Air Capital Chorus Christmas Radio Hour

KNSS Historical Audio
Monday, December 25th
Long gone are the days when Radio relied on everything they aired to be live. No computers, no recorded music. December 12 was one of those days for KNSS Radio. The production of the Air Capital Chorus Christmas Radio Hour involved local singers and actors, including sound effects produced the old fashioned way, by humans with objects in the room.

Produced at the Scottish Rite Theater, an historic building in downtown Wichita, the show was directed by local singer Mary Halsig. The annual Christmas Radio Hour started as a benefit for the Kansas Food Bank. Admission being free, asking for non-perishable food donations that would then be donated to the food bank.

The show, now in year 7, features The Air Capital Chorus, Wichita Chorus Sweet Adalines, along with quartets 31st Street South, and Chic.

KNSS morning show Steve and Ted were the local announcers. Vocal acting included Dan E. Campbell and Melynnie Williams.

The program consisted of holiday music with theatrical skits in between. There was even a visit from Santa Claus, with local celebrity Sierra Scott as helper. 

The program aired 8am hour Christmas 2017 on KNSS.

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Judy it's missing it's. Missing. Because it's. Virginia. All of you. Hello from the Scottish rite center and welcome to the seventh annual entered capital choruses. Christmas radio hour I have seen Macintosh and I had what word. Melanie Williams. And oh Melanie I'm. And you Campbell wins again this year see Mary housing is still directing the mayor Kaplan course and they're all here days. Later on the show will be hearing problem Melanie is chorus that's the Wichita chorus right. And we have sheet. And the 31 street south courts pets here as well. And it's almost as if we've got ourselves a tradition here we don't. And the most important part of the group W radio our tradition is a support that we get from our studio audience. And local businesses to help Kansas food bank. And we have great show's sponsors KN OSS radio. You can apply. And it's now been. Undefeated folks in the Scottish rite center. It you know he's. Being well. Many days. Did you move. At all on its view this. And I. Head I'd been thinking it's always fun when you do that now what's on your mind Steve duplicate thinking about that old movie it's a wonderful life. Hey did. Didn't you just do that so I did and it was just like this at all passion radio show right here this country. I just can't get the idea out of my mind what it would be like if certain people never existed. Or came into our lives. Of Barry actually thought I wonder what it would be like if I was never in radio. Is that once you want to and double double what who are you I'm your guardian angels and the Bruins will bring them. Oh well that makes sense not doesn't what are you here use that you wish you never existed now I know hole and minute. I never said anything like back. I just don't be like I was never in radio that's all act crazy Angel thinks I don't wanna exist just supposing. All right then if that's what you want tent I can make it so you never existent. When playing listening to lower your voice or whoever you are I'd ever say the honorary. I kind George has way more interest and. We'll be isn't cured never heard in radio and oh. Even Ted in the morning just speak. Steve in the morning. This is this nation that we your job is your first pro live coverage of breaking news can't assets which are both. One news talk and weather station depend on good morning this is occasion as this morning news was DE. And Steve back in time the holiday season is in full swing and activities at the mall or heating up we got the story well I've got the story. Can be nice there was someone here who do the sports news about the weather. Well I guess it would an on line your good mornings to you good morning. Who are you and why are you in my. Studio. Diane Richards. I'm your new cohost for the morning show up to send me so here I am not you want you are to take do you do sports. I. Bit of Batman in my time I've got a wicked serve. They have pretty well. Iron right behind debris. What oh what no no no no I'm asking if you are export report no. Why would be. I have Diana Richards was superb list small town businesses who purple a small town but that sounds. More like something for public radio. Want to argue thing ST you. Are you saying that small town businesses. Shouldn't be on your new show now never said that it's just that the word superfluous well it means it's a bit out while he. You lofty. The words some fruitless. Hope nothing I didn't mean he's so. So what we got first morning Diane Keaton well you'll never guess steam keep heat is branching out on senate. Diana's he'll need something but I don't think it's stinky Pete. How about a little Christmas team who are you. Well where they are out of course is. Tony send us Tony he's been pretty busy these days. We're. Only. We. It's OK okay. He's okay. Okay. He's. Judy time. Here at all. He's maybe run. It is the yeah. He. Hello there. It was okay do you. Very minute. Wilson and go OK okay there's been. Okay. Need. Oh really. Oh. Some seed and it went out to the morning show just isn't the same. Strange news programs. Part. Her shop chorus yeah I kind of liked Cloris but that's a lot of people on the let me read a hole I heard don't work for a song. Wind. Located played their part that you have a weather get