9/22/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mark Levin
Friday, September 22nd

Senate Republicans will never get a clean repeal because of John McCain and others. McCain having campaigned against Obamacare and now flipping, is now being praised for it by the liberal media. Rand Paul’s position is understandable but he doesn’t have the votes for his position. Paul voted for ...


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National health care. Eighteen of them. And you and I both not they take the United States senate and majority of them will support it. And we use the budget process to get it. They're already admitted I think. That obamacare doesn't work we already know obamacare doesn't work so rather than being circumspect stepping back saying you know what this direction is wrong. They take it to the next level in any you know that's what progressives there. Their policies cannot work because when you reject human nature. When you reject knowledge. When you reject reality. And your pushing a phony paradise. You destroy. You burned down. You eviscerate and that's what they did. As best I can tell the senate Republicans. You'll never get a clean repeal. Because of Susan Collins. Lisa Murkowski. John McCain. And there's only 52 Republicans in the sense. The proposal. By grand he Cassidy and Johnson among others. Which also Santorum had a Rolen is not perfect. Timing close to Paris. But it goes a long way and repealing obamacare. And that's I'm fourth. Now there are ways. To address it in the future I hope. To further adjusted. But I don't know about you. I've got family members who are suffering under obamacare they're not my policy. And they are suffering under obamacare. End. This being honest with if I wasn't around to help subsidize and and so forth and so on I don't know what they would. I don't know what they would do. We more more able bodied Americans saw any decent living who aren't really trading pushed into Medicaid. We more more able bodied Americans who earn a decent living who cannot afford their health care anymore whereas they could before obamacare. Nobody nobody represents them. Nobody talks about them. All I ever hear about his other people on Medicaid in the illegal aliens I don't care about that anymore. We don't exist for entitlements. Which exists to subsidize people. We what the government they get the hell out of our base and allows them by what ever demonstrates we want. So even if this is a small step in that direction it is a step we must take. Well the reverse is going to happen 180 million of us are gonna lose our private health care 180 million of us. Because what they're talking about today single Payer that is national socialist health care. Will be a factor in five years. Or seven years or eight years. Back countries on a trajectory that is enormously dangerous and passed out to our beliefs. It should tell you something. That the people who oppose this proposal are not opposed to out of the three. I got opposing it because it goes too far there opposing it. Pro one of two reasons it's not big enough bloated government activity. Or are they want bipartisanship with the Democrats. I understand Rand Paul's position I ran public and at the votes. He does not have the votes. Remarkably he voted for that prior proposal. Which was far worse than this proposal. He has his own explaining it bill. Because to me it drips of contradictions and hypocrisy. So here we are again. Now worth three or four Republicans. Who are gonna deliver why is Schumer so happy. You figure it out. And we got to watch this clown Jimmy Kimmel. You know what ladies and gentlemen. I don't know of any family that doesn't have an individual in the family whether to child or grandchild a father or mother grandparent. Who isn't suffering from some medical ailment. It's occurring in my family. And so in order to address it I have to support socialist centralized government run health care. That's compassion. I don't listen to black a late night comedian go on and on and on getting all this attention. There are many people suffering out there that's what we're trying to address to make it a portal all competitive. Cutting edge. That's what people have health care coverage so they get quality medical care. And let's unless people can afford it because of Obama care and nobody will afford it. Once they have socialist healthcare and now we learn from the Daily Beast of all places. Now we learned that Jimmy Campbell and Chuck Schumer have been working behind the scenes. From the daily base locked landmark case. And two others I don't know who these people are. Over the past week opposition to the latest Republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare. Has been driven by a late night talk show host put expressed little interest in health care policy prior to this year and Jimmy. You say when it beat the crap that they kill me you're gonna have to come through me first tough guy. You weasel. Jenny can miles nightly monologues decrying Lindsey Graham and bill capacities bill. Became must see TV that's what it's about as CA BC host systematically attacked both the specifics of the legislation and Cassie in south. Behind the scenes CA BC start was getting an assist. Kimmel and his team were in touch with health care officials charities and advocacy groups. Multiple sources told the Daily Beast he was also in touch with the office of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who according to a source familiar with the conversations quote. Provided technical guidance and input about the dealt. As well as stats from various think tanks and experts on the effects of grand Cassidy so Jimmy Kimmel now it's a mouthpiece. He's a mouthpiece. For Obama care for a government run health care and for Schumer. Other words he's a nighttime Clavet doesn't know what did say. I can't think. I mouthpiece for a show my. The three episodes in which Kimmel tore apart both Cassidy. Who previously insisted that any health care bill passed a so called Jimmy Kimmel past. And the bill's specifics helped galvanize public and political opposition to the legislation. This is how the Democrats when the culture. Take the clowns on TV the clowns in the movies like clowns and holly let. And they feed them their mush which they regard to take to UN may. Jenny cam all. You're deceitful SOB. You should get all the American people when US thousand what you're espousing. They are getting talking points from Chuck Schumer but he didn't say that how much did yeah. No you didn't. Now you didn't. Because you have brought. Course you're upset about your son. I'm upset about certain family members of mine who are very very well everybody has family members who have very very alleys most of us. To politicize it like this. Is awful. Awful. Jimmy Kimmel. Fact let's listen in this cut to mr. producer go. You go to war information on the health care anything. Oh really really wanted to tell everybody who is whispering in your hair camel. I should not be that guy I mean how deceitful as that. I'm just a comedian but he ought to listen mate what do you think I'm done than everybody else can actually pop up. When he should've said is according to Chuck Schumer who I've been in discussions with XYZ he never said that Eddie. Go ahead. You coaching or information on health care at these guys like embrace John Kennedy would tell the true. Nice in reg guide Kennedy this is a senator from Louisiana now he's an imprint. He get that from Schumer took funny joke. Go ahead. That's when he's angry people they say what call volume to talk about this stuff you're comedian go back to being not funny. And your money people. We're still deserted mall might call. I enough enough enough. Look at that look at the show he's putting on any never tells. That he was in discussions. Which Chuck Schumer and these left wing think tank he never says a word about it. Steady plays the the rhetorical debating victim that could mean I'm just a comedian I known I should be going back to that but look at this look at this. I know that some people won't be covered stealing. Left wing talking point spewing Chuck Schumer talking points behind the seat. They're colluding don't you know polluting. More when I come back and. The F. Has formulated and promoting. This build dealers. Obamacare how are you senator. Regret it mark. I'm doing fine I see that the Senator McCain has said that he can't support this because it's not bipartisan. What do you make of all that senator. Well that's probably disappointing but we're not giving up I got off the and captain's call the White House that we're computer work on give the formula to trying in Bayreuth is big big feature of Graham Kathy Keller Jack trying and the disparity here or. Sure certainly trying may be. Spending of federal funds toward health care more equitable. The crop solid states and it could challenge as a very complex environment gave. They do go to government set up there with all this W during health care program so we're trying to over a number appeared years trying to make it more equitable so. Yeah I'm I'm hopeful of seeing it may want bad got nobody you how she does her homework browser issues mating will come out bedding beautiful. Under grand Jesse L Jackson so I'm not writing operating but he also fool you were plotting I don't know we've given up just too important. And yet the reports are that Collins is on the fence leaning Noam the Rand Paul is a know that McCain is a no. Can you win any Democrats haven't. Well you know certainly there could be Democrat's bitter or does he was acting Grammy ball and be supported this is very helpful to Wisconsin. In Missouri Claire McCaskill to Virginia senators. Gap in I would say Angus King in May and this is very positive very helpful to look to Maine so. We're not giving up the use weight to important that the alternative ending quite happy with that senator Paul. OK it doesn't fully repeal obamacare no nor did by the way the bee park review put a program bombers detonated a partial repeal. The only thing we guarantee is we don't do this. Obamacare remains the law of the land with mark will continue to collapse there will be more calls for more federal federal dollars injected did. I try to maintain these markets. And so between the far character that they saw the path. Courtney appeared to them. And put down a path of federalism great big control group or individual control over their help helped it care process. And it's not the final word that is you're you're trying to change that dynamics here as I understand it and then you work on other pieces of it as you can is that correct. Absolutely this had a great first step look what what's great liberals progressives are very patient. Obama here would prefer it here first single Payer we get paid yet giant step away from single Payer. Once we put governor and gave legislators in speed to control. You'll see a lot of pressure from Washington DC to create greater flexibility as time goes back. We have