9/12/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mark Levin
Tuesday, September 12th

There is a progressive ideology backed by progressive Republicans who have access to left wing media who trash conservatives. There isn’t a full endorsement of constitutional conservatism anymore. You are not going to hear it from President Trump or Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and the rest of them. ...


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Never go to the post office again. Yeah. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. Once again make contact without. And here are number 877. 3813811877381. 3811. So which is something we'll different. I think very interest in today. There is a full bore. PR machine going on. Pushing various agendas and various ideologies the progressive ideology back I billionaires. Being pushed very very hard out there. Various. Nonprofit groups. Various media platforms and outlets of course their politicians. There's a full bore push out there also for the progressive Republicans who have access to these liberal outlets. That Kenya times Washington Post. Political not to really explain. Who they are. Fact to conceal who they. But mostly to trash conservatives. There's another push going on in this country than nationalist populist push. Any aid ideology that is that is a very unclear. In many respects because it often refers to itself was conservative. But if it's a true nationalist populist movement much like the progressives of the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds. It's less conservative and more progressive in the N at least that's my take but what isn't. What isn't happening. Is a full throated explanation an endorsement. Have constitutional conservative. You're not gonna hear from the vast majority of politicians you're not gonna hear from the vast majority a host on any cable network. You're not gonna hear from most radio talk show host many of them have already surrendered it. You're not gonna hear from the present the United States because his defenders were tight he never said he is a concern in the right. Even though he does some good conservatives think it is certainly not gonna hear from McConnell. And much of Washington conservatism has fallen behind trot. Because they wanted to succeed. As a lot and they reject the attacks on him. By the Democrats to try and destroy his presidency. As July. However. Accepting the fact. But he's not a conservative although he does some conservatives and accepting the fact. That the Republican Party is no longer a Conservative Party as Reagan left it. In accepting the fact that the the progressive movement. Is riding high. In all aspects of our society. Well I'm gonna continue to push and even more focused. Anymore focused. Conservatism because that to me conservatism. Is nothing more than a representation of Americans. And it we do not defend our founding principles there is no other political element that would. There simply is no other political element that would. And what's interesting now is on finding some of the columnists some of the hosts on TV and radio. Who backed president trump no matter what are not trashing conservative. And so this. Effort. This ideology or this cult of personality type activity that's taking place. Cease conservatism. As an obstacle. Or. As an idea that needs to be pushed aside. And we're gonna need a fight over it. And that's a healthy thing. Donald Trump will not be reelected present United States to be loses the conservative base I don't care how many so called national popular strap it. Because most people don't identify where that nomenclature. But he cannot win without the conservative base and not talking about the never trumpets and all the right. Talking about the conservative base that Tea Party grassroots eight. It's not possible. And you need not a tactic conservative base in order to win. Blue collar Democrat. Our fortieth president of the United States Reagan demonstrated that with two massive landslides. Both in the popular vote in the electoral college for a I see they say what is conservatism ever again I don't know but I held a lot more than nationalism populism I can tell you that. But conservatism has done a lot actually over the decades it was a piece. Sometime ago by Charles CW caucus national radio and he just hit some of you can think of some of that you're south. Since the Reagan made its first serious presidential run in 1976. Conservatism has produced. The cornucopia of significant changes. Only to government policy but to the baseline presumption of American life. Among these alterations of the tarring and tethering of the reflexively technocrat like mine that it obtained from the outset in the new deal to the end of the 1970s. The marginalization of wage and price controls and of other centralizing tools the Loring a destructive tax rates on income and other forms of wealth. The deregulation of a significant number of major industries. Like ours and talk radio. Here renewed focus on national sovereignty. The success for reform of the welfare system make consensus around free trade. And much lower minimum wage a focus on both the text and original meaning of the constitution. When discussing limits on governmental power. The restoration of the right to keep and bear arms the stronger protection of freedom of expression and national partial birth abortion ban. The death that speech killing campaign finance reform so called and lest we forget the peaceful dismantling of the Soviet Union. Any goes on and on and on. Conservatism has actually accomplished a lot when we elect a conservative president which we've done twice. Twice and a hundred years Calvin Coolidge. And Ronald rag. That's it. That said the parent president. Doesn't claim to be conservative he said so in his supporters say he's not he's a different type of candidate don't you know. So what is this conservatism. Is it a pure TI a test. Is sit down. Is it you know and related to the real lives of people in these attacks are coming from the from the populist nationalist no it's not at that and any kind. I would refer you and you can go Google it to Ronald Reagan's 1977. Seed pact speech on February 6 1977 on his birthday. Not just cite some aspects. He sits three weeks ago here in our nation's capital I told a group a conservative scholars that we are currently. Reordering of the political realities that have shaped our time. We know today that the principles and values that light the heart of conservatism or shared by the majority. When you think it conservatism think of Americans and that was the whole point in my book we discover and American. He said despite what some in the press may say we who are proud to call ourselves conservative are not a minority minority party. Where part of the great majority of Americans of both major parties in a most of the independents as well any site to Harris poll and Gallup poll. The time has come to see if it is possible to present a program of action. Based on political principle they can attract those interested in the so called social issues and those interest in an economic issues in short. Is it possible to combine the two major segments of contemporary America American conservatism. In the one politically effective whole. I believe the answer is yes he said yes it is possible to trade a political entity. That will reflect the views of the great hit a 21 acknowledge conservative majority. We went a long way toward doing it in California we can do it in America this is not a dream it was Bob Hope it is it has been a reality. I'd in the conservative future I have scenic and very conservative future in a work sees it. Let me say again what I said to my conservative friends from the academic or not. Ryan vision is not simply melding together the two branches of American conservatism. In doing temporary uneasy alliance but the creation of a new lasting majority. This phony compromise. But not a compromise a basic principles. What will emerge will be something new something open and vital and dynamic something the great conservative majority will recognize as its own. Because of the yard this undertaking is principled politics. I've always been puzzled by the inability of some political media types that understand exactly what is meant by adherence to political principle. All too often in the press and the television evening news it is treated as a call for ideological purity and I might add. You read these knuckle heads and you hear them on the air saying exactly that they sound like leftists. Because they had no comprehension of what it means to be conservative. He said whatever ideology may mean and it seems to mean a variety of things depending upon who is using it. It always conjures up in the mine a picture of a rigid irrational going into abstract theory in the face a reality. We recognize that in this country ideology is a scare where. Where and for good reason marxism leninism is to give one example and ideology. All the facts of the real world have to be fitted to the to the bed of Marx and Lenin. But the facts don't happen to fit the ideology the facts are chopped off and discarded I have it sent exactly the same thing. Why went on an ideology we conservatives. Ray system based on human experience. He said I consider this to be the complete opposite the prince of conservatism. If there's any political viewpoint in this well. Which is free from slavish adherence to abstraction. It is American conservatism. When a conservative states at the free market is the best mechanism ever devised by the mind of man to meet material needs. He's really stating what a careful examination of the real while his own miss the truth. When he conservatives says that totalitarian communism is an absolute enemy as human freedom he's not theorizing. He's reporting the ugly reality captured so unpredictably in the writings of Alexander Sulzer neat. When conservatives says it's bad for the government to spend more than it takes and he simply showing the same common sense that doesn't the coming out from the rain. I can't we get on and I'm bouncing around. So when a conservative quotes Thomas Jefferson. The government that is closest to the people asbestos because he knows it Jefferson risked his life his fortune and sacred honor to make certain. The way he and his fellow patriots learned from experience was not crash by ideology and empire. Conservatism is the antithesis. Of the kind of idea out it ideological fanaticism. That is brought so much car and destruction to the world. The common sense and common decency of ordinary men and women working out their own lives in their own way this is the heart of American conservatism today. Conservative wisdom and principles are derived from willingness to learn not just from what is going on now about what happened before. The principles of conservatism are sound because they're based on what men and women have discovered to experience and not just one generation or doesn't. But on all the combined experience of mankind. Well we conservatives say that we know something about political affairs. And that we know and that we know can be stated his principles which saying that the principles we hold dear are those that have been found through experience. To be ultimately beneficial for