Agency says U.S. Oil output is setting records

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 15th

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy says advances in industry technology have put the U.S. on top.


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At thirteen thirty K and that as Anderson we are being in bed in the morning at 846 here. On Wednesday November 15. Three big things me. Members of which because teachers union agreed to a tentative contract seeing a suspect in custody after woman's body found their northwest Wichita almost line. Man dead after drive by shooting in self Wichita. Very big things even dead on K in a sense. And a couple of traffic accidents slowing things down still first not continue to avoid the area IT 35 northbound. And traffic accident between Kellogg in central. But in the semi truck that rolled over. That's gonna be tied up for a while I was also get to act that's at Kellogg's and these are west round Kellogg it's at West Street and act. Washington street so to. Accident there westbound on Kellogg traffic update from Tate and at this radio. And yet she's sunny and breezy today with a high of sixty degrees mostly clear to right field Clinton 37. Thursday mostly sunny tomorrow's high 58. Now partly cloudy north wind at sixteen miles per hour and 48 degrees. 847 now Steve intended in the morning here on Wednesday. Right in the middle of November the fifteenth. He's a voice coach and a superstar now. He's officially a heartthrob. Blake Shelton has been named a the 2017 sexiest man alive by People Magazine. You all must be running out of people he to both application. Blake Shelton sexiest man alive and well. That's gotta be somebody it measures on your gate which they can't give it to George Clooney every year now. And Sean Connery finally got tools so they radio the find somebody right. US consumer prices edged up a slight. 110% and October. The smallest gain in three months as energy prices. Retreated Labor Department says a tiny October gain in consumer prices. Followed increases of five tenths percent in September 4 tenths percent in August soldier. Big gains for the size of the CPI. After two months a big gains in the cost of energy those prices fell 1% October in October and gasoline prices were down two point. 3% even though the current economic expansion is it in its expansion is in its ninth year inflation pressures pressures. Have remained modest. That's CPI measuring inflation almost nonexistent 110% geek in me. US retail sales rose at a solid pace last month as bullish consumers bought more cars furniture and clothing and a Ted and out ball all tree. Commerce Department says retail sales increased two tenths percent in October. After healthy one point 9%. Gain in the previous month September's gain was the largest in two and a half years. And was driven by big increases in auto and gas sales. In the wake of hurricanes RV and Irma. So the hurricanes I get my tea. A positive impact I don't know that I bought any of those three I did buy a couple of baseball caps and while pity that camp Europe they're doing or are counted you're doing your part no doubt about it. Boeing and fly Dubai signed a landmark agreement today. Or 225737. Max airplane lol with a list price value of 27 billion dollars in the deal represents the largest ever single aisle jet order. By a number of airplanes and total value. From a Middle East courier now and the last of those planes will be delivered in the year 2040 hmm that's right. Signed at the 2017 Dubai airshow in flight who buys home town. The agreement includes a commitment for 175. Max airplanes. And purchase rights for fifty additional match. When finalized the purchase promises to sustain tens of thousands of direct and indirect job ports. In Boeing's US factories in network of suppliers of course Spirit Aerosystems so important to the Wichita economy Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita builds the 737 fuselage and we aren't spared of course the largest employer. Here in Wichita and 851 now Stevens Ted on in assess at a new ownership for which top building editor bill Roy's here. From the witch doctors assured the tells all about to morning bill. Good morning Stephen Teddy out Wichita rentals is buying the hate for building at 125 east second street north. Which is our Reynolds president Tyson being says the deal's expected to close in January. They'll start renovations on the thousand square foot building on December 1 the building will become the new office for Wichita rentals. Lamar TA has a new deal with Egypt there the carrier wants as many as twenty foresee series jets deal would cover twelve firm mortars of options for twelve more the order were 2.2 billion dollars at list prices. If Egypt air buys all 24 airplanes. It's the second announcement of a C series sale. After having none in the previous eighteen months. And the International Energy Agency says US oil output until 20/20 five a will be the strongest seemed by any country in the history of crude markets. Advances in technology has enabled production from US shale oil fields. To thrive. And will lead to eight million barrels of oil production per day. The group says the US will we come via disputed oil and gas leader for decades to come interest thing. In light of your reported a little earlier today guys the oil prices going down a bit not too bullish on. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assassin with a top business journal not calm but what to talk business journal I'm bill Roy. Or should I should add here that Airbus. Is playing yourself 430. Airplanes to US firm indigo partners. 449 and a half billion dollars in the European firm's biggest deal ever. That announcement came at that Dubai air show. The drive includes a 2738320. Neo is and 157832. Three Tony one neo itself. Now that the did you bring us today is about net and then about Boeing and Airbus. It looks like in general aviation. Forget it's pretty good news as we go into the the holiday season late night. Well certainly commercial he had general aviation not quite as militia going into the future okay they do expect some pretty good numbers coming up in the future but not quite as bullish as those commercial number of those are big numbers of atonement general aviation at the smaller the smaller places I've business jets Cessna 170 it is had a private planes those types things. Are you that hey today is America recycles day. Day Ichiro on November 15 millions of the people were across the United States take part in America recycles day which was created to raise awareness about recycling in the purchasing of recycled. Products. Do you recite. I do and what's interesting is to watch the markets sometimes there's just not a market for recyclable it is and so that that lessens the the incentive for. Companies to actually offer offer that it and it's always a good thing. What kind of things union mean paper can be recycled and we do that here pretty sensitive. Kids real good at and we just you know we'll use. What will type script. And Mickey Wright and Avian and in the other side that is is clean so we're going in and use the other side as well. Then we only have the recycles receptacle around the building in every room yeah. So if you get a paper product you can recycle it there still yeah our company takes this very seriously and we we do the same thing app right well good for America recycles day. And of course if you got any old baseball card you don't want to it. Don't recycle those bring him to me because it could be years of exactly let me take a look through those first. It could be something of value and everybody's trash right of those harness Wagner's and there are Elvis Wagner. And you're dating. I. Thank you know 855 now instead. UNICEF is at nine. Suspect in which Thomas latest on the side actually. There's been months since then so we have yet another homicide talk about forty. 9 o'clock statement on the morning on in assess.