Is America's elder care system broken?

Steve & Ted
Thursday, January 18th

Guest: Healthcare ethics consultant Fernando Gutierrez


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on us. It's 7 o'clock physically fit in the I'm Steve Macintosh. I can sleep in north west of Wichita. We've got the story on the global brand one person is dead another in critical condition following a single vehicle crash near derby. Big drug bust at noon in high school like it was word those details just ahead find Kayla says meteorologist Dan Holliday that Arctic weather pattern we've been Manning is finally weakening and moving on out warmer air returns are forecast is coming up. Against Lincoln residents evacuated near seventeenth and chambers in northwest Wichita. Around 4:30 this morning 911 dispatch sent first responders the report of the building can. Laps in the 111000 block of west seventeenth. A residential area Cedric county Clare Kelly Arnold tells K Unisys news. We lived at an intersection kinda had a key and we have a drunk driver crew. Did not turn that intersection and drove straight into my neighborhood. Which is now cut the Wii which is now cut they he had gas leak in a neighborhood. Arnold went to I hop to wait out the emergency several houses in the neighborhood have been evacuated no injuries reported. One person is dead another in critical condition following a single vehicle crash in southeast Cedric county Wednesday night. Authorities say the crash happened just before 10 PM near 79 street itself than 127 street east which is just east of derby. Rescue crews say the crash left two people pay and after their vehicle crashed into what three investigators are working to determine what caused the crash. Phil global brand Kagan SS news. 5 June and 1002 adults were arrested yesterday morning after Harvey county drug task force investigation at Newton high school. Those arrests come after two months of investigation by Newton police RB county sheriff's office and USD 373. KS and news spoke with police chief Erik Murphy. We've seen a yes I can some violent activity. My part of that has been associated with. With drug usage and sales. The suspects arrested yesterday attend Newton high or recently withdrawn. Two additional arrest warrant still outstanding the city of Wichita has established a new citizen review board city manager Robert Clayton says the portable reduce citizen complaints. And police department policy and practices she recent. Incidents. Make today's announcement timely. I want to assure the public that we've heard you and your concerns we continue to hear you. There were committed to taking appropriate steps and actions. To improve the policies procedures. Training and tactics of our police department police chief to Gordon Ramsay says this is a practice worse. The number of review boards are growing I think we're around a hundred nationally or so and then you know my philosophy is that we. Pleased with the consent of the people so I welcome. He oversight citizen involvement and what we're doing looking and our policies and our practices and asking those tough questions. So I'm I'm really excited for this the sport do to get get up and running. The seven members on the board are all appointed by the city manager representing a cross section of genders races. And occupations throughout the community all board meetings will be open to the public. The teenage boy it was shot in north Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened early Tuesday evening west of 27 and hillside. Sponsors were dispatched. To a shooting call inventories 600 walker he's conquest when officers arrived they make contact with a sixteen year old male. But a gunshot wound to his leg. He had stated that he was walking. In grove park in short no males had approached him and he was then shot in the leg. Teenager was hospitalized and is expected to recover president trump thanks Kansas senator Bob Dole for his service to the country. At dole ceremony to receive the congressional gold medal. Your friend. You are a patriot. And hero leader and today you know become. They recipient. The congressional gold medal. It's an honor to be when you. Thank you she uses thank you very much. The middle of the highest honor given to a civilian. President trump tells Reuters the government shut down could happen as Republican leaders worked to avoid one senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he's looking for a deal the president supports but are used the president has not yet indicated what he would sign. Receive slap the top advisor to president Tom telling Fox News at night. This is the responsibility of congress to ensure that they produce a product something that the president can support it's something that we haven't seen yet the sticking point. Doc that Democrats demand that any funding bill include protections for illegal immigrants brought here as children. When as chief of staff John Kelly met Wednesday with Tressel Hispanic caucus. In other Democrats who say those cons prettiest little progress shown little fox needs a South Carolina law enforcement officer is dead after being shot on the job the York county detective Michael Dodi has died after he was shot by a man wanted for assaulting his wife. Police say Christian Thomas McCall shot toady in three swat team members sergeant Kyle Cummings who is still recovering from his injuries as well as sergeant Randy Clinton and sergeant Bobby Brown at Cornell both in stable condition. McCall was initially charged with three counts of attempted murder for the injury sustained by the three surviving officers for prosecutors were waiting to see what happened to detective dodi's medical condition. Before adding an additional charge. Mike cancer Fox News tea and assist use time now 7066. Minutes past 7 o'clock Wichita State. Men's basketball team last night trying to fight back. In the second half trailing because they completely come back we'll have highlights and hear from. Coaches and players coming up in sports gas prices on the rise in Kansas that story coming up some McCain SS morning news was Stephen says this. McCain is this morning is used even to announce several 9:9 minutes past 7 o'clock Kansas motorists are paying a lot more than gas pumps this week. The average gas price across the state rose to 237 a gallon on nine cent increase in the past week. The higher prices continued to buck the usual winter trend of the greasing prices