to take its first deficit it's imperative. I'm Rick Santorum is on this program yesterday and he said the key aspect of this is federalism the way we handed handled welfare reform I reminded us it's former senator Santorum then under Reagan. We've block grant a lot of the M the primary and secondary spending for the Department of Education when he couldn't Apollo abolish that department he block grant and a lot of funds to the states. So this is consistent in that regard isn't. Actually it took control on spending you know one of our problems that you were twenty trillion dollar in debt. Or next thirty years at least a hundred trillion dollars more guest spending is because 70%. Everybody has an automatic pilot so I'll be mandatory entitlement programs well Medicare and Medicaid are achievable programs. Bit actually. Dole's. Programs in a box we certainly can go to real trend pollution control so what grandma kept the how GAAP and that is we appropriated money for ten years. They don't let me be appropriate just like food stamps just like all the of these programs been block granted if they good passer first step. You know there's been a lot of Jimmy Kimmel out there opposing this bill on the attacking some of the sponsors we've learned today from the Daily Beast Jimmy Kimmel. And Chuck Schumer had been now working with a China collaborating with the trinity you know that senator. I didn't but why do know is built happy to be wonderful a good man devoted his life. Sped up and work in hospitals in the future. Yeah in my own case you know my daughter had a very serious and got the heart defects we are concerned about giving. Access to every American to be equality cared one of the things kind of galling about the attacks on reluctantly think they're good people working on this bill. Amazing senator whenever we get in the these debates when he comes to some massive government program if you don't move hard left and somehow you face. You oppose helping sick people or you want people to die or you want people starved to death. You know we really have to figure out how to get on the right side of that because it's so absurd that in other words if you're not some hard left radical liberal. Then you don't care about people. We wanted to really make it more grotesque charge we're slashing Medicaid slashing spending mark let me get give you a couple numbers you know. If we just continue on current path. In dedicated about it will spend five point 67 trillion dollars over the next ten years. The current iteration grand happy about Jackson spent five point 44 trillion dollars. Five point 67 with five point 44 bad exactly replica. Less than 4%. Reduction in the rate of growth in spending net about one year's spending cut your year is always grow. Get AD little itty lightly like tomorrow and again we're trying to find out the death. 200 its 222 billion barrels. Reduction for tenth going back home added depth of projected for good spirit continues to point 3%. But a lot of members that it could drop in the bucket you can't even begin to call OPEC only cut it these light. Modifications in flight explorer senator. Can you can I hold you over for another five minutes or so here I come with senator this is so important disprove. Sprint past that senator Ron Johnson will be right back. Conservative. Voice de mark love and show. Island now 8773813811. Senator Ron Johnson is one of the architects of this new effort to. It's not completely repeal obamacare. It's still exchange. With something that will hopefully get us how many different paths including a significant federalism component. Senator have you anybody else talked to mansion of West Virginia and what does he seem to send. Possibly her immediately or our strategy to reasonable guy. You are right now you'd be efforts you know the minute we say repeal and replace that just turns up every Democrat could you know they're. It was big hang their hat on obamacare so. Again I really do believe that we get dipped. Bill passed. You will see some bipartisanship. I've been involved in those been built me. Senator Alexander and senator buried the fact it's pretty good conversation developing they need to waivers. Don't know what you you've got a really good program up in Maine to be induced high risk pools they had guaranteed issue didn't repeal it because you plan that would dispute. High risk pool premiums for young people or cut to a third. What you work for older Dubuc you know I'm mark they were cut in half. And so when Democrat even see some of that truth some of that reality. The element we are trying to bat and as long as one state has gone to do the waiver process why don't we properly can meet to waver. And commitment then those meetings so again I think you we start with this gift that. Federal open beginning I think you'd be a lot of states in as a result a lot of editors. Democrat and Republican after that kind of flexibility that states. You sound. Maybe it's your nature but he sounds somewhat optimistic and yet as I keep reading this stuff. Hum now who's going where you know in terms of these senators. Your vote or two short. San wrongly we yeah we we have to get used to being Collins and Rand Paul. We got to get to competitors we have to get beat we can't afford to be used. You know two more senators and again it may mean this is very beneficial. Hurtful Rand Paul OK okay I don't know if it doesn't repeal of obamacare we use the surge strategy in place. Look Elkhart turned it is meeting 100% and played in leaving you found the path to single Payer. I don't wanna be the republic that'd be viewed editor to solidify. Obamacare long term. I don't wanna be in their position I'm hoping senator Paul senator Collins or senator Carl you don't want B net position either. Well it's quite amazing. I mean just a pedestrian like mean the American people we sit back and watch this. As Republicans run right up to the line and they're always two or three short in the tens of being alone not exclusively the same senator. And so it becomes enormously frustrating. For people like me and millions of people in my audience. To watch this not not that you should fight for Apatow watched the same. Handful of senators do exactly the same saying virtually every time. And must be frustrating as hell Freel. They know we can out frustrate me. I'd be dead true. Can we are starting their private sector where you're if things actually function I've I've seen. You know at a swanky private sector in the because you're watching CQ has functioned. But but but here's something I kept ought including scrap the show has probably people think federal government be efficient effective. I got that question to tens of thousands of those strapped tonight. I've had a couple hundred people raise your hand delegate knickers all right laughter go off. That's a good start. The American public does not believe Washington DC as the issue effective so quick growing it. Quit quit expecting the federal government to solve your problems that's why did such a good bill did you start the deed. Do you vaulting power away from Washington DC in the gate that's where these problems can be solved and should be solved. And I senator I mean now I've been rather a neutral on a lot of these but on this one I really like the federalism component I really think. If they're dangers in this film that I really think. If we don't pack this obamacare and now this Bernie Sanders has great it's actually. Getting steam. And it's then they're gonna go to the races with this saying what are we gonna keep talking about nothing I said all right creation yet I have. Aggregate we will sort spear our supporters think bit we've got to do this we've got to disarm I'm vegan. Rand Paul at bay and you can count went begging these Murkowski step up to plate didn't stop this path without a path. The Republican to conservative perhaps the federal. All right senator senator Ron Johnson thank you sir appreciate it. Every night you too well. I'm not Iraq right guy and I'm not I'm not a the pomp come on not. I'm not in Iraq had training like this but I do you this is an important first step they really do. But. You know the Rand Paul and John John McCain won't be dissuaded John McCain's getting accolades from all of a Hollywood and he loves. Share. And two outs and Jimmy Kimmel he's a hero and Rosie. O'Donnell I mean Hollywood is just overflowing with praise on John McCain. You know left mr. producer and let us what what cut was editor Anna listen this is about four minutes. But I decided not to kind of what you listen John McCain one year ago. When he was running for lit reelection against a congresswoman from Arizona abandoning that incorrect Patrick. I want you to turn the volume on your radio. For your hand held device or how every listener on your computer I want you to listen this back and forth for four minutes and see how completely deceitful John McCain was to the electorate of Arizona. Completely deceitful because remember what John McCain is saying now as he doesn't like the fact that it's not bipartisan. That's incredible when you consider Chuck Schumer has no interest in being bipartisan on anything. The nation endorsed 90% of his agenda. That this was just a little over a year ago. John McCain. Debating an anchor Patrick cut tango. All of a sudden you both senator Nunn's nonsense. Let's call it is sad now congresswoman Kilpatrick wants us to work together to fix it. The problem is that for the first time in history and major entitlement reform was rammed through the congress United States without a single. Both from the other side and I fought for weeks and weeks and weeks. Against Obama care and they would not allow us an amendment that was not a single amendment. How loud no input from the minority party we will then in the minority. No congressman woman could actually wants us to sit down and work together. Here's what I we worked together we repeal and we replace it. And blame the hell is so bad. That former president IC's Bill Clinton said this is safe easy craziest thing you ever heard of Obama care. And so. We can fix that health system but it was based on flawed premise and that is that we would take money from healthy young Americans. Spend it. So their health care a less well older Americans. No end and I think there is fourteen of the fifteen counties in Arizona that Apple's new war on health care provider and I. I'm right there do you hear him talk about bipartisanship we need to have a bipartisan solution not contrary. He talks about with the Democrats did what a disaster obamacare is financial disaster disaster do is count these people can't get coverage. He pulls a stunt. Which tumors thrilled that I don't wanna hear about Democrats being compassionate Democrats caring about people. He said fourteen and a fifteen of his Tonys have one plan. How is compassion post compassionate holding on to a system that is destructive. That make sure that people who do and he cared don't get care. I hit. Obama and congresswoman Kirkpatrick