to saint deliberately. Can't believe they replaced me would Diana Richards while she ever talk. It's about a stinky Pete. To head and looking for you wow that Angel is back. Nevermind we have to get to the mall something's happening. Are we street reporters always have been the but maybe he's a bit clumsy when it comes at time lines seriously did you are making no stance and we need to go you go ahead Steve I'm just going to hang around and listen to seek court sets. Let's welcome Julianne Panama patty and a day. Now what. Man it's no. Or sing and eighties guru is here. And. Well. And even though. Okay. Us being in that her. Mean. Alliances and lay down. Is now alone. And finally he. OK okay yeah strong. You really allowed me to. All the way Rama 89. That is there are created CE ending the EU was the guy he. Let it. If he's been hanging. Also the eyes and legs aren't there. Who let it. Thanks seek. Now I wonder what's going on the mall they say can be real nightmare during the holidays oh Steve you're back. Your right to eat is a nightmare do you think it was the end of the world. It's kinda makes me wonder what we. Like you Rick decided to go mystery shopping do you mean from the Walking Dead that ripped right. There's still via for the tilt liberal hiding the women are strong and demand all talk like Pacman. Listen Matt. I've got to make Iran we need some things that the kids. Can't we just ordered the rink. You know what it's blocking out there. Do there's no time. And I'm gonna need you know OK also. And I called aero. Darryl. Yeah. Britney today helping make a run he's going to the mall Maggie that's crazy. You know the mosque hole Walker's. Rick's is the truth you can out run they've got sneakers. And false teeth I know that Rick has a plan. He always has a plan. Fine. Anyway. All right we're all here at the rule. Oh we need is your nerve crossbow for this there'll be. We're in the case of well head straight for the choice to make you stop and hit a clerks are Gerald fusion the gum ball displays this kind of right to walk past the walker. Just like a little consulates mats square card. Let's go part. Please go. As far as my thoughts we're gonna need more gun all the little archer can queen who. Who you've. You hit it clean ask. You're one of those international queens harmony. We were hoping for Oliver queen's you know the Errol. Can you even shoot a bow and arrow. Don't need to do I seen base. Make your point. Look. Every now walk attracted just sound right. Well I got the perfect distraction. And you won't need rooms or. Go to hell when he got. Barbershop. Yeah. Yeah. That's gotten us drones. Look stinking so and is still aren't alone keep running if you don't have to tell me wise. We got moves to the tour is we came for. I can't believe that walker beat me to the robots. How is that possible they just won't. Rick you realize it's not really the end of the world you're just shocked. The much talked Corus has been very busy this year last year we heard that they were traveling to Las Vegas. To compete in the international small chorus competition as a chapter of sweet Adeline. They performed in that competition and we are proud to announce that they want second place. The director of penalty Williams the 2017 harmony classic second place division they chaos a chorus champions. The what you talk chorus of sweet Adeline. Easy very good. He hi advises me brands and let me. Because there is also being. Asked. Me my game Amazon he's seen. Yeah me. And they. Those other. Me saying we. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. I mean he's. OK okay. And he. Okay. Yeah her. Okay. So long. OK okay. Okay. Okay. We saw. Yeah he. Okay I'll. OK. Okay. So. Is there anything. Okay. I. Mean. It's. Okay. There. I. Soon. Well he. He's in the we're. Well he. And yeah. Green Day. Love it. And he's been really. Oh yeah. Okay. Okay. No pain. We're here. Looking. Okay. Melanie and ladies of the course congratulations and best wishes for the future. Okay. And okay. Okay. Using. And I want you veto this you. He's okay fine miracles. Is. I'll be disease not. Okay. With the holiday greetings and happy. And I'm confident. Okay. Happier seeing. The parties. He's tossing marshmallows and goes hey okay yeah. Examining those stories and glory of the business and OK okay. Yeah you know 200 OK. OK. Okay. It's ability and I. Okay okay well. I don't know a wonderful time. His mom when it moves. Okay it's time. On okay. I. Okay. I. We are back with the second happen. Of the air capital chorus Christmas radio hour. Our studio audience should you when you cookies and cocoa. And we're all ready for more great music of the seasons. Are. Mary Christmas. And I was flying in over Kansas and I heard your regular broadcast. And I I couldn't help but stopping because I didn't I knew Stephen said we're the ones good. Help me with a very major Christmas crisis is going on right now right where we need to get this fixed as soon as we can guys out. You probably already know her at all Lotto naughty boys and girls lose your move. Especially with the folks in hauling wounded and all Washington DC and you have been listening to our newscast snow. And we have a lump of coal prices in prison hurdles there's not enough lumps of call you normally. Yeah. Cold short song so Steve I was I I was hoping that. Maybe if you remember that local poll this Saturday and six years ago yes. If if you could. Re turning to me I couldn't read gifted it doesn't work. You might find at any and in re