Another win for the Jayhawks

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 22nd

KU gets a win over Stanford in their final game before Big 12 play starts.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking new OK NSS which could cause number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 7 o'clock this is the case and as this morning news was even dead. IC Macintosh. No shut down federal government still running we got the story. Busy time at which response Eisenhower airport unfit look forward to those details just ahead. I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan Holliday is about fifteen to twenty degrees colder than it was yesterday morning at this time. And we don't warmup much at all today our forecast is coming out. The city of our Kansas City employees. Who was critically injured in a workplace accident Thursday afternoon as died. Andrew Lawson the public information officer for. Does the accident happened around 1:40 PM first responders were dispatched to a shop after report of a pedestrian. Being struck by a street sweeper cause of the accident under investigation. The identity of the employee in our city has not been released. The federal government will continue functioning. A senate vote provided a temporary fix T country running. Hours after the house gave its okay to a short term spending bill averting a government shut down the senate followed suit voting 66 to 32 to concur with one day despair. The measure essentially move some key congressional worked at the new year including national security and healthcare reform. Immigration also not addressed in the measure leading one prominent Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois. To vote against it because provisions to support dreamers children of undocumented immigrants brought to the US were not tacked on. The bill does include money for missile defense upgrades to combat world threats colonel Scott Fox News. Two men wearing black goodies robbed a presto gas station in northeast Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened early Thursday at thirteenth and Oliver. Two unknown suspect that energy business. And one of these suspects with armed with a black handgun. Multiple cartons of Newport cigarettes were taken. By the suspects in the suspects fled the store on foot. The man with the gun was wearing all black clothing and had a maroon scarf covering his face. Kansas bureau of investigation says it arrested the nests county sheriff. After investigation into misconduct. KBI says 47 year old sheriff Brian Whipple of Nat city. Was arrested on charges of perjury making false information criminal distribution of firearms to a felon and official misconduct. KBI's statement says no more information and opulence misconduct will be released because he investigation is continuing. AAA has forecast 107 point three million Americans. Will be traveling from Christmas to New Year's. Mallory wise with which it does ice and our airport tells Kate is as news an estimated 2700 passengers were scheduled to fly out of the airport. Thursday I traffic it was not about 2% in November which is our lows have been really all we could sure use smaller capacity in our market. And Keller expecting pretty busy up Christmas travel season as well. AAA estimates six point four million people are traveling by air over Christmas in the US. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey tells Kate in SS news staffing is the biggest problem facing his department. Yes no doubt about it and primarily because one the expectations of police. Are changing. Mental health issues are falling on the shoulder of the shoulders of our police. Is more and more funding gets cut federally and at the state level gets pushed on us and our people are cops are the social workers. Of today. Chief Ramsey is our guest this weekend on issues 20:17. Sunday morning at eight on KM SS. Nearly old wildfire evacuation orders have been lifted in Southern California. Aside one small area in Ventura Connie all evacuation orders from the Thomas fire had been lifted. This fire which burned into Santa Barbara County became the second largest in California history burning up 278000. Acres. It destroyed at least 750. Homes and two people died including a firefighter. It is now 60% contained wind had constitute flare this week but now that wind has moved south putting everyone back on alert. Thursday there was a fire start in a river bottom in Riverside County east of Los Angeles and that did result in evacuation orders. Jeff Rosenthal Fox News. Gay and this has used time now 7055 minutes past 7 o'clock. Getting ready for a pre Christmas weekend of the Kansas City Chiefs have a Christmas Eve match up against the Miami Dolphins the only two weeks to go in the regular season will preview the chiefs game coming up in sports just few minutes we'll look at Kansas gas prices for the Christmas weekend. That story coming up on the case it is a sporting news was David's head. This is again there's this morning news receive a dead now 7088. Minutes past. 7 o'clock on this Friday morning gasoline prices are the good places Kansas prepare for travel for the Christmas holiday Jennifer hall is with AAA. Has dropped in the last month though so that's promising thing that's a little gift for us right now it's 224 that's really not all that terrible considering