And incredible sequel tops the box office

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 18th
"Incredibles 2" soars to the top of the weekend box office.

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And. 97 and thirteen thirty K innocent Vito reporting steep bank tonight Ted Woodward and thirty. Chalk up another nomination for president promised. Received the Nobel Peace Prize. Two Norwegian idol may just take any files that Nobel Peace Prize nominations following president trump summit with North Korean leader Kim Joba. Christian tip brings yet debt and heavily Abbott said crediting the president is taking a huge and important stats in the direction of peace between north and South Korea. That'll the first of the president's name full it accretive US lawmakers just on the say Nobel observers say it's too soon to predict what might happen. In London cyanide folks knees. Authorities say a sixteen year old was killed and three others were injured in a drive by shooting during a cook out in Georgia. A bid the county sheriff's office news release says Calvin Bernard RV. Have been shot once the deputies found him lying on the stupid about 12:30 AM Sunday. As the Latino population grows in southwest Kansas its residents are beginning to talk to the new accent even those who do not speak Spanish. K state said in a news release the researchers part of its chances speaks project which is docked in any language changed because of rapidly changing demographics. They are calling this new way of speaking a liberal accents or liberal sound. Liberalism Seward county population 25000. About 59% of the town's population was Hispanic or Latino in 2010 according to the US census. A couple of decades ago it was about 20% Latino. The change is happening and liberal are similar to how the Minnesota accent developed through northern European immigration to the region. The changes are more prominent and youths Ronnie Price K and SS news. He won about a yard sign up to support your favorite political candidate be sure you know where your putting them. Kim stitches for the Kansas Department of Transportation. I entered never allowed on came out right away that's something that's standard whether it's business side guard held side or political signs that especially during this summer at the campaign. And an election we see a lot more signs along highway right away that have to be removed. Stitched says the signs are removed they are taken to the area came up arms and they can be replayed. The Justice Department's inspector general testified in the house and senate this week following his long awaited report on the Hillary Clinton email probative. And the focus of that report may soon follow in the witness chair. Michael Horowitz will detail his findings before lawmakers his bombshell report found that former FBI director James Cooley was in subordinates in his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. But at the same time was not politically biased during that process. While congress hopes for more clarity there the Washington Post reports FBI agent Peter struck. Who was singled out in the IG report for his anti trump tweets would also be willing to testify without immunity and without taking the fifth. And he struck appearance has yet to be schedule colonel Scott Fox News. Now the forecast with king and assist staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Good morning it's gonna be another hot humid day in Wichita but temperatures start to trend down a bit as a frontal boundary moves are way by mid week. The hi this afternoon 93. Tonight's lows 75. And a few storms possible on Tuesday with a high 91 with. A much better chance of rain on Wednesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Al partly cloudy 77 degrees we have a south wind at ten miles per hour. 835 here on a Monday morning was Stephen Jack had a net means it's time for entertainment news we counselor with deadwood bird good morning Ted good morning almost RW it'll celebrity profile let's get up close in the kit. Choose the fox celebrity profile on chef Gordon Ramsey Ramsey start the timer on his new show 24 hours to Helen bass. What for us to have him back here. I think he's met my best because I'm relentless. Sama. Hot shot. I've brutally honest and I've got the class damaged for get that says no BS account waffle a mode that you and I know where all the problems. I don't come as straightforward. He knows where the problems are because first he's going in Conde need. I'm from it would be recognized. Because I get everything I get the best cuts I get street Denis. And I we have set around me second pull backs during these questions on the cover up for me I could sit. Two strikes in terms of what they do it how consistently out. Any starts the revamping complete with his hell on wheels mobile kitchen to redo those menus look at. To my help can't say to Gordon Ramsay is 24 hours to hell and back is now running on fox pass leaderboard again Fox News. Bruce Springsteen fans listen up Bruce turtle are getting an opportunity to collect a piece of history starting today fans of the boss have a chance on one of the ultimate pieces of memorabilia us. Sotheby's is auctioning a hand written working manuscript of Bruce Springsteen's born to run and that's could go from between two and 300000. Dollars. It's part of a books and manuscripts online auction which wraps up on the 28 that it's being sold by an American collector. Also today Springsteen more christened the grand reopening of the Asbury lanes and old as spring park New Jersey bowling Alley that was recently renovated as a music mania. In New York time it empowers Fox News. Tonight it's the MTV movie and TV or. Black