeat would have to marinades in the extra time of the week ten. The players would return to work in week eleven they are prepared for the first of three consecutive New York team. The first an away game against a floundering won a major New York Giants. On paper. This appeared to be a mismatch. For a powerful chiefs offense. Led by coach who has become known for his success following a week of rest. Beat inexplicably. Flat performance against one of the league's worst teams would overthrow the chiefs by a field goal in overtime. Then in week will. The bills would take off but driving Alex Smith within reach of the go ahead score ceilings that keeps me. In front of the home crowd. A return trip to the meadowlands against gang green for weeks thirteen would provide no relief. The agony of November's journey rocketed drums it's entertaining it's UConn student days. The once tight grip on the AFC west and old little slip through their fingers. The four game losing streak had left geez bad news. Questioning of the roller coaster ride that come to an end. The month of December it would provide three straight home games for the team's. And the first two would be against divisional opponents. The raiders were desperately trying to keep pace in the west. And sweeping the chiefs would certainly help. In week seven the chiefs defense struggled to be as physical as the talented array of raiders. That would become a blueprint for other teams to use against the chiefs and fuel for the festering turmoil. In the Casey locker room. The chiefs eventual decision to suspend Marcus Peters one of the league's best cornerbacks. Would suit stands discontent. Over teacher's behavior. But it would also leave concerns about Kansas city's ability to understand and athletic readers T. Without a part of a broader. But that's one Victoria are. That's a good jolt tricked out football. Dog treats and second down nine for the chief of the thirteen other raiders. Turkey's request this and you'll get. It's the. Car's gonna throw the lives of the Johnson. Leading tackler and she's history but his helmet right between the two and four of Marshawn Lynch and win and tonight we. Smoke if Jesus had broken the losing streak with grit and determination. They would use up post season must win mentality. To revenge their hated rival. It was a focused they would you lose again. The following week. Delivered rivers and the chargers had climbed their way back into contention. Winning four straight. And seven of their last nine games. The outcome of the week's G esteem it would determine which one of the now seven and six teams would take control of the AFC west. Some third into Kansas. 21 year old. And Alex Smith. There on the near side of the field capacity and. The convincing thirty to thirteen sweep of Los Angeles. Firmly buckled and Kansas City into the division's driver's seat. And he'll win in either of the final two games. But cement up post season berth the chiefs team. On creeks they would pull the very next week. Against my yet. Alex Smith goes to Indian medicine and it is a memorable day for the change kingdom. The Kansas City Chiefs have beat the Miami Dolphins 49 to thirteen that she's one lead AFC west title. Winning the division racked up back for the first time in franchise history dating all the way back to the 1968. Season. As a reward for looking up to division relief week seventeen men and cheese would have an opportunity to rest key players. And big chance to start their first round pick in the draft. Holds on first down in trouble. The football on the look what both the right side and the 44. A twelve yard pick up. Given a fifteen yard sack in wild bills back in the saddle and heavily. The trial in Denver elevated Dan do you read into the ninth most winning coach in the history of the game. And it would be the truth it dawned cool to have drama filled years. They're twisting ride of the regular. Season would come to rested ten and six. Doubt that low. One in six with attendance six team aware. One of six stretch and most teams don't survivor. And in kennel and Damien thanks at the beginning of the show so well that. Surviving it was a testimony to these guys and and the leadership but I had some discussions. Recently. I think the team is better prepared. To make a run in the playoffs because of what happened at the scar tissue of being one and six of those seven games. Would Matt Nagy tick what would any read let men make you take over the play college of an Andy Reid could look at other parts of the team. And have his influence they make the personnel the schematic changes. They've done some things differently with their defense that's made it more effective. Last year the chiefs. Twelve enforce the two seed. This year attendance six's the foresee may be stronger by what they experienced. In the wants extra. Eric Johnson attacked him this week about that as well and asked him. What makes this team a Super Bowl contender he you know you did have your downs with defense especially. We're now battle absent. As a defense rather than people thinking about what they're doing individually I'd like make esteem batter out alliant group. It's a whole key aspect it's a whole team function and you saw I didn't know generators game you saw the chargers in that after every single play. When the defenders would make a good play they all rallied together they all you know what's up on the but sir slap on the helmets and it was more unified team be as a bats at. I think that lol when you looked at