Anonymous donor grants $50,000 to the Kansas Aviation Museum

Steve & Ted
Thursday, November 16th

It is a challenge grant, the museum has until the end of the year to match the entire amount.


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1530 K and has a chance Phoenix hit in the morning congratulations to Larry. From Bel Air. Couple of tickets to the authority eighteen. Missed Kansas USA and miss Kansas teen USA coronation hill that's coming up Kansas star arena. On November Sunday November 26 nineteenth or value. Maybe you think it's Larry congratulations thank Hillary for listening and we will have more tickets today coronation show here was Stephen day and Tony he's listening. Three big things. Woman and says house and senate continue working on tax reform plans to Wichita police investigate two murders in a 24 hour period. Woman run over and killed by a trash truck beneath Wichita. Three big things even dead on. In excess. Potential traffic hazard wanna watch out for this one as stalled out vehicle some high C with 35 at central. Yeah thank. 19:35 and central that's been north found deaths the watch out for a potential traffic answered there. Traffic on KN SF front you buy it should Robin Charles Goodyear tire. Get downtown and market and Waterman in the east every street small enough money Karl tired I come home of the 34 and 95 royalties. Mostly sunny and breezy today with a high of 58 degrees yesterday's high was 61 minute cloudy tonight the overnight low 51. Friday mostly cloudy and warmer tomorrow's night. 76 degrees now partly cloudy 38 degrees we have the southeast winds at nine miles per hour. Even kids vanished in wind meter. Set it's little tune today. Could move a little bit in the trash can win leadership and level. To. Now partly cloudy 38 degrees southeast ten to nine miles per hour and a Unisys weather brought you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of turbans and risk he's in the state against the monarch offers a military discount for current and retired veterans. The monarch in the Leino. 747 Stephen Ted on Wall Street stock markets finished lower Wednesday. Led by a decline in tech stocks. Standard and Poor's 500 index fell. Fourteen points the Dow lost 138. And the NASDAQ fell 31. So Ted was wealthy at the beginning of the day Ted was port deal ever got a rally going on Wall Street yes didn't get any traction out. Mexico the United States and candidate that began the fifth round of talks on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. Which president trumpeted we'd like to have that political back and look at that again renegotiated at least. A jury has awarded billionaire Thomas Golisano. 50000 dollars in his lawsuit. Accusing an interior decorator of over charging him by more than 300 doubt 300000 dollars twenty renovated his yacht. Op. Indeed he knew that the problems we all have you know when Europe did a billion you know how to get your money's worth right. I just out of it but I am with and noticed I am thinking about that but he is stiffing you by six figures it's his title of that movie over port. But that is a goalie on visiting with Kurt Russell Kirk Russell and Goldie which is an MB. Amusing amusing film does she deeply deeply justice abstinent. Shrew ritual and he comes on board usable floor designer to habits. And they wind that your anyway to get. That movie I think entertaining. Russell. He favored Kurt Russell movies coming events of the bear interest in movies that that line Disney stuff when he yeah. The I was a kid I was have been really into it is this the strongest man in the world yeah the world's greatest athlete does Disney movies used on them. I love those Abbott used cars. Out like definitely that's good movie it's a lot of laughs aren't. General Motors recalling nearly 49000. Trucks worldwide to fix a fuel tank problem. That increases the risk of fire. This recall covers Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 3500 trucks. That's the number 3500 pretzel model from Tony eleven through 2015 with two fuel tanks. And had to fuel tanks there in says it has no reports of fires or injuries from the problem. Documents posted it by the US government say that the low fuel level sensor in the front tank can stick. Causing the rare tank to over fill the front tank problem those tanks and I'm talking to retire. And there's a danger. But we do these recalled stories from time to time and we need we have time for there's like three days in a row yet big recalls. Haven't had one for a little bit for a few days you know it's about time my understanding is if you've got the vehicle. Open dealership well maybe you don't. Maybe haven't been it to dealer yeah austerity maybe not. Recall seven net if you know Stephen did in the morning talking about a little bit of a leadership. Shuffle little local real estate company this morning. Editor bill Roy that was stuck position with us is going to morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted he had John rappers like the presidential JPY can but he's not leaving the company. Rep is going back to focusing on the company's auction business and being a full time broker. Chairman and CEO Nestor why can't take over the responsibilities of president why again was president that his company from 83 to 2001. Rep was member of the 201240. And forty class. The owner of the Douglas street taco shop to that are closed after just three months of business Sunday was last day for the shop that opened in August that Union Station. Judy young says he was losing money and when it was through the roof he wanted to try to hold on until Cargill products company two blocks away. He's gonna focus now this funky monkey shaved ice business which is also at Union Station. And the Kansas aviation museum has received a 50000 dollar challenge grant from an anonymous donor the museum started pushing for donations to match that amount. Interim executive director Teresa de says they've already raised 121000 dollars the organization has until the end of the year to match the entire amount. The money will go to general operations at the museum. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess Santa Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill line. And is aviation museum and Newton in my mind if it doesn't get a lot of attention. And yet did they've got to meet stuffed down there especially that the terminal building built right. Was built in the thirties. And one time that we were is like central public. For the airlines here go into the west into the Easton. All kinds of big. Big stars came through here now absolutely no planes had to gas up here about halfway through their trip coast to coast. Lot of folks came through here now they're down the board about around 31. In bone Dutch. And growth at that. George Washington and the hard drive Hampton boulevard now and that's where the original airport was located on the east side of town in 1954 they built the new terminal. Out west. And then a couple of years ago new terminal airs so the Kansas aviation museum they get they get some interesting displaced out there and you that the we like to support them whenever we can after all the we refer to ourselves as senior apple some you bet. No beach museum they've done a lot of work out there I hope that guy down to Union Station can keep things going because this isn't exactly the shaved ice season coming up here in the next few months right. A ploy a what exactly as shaved ice bill it. Well it should it's a little different from you you know you think she dies may be a snow counter something like that. There's a little twist on an on funky monkey is is it also includes alcohol. All OJ. That it I don't know that's a little different happy shape nice I mean you get an oral go in just a like that. That's exactly right they'll know Julia green Shawn Green Amanda and razor blade to get a figure figure out shaved ice Alan's car deal gets down there is going to be tons of workers but it. You know that until that building is built the dads too bad he wasn't gonna hold on for that well they they have been you're down there and I am have been down there very very often here recently the paper gift at the old eagle building. Plowed under haven't and yet at level it's it's gone and steel was going out and old can experience and I beams now you'd be surprised how quickly that new buildings going what about Union Station what's gone on and there's anything. The businesses open in there I have don't hear or them. Well yeah of course you have the ones in affront on the sort of the plaza area in front that's where you know this guys talk understand was and also funky monkey in another business in there as well. Inside. We reported just recently that Jenny Don sellers is going in there that's the urban winery. Yeah it is yeah but it plans so they're going and they signed at least inside union stations and there's also a call center of the ailing and theirs well. Today is the time he's been great American smoke out. And this is course sponsored by the American Cancer Society every year and they are just dead and for people who wanna try to stop smoking and rescinded this is a dated do it in Steve you do it for 24 hours I know they can't I did you I've never been an addicted smoker however. You know mom mom and dad were both smokers around our house right. For years riders and a yeah. Best of luck to those who are battling at the as smoking in the great American smoke out today it looked even at 755 now Stevens had coming up at 8 o'clock McCain is this morning news defense. Police investigate two murders and 44 hour period here in Wichita. That's coming up stevens' death on CNN cents.