individuals for a family street communities and for nations. Found through the often bitter testing a pain or sacrifice. Or sorrow. One thing that must be make clear impose warning get as there. The American new conservative majority we represent is not based on an abstract theorizing of the kind that turns out the American people. But don't common sense intelligence. Reason hard work. Faith in god and the guts to say yes there are things we do strongly believe in that we are willing to live for and yes it's necessary to die for. That is not ideological purity it is simply what this country and kept it great. I want to return after the break there a few more paragraphs in this magnificent Reagan speech in 1977 that I wanna read the. Because I am concerned ladies and gentlemen. Nick conservatism is under attack. It's under attack by the Republican party of course but it's also under attack by a number of people who claimed to be trump supporters. And by any kind of odd ideological attraction to something called nationalism populism. Which is really an import from New York. And certainly not a growing out of the American founding we'll be right back. Okay didn't. That's right 61977. To. As C tech Greg and one on. Let us raid a wreck later rest once and for all the mist of a small group of ideological purist trying to capture a majority. We place it would. Reality of a majority trying to assert its rights against the tyranny of Arafat academics. Fashionable laugh revolutionaries. Some economic illiterates who happen all elective office. And the social engineers who dominate the dialogue and at the format and political and social affairs. If there's any ideological fanaticism in American political life he has to be found among the enemies of freedom on the left or right. Those who would sacrifice principle the theory. Those who worship only they got a political social and economic abstractions. Ignoring the realities of everyday life. They are not conservatives. Our first job is to get this message across to those who share most of our principles. That we allow ourselves to be portrayed as ideological shock troops without correcting this error we are doing ourselves and our cause a disservice. Wherever and whenever we can't. We should gently but firmly correct our political media friends who have been perpetuating the myth of conservatism. As a narrow ideology. Whatever the word may have meant in the past today conservatism means principles he bobbing from experience. And I believe that change when necessary but not just for the sake of change. Once we've established this the next question is what will be the political vehicle by which the majority can assert its rights. I have to say I cannot agree says rank with some of our friends perhaps including some of you here tonight who went to that question by saying this nation needs a new political party. I respect that view and I know that those every should have done so after long hours of study. But I believe that the political success of the principles we believe in can be best achieved in the Republican Party. I believe the Republican Party can hold and should provide the political mechanism through which the goals of the majority of Americans can be achieved. For one thing the biggest single grouping conservatives is to be found and that party. Makes more sense to build on that grouping and the break it up and start over. And let me say so they can be no mistake as to what I mean. They're new Republican Party. Which is what I'm referring to he says they know Republican Party I envision will not be any cannot be won limited to the country club business image. That's for reasons both fair and unfair it is paired with today. They know Republican Party I'm speaking about is going to have room for the man and the woman in the factories for the farmer for the cop on the beat. And the millions of Americans who may never have thought of joining our party before. But lose interest coincide with those represented by principled Republican his. If we don't attract more working men and women of this country we will do so not by simply making room for that I've been making certain may have a say what goes on in the party. The Democratic Party turn its back on the majority of social conservatives during the sixties. Don't know Republican party of the late seventies and eighties must welcome them seek them out in the lets them. Not only is rank and file members but as leaders and his Kennedy. The time has come for Republicans to save a black voters look we offer principles that black Americans can induce support. We believe in jobs real jobs we believe an education that is really education. We believe in treating all Americans as individuals and not as stereotypes are voting blocs. We believe that the long range interest of black Americans Liza looking at what each major party has to offer and then deciding on the merits. The Democratic Party takes the black vote for granted well it's time Black America and the new Republican Party move forward eat with each other. And greatest situation. Which no black folks can be taken for granted again. And he goes on in absolute brilliance. We have not ever had a candidate like this we have not ever had a president like. Steep in principle. Man who understood his beliefs. And an led invasion. Of man who sought to accomplish those principles. Copyright back. We know. All right logic that out loud while law. I'm mark Lemmon in the show called now at 877381. 3811. In the Reagan wasn't just theorizing. The regular one. In 191984. And two massive popular vote landslides and electoral. College's landslides. That no Republican running for president right now. Or in the recent Penn Station today. Could ever accomplish. And he won over blue collar Democrat. By the millions. He was supported by the Teamsters. When he ran in 1980. And even the AFL CIO's sat on the sideline. He was supported by Ralph Abernathy. He civil rights leader the right hand man to Martin Luther King. And Democrats flocked. To support Reagan. That's why he won so many states. And not by a little by a lot. By a lot. I remain a main. By the rejection. Of facts and history it's does have retired about five turned the years. We're talking about. 37 years ago. When the most conservative man to run for president the United States since Calvin Coolidge. The biggest election landslide in modern American history. And one of the biggest of all time. And then after his policies most of them were instituted when buying even bigger popular vote and even a bigger. Electoral College vote losing just the District Columbia and Minnesota by about 2200 votes. And yet. After his eight years is one of the most successful presidents in American credit history of any credit. His vice president George H. W. Bush lurched right back. In two progressive republicanism. And they haven't come back cents. Now today with the election Donald Trump with the help of constitutional conservatives and Reagan points. I'm not talking about the never trappers I'm talking about those of us who voted. We're under attack. When under attack by the usual suspects. Are also under attack. By people who claim to be the voice in the face for Donald Trump columnists. People on radio people on TV and so forth and so. That your purist Reagan addressed that in 1977. Now we're the majority actually. Based on our beliefs and values and traditions and principles. Yeah we're caught purest the way the left in the media used to call its purest now it comes from the pseudo right. We are the only. Only. People of ideas and beliefs who speak at individual liberty. You don't even hear those words coming into the White House. You don't hear them coming out of the House of Representatives you don't hear them coming out of the senate doron Republican. Free market capitalism. Today. That phrase free market capitalism. Is to be repudiated. Because we're told. That it undermines working people. Free market capitalism is the reason why we have a massive middle cla is in this country. Protectionism as easily. Tariffs are lazy. They also impoverished nation. And god knows we have 121000 of them. All that aside. Free market capitalism the greatest economic model on the face the act and those sewers spewing anti free market capitalism rhetoric. Most of whom are enormously wealthy banks the free market capitalists. Thanks to free market capitalist. Creates more jobs and more wealth from more people than any other model. In the face the year and there's a reason for. Based on individualism it's based on liberty. It's inextricably intertwined. With your personal liberty with their private property. We are the only people of principle and belief and tradition. Who speak up small. Constitutional. Government. We don't act massive infrastructure projects like this is another new deal. Like that worked which didn't. We don't backed new entitlements like family leave. We don't backed the corporation a new bureaucracies run by more more politicians. Telling us who can trade with whom and so forth unless it's a national security issue in which case absolutely. We don't trade away our technology our our materiel and our know how. To nations that seek to blow us off the face the heiress with a collude with such nascent. That's a national security age. But in the main. In the main. These principles these believes these guys these are conservative core principles beliefs and I. And we should be ashamed of them. And we should speak up speak up about the the Reagan revolution. Brought us Raegan. The Tea Party revolution. Producer Republican house Republican senate and Republican president. These are grassroots revolution. Nobody led them nobody hatched the minute townhouse or an eight university classroom or in a campaign. Sitting around waiting for some some person to tell you what to think in a given nomenclature to your attitude. Your way ahead here at the beginning of the parade. This movement. That's anti establishment. Movement. Began long before. Republicans thought that house long before the Republicans cut the senate long before Donald Trump decided he was a Republican. It began with you. There's spontaneous. Uprising. Civil. Lawful. Up rice. And it's been percolating. For years was percolating for years even before the Tea Party. The Republican Party rejected the most successful the most popular president. In modern history. And lurched back into progresses. Which is where it is today at McConnell. Lamar Alexander. John Cornyn. John Thune all the usual faces and voices that you see on cable network and satellite TV. That's who they are. The president of the United States is not a conservative. Even though he does some conservative things had a we know he says so how do we know his top supporters say so they keep telling us okay great. And he's surrounded himself by many liberal Democrat. And yet he's done some it's very significant conservative things for which he deserves our support. I thanks. More than I had actually anticipated and I'm very very appreciative up. But then when he cuts to deal with Schumer and Pelosi. And we are told that this is part of some brilliant strategy. No it's not. He cut some deal with Schumer and Pelosi. So on a strategy you know. It's a disaster. You see the president needs to lead his party not react to as part. The