Actor reveals that the British Princes are in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 13th

They appear as Stormtroopers in the soon-to-be-released sequel.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widgets cause number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 30 came into the morning Steve Macintosh at Woodward. And report shows Kansas is experiencing a shortage of child care services. The report was released by child care aware of Kansas. The agency administers the State's child care referral service the Wichita eagle reports the agency found that Kansas counties on average. Have capacity to meet only about half the potential demand for child care. Sedgwick county can be just 45% of potential demand. The lower the percentage the less likely that parents will find the rights childcare provider. Alison don't support cast with Cain is his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan and the. Good morning we're starting today with temperatures in the thirties but quickly climbing in the forties and eventually up to 61 this afternoon and but another frontal boundary moves through today they'll give a strong gusty northwest winds up to thirty miles per hour and that raises the fire danger to register bit through tonight cloudy your overnight low 31. 46 for the high tomorrow we could even see a few sprinkles Thursday night I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy 43 degrees northwest wind at thirteen miles per hour. Before concluding his winning speech Democrat Doug Jones. Thanked his supporters and Alabama for coming out and showing their support. Has been at a crossroads. We have been at a crossroads in the past. And unfortunately we have usually take that the wrong or I. Jones' opponent in the special senate election Roy Moore has yet to concede saying he will see if a recount is possible. Republicans say they're getting close to a house senate compromise on tax reform. Reports suggest the final Republican tax bill could lowered the top individual tax rate expand some deductions for mortgage interest and reduce the corporate tax rate to 22%. That's a bit higher than president trump has requested. There are a lot of rumors going around a lot of ideas being promoted him in the truth is I can't confirm them because we really are working at take on us. Comprehensive agreement. House Ways and Means Committee chairman Kevin Brady says he expects a final plan to be finished this week with votes in the house and senate this in this next week. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News a former city administrator in southeast Kansas has admitted that he misspent taxpayer money. Including buying GPS devices. That he used to track his former mistress. Former front next city administrator Doug sellers pleaded guilty Tuesday to misuse of public funds. As part of the plea agreement three other felony charges and a misdemeanor were dropped. An affidavit said sellers plays GPS devices bought with city funds inside the bumper of his former mistresses car. The Kansas bureau of investigation uncovered without Sonny Citi credit card after sellers was accused of stalking the woman he resigned in September of 2016. The Pittsburgh morning sun reports Crawford county attorney Michael B also says sellers will likely getting suspended sentence and probation. He also will be required to make restitution of about 8000 dollars he'll hold a brand KM SS news. A company that helps to manage the Kansas Medicaid program has fired an employee who was accused of sexual misconduct while working as a state social services administrator. Amerigroup Kansas spokeswoman although Gallardo says Brent gained no longer works for the company. Pain formerly was the administrator overseeing in the home and community services in the Kansas department for aging and disability services. The central Kansas sheriff who's accused of striking handcuffed man has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor. Great bend Tribune reports Barton county sheriff Brian bell on the year under the plea last week through his attorney to the charge of mistreatment of a confined person. Charge filed last month by a special prosecutor. Alleges that Villa near spoke in a vulgar rude and or angry manner to a man after he was booked into jail in August on a probation violation charge. Mellon Beers also accused of striking the man on the side of the head. Eight tardy for now Stephen dead on Kahan SS here on Wednesday morning December 13 they 34 that's time for entertainment news. Butler was Ted Woodward this morning Ted. Well one of the most powerful talent agencies in Hollywood taking a cue from the sexual harassment frenzies surging through town. The Golden Globe free party has seen its last Starr CAA is canceling its annual pre awards party. And is planning to form a legal defense fund. To assist workplace harassment victims across all industries according to the Associated Press a person spoke on the condition of anonymity. Saying that the funds normally used for the growth party which would celebrate nominated clients like Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks among others will be redirected to establish the fine. CAA will downscale other global events as well. Gender parity in its leadership by the year Tony Tony is also on the agenda for the agency. Following the lead of ICM partners the shelf Leno Fox News. The new Star Wars movie getting the royal seal of approval it. A couple of princely cameos in Britain. I expect shop. British royals Ross and invited to TV print yes. But princes William and Harry walked the red carpet here in London at the European premiere of the beast almost VP today. It said they were doing so as actors rob and VIPs. Style we'll start John boy they got through beating those printers appear in the new film the last Jett died. I still treats its guiding Blake is carried to fade but it elevates him. Hope the royals he says ten minutes. They nothing's signed a nine to Fox News. But that prince William and prince Harrier imminently. I what is the word of the year at least word of the year different dictionaries do