Alaska Airlines grounds plane because of a loose rat

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, January 3rd

Plane to remain grounded until exterminators remove the rodent.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. We want you. News talk and weather station depend on. Beating him in the morning feedback into a ten foot birdie. Pedestrian was hospitalized in critical condition following an accident in west of Wichita Tuesday night here and his feet and US central. A man and woman writing for the Ford Escape to demand ran out in front of their vehicle. That was take a look at the forecast with Cain assist at the Roland just different terrible or good morning Jennifer. Keeping quiet weather conditions and our forecast for Betsy kick and a gusty north to northwesterly winds for today plenty of sunshine expected. Ever gonna Nevada to a high of thirty TU. Tonight partly cloudy we drop against the low to mid teens and then back up to 35 for tomorrow mostly sunny plenty of sunshine and low forties I Friday. I'm KN SS to meteorologist Jennifer narrow more. Now partly cloudy and eighteen degrees. Two workers have died following a grain elevator accident at gavel on grain south of Wichita. Emergency crews responded to decide about 230 yesterday afternoon. After reports that two men have become trapped inside the former to Bruce elevator. Deputy Sedgwick county fire chief Larry tang niece says first responders encountered some problems in their rescue attempts. We never have great access points to find. People or or to gain access to them where they may be we had difficult time we were able to use some equipment that implements around here. To help us get up and gain access to one of the entry points. And we're able to utilize their equipment around here to you to help us they gain access to these bodies. No names have been released Wichita police in officer is on administrative leave after a nine year old girl was injured. By fragments from a bullet he shot at a dog police officer Paul crews set and a news release Tuesday. The incident happened Saturday when officers were responding to a call of a domestic dispute. The officer shot of the dog when it charged officers as they were looking for Oregon the round of broken fragments and the piece struck the girl on the forehead. She was treated and released from Wichita hospital. Officer cruise says a suicidal man in the home was taken in Torre metal health exam. A woman and three other children at the scene were not injured the DA's office will review the case Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Kansas reports it collected 75 million dollars more in taxes than expected in December and state officials say it's because congress overhauled federal income tax laws. The state department of revenue says tax collections last month were 711 million dollars when the state had forecast 636 million. The surplus was eleven point 8% it was a seventh consecutive month that tax collections exceeded expectations. Revenue secretary Sam Williams says some individuals made estimated personal income tax payments earlier than normal in December. Because of a cap on the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes taking effect next year. The Sedgwick county commission has voted to turn its work release center at 701 east carried into an annex jail. KS in news spoke with jail operations colonel Brendan it's been. Now we're going to be keeping people inside this facility so we have to make a little bit more secure. Both inside and on the exterior. Colonel Eastman said changes to windows doors and ceilings are part of the construction to better secure the building. An estimated cost of one million dollars congress is weighing its priorities for Tony eighteen. Congress starts Tony eighteen facing some pressing issues finding the government beyond January 19. President trump wants to upgrade the nation's infrastructure. And then there's docket children brought to this country illegally by their parents. House Republican whip Steve school east told fox any fix needs to address some bigger immigration problems. As it relates to dock look we need and chain migration. We need to end this lottery system that is we've seen time and time again. Is a failed and flawed system let's get back to the things that work we let a million people into our country legally every year the most generous nation in the world. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News president Donald Trump is congratulating Utah Republican Orrin hatch on an absolutely incredible career. After patch announced he will not be seeking reelection after more than forty years in the senate. Hats is the longest serving Republican in the senate he chairs the powerful Senate Finance Committee. Amanda northern California has been charged for the death of a Highway Patrol officer on Christmas Eve. Officer Andrew Camilleri was killed on a highway in the Bay Area his partner was injured. They've been sitting in their patrol car on the side of the highway when 22 year old Mohammed abroad only eat slammed into them. Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley says they've charged only with second degree murder and several other counts relating to driving under the influence driving on highway at speeds greater than 100. Miles per hour golden gate chp chief Ernie Sanchez says investigators have done several interviews including with Ali. He was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana was in the system court documents say Aliev told investigators he knew he was too intoxicated to drive. But decided to keep driving anyway. Jeff Kent Rosenthal Fox News. A woman bought a lottery ticket she did not intend to purchase. And walked away with millions the New Jersey mother of two decided to buy a one dollar scratch off ticket put the cork being mistaken hander a ten dollar set for life ticket instead 46 year old girls gone as are off felt bad for the court so she dug deeper and are pursing came up with nine more box went home and use that ticket is a bookmark it wasn't until weeks later that she decided to scratch and finding jurors surprised that she'd instantly won five million dollars of occasion in the Bahamas now when the family's immediate future. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Even Ted an important status as 635. And at. Did it manages to win and bang she wins. That's what we got to do ten so another nine box and I got a five night by itself a lottery ticket and knowing that we're not gonna win. The drawer someplace and wait she's it'll tip that clerk. You made mistakes shouldn't speak Asia. Alaska Airlines is calling in an exterminator after the company says a rat boarded one of its planes at Oakland international airport in California. And forced to to cancel the flight I had the necessary paperwork. The airlines says passengers were boarding the Portland Oregon bound flight Tuesday. When the red jump from the jet way on that play. Please tell me there's video list own no passengers already on board came off. And the plane was taken out of service. Alaska Airlines says it resumed using the plane with a professional exterminator certifies it is rodent free app Collie or demand they're crippled also be inspected for any damage all sorts. Obviously. He got around the plane could be to the wire it's. All of a sudden you you know what I don't have control. Weighing the wreck. While a rat jumps on a plane alone. Part of that trip. About seventy people at a Christmas team lingerie party. Have been arrested and charged of marijuana possession in Georgia. News outlets reports Carter's Ville police. Said officers responded to all about forty miles from Atlanta early Sunday morning. Party goers told police that loud sounds were fireworks and gunshots police found evidence of drug started an investigation. It's not clear how much pot police found at least 63 people were charged but does Selma Koch. 63. Yeah usually ends up like everybody scatters check back here as a team there's a few token RS not. Sixty. A flier described the event as. A Christmas lingerie pajama party and I must had a pretty good list of who was there there are celebrating somebody's when he first birthday I. Have you ever been into. Christmas theme launch re going there I wish the answer was yes I'm may cancerous and I've never been to a lingerie part the answer would be no less Christmas theme. He wondered do they have a nativity scene there there's now a they sing Christmas carols. Buick caroling and their long break down the law blogging I'm guessing now probably no no yes and there are not a lot of biblical applications to this get together. 637 was even dead and it is interesting it. It's sports is that it's more than that they mean say Bill Snyder says you must come back for for another year of coaching coming back state football team man's been there since. 1989. And created a scandal legend up there in man. And got me he got the attention of people all over that is all the countries that football program. And hints he recruited some very good players he's also had a lot of walk ons from small towns. Who have done very well for as an eastbound he always finds a way he's got a he's got a system and he's got a rarely has four or five star recruits. Usually. RT says it's usually small town guys from Kansas. Lot of junior college transfer right. He recruits. He usually cobble together into something pretty darn near did he gonna come back he's what 78 only eight. Has battled cancer within the past year but does he says he's ready to go over other cities there's health stays in any audio support that's Lisa is right alive I'm happy. I think you guys great so I think most case say fans our too we tried what one or two years without him and it didn't work very bright for years well it for. Wanna mast cells did Leann didn't overrule are at 639 now Stephen dead and it's time for our commodities update but Tom Loeffler of Butler commodities barring Tom. Well good morning Steve. The new year twenty teams struggle polite cattle in Peter get off teachers get higher on the open and maintaining triple digit gains into the close yesterday. That Peter tell featured in the best gains that they were merely limit up at the close. Did technical buying all the plant which case cattle trade but 123 dollar supported the future. Heavily orchestrated mix and local blocked with a desperate contract. The second straight session until lightly about a new contract. That door and live cattle yet they close the dollar eighty hire a 12335. March feeder road or dollar and twenty cents. 14687. I believe all the dollar five lower 70s72. Yesterday the wheat and corn treated most of possibly. Point being treated most of the big east side but the closing positive for the entire grain and soybean complex has. Yesterday soybeans closed underneath the 200 day moving average. For the twelfth time. In the world. And can't think we closed above the fifty day moving average for the first time since late July. At the moment we've got upside mark Casey we. Pretty good three quarter cent higher. Or 38 net. Mark scored that inning directory get to board a quarter mark soybeans up three and a quarter at 968. February crude oil trading at one cent higher at this point it's 6088. February gold the dollar forty 21760. Markets MP3 and three quarter point higher point 696 and three quarter. But mark dollar index when he retired in 9177. And march that didn't speak up 46 point 24 to have an eight were keen. Commodity trading great marketing and by direct contact Weber commodities on the overall whereby you can 866. Due to. Thomas in news's morning it there's a prediction coming out to of this is from the department agriculture. That Americans consumers who leaked. 222 pounds of red meat and poultry this year will leave the record. They bump in red meat poultry Illinois and a a saint in a ticket just not say. I agree entirely 200 that they report to you about. 222 down debts that seems like a lot. If you set it on the table here that would be a lot but if you consider over 365. Days. You know the number of hamburgers and hot dogs and whatnot that I eat. I could see orchid in two to 22. Park yeah quick group yeah that's keep drag but it did what you think you needed to 22 this year lean. That's why they have added a thing called Hamburger Helper Hamburger Helper the lack of between three of us we helped get a fire. Yup could be and I guess you're right Tom I'm right there with the right. Thank you guys it says 642 now was even dead on the way done grant CFP the money tracker. And does get a talked about Alexa. Will you be my financial planner TE Don Randall Wednesday that the morning on K and assess.