An action flick, a biopic, and a horror movie hitting theaters today

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Friday, October 13th
We'll get a look at 3 movies hitting theaters today on The Blur.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. We just caused a number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good morning it's 835. You're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 inning as best it is. Friday October 13. Happening overnight to trust administration announcing its biggest actions so far to kill Obama care. With plans to repeal and replace obamacare failing in congress that trump administration announced a move that may kill it outright. Saying they will not provide the subsidy payments at offset insurance costs for low income Americans. Austan Goolsbee formerly president Obama's chair of the council of economic advisors denounced the move on MSNBC. This is crazy cat now. This is a decision. That is opposed by. Every major medical organizations that doctors the nurses the hospitals congress could reverse the administration's actions by choosing to fund the payments. Lama's act ABC news Washington. And 86 year old woman who disappeared after leaving. The Kansas star casino in mold vein has been found dead near the Kansas border with Oklahoma. Dare Dixie Adair may have left her car after it became stuck in mud. On a rural dirt road her body was discovered yesterday about 200 feet from her car. The Kansas bureau investigation had issued a silver alert for a there. She went missing Monday morning after a trip to Kansas star casino she lived in rose hill less than ten miles northeast of the casino. And aircraft eventually spotted her car forty miles to the south apparently she had become lost. Firefighters again hoping the winds stay away they're tackling a deadly fires that have killed 31 people in northern California. We've never seen. Anything like Chris there's as far as the destruction in this neighborhood in particular. In general rose's coffee park neighborhood alone we're now learning over 500 homes went up in flames and many fear beneath the rubble like the bodies of some of the hundreds were still missing. Jordan motel with cal fire says walking through this destruction. Is disturbing their government they're solar psychological hole when you see two or three cars that are flipped over burned out and embedded in the so overcome this pressure has gone. Had that happen. Jason includes an ABC news Santa rose California. It is 837. With Stephen Ted in the morning. It's time to blur that fine line between news and entertainment yes that's why it's called the bowler. And today your post is jab at chambers. The day after his birthday that's right. Jason Al Deen resumed his they don't know toured Thursday night in Tulsa last night. Taking the concert stage for the first time since headlining. The scent at the route 91 harvest fest will Las Vegas which was in Europe the by gunfire that with 58 dead nearly 500 wounded. He says that last night they weren't playing with their usual setup I. Okay it's. First. Play different guitars it's. Augusta. It's. So the tour resumes again that's it's not obscene words resuming his they don't know tour. It's sort of backed up last night. We got movies this weekend yes yes the foreigner comes out to dates are Jackie Chan is a businessman. Long buried past as a navy seal erupts when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. He is search for the terrorist leads to leak had have game of cat and mouse with a government official. Whose past may hold the clues to the killers identities. Sounds pretty standard in Gaza are and Pierce Brosnan also stars in this one in the this clip Chan's character enlisted the help of a British government official. Who is it Biden brought. What if you like. And to what to recoup iPhone. I do everything in my power to get justice. For choosing new beast an issue. He would tell me who can my child com. I don't know. You will change your mind. The act ants ants. And plenty of action I imagine this equipment that the I'm gonna wager a guess that to be plenty of action in that movie that's the foreigner unit Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. Doctor marsh stand end the Wonder Woman. And opens today now this isn't based on a true story. Of the comic book creator doctor William marched in. And his wife Elizabeth played by Luke Evans and Rebecca Hall respectively. And there elation there over their relationship with. All live burn played by bella heat coach. This clip Elizabeth and Olivia look listen in disbelief as marched in describes. Wonder Woman. She's an Amazon princes that lives on an island of old when it. Paradise island and the man crash lands on the and Steve Trevor the spine and she wears that burlesque outfit let's athletic. And silver bracelets. They deflect bullets. And all have friends and help is on sorority gals who have spanking parties and everybody fights Nazis and rights and an invisible plane. Yes. That's pretty much it yes yeah that is the Mets are no wonder one mythology right there really hasn't. Athens cookbook is very extreme for the time I met Ali yeah there we gallon at the making of a Wonder Woman doctor Marcia and in the Wonder Woman. And it comes out today. And the horror film happy days. Of course it's October you gonna be Howard the horror movie no course nap at peak death day centers on a college student played by Lyle all n.'s Jessica rock. Is forced to re live the date of her murder. Over and over again until she discovers who are killer it's. Also starring Shane losses and ruby know dean and Israel for so hard in this clip Ross lord listens as her friend played by Broussard suggests. The way out of her predicament. Where FC east is. You have a limited amount lives. You have unlimited opportunities to somehow murder so I'm just supposed to keep dying until I figure it in my killer is it. That's your genius fine. You have a better idea. Are supposed. You've got nothing else and it's the Groundhog Day premise yet yet she's just getting killed over elder murdered right so over and over she just. What else she gonna do if he just had to sit there and get killed over and a reminder as well find out who your killer is and not. Sure what you think to such a dumb idea or go to a safe room. Yet at that could be in that two or boring if that happens day after day is a cancer its cause or not get killed would be done as well. And a happy birthday to a singer songwriter Paul Simon. Paul Simon yet 76 NA six seasons Simon and Garfunkel that's right and plenty of solace success. Still working off and on you went on a tour in 2015 released two solo album last year. Though Paul Simon born on this day in 1941 of your songwriter Paul Simon turning 76 today ten. 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And we will use some more about what it means. To be here on Friday the thirteenth. Coming up on Stevenson.