different things but feminism is Miriam Webster's pick this year with a 70% spike in lookup. Editor says those look up spiked after news event like the women's march on Washington January. A Kellyanne Conway speech in February and then all the sexual harassment allegations this year the first dictionary entry for feminism wasn't a Noah Webster dictionary in 1841. Meeting the qualities of females today Miriam Webster defines it as the area of the political economic and social equality of the sexes. And organized activities on behalf of women's rights and interests Chris Foster. Fox News. The Screen Actors Guild nominations going to be announced today. You have the patrons. Nominations for the 24 annual screen actors guild awards will be announced at 10 AM eastern. With Steven Spielberg to that post leading the way as far as critics predictions. For the big award which is cast in motion picture for female actor in a lead role the competition is fierce this year. Put up billboards with critics giving Frances McDormand performance. In three billboards outside adding Missouri the edge over leading contenders Samarco Robbie Sally Hawkins Meryl Streep in here sure Ronan. For male actor Gary Oldman and leading pack for his performance in the darkest hour we shall we now Fox News. In California where recreational marijuana sales will soon be legal. The secretary of state calls on a famous we'd proponents to encourage people to register their businesses. Better to cut it TV ads for legal candidates then this famous Stoner Alan I had my plea. Yep that's cheats merit all right secretary of state Alex Padilla call the actor and comedian and asked for his help change. Keep up the great work. Thank you very much the site. But Diaz says it was a chance encounter between the two at a restaurant that led to cheat his latest starring role. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News. Let's stick to focus on a certain. Disco Cologne taking huge deep inside the music. Still have out white polyester suit playing around then you've got a chance to really stay alive and real live Saturday night fever in Brooklyn this week for one Disco dancing flashback overnight the famous 2001 Odyssey Disco club that was featured in the seventies hit will be resurrected to mark the film's fortieth anniversary with a VIP reception. If you can dig at the party will be held Thursday at the bamboo garden which has since been turned into a restaurant but for one night it will be transformed into a dismal extravaganza was that famous lighted dance floor where there will be live performances and even special guests that will include cast members of the film no word on if Tony and an arrow AKA John Travolta will be there but why not struck the chicken boogie like he has to learn more go to WWW. Fortieth anniversary reception dot com Laura Ingle Fox News. Zoom this newest evidence like that ya I'll speak into the seventies. Star Wars is still part of our culture reality Star Wars movie about to come around. While the cast members of Star Wars the last Jeff and I proof keen on revealing. AJ cook the resistance is like so you know on the fingers it's not and easy right that's what they're ready. Florida or an Oscar Isaac also spoke about where things stand is such a personal movie I can't believe that Star Wars which is this spectacle I is also one of the most deeply personal and subversive and moving films I just as for this world they are now apart they say each chapter of the story has its way of being timely. Words Lucas created. But just a movie universe and a culture and that is an unusual thing and somehow. That can really resonated with people at that time for whatever reason what was going on in the world. And I think this installment. In particular taps into that thing again. Actually tomorrow again Fox News reports a statement. Or that I could have extra. It depends on where you're coming yeah yeah let's check in the late night comedians about in BC at tonight shows starring Jimmy Fallon. Where that people are actually taking out mortgages to buy bitcoin. Because they think it's such a solid investment. Then they put on their Skechers shape ups and went out to buy some good about. A. Particularly Conan O'Brien on TV this crazy scientists have found fossils. From the icy edge. In Los Angeles while they were digging subway tunnels. Not crazy yeah LA residents were amazed and said we give us up well. And we'll finish with a few birthdays today about singer John Davidson 76. Years old today Don Davis buoyant got a great head of hair made no minority now. A big John Davidson fan backing them again you 76. Actor Christopher Plummer is 88. Years old today. Mr. plumber brings to mind to me the captain Von Trapp in the sound of music right and of course he was comedy. Manager slash. You know. Stern guy and out somewhere in time dork. Yeah and I don't know Jane Seymour there are wife's favorite movie I love that movie and of course Christopher Plummer also played a cling on in Star Trek six. He was fantastic in that as well. Very varied career. You and at all Christopher Plummer is 88 years old today. And if somebody's even older than him. Dick Van Dyke is nine. It'll all the Dick Van Dyke Show yeah. Very Smart very chic I don't seem like it the most beautiful you know gives them real. Songbook. You well there's one little thing you might do what that. Thinking back. And I there. Happy birthday to Dick he's ninety suit today our national treasure. Big fan and it meant you meant entertainment news in the blurs rusty by our good friends at pizza John in burying you know I've always talk about pizza jerked. But I would be remiss by did not mention the hot sandwiches as well bogeys they've got vegetable OEU Turkey don't eat Turkey sandwich ham hoagie. Okay sandwich although this is just fixed up all the issues and of course they'll get you pizza too. Right there on page fifteen it 208 south Baltimore super tasty pizza Johns in derby 842 now keep it here for the Wichita business and we'll update the editor bill Roy. Local company is growing in Park City. That's coming up Steve intent in the morning on USS.