president needs to change his part. Not LeapFrog this party. And do it even a worse part. The president needs to push his agenda. The president needs to demand it. The acceptance of his agenda. For Republican leadership and so forth and so. And so this has been a terrible failure this administration. It's easy I can get on the and you would all the other area talk show hosts do but I'm not a compound boy and I am not Iraq Kent. Which is to simply blame McConnell. And Ryan nobody. I repeat nobody. Has been on McDonald's case. More than nine earlier than. And for that matter right. And I was on pain its case before of that. I know who these people I see what they're doing I know what they're up but that does not excuse. And lack of effective leadership coming out of the White House. Getting the right people around him conservatives. Some of experience. Who know what to do. When you appointed John Boehner senior staffer. And top counsel. To head all your personnel decisions at the White House that is a bad mistake. That is a terrible mistake. Yet that was done. In this administration is yet to control the bureaucracy. Which people call it the deep state as I've called for decades the administrators. It doesn't go away but it's never gonna. And under this president on every going you know why hasn't taken a single step to slash significantly. Government spent. The fact the opposite. I don't care what budget they propose that you saw what the president did with the continuing resolution and we had just a three month they only bought off on. He got nothing. Conservatives got nothing but I have to remind myself that his his most ardent defenders keep reminding me is not a conservative. He's an art of the deal well your art of the deal guys and had a shimmering get the upper hand. Pretty art of the deal guy how was that the McConnell and Ryan continue to get away with what they get away. Folks I call on those icing. And I'm not gonna surrender might deeply held beliefs that I hold in my heart and soul and in my mind of any single politician. I defend this president today help. When he's unjustly under attack. When they seek to push him out of office in a silent coop. When they seek to eviscerate him and his family. There is no more aggressive defender than nine. But if you're gonna lurch left. In of his defenders are gonna start trashing conservatism. That is American. While claiming. They wanna make America great again while I draw a line that I read the fine. But I intend to defend. We conservatives we apologize too much with too defensive. We've got a blitzkrieg going on from the west. From the east and from the north were OK on the set. And we need to defend ourselves in the way we defend ourselves is standing up with pride. Looking at our true record. When we actually have a president in office. Explaining that we are the ones who have been fighting the the establishment in the insiders for decades. When I John near what Sally come lately on this. We are the ones that's on the Tea Party movement we are the ones that spot on the Reagan revolution and we're the ones who was on the next great movement. The article five convention a State's movement which has habit as its purpose. It truly restore our republic. I'll be right back. Oh yeah. Ali Al White House has said that now we're not gonna link building a wall to this amnesty for a daka. That is for your 31 year old and under. Brought here through no fault of their own. So it's even worse you say what's happening. Then they lack conservative principles or values or beliefs which the top supporters trumpet told us he's never gonna conservative. Actually celebrate that. So what is it exactly. What is it. You shoot from the hip. Shoot from the hip and what is the bases and shooting from the hip. Other Republicans have blocked punt okay great got to understand it and it also goes to the White House lack of leadership OK we talked about that. But oh what is the basis for shooting from the hip just to make a deal. With the devil in the case Schumer. Any idiot Republican president can make a deal was Schumer just give what he wants some come into the Oval Office. With a snake oil they'll give us expect creepiest smile Eddie has Mikey some guy standing in a corner with a rain coat. Act and and yet and they yet and and the corn rows and as far ahead yet I got it anyway it sure didn't cut a deal which Schumer. Any Republican got to deal what should we just get what he wants. Which apparently is what's happening. But the Republican congress is blocking and all who calls the Republican Party. You need to change the Republican Party you are in charge of the Republican Party. The leader of the Republican Party do something about it. And I you don't understand my misses. Playing chess playing checkers OK got it. Got so of Jeb Bush did this as I said what two nights ago last week. I that would be okay you know what can somebody tell me the difference between Jeb Bush's position on dot and Donald Trump's position undocking. Can somebody tell the difference there is no difference. You know between your work grinding grueling schedule. 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Click on that radio icon it under the code of an LE VIN. That's 1800flowers.com. Code blue van LE VIN. I wanna remind you I'm not one of these guys that wants to see Tron fail I'm not one of these guys that seeks to sabotage his administration. I'm not one of these guys who cheers on a the special counsel and so forth and so on if you listen to this program long enough you know exactly who I am and you know exactly what I believe. Through the primaries to the general and cents. I haven't changed my beliefs or values or principles. One iota. One iota. In it is not my purpose to sabotage this president he sabotaging himself. He views these little puritan victories. It's something to too cherries all excited about it he calls Schumer and Pelosi afterwards and says look at all the great press forget it's not about great press Mr. President. The media hate your guts. The media hate your guts. And they're always gonna hate treatments. And even in your obituary they're gonna hate your guts. And Natalie your gut say your family's got they made your closest friends get they take your supporters say take your voters. They trash that all the time. Can get anywhere with the media what he won a couple articles a couple of stories talking about. Are you changing the two party system you're not changing the party systems are changing the party system would at least I think the Democrat party EB. You be taking over the Republican Party. And transforming. But you're not. The fact in Alabama you're supporting the right now Republicans for the senate. Luther strange who is. What's the names of these Republicans we got strange in Alabama we have laid. In Arizona it's gone on here. But in any event. Why would you back a lap dog for Mitch McConnell. And Bayreuth. Notice those who write and speak on his behalf tell you what a brilliant move this guys like Buchanan and others like Huckabee and Gingrich and so but why yeah. Why don't they trashes endorsement of Luther strange it is they're not a contradiction of course onerous. When he picked. Rich previous to be as chief of staff. A consummate insider. How come they didn't object to that they never objected to that. Why did. I never liked the guy I say that's a huge mistake looking damaging chief of staff top and they kept their mouth shots when he appointed. What a Danish top lieutenants to run personnel on the entire administration. They didn't say a word I've been talking about that for months. It's not about me anyway. It's about getting the facts and the truth then I'll be right back. A closer look at unlimited data plan and we try not add T-Mobile. Unlimited data with the Texans v.s already included and right now get more lines limited Dana what are you worked for 240 buck and commercial go to. Go ahead take a closer look and you'll see nobody to unlimited like T-Mobile don't we bring it to a T-Mobile or call us at 1800 mobile. And 3% debuts. 32 gigs a month he noticed pretty beat. It was me. Only underground. Heat from the bowels of hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel. This trip we'll bring. Once again make contact without. Hello everybody mark the event here are number 87738. Ones. 3811877381. 381 when you know I'm. When enough. I do the book signings I mean thousands and thousands of people when they do five book signings richer for I don't remember. Whatever the number I'd say I've met I think it was five probably meant 101000 people. And I'm. Maybe more. Of course that doesn't get any coverage but I'm not looking for coverage. It doesn't matter to me not looking to impress the liberal media. And everybody kept saying. We'd like it when you discuss history we like it when he in the philosophy we like it when you get into these heavier cop is itself. Now I can't do that all the time. But I do a lot of the time. And because the rating systems are so imperfect. And yet. Despite that we do such a great job on a when I talk to you you know in the flesh. As a very very important feedback. These rating systems are very interesting for Reagan the so. Imperfect. Take my show take me. I'm running a radio. I'm an F memory. Among satellite. I am on digital Horry. Now that means of course downloading iPods. Over six million. A month. People listening on hand held devices iphones and android it's over three million a month. Satellite we have no idea. They tell us they have no idea I have no idea because they don't tell me but it's significant in the patriot channel wonderful wonderful channel. There's this I am and FM on the we have live stream. Notice. In each instance. My show. Is on an open platform. I don't charge you one penny. To listen to this radio program not one penny. And I charging membership fees I don't have anything behind a wall not one penny. And that was a decision I made early on. That we should reach as many people as we possibly cancel when these ratings come out frame and FM radio. Here's a couple things that may interest you will get and the other stuff but just barely. Unlike many other hosts not hosts many other. I'm also when these NFL ratings can not competing with myself on satellite. Mark could enact an I heart radio had hacked and with the podcast. All of which are free. So the ratings for terrestrial radio I am and F and for me don't tell the whole story. We've got these other platforms where millions of your listening. That's number one number two. On the East Coast they show airs live at 6 PM. Right in the teeth of sporting events. Whether you're kids are playing sports and you would then. What baseball. Sometimes football depending on the dying. Sometimes they ask whatever it yet. So we compete against that. And of course we compete against people who say you know it's the end of the day. And we need my dinner turn off the radar that's sort. So this slot on the East Coast at 6 PM is a very very difficult slot and before I. Did radio. It was considered you know we'll do and our local news and so far the and that's the end of the broadcast day. But since I've done radio. The 6 PM to 9 PM slot. When the East Coast and as you go towards the West Coast obviously it is the time moves. Has become very very important