American League wins the MLB All-Star Game

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Wednesday, July 18th
Local and national sports update from Ted Woodward.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock this is the case and as his forty users can contend the icy Macintosh. Donald Trump junior appears edwards' top fund raiser we've got the story planned around the Wichita Greyhound park has been sold at auction. I'm Dan O'Neill I'm writing prize the Wichita City Council got details on the proposed budget for next year. Federal charges filed against Wichita attorney and a computer software engineer behind him Woodward those details just ahead. I'm Ken SS meteorologist Dan holidays yesterday cloud cover kept our temperature in the upper eighties are high yesterday 88. We we warm up more today are full forecast is coming up. The president's son Donald Trump junior was in Wichita Tuesday night campaigning for critical block in the GOP primary race for governor. Speaking to a room of supporters trump talked about the recent meeting with NATO as college jobs here at home were. Hollywood who's done more you do work and try as a builder yeah yeah so he understands he does those guys who work for the Minnesota. If we didn't get a look at the job of any of club located where wages are going. Kansas governor's race has fourteen people in the primary ballot primary Election Day is Tuesday August 7. The land under and next to Wichita Greyhound park has been sold at auction two men trying to protect what they already own in the area the watchdog. Eagle reports racing magnate Phil Ruffin bought an 82 acre tract that includes the park buildings and the racetrack. Which he closed in 2007. After voters rejected a proposal to bring slot machines for the park. He paid one point six million dollars for the land he owns the buildings at the track and was leasing the land. Johnny Stephens the owner of the nearby Kansas coliseum. And a company buildings bought 35 acres west of the park or 150000. Dollars the Sedgwick county commission approve the sale following the auction. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. Some Wichita City Council heard details on next year's proposed budget from city manager Robert Leighton at Tuesday's meeting highlights of the proposed 600 million dollar budget included unchanged at Miller of eight. Optimizing fire staff response to non emergency calls and a two million dollar increase in street maintenance. On next year's budget calls for clap golf course to be closed. Mayor Jeff Longwell gave his two cents on the course which lost over 230000. Dollars last year. I don't believe we're ready and until we have further discussion I can say that I'm not ready at this point to close class I think there might be some there. Options to look at. The Lynnwood branch library would be close in 2019. Also a private for what take over operation of the city's animal shelter from the police department. The City Council will hold a public hearing about the budget on August 7 with adoption of the plan one week later. Rodney prize came in SS news. Federal charges have been filed against Wichita attorney Brad pit stop nick and computer software engineer at the office of US attorney for Kansas Stephen McAllister. Says the indictment alleges to stop nick and David door set co-founder of a company called viral artificial intelligence. Each committed five counts of computer fraud and two counts of conspiracy. The indictment alleges that the men were responsible for cyber attacks in 2013 fourteen and fifteen on web sites that were critical of the stock mix work. Attorney Steve Robison representing the stop nick tell stay SN news they were caught off guard by the indictment because they thought the mattered in concluded point. And terror investigation was about states' attorneys not out beyond. We have asked. Your troops follow up we have retired Kurt beat up in the two years plus at patched up steadily better some consider the matter. A court date has not been set. President trump is trying to clarify and correct a controversial comment he made about Russian election interference. At a news conference of Vladimir Putin's key meant to say what it not would in any key sentence about Russian election interference. And. Should have been obvious I thought it would be obvious but I would like to clarify just in case it wasn't. President trump says he meant to say he sees no reason why Russia would it be to blame for 2016 cyber attacks and steady steady gains theories and it would be Russia. Also now saying he accepts US intelligence agency's conclusions that precious Madeleine. 2006. Election suffice. But the president added it could be other people also. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News so. Him and house explosion animal lane has died identified as Robert Englund. That explosion happened July 9 southeast of bull clean and good to springs road another man Rick MacPhail was also injured in the explosion he's in fair condition. State fire Marshal investigating the cause of the fire authorities are looking at propane gas as a possible cause. Several find out why minutes past 7 o'clock which even dead. Major League Baseball all star game last night we'll have highlights coming up in sports Google may be facing the biggest fine in its history. That story coming up on the case and as a sporting news Steven says that. Okay and is this morning users even dead now 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock. A Harvey county sheriff's deputy has been arrested for allegedly criminal threats made via cell phone. Levi Herring was taken into custody by the north Newton police department Tuesday morning Harvey county sheriff Tanguay. Says he will hold his deputies accountable. I'll want community to know that they have a great group of folks that worked for them. And that this one guy. You know isn't messed it doesn't at all represent what we stand for as a sheriff's office. Herring has been placed on administrative leave by Harvey county during the investigation by north Newton police. Google may be facing the biggest fine in its history. Google may be ordered a fork over as much as eleven billion dollars in fines by the European Union commission. The BBC reporting that the commission's