Ah, those precious fragile 'snowflakes'...

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 6th

...but apparently, they don't like being called 'snowflakes'...


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita as number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 32. Here listening to 987 and thirteen 38 inning as as it is Wednesday December 6. Following a recent spike in homicides. To call police. Are trying to bring back a special. Seems force. Target problem areas and the problem people the department used the team concept and a pilot project from may to August making 375. Arrest. Wichita eagle reports police chief Gordon Ramsay announce Monday the department wants to use the teams in the long term. Because of the past successes the teams will begin work January 1. The first have officer team will work on drug complaints in residential neighborhoods and respond to violent crimes throughout the city the second team of twelve officers will work on investigations of known violent offenders. Focusing on street gangs and responding to violent crimes. Third sixteen person team will work with community policing teams Dan O'Neill K and SS news. The busy morning for Wichita fire crews that right now we have firefighters at the scene of a house. Currently burning at eighteenth and tens of popular area north Wichita about 3 o'clock this morning don't smoke and flames coming from the front of that house. Now let's take a look at the weather forecast let's check in with meteorologist Dan Holliday alone then. Good morning this colder and drier weather pattern is going to stay around for awhile in fact we are in a moderate drought here in south central Kansas sunny with a high 47 later on this afternoon and winds increasing out of the northwest. Colder air moves in tonight or Lou 21 the sunny and 34 for tomorrow's hi I'm Kay and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan currently in Wichita in a breeze out of the northwest clear sky it is 32 degrees. The eldest son of president trump set testify this morning before congressional committee. Donald Trump junior ruled. Testify to the House Intelligence Committee today as it continues its investigation of possible Russian involvement in the 20s16 presidential election. Trump junior will testified behind closed doors his highly anticipated testimony. Comes as he faces growing questions on Capitol Hill about the June 2016 meeting at trump tower. Where he met with Russian operatives after being promised dirt on democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump junior also exchanged emails with WikiLeaks storing the campaign. Apple White House Jon Decker Fox News. Like this afternoon Kansas governor Sam Brownback and First Lady Mary Brownback or host Kansas capitol tree lighting with help from adopting families. They'll be on the first floor rotunda of the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka the US House of Representatives today voting on a bill to compel states to recognize concealed weapon permits from other states. Regardless of what their own state and local laws say. Supporters of national concealed carry reciprocity insists it will prevent someone legally carrying a firearm from being arrested in another state your law abiding citizen trying to do the right thing when I can turn into criminal book as you cross and doesn't statewide north Carolina Republican Richard Hudson says there are enough votes to pass it in the house. And even senate Democrats voted for a similar bill in 2015 and the were actually seven Democrat senators who were still in the senate who voted for that legislation filed moments happen meal for reelection if if that matters opposition comes mainly from states with very strict permitting laws. Evan brown Fox News. Prosecutors have dropped an assault charge against a former University of Kansas football player who was accused of threatening his girlfriend with a gun. Charge against one year old Mikhail long was dropped Tuesday after he agreed to plead no contest to marijuana possession. The Lawrence journal world reports along with sentenced to six months of probation and ordered to complete an anger management program. Along the Houston was arrested in August and dismissed from the team. Republican sources say GOP lawmakers all want to get the same place on policy. That has been some disagreement on tactics members of the conservative freedom caucus floated doing a government funny extension. From Friday to December 30 two out time after Christmas to finish up fiscal matters. House speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders support a two week continuing resolution. To wrap up before Christmas I feel like we're gonna have a majority we're gonna have to eighteen for passing the CR we had this week conservative freedom caucus members acknowledged there wasn't enough support from rank and file Republicans for their plan. To come back right after Christmas. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer seemed to enjoy the disagreement on the Republican side. Hope the Republican leadership can avert more of this unnecessary hostage taking like we saw on the house floor last night. