5 naked Canadians in a car... arrested for kidnapping

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 8th

A man, a woman, and a baby managed to escape from the car.


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Is distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. Voters head of the cold across Kansas and Tuesday's good morning at 6 o'clock this duplicate and it's a sporting news. Was even dead I keep Macintosh currently. 33 degrees. In Wichita City Council district one race Brandon Johnson and Mike Denard we're running good bill won't want to Williams's seat. Johnson won the 65% of the vote. Can hardball. Behind with 34%. Johnson tells K has say a news. About the issue he would like to take on first as a council member. The biggest thing cards for me is job creation so look at that we're in regard to this this one has a lot of space opportunities for entrepreneurs to. Start businesses low cost of rent and also build a stronger neighborhood associations. Current district one councilman from above the Williams had reached her term limit and did not run in districts sixth. Cindy clay call will take over for Janet Miller she received 86% of the vote. Civil Strom had 12% in the district three race incumbent James Clinton received 70% of the vote over William Stouffer who received 28%. Four seats were decided on the botched a board of education Tuesday night board president Michael Brody kept his keep his seat opening 63% of the vote. Julie Hedrick will take over in district to Ron Rosales we'll take over in district six in a very tight race then blankley. Beat incumbent Betty Arnold by 143 votes. Likely tells Kate and SSA KS and use his dad convinced him to run. My dad is a retired elementary counselor. Was like yeah. She won her schoolwork animals like that is a perfect fit because I can maintain my career. And runs. I use my activism. In a positive way for things that affect parents just like I mean. Likely says he will begin to reaching out to parents in his district to see what they consider priorities for kids. Voters in Kansas City, Missouri have approved a one billion dollar project to build a new privately financed airport in the city. Tuesday's vote followed years of debate on whether to demolish the current three horseshoe shape terminals. At Kansas city international airport and replace them with a single terminal. Supporters argue the current 45 year old airport has outlived its usefulness. And gives an embarrassing first impression of travelers and business leaders. They say of these single terminal would provide more security more comfort for passengers and the possibility of more flights. It'll be funded by user fees and the airlines not tax dollars Dan O'Neill K and SS news. For the. First time ever transgender woman has been elected to a state legislature Democrat Danica Roma has won a seat in the Virginia house of delegates making her the very first openly transgender state lawmaker in the US. She didn't say much about her gender in the campaign. But it one ever adds there are millions of trans. All deserve for. Roma as a former journalist to be conservative Robert Marshall who has been in the Virginia house sport 26 years. Marshall is seen as a firebrand who introduced do legislation. That would have forced transgender people in state government to use bathrooms according to the sex of their birth. Chill NATO Fox News. Former Major League Baseball star pitcher Roy Halladay has died in a plane crash should. Hours after news the two time Cy Young winner had lost his life in a plane crash off the coast of Florida. The Phillies organization holding a press conference remember the life of Roy Halladay is former teammate Cole Hamels were calling docs undeniable work ethic. I think it sits last lasting impression no wind facilities in the organization and I know with those guys you know better here today. Hamels and Halladay part of the former big foreign until starting rotation alongside Chris leak and Roy goes Walt holiday playing the final four seasons of his career in Philadelphia winning a Cy Young in 2010. And making the NL all star team twice Roy Halladay was forty years old. Manned Apollo Anton told Fox News. Elevate played for the Kansas stars in which does NBC World Series this summer. Davis has news time now 604 Foreman its past 6 o'clock. You're listening to 987 and thirteen thirty K and Mahesh has. We are deep into the morning know 61010 minutes past 6 o'clock on Wednesday morning news. And this morning you get dead as gasoline prices coming down. Kind of coming down yesterday down to about 233 gallons that's where we're. Sitting today and the gasoline prices here in the Woodstock area. The cold out there that drafted if he's not looking too bad just yet pfennig update from K and it's Israeli ones this evening a couple of media reports and let them more than half a dozen. Indeed deer collisions here for the past couple of days so that you can be right in this morning. That is and if you see one difficult hill to all of us right dead looks like a good forecast now. McCain is a stampede you don't just there and holiday good morning Dana good morning we're seeing a few clouds across south central Kansas but those will gradually move on out. Temperatures likely in the mid forties by noon time. Fifty this afternoon he'll be clear near freezing for the load tonight about 32 and in sunny on Thursday but the height 53. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays now mostly cloudy 33 degrees it opened at seven miles per hour 33 hours. For all you scientific minded people up here that feeds one degree above. Freezing yes thank. Very close. Yet another cool gray day across south central Kansas. Team on Tuesday which does high temperature yesterday was 45 degrees. Normal life of the date is 61 so we're still way he below normal on the estate. In 2006. The high in Wichita soared to 86 degrees and the warmest temperature ever recorded for the month of November 5 and I just thought well he's six. That was on this date in 2006. On the state in 2016 to one year ago Republican Donald Trump. Was elected America's 45 president defeating. Democrat Hillary Clinton in an astonishing victory for a celebrity businessman and political novice. Republicans kept their majorities in the senate and house that was one year ago today. On this date in 1950 during the Korean War. The first jet plane battle took place. As US air force lieutenant Russell. Fifteen and the first jet panel. Jet jet now that dogfight now. Police arriving at a car crash in western Canada. Found five naked people inside and ended up accusing him of kidnapping a mother her father and her baby. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police say the mother baby and a woman's. Father had been taken from a Holman forced into a vehicle against their will while the car was being given the adult male who was in the trunk managed to escape. Shortly after that the woman escaped the baby now authorities say a passer by offered assistance. And secured all three and his truck before the suspect's vehicle rammed the rear of the truck and ended up in a ditch. Three adults among the suspects remained in custody facing charges of kidnapping and resisting arrest. The other two suspects for youths youths. And released without charges officials say the three people were kidnapped for not injured but shall say they think drugs. Or alcohol might have been a factor that could beat up I'll act and that was the last time you're naked in a car with four other naked people. In a while for me a threat or other I got to fight naked people in that karaoke a totally relies and they were into her kidnapping three people that never. Okay let give the kid having party government and to hear that. Rated says 6:13 am Steve and Ted and Buhner. One antibody Montana wildlife official. Who says of Bozeman. Hunter shot and killed a female grizzly bear after it charges him. The Great Falls Tribune reports the initial investigation by the Montana fish wildlife and parks. Shows a shooting was in self defense. Grizzly bear management specialist Wesley summit cement so there are such things as grizzly bear management specialist. Says the nearly 500 now female bear begin charging for the under shot a peasant outside of android which is about eighty miles northwest of great also. Apparently the female bear was upset. Hundreds they're shooting her friends of pheasant a don't gunshots I imagine a fairly upsetting and probably. Maybe problem maybe a cup nearby something like that. Which he Cuba will arouse the grizzly is something you know 500 status not a huge grizzly and that's that and that's more than enough though I know honest angle that yeah. Needed flat Lander here in Iowa Cedar Point and very often zoo. If it's that we can resume all right. Let's talk a little bit about the local election turnout which is going to be. We said maybe eight or 9% if you expect yeah to new faces now published Osce council. Cindy clay Coleman Brandon Johnson. We had a term limits on there and people who didn't blow run anymore Wichita school board you have been blankley upsetting incumbent Betty Arnold in. What the heck happened there Upton was close. Close call and a Betty Arnold long time the school board member of the wonder she took its assaults seriously missed a anyway then bank blankley he's the younger guys. He's going to be alone Wichita board of education. So they know not a lot of surprises there. I wouldn't say. Except through the bent like yeah as a real surprise. I'm newcomer comes on when you can post election yeah he's gonna go to Leonard green to be always moral force but the it. I don't thinks gasket try to do what's best for the kids you know. What we do. I think there's much swap over there about north. Recognizes that the rivers added an embodiment Pina. In Kansas City voters approving a new airport this is a billion dollar project. And I don't know a whole lot about it except that it's going to be all those things where it user fee equal pay for it like just like Eisenhower here in Wichita right. And of course that the city will probably have to do some you know some infrastructure help of stuff like that but. These new airport I've been. What we pulled out there once maybe. And I think once. I've never been there and probably there looking down roads and look at Eisenhower we got a nuisance like that in Kansas City I don't think airport was at all but to. It's up in the north part of Kansas City actually north of Kansas City. The old airport was