ready to lots of fine because of what they say are anti competitive roles for android phones. If you've ever had an android you'll see that usually Google searches the default search engine and the global placed source the default store. Google reportedly requires that any phone maker who wants to use the android operating system has to set up those defaults till NATO Fox News. A Virginia man called 911 after being fouled out. On a basketball court in half but did an LA fitness in sterling Virginia and of course it was caught on video. The hardest all of America broad. Did you guys stay vertical in the Gaza Strip out. The guy who called the cops was followed hard enough to fall to the court but deputies say they're not certain why they were well have you ever vehicle or basketball. Reported that. That's my back no fists were thrown there was no racial element in fair after he called the cops the man returned to the court to finish the game Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Just heard the phrase no blood no foul 710 now 10 minutes past 7 o'clock. They gasoline prices in Wichita this morning low end or 257. A gallon that's what I'm Sina their traffic updates from taking an SS radio. I'm judge Amber's and now we can send storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Ron hill Williams give Iran L. Hey good morning to you ignore states recent are gonna keep that 20% chance for showers this today in the forecast. Yeah you know what I I think I'm gonna go and take that out as a lot of the rain to come moved. Just to the south of which Todd down into Oklahoma. I don't think there's any threat of rain this morning but up to our north way up to the north and parts of some of our Nebraska counties. A few thunderstorms and then moving in towards that part of the viewing area and other than that. A lot of us look pretty dry this morning just still pretty cloudy as well. And integrator showing in London central north central Oklahoma did get a watering down current. Yes similar to what we were dealing with the yesterday seems like they're kind of getting the delusion this morning. But either way I think gathering that we picked up over the past couple days. I'd awfully nice to get at least a little bit of a break from my from those showers for the rest of the week of pregnancy brain again this week yours you know holed up for a few days. Yes yeah for right now looks like we're going to be right in the middle kind of a pattern shift. Between today and tomorrow by tomorrow looks like things are gonna be pretty drive for at least a few days into the weekend. She is gonna be hotter middle ninety's. Looking likely all the way through the rest of the work week and especially into the weekend. Maybe a slim chance of an isolated storm by late Sunday night but boy did get its forecast here for the next day yourself. Yeah you know what for the next that day today going on today it looks like at that slim chance of rain definitely up the forecast at least until we get. In the late afternoon may be seeing a few thunderstorms developing in parts of western Kansas and they may try to make the trip over here. And south central Kansas and Wichita and be another 1020%. Chance of that happening and then later on tonight falling down into the sixties and seventies against similar where we have been following over the past few days. Under that 20% chance for May be an isolated storm or shower in the Thursday. Maybe if you left overs in western Kansas but otherwise Wichita looking pretty dry by this time tomorrow morning. And as mentioned this is gonna be hotter by tomorrow going from 91 today. To 95 tomorrow so you're gonna feel the difference in depth and feel so today's high 91 tomorrow to 99 and 959595. Tomorrow not in that hot just yet the path or really I want to be hotter. At the back at a so right now Ron Al. Yeah right now not really feel that that 73 degrees still got that mostly cloudy sky out there and also never get a whole lot of sunshine. To start the day just a little bit gloomy depending on where you are wind's pretty light as well out of south at three miles per hour. Duke point of seventy to keep in mind temperature 73 once they get close together that's what make makes the air feel very very heavy. Possibly even seeing may be in a few isolated spots a little fog. With those low clouds out there are so something keep in mind but visibility for right now actually pretty good at ten miles. All right thank you Ron I appreciated the cages and storm tracker three forecasts. With Kansas today meteorologist Ron L Williams 714 Stephenson well. Yesterday's high in Wichita was 88 degrees about them normalized 93 so we are a little below normal yesterday in the afternoon. And rainfall in of his spotty memory as we've had it. The spotty rainfall. Out of Eisenhower near Eisenhower airport National Weather Service. Officially recording eighteen hundreds of an inch. That's not allow right eighteen hundreds of an inch and that the northern part of the county obviously got certain parts got an orange some governance of the hill. It is today's July 18 only state in 1953. All of us Presley recorded money happiness. As a gift for his mother dual mop. It was his first recording Gladys Atlantis was her name and apparently he was. From what I can from my understanding is pretty much devoted to mom yes he was. They were very very close and she probably is one of those things like it. And then a mom will take your child and and really. Smother with a lot of affection and in a lot of positive vibes and does really gonna basically bought Graceland bird it means to him now mean. I don't know that's a mansion that's interesting I'd. Many butter pink Cadillac the drive to total around Memphis and all she needed their right I was lighting was taken care or. But today is special day for me Ellis apartment to share with you with the you know the personal side of Stephen did today is a birthday from my twin granddaughters. Mary and Jocelyn bubble that's a big day. They're celebrating their twelve birth my touch down to twelve months or years of being preteens and not in the media. It is there any worry they're actually preteens because on the one hand there there there in San talking about for their birthday and electronics you