Actress Angela Lansbury is 92 years old today ...

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Monday, October 16th
Angela Lansbury -- 92 years old, and still working! -- entertainment news in The Blur on KNSS . . .

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830 now Steve into the morning Steve Macintosh said Woodward and decay in as as breaking news. In traffic this morning news tip to get something going on there it to dole want I want 35 southbound. And second street riots Alli am a couple of vehicles and a trailer involved in some sort of accident yeah. We think we heard them talking about perhaps shutting down all lanes of traffic I. Right there it's southbound canal route at the second street exit that's going to be a mess you wanna avoid them in the morning. Search and rescue efforts continue hours after an oil rig explosion in late on to train. Near Kenner Louisiana Sunday night seven workers had been transported to hospitals and another person was missing but no immediate word on fatalities. Parish president Larry Cochran addressed health concerns are water intake for the water system the drinking water is all the river so no no drinking water constantly on trains and make sure that message gets out there. Our water intake is in the Mississippi River. Silencing of the forecast now with Cain is his staff be college's Dan Holliday good morning to hand. Good morning following that strong cold front that moved through this weekend it is yet again a chilly start today temperatures likely going to be in the low to mid sixties by noontime 69 for the hi this afternoon and will be clear and not its cool tonight are low 46 warming up to 73 on Tuesday Infante and SS meteorologist Dan hollow today now affairs guy and 39 degrees we've got a south wind at six. Miles per hour. Finally some of the northern California fire evacuees are starting to go home says eighty c.'s Alex Stone in Santa Rosa. With the flames calming the effort is underway now to get evacuees home they've been out of their homes for a week and many are anxious to get back in. There is still some active fires not everyone is gonna get home right away but some areas are now being cleared for reentry. In northeast Kansas inmates escape the Marshall county jail Saturday afternoon. When the prisoners escaped a fire broke out but officials are not sure if the fire was set by prisoners. The sheriff's office couldn't confirm how many inmates escaped but did say all escape p.s were captured the Kansas bureau of investigation is looking into the jailbreak. Ronnie Price KE NSS news. Considered armed and dangerous two men who escaped from a prison in Missouri early yesterday morning at the county jail and carruthers film is. Not he's not loose on our door they being William Carter and Joseph flat on Monday years is police chief Tony Jones both suspects. I had stirred by our our water department seen on security camera video of then they crossed over the mainly sat in the Mississippi River car. Are accused of killing two people by running them over chuck Siebert some ABC news. A man who served 23 years in prison for double murdering Kansas City, Kansas walked out of court a free man Friday. After charges in the case were dismissed. LaMont McEntire was freed from wyandotte county after wind gut county district attorney mark you priest senior. Announced a county would no longer contest McEntire innocence. The decision came on the second day of what was expected to be a weeklong hearing. To reconsider McEntire conviction in the 1994 shooting deaths of two cousins. In Kansas City, Kansas the 41 year old McEntire was seventeen and homicides occurred at. A key witness to the homicides recounted her testimony. Saying she was pressured to accuse McEntire. The president of the college in Massachusetts says it's time to rethink what students study she's talking about better preparing students the working world. Our employer looking for college grads with liberal arts or stem degrees. Gloria Larson says neither they want that kid who's left and right brain train not necessarily born that way. How about we all know now that these are things we can be learned she's the president of Bentley College a pioneer in hybrid degrees the school's not integrating business or engineering. With art and science is professional with broader liberal learning. Then better students themselves need to think about it when they're entering school she explains further in her book prepared you Derry all the Mary BC news. K necessity is time now 835 with Stephen dead in the morning here on a Monday and it's a time for entertainment news recall the Butler Ted rumors tend. They get away the recent allegations against the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein adding to the national conversation about the treatment of women in the work place over the weekend Weinstein was expelled. From the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences governing body of the Oscars will the move have a real effect on the Hollywood. On the Hollywood scene as things move forward the reaction from Jimmy Kimmel from ABC's. Kimmel live. What have a little Harvey Weinstein probably happens in every area business we're just more interested in it because human beings are kind of disgusting and we are attracted to the idea of sex and especially when it comes to these beautiful actresses that we all feel like Leno and somewhere another. I don't know that it will change anything I hope it does change something. I think it probably has changed his mind set a bit and so that's something as far as weather will have been a broad impact I have no idea. Antonov Jimmy Kimmel. It's a better than expected debut for half the bet Dave let's get a run down the weekend box office numbers. I know what is going to happen before it happened. But no one saw this happy death stay far exceeded expectations or flick debuting with an estimated 26 point five million bucks for a solid first place finish that's about ten million more than predicted just a few days ago you would tell me who can much are you also better than expected debut for the action drama of the foreigners during Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan twelve point eight million dollars good enough for third. It's labor 12049 took second with fifteen point one million Christopher Watson ABC news. When the steam ship considered the first cruise ship to originate