AM/FM Radio

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Wednesday, April 25th
Rush Limbaugh discusses the power of AM/FM Radio

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Nielsen came out the other day with some shocking news. One of the reasons that I also says don't wanna go do television show was the audience he year. Is much larger among cable. And when I tell people that yeah but it's a different audience on TV it would pitchers Russian has its gonna have much more impact. I understand people thinking. That's. An you have a good host is able to paint pictures create theater of the mind. Just as impact apple just is influential on May be. Maybe even more ago. Because television is spent doing other things too you're watching there's other things going on on the Roma. A lot of TV viewing is what I call passive. A lot of radio listening is passive. Listening to music drive it around to talk to people while the music but it good good good radio program compelling host. Will be active you you will not want to not pay attention. But then there's this X in addition that Nielsen has come out with some. Some numbers and this is about the audience ice. Old school AM FM radio is the most popular media on all. Still today in the United States of America according to Nielsen is the people that write television programs. The way they do this. AM FM radio as 243. Million listeners. Radio reaches 93%. Of the US population. Washington times did a story on this back on April the eighteenth. End. There's one picture. Accompanying list. And it's half of the fun. Page in that picture is army. Out of all nodding on the other side of the glass. Even in the age of sophisticated cable TV and video on demand it's old school AM FM radio which rules the nation's media world according to Nielsen. Which has reveal the audience numbers with 243. Million monthly listeners to radio bass the competition across the Borg. Each week more Americans turn to AM FM radio than any other platform once more according to Nielsen 93% of US adults eighteen and older listen to radio every week. That's more than dolls watching TV or using a Smartphone. Or at TV connected device and I had a tablet or APC. Television reaches 88%. Of Americans and 229. Million people. Brad Kelly the managing director for Nielsen audio says technology trends are a bit like fashion trends a common goal. Oftentimes long forgotten after the rays fans but there's one notable exception. To the technology fashion trend rule in the media world and that is broadcast. Rate. AM FM radio is the blue blazer of the media universe. Who would've believed 100 years after its debut AM FM radio would continue. To top the charts. At the medium. That reaches more consumers. Each week. Than any other the analysis cited quote compelling. Audio content. And expanding delivery options as a strong factor in only consistent appeal of radio. And by expanding delivery out these talking about things like our. And podcasts. And ways that augment. The continent but compelling. Audio content compelling audio count if it's done right. It's just as influential and can be much bigger than television I'm not trying to put TV down did not listen urged him. It's not this is not a bourses. And neither war. But it is it is to suggest that you know a lot of people meant you told me that. People can be amazed at the numbers. Mull let colts. Nearly eight million millennial eighteen to 34 tune in to radio that's 95% of the Maloney a population. 95 personable and a population listens to radio every week. Largest audience of course is. Boomers and then Generation X. But we get everybody. That's my point we it has no boundaries no religion or all three sex as we have all religions. All the different genders everybody is there. And it's you know good radio as much more personal much more intimate than event television I'm not. Putting TV down please do not listeners. I'm just reminding everybody. Of any true impact and power radio.