it. There really brought to light the whole team the fact of but you know certain games offense played well deepest and holder and up and now vice Versa and I think that made him realize that okay the only way this is gonna happen is if we all get on the same page. And it wit there was as captain float for a little while but the the last four games certainly. They started to get the go and and and you could tell that they just started you know not only defense I think. Opposite street about the defense is an energy and and vice Versa and special teams start doing some things and it sure showed them that okay. We've got the talent to get it done but I think it it. It promotes some confidence in the guys also because. The coaches have shown that OK they're not a freight to do some different things are really shake it up to get things move and I think that's going to help build confidence as they move into the playoffs. You cannot build muscle without tearing it down you know we always talk about what went wrong. You have to look backwards at the failures be able to prevent those in the future in if you never tested. If you never truly forge that steel. And it's not there when you need it most but the regular season's goal is all about making the playoffs and been able to make a run deep in the plans to be healthy in the playoffs. To meet the chiefs did that if they spread those losing out into never would've. Felt the anguish that we did but because I thought Kaman and a group critical in one bucket it was like carried her out of sludge bucket and they had 15100 but. I so agree with what you guys are saying and really feel like they. In a fit of that losing is the fire tested that that really prepared. Laser focus that they have. Right now and I'll just quickly say the fact is it starts with leadership up top and and big red and be able to be in there. Oh with 53 guys and it talked to them straight faced and tell them they're doing the right things quite also tell them they're doing the wrong things and being in my elbow I. I have a talk man to man and make sure they understand that there are accountable for that's huge because that happens there and that builds and all the sudden you become more cohesive as you move into the stretch and try to get into the playoffs. I agree with Kendall. Wholeheartedly because they'd be reason CEO. The idiocy over any of the biggest companies in the trees kingdom and the CEO. Are really tested and crisis management. And now we have seen him twice in fifteen and this year how does he handle it. He security uses a leader hit the yield the play calling that had to be a little bit of an ego shot. He's also a guy that has the acumen even those backgrounds an offense I think he could be a defensive coordinator for the of the 31 teams in the league. It's so he understands the game comprehensively. And he can have input with Bob Sutton. It's above Suggs line is straight victory and defeat for the imposter that they both are. But in Bob had to have a little bit of your hopes check your ego at the door of no we got to do some things differently on defense. Well and speaking of leadership I think one of the big agency use one as. The re emergence of air area there on the sideline and his leadership and what he brings to the table. Is so much more than just being out Aaron playing so well in being such a rock for that defense. Ease and he's more than that I he came out on the sidelines during a couple of those games he let the pregame chant he rallied this team around in and around each other. And I think from a leadership standpoint whether it TD reader mad Maggie who maybe set something or he just took it upon himself. Was like you've got to get out there and you've got to be another rock for this team whether your. Cleaner sales have chills when you're standing I talked about it just dead as well oh how she said it would do is gone off the rails in the way he leads. Interest in his impact on the whole kingdom outside of the foot ballroom when we return to the extent that he TV wrote to the Super Bowl take a look at this game Kansas City Chiefs posting. The Tennessee Titans. And AFC wild card through Cingular exclusive coverage of chiefs for. For a second. Stanford. Today states. Hey. Do you hear that. Silence. Now there's nothing wrong quite the opposite actually. Because silence. Is the sound of things working. Connecting. Seamlessly. Silence is the sound of brand new technology. Bringing new amazingly fast more reliable Internet and every room for streaming all your favorite shows like all of them. And if you think that silent check out the sound of mixed in eighty X one updating itself so you're never in erupted. And it totally advanced state of the art fiber based network that happens to be as silent as they come out. At Comcast we're continuing to make our technology more reliable than ever. So enjoy the silence with our most reliable network ever won that keeps you connected to what matters most to you. Silently. Learn more headaches Hannity dot com slash service. This is the road to the Super Bowl. Brought to you by X in any TV fixture underneath gives you more to scream to win any screen. Dan Israel may told this to the damage Danny brilliant guys were talking the playoffs can't think of a better way to spend my time. But I can actually use but you know we talk about not winning a home playoff game. Since the 1993 season. One thing that helps you get a chance to do that is to have more frequent home playoff games this sir you don't