said if you like your policy you can keep OK if you like doctor you can keep that we got sort of adults. So it's mix he admits he can't keep your policy Nikkei Keegan docket. But now it's a process argument let me tell you what I think's going on here and keep that spot mr. produce an pay what I think's gone. John McCain's contempt for Donald Trump is so deep. That's what's going on here. Just listen what do you set of the last six months. And I feel bad that this man has brain cancer it's a horrible horrible thing and I don't wish that on him or anybody else took the Paris of course. But there's no other explanation for this phony argument I just I just want bipartisanship. But they party in the senate that he knows does not want bipartisanship. And it. I'm pleasing idea. If it's got problems that Palin get it out of there and replace with something else. Ten I was at a wedding not too long ago and a lot of pride pulled me aside tears streaming down his face. He said and you know I'm a Republican. You know I voted against you because of your health care vote. You said I wouldn't be here today to lock my daughter down I don't if you have. Lawrence for health care. Wanna go back to the days when somebody with a preexisting condition would have no I didn't. Being able to lock his daughter Gemma I don't but we do have to fix it there's no question about it and we really need to address the increasing cost of prescription drugs. Unproven anyway could legislation. Then go according to Gallup poll majority of Americans. Do not approve. For the Obama care and 29%. Of Americans according to galaxy he had been harmed. By obamacare. So I know you need. Listen always saying it's an argument against his position that it's absolutely incredible. This wasn't that long ago when he was seeking the votes of the people of Arizona for reelection he got like 53 campers in the voter whatever it was 54%. Any just flips and he did this on immigration before it did just flips. Go ahead. Good weddings but the fact is the majority of the American people have resoundingly. Rejected obamacare. As far as pre existing conditions are concerned we obviously could have risk pools to take care of those people know what he's ready to abandon them. Can not deploying thousands of people have been insured because of the Affordable Care Act. But many people are paying much more than they used you for the same care or worse care so what is your message to you able to take his kidney and. And that. Yes and I just heard from a man the other night they had private insurance. And his insurance rates this year we're gonna be 3650. Dollars a night. And he said they haven't he was being able to get insurance through a lot of care and his premiums about 500 dollars a night. Grass and blue shield has announced that they're gonna have 65%. Increase. In their charges 65%. He's the co pays and deductibles are skyrocketing. Out of two out of an out of shape and that's why can't one million Enough and that's why John McCain's gonna say the Obama camp. You heard all the arguments he made a cut this off halfway decent right mr. producer. Another minute left of him making. All the arguments against obamacare will push comes to shove. He won't vote against. Not even know where a particular policy issue he won't vote against it because it's not bipartisan. It's not through regular order. So these people are gonna suffer. Aren't gonna via a competitive policies available to the vast majority people in the state Arizona. The premium increases he's talking about some places up 65%. And one year. People find their premiums unaffordable. Companies are laying off people. Because they can't afford health care. And yet look what he'd done it. Look what he's done. Of all the plans they had other than flat out repeal this is the best one. This is better than the plan that existed before that was proposed that Rand Paul voted for he doesn't even make any sense to me. Mean if you say he's consistent he's not consistent. He'd been consistent you would have voted against all of them other than flat out repeal. And I think they're flat out repeal. But it's interesting it's pretty much the same handful. Susan Collins McCann then McCain. Murkowski and now this time went off. In that case is Susan Collins and Murkowski they don't think we're spending enough they don't think the federal debt is bloated enough. They don't think there's enough redistribution of what I just think. If you hate obamacare. And you are. Really under the gun when it comes to these premiums and deductibles and your overwhelmed by the bureaucracy that you have to deal with all the referrals all the paperwork and all the rest. You have four senators to thank for this. Should they continue to hold their positions for. We know where the Democrats have. But the Republicans promised otherwise including these four cent. McCain. Collins brick house key and even Rand Paul. And no Rand Paul is not to the right to me when it comes to economics. Fact of the matter is my view is this is a very very flawed bill if any should flat out repeal is a very flawed bill. There's still too much federal government involvement also. There's federalism involved in this and there is no federalism and Bob and obamacare. And I know what socialist nationalist healthcare will them. 180. Million viewers can lose your private health care 18918. Democrats already supported this. I'm telling you. In five years that's where we are. Government run health care. That's what's gonna happen because these senators. Who say they don't wanna you know they don't wanna they don't wanna give up anything on Medicaid decided the other just imagine the way it's going to be in five years from now. When they still don't wanna give up on any of this and it's collapsing at the same time. I'll be right back. Graham. Tonight it's something this year that I never thought I could. 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That's blind state dot com blinds TER dot com promo code mark it is a wonderful wonderful product and service. And Kyle is a really good guy and he has has as purpose to Syria via. I'm mr. producer give me a call it would you please. Yes yes yes. And remind I'm in I'm in finally I got it. Let's go to. Let's see her in Huntsville Alabama the great WGN and go. My gut I just want to comment on Jimmy Kimmel side and go to originally there was a boy in England under a single Payer system. Glad to welcome the US for help even though. Is there such a great over a million dollars in the help now that the single Payer system as you really want to assigned to be under a system like that. Yeah and then by the way why are we measuring health care based on what's going on and Jimmy Kimmel family. Families had people with cancer with diabetes and heart disease babies. You know eight teenagers. Older adults and so forth and so on. All all families at some point suffer from these things. And so the issue isn't one person's family the issue isn't ten peoples' family the issue is what do we do. For most people in this country. So they had access to affordable medical care. And the answer is always the same we need more freedom and less government. All right let's go to Cassie Hickory, North Carolina the great WH OK why quickly go. Why are you okay how about that fact that every. How we talk about the health care bills and everything. OK our backcourt is keeping leverage that preexisting conditions part. And the elderly people part. I feel like serious I hope lots of people in this country. Most of us that it turned out Old Trafford where the one thing is that the whole Lotta people who want to. Perhaps create his thinking is it. Right and this this plan covers preexisting conditions did you know less. Did you know anything else. What good cricket and I really hasn't and I'll be right back. That a small to me clean and not both god and my and that's. Just as this move to Geico and saving you money. Geico also gives you 24 cents an access to licensed agents on nine and fun Olin and I kind of and finite and I'm 19 and clean I am also a ninety big fan of Barbeque potato chips. Many don't. Loss making mosquito. Guys come to expect great savings an awful lot more. Hello everybody mark living here our two I number 877313811877381. 3811. So you can see how the US generate. Take it says support for their. Position. Since Jimmy Kimmel is basically been a mouthpiece protection of the last couple months. Entertainers and believe in this stuff. Clearly he does believe in this. But this is how it's played. This is how he does it Schumer and the Democrats. The culture. And what Judy here's some of this. Again they want to be here Jimmy Kimmel. Cut to mr. producer. Should not be the guy you go to war information on healthcare and if these guys like embrace John Kennedy would tell the. Angry people always say what qualify you to talk about this stuff you're comedian go back to the you remind people poor so deserted mall might call the game is the guy you voted for for president his job. Agent was this and you know. More than ever calling your senators and tell them not to get American help. Jeff. Not to gut American health care. Now nationally you had a good editorial let me let me point this out to the other day. Kimmel is a late night comedian and the father of beautiful three month old boy who was born with a congenital heart defects. By the way Brett bear has such a child to him so you know he's written a beautiful book about it. Kim has set himself up as the conscience of the carrying debate over the last definite reforming health insurance in Washington now talks of the Jimmy Kimmel test. Which demands that insurance companies be obliged to cover preexisting conditions without exception or penalty. Kept my hazardous television program twice called senator bill Cassidy author of insurance legislation and carry consideration in congress to liar. For putting forward legislation that would not treat pre existing conditions the way Kimmel would prefer to see them treated. Will push the gray vest too that Jimmy Kimmel and his young son Billy. Bob calling up cute babies is a dumb way to approach complex policy questions. Should be noted that the changes considered in the past the bill would have no effect whatsoever on Billy Campbell. In as much as those changes deal with the coverage of preexisting conditions in insurance policies sold on the individual market. Even the most precocious babies and I generally shopping for their own insurance policies from the womb. Most of them are like Billy camel covered under their parents' group policies if they're covered at all. And that latter condition is of course what this is really all about. The question of what to do about preexisting conditions isn't about insurance companies suddenly decline deciding. That they will not cover this or that medical issue for people who have maintained continuous inch. Aren't coverage but rather it is a question about what to do about uninsured people would medical conditions