of the gas pumps Jennifer Hawke is the AAA a lot. That is the demand right now and not gone down with the last couple of days of weather we cataract here of that little decreased demand a little bit we need to step and a lot of people using this resource ware and typically that Tammy your EC demand follicle that it deftly inserted data. Prices paused as Kansas gas prices are thirteenth lowest in the country. Nationwide the average gas price rose four cents to 253 a gallon. A cult to lower limits for drunken driving. A scientific panel says 101000 drunken driving deaths a year it's entirely preventable among their recommendations days significantly lowered their drunken driving fractional the national academies of sciences engineering and medicine want to see it lowered from point oh way to point 05 they also recommend states increase alcohol taxes and make alcohol let's conveniently available including cutting the hours and days booze is sold in stores or bars and restaurants and there's a call to limit alcohol advertising and marketing release Phillips Sara Fox News the news survey shows some of the differences between cat people. And dog people. Cat people tend to think of themselves says creative but people who have dogs tend to make more money. So says a new survey from Mars take care which makes their products like pedigree dog food and whisk his cat food. It also shows that kept people tend to pour their hearts out to their animals more. With two when he 3% admitting they spilled their guts to their feline friend while just 19% of dog owners Steve's vast. And it says dogs typically have a greater influence on their owners decisions and rain cats do. Till NATO Fox News. NS has used time now 7-Eleven 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. Heaviest traffic here in which stuff I can see right now seems to be on I want 35 north and southbound right around thirteenth street. Some heavy traffic right there traffic update from K and it's it's radio. I'm jet chambers. McCain is send a storm trackers are forecast now with Kansas State meteorologist. Floor event and good morning Laura. Hey guys lining here is a cold start but it was not a whole series earlier this week per attempt during which time eighteen seasons I think these guys. The wind delay out of the south at nine actual you don't like chapter and Alley that seven degrees. We'll keep of the wind in the morning and even into the afternoon but that's going a lap in the warmup just don't want a grounder when it but left over easily melt away. IE and the act in high temperature of 51 degrees look at spring like hamster but we got into the weekend so it's actually on the up enough without a lot of great applicant's argument flooded our. Not to make this too personal but I. I haven't been able to not run for a couple of days and I'm hoping this afternoon maybe I can go and you pushed shorts maybe George. I'm glad. That I called it I don't talk. That they looked at wet night out of pocket it yeah if your golf her on the golf Rich Hill today to bail out on golf they got to get. Not rolling your head you definitely need to get out parity. OK so hi today you close to well a little above normal that no matter how about that and agreed about normal if you find okay. And what about death what we're Thursday so the weekend is looming. Saturday and Sunday were looking for more of the same. Got tired at that height. XPQ even if that indeed across that. At our western can't relate real high note mysterious warmup but that when he gets that warm especially this time here you know that metadata but not it's yeah Africa. Come on Peru yeah right now and we. It kept people would stop looking at maybe the myriad frugal light rain showers early Sunday morning we'll catch a break beach could be look at how light wintry mix Sunday night but it. Here for. It impact travel impact looks low acting. A lot of this snow in the accumulate Utley if there are gonna can't that's right a lot like that it expected via travel can dirty because you're spending night. On day by on track that system date changed. It's really kind of our what the completed survey. Hey thank you Laura they kiss and storm going to through forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bannon it is 713. Seem intent in the morning in the last five years nearly half of all nursing homes in America have been cited for violations. Like neglect and mistreatment path. With us this morning is Fernando gets here is whose health care ethics consultant and he's a coauthor of guardianship reality who's looking out for America's abandoned abused and neglected children and elderly thank you for being with us this morning we appreciate your time. Yeah it is a an alarming statistic no money out over the past couple years I've had experience with nursing home with my mother. And there are there a lot of criticism you can bring to them but just how how bad is a situation you think. Well. And our book we did tell lid on guardianship reality but it's it's ramped and the reason why is because that kind of consumer. Doesn't have all the information on the court has the questions. That they need testing facilities could there not been a volunteer. Any information and in our book we come over. Not only tell you what to ask for but how to do it. No end in caring in the bill from looking up for my late mother's needs. My brother Jerry is a retired EMTs so he knew some pretty good questions to ask those folks at the home. With. Well that's what then what you know most of us won't spend more time researching. That you automobile open when it comes to. Well medical treatment for ourselves so far loved ones. I can I do my motto Michael would call it. White. I like color type of problem. Syndrome word that the doctors say that you must must be true. Well and we're talking about a problem with the I'm a baby boomer and it did all of us are looking at their parents right now or have been. And looking at these. Visa problems or or or the care for our elderly. And that we know that I can tell you that if you don't have the money it's going to be a tough call it's very expensive to get it someone an elder health care. You have to employ that averages anywhere from eight to 101000 dollars per month to be in a nursing home care and we have quite a few people who are what they called Medicaid patients who qualified for. Medicaid and that's one of the questions that we cover is that. Do you should ask of