radio realistic. Now final tie this nobody else's. Because I'm not among those that the trades like that they write about and so forth and so on. My company doesn't submit applications for me to win the hall of fame matter Marconi or whatever the awards aren't your company has to do that sort of thing. I just do my thing and how worried about anything else. So I just bring that up because I played the interest and I get people who say he's taken that position for ratings. I've never taken any position for me I don't have any idea. How my position what effect he ratings. Book as we call her diary want in PPM. I don't have any idea how would effective unlike TV we get the ratings the next stain has broken down by quarter hours we don't get that and radio. We get to rest on AM FM ratings only. And I'll get any other ratings for any other form and and we get a month later. That's not like you sit here and I don't know day to day and it doesn't break it down by days let alone quarters in each AC just know what the past month. Least that's what ice. So dailies Tony for doing what Fareed. Exactly. So I don't do anything for ratings I think you listen to this program because you wanna hear. A perspective he may not here somewhere else he won here perspective. From somebody who you agreement because there's nobody out there are very few out there who agree with. To reinforce your principles. And that's great. That's great I like to be around people reinforced my principles I don't mean all yes man and so far but I don't wanna be around people I'm fighting with all the time do you. Now. Of course not. And I think that's why this program is successful there's one other race. It he'll. You're the smartest audience in broadcasting TV or radio where you wouldn't be here. 3 PM on the West Coast 6 PM on the East Coast times all in between. And I'll be talking about philosophy. Or history. Or economics. I won't be going down the website and picking off the top five issues to go over with you and so forth and so on me we wanna gain an experiment that is as a breaking story I'm gonna get tournament and as an example. But we wanna do more than that only. You're gonna spend three hours with me I wanted to be worth it it's like when I write a book if you're gonna buy a book from the I want you to read something that. Again thought about he didn't know about something that's intriguing. If you're gonna watch television TV. And papers subscription I wanna make sure that you feel its work. And same the only other host on conservative review TV they feel exactly the same way. That means you got to work at the and not to change your personality you know fraud when you hear fraud. You know if you can't fool you. Know host and full yield. They need to respect. Which I didn't. I do without you there is an option. All right what's the breaking story it's breaking to a point I mean I'll explain a little background justices allow trump administration ban on most refugees the Washington compost. Signing the associated depressed. The Supreme Court is allowing the trump administration maintain its restrictive policy on refugees. The justices today actually about 45 minutes ago. Agreed to an administration request to block a lower court ruling that would have eased the refugee band and allowed up to 24000 refugees to and the country for the end of October. Kyoto was not the courts the last word on the travel policy that trump first rolled out in January the justices are scheduled to hear arguments on October 10. The legality of the bans on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries and refugees anywhere in the world. It's unclear though what will be left for the court to decide in ninety day travel ban lapses in late September and 120 day refugee band will expire a month later. This is not a great victory ladies and gentlemen. There was a time in the courts would not have been involved in this issue period. And because we have radical leftist mostly point about Barack no Hauspie need Obama to the federal courts. Where now appointed for life. But who do not conduct themselves as. As judges objective when it comes to the law objective when it comes to the facts but they view themselves as masterminds of black robes. That's what judicial activist. But for them this wouldn't have to be at the Supreme Court the rulings against the trump administration and the president with respect to these travel bans. Susan who they respect to these refugee bans are extraordinary. Our extraordinary our way off the radar. Way off the rate. Particularly when you consider the Supreme Court all but gave plenary power to the president of the United States. To control immigration. In the United States vs Arizona. Immigration case remember that one landmark legal finish was involved and so we're all supposed to cheer. And pop the champagne bottle I guess. Because the Supreme Court didn't do any damage the fact that it's in the courts is damage enough. The fact that these these lower courts the fact that these lower courts do what they did is enormous them. And I don't know what the hell the Supreme Court wants to hear an oral argument on October 10 tradition at this damn thing down. But it did now the court's control immigration. And by that I don't mean an honest assertion. A judicial review what I mean by that is the court's control immigration so. You got federal district judges in Seattle Hawaii at Merrill and wherever else the leftists are. Who have decided. What will watch fly for the whole country. For the whole country. The whole system has been turned on its head. This is what happens when you eliminate post constitutional America. This is what happens when you live in America tropea. Title and another book. Will be right back. Yeah. Okay. Die and Jonesboro Arkansas on the mark lament that don't. First of all thank you for being you and thank you for a quick cheap date. I was. I I've got on the DL but she America. And trying to married. I. Wanted to touch because I want to crave it like you were. Did it. I wanted. Can it tipped and the best to prompt and I. I truly believe that he'd like this country and I didn't think that his country and he did this for us he would see. Did you slate and a second. He loves his country and always said he loves this country to one of the reasons I voted for. That doesn't mean I agree with him. Stop suffering. And he wanted to sit down and and we don't need to be out really well then why didn't he say you know what let's get an appropriation supplemental on my desk in 48 hours. That that Republican just cannot answering me why any say I want any did you hear him say I want an appropriation supplemental on my desk in 48 hours. Magnesia where we are the only route. He might have gone to the consumer wasn't the only route. Well I would like to thank that he did at most but this at this tangy to date to facilitate. They're helped us these people latest and I feel like I want to sit back and watched this man is brought. Don't wanna sit back. Ireland can't. This man is brilliant you wanna sit back and watch we're getting no where in this country do you understand no part of we're getting nowhere in this country. Okay let's not hold on now let's not pretend that trumps not present a United States that he's incapable of doing things okay. And cutting deals we Schumer you're telling me edit cut a deal Schumer in order to help used and I don't believe that for two seconds I think strategy. Wasn't a strategy it was a complete sellout. I think he's trying to it to get the Republicans did is sent an and that's my caddie is paid yeah. The first to say they hear about number ten million to saint. And that's baloney so your strategy is to lurch left with Schumer and Pelosi in order to get the Republicans to do something to our progressives themselves. Is that what you're arguing. Now he's and that's what he did. Every government I don't themselves say is yeah so why would they care. So why would they can't see that this deal would now I do know. It might come its adaptive Democrats didn't get such a good deal so pumped to go one on. But they most of them voted foot. It got eighty votes in the United States and I think so why why put on them and following your logic so why it all these Republicans. Who trump does really sticking it to why did they vote foot. Exactly does this argument makes no sense. Not I'm not an attacking him just saying this argument which you've heard elsewhere which has been ridden house where. Is nonsensical. If they wanted to vote on Houston. They knew how to vote on Houston and the present United States should have drove. And made it impossible for the Democrats to say now I want it cleaned up. I wanna supplemental appropriations bill I want it on my desk and 48 hours that's got he never said that. I don't know I don't know that he didn't say that because we didn't hear him say. All right thanks for your call folks I can't help but. When people are so. Into the colts'. I can't fix it. Because you become somebody like that becomes ideological and I ideological on on matters of believes and that ideological on the main. Ideological on the man. That's fine I saw during the Nixon merit to same damn thing happen. He could've there's Hattie no I didn't say that any machine on the Republican this is these are all talking point you can read columnists. All over the place saying the same thing. None of that true. We know what happened. He wanted to cut a deal. With the Democrats he loved the praise that he got from the media. And he wants to do mark. All that's great. But that's not based on anything. The idea we would have got the money for Houston why. Why would we've got the money for use. Well maybe this was the only way why was this the only way. He has to show leadership. That's what he has to do. And I'm just pointing that out. Let's go to victory at Detroit Michigan on Sirius satellite Harry use it. I'm doing good but you're not very well thank. You don't want government and I'm totally screwed everybody Jimmie you. I trump an excuse excellent in the last call. Sorry to hear the last caller. And I got I'm tired of you know they need to show stood up. And he showed us deadlock if you're not gonna give me the money couldn't come back door can they gonna tell everybody. Why are you have the money and then you don't about the American people it's here it's stared them down anyway to one no question about it. Exactly and I told them everybody to you and another lady we try not exit today's union entrance. Not and not and I voted for the guy that got a lot and I'm trying to tell. People including the trump people particularly those in the White House. You keep trashing conservatives. Or you're surrogate. You media surrogate here adversary gets you keep dissing conservatives. You're gonna pay a price for it but at the election I don't mean they're gonna go vote for Liberal Democrats and mean and I can vote and the other thing yes. If we want deals we Schumer and Pelosi would vote for Democrats right. Crap okay boy don't want deals with children policy. If the Republican leadership. Is so ineffectual and we lose in a repeal of obamacare such as a wise it was a ridiculous repeal isn't really repeal but even that vote. I two or three votes. You know that that calls in the question all the Republican leadership doesn't. Does to me. Yeah I'm tired of the excuses tell you and I we're prepared to defend the president today helped when he's. You know when they're trying to eviscerate and destroy him undermined them. Now when they're trying to block is a fairly conservative agenda but when he's cut deals we Schumer and Pelosi dated as an at the cut. That's a whole another story. And when he's ready to do mornings of being encouraged to do. Know with the speak out we can't just pretend these things aren't happening with Jeb Bush we're doing this or Marco Rubio we're doing this for John Kasich we're doing and answer. Lindsey Graham we're just kind of explained doctor. I wasn't Republican thing he'd just flipped on dot absolutely flipped on doctor. How to explain that they don't explain I'll be right back. Which might put them was a kid. He is teachers didn't rule making is not a sense of humor today. They still don't like get him goal mark put it now at 8773. Important. 