AirBnB says Wichita and Kansas' AirBnB numbers are up

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 26th

Wichita has had nearly 5,000 more Airbnb stays this year than in 2016.


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Are you even get in the morning at 7:40 security Tuesday morning now. Three big things pretty. Which the police chief Randy says body scans are resulting citizen complaints seeing him for dead in Iowa house fighter while. Blizzards and bitter cold across much of the US. Three big things seem intent on king and a sense. And this morning we've got. Well very cold out here that seems to beat the traffic and visions that we're working under just a very cold temperature conditions. Gotta spell out vehicle came 96. West of hillside. And this morning we have a report from one of our traffic tractors. Track record Charles called and said that the traffic signals flashing red and all four directions at 21 in green which wrote. That's south hit traffic update brought to you budget of profit growth Goodyear tire located dance on the market and Waterman. He's very straight small harmonica player dot com your home for complete thought here seem. Mostly cloudy and cold today Liam only nineteen degrees. After Monday's high interest each day at thirteen I had the mostly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight loan none Indian Wednesday partly sunny. Tomorrow's up the highest repeat. The now most of county fourteen degrees we've got an open ended when he miles per hour that gives us it would kill or below. They can assess whether rocky by the monarch featuring the largest collection of crap burdens of this piece in the state of Kansas and on our coverage of military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch. In Toledo. 748 now Steve and Ted on K in Manchester passenger. Try to bring a loaded gun in a carry on bag at Orlando international airport causing a long back up at checkpoints. During the Christmas holiday rush. Local news outlets report Transportation Security Administration agents at the busy Florida airport bound again Tuesday morning. Forcing long lines at checkpoints and this morning and authorities in Orlando police investigators are speaking with the person at the weapon. No for the details were immediately available. Women stood up and use their voices in 27 teams saying enough was enough in the face of sexual harassment. Fox is gone now Scott. Has more with the seventh installment of are you end of the year features special Tony seventeen in review say yeah. You senator Al Franken resigned because of it all women deserve to be heard. And their experiences. Taken seriously representative John Conyers took a drastic step in the wake of. I am retiring. Today. Sexual misconduct allegations hit them other members of congress and Hispanic candidate Roy Moore in Alabama did not date underage women always the women's lead to movement founded Swartz. But senator Franken in announcing his departure final parting shot saying net president trump on man who has bragged on tape. About his history of sexual. Assault sits in the Oval Office the White House responded with Press Secretary Sara Sanders not only saying the president has addressed such allegations that feel strongly that the people of this country also address that when they elected. Donald Trump to be President Hu and all stopped Fox News. Ups markets were closed Monday's stock markets in observance of Christmas of course and and we just four days of trading left in Tony seventeen stocks are on pace to finish every month of the year with a game plan. When dividends are are included. Stocks finished slightly lower Friday that's why your 401K is overflowing with gold calling us. Lower Friday and subdued trading ahead of the three day holiday weekend the S&P fell appointment Friday Dow lost 28 points. NASDAQ fell five points. Shoppers who are feeling good about the economy and spending more than expected. On items like kitchen gadgets toys and coats. Could make this the best holiday season as several years. And of course that's good news for retailers some of which. Have had few reasons of late to be marry that looks like you good Christmas season. For the retailers unions have got a whiff of a rare opportunity to organize a whole new set of workers. As recreational marijuana becomes legal in California. United Farm Workers Teamsters and united food and commercial workers are looking to unionize the tens of thousands of potential workers. Involved in the legal Wii game. From platters to rollers to sellers the big industry apparently there aren't jobs. In the pot industry want to that it looks like. Now look at local businesses from the Wichita of this additional but growing hyper pet LLC. Manufacturing operation just got more room. According to a news release the pet product designer and manufacturer. Will move from a space near the corner of 31 reached out then meridian in south west Wichita. To Jeff Lang I airforce manufacturing park. Near Seneca and MacArthur. I prepare the an example occupy the entire existing 103000. Square foot facility. The language of the park could eventually include up to 600000 square feet of manufacturing. Space. Good news about manufacturing in Wichita. And with that you know what he's seventeen days to spare which ties nearly tripled its air. B&B guest total from last year early. According to released this week from the home sharing hospitality company. There have been 7730. Stays in Wichita so far and when he seventeenth. 7700. That's up from 2900. Multiply sixteen you again on the scene. And aired at the NB spokesman said the company wouldn't count a couple of traveling T pebble together as guests to gift drive also the average. The group's size for a trip to Kansas is about 2.4. Air the and the Yankees have folks come stay your house Alia that the good where equipment back market. An agreement to sell the easy home furnishings franchises in place according to a news release Friday from easy gates LLC. Chairman and CEO but gates. In a deal that will be made official January 1 the easy home franchise rights will transfer to Virginia based rent to owned company. Premier rental purchase the released it. Easy almost two which fellow occasions one. Ant colony and broadly and one at Providence squared and 35 stores nationwide seventeen different states now. But gates established easy gates or rent to owned retail concept offering furniture appliances. And electronics at least 1007. He was formally chairman and CEO that register your Wichita and thorn Americas incorporated. Where's that place where my wife actually. Worked corrected on this Delhi office space from him for about eight years ago. Local breaking visitors every day and came in his hands in Wichita business journal stuck now for the Woodstock business journal this morning. I am Steve back and I did. The day after Christmas and today and that's boxing day. Botching it which Whitney just post put things in box right you know what to go around punching your neighbor with a the big gloves. Right that's what you wanted to upon I don't know I think about boxing him in a box and thing right. I do have noticed that. Over the weekend and and Christmas a lot of cardboard boxes showed up at my house they're everywhere. You know things were shipped whom you know back with so I've kept the awarded the out that it got a funny about probability old land about that. Today is ash and also national thank you note today. Today to get some note cards paper thin envelopes and stamps to write special thank use with a few receipt. Taking the time to thank family and friends with a personalized message has special meaning as you note. The receiver of the thank you will enjoy getting the card in the mail on the message you have written. So we don't have to thank you notes that. That is a lot of time and work but a lost art and and then yeah you're right who has time for the such such will wonderful nonsense. National. Thank you writing a thank you note and boxing day saints which means relieve you boxed up up the right now and that's not that's done it now. That boxing's it's it's more of a British. UK thing all. In which the nobility in the lower classes intermingle. And more that's when level. After Christmas this they we call on our staff Christmas party. And as an athlete or done that. Senate at 755. Instead. Coming up at 8 o'clock family hour the fear is this morning is the Stevenson lizard the conditions. In much of the northeastern US that story and more all the way Stevens in the morning on Kate in advance.