gifting is not something we like to recommend but when Santa doesn't get so yeah. So if you can leave it up next to them an open book is opened it up and and make sure that it gets through it. Deserving quarter earlier this year well older yeah after after all I always thought that. You'll be on the naughty list was a computer glitch anyway so it's. It's not okay announcement. Boys and girls it's big event. And employees have had a red letter year this year. You realize I don't know how many here realize. But they have one. On national. Mark coney all the war for entertainer of the year. This is not something else. That is what this is a major nationwide. Right fare well deserved and then of course they would win the award and they come back. And Merrill Longwell makes a proclamation. And now you've got a proclamation certificate to put next to little point in your words when you've gone from them or won't be able to do. And your boss Jackie made the comment but you need a bigger display case. Of course that's not been in the sleigh this year didn't we didn't make them wish this year. But I'll tell I'll tell you what voice cut it if you wouldn't mind coming up front and center we do have one more. Major award to present you. And did help me present it is my special sacked hill over. See it's got water. Of course Sierra. Bringing these major award Beck came in eighth hitting Corey mark fragility. Just force even dead. Sierra Scott upwards rumored to be the model for the original late lamp featured in the movie a Christmas already. Saw Tony. You can do the daughters we have our major award winners right here Steve hadn't had at Florida. There's there's only one play that's for disposal have to fight over who puts it on whose desk and you are okay you're either better sellers on imported food Tressel and the Jews Steve. So congratulations. Yeah. Did you fly. With Santa yeah I it you know this you guys are probably the only ones to ever read this for disaster. This isn't anything Pittsburgh giving a leg up. To the rest. It's not boys and girls. To vote them out to OK time out. Or another photo Tony all this is this is what the holidays are really to balance is a great radio up and we're taking pictures on the red. Assad query into these mini skirt that of course was instrumental in the O word for making the leg lamp with the mayors talking thank you Xerox. And Stephen. Winners of a manager of lower right here tonight on the Christmas hour and for all the good boys and girls here in the audience tonight. Santa and his helpers in Europe will be taking Santa's helpers in the chair by the states following the show so. Wow. Have a pretty good. And thanks to sandy it's now the Christmas radio two hours at. I don't get back on plot the ladies and gentlemen let's given up our next courts that hear the. Yeah 31 streets now. And Nomo the action and answers this is a reason run he's commenting you. Yeah. But. Ring co. Are we. We were. Okay. That name. So you're saying it is. OK. A little known but about them and bring value. I mean girls. And I saw. That is a close. Call. Bring you usually. And close to the yeah. Hillary. And to. But a boom boom. And loan. All of the owners and see me. So. Came news. You. News at all within your nose so her what won't you and minds and me and bring. A group and as a chat about him. Rudolph the red nose ring. That and his salary by dome alone. Then line. All he created yes that's the. So are the. And news. I. Mean. Revenues daughter who is your elbow so her. He Malone. Used. It lies a weekend news. You know I. And a rain. And I am. Rudolph the red nosed trained me. You're good in his column BC EU than he's probably. And his car he. Good job. That was 31 street south thank you gentlemen. And on really in the movies or music. Public another song from the aired capital chorus. It's encouraging housing and he knows he knows me knows he goes beyond. Way. Yes you do this blue and one possible things. We will. Ethanol okay. Goes on doctor. Being. Easier there's. Well hi. You you you can call win. And I want us opens I Q are you few. All of it's so there's a game or two. Blue. Okay. Today we're. Soon. Being raw. Well holders. Honestly. It is Georgia seeing is love. Yeah. You know did you call. What I'm. No one was opens today Jeanne. Opens okay. Okay. Okay. It's time once again for another episode. You purple the small town businesses would die and Richards. Hi Steve contacted hi Diana. I say I've noticed you seem to do a lot of interviews with peat moss. Being extinct then. And really. I hadn't noticed an end well honestly. He kind of cruise line you have to lie down nearly a function. Well I'm not a me off that fifty CEG I I don't care what's your I have to go. Diana are creatures they use that personal or as. And new star right here in the middle of the at all today is still just as parity is the first time we meant. I. I mean stinky. I mean. Stinky. And what made you leave claim Kansas to come through the mall and Wichita Kansas brilliant no. How the post office made not handled and put up that big red nose. So that no one could. Mail my candles. It might have something to do with that toxic fumes or could it be the explosion. Outcome had me eat well. I thought if I wanted people here in the big city native enjoy I'm not handles I had to bring us part two yeah. So you think people in which a top want to buy you or candles Shearer Diane. Anyone can make one of those fancy frilly little girl because she spends stick your nose