Another very hot couple of days ahead

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 14th
Steve and Ted get the forecast from KSN Meteorologist Katie Western.

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Is this station which is talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock. The case and it's just forty you competed head. I'm Steve Macintosh. Which is a woman dead after a crash in Marion outings we've got the story. Wichita police looking for a couple as a suspect in the abduction robbery of a woman and it was learned those details just ahead on anyway. Gamers who is online dispute over video game allegedly ended up costing with the army and I have their first day in court. I'm okay MFS meteorologist Dan Holliday is a strong area of high pressure is when the building and throughout the next several days making for dry weather for wheat harvest. But really hot afternoon temperatures are forecast is coming out. A strong storm roared through parts of Pennsylvania Wednesday night the storm struck the Wilkes-Barre area destroying multiple businesses. Bringing down trees and power lines. John the blaster plus ski is a Wilkes-Barre township council member. It is significant damage. Many buildings are are more or. Pretty much destroyed. Significant damage throughout this busy half mile square radius. The National Weather Service role surveyed the damage to determined if it was a tornado. A Wichita woman is dead after the pick up she was driving collided head on with a semi truck in Marion County yesterday afternoon. It happened on highway fifty west of Florence. 22 year old Shelby kind of Wichita died in the crash. The semi driver was not injured. A motorcyclist injured Monday in north Wichita has died 39 year old Joseph gun of Wichita was injured when his motorcycle collided with a pick up. I won 35 and 21 street to gamers use online dispute over a video game allegedly led to a swatting call. The resulted in the death of Wichita man are prohibited. From any online gaming while they are free on bond. Eighteen year old Casey viner of north college hill Ohio and nineteen year old chain gas though of what to talk. Pleaded not guilty at their arraignment on charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice. Wire fraud and other counts the two gamers will have to live with her parents pending trial and the judge also told them that they are forbidden from having firearms in the household. With the only restriction being providers father who is it law enforcement officer. Prosecutors allege viner asked 25 year old Tyler barest of Los Angeles to swat gas deal. Police went to a Wichita home in response to the call and shot injure finch who's not involved in the dispute. Gas and viner were released on a 101000 dollar bond in UN KM SS news six. 8000 dollars the woman was forced to withdraw from the bank. The suspects then drove away and Cadillac police officer Charlie Davidson says the robbery was reported more than four hours after the woman was originally approached by the suspect. We do also custom footage from a Wal-Mart. That shows the suspects contacted multiple individuals. From Wal-Mart. Beginning around 10 AM. Up until the point of contact your victim around well. We are asking us well if you were contacted by the suspects after World War II again caller WPB robbery detectives to 6845. Point eight. That was the Wal-Mart at 29 and rock anyone with information may also contact crime stoppers at 2672111. Or call 911. There is a video surveillance image from the rear of the suspects and the suspect's car. Those images accompanying story on our web site KN SS radio dot com firefighters in Colorado faced several more days of tough going against a wildfire that's burned thousands of acres. Not to China is the incident commander on the fire near Durango Colorado and he says as the fire moved south he's got a very. Close to home is this the fired danced above us we kept up with Dave in we remove seals. Between the structures in the fire edge. So the fire did not make an aggressive push towards us. He's at a works no structures burned it's hot and dry throughout the mountain west some areas are experiencing drought. Homes have been evacuated in southern Wyoming due to a fast moving fire and eight homes were destroyed by another fire in the lagging at all. Jets go Rosenthal Fox News. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo held a news conference a joint news conference with the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea the world should rest assured that the United States Republic of Korea and Japan remain committed to achieving that complete. Verifiable and irreversible. Denuclearization. A North Korea. The US alliance with these two countries are absolutely I Pompeo commented after meeting in Seoul South Koreans sporting that he. And pumping it was in China. He has issues and I'll settle for four minutes and them fly. Wichita open golf tournament begins one week from today and we got passes to give away so stay tuned listen for your chance to win the northern Arizona State lawmakers in hot water for comments he made about school. Integration. That story coming up only taken us this morning news was even dead the. Maginnis is sporting news misty could just south civil only 8 minutes past 7 o'clock. Dozens of elected officials and representatives Kevin your voters congressional district in Kansas. Of pushing him to demanded an end to the course separation of. Families caught crossing the US border illegally. A bipartisan letter signed by more than sixty people was delivered Wednesday to your orders offers in Overland Park. The Republican congressman is chairman of the house subcommittee on Homeland Security. And said he's heartbroken by the separations. Police in saint Peters Missouri say a brazen criminal posing as an employee and wearing