Alaska Woman loses mounted Zebra head

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Wednesday, November 29th
Nearby security camera recorded a suspect, Anchorage Police make an arrest

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita as number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. You can tell in the morning Steve back into Austin what word pianist is breaking news. NBC news as long time today show host Matt Lauer and been fired for inappropriate sexual behavior. Today's bill Lawrence lauer co anchor Savannah Guthrie made the announcement at the top of today's today's show more on this story coming up the top of the hour. NBC news long time today cohost Matt Lauer why your. Or inappropriate sexual behavior. Donald Trump junior says his father's successful run for president has given conservatives the ability to feel free to speak up on issues. Appeared Tuesday evening at a fund raiser for Kansas and that is to say Chris. Co box campaign for governor at a suburban Kansas city hotel. Now what's the forecast risky and assess that the urologist. Then holiday important and this morning we have a storm system moving east out of north central Oklahoma and most of the moisture is off to our east so clouds and dry weather will stay around through much of today with a high 52 of tonight's salute 38 he'll be dry on Thursday and Friday with a warming trend 56 tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday out cloudy 42 degrees we have a north wind at ten miles per hour. Wichita officials are considering a change in the fireworks policy. During the workshop meeting Tuesday the city councilman fire chief Tammy Snowe met to consider changes. Current or regulations only allow for novelty fireworks and don't travel over six feet Wentz at all. Chief now says which stories on an island surrounded by other communities that follow state law which allows much louder class seat consumer fireworks. Which the mayor of vice mayor Janet Miller says she has always voted against expanding fireworks sales. Every time fireworks season rolls around. You know my inbox fills up I know my successors. Inbox we'll fill up with fireworks complaints and so I would be doing huge disservice to. Hundreds of people that are written to me over the past eight years. About our existing fireworks let alone expanding it to allow everything. The council agreed to take a closer look at the policy next month. Federal appeals court has refused to hear the appeal of a Kansas man who tried to excel awful bombing of what they thought was a bomb. At an army post to support the Islamic state. Three judge panel of the tenth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Tuesday the appeal filed by John Bucher junior of Topeka. Challenging some conditions of his supervised release. It ruled that the command had waived his appeal rights in his plea deal. Booker was sentenced in July to thirty years in prison followed by a lifetime of supervised release. Pleaded guilty to one count each of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to destroy government property with an explosive. He was arrested in 2015 outside Fort Riley. Dan O'Neill Kane and SS news. Battle to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau now. Former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard core trade picked his deputy reentry English to take over as acting chief. But president trumpet picnic mold they need to temporarily leave the bureau. Maldini moved into the office as English try to filer restraining order against him. A judge denied that order a lawyer for English says he doesn't think the judge's ruling is the final stop for this case. Meanwhile mauled manes told staffers dude disregarded instructions from English. President trumps expected to pick a nominee to take over the job permanently. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News as states. Grappled with how to handle newly legalized marijuana that terrible accident in Vermont shows how dangerous it can be to drive. A driver behind the wheel in the wrong way crash that killed five teenagers in Vermont last year. Heavy concentrations of TH CN has denied the Psycho active ingredient in marijuana gets people high. That's from the state toxicology report found ten. Mammograms any amount in Vermont is against the law but even illegal land of Colorado the limit is only five nanograms. Vermont's report concludes effective. Marijuana on driving ability may include wheezing inattention poor coordination and slowed reaction time with increased error rates and complex tasks. The drivers pled not guilty to five counts of murder. Three Crowley Fox News. Deaths on Kansas roadways are up this year and Kansas Highway Patrol says distracted driving it. Especially when it comes to cell phones are big cause. Although it is against the law to text and drive in which he tossed some cities in Kansas taken a step further. And hands free ordinance which means you can't even hold your phone while driving ASN news spoke with trooper Todd Heilman. Would like to see that ordinance becomes state law. We see some with a cellphone and her hand while they're driving right here. That's all we would. According to triple A Kansas 420. People have died in Kansas traffic accidents so far this year. That's up more than 12% from this time last year 634 now Stephen Jen in the morning here on net. 97 and thirteen thirty came in as a as a debt Tay or Ted. As you were doing that story I was thinking. From time to time I answer that phone when it rings in my car. And talk on the phone but alternative. That the even moderating hands free me isms you know I'm so inept. It got. Hands free Obama. Our Bluetooth you know in our Honda or new Honda. But he didn't. I've Daschle what I hit that I'm looking down here and not in pain not paying attention is drugs all of this for a few minutes and very. Lester simply acted Boyce activated yourself like it's a distraction. The safe thing to do is tune your radio right here in the Yates evident keep without. Located just it but what about when we're doing storm coverage I'm out of I'm got a cellphone in my hand the whole town doing I've gotten to the point where when emblem on an