you know not too many years ago we were above three dollars on. Says the reason prices are still okay is because supplies are stable. Gas prices in Wichita Thursday came down to an average of 215 gallon and the State's solicitor general will become kansas' top federal prosecutor. The US senate has unanimously confirmed Stephen McAllister is nomination to be US attorney in Kansas. McAllister is the university Kansas law professor he was dean of the university's law school from 2002005. A he previously clerked for US Supreme Court justices Byron white and Clarence Thomas. He was nominated in September by president trump McAllister will succeed acting US attorney Tom Beale who was appointed and 2016. Emails made public from the CEO of miss America's Sam Haskell. Reveal a culture of abuse. Report states that the top brass to Miss America including the organization's. Half a million dollar CEO was engaged in a system of name calling fat chaining. An insidious behavior. According to a new report and Huffington Post at they had the CEO of the organization Sam Haskell who sent an email to the lead writer of the pageant telecast. Louis Friedman where they collectively tossed around calling the former Miss America as the C word. The Expos chaos for details emails that show how schools behavior behind closed stores. Where he regularly. Maligned fat teamed and what changed the former miss America's shall flee now Fox News. Seventy and now 10 minutes past 7 o'clock which stated that in the morning on Kate in excess. Traffic volume starting to pick up out there right now and so we're starting to cease and heavier traffic. Out on the Wichita roadways at this time although not really seeing much in the wake of slowed down south there. Is taking a look at west Kellogg right now. It does appear to be a lot of traffic around ridge road at this time specially he's found. And gasoline prices in which I averaging around 2:15 gallon this morning traffic update on eight and has asked and yet chambers. Hey McCain is in the storm tracker three forecast now with Kansas State meteorologist Lee Huntsman and and good morning Leon imported Nene didn't occur to you guys got play a loss or whether. Hopefully it will load off or what will want you leave no one wall salute is the you know what are there's diet wall sold out welded it sugar free what I think if you're pretty awesome media didn't. Beat the clock will also meet. All right listen accurately state and listen listen guy about running yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock. And all of a sudden it went from summer to winter and it did not accurate faster and we were Amram little faster Jody hill but did yell just got to. Showed up yesterday afternoon did it not. That's the thing about those those cold front that wind will be you know goal and coming out the south and it also. It goes dead calm that when he started a run there were like did not abruptly went right zone. So many hits and big industrialist temperatures drop and and speaking out by himself fully or run yourself that north wind was pushing yet and visit was trying to hit it hit but we're fifteen degrees colder right now that we were exactly 24 hours ago couple hours got eight we were Gallagher 25 degrees from where we were a couple of our special. Changed 26 right now whenever nor do like art which kills fourteen. Those two degrees and even though we make mid thirties today. It's got to feel like that it wasted that wins states where this all afternoon so what is important and today forecast. Mostly try to pick. The crowd will start to clear out from west east as we go the afternoon it'll be slow clearing but we'll get there 35 describe upper high but again at north wind and what it will make the windshield feel like it into the twenties clear called silos are gonna dropped out of that it plays. And then we head into the holiday weekend. I actually think would be very very quiet force people can't buy these guys do the next couple days and everybody keeps asking about the eel like Christmas or potential of a cure might be a I think we'll probably see some snowflakes and Clarice eighty Saturday night early. Christmas Eve morning we might see a little bit. We're lucky we get it dusting of snow on my current Christmas he mourning the Christmas Eve will be way above freezing at Christmas is gonna be in and at forty sunshine so. I would say now. All right sounds good to me. Appreciate your time in the area very Merry Christmas to you and all folks over there it is. Every. Year I that's cicadas in stroke or a street forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Leon Smith when it he's 713 I was Stephen Ted I saw this job. I told this story come out. Yesterday and it talked about the life expectancy for Americans. Is it is actually that is the one down our. We're dying earlier. Fox News radio's Tonya powers is with us from New York this morning and there's something behind these could be read new involving overdose this right time is their rights. Yes or factory has been in this it's quite stunning news to me honestly having HM we have the life expectancy now going panel. That's that's news making it is felt that looked like this is the first time. Since 1960. Degree that our life expectancy has gone down and it's gone down two years in a row as a matter fact. You know this thing getting