accompanied jacket walked in to two sprint store. And walked out with 101000 dollars worth of cell phones here's officer Melissa docs. Pretended. Like he belongs there like he was an employee of sprint and he was picking up. Some phones for another store and was able to convince an employee. Because he was that night to give up crock it's. I was caught on security video in both stores police are hoping someone recognizes him and turn them and a northern Arizona State lawmakers in hot water for comments he made. About school integration press got Republican David Stringer said cardinal YQ school round during a speech at a county GOP event. It gets better this speech was why streamed on FaceBook and saved to his campaign page. It was way to remove booklet widely circulated on social media by Democrat. Show stringer making controversial comment. Stringer is apologizing. And says he plans to repose the entire seventy minute speech. Because he wants people hear it in context. Thomas got Fox News. Can't resist used on now 71010 minutes then 7 o'clock. And we get a traffic accident you want to avoid this. Semi overturned on the ramp from very much to westbound I 89. Avoid that area apparently said to say here to see that truck parents they say here that it's semis CNET truck is what it is that overturned so. Again that's ramp from. Green which roads to westbound K 96 traffic updates from an SS radio I'm jet chambers. And now McCain is in storm practically forecast from Kansas and he meteorologist Laura bands played even if Katie westerns and there. Sort of I guess yes that sets and I. I hit right in front of me I just you know boots I've that Katie well Mike that it be nice to have you with us this morning and it's on a very very muggy day. Yeah I actually does might this morning but this afternoon is going to be a lot drier so. The humidity won't be too unbearable glitter to it all it's gonna be real Pleasanton. You know pleasant might be a strong like. But eight. Yes. So it could also be either way I mean temperatures are going to be back up into the upper ninety's today but it will take at least that heat index won't be horrendous because we humidity. While a bad putt so lots of sunshine winds also pretty gusty and the south between 25 miles per hour. So about mighty for a high. Yes yes it will it will still be pretty pretty sweltering OK so what are we looking at the end tonight tomorrow. Actually a lot of the same we're going to be and I have pretty repetitive pattern here's tonight's gonna be warm again you look at them Saudi Ford agrees. The winds stay pretty strong overnight and then basically tomorrow I've got. Actually the exact import gas that's what we're gonna work today and policy 98 degrees and winds hot sunshine everything. So not much is gonna change year but it's gently cutting good news headed into holiday weekend I know a lot of folks we had not only in things like. That that's true that's true. But via distance. What why is it age or some sort of a high or low pressure dome sitting over is there adios yeah claim that you got to explain this to me. Well you got it typically you know you get in the summertime and she get that ridge of high pressure and that's generally keeps it. Quiet so it not a lot of good rain chances or anything like that and it's just downright hot system. And the the properties and that's already essar is what we are right now you got to current conditions Boris. Yes 75 degrees right now Abbott is still human this morning so he got to deal with them I it is for now but. Do you buy this afternoon will be more comfortable and winds are fairly light for the moment just little bit of a breeze out there but those pick up pretty significantly by this afternoon. I take it game we appreciate it came a sand storm front of street forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Katie but after today Phil involve larva and floors usually but this case it's filling in today it's a 712. Told and its best 7 o'clock with Stevenson in yesterday's high temperature and wished I was 95 degrees. I'm normal high for the date is 86. Death grip Britain and summer and early then it's like we. Kind of miss that spring you know those temperatures everyday words about 75 degrees there eighty and we kind of miss that missed. Yeah we went. We went about a week of it being kinda nice that it went back to being really really called a and edit it and just kind of went from that a nice and then hot right away and it's just been that way. We didn't have spring too weird weird weather but it is and it it's a cliche but. It's Kansas okay. Well after briefly. Leveling off the US obesity rate may be climbing again this is USA to a preliminary. But either rate had been rising for decades until they appeared to plateau in recent years but in this new study researchers found that the tranda may have been short live it. And if nothing changes the instrument. That half of all US teenagers will be overweight or obese by 2030. As 13 of kids between six and eleven years old soul back on track information coming this morning from news match dot com ports. Among US men the rising rates of overweight and obesity. Since 1999 leveled off between 2009 in 2012. But they took off again in 20152016. When 75% of men 75%. Were overweight or obese. And now. And take things with a bit of a grain of salt OK if these standards they have. Our interest. I. Went to build a website and clocked in and put my height. And got the ideal weight of but I'm just right at six feet taller ideal rates about that it was a 160 counts. Well I'm about 200 I'm over that I'm over 200. And yet I don't feel like I'm obese. Or overweight and yet I am by quite a bit and so Oman so by that classification my best specification these are these are tough standards. So it you know they take it like that take with a grain of salt it