who decided to seek insurance and I might add after. They get condition. The basic architecture of the Affordable Care Act mandates that insurance companies essentially ignore pre existing conditions when writing new policies. Obliging them to insure against events that already have happened essentially requiring them to bet big on the falcons in the super ball. This turns insurance on its head in church is a risk management tool that does not work well when the event already has happened. It creates a perverse incentive if there's no cost for the coverage of preexisting conditions. Than people had no incentive to buy insurance at all. Until they are sick. And need the benefits. In order to mitigate that problem the Affordable Care Act mandates that every American by and sharing to maintain coverage a mandate that is not in robustly reinforced. That needs insurance pools composed of sicker and older populations. Which is why we have skyrocketing health insurance premiums and insurance companies pulling out of markets left and right. The Affordable Care Act is a poorly designed piece of legislation. It is easy to point to charismatic beneficiaries. And conclude that it has been worth the trouble. But everything looks like game winning proposition when you count only the benefits. And ignore the costs. In reality this so called Affordable Care Act led to millions of Americans experiencing the anguishing disruption of insurance arrangements. With which they are perfectly content. Obama and his democratic allies in congress promised substantial savings from their law. But in fact the opposite has been the case in church today is less a horrible that I was when the ACA was passed and it is in some ways less accessible to do. Many Americans had fewer choices today than they did before the law are many cases they have no choice in providers at all. One of the problems with having been national discussion led by lightly inform celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel. And I might add we're basically propaganda spirit Chuck Schumer and that helped. Is that people begin to believe their own rhetoric. In this case that her grip that in this case that Republican health insurance reformers are motivated by sheer malice are by obscure financial considerations. Nevermind that the biggest financial players in this case the insurance companies themselves. Oppose current Republican reform efforts and largely support obamacare. That makes discussing the actual problems at hand a potential solutions to the difficult or impossible. Republicans made a critical mistake in 2008 and 2009 but they rejected the enterprise of health insurance reform percent. Repeatedly insisting only that quote we have the finest healthcare system in the world unquote. Oblivious to the fact that a great many Americans were unhappy about the system are anxious with good reason. About the security and cost of their own health benefits. Democrats are today making the same mistake. Obamacare is now sacred writ so as far as they're concerned and the prospect of revisiting it a profanity. But of course many Americans remain dissatisfied with the current state of health insurance. The Republicans are taking a small awkward start taking small awkward steps toward addressing that. It is not the case as Kimmel and others insist. That they grant Cassidy dealt with rose thirty million people off their insurance plans and that it would simply cut off federal funding for insurance subsidies in 20/20 six. Such dishonest histrionics and I'm sure it's coming from Schumer. It's true that camels here and out of his mouth. Do not advance the cause of responsible health insurance reform. It would permit the states to seek waivers from federal preexisting conditions regulation and experiment with different approaches of their own. Ironically. The effectiveness of the Democrats charge that modifying the preexisting conditions rule would see Americans dying in the streets. Illustrates why such painful changes aren't likely to be proposed. Or past. Such measures are unpopular and state governments are held democratically accountable to their people often a much more immediate and rigorous way than the federal government minutes. Experimenting with different approaches to preexisting conditions would in fact be desirable. There's no reason to suppose that the best solution for New Jersey. It's also the best solution for Oklahoma. And the only thing that is entirely clear about the preexisting conditions approach put forward by the obamacare law is that it's not working. Now before the law very great many Billy camels whose parents had health insurance they could afford and work for them. Many of them no longer do and there's no health care system not the Affordable Care Act regime not to grant Cassidy reforms on a British style government monopoly system. That would in fact ensure that every single child and Billy Kimmel situation. Will receive everything you nine need in his pants my desire any price they can afford. Medical services very scarce good involving real cost him barring the conscription the conscription of physicians. In a remain so. More market oriented systems rationed care through price. Was public systems ration it through long waiting lists but I simple denial services. Charlie good of the UK was a cute cute too. Between the fully nationalize model of the UK and the perfect free market system of the libertarian imagination lies a complicated reality. Which insurance companies are heavily regulated. In which the consumption of medical services has heavily subsidized in direct and indirect ways. In the US context that means a number apparel all systems individual insurance employer based plans Medicare Medicaid would many state level variations. The veterans administration system exception. And ongoing federal reform effort that is complicated by the fact and insurance companies are regulated primarily at the state level. We do not have a health care system we have dozens and dozens of them. This is not going to be sorted out by a late night comedian or two and sympathetic appeals about sick children. It's not going to be scored sorted out entirely by grand capacity either that the bill contains useful and important measures. The bill does not contradict claims of president trying to represent the repeal and replacement of obamacare. Is a package of piecemeal reform some of which repealing the employer mandate expanding access to low cost catastrophic plans. And block granting Medicaid funds are very desirable. That may not pass that Kimmel test. Which in its broadest form the idea that no mention every go without care for financial reasons is an idea at all but only kinda slogan. But they're real world test is the more important one. Republicans should learn from the Democrats obamacare ARRIS foregoing grandy got city and paying very close attention to the details. They managed to get it right Billy Campbell thank them for one day. It's a damn good editorial. Jimmy Kimmel. Really sensed the foolish with each passing day he truly does. I'll be right back. By the time this programs everyday and know more about this and anybody else. But I'm with you hear the attacks. Uninformed effects. It's a platform Jimmy Kimmel has given. To Kooks like Al Franken. So basically they can opposition is if you don't support Schumer Franken in the hard left. And their position then you don't care about little kids with congenital heart felt. Our heart disease. That's just pathetic. So is Al Franken on a show last night. Cut one go. Senator Disney like kind of Disney hope for the future really does. Well you know sometimes you give me hope for the future I want to thank you boy you've been to. Usually I. I. Don't like doing comedians get involved and yeah. Good monologue after some ability. Was born here. By the way it was it was more police funny monologues are CU. It was important it was very important. And probably the most important moral argument dumb because we'll release up to that time because you never given an important monologue. Thought it. What's network because if it is sort of laid out what the stakes are NLCS. Especially now that we are seeing this last iteration. From Caron. And you know but it did I think it's officially called the screw you from Billy come home. Back into night you know. I can't you get the drift. He get that could help dishonest this it utterly dishonest. There's a Democrat from Kentucky by the name of representative John your arm us. He gave a weekly speech today about this frame Cassidy belt cut three go. This past week we learned of the Senate's latest generation of trauma care now I'm right there noticed the similarity in language. Iteration of trunk there. Last iteration of trying care Franken latest iteration of trying Cary garments. They're very good at. As they goose step their way into that into other public appearances go ahead. This past week we learned of the Senate's latest generation of term care grandparents and they call it. Would likely take health coverage away from approximately 32 million people. The staggering 10% of the American public. Let's be clear we already knew that the bill becomes law would eliminate protections for people with preexisting conditions and Medicaid as we know it and so. They get out and Medicaid is we know what people are preexisting conditions be out on the street. 