have to wait seven years between your chances. It's a hole. In my time. You gotta beyond the thunderstorm hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. And you're not gonna catch lightning in a bottle if you're not out not thunderstorm is she's got to get there. He's got to get their play you know you can't predict the matchups it's not like that Italy amounts September and say well if we play Pittsburgh and in January that it's over we play these guys it just doesn't work that way. I always remember you know of course but first he was with the Steelers coach coward who came comparable chiefs but I just from Herbert the same will will always stay with me was. Just get into the tournament just get into equities at tournament not tournament but there should be set but let's just get in there and give yourself a chance and then like you said it's Europe's hold you give yourself a better chance. It was just you know he slugged a little in common though the chiefs can get this done. Is akin gamut of Mubarak heart OK okay Gonzalez any risk there's was news is that and now you get to be part of the seventeen chiefs of medicine so. I hope I hope I like that are better outcome for you this game and just asked and no question. Well on this team like you mention it certainly is different we they're so many new faces when we talk about the rookies earlier in the shell. And they knew that we mention Alex Smith playing at. He wants this he wants it really bad and you can tell that that kind of is siphoning to all the rest of the offense and how badly they wanna get this when Taylor. I think you saw. To begin the season training camp you saw of veterans come in with a look at their eye they understood that this team was poised to have a chance to do some things. To get into the playoffs course that's a long ways away but you've got to be thinking the end of mind you look at the chiefs this year they have a 106 combined games a post season experience on the team what players. The mets' fifth most in the playoffs this year so there. They're built solidly to understand what they need to do and I don't care who you are truly believe this which is. You need guys. Who not be happy to be in the playoffs you need guys. Who were expected to be in the playoffs and her look in to get to the end game which is the Super Bowl and I think that's. A process that teams go through and really will probably talked about it a little bit Tennessee I think is a map first process because. They haven't been to a playoff game since 2008. And they have won a playoff game since 2003 so this is new for them this is like mark he's first time in the playoffs is a head coach these are all new things for them. A larger you had a conversation this would Justin Houston people were here that. Throughout the week. In on pregame and I loved it but I saw that look in just abuse at the very beginning of training camp let's keep in mind this is the first time you'll play in a playoff game with the chiefs. He's healthy. Was not healthy and thirteen and he was not healthy and 1516 total of fourteen was gonna set Tilton and a full sacks record. We make the playoffs that year and what's thirteen 1516. He's been beat up not be nuts and it is coming in without book in that tell you had with him. And reaffirm that are with me I was on a show with. Folks in Nashville I mean to your point of forty to 53 chiefs have been in the playoffs before. End in you mentioned the there's just not very much. Our playoff experience on this tiger team once Delanie Walker we'd talk about in his most of his experiences with Alex Smith of San Francisco. But they asked me to go to even in early 2.4 years he played our playoff experiences of we don't think it's about bigger factor. It's it was kind of game it's got our guy player by player some players and word destined to succeed in the playoffs and left their mother's womb. Others have to change their underwear four times before halftime. To meet the Kansas City Chiefs have more of the former. Now hopes instead of the latter well I think so and there's the experience it because these students are just. I think they're rated Iraq in the playoffs and it's not. The satisfaction of oh we got in a wanted to be right back to back these guys are hungry and it's the Derrick Johnson's in the Justin Houston and Dustin Colquitt. Who have waited for this moment. And I'll add to that the coaching staff is the same way I think you have a more experienced coaching staff in post season play. In the titans do well and everybody keeps talking about in the locker room how there is a complete intensity change when you go from. You know training camp to the pre season and it's different the regular season and it's even that much more an up and revved up when you go to the post season I don't care who tells you that. Experience doesn't matter it does because you've seen how much faster and more is at all these other teens get these opponents yet. They look like different teams the chiefs will look like it better more improved team in the post season because. Varies that much more intensity and Mitch was talking about how the experience. Reggie crackle and mentioned that it's just some ink that is. That if you get air he experienced a championship field policies and feel with Alabama under exceed that so he knows what it's like wind. When you start winning eighty have wins and experience the post season. It makes your team that matter. And like which is sort of Alex Smith it's seeing him this week ever