Alabama Senate bill does away with the need for Marriage ceremonies

Steve & Ted
Thursday, January 18th

Steve wonders "Whatever happened to tradition?"


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Is distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Mr. McCain and as this story is receiving the I'm Steve Macintosh. A big drive but if you can make school we've got the story find the little branch one person is dead another in critical condition following a single people. Who crashed near Kirby. Wichita has any citizen review board time to put forward those details just ahead by KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday that Arctic weather pattern we've been in is finally weakening and moving on out warmer air returns are forecast is coming up. Residents evacuated after a gas leak near seventeenth and chambers in northwest which. Around 3:30 this morning 911 dispatch sent first responders. The report of the building collapse of the 111000 block of west seventeenth. A residential area. Sedgwick county Clare Kelly Arnold tells can't assist news we live. At an intersection kind of had a key and we have eight drunk driver crew. Did not turn that intersection and drove straight into minutia. Which is now cut that we which is now cut they ghastly canal neighborhood. Arnold went to iron up to wait out the emergency several houses in the neighborhood of an evacuated. No injuries reported. One person is dead another in critical condition following a single vehicle crash in southeast Cedric county Wednesday night authorities say the crash happened just before 10 PM near 79 street itself than 127. Street east which is just east of derby. Rescue crews say the crash left two people pinned after their vehicle crashed into a tree. Investigators are working to determine what caused the crash filled all the brand Kagan SS news. Five juvenile into adult were arrested yesterday morning after Harvey county drug task force investigation that Newton high school. Those arrests come after two months of investigation by Newton police Harvey county sheriff's office and USB 373. TSN news spoke with police chief Erik Murphy. We've seen a yes I can some violent activity. When part of that has been associated with with drug usage and sales. The suspects arrested yesterday attended Newton high or have recently withdrawn. Two additional arrest warrants still outstanding city of Wichita has established a new citizen review boards city manager Robert Leighton says the board will review citizen complaints. And police department policy and practices she recent. Incidents. Make today's announcement timely. I want to assure the public that we've heard you and your concerns we continue to hear you. We're committed to taking appropriate steps and actions. To improve the policies procedures. Training and tactics of our police department police chief Gordon Ramsay says this is a practice worse. Pleased with the consent of the people so I welcome. The oversight citizen involvement and what we're doing looking and our policies and our practices and asking those tough questions. So I'm I'm really excited for this the sport do to get get up and running. The seven members on the board are all appointed by the city manager represented a cross section of genders races and occupations throughout the community. All board meetings will be open to the public. The teenage boy was shot in north of Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson. Does it happen early Tuesday evening west of 27 and hillside. Ulcers were dispatched. To a shooting call inventories 600 block of east conquest when officers arrived they make contact with a sixteen year old male. But a gunshot wound to his leg. He had stated that he was walking. In grove park in short no males had approached him and he was then shot in the leg. The teenager was hospitalized and is expected to recover. President trump thanks Kansas senator Bob Dole for his service to the country and Dole's ceremony to receive the congressional gold medal in Europe. Friends. You are a patriot. And hero of the leaders and today you know and become. They recipients. The congressional gold medal. It's an honor to be when you've. Thank you feel a sense thank you very much. The medal is the highest honor given to a civilian. President trump tells Reuters a government shutdown could happen. Republican leaders are trying to work to avoid one senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he's looking for a deal the president supports but are used the president has not yet indicated what he would sign. Receive slap the top advisor to president Tom telling Fox News good night. This is a responsibility of congress to ensure that they produce a product something that the president can support it's something that we haven't seen yet the sticking point. Doctor Democrats demand that any funding bill include protections for illegal immigrants brought threats children. When as chief of staff John Kelly met Wednesday with Tressel Hispanic caucus. In other Democrats who say those stocks prettiest little progress shown little Fox News. A South Carolina law enforcement officer is dead after being shot on the job the York county detective Michael Doherty has died after he was shot by a man wanted for assaulting his wife. Police say Christian Thomas McCall shot toady and three swat team members sergeant Kyle Cummings who is still recovering from his injuries. As well as sergeant Randy Clinton and sergeant Bobby Brown at Cornell both in stable condition. McCall was initially charged with three counts of attempted murder for the injury sustained by the three surviving officers the prosecutors were waiting to see what happens to detective dodi's medical condition. Before adding an additional charge. Mike Kantor fox news' Kate NS has used. I'm now 804 orbiters that make it 8055. Minutes and 8 o'clock. Not quite the result shocker basketball fans wanted it Coke arena last night we'll have highlights here. Coach Marshall is coming up sports gas prices on the rise in Kansas that story coming up. On the case and as this morning news was even dead. McCain is his party is easy to get down 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Kansas motorists are paying a lot for the gas pumps this week it's an average gas price across the state. Rose to two dollars 37 cents a gallon and nine cent increase in the past week. The higher prices continue to buck the usual weather trend of decreasing prices