32 million people lose their coverage answer Republicans are forced to say no that's not true and no that's not true and no that's not true. They never have a forward looking positive argument to go on the offensive lists. What they should saves millions and millions of people have lost their health care under obamacare and we intend to get it back for. Millions and millions of people cannot afford policies anymore and we intend to make it possible for them to afford them. Millions and millions of people cannot afford the deductions anymore and we're gonna put an end of that overtime and the reason we're gonna do that his work and to eliminate. Not obamacare out right we're gonna start the process. And bring you some rationality. Today health care system will you actually get to make choices. But there's actually competition. There's actually different types of policies. Not those that are run by Al Franken. The comedian and not a very good. Another 32 million people won't lose their coverage. I mean this hot ideas so upstairs can know people preexisting conditions. Will have options. And Medicaid as we know it is going bankrupt so yes we wanna just Medicaid there's no question about that. Here's Joseph Scarborough Joseph Scarborough is a complete self serving ego maniac chameleon. The morning should now. Used to poses a considered. Used to pose as a republic. Now we just a common sense independent he'll do it every he has to do. Because his masters and an MS Ellis. I cannot believe how stupid this is politically okay okay I cannot believe that structure world are anybody. Could've ever signed off on this idea where you're actually going to drive a lot of people back. Play that shadow order that's actually at one time he's calling the same as ideas come idea but he also thinks the the grand cast the idea is a dumb idea. Let us go to cut five joy you read on MS Celestine. Go ahead. This is a classic example of of a man was using his platform truly for good you know Jimmy Kimmel ten didn't just do comedy he has good. Let's stop CC were all the cheerleaders. Now let's go back to Joseph Scarborough at the top at Ford go ahead and. Cannot believe how stupid this is politically I am I cannot believe that structure world are anybody. Couldn't ever signed off on this idea where you're actually going to drive a lot of people towards Lindsay Graham's. Bill because you can always second socialism. Medicare for all verses we already I was going bankrupt first is we're trying to get all of the states and taking a chance. Both of them are radical do I wanna know what the radical plan that I knows the bankrupt America or do we go with a radical plan did. All right so I just point you see at Scarborough. Firmly taking a position on both sides. But the issue is not what Scarborough says to the rest the issue is what is this home mean to you know. I support federalism. I support federalism ladies in general because it. It confronts central and it is a it it is it is an alternative to federal centralized. But even more than that I support individualist. The we've got to begin the long road the process may that we ten years twenty years I don't up. To get back individualistic. Particularly as it applies in this instance the healthcare. We just leave things as they are that is simply not gonna happen. That's simply not gonna happen. And look this grand Cassidy bill won't get us there one day fighting that may never get us there. But it's far better than what we have. You know it and I know. I'll be right back. Places left. Is. Right vs wrong call marketing 77381381. Wanton. You know ladies and gentlemen. I don't take these elections. These primary battles personally. But I get personally involved because I think it's important. And people ask me what I think and so I tell. This battle in Alabama is not a battle. Over Donald Trump. It is remarkable to me what's going on in Alabama within the Republican ranks you have a man that is nothing like Donald Trump. He is basically a shadow of Mitch McConnell. Running as Donald Trump would Donald Trump's endorsement. Certainly very very confused. Yet the real conservative in the race. Is. Not. It's it's more that is what I'm trying to. Hitch judge Moore. And so. This isn't a vote about Donald Trump Alabama. Now we are heard. I think everywhere now. Birmingham Huntsville. Montgomery and mobile. Tuscaloosa. All over the state of the album. All over and our ratings are through the roof so there are many many of the U and Alabama listen this program. If you think voting for Luther strange is voting for Donald Trump you're wrong. Despite the fact that Donald Trump has been convinced by detestable Republicans. Like Mitch McConnell and about quarter to make that case. Luther strange needs to loose. In order to awaken Donald Trump. Donald Trump had to learn the hard way. When he appointed rich previous as his chief of staff which beat this isn't there anymore. Luther strange is worse and retrieve it. Worse. If we can't get conservatives at a conservative states and where the hell are we gonna fine. I'm quite serious about it. Despite all Luther strange is that ethical problems and there are numerous. And there are numerous. Donald Trump's going to Huntsville. The town I know well a town Iowa. They're trying convince the people Alabama of that voting for Luther strange is voting for him. Now Luther strange. Is Luther strange and you folks in Alabama know exactly who he it. Donald couples say he needs Luther strange how so. Why. The ladies and gentlemen you ask me all the time all over the country. I'm talking out of the people in Alabama. What can we do about the situation you can send a message to Washington. You can send a conservative who watched not a perfect man very few are. But. He's perfect enough. And he'll vote the right way and he will be my guest. In about forty minutes. And I'm talking about Roy Moore of course. And so. Luther strange news not even an average. Conservative or moderate he is a chameleon. He's a can million. I just hope the people of Alabama. Wolf the Republicans are now Manny will nominate the right person and by the way so I think this great general election. So my fellow conservatives and Alabama. My fellow constitutional cancers. And Kerry do. To vote for the constitution. To vote for individualism and vote for Lincoln. The guy like Roy Moore can't win. In Alabama. Then we're gonna have problems throughout the country am convinced that this. And the reason McConnell spending millions and millions and millions of dollars from people outside Alabama. Most of the money raised in fact inside the beltway on one or two streets in Washington DC where their lobbyists galore. Is because he thinks Luther strange. Is Mitch McConnell. If Mitch McConnell father Luther strange has anything like Donald Trump he wouldn't support him now what. So there's a very sleazy game going on here among them rhinos and that is. To portray. Luther strange has a Trump's support. While they're laughing. In the shadows of the smoke filled rooms knowing full well that's not what yes. And Donald Trump. Is supporting Luther strange because in this instance quite frankly he's saint. Because Luther strange endorsed him early on or something some such thing. But that's not what's best for his administration that's not what's best for the Republican Party and it's not what's best for this country I can tell you that. 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Double up on Genesee out get it deep firming salmon NASA take all three. While supplies last order now and Chad minimal including special electorate gift hello that's five free gifts. That's free test for trying Janice and a 800 skin 604 and 800 skin 604. That's 800 skin 604. Aren't. Let's see what else is going on out here folks theory you know I'm trying to pull it up oh. Sam Joplin Missouri they great Khazei RG go. Yes Mike well I Sammy there go right ahead please please lower your. Pretty young militarily militant about three years now total one. But I had publicly about the the Jimmy Kimmel situation. So the last four years since you socialite and actually beat like that. Game and went to people around to forget their agenda did they know that's one of the most successful way to do so. I'm thinking that they don't do that is ridiculous. They used to do it Nazi Germany. Paris slowdown well I'm not one of these guys who thinks everything should be compared to Nazi Germany in and mean. We're dragging people off and burning them to death and ovens and executing in the mass graves and so forth and so on. But what Jimmy Kimmel did here was very deceitful of the American people in his audience and that he didn't. Inform the American people in his audience that he didn't collaborating extensively with Chuck Schumer left wing think tanks. And it's not. Just about Jimmy Kimmel I hate to tell on this when it comes to health care it's about all of us it's about all our families it's about all the sick people in this country go ahead. So. And it's it's it's disgusting that the less you do that and young people. Not rhetoric to. Bring out now emotional heart strings of the poor. You know people go to progress there their agenda. As a young person in college my seat every day. Never constantly keep something about social media. Never got to repeat something on the other drive by media when it comes to union and I can be here listing that your FaceBook. They believe it in a heartbeat. No matter what it is. And it's just it's ridiculous first somebody you seem polite and sees what's going on. Not think that something's wrong with that. And I just thought that. It's our duty to show these people and should be glow left. You're getting to see your getting. Manipulated into thinking something that. While we always need you when you say show people left I just think between the two begin to. To start taking back chunks of the culture. And we need to start taking back chunks of University College faculty. And this is said this is a puzzle that we're gonna have to solve as set as conservatives because right now there is essentially monopoly of ideology. In these institutions that are very powerful have a great reach. I mean you know UK goes to University College. Most of them are being indoctrinated on one of one form or another but in one direction for sure. And you go see a movie in many cases you get the same clap trap maybe terminal late night show yet Jimmy Kimmel. Spouting have basically Chuck Schumer talking points and then you have that cold there. Basically spending Chuck Schumer talking points. At best he'll get somebody who's neutral but typically you get somebody who's incredibly left when you look at the comedy channel same thing at night. Paul left wing all the time. And now you look at sports. Sports is becoming all left going all the time to. And and they don't tolerate. Any opposite opinion there's Jimmy Kimmel trashing people who disagree with him trying to paint them as individuals who who have. Who who who despise. High you know little children with a congenital heart disease or heart failure for that matter. You see the same thing in sports they when he I know you've got four players are three players and one former player raining the NFL's saint. We want a month or recognizes you know. Inequality it's taking place in this country. And so they're devouring. The system the devouring all systems within the society. And we if the figure out a way to push back other than beat our chest and complain about it. And I'm working on that now I'm thinking about it very very much have to keep in mind when it comes to education Landmark Legal Foundation and a handful of other. Conservative libertarian legal groups have fought hard for school choice of virtually any kind. In order to try and break up via public school monopoly we've got a break up these faculties he in. These colleges and universities in if you read plundered the CI a whole chapter on how did you say your. Are. All right don't hang up I wanna send you a signed copy plundered deceit and by the way everybody plundered the seat. I don't we don't top hundred deceit it's over. But you really ought to read it because I addressed this specifically. I don't know if he get it a libraries anymore meaning in things like that but you really ought to read. Plundered to see because I go through all this stuff and I go through the educational stuff too which is very very important to understand. In my view. Let's see let us go to Kayla Huntsville Alabama the great WV NN go. Yes sir I used to have a lawyer a lawyer on later I heard. It's that you had OK I Kate and it be debate that they add