Alexa, will you be my financial planner?

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, January 3rd

Moneytracker Don Grant expects at some point Amazon will want to get in on financial planning.


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Like the direction that our country is headed and I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country but I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. 88713. Thirty KM answer as we are even dead in the morning at 646. Three big things in thirty countries begin the new year would give new US senators seeing. You say you'll end with a man shot in north Wichita line. Food dead in the grain elevator accident south of Wichita. Three big things even dead on Kate and assess. Stolen vehicle causing traffic hazard now on northbound on Iowa and 35 is pretty close to. A loss that left. Watch out for that went in that's northbound I want 35. Near Kellogg Kraft updates from cape and SS radio and chief. Warming up just a bit sunny today with a high of 33 degrees yesterday's high in which caused 25 it. Partly cloudy and cold tonight the over the thirteen the Thursday partly cloudy tomorrow side 35. Now partly cloudy northwest wind at nine miles per hour and eighteen. Degrees. Kate and assess whether brought you by the monarch. Explore your level America's native spirit every Wednesday. With four dollars elect burdens of whiskey is located in 579 west Douglas. In his story delay you know the monarch. 648 now Stephen dead Wednesday asked today apps today stocks are starting to play eighteen in the green. New year and the records began ESP and the NASDAQ close at record highs and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Fourteen points away from its all time record close the Dow gained 105 points at 2400824. The NASDAQ Composite up 137006. The SP 500 up 22. At 2695. Disney gained 4% led the Dow Jones Industrial Average after Star Wars last Jai. Missed 2017. Top grossing film others movers were all about merger talk. The first was that Amazon could buy target that was about one gene Munster said of the venture co-founder saying that that's a possibility for 2018 and his tack predictions on its way here stock exchange with that in the eighties Fox News. Remember my Tyson the boxer. Now he's broken ground on his latest venture. Billed as an oasis in the desert. He's opening Tyson ranch in California city. But he's not going to be raising cattle or herding sheep instead. To be focusing on we'd. That's right the former heavyweight champion is entering the marijuana market. He into business partners program December 20 on a forty acre plot of land about a 110 miles north of Los Angeles. Or into the associates press forty acres it's. Forty acres well maybe a CL works nights and we'll use about twenty acres to give professional growers a chance to Colbert cultivate new strains. And technology to advance research on the human medical benefits. Of marijuana itself. When she got to the places he is actually going to do some scientific. Researcher for him on multi facet guy. Mike Tyson. Out of which he's had an acting career. Yeah movies and television he's not a one man show on Broadway. He's an author he's been a standup comic. Now he's given Agricole don't get any of it that area. Airlines our show sharing some of their tax law windfall of employees and blowing a big aircraft maker. American and southwest say they will pay employees bonuses of a thousand dollars each. A gesture that Americans have would cost 130 million dollars. Southwest also said that exercised options to buy more new jets from Boeing while delaying orders or some others. Before we get too carried away about all the generosity these guys is the one airline has been making at at a money. Yeah out and they always enough but pretty much the top of those quality ratings right they've done a good job that I made a ton of money and I get a share some of it. And their employees because they think tax Weisel group. 650 now Stephen Chad and time for Don Brandt GOP the money tracker he says is up Alexa will you be my financial planner. Don good morning user. Well good morning he'd. I am not a big fan of powers or disks from Google or Amazon in my house with the capability to eavesdrop on conversations. Mike Palin room. Inevitably there will be stories of action and those systems alarm actor to listen and the conversations that are considered private because there was in the confines of a personal residence. Call me paranoid. But I wouldn't doubt it come into elegance and you'll find it and it on the homeland security act to listen to somebody docs. In their living room well despite that. We don't want it on. It was a yeah it Bartlett saying lack what's the port Castro tomorrow or elect like Bruno Mars in the ambler. I like unplug it and just before pulling Alexis blog yesterday I had a lax that would help him on the spot answered. I don't know that well Amazon. Once every day they want to that question where OK let's get your financial Clinton and knowing it'll happen sooner than later. What civil probably become part of the robo advisor way. Rubble advisors tell people and that by eliminating the state based. With a person. And through a questionnaire. Investors will be placed in. Low cost managed portfolio that they're at their risk profile in time right and has determined. By the outcome of the question here. Let me on Priscilla with a very. Civil financial situation but once we factor in new tax law. Complex state structures. Alternative investments like rental properties or oil leases corporates truckers structures surrounding small business employees. Corporate stockholdings and mortgages to just a few challenges. It's difficult to imagine that talking to a disk. Will be able to factor all of these things into a comprehensive financial plan. I appreciate. All that tech companies are doing to bring down costs through efficiencies and consolidation are you a lot of those. I hope that some entrepreneur or genius and somehow fix health care so that everyone is covered and the rest of us start players or premium payers. Art on the hook. Prepare appendectomy. But for now. I'm sure that I'd. I'm not sure that I would trust a lecture at what all of my. Hard earned money and my future guitar and of course you have any question you give me a call the number 6342222. I you don't have to answer this question if you don't want to Don it's there are your health insurance. Are you buying that as a private individual on the market. I am because I'm a business owner I am buying it as a private individual and I'm part of that 7%. I believe that just paying the highest premiums in the country cause it's outrageous. My idea daughter and her has been during that that same group and Donna what their premium is in his Al rages. And I mean before we couldn't walk into the doctors are yet paid. Cast of thousands of dollars it's amazing it is it is just. I just. I don't know what to do I mean I have to I kill helpless because. You know congress on both sides are playing without sin and nobody's get that done it's just it's upsetting aspect of me so don't get least. Arctic which you okay I'm sorry I'm sorry calm down your blood pressure I'm worried about that today is so. Today is festival of sleep today. This day offered to cozy opportunity to rest after the New Year's celebrations. Taking part in the festival flea days easy and creative act. There did all one has been his final itself look comfortable spot somewhere and fall asleep bids are not record. Festival holy day. I'd pick out just go to my office then kicked my chair department asked if hey well and no chance that I was Davis more months yesterday waiting for them to put a battery in my car. And sitting there with my wife and you know what happened and they had to wake you up late yeah I'm in Italy via festival sleek believe that the I can sleep in Europe. Yeah it's. A so regularly but what that best of sleep in sleep well at all yeah okay fine yep. And then did Ted into the show I think you at 655 now Stephen dead and coming up at 7 o'clock game is his morning news even did a complete look. At today's news including. Two people are dead in the grain elevator accidents album which could tell that story and more news on the way Stephen dead on tape and assess.