know computers stuff like that on the other hand. We need. And we both the eight Ed dole stroller a Goodwin. And so you have pared their right in between there right so anyway they have a huge collection of stuffed animals. Rilya at a London and their Burma's. There are about size in this city mr. every day and maybe it'll smaller. And they should things just bill was stuffed animals out when you tell it in Erie. They have their twelfth birthday and you have twins in your family to do you have need that twin cousins I've twin nieces in niece's house today. The Levinson. There about Iran that their little younger than okay Selena by year's time. Willie Berrian jostling and have a gay amateur exactly. All of it's going to liquor I do know there's probably going to be some cake and ice cream later on tonight RI you know these are two kids that. And then they're pretty good they're good students are good athletes and them. Or Prada men women and their public qualifying and ladies now. And so they don't happy birthday to Jocelyn and Mary heaven of their twelfth birthday good for them and they are from young lady in our seven coming up on 718 now Steve intense sports time with Ted Woodward here on Wednesday morning and and we can talk about the the all star game and shoots a bit blatant. To find out who won. Imus to miss last arc from the American layers. Yes oh Cambodia but the Major League baseball's 89 all star game in Washington DC last night American League and National League. Lot of home runs lot of strikeouts few walks peppered in kind of pretty much a microcosm of what baseball is these days. Says you have the action it in the nationally tied it with a couple home runs in the bottom of the ninth but the American League struck right back in the top of the tenth inning Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros. In a home run in the top of the tenth. Then his teammates. George springer came up right after him and the very next pitch you heard it on campaign. Pitched this springer he drives one right field. Painfully back Jane look game. Astros homers a bad didn't leave it. As an added another anti it is seven to five. I this is big government as excited as the home run derby last night just unbelievable. Bloody history expired over the last fifteen minutes. Routed to dad things you thought this case. Size up the ball game untied by Alex Greg made in this team and you can tell me this is an entertainer is going to tell you. It's a little American League goes on to win it eight to six in ten innings the game featured. A record ten home run balls wow there's never been more than six in an all star game. 25 strikeouts and nine walks. Half of the at bats finished in either a home run the strike out or walk. And the with the baseball is these these guys are going to play small ball or don't know they're all the look at them they're all looking for fastballs when they connect gone in there. American League wins it eight to six in ten innings at six wins in a row for the American League. And they've won eighteen of the last 21. Have been decided. Pro baseball last night the Wichita wing nuts. Are having trouble in Lincoln this season up in Nebraska for the fourth time in five games in Lincoln this year the wing nuts loose on a walk off. The Lincoln solve dog's last night it was a sac fly the bottom of the ninth inning as the wing nut dropped two games back for a playoff spot with wing nuts. Finish up a very brief three game set in late in the on a road trip 6:45 this evening. Pro basketball we had a trade yesterday the Memphis Grizzlies traded a former Kansas Jayhawks have been Maclin more to the Sacramento Kings. Which is where Ben played the first four years of his career he spent four years in Sacramento one year in Memphis now Memphis shipped him back to Sacramento. Ben Macklin or you might remember was the number seven overall pick in the NBA draft five years ago and now he's going back. To sack back to Sacramento. NBA basketball summer league action yesterday finishing up the tournament in Las Vegas the title game had the Portland trailblazers beating the Los Angeles Lakers. Trying to get a roster spot for the lakers a couple of former Kansas Jayhawks Sabena pilots starting for the lakers forward had ten points and three rebounds. Another case you played Amelie Newman had four points and three rebounds off the bench for the lakers those two guys trying to get roster spots. In the NBA. And let's get a Minor League Baseball update on former Wichita State player Casey Gillespie's in Tripoli with the White Sox for the Charlotte knights. Get a double and drove in Iran yesterday that 1959. In his last seven games. Former soccer Casey Gillespie's Tripoli with the White Sox. Am happy birthday today to former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Gloucester Richardson. Who was played for the chiefs and won a Super Bowl ring and Super Bowl for. A couple of years later he won another Super Bowl ring with the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl six. Former chiefs wide receiver Gloucester Richardson who is 77. Years old today. In the chiefs past couple weeks away Brian daily training camp updates with me told us you bet to start that late July or right here on KMS. Us every weekday morning so get ready for that get pumped and data assesses the radio home of intensity jeeps there right yet that. I just pound on the we're looking forward that we always do it's we have a ball. What about the all star break out. When the guys go back to work when we start the game Thursday or Friday. Cardinals in the cubs play on Thursday Thursday everybody else started back up again on Friday take one more dangerous. And then pitches coming up in just a few days. Even if you know forget close you bet. Paid time for a prairie fire coffee break Monta and assess now prairie fire coffee is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because. Very fired coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very prior coffee at your office just like Stephen dead by calling 267. 3771. Or online. At prairie fire coffee dot com. Seventh what did you calculator for Rush Limbaugh morning update California Democrats. Have moved further left. Then Dianne Feinstein ads coming up Steve at bowling on K innocence.