38 to eleven. You know folks that needed positive that's something. That I think is very important. There's a huge misconceptions surrounding the United States can still carry association right now and I need to clears things. You do not need USC CW permit to be protected. Whenever you carry your gun or keep it under lock and key at your home he still needs self defense insurance. Remember the story about buddy the army that was arrested on his own property history defending his family. If you stop thinking that you'll be declared the good guy one attack happens in your home you're leaving your family vulnerable. There'll always be an investigation. And that means bail money and lawyer fees your family shouldn't have to pay. But the good news but the good news is you can shield yourself immediately. With the US CCA membership. Activate today you'll get a 75 dollar range bank completely free let me repeat that. Activate today to get 75 dollar range bag completely free. And I'm talking high quality and limited edition range bank. But you have to Harry there's only a limited amount and they're going very fast so please act now carry over to defend them dot com. And secure your free range that its defense dot com defend them dot com get your free range bag. And get protection. So wonderful organization really he has. All right. It seems like Bill Ayers has endorsed the anti terrorist movement. No surprise there but as I recall that was. That was. Barack Obama's if buddy mr. producing can you believe that the colts green just disappeared on me. Given the name do we have a disagree are out there all right just give me. Go ahead. But can't give me a name please. John on the great WB AP Dallas Texas out. Yeah in my case I'm glad you brought up Ronald Reagan earlier because Reagan said in 1988. They used to be a Democrat. But he did lead the party they left him his conservative values it's why we're in the same situation Myers because. Except for a few conservatives like Ted Cruz and Michael eight. I think the Republicans have left us conservatives they've left made it low let you they've left the entire conservative. And what else cities say when I read his speech. Yeah I think we need to turn of the kind of hello hello what else did he say when I read his speech. But what is wrong and I'm talking they can hear what else did he say when I read this speech out lab. All I was that he said about starting a third party. I don't remember what he did about I don't remember when he said he said he wanted to. Take over the Republican Party and created new Republican Party that he disagreed with starting a new party in here that part. I'm I don't recall their partner yes well it's there you can check it February 6 1977. But let's walk let's work through this. What is the last time there was a successful third party can you tell me. Yeah I don't know because there's not enough signatures they don't allow the other to turn at bat signatures nationally. One and as they're being a successful third party. Third album because there's too many restrictions. Are you libertarian. Now. Your Republican. I'm conservative I'm conservative report do you registered. I'm registered as a Republican or vote Republican primary McCain. And you're saying it's too hard to get listed on the you know there's if there's at least 483 parties in this country. Yes I know that there's a lot of third parties but I think the constitution party. Another way it's went on. Saying to you is there's not a lack of third party. And I know what it what it really is John is people have a mindset in the identify either his Democrats Republicans a minority that identifies and third party in some identifies independent. It's not a matter of legal obstacles it's a match that obviously there's some. But it's a matter of the mindset. And that was Reagan's point he's saying a lot where you have a conservative base of the Republican Party we've got to use it to take it over. Any debt. And it was a very successful president wasn't perfect. But he was great. He wasn't perfect but he was great. And so that to mean that's the model. That's the motto you'll spend fifty years trying to create a third party. Fifty years you know the last really. Big third party was the progressive party. His mind if my recollection is correct and it's not but but I'll use it as an example. And of course Woodrow Wilson came in first Theodore Roosevelt came in second and Howard Taft came in fact. And we go Woodrow Wilson. Played there. Yet but they're so tell me how the math on this would work the Democrats remain united. And the Republican Party has a percentage that lets off to the let's say that the the John party you're name's John but every wanna call it. So how do we went. Which was Reagan's point it's been all your time doing that. But it can take this institution that belongs to us anyway and taken back which is what he did. Right but do you pick another person had which trump is not doing. But it is any but he added another person able to take it back like Reagan get well we got to find them and promote the but you're right funnel Sox could stay there had similar amount of blood America while I'm off for a Tucson help us find them but it's not my response the only. Right I know. All right I'm just walking you through it has people ask of their part of their part. In up front people saying you love in your satellite you always got republic and trying to figure out how this will work. Some better if I say right on backing the constitution party unity Rabat ski who's running for and I bring let's say four million people Whitney. And Bernie Sanders is elected president or Elizabeth Wiren. Our Kamal Harris or one of them but at least I didn't about foreign laced guy what you know about my kids in my grave pits at the deal with. All right John thanks for your call this content. Hi let us go to Andy. Hayden Idaho serious satellite Harry. Unger that are you very well thank you. I I have to disagree that we're saying and maybe I. Thought Chung was going to be kind of what you're talking about there I mean you know they're just Nora different strings Republicans and Democrats debtor in their. Well I don't agree of that and the Republicans are progressives but the Democrats are radical. They're very very radical they would have single Payer healthcare bind now there would be a lot they would be giving citizenship to illegal and it. So there are differences the problem is they're not conservatives. Which is I think your point nobody is unraveling but they're creating. Nobody's pushing back to restore our republic. That's the problem right. It exactly and you know. I just think trump should go harder stance the liked bowling and well being make internal server deal amateur. There are certain our nation has stuck to redundant and done the things that you talk. About. I'm with Gil and I mean now this cut and run stopped well I can't know what I want from a Republican and so I'll go with chuck show her. Really. That's the alternative. And of course you're not allowed to criticize him and not allowed to say well this is on you Mr. President that you're damn party take it over take control over it. Knock some heads together and do what you need to do I mean don't start Macon nicely that. With Chuck Schumer and Pelosi and the UC all the excuses being made that somehow this is a genius move. Somehow this will undermine the Republicans somehow this somehow that this is all Washington public. It's not good for the country it's not good for the country and I would point this out my friend when it comes to doctor. Why he did that unilaterally. He said I want a statute that codify. What Obama did. When he ran for president distinguishing himself from all the other Republicans. By saying I don't believe they should get anything they should be deep ported. Is it now what he said. And if it is hard to believe he's floundering this back out you know it only took this many months in any dirty. You know going back on. Yeah it's disheartening. While it's going to be up to UN media trying to bring him back because obviously the pump comes in the end Iraq cats they're not gonna do that they're singing his praises left and right. Which they certainly would not do for any other Republican it was cutting deals we Schumer and Pelosi nor should. Aren't any thanks for you called body. Let us continue. And Las Vegas, Nevada on the Markel and enact go. Town and I mark. Well I wouldn't even there and actually read actually Reagan he can XP that you open this year with. And I need important and I FaceBook page if you return it was a wonderful speech and and mark out what happened to be black. I voted for Reagan. And not because of their speak up because when they get that kind. During during his first presidential chin. Was he helped me realize that that the Republican Party that I am and have velocity with which really could do it again I read. And it getting to meet the company's decision to change Corey. There actually issued a valued at the Republican Party not that far this and quality today I I get back enact their already in progress to educate. You're either issue of the conservative values of the Reagan Republican Party. And exactly that's exactly right mark I just wasn't convinced that Republican. And I still mat or the party that that you had the privilege expect country club image back to acts racist at heart I never bought into their Villanova convince them that. And I see every day to day that they are not the Republicans are now I don't know that you Republican or white. Now however it has no they don't have a racist. Bone in their body and so that that's expect that didn't wash with me. I am an integral to the one thing you can't quite funny in Q4 thousand feet span interview. Oh you greatly value our scholar I know I had a horrible cold reality itself and I appreciate that wouldn't count. I thought you were are you you'll boycotted grey yeah you can't it is very handsome. Hello my goodness I have your new book. And I know you're encouraged us to read the book before they interview. Which I admit I hadn't banned but I'm reading now. Slowly very easily could not an easy greens it's and heavy book to be focused in anger and focused and then just collecting. Mark. I'm a huge community respect the way and if so I haven't had chance to. To think Heidi you learn