The anniversary of a fan favorite Star Trek episode

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 29th

"The Trouble with Tribbles" aired on this day in 1967.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. Morning you're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 and SS. Take a look at the news. Here on this. Here on this Friday morning but Wichita police releasing more details about heat Wednesday morning's crime spree in west which it saw. 911 got a call from a 43 year old man who was following a vehicle people inside that car we're stealing mail near thirteenth and may use. Turns out that card is stolen about four hours earlier from east Wichita. The suspects eventually went into a business near central and I 235. A police officer went inside and police lieutenant Todd oh Giles says that officer encountered the male suspect in a hallway. The author of true core and be confronted with the my opening again directly at the officer. The officer will begin looking for cover and rule exit out the whole way when these suspects starts firing shots at him. The author will exit the business. After these shots are fired. Began looking for cover up the parking lot. The 21 year old suspect within exit out the business he will firing additional shots in the parking lot. This man now the suspect stole a car eventually confronted other officers and exchanged gunfire with them. At speeds of near 100 miles per hour on the west maple the car ended up stopping in maple amaze. A police dog was and into the car and and officers arrested the suspect the whole incident from the 911 call to the arrest of 21 minutes. Let's say a look at that boom weather forecast today check in with meteorologist Dan holidays and the. Good morning we'll have some patchy low clouds and areas of freezing fog across parts of south central Kansas this morning. In this cloud cover moved south today we want to 42. And Arctic air mass will bully its way and tonight with gusty north winds are windchill falls well below zero sunny and eighteen tomorrow eleven for the high on Sunday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan right now on Wichita in a breeze out of the south cloudy sky it is currently thirty degrees. A long time actress joining a list of celebrities we've lost in 2017. Actress Rose Marie was perhaps best known as Sally Rogers on the Dick Van Dyke Show. It around what's my future life. All wells is it the Fella but yeah talent good enough well Harry I. She was also a child star in the 1920s and thirties over the decades she works with co stars ranging from WC fields to Garfield the cat. And spent fourteen years on the Hollywood Squares Bree was nominated for three Emmys and received a star on Hollywood's walk of fame in 2001. She passed away in the better for Los Angeles area home Marie was 94 years old Tom Graham Fox News. It is 836 with Stephen said in the morning here on 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS amber as we always do at this time today. We blur that fine line between news and entertainment. It's called the blur your short post. On this Friday a jab at chambers jab and a. Well foxes actually divorce can sits down with Steve Harvey to discuss his New Year's celebration. Show. Here's Fox's celebrity profile. I'm actually report your pop celebrity profiles counts down to 2018 and star studded style as Fox's New Year's Eve with Steve Harvey live from Times Square provides one big time celebration co hosted by Murray in the newness this show will feature performances cry it's Celine Dion Backstreet boy is not the mark featuring Skyler great and flew right polarized Neil Diamond is set to lead the world's largest sing along party sharing how excited he is to show off his life skills with this new gig. I do math. I'm the lap dash I don't panic don't forget to throw this reflexive aware about it is -- a lot of going to use these Steve Harvey style Hume Steve Harvey's attitude is just going before he also spoke about what New Year's festivities are like a lot of laughs and smiles lot of gratitude. Lot of phone -- reminiscent but the excitement that you know we hear that 2018. God willing for all of us give us a new chance to start again. Ashley to court and Fox News. Well we do know he can recover from getting things wrong and there again. But at that Steve army. Rather see Kenan Thompson impersonating Steve Harvey that that's a very funny yet that it's it. Pepper centers have been announced for next month's Golden Globe awards. Halle Berry and dogged down. Chris Hemsworth are among them are some ugly people right there at the Specter is now Hollywood Foreign Press Association says others Carol Burnett and Shirley MacLaine neck and also Hugh Grant Kerry Washington Emma