yes they would serve I would restraint and Roy Moore we're collection period. Constant and its online. I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll check it out I just got out of work arm in one of the things that I would want to maybe hear from Roy Moore fanatic we're gonna talk pennant race. You were able I rest and I really inviting questions because I have my own ideas when Lance but go ahead. Not signed. I I talk this story you. Who I would more open to women when I would go to have a departure admin. It. I don't know who trip Pittman is quite frankly. I. That's that's the second worst name in this race. His Luther strange in an tricked Pittman is that what you said. Well there and this child on the strip hit in his state senators something. Businessmen and in Britain Europe. Let's go around and at a time when he wanted to ask. It ought to come modern youngest guy out there I said were running at a time when he wanted us to. We're what he's the problem. And the house trip hit and anyone. No offense I'll be right back. OK okay. Trick Pittman. I just good to have his name is a state senator and not just guessed that gentleman called techno is a business. Boeing may be both but he is a state senator. And when I'm gonna do the Roy Moore is asking some questions but gave him an opportunity to communicate his message which he never gets. Luther strange. Mitch McConnell. And unfortunately with the support now Mike Pence. And Donald Trump. Has been defining Roy Moore with millions and millions and millions of dollars I want Roy Moore to tell us where he stands and give them an opportunity to speak. Not to play gotcha with again. This will probably be his only opportunity to have a nationally syndicated host late show that covers every corner Alabama. To speak. To speak. And so I want in the have have an opportunity. To define himself people have been spending money defining him people have been trying to define him. Through the media and so forth the course. Whenever you're conservative you're defined as a Kook. They cherry picking statements I know I've been there they could to me they could all creatures when you're running for office or whether you're in. In a public dime when former another. But we'll let the people of Alabama of course the people the United States can essentially who Roy Moore is and in many Manoush Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He was removed. At least once because he supported leaving the ten commandments. In the courthouse. In the federal courts can Bob and ordered him to remove it and he would remove it. Not personally don't know why the ten commandments can be in the courthouse. That's not establishing a religion. Establishing a religion is what takes place. In countries like Iran. We don't established religions here. We don't force people. To do anything. But that doesn't mean you destroy everything you put your pulling down statues you're taking the ten commandments. Out of court houses and so forth. You know ladies and gentlemen for the vast majority of American history who would be nothing offense about having the ten commandments from the courthouse. And my behind mr. biggest on anything here. 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Are calling toll free 8882622006. That's 888262206. The association immature American citizens the benefits are great but the causes even greater joint pain Mac today. So again. The people Alabama aren't voting again for Donald Trump. Luther strange is no Donald Trump Luther strange is backed by Mitch McConnell for a reason. I think Donald Trump has made a huge mistake Q I don't know who's advising him maybe nobody's it. But he's made a huge mistake. That's why constitutional conservatives all over the country are lining up behind Roy Moore. They're lining up behind a row Roy Moore not Luther strange. And so what's McConnell doing when millions and millions of dollars he's raised from lobbyists and special interest. Trying to destroy growing more. Not promote Luther strange there's nothing to promote what are you gonna sent. Luther strange is the most unethical guy in the senate. What are you gonna say Luther strange is one of the dumbest guys in the senate. Luther strange is a good lap dog to Mitch McConnell so they can't really promote Luther strange. To they try to destroy growing more. Yes those hats most of them are backed by Mitch McConnell. And not only that Karl Rove. Oh yes yes. I'll be right back. Now insurance minded speeches from Geico it's a common expression don't look a gift horse in the muff. And what does the horse's mouth this through with useful and shorten schools this is the exact case with a guy collapse yesterday. Happens three in their point gift loss however looking so high the and a whole emergency roadside assistance digital I peacocks they don't pay. Think I go pat. We'll get him out. Get amazing settings. Friday marked the men here are number earned. 87738138118773813. 3811 another's company appearance and Huntsville it's constant ball feed from Huntsville you've been there. They don't announce it hunt's bill. But there yet. Thing is when he takes the stage and it's covered wall to wall flies in the cable channels. It helps the candidate. Because the opposition candidate this case. Church Roy Moore doesn't have an opportunity get that much face time more air time. Which is exactly why I'm invited him on this program until the on this program Elise is scheduled to be in about twelve or thirteen minutes. And he'll have an opportunity to speak about what people. Again this is an election about Donald Trump. Donald Trump's not on the ballot in if Luther strange actually had some substance he'd be running on the Luther strange positions the Luther strange agenda. But he does. He has. I wanna repeat something because you know people come in and out during a three hour program so those of you who stay I wanna thank you. Jimmy Kimmel got a lot of attention a lot of praise. Not using his nightly monologues to trash. Senators who oppose. Obamacare. Or who are proposing alternatives. He wraps himself in rather. Outrageous argument. Without fully knowing or caring you know what the alternative planets. And I read the nationally editorial which is outstanding I recommend you check it if he didn't hear my yeah. Reading atlas first or second hour of the program he can go there to a national view online and they haven't obviously. But the Daily Beast broke a story. Just a few hours ago which I mentioned to you. That is over the past week opposition to the latest Republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare has been driven by a late night talk show host. But expressed little interest in health care policy prior to this year. Jimmy Kimmel C nightly monologues decrying senator Lindsey Graham and bill Cassidy spill became must see TV. As the ABC host systematically attacked both the specifics of the legislation and casting himself. Behind the scene. The ABC star was getting an assist. Kimmel and his team more in touch with health care officials charities and advocacy groups. Multiple sources told the Daily Beast he was also in touch with the office of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Who according to a source familiar with the conversations quote. Provide technical guidance and info about the bill as well stats from various think tanks and experts on the effects of grand Cassidy. Unquote. So he's nothing more than any comic mouthpiece. For the left for Schumer. For Democrats think tanks like daddy went to the heritage foundation of the Cato institute. And the American Enterprise Institute. I daddy went to freedom works had anyone to any of those organizations. Now we know the typical left wing groups. Any was deceitful and the reason he's deceitful is if you're going to being mouthpiece for Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in the senate. You're gonna be a mouthpiece. For progressive ideologues then at least tell your audience. That you consulted with Chuck Schumer. While your trash mouth things grand and Cassidy. This is a matter of character ladies and gentlemen. Issue aside it's a matter of character it is misleading. Did do it Kimmel has done. That's why can't deceitful because he has. They got help from Chuck Schumer behind the scenes they colluded. If you will on a course he tweeted out a thank you. To John McCain. For. His announcement today that he will oppose the Republican plan. So he he leaned on experience. So called leftists I would argue including Schumer and needing telling us. Certainly didn't tell anybody during the course was programs now another thing. I've fallen this from time to time to. But in this case we need to be more specific. You even a year radio hosts and TV host go on and on those game Republicans can't even pass a repeal and replace. Those game Republicans here we go again they can't even pass this or that I'm I'm here to tell. That there's three Republican senators. Who prevented the Republicans in the senate from passing. Even. Hugely imperfect bills that begin the process of unraveling Obama. John McCain Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski now Murkowski may wind up voting. For this grand Cassie Dell knowing that there's enough votes to kill. But it is Susan Collins John McCain. And Lisa Murkowski. Rand Paul won on this one which is inexplicable given his vote for the last one which was even worse but let's put him aside. You have the Republicans in the senate. We're being controlled. By the most liberal Republican in the senate Susan Collins the second most liberal Republican in the senate Lisa Murkowski and John McCain. Those very. Are determining the outcome of most of these votes. So it's not that Republicans in the senate you can say that if you're concerned that there isn't a straight. Republican up and down support for repeal bill as there was when Obama was president yes you're right about that and I'm right about that absolutely. But in this instance it becomes important to name names. To name names and this is what separates. Derail us from the backed ventures and this is what separates. Us from so many other people Collins Murkowski and McCain. Putting Rand Paul aside for this one. Not that he's not responsible forty years. But Collins McCain Emery Cassie are the same three. Collins thinks that they don't spend enough money. McCaskey things they don't spend enough money and particularly because she wishes to bring home the port for Alaska that's all she cares about. And the John and John McCain having campaigned against obamacare. And by the way Murkowski duke. They have flip. And for that they appraised by the Democrat. They're praised by Hollywood they're praised by the usual media types. So it's not enough just to say other Republicans this and Republicans. In this instance anyway okay. In this case. It's those three there's foreign. But the pattern of the three the same three goes on. And I think it's very very important remember that. All right we're gonna take