to talk anyway I knew that you know that you grew up with back in the account found in bone break R&B music. You know you might remember the well known. Billy DJ named Georgy would. Oh yeah don't iPod apps that was your father yes can you believe let out a product of late Georgia how wonderful. Yeah. It's a pleasure call again okay that's really cool. Okay Monty and don't and don't forget the sound of Philadelphia now. Yes there was meant to. Pick out all right didn't. And god bless you what an honor thank you very much. Isn't it's a small world after all he really hit. He had kind of a big fan Motown since I was a team you love it. Leavitt RMB to let it just does. I like all kinds of music but that's sort of my yeah my zone right there isn't a mr. producer aren't really sending those songs and add this one at this. All right folks I'll be right back. Yeah. Vega. Steven. He would take a big big big feeling. Of the civil rights. But he basically brought this music motel room in the Philadelphia. It's a huge huge hit. Little bit more. All night. If you will if they showed him or not this. You know we celebrate constitution day every September. I know you learn the constitution and the rights that secures. But we really need to know the basics don't. We can't really celebrate something if we don't understand why we're supposed to celebrate. And that's part of the problem in this country. But Hillsdale College want you to know the foundations of your freedoms. So Hillsdale has brought back for a limited time their free online course introduction to the constitution. You can take the course of your own pace in the comfort of your own home with family friends even your book clobber small group. Each lesson is under fifteen minutes long and now you can download a free course companion booklet. 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And is a wonderful institution and it's a deep in great honored to have them as a sponsor. With their great president doctor Larry aren't it was a personal friend of mine and it was an honor a mind to give them. One of the rarest copies. Of the Federalist papers. Which is on exhibit. In their Washington DC office of Massachusetts avenue. He and a NAS secure display that you go there and you could say it. And he gets to call in advance and that sort of thing but it's easy to do I hope you'll check it. Parent that sequence we have okay. Chris Green Bay, Wisconsin the great WTA killed goat. Mark I'm really upset it's unconscionable and probably done. I voter forum I want recruitment. A tale I've had it's just it's I can't even listen to many more heat of yet there. And he looked at address inequality than he's sleeping with a swamp creature what he's doing. And it's ridiculous I heard a lot like this what you over the top here. Just the cities in bed with both the insured like booklet to work people and he's. He's doing field with them it is I can't stand it may have got I got while what. What do you think of the arguments that really doing it you know because he can't work with the Republicans. Well then you need the Jack up the Republican and get them author but I can't. At a thing so another Ritchie needs to lurch left. Sell out as voters we're we're Schumer Pelosi look out 100% of what they wanted. And somehow you what I supposed to be convinced that's how you deal with a Republican congress. Well I'm on the convention state like got that book you that. Sign up I'm super busy but nominee get go on the got to deal that action and I dot com and got to Wisconsin chapter. But two people America I'm gonna look at that would what do we do we get convention estate blog and a couple stupid judge in Hawaii blocked it I mean I'm. I hear the good news if they stupid judge in Hawaii tries to block it in the stupid judge in Hawaii. He's a rogue judge and those state delegates from those state legislatures continue to do what they're doing and they ignore that judge. Since one is they're judicial review in that match. That would be my idea I only enough for everybody agrees to me who's in this convention as states move in my view is. That that would be eight judge acting ultra virus without authority. That constitution gives the states the authority to do this if a judge tries to block it or overturn it is the judge who's conducting himself or herself. In and I constitutional fashion and that convention goes. Forward period. Ought to be trained to you know hitting it's not gonna be drained what has that happiness. We need to take our country back in the way we do that is to take our constitution. Well and we give the states the power to enforce. Now I am just thought that was tropic. He was talking the other day and the radio had to turn it up like okay now forty like me about it it's ridiculous spoke route. It's a scary what's going on and you got these. I'm trying to point out and I have been pointing out for a few days. There is a massive conservative base that's under attack. That's watching and is not particularly happy right now. I can tell you I'm part of it. You know we're not up to harm the president we don't want to destroy his presidency but we don't wanna sabotaging himself and sabotaging us either. I'll be right back. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my plate. The last thing I want to do his waist time standing on line at the post office alike don't ever. I Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy in print official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail using my own computer in print. 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And first I want you to hear from Hillary Clinton not about her book I don't care about her book. A let everybody else play those clips. But here she is talking about convention of states. Now she's heard about it. And she worried that. Cut nine go. I think trump and left to his own devices unchecked. Would become even more authoritarian he has tried to be. Also remember the right wing. Aided and son did 58 Mercer is comptroller's aside era. Is very serious about calling a constitutional connect. Let's stop there I know nothing of the mergers and Coke Brothers getting involved in the convention states. Mean they have maybe they haven't. I'm not aware of it. I certainly never talked to any of them personally and directly. By any form or means when I wrote my book the liberty immense in this is how it works. So now. I have to defend emerges in the Coke Brothers when I don't even know the mercies of the Coke Brothers. Annika I met. Charles Cook many years ago when they had niece but speak at their events never heard from the accent and wonderment. About my book liberty and tyranny. But that's sad I don't know them I don't deal with them. And it's not about me anyway I'm just pointing out when I wrote the liberty amendments they had no sane anything. So the fact that you had a movement afoot when millions and millions of people in the grassroots supporting it. Now it's bought often paid for by billionaires. Quite precious coming from her. That's number one number two it's not a constitutional convention it's a convention of the states that's what the constitution calls it. A convention of the states. To amend the constitution. So just that two thirds of the house and senate can propose. Amendments. For ratification to state legislatures or state conventions. Requiring 38 now. To ratify. States can get together and propose amendments. All the rest of the states including themselves all fifty states. Where again they need 38 state legislatures or state conventions to ratify. So rather than congress making the proposals as congress won't make proposals to control congress. The states make proposals to control congress. And the presidency and the courts. And the bureaucracy. There's no other way. There is no other way as you are experiencing as you see and the fact that we have a Republican house Republican senate Republican president. Should. Underscore the point. That this is not gonna fly. They could either repeal obamacare zero point fingers city chant. And they they lie about what they promise all the branches. So this is the only way. To restore the republic in its the way. That the framers. Presented it in the constitution under article five it. And for the life of me. These pseudo conservatives and others who rejected who fear mongering. Are in the comprehensible. Absolutely incomprehensible. The go on a talk about it right about federalism in the tenth amendment and and how they're strict constructionist or textual list or whatever. But when it comes to this amendment they're no better than no let this process that is article five they write it right out of the constitution. Because they don't agree with. In the end they're not very conservative now are. Not constitutional us. Let's continue with Hillary go ahead. They need 34 states last I checked they were like at 2829. Let me stop this is say yeah. Incorrect this is the balanced budget amendment guys who run off. Where their own convention states. Saying that they've won eight or 29 over the past decades and so forth and so on on uninterested in purely balanced budget amendment that doesn't fix the damn thing. You need to control spending you need to control taxes. Yes you know eventually need to balance the budget that you need to control with net. Balancing the budget and of itself is not enough even more. When he term limits for members of congress when he term limits for Supreme Court justices even more we need to control the bureaucracy. And the regulations edit that the bureaucracy kicks out with the process among others that I proposed. To control it and on and on or not it's not enough to just Wear and a balanced budget role latch Greg. But it's not enough. It doesn't address the media the fundamentals. The problems. And have them batted in you know enshrined. In our system and have not uprooted our constitutional system go ahead. They're gerrymandering. Is to control state legislatures elect Republican governors and two car stops penny gerrymandered to elect Republican governors. Governor is run in the entire state so how do you gerrymandered to elect Republican governor. It's not possible to irrational. But let's hear her conspiracy no constitutional convention says not so in other words they want it gerrymandered the state legislatures and the Republican governors. And to call a constitutional convention number one Republican governors have nothing to do. The president has gotten into. The state legislatures to so the Republican governors have nothing to do. They promoted they can push it like army and Abbott there in now in Texas. That they don't sign it. It just is what it it. And notice how everything that we do that the grass roots. Is evil. Ian is corrupt. So the only way you see that we're able to get the state legislatures in Alabama. In Georgia. And Florida and most of these Republican states is as we Jerry man. This is a nasty. Stupid. Angry person. Go ahead. Deep into what they are abdicating. Its limits on First Amendment. No go out who's advocating limits on the First Amendment. I'm telling you folks this woman is say yet certified liar. Who's advocated limits on the First Amendment last time I checked that was the last last time I checked it was Chuck Schumer. Donald Trump's wreak pointed new friend. Who is