is clear out dead body got yet. Well I was noticing the time on net did you notice that those leveled off. Those leveled off in the depths of bad economies. And then have gone up as the recovery at every effort people knew going out eating more maybe now at that I think that. That answers quite a bit that right there the model. It says and she she's she believes it's it's accounted. Not necessarily even the portion sizes it's the content of the food we have that is there's. You know their fattening things built into the food and another sciences which make them taste better makes it takes a whole lot better and I mean you (%expletive) it and you're itself. Eating more than you right. So I try to keep the calorie count to do whatever he can't nine. Today is Flag Day. Only state in 1777. The second continental congress. Approve the design of the original flag now that stars and stripes yeah big big Tamil congress that was before the United States of America even exist euphoria. And put the thirteen colonies up there and a Betsy Ross. Sewed up the flag and then it's become a matter of controversy here in recent years. When I was drawn up there wasn't any controversy improbably it's it says. There is a flag is our flag were proud of that Andrew we Revere edit symbolizes. A lot of great things about. This country bars this nation. And there are people are always ready to in other things that are not perfect and we do both things are not good about the US but there are a lot of things that are real good. And one of the things I think is good is affected are people when times are tough they all band together and try to do the right thing always hope so wanna. So they and the flag to me as a symbol of that and members of very very young kid we used to salute the flag every morning in grade school and go to the bat ball game with my dad and there was a flag and the National Anthem played stood up took office captain that's the way we did it in the near recent years. Like everything else and become controversial let's be clear 99.9. Percent of the people still do an apt I think the outbreak you're probably right about that. There's some people are going to have to. To show their displeasure somehow ends. The thing is it I don't care our displeasure. I just I don't either they're just being foolish but. Yet if you do something like that you're gonna get people look at it is in either Europe quack or does agree with you or your give me an adequate social. Though you and I we stay below the radar ovals right. And so that's. Try to anyway it's 717 now Stephen dead if sports time with Ted Woodward here. On AM Thursday morning June 14 Craig today he's talking about at this point based. Over the royals the wing that's what's going on dead. Royals last night it in Kansas City finishing up phase two game set with the Cincinnati Reds the team at the bottom of the National League. Things did not go well for the royals again last night once again anemic offense the royals are only. Batting 147. With runners in scoring position here in the month of June. And they fizzled again last night as the reds piled up seven runs late and beat the royals seven nothing. The post game analysis from Denny Matthews you heard it last night and can't make the royals. Are shut out on. Five hits and Brian in Cincinnati came to town the royals were pretty proud of the fact that they had really dominated this team from the National League. We're not so in this two game series Cincinnati played. Pretty well the royals. Did not play well and any facet of the game even tonight. Despite two really good plays by Alex Gordon in my field the royals. Committing three errors all in all it was say. A series that the royals will forget about in a hurry. You. Off day today for the royals in the middle or long homestand they still continue to really struggle at home. We do have Major League Baseball tonight on listen on KFH we'll have action is the New York Yankees are hosting the Tampa Bay Rays 6 o'clock tonight. On Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 FM. Wichita wing nuts also was. Lap on the road last night visiting cleaver and taking on the rail or voters wing nuts. Gave up two in the bottom of the eighth inning to fall behind but corrected data right away with a four run top of the ninth inning. And we nets came back completely burned 63. Which saw vaults into third place in the division with that win five and a half games back. That's four game winning streak now bubbling nicely over their fifth in a row tonight and a four game sweep as they finish up in cleaver against the rail rotors to see me. The NCAA. Native ruling yesterday that college athletes will no longer need permission from their coaches or their schools to transfer. And receive financial aid from another school that's affected in mid October. Course last spring at K state reserve wide receiver Corey Sutton said he was blocked from transferring to nearly three dozen schools like coach Bill Snyder. For K state finally. Relented amid a lot of public pressure. And I got the ball rolling in a lot of respects and now the transfer rules and reform are quite a bit more relaxed than they have been in recent years. Boortz Steve intent on Kate and SS. Coming up one week from today is the opening round of the Wichita open golf tournament yes we're in week out from that. And we've got him. Some of course passes to give away all right have I've got to how about two pairs of passes for a couple winners got a pair passes give away to lucky winners right now about color number three and four. Only now at 869 at thirteen thirty for a pair of passes. The Wichita open golf tournament next united 721 now key to differ Rush Limbaugh morning update. The meat to movement he's turning on George Soros. That's coming let's Rush Limbaugh and Steven have reporting on K and his sense.