aim at slightly earlier break here's sweet enough time assuming. The week calling judge Moore is he calling us mr. but it. All right we'll be right back. Judge Roy Moore howry is there. Rick price sir here. Well it's a pleasure to have you the president speaking out that you're speaking to a pretty big audience to millions and millions of nines of people. Thank you. You've been on their brutal assaults. I'm Mitch McConnell. And his front man Luther strange and they raised an enormous amount of money from lobbyists and special interest in and around Washington DC. Although the president is speaking now I wanted you to have this opportunity to speak to all the people in Alabama and all over the country let me ask you this. Why are you running for the United States senate. Look at that think I can take something to Washington that know what they'll scam. And make a difference. And your principles. Are much different than Luther strange has principles isn't that correct. Period. In what way. Well I appear to prostitution understand the law I understand it. What motivates a person to go to Washington. To beat me any different racial anger over power some broker money some go over prestige I'm goat puke ever retirement. Some go to condition. Mix with people who are higher they think clash. I don't. I want their serve. People Alabama people in this country. Didn't bring back knowledge of god and the knowledge of the United States constitution. Hillary. Now we talk about Washington DC he did green would mean that the federal government today really does not adhere to. The limits in the constitution. Absolutely straight. Be straight baca baca is a very good example. Where in the president of the united station Brack Obama trying to ask. The developers. Release education and gradient matters. X cart real. Before the United States congress should fail or more than one occasion. And then that Janet Napolitano. Out a memo the department of the media cheers. Homeland Security. Chin a memo did these older deferred action on shelter and rivals back out and did that bought it from mere memo. Hundreds of thousands if not over a million out of Russia out of illegal aliens who have stayed in this country and that would gather that you need probable. They edit the problem is this really goes back and practice. Separation of powers for being such. The executives of any branch from violating the law. They didn't give them license to volleyball whichever executive orders and executive branch they can't violate the law and that's exactly what it but nobody congress who have the say it. Here it is everybody stick around trying to figure out what we're gonna do released illegal aliens should have been her country. It terrorized me you. What matters is certain is a moral monstrous six. The treatment of America did not wait till you sure power at strengthened itself by actually shots. And entitlement question persons they saw all the consequences and approachable and Newport the complicated but tonight a pretzel. That's weird do this lesson too much and forget we have forgotten that person we got better. And ammunition were driving rather it once we stepping into the quicksand and we. Give or be shot in and we get the other foot shot in. The first thing you know we can't get out that it bitch bitch oppression that did it results in Washington's. Language English farewell address in a permanent people. Didn't present a soul integrate your bowels and currently only partial Cringely admitted it was used to be anytime you. In other words what you start insulting. It's very hard to get out there and that's where we are with this illegally and think and actually we're we're going. With the health care issue. Don't care was never. Considered by the Republican Party. Oddity in fact it failed every time pure Brack Obama got it failed when Clinton truck killer and try to appreciate it. They now work talking about. Replacing it with something and then nobody likes grass so now we're going to send. The money to the stage everybody seems to like that. Well there's some good strengths. You know that. But still we we need to get out Leo pure business. The federal government because it is simply not. So I think federal government federal government doesn't run business well that's what create a process in the sole. Vital to our country and now we need to go back to free enterprise and all business and health care we can't. We eliminate the return person back for a certain period. They could Ferguson left you have 1945. I don't know him that well what do you think this is why Mitch McConnell is so hell bent on defeating you that. You don't buy into that thing into the mindset. Of a lot of these Washington politicians that this is the way it is and yet. Play around the edges and so for as it sounds like you wanna be a voice the floor of the United States senate. Who speaks for Alabama. And who speaks for the framers as the framers of the constitution which speak is that correct. Well LaRoche go on and intercourse. I've been in a lot of situations and I'm not a follower. It was reported on July 3. That this year did Mitch McConnell did. Not wouldn't be cute 48 majority did not want another. Are conservative. Rebel. That you did this system already difficult to manage which they were talking about me because of her grip before and after mentioned my name. So I get up to conserve her moral. I don't know bureau urged Syria. They should be managed by anybody else did you see any truck ossetian United States. And that's all that's what bush warned in. And your current state. Dixie legislative and judicial all clear here shortly. And when we get access pollution are the politics is the party. Somebody's gonna take you out of vote rule will also sit so well our commitment to prosecutions. Through all land. And down the your positions. On a lot of these issues. We'll give Mitch McConnell. Well Larry I don't know Mitch McConnell. From what I can understand it doesn't want me up there are so I can just yeah. All necessary relief dummies they. Let us admit that at that they for an answer as Mitch McConnell ever spoken Ian. I'll never called you or. So he never he never ask you positions never ask you about the issues now there's nothing like that. And yet his pack is spending a fortune trying to define UN ruined. Courting the MSNBC or Genoa how much you believe there but if you are related they race at 330 million dollars proud. Teddy jock played that much work. You know what you're got fax I don't know what does a lot of money. Did more than we ever. Have us as president trump. During the course of the year fight with the Luther strange has he talked. No did not appear to get through Drury and so you know I don't know what they told him about it but it certainly I would. I'll support in the gently it would have been in this country. So you would have liked to have spoken of him. We're sure I mean aren't. I think crucial thing going unaudited I don't know well with. I don't know what they told him Obama support freedom in fact he won't show up illegal aliens shouldn't. Tour group helped steer the support those topics. Don't you find interest staying that guys like Bob Corcoran Tennessee that helped pave the way for this or Randy Owen. And and others were lobbying the president United States to go to Huntsville tonight to do what he's doing. The U enough if you're gonna fight the swamp I mean I've co workers like the swamp monster. Well let us Luther strange in a far cry advocate he was a lobbyist for 23 years. In Washington. Every place and they don't want. There's plenty avenues. I think for 23 years of me you know before going drainage while we don't it will Ritter lobbyist we don't surely don't even the United States senate. And that's opposition. Parties we can net do you know a little bit more problems and I just don't think it's. The test my opponent that's what I'm running. I've got one minute left via the web site. Yeah suture or more dot org didn't appreciate being ready would like a contributor go and see what I understand or go to war more not order. And look at their web site and now we certainly look look contribution and we are opposed. I would also patient about fifteen to wanted them animal. In money and yet we are winning we are leading. In public is going to. Big big story is. In the upcoming. Well I've never meant to judge but I haven't dealership and I wish you all the best and hope all of our folks in Alabama come out and vote big time it's just turn out election that's what's gonna make the difference. God bless you and all my best. Future or. You be well. And I'll be right back. America is tyranny hot here call and now 87738138119. OK. Now I get it. Now I get you know I trump is endorsement strength. Because he's been told by McConnell and Corcoran. And all the rest of the losers. In the senate. That Roy Moore can't win the general election Alabama against the Democrat. Trump just set. That he feels it's strange would definitely win the general election but more might lose. So that's what they've called. That's what this thing galleries have told him. And I what you think about something. Because McConnell and rove in this guy row and all these guys all they know store on these. Enormously negative campaigns are they trash the opponent's. If Roy Moore is the nominee if he loses the general election I don't think he would. It would be because. Of what. McConnell row and Roy and row among others have gone in the course of this primary. They don't want discuss issues I don't discuss ideas they don't discuss the country. They just run these sleazy campaign. You know the turmoil in America let around and around the world. He can assume it's gonna continue with groups like and profound and so forth. Every day week we hear about risks that I've been talking about for months. Geopolitical cyber risks continue to be in the news every day. Other risks. People are talking about the stock market bubble now. No matter where you turn their serious risks that are affecting our lives. And we need to take them seriously. We need to be prepared in our own lives and their own finance take the steps to protect yourself now so you're prepared for the future. Gold. Is one of the ways to do that and I am gold and I put it away gold coins in particular. He called always survives. Colts revised financial crises wars. Currency feathers and so forth in its survive throughout the centuries. It's better to gain peace of mind looking back and wishing you did in fact. Diversify. So for a limited time goal line is offering price protection for three months on orders as low as 2500 dollars. It's an amazing special. From gold line. And I trust called line and you can call them at 1877365. Point. Be sure to read their important risk information. And that way on not buying gold is right for you 1877365. Point. 