Americans love broccoli

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 15th
Survey finds that broccoli is the favorite vegetable of 47% of the U.S.

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That Matthews mean Madison is is. The ones that. Get people excited and went back iron. 98. And as good as he did did in the mornings at 846. Here on Friday. Three big things coming. Report released on the handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe of seeing former Wichita YMCA employee will stand trial on sex with children charges. One person dead after a fire in the group home and part Kansas City three big things even dead on KN SS. Northbound on I 135 router 1996. We got a stalled out vehicle. And the senate car stalled out. Northbound and I want 35 runner and he 96 watch for slow down traffic updates. Okay and SS radio and yet she's. Sunny breezy and hot again today with a high of 99 degrees. Mostly clear tonight the overnight low seventy. For Saturday sunny breezy and hot again tomorrow's night's 95. Now partly cloudy we go to south winds gusting to 23 miles per dollar and eighty degrees. Think tennis has whether brought you by the monarch. Voted one of the best suburban bars in America by the fervent reviews. Located at 579 list Douglas in historic delay you know. The monarch jam what's up. I want CNET tweet says this is from the counterparty county Kansas securities and yes crews responding to a pipeline fire near west tech and north. Hurts loop road west of Heston no injuries reported and Grassley motors to avoid that area his. But Ted was talking about a few minutes ago right that's right apparently of some sort of up but did what he's a ghastly one by pipeline fire. The other gets the blame should not hundreds. Doesn't feel pretty spectacular added up. Well who are chaperone who moved to assistant principals at a Maryland high school been placed on aid leave it. After they were accused of drinking alcohol the school's prom. Prince George's county public schools spokesman John White says the allegations against Christopher boroughs and Patricia Duffy. Are being investigated they were chaperones the schools may eighteenth problem. The school's principal Carolina Marie white says she hasn't been accused of drinking but that he's on leave for another matter. Trick and you mentioned. At the pro off that he's just not a good to grant you tomorrow everybody knows that's for the strategists it. And it is whom whom they you for that. Correction there. Is easy right to it I think he is I think he has to. Okay father particular becoming I used you know he he he old towel down that way you know people automatically think. We can do that we go to the old English. When they prefer to use that will be our right sure. Okay and you refer to me always gonna question you did just think you're weird refer to me you can call me your honor your match them up and that destroy hither and there is everywhere and apparently this other good hitters and on gather ye old lead you don't want to Monday the Internet and word that people don't use much his pants. See that's a great work all hands as the great yeah fantastic word or hasten the east and it. Father's Day coming up June 17 what to how you celebrate so the Stephen dead pull right there on our web page Qaeda says radio dot com take get out for a meal. 10%. Ira the girl. 40%. A nice card 25%. Simple quality time together comes in tops with 45%. On Tuesday how are you going to celebrated with the role that. US industrial production slipped 110% in May. Primarily dragged by a drop in manufacturing caused by a major fire at a parts supplier for trucks. Federal Reserve says in manufacturing component of industrial production fell seven tenths percent and make. Largely because of this disruption in a truck assembly's. So it's an illustration there that's a big drops haven't cents. An illustration there that you've got these. These companies that are feeding into the bigger manufacture right companies in if something goes for all of those. Companies anything can happen out and has highlighted chain breaks down yeah. All right the Dow yesterday closed it down 25 points S&P rose six and NASDAQ. Rose 65 to a record high close yesterday so pretty good day on Wall Street McDonald's. Says it will switch to paper straws at all its locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. And test an alternative to plastic ones and some of its US restaurants later this year. The burger chain another fast food companies have been facing increasing pressure from customers and environmental activists to stop using plastic straws. Because they can end up in the ocean and harm sea turtles birds and other marine life. So paper straws like plastic ones. Disintegrate in the entire biodegradable. And Packers. Shares of H&R block we're down for the second day in the bio degrade the first time those. Sugary soda pops are sucked through it you know start melting our idol labor shares of H&R block or down for the second day general following attacks prepares announcement that it would shutter 400 offices. In response to a new tax law that could simplify the average Americans return then about that. You now believe wanna see it questions about a possible new medical school for Wichita editor bill Roy that would stop business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning guys the other big story in a weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today. Trying to sort out the details of the proposal for a new medical school in Wichita. Developers that it took a lot brought some buildings in downtown Wichita with plans. For an osteopathic medical school there was some opposition she intended to scrap the plans and sell the buildings. But she said she heard from supporters of the idea who convinced church and not give up. We wanted to talk to supporters of the downtown medical school but other than governor Jeff collier mayor Jeff Long well. No one wanted to speak out publicly our story also has details on the accrediting process for any medical school. And the steps that would have to be taken to make that a reality. This week we spent ten minutes with an a cold castle Berry she's in the new CFO at Wesley health care. Castle Berry says she didn't know anything about Wichita before moving here earlier this year. She's 35 and she has an MBA from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He says she's been doing a lot of listening and learning since she got to Wichita. Local breaking business news everyday on can't SS in a Wichita business journal dot com but the Wichita business journal I'm dual role life. Thank you bill the votes are in and it turns out Americans love broccoli. Vegetable brand green giant conducted an open ended survey that polled nearly 4000 Americans across a nation. To find out the most popular vegetable in each state which is something we really need to know right tit. The survey discovered that broccoli is the most popular vegetable in 47%. Of the United States with corn coming in second place as a favorite of nine states. You know your big cornea. I like broccoli peas. Are the chosen by ratio of or only Idaho. Only the folks that I know and it surprises me is is a potato I was going to say this potato not count. And identity of Brad seems really classified as a tuber gap looks to me like they did not include potato let's face of the potatoes were include Oreo. They dale. The studs been taken Nadal episodes the starch like everybody like if not them out of that and French Fries yesterday myself. Onions peppers celery and his Spanish Delhi did not even make it to the list registered. Like celery like Spanish and you know onions. They're Yelp broccoli. Is the most popular. That he well great. What's what don't like the polio like I don't care for broccoli and North American workers are encouraged to take back their lunch breaks why because. There's been an increasing trend to take less frequent and shorter Blanche breaks and some affecting employee morale and well being. I myself am not taking a lunch break for 48 years in broadcasting that could explain why I am sure dog on dropping out might think that's it. Once are you wanted are you going to heed your advice there and take back. Your lunch break night to don't have once and you know I'll take it when I get off work is that that didn't count that would not count no I'm not gonna do and again today we just did it because quick note of happy birthday to our mayor Jeff Long well. Seven averted downhill to the chief able to the chief and I understand from a city manager Bob Blake and at the statue is being ordered. From wherever they have make those statues it's a place it's immensely some by Hutchinson and that. But the idea if Longwell memorial statue hole really going to be a memorial even though he's still living yeah that is that's gonna. It's gonna be a combination. Statue went out and I don't know where the water themselves. Coming up Eric K and assist you as a sign Justice Department releases report on Clinton's email investigation. Even at the Oregon case netstat.