Watson. Ricky Martin's. Really think. Sarah Jessica Parker Seth Rogen in Sharon Stone net. Oprah Winfrey will be on hand she's accepting it trophy she'll be getting the Cecil B. DeMille award it. That's great. The 75 Golden Globes ceremony airing January 7 on NBC. Here's Fox's Michelle Paulino with this week's box office new releases. So almost anything it's. I'm Michelle Leno in Fenton thread Daniel Day-Lewis gives another superb performances Reynolds woodcock renowned dressed make her. Who's to city life is disrupted by young strong willed woman on the who becomes his music and laughter. And they are talking Oscar about this performance by Diane Kruger she stars as cops yeah. Who's letting Germany falls apart after the death of her husband and son and bomb attack. Koch yes doesn't sit quietly she seeks revenge and in the face paint. Yeah next to open the and Joan stars downtime Liverpool a film worth seeing for and that Manning's performance at the Hollywood legend who starts a romance with the young actor I'm. It's taken literally. Can. It reveals some deeper issues osment theaters this week out of money in the world and Molly skin that's fox on film on Fox News. I'd be willing to say that I think Star Wars are probably gonna take on box office this weekend down our government and that'd be my mind yes. Let's get this and birth dates here and this one's just for me. Ox the offspring singer guitarist Dexter Holland. Celebrating his 52. Birthday today. Gotta say this for me I like the office. China and in my camp here so that worked out. So yes Brian Dexter Holland lead vocalist guitarist and songwriter. For the offspring. Here's that here's an interesting thing they've sold forty million recordings worldwide. Poland. Has a Ph.D. The spirit yes what Holland has a Ph.D. N. Dexter Holland of the offspring stop. The loss. Know. Phil Bryant Dexter Holland it's a Ph.D. in molecular biology. Booth. That's a Ph.D. in molecular biology for Dexter Holland from the offspring so happy birthday Dexter Holland age 52 today. Ted Danson. Is turned seventy today also. Birthday wow act now Vance has been a part of the TV landscape for over thirty years. He played Sam Malone right. For elective and citizens. On cheers. And Gary is setting up a classic tears deck. On my favorites there. Though class of that's right danced and started Becker. Holes on CSI hand. That CBS yes eyesight for. I don't know all the CSI shows that. Apparently he was on something called CSI Saber. Dance and also appears on Curb Your Enthusiasm any playing a version of himself on curb and there's the gap pretty muted he was in three men and a baby of course and a currently he's on NBC's the place. All he's funny and that too yeah submit Ted Danson and turned seventy years old today. And on this date back in 1967. On NBC fifteen years ago tonight fifty years ago tonight this Star Trek episode of that trouble with Trimble's. Up the titular small furry creatures. Overrun space station and then the enterprise. It seems there bisexual. Reproducing it will. Probably ought to well if I'm forced through through production from running confrontations on their greater reproduction of the failures of taking an alarm direction. There consuming our supplies. And returning nothing. But they do give us something that's just thought they give up ground. We'll Cyrano Jones says that a Tripoli is the only London and he can find. Too much of anything and kind of even love isn't necessarily a good thing. And that is fantastic and good. Good stuff there William Shatner called that the cast had a lot of fun filming and episode it's an iconic TV episode and it really is. Yeah there's there's a fact that there about it that's wrong they'll. Apparently GA rod and very once claimed that it was the first time the word pregnant was used on television. Believe. The doctor with said that the creatures were born pregnant. That's actually you know correct that's not a no yeah I think that I think the word have been used several times before on television it might have been one of the first but it was not the actual first turtles have. And favorite of starch in advance of trouble dribbles in the first aired on NBC on this date fifty years ago wow. And next. He's today's edition of the blur is of course every day sponsored by has always brought to you by our good friends that pizza Johns in derby and serving up tasty pizza Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM make sure you check it out you know then they went to business in 1969. All Star Trek was on the air yes now. And it conservative tasty pizza ever since. It's right there on K fifteen it 208 south Baltimore super tasty mountain peaks and jobs and army. 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