right down. On between the deal on the road near the river downtown. You'll Fairfax I've flown into that what your toys and that was. That was amusing. And we got till one more election note before we will be talking about the elections this morning and Alia it will surprises morning. Which tipped off to this but one of our fellow workers who went up at. Former Wichita radio personality John speaker John boy. Has won the race for mayor of each. Running unopposed eight he had opposed John gathered 123 votes way to go John ate this up a landslide today. A write in got one hooked. John beat that right in by 842 votes mayor John here John out his honor. Just run us on what's triggered his daughter John what were put down all the KEY and right but you ended she wanted to teaching in the valley center schools. And apparently he's got some time on his hands. I'm living there one canceled one of the email here. And we're gonna kid named til the cows come home insurer are because he's huge on knows we're gonna do that but on the other end. Congratulate John boy yeah really congratulates his and we did do a good job for the the the of voters taxpayers and the folks in each guy. And a good good hit a good job sure they'll all be any massive scandals and I think guys will probably be using his email for you know for cup for a city business stuff like that at at. It now and John bush some private server doesn't just so I don't think I could be involved in any intentional huge scandal it he attacked right. But do we Dick John give you good luck hope yeah I know you do a good idea congratulations Jon bois beer than you mayor. Of teach high. 618 how Steven did on K in his says it is time for leadoff sports dead chambers on the sports this display in yeast is it I think the play a little bit. When not a whole lot going on in the world sports have little. Should basketball but warrants the whole lot you know what you talked a little bit this morning already found that a former Major League Baseball pitcher Roy Allen yeah yeah he died in a small plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. In 2010 with the Phillies Halladay in his very first career post season appearance. Through this second no hitter in it and LB postseason history of that yeah. And doesn't yet that was during the and LBS against the Cincinnati Reds. How they actually talked about that experience with Jeff limits of the drive over on TFH. Harper sort back more on what the game meant to me yeah. That first chance to serve out situation room and I just try and be part of something to win a World Series I was. Way over my skis super. Ask those over his keys I think so yeah that's it. And that under threat and I'm not from a not familiar with exactly Kelly retired in 2013 and twelve seasons with the blue jays fall by four seasons with the Phillies. More recently like you said earlier he pitched in the NBC World Series with Kansas. Left him Roy Halladay. And dead in a plane crashed to yield plain and exhibition game vs fort Hays in Lawrence last night the tigers put up some decent defense in that game. We're ten lead changes in the first half and at halftime fort Hays was only down bites and I'll yeah Bill Self was actually. Barely down on that first half feet. He had a lot to say apparently in the locker room now of course K you would go on to an 8657. Win over four days you heard that game last night over on KF eight. We've got as a fluke though those ticket back guy can't do what drives a lot of their picks for the top pro life the way up those who believe they over. Next up for the jayhawks this season opener on Friday vs Tennessee State. Broadcast at 630 on TF eight but it won't be a beach tonight it's K you basketball walked off that coach Bill Self that's at 6 o'clock tonight. The Wichita thunder announced that forward Kyle Platz. Or has been reassigned by NHL affiliate Edmonton Oilers he's gonna go to Bakersfield to play for the condors. Now lancer is the reigning EC HL player of the month. He is having a very good start to the season for the thunder. You're gonna miss him a the Waterloo Ontario native is tied for second in the league in scoring. Fourteen points tied for second in the league plus minus. All of his yes points at all nine games for the thunder so far this year he's got five assists in the last four games scheduled playmaker. He can finish a play and he can set one up. Very good in the thunder are gonna miss him fender resume play with a pair of games in Independence, Missouri against Kansas City mavericks' starting on Friday. And a Rawlings sporting goods and ESPN announced yesterday the royals Alex Gordon and Eric Posner. Been honored with American League Rawlings gold glove awards he that's right Gordon's fifth in las burst forth. As a team this is interesting. Kansas City now has won fourteen. Gold club since 2011. That's the most in the major leagues and that's been a time. The cap. Those awards voted on by managers and coaches from each league. They honored to be best individual filming performances at each. Position sports Stephen 10 in the morning 622 now keep it for Fox News commentator Todd sirens and Todd talking about to meet you a mocking people of faith. That's coming up Steve and jet in the morning on Kate in a sense.