Is the "American Dream" under attack?

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 6th

Deatils from Money Tracker Don Grant, CFP


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That fueled by. At 648. Receiving death and mourning in 987 and thirteen thirty KNS as well. The minutes away from money records on grant joining us here in studio. In SS ST instead it now it's time for three big things three. President trump reddy's is expected recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Being welcomed in Israel but drawing criticism from others seeing. Sixth ranked soccer men's basketball team thirteen points behind in the second half last night but coming back to win a Coke arena line. The big announcement expected this afternoon at Wichita based Spirit Aerosystems. Three big things even at 97 and thirteen 38 in ans yes. And taking a look at traffic this morning we still have fire crews on the scene of a big house fire in the 19100 block of north park Kansas. Six people did get out safely of that house but then they are displaced now receiving assistance. Big house fire burning down house in 19100 block of north park Kansas traffickers still on the scene. And we heard about some traffic debris in the roadway the northbound lanes of I 135 on the ramp 1990 six's and debris on the ramp. Because traffic problems air traffic update. This is taken as as radio asked. And as we take a look at the weather forecast here on hand Wednesday morning. Chilly Wednesday morning. Will be under sunny skies today sunrise underweight with a high of 47 degrees with a wind increasing out of the northwest. Much colder air tonight partly cloudy overnight low down to 21. Minutes in and tomorrow on Thursday will be colder. But sunny. Hi tomorrow only 34 degrees right now in which he saw we do have a clear sky. We are right freezing mark 32 degrees with a breeze out of the west northwest currently the hive 47. Take in as answer whether it brought you by the monarch explore your load of America's native spirit every Wednesday announced today. With four dollars selected turbines and wind speeds. Located at 579. West Douglas and. Historic delay no. That's the monarch great place to hang out it is 650 was Steve intent on K and as an us and let's take a look at what happened yesterday you on the finances of Wall Street's. Stocks on Wall Street dropped across the boards and back and forth action the Dow actually swung about 200 points from top to bottom. But did finish up Buffalo's. The Dow finished at 2400180. That was a drop of 109 points the NASDAQ topped thirteen points at 6762. The SP 500 down about ten. At 2629. Some of the tech stock had a bit of a turnaround today in fish in the green Amazon Google FaceBook Netflix at eBay in there. As well though on the other hand homebuilders dropped about 7% after Tolbert is reported revenue that fell short of the analysts' estimates. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange nickel metal eighties Fox News. 651 with Steve intent on Kate and SS here on this Wednesday morning is the American dream under attack. Let's find out with money tracker Don grant CF PD would this here this morning in studio hello. I'm well how low do. I love that that the American dream. Now what we hear that we think homeownership right in immediately it is achievable by most Americans but perhaps it is. At the expense of a well funded retirement. A home is a great thing it's a tangible reflection of our personalities and are well however even know houses and appreciating asset. It's real it consumption vehicle if you think about it. That you work hard to save for a down payment. Then the monthly mortgage payments begin improvements updates maintenance shoveling stole mowing grass. It never in it never ends. All for you all for you'd have a place to call your own. Which is really owned by the bank. In tillage paid off. Yeah meantime are you still adequately funding your retirement accounts between 2005 and 2012. US home prices crashed 43%. Our name in our neck of the woods didn't see you know those huge drops nor have they seen stellar recoveries like some of the high demand locales across the country. So while you may be building wealth with your home. You're really building wealth that you can use. And mortgage tax benefits are overstated for many families the right off. Is slightly better than a standard federal tax deduction for one person in household. Your house is at great place to live. But it creates no income even when you eventually sell. Do you really cash out already buy another home that eventually goes to the kids when you leave this earth. Americans' retirement accounts are woefully underfunded. Hello wallet dot com researches. Showed that the average American family. Would generate 50% more wealth over the next decade by investing in their retirement accounts. Rather than their houses. I'm not discouraging homeownership at all just encouraging some thought. And more retirement savings sometimes we get too caught up in home improvements at the expense. A comfortable retirement and of course you have any questions you can give me a call number 6342222. And mortgage payments are a big. Big chunk it's a big chunk and I guess he's got a great place to live and Andy at the pride of I don't know homeownership and creates no income much against our little air B&B that back bedroom or something like that. You know right. It's been your slave to your home. The and you were a slave to your home yes. You can't well yours like your home anyway can improve it and keep it work in an off visibility on just just about the time everything works. Then something happens yeah ally and that one hour. And it never stops them more satisfied and it came hours. Ago like you said retirement account sometimes gets shoved down on that list right. And that it discouraged I know of at all it's a wonderful wonderful thing was a good way to pass on wealth as well but but. By something you can afford you know it's not gonna cut into your life sound retirement. Sounds good RD Don know what you're doing on this Wednesday what's on as. Plan I got a bunch of meetings and and I know it's our office Christmas. Marty. Yeah. Yeah ultimately do on your on so Albie were in Hampshire a little bit later there's nothing like Wednesday night party yet again yeah right right this stuff. That's how they cut down alcohol consent and I think Tina you have to get things you have to leave the missile Toma tow it home this year too yeah I just I have little thing coming out of my hat. Hangs right from my face you're that guy yeah now back. At a yeah that's like the nuclear arm in a well I'll it will expect a full report on the that your party tomorrow well I may be calling it in tomorrow but yeah. Well afford to police report tomorrow we're very ya it'll be on the sheet naked on IR I. See that's our money tracker Don Graham CST every weekday morning at this time right here. On K and pass pass. Will be taking a look at items in the news including a couple of house fires this morning. We'll keep you updated in that we had a big announcement in Wichita coming up today. Stephen did in the morning 98713. Thirty K. NSA us. And his Stephen Ted in the morning every weekday for the money record Don grant CFT securities offered through kestre investment services LLC member finreg SIPC investment advisory services offered through kestre advisory services LLC an affiliate of Castro I asked CT HP is not affiliated with tester I asked orchestra AS.