18773652646. So here's tweets president trump says senator strange doesn't know Mitch McConnell at all now really. Now that's preposterous. What else. Three year. Senator strange says that trumps here so that he can have the votes in the senate to stand up to Mitch McConnell I mean is this a joke. I think it is. The crowd was chaining lock her up trumps only got to talk to Jeff Sessions of the compact. You know if trump is a very likable guy he's very charismatic and other people who hate them I don't get that. I just don't get that. Pyrite. Take a couple calls here eight. Orange County California in the market and my brother. Well grade math man at my main man wait a minute. My main man and yellow. They're great educated let me I would note that Mark Luke and let me put in my opinion Palmolive company Obama talk you. And I think a mock up in humble it's a wonderful feeling welcome Mike can humble you Martin Lee. We'll keep Greek. You're very kind. Toronto what a brave men and women of mob armed forces who on the front line moved to liken him from me. Would what. Know how this side you know what it's warned that the current that the president can reverse some of their do we have any bad way the country are. The American people column that was going to do the mark you're seeking. Could turn your cleared into an influential beat. And would influence comes great responsibility. And right now support among men and women. The armed forces must first respond to the mad men and women police department and ironically. I mean they could put with the lack of conviction or no harm comes to meet. And it could definitely will be impersonating you can't commit to handle my business. So sort cloak so much too little too hot line at Marco a battle I can't win. Without these good control and undermine public didn't feel. It's kinda pushed back. You know come out there aren't seeing the great right and he pushed back. I had no contact and got to drag it left muck and keep good crack at Patrick spoke to UE one and giving them what you already have. Landed luckily they could gonna be coded a bit below the pick appreciated and they ended everybody thinks. Well of them you know baby will get input from Latin my buddies wanna tell you I love you so much can pick some quality duke got that you might can may god continue to bless America. Annie and I love it too violent. You're you're just terrific and he's been one mile long time and thank can be safe. Mark. Mike Norris hall of Virginia on the mark lament that power you Mike. Mark thank you so much for taking my call I like dead that he call as well these men and I wanted to speak to something that was a personal experience of mine in relation to what Jimmy Kimmel has said. I'm I think sometimes people that liked to taken one incident and to everybody. What's been seen before him I guess where who was born in Worcester general hospital in Massachusetts. And was taken to Boston Children's Hospital. A winner and where we found out she is today. Very seriously with congenital. Defects. Something called Epstein so anomaly. Tom and we were told the doctors that that was very slim chance that she would live even for a couple of weeks. My experience I mean this is 1994. There was this strain is Obama care. And it took. Sounds to me there were programs that were bet they brought us. That's that are available soon to be able to help curb my daughter get the best treatment possible. They even came to adolescence. We have an experimental program that we you know that if you will let us try it won't be aborted try everything we can't help perk. Well they did for long story short she's 23 years old now and she had a heart transplant went true as a little girl. And she is. Students going to college ending college in Massachusetts. Mom. And so. I think that it. What is and what is your message to. What is your message to Jimmy can't. My message is this is I think that. And Jimmy Campbell took the type person. Is you're you're exactly right he's given these talking points and he doesn't really and he just. Put a blanket over the whole country to thinking that every everybody's situation. And it is like skirts and that without his money he would not be able to. And you know do what he was it would do for his child. When I know for a fact that that is not true and programs that are out there for people who are rich like Jimmy Campbell. And that words that are there to state. That we're not even there when Obama care wasn't there and blue and all that we get Obama here so out of the way. Those programs are still going to be there to take care of our children and our country went way. People like Jimmy Kimmel think. The greatest doctors come out of I think economic government. What do they think the greatest. Drugs. Available on the face of the year for the most part what do they think they come from the private sector what do you think the peace surgical devices. And and the advancements and then in treatment care and quality nor what do they think these things come from. Mean why why they're so much faith in these Washington politicians and bureaucrats and departments and agencies and red tape and regulations. Do they not realize that if we did away with even 10% of that 20% of it. The advances that we would be making how we would drive down costs they don't understand economics they understand what a great system we have if we would take our foot off its throat. Why don't they think that if we actually believe in these principles and practice these principles. That somehow we're not compassionate. The reason we're the most compassionate face the nation on the face here at the reason we're the most tolerant nation on the face the here. The reason we are the most financially economically successful nation on the face of the year it has nothing to Abu. Would bureaucrats and departments and agencies and politicians. And everything to do with the American people. And yet people like Jimmy Kimmel they sit there and they collude with guys like Chuck Schumer. Honest to god they have their own personal experiences. They have no comprehension of what's going on in this country what's going on around them none whatsoever. And guys like you Mike and I am my own examples but I'll keep my family. Out of this we know. We know and there are many many families out there. Who could speak to this but they don't know microphone and they don't have a camera. And I am so thrilled to hear about your 23 year old daughter Mike in god bless you my friend wonderful call I appreciate it. Are right. Let us continue the right time this debate this or not. No I don't all right let me go to this. Seen here no I've got my place we all hear the stories in the news. The good guy uses a gun to protect his family from criminals. Then he's the one who gets arrests. Now thanks to our court system this happens a lot and that's exactly what can happen to you and lets you fully prepared. And here's how you can take a simple and rewarding journey to concealed carry and home defense confidence. It's called the 2017 concealed carry and family defense guide. And it's from the US concealed carry association and each 100% free. You'll learn how to detect attackers before they see you had to survive a mass shooting the safest and most dangerous places to sit at a restaurant. How to responsibly own and storied and even if you have little kids and a whole lot more. It's 164. Pages and it comes with a bonus audio version he can listen in your car this life changing guide. Is 100% free. And for a limited time you'll also get a bonus home defense checklists. This is the thin then dot com right now. For 100%. Free instant access once again that's deep and then dot com defend them dot com. Liar or Brooklyn New York to great WABC went on a lot of time go. OK so Republicans know the biggest problem in this country is just incredible outrageous out insurance premium that Valentine part. It didn't say right now to bring down premiums. Bring down cots. Now they write it down pit I led. Well you're right there's a Tommy Laura Hadley right at bill to bring down premiums and bring down costs in liberal land. Well there are still interesting you clear. You'd get rid of I've been blood sucking health insurance whack. So we get rid of the insurance companies is that it. That number one let me tell you sent a lady let me educate you you left is from New York it's the blood sucking government. That's creating the problems it's up blood sucking liberals in this country who get their hands and everything and redistribute wealth. And try to rebuild this country in their image to promise I don't have an image. Gil de L act like people in this country but for obamacare. But for a big government gonna die in the streets. Has it ever happened this when that happened that second thing you'd do it to my question. Did people with preexisting conditions dying in the streets and it's only one that not in your lifetime. I don't crap that's. Found nude Jack. Now I feel better. I feel better. That led sack and a chance apparent blast that I had I had this Marxist or any senators crap all the time every now and then we. We want to present one for you. To the answer is ladies and gentlemen get rid of profit. Get rid of capitalists. Get rid of the market system. Everybody should get everything and we know it doesn't work we have a veterans administration. We know it doesn't work we had Medicaid it's going broke Medicare is going broke. I wish everybody can get everything they want. But there were realistic mature adults here. We're not left wing Kooks. Who seek to impose on us a system that will destroy our healthcare rot that system. How many more experiments that we need in this country and another country's how many more. You want waiting lists. That's what she offers. That's right. You want rationing of health care that's what she offers. They cannot choose a single all socialist healthcare system I don't care which Britain France Canada anywhere and oppressed examples. Where people are dying because they're waiting. Where people are dying because they have such rare diseases the government decides it's not worth it. Where people are dying because they're all with a government decides all right yeah eighty or whatever that's enough already. There's nothing humane and compassionate. About government run socialist health care. Period. I ladies and gentlemen every Friday American. Junior honored. Okay. And oh. I. I. I. I. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Get ice Friday and I greatly tonight Pepsi and I smoking and I Zelda. Yeah al-Qaeda get good talent yes there's still have bad guys is now those of human cockroaches. Posse I'm living in TV is a minutes. And Ozzie on the radio next week god bless each and every one of deals. He well. It is smooth and he. Clean and not of god and my and that's. Just as this move to guide him and saving you money. God couples and gives you 24 sevenths access to licensed agents on nine and fun Olin and I kind of and finite and I'm 19 and clean I am also a ninety big fan of Barbeque potato chips. Many young. Loss making mesquite. Geico expect great savings an awful lot more.