say it's eat even getting on the plane coming off from Denver. It was like the will Farrell seem resigned as the irises are burning like he looks like for you think that aspect he's looking Emmy but he's not looking Emmys during threw me an almighty. The by brain matter. And I think I'm gonna turn a pillar of salt if I don't look away now I mean that's the look Alex Smith has had all. Week yeah the bad guys super hyper focus for the script you don't 1993. We. Took a quarterback from San Francisco and we will beat Houston Oilers. Now we'll take a quarterback. San Francisco. Let's go beat Houston Oilers and why don't interesting to saying yes I'm a part that's my prediction. Do you think the guerrilla. I'm I can't say it any better than that I'm still at all the fact that you came up with now. It's release time and let's talk quickly about this game itself so. The Tennessee Titans are somewhat a pedestrian offense their predominant rushing team I mean are you ought to in my opinion is not going to beat you with his arm you look at them. They have thirteen more rushing TDs in their opponents that's number two in the league but they are thirteen fewer passing TDs which is tied. With Cleveland so this is a team that's built on the run with a QB and the running backs but. I think if you keep Marietta Mary Oda at bay. You've got a great chance I think it's interesting also the factor there but the doctor Markus Mario you can run the ball is slick and everything hope. News flash our QB has more yards rushing. Dead than he does actually I was shocked and I think that shocks most people doubt them in the Yucca personnel also Mario in the past 42 to nineteen for Alex soak. They're very similar and it's it's there's no doubt that the most proficient passing team is the Kansas City Chiefs. Well and I mean I talked to Chris Jones this week he said the biggest key he died you know all season one of the reasons why their batters that he thought it's it act here. Tech quarterback you know affect the passing game really stop the run game and that's the same key when it comes into this week against the titans is that. If they can stop dear Henry they can slow him down. Marcus Murray today inside the pocket that's where they're gonna have success and they can force those turnovers. That has been do or die for the chiefs of late they're living and breathing off of the turnovers and that's what's made them so successful. And Chris also said we know that we don't have to worry about past games we've got our secondary who can drop back in they cover and they've been solved that. They're gonna force those turnovers if we can stop Iraq. Final thoughts guys let's start with Mitch pilots like this team like this chiefs team a lot like the president I like the future. I like where have we do look at 52 wins in five years. You look at. I look at the big picture small picture I think those two things all work I think they were together. I think this we have mentioned it throughout the show that this team is hungry. There's no human being. War Hungary to make a run in the playoffs in the chiefs kingdom and Andy Reid. He is burning tuchman Alex Smith being hyper focused. Eighty readers' burning to win this game and the next game and the next game and to me that's the best sign this team. You know I think I'm just gonna go with turnovers in the a look at the offense of Tennessee they've had a turnover in thirteen consecutive games so it is what they do and I believe. The chiefs play even or plus one in the turnover ratio it's going to be good news for them on Saturday which you're saying is. It's up to the market since. There you go I just listening Marcus Marcus. I love it I have to say adjustments that's probably the theme of the season you came out five and now. You thought you were. I'm gonna be able to cruise through the rest of the season because a second half of the season looked like it was going to be cakewalk with the records that they were going into it but then you hit basket. And then you were able to adjust both offensively and defensively we talked about the leadership they were able to come out and say yeah we're not doing things the way they need to be done. And so we will make changes and we saw them as they made those changes not only during games. Also after teams going at the following gains the adjustments are what make this team better and what make him I'd be different and any of the other team in the. To me the chiefs have done a great job the past or weeks of getting out early. It's fast starting in their early and that's to me was real important against the titans team the you know. Reporter talked about their inexperience you know there's doubt planted there in the first thing we needed is water that doubt. I think there's half of this team that doesn't even know who the players were in 1993 in fact I'd go even more effective there's 25% this team. Doesn't know the players from 2013. South Africa I. That's gonna differ are what condemn Saddam. Actually. That's gonna give brats are playoff special thanks to voice of the chiefs Mitchell this can began in gaining well it also outstanding work this week of the greatest voice in professional football Perlman and of course special thanks to our sponsor. It's going to be T. You've been listening to the road to the Super Bowl presented by extended BTV. With the top networks and lives sports on the goal. Plus an on demand that DVR contents you can download from anywhere. 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