proposing an amendment to control the First Amendment member of that. Last time I checked. It's the campuses and universities all over this country. Better trashing the First Amendment. Lebanese proposing any change to the First Amendment YouTube anyway go ahead. The Second Amendment limits on criminal justice nobody is proposing any changes to the second and then we want to defend the Second Amendment it's you know. You. Criminal justice system go ahead. I mean there is a very. Insidious right wing agenda to. She's not insidious yet because we believe in the constitution she's a radical. He radical progressives. Always has been and always will be as we now. After a cracks me up if she's the liberal establishment person many precinct has not been and that's not true. Bernie Sanders is trucked to. Hillary is Landon. That's on. And saw a different degrees. But the same ideology as far as I'm concerned. So wept nobody's going to touch. That's not true the people who are attacking our bill of rights. But the people in Washington DC they had a constitutional convention every day they have a hell of a good time in Washington DC whether the courts. Whether it's congress whether it's the bureaucracy in the case of Barack Obama. They are ahead and constitutional convention three days a week. Beating caught that. But they were surfing that they were investor rating and they were going around it. To enshrine their ideology within the constitution right. So. This is all scare tactics in the strong and we get on this the Mormon gonna have to deal with it. But I just assume we get stronger and it's the Republicans I can't stand. In the state legislatures who claim. We want federalism we don't want the EPA telling us what to do we're sick and tired of congress passing laws and not giving us the funding. On and on and on and say hey boys girls you have the power. Under article five. To change that we don't wanna do that all my had to wait can't do that in yet ladies and gentlemen your state representatives. And your state senators have an obligation. Under the federal constitution. Under article five. To restore this republic and this constitution it an obligation. Under article five to do it read it. Read it. I'll be right back for months and boom then it. Delaware's ladies and gentlemen. You know these all terrorists. Domestic terrorist very violent man. He and his lovely girlfriend at the time. Doran. He was interviewed on the podcast. By Jamie wants to. And Bill Ayers was asked about anti you know the violent. Marxist anarchist and never understood this Marxist panic is since. Are you aware of any Marxist regime that is an decentralize. Totalitarian genocide regime. So what's the sanity as part. But that they hate America. Anyway this Marxist movement with the spikes company they attacked people final is you don't know we've gone over many many times. And here's what the Bill Ayers had to say eco. It's been document data engaged in violence often unprovoked and it didn't is that something you quit supporter came down. Well it depends doesn't it because when John Brown indicated harbors very unprovoked phones I agree I thought I support that don't you. So we know John Brown 1959. Harpers ferry then Virginia but eventually West Virginia. And I believe half a dozen people were killed something like that and he was team abolitionist. Tenuous he believed in violence. In order to and that slavery anything enough for this time and the course. This was one of the major who he events that little ultimately lead to the civil war era which of course is very very violent. But listen to his situational ethics. Yes violence is accepted under certain circumstances but not under every. Thing what about Adolf Hitler. The what he did to gain power. And that I can point oh example after example after example after example. This has nothing to do with slavery. Anymore than his in and do the third right. That is this is America. This is America and 2017. People have a right to protest the people have a right to rally. But you see you reach a point. Where those who claim to be the anti fascists are the fascists. So would Bill Ayers think it's okay if somebody walked up and punched him in the face for what he did in the past and what he represents for the future. I don't think so and I don't think they shouldn't. So everybody determines for themselves whether violent and. There was more to go ahead. Three. That is we live in in an intimate in a society steeped in violence it's steeped in structural violence and when people stand up and object. Then they somehow. So are the final once. You're a moron and type that are doing and how we steeped in structural violence. But what kind of a clown is it. It's steeped in structural violence. Yes by the left for the most part as far as I know but we're steeped in structural violence. Just truly pathetic. And then there's Nancy Pelosi I want to listen to this. I want you to listen to the rhetoric disorder rhetoric that creates violence. By Nancy Pelosi. Had tipped free speaking and in the prior case hat tip Cheney Weinstein and his podcast via fox. Anyway cut five ago. Don't let a collision happened north of Chicago and I saw this art exhibit that I was invited to see if calls. And then they came performing. And it's good bad and the internment. Of the Japanese Americans. Patriot in our country who work in charity group and turned into camps. During world works you. Types out there now known as she doesn't mention who ordered that. They're great hero Franklin Rosen. They will never admit it. Because he's way too important to the progressive movement to ever admit it. What they say it they dismiss it all yes yes yes oh and by the way I have a lot hey. Guy had. We're fighting for freedom for America and for the world in a great two. They weren't and cans. And they came for me. And now they're coming when the kids all day. Coming for the dreamers are an and is somebody suggesting we round up the dreamers and put them in interment camps. To the Democrats did. And then they blame everybody else. The Democrats. Are a violent. Hateful. Organize party. Throughout American history. And I've gone over time and time and time again. And yet it is they dirty big secret. That the media ignore. It and we'll never report on the history the Democrat party. MSNBC what ever report on the industry that Democrat party. Neither are any of the networks. They won't know what. Because they history the Democrat party. Didn't begin in 19601970. It began long before that. It's a party of slavery and segregation. And Jim Crow and poll taxes literacy tests are yes yes yes all those things. That I mention. The party of the interment of Japanese Americans then. The party. It's a party that Ku Klux Klan. It's a party in 1924. In New York. At the Democratic Convention. I refuse. To reject pension. 1924. Wasn't that long ago. And now she's talking about. The dreamers. And now they're coming for the dreamers. Those clinics for the dreamers trump trump is not gonna supported single dreamer. And let's they've committed a crime. And violent crime bodies had. Now ahead. It's something that we hold these dreamers. For their kids so we don't owe anybody anything lady we don't know anybody anything. And I'm sick and tired of that respect for the rule of law. Respect for the American citizen. Respect for the dream the American citizen. We don't know anybody I am a. That's a nightmare. Barely have barely complete sentences and any rational way. All right. That's got to Scott saint George Utah. The great KDX you go right ahead. Let you know dark void it if we do owe him anything which we don't probably at least not negotiate and get something out of the deal consider this. All of a line judge your brow we now know that's not gonna happen because the president is all done. And like why did you read a long time ago our march you betcha back during the primary. Debate on Broadway version. Ordered tightened pseudo conservatives boys and girls vote. That they're not doing him any favors this as long before he got an obligation and just shortly thereafter. Not doing him any favors it every time it came out. And spoke. I played support conservative state just charitable long authority genius businessman and nobody ever called under pat. I think we're ruling that right now because I voted for a I would protect her job but I voted for Soviet resources. Not an ant and the point is today. They're not doing him any favors right now my town again yet now you got a third way that Gingrich and he had you change that Tom I work with academic and a so working with conservative moderate Democrats likely Schumer and Pelosi that's different. Thank you brother I'll be right back. Making conservatism. Rating yeah dial Lynn now. 877313811. Like she's about I think yeah. In other bullies never told me the IRS hired private collection agencies. To stop folks back you know on their back taxes. But the New York Times called them out for bullying tactics like demanding you ask your boss for a loan to pay your taxes or load up your credit cards are. Take out a second mortgage. If you owe back taxes or the IRS says you owe back taxes don't be bullied don't take on the Paris alone call my friends at optimum tax relief. The step between you and the IRS and solve those tax problems that keep you up at night. And as opt about the fresh start initiative. 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Our friends at the Media Research Center referred to on a rather thorough study broadcast network evening newscast remain as hostile as ever deterrent. Since inauguration day Media Research Center analysts have reviewed every mention of president trump and top administration officials and ABC's world news tonight. The CBS evening news and NBC news the nightly news including weakens. As of August 31 coverage of the administration is totaled nearly 74 hours that's 4418. Minutes of airtime. Are about 39% of all evening news coverage that's astonishing. Now for comparison purposes coverage of the Obama administration and all the 2015 and 2016. Told a 59 dollars. Roughly 10% of the available broadcast time in other words trump has already received more coverage in his first 224 days in office. Then Obama received in his final two years is president. Analyzing the networks it makes it clear that the call of all this every coverage. Not to promote the president but to punish them. In June July and August broadcast evening news coverage of trump was 91%. Negative. Worse than the astounding 89%. Spin we calculated during the first three months of the administration usually a traditional honeymoon period. For new president so the media are out to destroy trot there's no question about that. And up virtually all the media. There's a few safe harbors but not many. Virtually all the meter out to destroy truck. And is an endless drumbeat and I think in part that's why he's looking for these deals even with a radical Kooks like issuing a policy. It's wearing him down these attacks as you might imagine any human being but still. Afghanistan up against. Jeff Hayward California they grey tea SFO Harry you sick. Pretty get Mercury do very well thank you. I wanted to get the message about. How we're feeling I feel like America you. I'm only twenty years old and grad school or not. USS and I'm