in America left New York City 150. Years ago. Passenger list included a little known that newspaperman from California. These right into the pen name mark when he. And it's time that six month journey into overseas. Three navy. Born Samuel Clemens who's famous for his newspaper dispatches thriving on his experiences. He had visiting Europe North Africa and the holy land along with American sightseers. Popular book made out of those dispatches home innocents abroad. Allowed him quick newspapers and start writing novels but the thing about it was I ever in this this biography is that he was booked. Mostly writing about those people in his rookie in that they reveal a well and it's that that was as his genius yet you know marked Clinton's close. Writing about things like that there's a new documentary about that 1867. Voyage. The ship was called the Quaker city and this documentaries would be called mark twain's journey to Jerusalem. Dreamland. It's going to air tonight. On the PBS world champ. Historians consider that voyage to be America's first large steel tourist X or Y our root hub I could have happened a 150 years ago and posting stuff not my idea. Pretty interesting documentary to check out. A game author owns star is engaged to be married. Congratulations to game of thrown star Sophie turner and musician Joseph Jonas they both revealed on their social that there engaged to be married sharing the same and see Graham take of Turner's hand atop his with a very impressive diamond on her ring finger leaving no doubt what that means turner captioned her pick I said yes Jonas captioned here is she said yes. Turner who's 21 and twenty year old Jonas confront the pop band the NCE have reportedly been dating for just shy of a year Christopher Watson ABC news. But again about it Jimmy Kimmel we heard from junior earlier gun and you Jimmy Kimmel is headed east. Casting through Jimmy Kimmel Live will broadcast all week long from the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York starting tonight. Campbell sort of homecoming weekend spend a major part of his childhood growing up in Brooklyn side from getting back whose roots in the says there's always something to admire Clinton's hometown girl. I think it says people are sol on top of each other here think that for the good and for the bad and people are. More social we will tell you that you look stupid but at the drama had a and they also by you and of their home. To eat at the drop in Manhattan so it's. For me I'm very comfortable here. And Kimmel going to be in Brooklyn home we. But flashback steam to sixty years ago today are saying. Or. And Reese. On one of points. Sixteen years ago today this on you CNN was released. Millions Phelps. This this isn't named. That's one of the 500 most important rock and roll recordings by rock and roll hall thing. On a few years back the songs my number 115. Into. By you and Rolling Stone magazine is the 500 greatest songs of all time that. Well number one it's on its billboard rhythm and he's charts and at the billboard hot 100. As hostile and everybody was listening posts on you're now back in the back in the days. Winning black artist reported injuries on where they also gave it to him twice August thinking to do like artists he had better success on the hot 100. They gave this song's release of manure to record at home really late in her career edge servers made it all the way up to number eight. But this version of the good version by Sam stood. Night and today I was a kid listening to rock and roll was the radio acting scared they're black lighter color. The music was abused and I was like are you so are you telling me that. Pat Boone version of CD review systems worthy as Little Richard Vernon now I'm telling you that exists if I'm seeing here is good news bad news oh yeah now that no matter what but if you hood I don't know. I don't know I praise god doesn't matter at exactly that's that's the right there you go Green Zone you send me released sixteen. Years ago and on this day. And finally Steve let's well let's take a look at and a big Hollywood birthday today. Actress Angela Lansbury. Museum ninety's to today. I mean seek to do at all she could play the very frivolous comic parts like she did with Elvis in blue Hawaii. How old Sarah eat what you put. Those old movies out why are out to chat when they didn't. No mom no no really no way just. Do hope this doesn't get back column. Moments are honestly that it wasn't my fault now. He keeps you friends. Most active at she's. Money and nothing to do it. Or an aura is very could play a super V villain mob hit in. The Manchurian. Candidates. Com I know you have a strong as you thinking about Johnny and about me. What I would like to find out just how strong the media. If John is they looked at bullet at the convention next week would you attempt at blocking. Was seriously trying for the nomination butch on the net but couldn't make it but I think he has to the child the second spot. Mean while he was ice cold villainous in Matthew was well how was huge made gas like seventeen as a first movie seems like seventeen every team Baath. What that gift is he's just got an amazing career and of course along TV career as a in murder she wrote there. Com I know you have faced trying to. Waiting for you look fine because I know now who killed Randy smell you don't mean me. Come on why would I because of the safest offended discovered during his research. I hardly knew Brandon had no reason to kill them I think you had a very good things. You're uptight than your keys after overhearing that he's conversation with your mother you followed him back here to the library didn't you eat. What are pretty quick question yeah take a long. Way to go until. He lived in the tiny town in Maine with. For some reason had about 234. Homicide case with every week every regulated is dead that is cease all the hurt the Angela Lansbury won a great gift that race star star Broadway star of movies nine BC news today. Abby Brittany Angela Lansbury. Entertainment news in the blue are brought to by our good friends that he did Jon and eight. They're right there on page fifteen to ten on on me fifteen to 208 cell Baltimore. And I guarantee you tasty pizza at the John and Mary 44 now keep an air pork editor bill or the what's on business journal some good news. Where would you toss largest employer Stevens head of the morning on K and ask ask.