at the gas pumps Jennifer Hawke is the triple A Kansas. A lot of it is the domain right now and not gone down with Eric black a couple of days of what that we cataract here but that all decreased demand a little bit we need to step and a lot of people using this resource away and typically that Tammy your EC demand follicle that bit deftly inserted at a price. Cause says Kansas gas prices are thirteenth lowest in the country nationwide the average gas price rose four cents to two dollars and 53 cents a gallon. A cult to lower limits for drunk driving. A scientific panel says 101000 drunken driving deaths a year it's entirely preventable among their recommendations days significantly lowered their drunken driving rational the national academies of sciences engineering and medicine want to see it lowered from point oh way to point 05 they also recommend states increase alcohol taxes and make alcohol let's conveniently available including cutting the hours and days booze is sold in stores or bars and restaurants and there's a call to limit alcohol advertising and marketing release Phillips Sara Fox News and your survey shows and some of the differences between cat people and dog people. Had people tend to think of themselves says creative but people who have dogs tend to make more money. So says a new survey from Mars take care which makes their products like pedigree dog food and whisk his cat food. It also shows that kept people tend to pour their hearts out to their animals more. With two when he 3% admitting they spill their guts to their feline friend while just 19% of dog owners Steve dashed. And it says dogs typically have a greater influence on their owners decisions earning cats stay with. Till NATO Fox News. Davis has used time now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. And we have a traffic accident this is affecting southbound traffic on it. Hi Suze 35 right around zoo boulevard be a good place to avoid this morning some of very heavy traffic here. Penn traffic's not moving much at fault I'd like I think traffic tracker Michael forgive me heads up on that when guys and again that's a southbound I 9035. Parents do boulevard traffic update from Kate and SS radio and get chambers and now a look at the forecast we've king and this is stampede on just damn the holidays good morning and there. Morning early today we saw temperatures ranging from the upper teens to low 20s across south central Kansas. Did you daily climb well above freezing 45 our highways south winds picking up to fifteen to 25 miles per hour throughout the afternoon it'll be clear tonight. Certainly not as cold but down to 24. Low fifties for the high tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday's health hard. Mentality eighteen degrees we have a south wind at tens of miles per hour 811 now Stevenson in the morning the Alabama's senate's. It has approved a bill that would do away with the marriage licenses. And the requirement for people to go throw wedding ceremony. Instead of a license issued by a probate judge couples would sign and submit a form. They wouldn't need an actual wedding ceremony. The bill comes as a few Alabama probate judges refused to issue marriage licenses to anyone. So they don't have to get them to gay couples. The measure goes on to the house next. So wound down I don't think it would it. We wouldn't not couldn't gotten away with that with my wife when we were going to be married say hey we're just gonna sign a piece of paper towel at this got a couple forms and going to be another thing about it but I'm the cancer but no cage. He got a handsome when Alexander writes no I don't bring that to a lot of things involved in a wedding there kinda fun. There's cake. Batters dancing summed. Although we talked with the wedding planner last week that day you were off and he said millennial certain. Pretty much booting all that says. Money rules don't want take they don't want the reception they don't want wedding showers are doing away a lot of the old traditional wedding stuff you know as a baby boomer I say we argued doing the colonials. Well I mean he thinks he force but it pretty scurry bunch. The bar. I have to tradition. Right all lot of the C in the one on the newcomers are saying. To heck with the conditions what about that shocker basketball player who actually Wear shorts on the court. So the short shorts are coming back those cup free to admit I was back then that. Well baseball players who have startups that are based. He tries that on dries recurring all about we're not gonna go there who way that they don't like that but Jim Sasser some baseball player learn you know someone they don't know yet. A waitress who's worked at Penn State hang out for more than six decades has called it quits 81 year old Emma against solace. Retired Tuesday from the corner room where she worked as a waitress or 61. Years. The Centre daily times reports of solace worked her first tipped at the restaurant in the 1950s. And has not missed a shift since what's your first match. Emma she hasn't missed a shift. In 61 senators and employee. Everything is always an employee like that she didn't get sick she she skipped coming here shows up every day for 61 years wow. Breast front co owner John Coughlin says Gonzales greatest contribution has been her big smile and infectious personality. Since word spread that consults those retiring a steady stream of people have been coming to wish her well many of them bearing gifts. Tell you what as they've isn't just an American worker. Emma. I think somebody out of shower you with more than gifts they have to give you a couple of million bucks. You can read don't enjoy your retirement maybe she has over the years it may have saved and certainly Allen and what tips for 61 years how high it all adds up man I gotta spend money if you're working everyday right at a that's been a good thing about us Ted. We worked so much that we don't have time to run spend money but the path that's only going to be me afloat. That it ago. Our right to police in Rhode Island say to people unbolted and 80000 dollar camera used to catch speeding drivers. Strapped into the bed of a truck and drove away three days after installed. A representative from conduit solutions told Providence police what are other cameras was missing I find that amusing. The camera takes photos of license plates and speeding cars. A surveillance video from a nearby building after the pair taking the camera Friday