in the air picky stick in half by you drink you're tired antique handles. And no leaves on. So. Came all the way down here just to check out my new lot of problems. Something like that yeah I mean yeah I am. A look. Oh yeah always wanna earn those New Year's resolutions. When you can't win man knew a lot of candles I column why Bob. Do you like working out with their management you don't wanna go to the gym and actually worked out. Well sit down and you're Connor relax and lack my latest petition. The prestige Jim and Powell. Home it'll be like having all the weight room full of brand threat there and you don't. Even have to break this way its own mind Friday. Poll. Argued Jean little and we'll burn my hottest holiday seller and you won't have to worry about diet. That's Salmonella. Sampler. Comes. With born candles of your tulips. Mix and match yesterday Jake then last Tuesday's eighth. Aunt June valve problems routes. Our truck stop sushi. And create. Just the right basket for you. Wouldn't give one jewelry and I've read. Its key. Being in your story that is remotely. Last. You won't let. I have just thanks for your Diana. I have recently diversify the business and I'm out have a whole lot of them. Leach's treatment soul man. Now that sounds interesting. Man trying something much sooner here's my bearings first creation. Act Colin yellow snow. I don't know I don't know I'm ugly I'm. Anna you forgot your yeah let's go call loan. Well maybe she doesn't lack lemonade. Maybe I should have offered her the chocolate. Committee you'll alone. Anywhere where to Diana go. You'd think she'd learn eventually and he would. Well I guess that's back to us and the air capital chorus. You know he's yeah. Okay he's okay. People. OK these. Oh hey he's. You are. We'll have them. You know maybe. Ball okay. And I. Maybe more than. Don't know. Okay you've gone back. I little baby gone and I think he's. Okay me. He's. He. He you know he's. Maybe line. Several minutes. Okay mom. And gone. Studio. Okay you want to. Me. OK okay. He's. We'll. You can look at the moment that. Okay yeah. Hey he's OK okay people. He's. 80s I am OK Jesus. Maybe I'm. Okay. Okay. He's okay. I mean global. View anymore. Yeah. Maybe aren't that. It's. Movie. He's. You know maybe he needed okay you. He's. Maybe. Located on another. Yeah. It'll anybody that. Okay. I'm OK okay you do any. It's. You at any moment. The dining room. Even though maybe. I'm you know he's. Innovative. He's. You know ladies and movies. Little bit in my. Okay yeah. Okay. He's. My thoughts into the evening changing things. Come on guys. As lovely lovely thing. Is following in friends and colleagues you can. Well honestly I love you whether it was played its yeah. You know yeah. Yeah. Yeah you know. My good. We'll. Yeah yeah yeah. And it's. It's. Oh yeah. And again there's okay. ET it's. Stay the course of hours. On his. The. Tylenol. Okay. Yeah it was a home. It's. In India being and no we're. And I. At the end of the odd game. Who didn't. Easy it's. Overall you know I do yeah. I know the real thing. Don't mind this. Relentlessly you right here. It's okay and friends I'm. In. Okay. It's lovely human disease. Okay. So yeah. What is the wonderful life. You know I like them. I mean really a whole town calls heart because of one. 2017. You know I think of what were you thinking. Did you really mean to do all of that and is it this is your idea of a wonderful life well. I'm not feeling it. But the gas station that I never meant to stop them and cash I have my pocket that I never carry. And a desperate clerk who needed 25 dollars. To pay a locksmith so she could go pick up her daughter from day care without him to break up and win them. Now I'm no hero I spent 25 dollars on sushi last week so it's not a great thing that I did but as I left I heard her say mom. Some woman. Jamie 25 dollars for the lots. That's me. Some woman and then I remembered my 98 year old brand name Don who just got back from Texas and Louisiana. Helping with relief efforts and ladies and gentlemen that. Is the wonderful line. So then he's just some guy but he meant something at that moment. You know it's not about. One person it's about each person it's about living and giving every single day it's about getting up and doing it even when it seems like it's too hard. Because if you do you will be there when you are supposed to be you will be there in that. Mom. Oh. So. He. We. Yeah. All. Ball. Are. You. Okay mom. Okay. Yeah. Me. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I. Okay. Yankees. OK. I. I. Yeah. Looks secular fabulous performers and true. Telling saying unsound it. Aren't actors standing eat ham all love. You really. Sound effects Isaak leaves. And our courts nets tonight seat. 31 street south. Special guest Stan O'Neal is out there a lot of. And Sierra Scott as he was built. And our guest chorus the Wichita Cloris we'd have a lions pregnant anyway. And our host chorus the error capital chorus directed I'm married I'm saying weekend. I can't mess this morning duo Steve Macintosh and network learn. Thank you Dan and thanks again to McClellan to sound and the Scottish rite center and our great studio audio. Ends for helping themselves healthy Kansas feedback. And those people they serve I. This is the Macintosh and ten what word with the air capital chorus and our barber Saab brands. Wishing you well. As they blocked us and no wonderful line. Okay. Oh. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. And we'll. Okay. When. Okay. Okay.