armed belt eradicated the mother of father order. Our sister brother should be asking these facilities is how many many key this do you have because that's a good indication of the quality of care the local will get. That is a good really a good because I I happen to ask that question early on in the game. And got an answer that I didn't wanna hear so all yeah I'll be prepared and know the right questions and right. Yes no we and our book we covered yet you don't lose a lot of states have a problem. These government agencies that do these surveys that are wrong line we got stove also you know what you staff turnover. Do you have generators to back up again powerball golf do you have. Closed circuit TV so you can either have a the other complaint they could find out of it as married or no merit at all but. Those dark depression is that. People need to know and we always say you should bring a good party. Who's that and that because it's an emotional decision and that's human beings emotions always overtake the rational thinking. All right this is thanks for your time this morning Fernando gets here is co author of guardianship reality who's looking out for America's abandoned abused neglected. Children and elderly he's a health care ethics consultant. And having been through the process I can they get some good points that are so very helpful points. If you're looking at that kinda care for your loved one it is an emotional time about a 717 now Stephen says in the morning and Guinness as sunshine and warmer temperatures across Kansas Wednesday high temperature yesterday. 34 degrees normal hi 42 or not a bad afternoon I got up this brand if you aaron's didn't run but it did some some air and yesterday kind of wait for. As some of the ice more ice to melt because when you're walking around or not there are no findings he would slip on the ice and thank you to the end you don't expect it again break a leg in Africa don't do that unaudited at 718. Now Stephen did Cain and assess tiger's fourth. We did what we're gonna tell you has got some whale gets a bad news for this morning right dead pets soccer fans did not believe Coke arena and a good mood last night I'll. For the first final long time that doctors had won 27. Straight games at Coke the arena. But that streak came to an end last night as SMU. Which had not won a road game all season team into Wichita State and beat fourth ranked. He beats portrait shot here's. 8378. Was the final score shocks were. Down by thirteen points with four and a half minutes to go and tried to rally but Wichita State never could find a way to stop SMU's. Shake Milton. Mike Kennedy in Dade doll had to call the game on 103 point seven KEY and. Your best tennis so resilient so. It's a two possession game. Incidents. Against trees down the line slaughtered yeah. Just another great play by signaled he's got 31 he has been sensational. Jake males and ended up with a career high 33. Points but SMU shot 70%. From the field in the second half. Chuck just didn't get enough stops SAB one of the game by five Landry she dammit led the shocker with twenty points and ten assists for a double double. The shocks just could not complete the comeback against the mustangs last night you're shocker head coach Gregg Marshall. They had a great game plan and outplayed us tonight they out coached us tonight and you know I've got to figure out what we can do to try to get better we had. We have some looks we had some chances. But in the end they just played better than us tonight that's what told the team whoever from now on the next with a these twelve games after this where we find him once we got twelve games. Every game's going to be that way. Shocker take a loss falling out of first place in the conference down to second place now a half game behind Cincinnati's shots are now fifteen and three overall. After the setback after the game shocker point guard Landry sham it. Kind of beautiful part of this vessels in the no guys. Can face of adversity you know it is not really not that these these are real and understand enough. There was a lot of talk and talk rumba and against you tomorrow we get back into the gym for practice field all their same page and and you know keep working toward the same thing. It's not think the loss last night at Coke arena. Jim go men's basketball last night Dennis Higgins had a game here on CN SS Butler community college trying for its fourth win in a row on the road but couldn't quite get it done losing at. At Garden City. 6965. As Butler rose three game road winning streak comes to an animate in the NBA last night to Memphis Grizzlies at home and beat the visiting New York Knicks 1059 B nine a couple of jayhawks coming off the bench for the grizzlies Mario Chalmers had four points three rebounds three assists three steals. And Wayne Shelden has three points back to back wins. For the grizzlies and speaking of chaos if it's good to see you basketball birthday today happy birthday to bud stall worth. Yeah 68 years old today great Kate you guard it. Use the 1972. Big eight player of the year. That one of those games a year he scored fifty points against Missouri I. Let me pay you JR and scores fifty against Missouri. Gap is little love for all time in the markets sitter for life yeah or exactly yes. But I was. So he's his numbers retired at KU is number fifteen hangs in the rafters played. The few years in the NBA but he was involved in a car wreck that kind of cut his pro career short making my 77 yen and a little note about mud. He can always tell people do that he was drafted five spots ahead of doctor G day. Maria Diego area are about to ask but was taken seventh in the draft and doctor Jay was taken twelfth. By the Milwaukee Bucks. Interesting will not start look guys start going on the rattle that went to a doctor. ABA. And then when he became eligible for the NBA draft the Bucs drafted him. If doctor. With Karim. And Oscar Robertson holy man and doctor. 68 today. Take cars for charity run custom car show starts tomorrow at twelve noon at century duke goes up Friday Saturday and Sunday. And we have a pair of tickets right now. Work toward four dollars and we will take you call it to 86913. 386913. Thirty. If you'd like eagle or cut two cards for charity ride and customs show. Courtesy of Stephen 10722. Now to the their Rush Limbaugh morning update. Courts are interfering in the immigration debate and story board coming up Stevens said in a sense.