ambulance on coach I just pulled over. And just in talk you know but we I do it I'd just like you said Robert dues on coverage Roland we're talking. But yet anyway the Kansas Highway Patrol seems to think it's a it's a big problem. And a and they get it in built folks out there right right now drive around Wichita. They're looking around to all that that person over there on the self and others were over there. And to even the text I mean all and it's like I do and that's the that's. At. And the even start to do. That's that's tough for our folder but my phone so small trying to take it is very hard for read it right right figures you know. I didn't even know you did text I don't puts up if I put on FaceBook help texts up there but I don't really texts phone phone. Anyway I just talk and I'm old fashioned that's old school man it's old school. And Alaska woman came home to find out a thief broke into her home and stole clothing jewelry prescription drugs. And of and this is terrible the mounted head of zebra she had a role. Well that's an usual. Turns out you'd think you'd be able to find this item. There's a state she's got gas and that is about a listen to cabdriver. Who helped a suspect drive off with the stolen goods. Now the zebra head and his trumpet retired cab driver and very helpful and a credit but he put my truck that looked like a zebra head. Though it has and you tend to remember that by an amount of zebra and I'd want it back and all orange you know. A New Jersey woman has raised more than 385000. Dollars for a homeless man who came to her roadside eight interest in strong. That's up to buy him a hall Anthony's dream track. And provide you with a small and goals Horry. Simply for doing a good deed Kate McClure said on her go fund B page that an attorney. And financial advisor helped 34 year old Johnny bother junior come up with a plan. When she was granted he gave her the last twenty dollars he had. I'll tell you what. He invested twenty dollars and good deed and get 385000. Dollars back. We should never return on our goodies like that a lot of good deeds. Right well we Tavis you know it's not the point of the good deed I guess not if the it put the good deed is to be rewarded and it's gone the meeting of the good is now in some ways yes what holiday movie are use. Bad Santa is probably Ted. You can find out by taking our quiz at the K Unisys radio FaceBook page. Go to FaceBook dot com slash K in his as radio. We're gonna pick five lucky people who took the quiz quiz two and a four pack of tickets to Britannica illumination is going on right now. And every evening. So why are you going to take the quiz and you know the he get those pathetic tickets ya mind. An actor to graze in the movie I had. I am most like is that elf yes you got on my result was elf as well Ed sandy bats and I got. Alina you know and Emily came out violence on the theater. I did I'd not felt pain I was laughing so hard really I think that was in the mood for I guess that's under all right down and out. Is agreed to automatically the grinch is one of our crisis. Well that's all you need to take it find out it was again as if I did try to somehow cheat and and yet it's a wonderful life when you think at. Messy that's that's what I thought maybe in my movie wouldn't belts again I don't know what it. Identify the Bob Newhart you can take the quiz what holiday movie are you. That again that's it dead in its just radio FaceBook page. The FaceBook dot com slash kaine as his radio you know maybe you'll be one of the lucky five winners of those but Danica tickets to the nominations yeah. Well I think that when it comes to movies and such in its as commodities updates I'm littler. Is probably most like you know grandma got run over by a reindeer. It. I think maybe can look like he's going to. Bring. And the white can't pollute Maggie that opposition load. All these close out maneuvered specialized. Treatment they'd be most of the place yesterday part outcome like. Only called teacher continued trying to close higher for the fourth straight session. And leave out featured at their highest rate since early November and some context toward new contract Taj yesterday. December look at yesterday's seventeen cents lower on the political what 1965. GM Peter to open Nicklaus won 5458. It definitely not a dollar 42 hired 7152. The wheat futures made new contract lows Tuesday for a third straight session did manage to close by people like buying the corn and soybean futures closed on the negative side. Weather conditions and weather forecasts are mockup and internal and wheat crop. Including December futures contracts in the grind. The first notice day after the second straight session the damage to new record high yesterday. It is that being 4171. Point 12017. Blow at the moment mark's case he won't have any higher or 23 quarter. March corn up Cordova 8350. January beamed them to me up into 990 and amp. January corrupt fifteen cents floor 5784. Work that you were a dollar one evil or 12198. Dollars. The assembly has beaten at 12628. Amp December dollar index recently lowered 9318. December they'll do as teachers up 72 point 223008. 83. A commodity trading like marketing advisory contact for commodities on the phone or on the web by using 866 due to tell. I had time on the you have you done any Christmas shopping yet. No I really don't have much. Pretty much what the wife do all they are. Really know he's got all the money she might as well attract. New York just a guy you're free spirit you don't need to be worried about money. That's why I tried in district court. Yeah he just generate tons and tons cash and she takes it out it's urgent right. A rep. I know you. Don't know much is probably not losing this morning that she is she knows I'm just teasing you. But I learned people repeat things to do only yeah that's. I'd just tell that you military inflation got a lot yes something was lost in transit network out of the way it came out. Sounds. Great it's there's 642 announced even did in his as commodities update but mr. Tom left were they coming up. We've got Don Ramsey after the money tractor buying a flip this house. Donvan on the way Stephen dead in the morning on KNF cents.