panther stranger things lead to 28 teen movie and TV awards with girls should start Tiffany had a is hosting this year ceremonies. This is the second year that TV is included. And also the second year there will be no gender specific category status is also nominated for her role in girl strip and kicks twice start. One Nick Jonas takes the stage with mustard Michael B Jordan seven road ends in day out and comment are just some of the performers slated for the show we're both. Oscars Pratt and lean away her being on her shelf Leno Fox News. Let's see how things turned out of the box office this weekend an incredible animation takes on number one slots at the movie I'm Mike Piazza. Change people's perceptions of about superheroes and a classy girl is our best play. President we are becoming the best animated film opening of all time Incredibles two also holds the honor is for the best PG rated launched. And the eighth highest film launch overall grossing 180 million dollars. Fully into a far distant second place oceans eight which still best that a new number three entry. It's going on here are her friends who claims he attacked his thirty years question the tirelessly every year we think. You never know when some pop Warner Bros. release pulled in fourteen point six million dollars. Rounding out the top five for the week in fourth place soloist Star Wars story and into fifth place dead pool to both falling two spots from last week that fox on film. And we take a look at a few things from this day in history and we had a birthday today one of the fab four. Serve all the cart all of us 76. Today up. Towards its last summer youth made its debut in Wichita right. And I went to the concert out in front bank arena. Happy birthday mr. Paul you 76. Today. And speaking of the world of music. Seventy years ago on this day Columbia records publicly unveiled its new inventions. Something calling long playing a phonograph record bolted LOC. They were able to squeeze a lot more music on to those discs night and that would revolutionize the music industry and out of the format that. What's he was invented late forties and that stuck around out of the number one music format for basically 35 years down and announced LT set until the eight track in the gazette coming down the LP vials they become. Well lit that I need some bottles some people still prefer it yeah but it's it's still hanging in there and it was first. Invented who came out early seventy years ago today by Columbia record isn't long playing a program record. It was 100. Years ago on this day that a Broadway Show. Debuted at. Opening not a Broadway for the Zinn field follies of 1918. Most of the songs in that show are lost them. Forgotten by time except for one featured a song by Irving Berlin called how I hate to get up in the war ago. Which was which was a kind of a satirical look. From Irving Berlin on the war of course all the songs being written about World War I yeah very patriotic right very nationalistic. Irving Berlin kind of wrote a song from the common man's point about. Wanna get out of bed and but I want whenever when it readily is played in the morning of the stay in the column gets worse sleep Berlin thought he was not going to be drafted into the war he thought his medical history would exempt him from that final year draft eligibility but he got drafted. And serves a private at camp Upton for thirty bucks a month. Way below what he was making as a songwriter Pete is not great piece of that he is already kind of a foul mood and he wrote the song or how likely to get up in the morning. He performed at a lot of Wear and really the only song you'd associate with Irving Berlin singing it by himself. Great lyrics someday I'm going to murder the bugler someday they're going to find him dead. I'll amputate his reveling in step up on it heavily and spend the rest of my life in bed. Every girl and a hundred years ago on this day the birds and to let's finish up a last night on ABC we add that to tell the truth. And the panel. Could think funny panel last night included Bill Hader Mel Brooks and Joel McHale who at one point Joel McHale tried to get some of the civilians to. At least name of Mel Brooks movie or two. Seems simple right and number three should find this man here is a living legend named to the movies that he's made really. Let them on the scam I guess you should maybe go to one here fallback schools. Number two name one of his movies. I think. Did anybody naming Obama number one can you name limestone Robin Hood Reitman and Ryan Mack and John. He's been. Okay. Six thinkers thought I'm. Only one of the three panelists could even name a Mel Brooks movie. Wow I don't know. Yeah that did help youngsters but yeah. Or will be his TV show called the generation gap. Well it's just I think we're seeing it could take the older people and ask them questions about the about yeah the other way around it would be the it would be the same says Americans are all pretty dumb about certain things right yeah. And blacks don't tell the truth last night GAAP pay entertainment news in the blurs rob do you by are good friends at pizza Johns and surveys and other close on some. It's one that can opener today and on Monday him there open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. They've been in business since 1969. Serving up super tasty pizza pie. And sandwiches and salads and spaghetti here garlic bread and all sorts a great thing and we love them they are right there at 208 south Baltimore right off the cape fifteen. Pizza John at an early age 43 now changes. For a local tech company. Editor bill ward which does business journal on the way. See the head of the morning on tape and answer us.