just sort of disillusioned with how other Republican Party the party had little friendly as part of that we believe Reagan. And how. Everything that they won the stands for never seem to get accomplished. Yet the Democrats. Always get their resume across. On. If you look at how. We've abandoned their principles. Namely the constitution. I cannot believe how far we've strayed from that. That beautiful legal tax or all of our treatment or found it. The Republican Party needs to get back to principles. Because if we stick to the constitution to think that this country could part with the with the way the Democrats are going well. What what do what do we do that the majority leader has no significant principles. The speaker is prepared to throw his principles out the window principles used to have to be speaker. And the present United States prides himself and his supporters pride himself themselves on not being conservative. What are we did. In my in my own opinion I think we need to look their souls for. Because these people are in office because ultimately we elected them. I know but you know what. Any of us have looked at ourselves particularly in this audience. And they voted for people who make promises to them. And they have followed the process that the constitution provides. Its not working. And that's why some of us are looking. And other elements of the constitution to find relief to find recourse like article five convention states. And that's why I've spent this entire program. Explaining conservatism. As relates to Americanism and why these principles are absolutely crucial we need to discuss them among ourselves without families where their friends. Because they're under attack they're not only under attack by the left but by the pseudo right. And people now are very practical the fact that they're not answers in and they miss identified. The they purposely. And define it in ways that aren't correct is it as you know you must believe and purity you must believe this that in the other. And these aren't superficial and purposeful attempt. Top undermine the only. Philosophical movement in this country. That talks about the constitution and its limits on government. That talks about individual liberty that talks about individualism. Talks about the declaration and natural law. Talks about private property rights that includes free market capitalism and things of that sort. In were under attack because there are various movements going on out there that believe in big centralized government for one reason or another. All right Jeff I appreciate your call my friend. West Wilmington, North Carolina series satellite don't. Yeah I disorder express my sincere frustration and disappointment we're. Lack of any accomplishments so are between tax reform and reform well Obama cherry. But that these latest. To increase the debt ceiling and and and inability to expert bi partisan politics. Just. To what why we couldn't. Pass an aid bill for Harvey independent and edited so other fat just. It really confusing rhetoric. And house Republican senator Republican president. And none of them put out a separate emergency appropriation instead we gotta buy all of a Democrat agenda. In order to get the people that help they need in Texas that's absurd. That's baloney you gotta cut a deal bush Schumer and Pelosi that's the that's the weak way out. It a thought for a week or 20 it could demanded a clean bill the always hear them talk about it cleaned up a clean appropriation emergency appropriation. Get your ass is back in Washington and take care they stopped. President would've applauded. He would've been celebrated. It's had to cut deals with Schumer and pull I don't get it might get it but I don't like it. Keep up the good fight I'm extremely disappointed this was an opportunity to set being in the right direction but. Keep up and what about doctor. What does that you know yes the same people what about that that is not to do the Republican leadership the president on his own. As told the Republican leadership and the Democrat leadership you take this Obama executive water and you turn it into a statute so I can sign. Now that's not what he said on the campaign trail that's not what he said in these debate. That's what Jeb Bush said on Marco Rubio said he may sixth and Lindsey Graham said. He's gone. Well it happens. Andy Rockville Maryland to great WMA algo. Yeah mr. bloom thank you for help and shake my political ideology and intellectual level. Com your truth your country. I just have to say we have to go back into immediate this Nadal has got to do that in the chest so they're this has to do exactly with the media. Republican Party and our lake battered wife syndrome and child better syndrome when it come immediately they get beat don't you become but I thought trot. That's one reason that support and on the American general it would that is like she dropped what has happened. In order for the get them yet to report fairly. They're big we have to fight back and they had a chance. They could step up for the Indians after the Charlotte built. Bull crap station stepped up for look at what he did he did say anything wrong that everything correctly instead what is it called the court chipping action app on. Yeah under the same and I'm not the same amount but what scares rule. If this were totally your communications director should be in the Iowa Christian friend of our cooking store when he spoke to a friend who. O'clock. Well a month now and that's how she got into the truck jam in our human touch is communication Director General Tony you're all. I don't know really know politics but if this is a sign of it by going. Appeal in the media it is. This way let's that this thing. We're constitutional conservatives the Reagan writes if you well in this administration are they and their time out on the policy side are there any in the upper senior circles. That I am aware mr. Obama and all that that's just about apple my mind also where art. Who's he talking to I mean when it comes to conservative Christians targeted at crude tackling a hoax it is just that. It boggles the mind. But going back to my media. What they're doing right now wouldn't it make it look quite because this chemical or separate it based program from the beginning. I didn't do it if they. Try to appease. The media and the Democrats in order to get good press. That's one way he did it. It netted second America's a couple of months before the actual action. The congressional election reduced to bury him I mean like you said period Qaeda may hate his guts they hate us. You know it and but if they play around nicely put them that it that it will be my you know I really carried. President and his senior staff to take a look at the Nixon administration. So exact parallel but it's good enough Nixon caved in caving KP yeah what they wanted the EPA OSHA. Affirmative action I can't think of everything but it's numerous. And they took everything that you get as I mentioned because was last week they took everything they can get from him. And then of course. They did everything they could to be rid of them. Now if the Democrats take the House of Representatives. I'm telling you right now. In the back ventures may wanna pay attention this to their impeachment. But they're gonna try to impeach. And the more he props up these Democrats the more he prop up the people who are going to destroy him. If he's concerned about the Republican establishment dammit and taken. I think heads and knock them if you're the leader deceptive about your party your party now it's not my party. Thank god it's not it's not our art party even though we may be members and that he controls the party we don't control the party right in the so he needs to do something about it and what's he doing about it nothing. I think. Fact BI's I say easy in Alabama he yet he bent over backwards now McDonald's guy. Does that make sense to you Randy. And I did well and that's still I scratch my head on it and why it big strategy is regardless of politics and he does not. Because he takes it personally because. The the two Republicans running didn't endorse him in the Republican primary so I think he's gonna screw that mob backed this got itself the feeding argued another example. When you look at debt Orrin hatch. Warren hatch said very nice things about trap early on Orrin hatch will never support the trumpet Jen never. And now Orrin hatch is best friend of the senate for decades was Ted Kennedy. 1 hatch came on my show got my endorsement last time around promised it was a conservative said he would never run for reelection now I'll decide in January. That guy is contemptible spies on concern he lied to me he lied to my audience but it happens I'm not perfect either. But that said he likes Orrin hatch and Helen dorsal Orrin hatch not that's not how you make changes the problem is if you're not a conservative. If you don't have 8888. Cerebral or at least an instinctive. Feeling for what's right and wrong as a matter of principle. Annual on the cut deals for Schumer your wanted to see this Luther strange guy you're willing to back hatch. Well then you're not gonna get too far in Lecce lurch left and that's the promise any great call I appreciate it I'll be right back. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah it's. 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Having to call out the president from my perspective or our respect I don't enjoy it for 12. On the other hand. We have to have integrity right we have to be true to ourselves. And so that's what we're doing and that's who we honor and I think that's why you're in the audience. And now I'm blessed to have you. I'd let's go to Mike Independence, Missouri the great KC MO ago. Marks Greg Tucker I want. Thank you wait regardless of how he didn't make it built the Democrats but sort of what he had to make it over Democrats are watching it. The Democrats to become the party of tight victims. What would ever voting yes money for actual victims of natural disasters. Football get done the money sport I mean it is just idiocy you don't. Really yeah I thought and fact and politically I don't think they would have done. That is I don't think they would have passed on the fact they probably would have tried to raise. You know above what with trumpets. That way than proposing but we don't elevated track. That's what drives me nuts wave everybody telling us what he could have done maybe was doing this he was playing you know. Chess set a level that we checkers players don't understand the lighting you just try to clean bill get a real push or not. Well you know another he didn't I know he did does another he said he didn't. Exactly a little bit organist chestnut. How to make it like it just makes himself quote oh I don't see this gas you put yourself project ready. I listen congress is on his worthy of our blame and are content they really. And they are quite progress. But the president is the president used the bully pulpit why is it the when they have the presidency they control everything Ernie breathing through for the senate for that match. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel continued good luck in Florida. In Texas and Louisiana we have forgotten it god bless you. 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