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News. An organizer of Lawrence's old fashioned Christmas parade is apologizing. After a confederate flag was seen at the event. Photos of Saturday's parade show horse blanket what the confederate flag design draped over a horse's saddle. The Lawrence journal world reports that the young woman an older man riding the horse have not been identified. Parade organizer Marty Kennedy says that the controversial flag has never appeared in the parades 25 years. He met on Monday with Porter. The parade as a private event but it did receive about 101000 dollars from a Lawrence transient gas tax program. Kennedy said that he and many others did not notice the flag because the parade attracted thousands of people. That was KI ends Danielle Norwood reporting. British authorities say they foiled an attempted terror plot against UK prime minister Teresa may. The investigation been running for. Several weeks at least and Kindle Scotland Yard West Midlands police. I'm Dan might try if it. Came to a head last week. With the rest of two suspects two young man won in London one in Birmingham both of them arrested. Pat gunpoint. And these two young men were charged with preparing X terra. Come with two men are denying me the Roman. Who's twenty peaceful North London. And the second man Mohamed in Ryan. I think that is the ideal to 21 he's from Birmingham and both charged with preparing acts of terror. That was Martin brunt of Fox's sister network in the UK sky news that report. Snowflake it's a disparaging term used to describe overly sensitive young people. Now research shows the snowflakes don't like to be called snow flakes boxes Gary bomb guard reports some. People might argue that the research proves that the moniker is will burn the insurance company or Veba finding that 72% of people. Between the ages of sixteen and 24. Believe being called snowflake is damaging to their mental health. But before making light of this consider that the research also finds. They nearly half of the people that age range say that they suffered stress or anxiety over the past year. The research was conducted in the United Kingdom. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Well if you think you have what it takes to confront drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro us. And how do you pronounces avail as. A group called a scholar experiences offering terrorists a chance to train like Brazil's elite swat teams. At a beachside hotel with a popular resort town of Butte views those near Rio. Military police officers teach gas how to shoot air soft guns scale walls my favorite. Conduct interrogations. And treat wounded comrades. The group's website says it offers similar packages for corporate retreats. A kind of a company would you work for it which seniors that prayer retreat. Brazil swat teams are heavily Nepal outsized. They're elite squads called in to handle everything from rowdy protest operations of some of their most dangerous slums. In films have been made about the squads and both are lionized for taken both dangerous jobs and their criticized for using their heavy handed tactics. It is 641 we Stephen Ted. Time for commodities update let's check in with Tom Loeffler of molecular commodity is good morning time. Pouring into. The lack of fresh news for the cattle complex on Tuesday epic open policy been selling pushed him in the new lows for the current slide to the downside. Complex closed negative with the Peter Campbell largest loss since yesterday. But despite a more long liquidation by the many many accounts all the negative chart action. You know couple traded higher in. In the decision with blossoms on the clothes that you were like get a little stale 65 that the 12052. Duke game Peter they have two dollars and twelve cents to 14782. Deadly dog the dollar and seventy lower 7050. Yesterday the soybean and soybean milk futures traded higher. They're highest rate since the July time period that does soybean complex and corn futures closed positive global wheat futures were on the negative side. Soybeans found support from but buying strong technical. Technical along with dry weather talk Adam Argentina. At the moment Marge Casey we still have three quarters of a panic. At 433 quarter mark scored the penny vampire 355 and a quarter January soybeans to their entirety and eleven. January crew all the sporting ADT's cents lower at 680. February gold three dollar and seventy cents or 1216850. December S&P down three points at 26 point five and a quarter. The dollar index five cents higher at 9338. December that just teacher killing 39 point scored 4400135. A commodity trading like marketing advisor contact corporate commodities on the program whereby using. Sick sick go to top. We were talking about that hard freeze yesterday Tom and how about a low of 21 coming up tonight. That's gonna make things a little cold and I'll bet that cold when we come back warm up during the day it doesn't really get things that proof that the. Now that those among us we have an extended period in this league I guess we can handle it day today can't. It's together I think bothered me more than that cold temperatures where in order to be put up we have. Now the wind does seem to be going away anytime soon. Howling on the plains of Kansas. Tom thanks for joining us we'll talk you morrow morning. That is the commodities update great information as always look Tom Loeffler of a laugh flirt commodities. 6:43 Stephenson morning 987 and thirteen 38 in as this is the American dream under attack. We'll find out the answer that question the would money record done grant will be stopping by shortly they'll miss it right here on tape in SS.