and driving away. I bet there there's there answers. All right. Seem to Ted now a 15 it's Tuesday morning. Talking to Kelly Arnold the Cedric county clerk who got a knock on his door at 3:30 this morning. Cops say and you don't want that knock at 3:30 in the morning hungry mountain leave your house and an input I hop for a couple hours of Kelly's got back his own anyway. Nice to talk to him this morning at 815 was Stephen dead the new citizens. Review board. Doesn't mean they're going to be open to the public think anybody you'll go. Sure there think they'll be there will. As it did really don't have to have any power at all they don't really having power. Except to make recommendations I suppose that it will make recommendations and they can advise City Council members and the police department on those recommendations think it's nice. In a democracy for some citizens and Allen and have some input and it's. Other of the boating course I think I'm a big believer in the vote and as a way to make your feeling now however sometimes. The candidates put forward our. Shall I say. Yeah what's less than convincing the kids at a and I gab about doctor if you look elected officials listening to us right now or else somebody would say then why don't you run. When people complain about the government did they always say you'll want they want you around for all its benefits so easy good point good point. Usually the working people don't run for office. She's a retired people or people with plenty of time on their hands. Or some life by your friends and at I see I look on FaceBook every day and I see these people are putting eight and nine things on FaceBook as well. The set off the semi retirement was alarming to do what I did anyway. It might rain could be just be the king of FaceBook yet there. Age sixteen now Stephen dead and 870 let's go to church more scares Ted's got a lot tells about sports and sporting an old news as. But it does put to death right dead though it was not a jubilant tonight for soccer basketball fans at Coke arena last night shocker is. Ranked number four in the nation hosting SM you won't. The Sox got down early in this one though and spent the whole game trying to come back down by as many as. Thirteen points in the second half the rest at a key moment in the second half the shocks rallied got to within one minute. Place was going crazy. And then SMU coach Tim Jankovic called timeouts. And all the sudden the mood just. Just deflated. And it never rekindled. And so there's a coaching no that was a brilliant time out by Jankovic because after that this and you went on an 80 run. Got the lead back up to nine completely took the crowd out of it. And SMU comes away with a win says Samuel had not won a road game all season long. Until last night. They come in and beat the fourth ranked team in the country and snapped Wichita State's 27 game winning streak. That Coke Arenas out it is now over the Mike Kennedy and Dave dull had to call the game last night it was on 103 point seventy Eli and. Five is serious note another long gone through and drills on base that's not that's twice against the shot clock he has made it's not good at least thirty feet. Anderson you advances put it away there's camp left quarter results in street good. And that is some good sense and we have every good shot tonight. It's pretty much the way it went shake Milton for SMU. A career high 33. Points shoppers could not find a way to contain him. As the mustangs shoot 70%. From the field in the second half. Beat the soccer's 8378. After the game soccer head coach Gregg Marshall. Hey they were the better team tonight you know I gotta I gotta give us and you credit the better coached they have better players and had a better game plan so we've got to. Figure that out the mystique is gone the good news in the bad news is the mystique is gone. Beginners no mystique these teams are scared to come in here. Shoppers take. A loss now fifteen and three overall pick not the shocker for Landry sham he ended up with a double double to twenty points and ten assists. He spoke after the game was. Mike Kennedy and they've built. Foot meant as a relief to those found after news it's news reported here every night. You know obviously out conference that's the first lawsuit and as Philly and if you know such as through development. No we're we're all realistic and understand that this is it really your best what conference is really your best fourteen to be coaches. Fit and finish sometimes you find it I thought it was our night. And with the loss the shoppers pull out of first place atop the American conference shocker Paul half game behind Cincinnati now in the standings. Did you go men's basketball last night Butler community college on the road at Garden City Butler. Had won three straight road games looking for its fourth in a row away from home however Butler was down by sixteen points in the second half. Tried to rally in this one Dennis Higgins had a column the Butler game last night right here on tape in S. Sprint crosscourt pass those that are left leg free ride lot. We're gonna fight. He's flawless loses a foul with five point three seconds ago flock. And had a pretty good look at it from the left corner it rimmed out. Butler could not quite hit the shot they needed to be in Garden City won 196965. Snapping butler's three game winning streak on the road. Good dub basketball results last night in women's play for Newman and friends the human women. Destroy Randall 9543. In west Wichita last night the Newman lady's turn nine and one on home court this season. And the friends women that. Are ranked number 25 in the nation and they won on the road last night beat Oklahoma Wesleyan 78754. Wins in a row for the 25 ranked friends women. And a happy birthday today to a great. CU basketball star but its all worth the 68 today is the big eight conference player of the year back in 1972. Once scored fifty points inning game against Missouri. See you while hated rival. But as one of the grades and that's why his number fifteen is hanging from the rafters and Allen fieldhouse we wondered is he related to date Stallworth at all I don't think so yes. It's just sleep they have the same name and they report was a heck of players through my guys for the doctor Val. Let's stalwart. Happy birthday of blood Stahl yeah one of the greats in case you know he is 68. Today that sports was Stephens said Kate an SS eight when he won now given your for the handed.