the blame for this is overdose death we're talking about you know everything from. Accidental over overdoses to. And static drugs being used Bentonville is another thing we're hearing now. On last year alone twenty 152016. Of them built the most recent numbers obviously we haven't gotten in for Tony seventeen yet. In other here before we get those but to but between 2015 and sixteen there or something like 53000. Over 53000. Act a over drug drug overdose death in two point fifteen at least sixteen that number rose by more than 101000. Well. Simply looking. And you kick to give that some contrast the number one and two killers of Americans as heart disease and cancer so they're actually on the decline it's still you know. Awful in wicket played too many people that we're losing to each of those I think probably everyone of us as you know someone who is. Been afflicted by that are we lost it at 21 of those two disease is that I'm. You know the fact that there on the decline yet to drug overdose deaths are on the way out is issue is quite stunning. Because we talk to our local police officers people involved in law enforcement criminal justice and they're telling us the OP Lloyds and end that you didn't mention fat and they'll all these. Very very powerful drugs and and people are cutting heroin with things they don't even know what it is it's a kitten it's a little crazy out there there really it's. It is this really bad at baby born in the US last year unexpectedly at about 78 years and seven months on average. According to CDC and other American born in 2015 was expected to live a lot longer than they. One more mentally fourteen was expected to list two months longer than that. Well. Interesting story AT and thank you for being with me we appreciate your time this morning and that is Fox News radio's Tonya hours talking about life expectancy propping up her. For the second year in a row moon. 716 now Stephen Ted this is Friday December 22 Tony seventeen I've been saying all morning feels like Christmas Eve to me we had a great week. Ted with the guests coming and talking about their Christmas memories of today coming up about one hour from now we'll talk reject Kellogg pat and Jack's going to be. Golf and he's not a great guy is great guy get a lesson already fund he is a slice of which I'll talk with Jack about an hour from now right after that again we get rich. Mitchell is out of an exciting time for 88 o'clock hour maybe just keep it right here on this date in 1944 during the World War II battle of the bulge. US brigadier general Anthony she McAuliffe rejected a German demand for surrender writing knots in his official reply. I was my wife and I and a my son and his family were at Bastogne. Where this happened to what was it 23 years ago we were in Europe. And I'll say it was it was some players have moving to be there is only go to the museum and see see this place for that that. 101 airborne which held up surrounded by Germans and the generals did not some regular and you surrender well Scott mice until you know dead he didn't release date nuts out. Kind of like Ralph cannot release saying floods. He apparently was a little more crude and now thoughts. But basically. The German I got the idea right. And it's day totals places in Europe you go to Europe and you know bit of Bastogne in Normandy in those places and there's something wrong. You gotta go there because it make you feel like they too proud to be an American up. US breeder geared general Anthony C McCullough. On this date in 19831. Of your very good friends stead. Kirstie Alley was married Parker Stevenson. Kurt you correlate where is not a big hair and that Merrill a lot of guys they have since split up but it Astor. What are they still though call each other on that anniversary and this year. Wonder if Kirstie Alex probably in town she or if you can spot here's he wants while round exits on I never do of course I never go to the east side either. I should. I've not seen. For every now on the rewrite their thoughts on the use on the east side and Heatley in college filler and they're good they go to editor Riverside burgers and if you. What's the possibly run now. Seven AT now Steven did it is sports tablet yet look and say what dead. We get Kansas City Chiefs football this weekend right here Christmas Eve at. At high noon on Sunday the chiefs finish up what has been a very crucial. And so far very successful three game homestand. He's coming off back to back wins. Still in first place still holding on to a playoff spot just two weeks ago in the regular season next up Christmas scene Sunday posting a Miami Dolphins. Last regular season home game at Arrowhead Stadium for the chiefs are trying to clinch that playoff spot. Chiefs are a whopping ten and a half point favorite going into this game. Odds makers do not. Really a favor the dolphins in this when giving in a run on the road Kansas City hasn't beaten Miami in narrow its 2002. Mitch cultists play by play voice the chiefs have live pregame coverage beginning at 11 o'clock Sunday morning game kicks off at noon. That's right here on your own machines 987 and thirteen thirty KNS ass. Of course we think of the chiefs and dolphins and Christmas. When one of them when these two teams played on Christmas Day in 1971. One of the great games in NFL history in that playoff game dolphins won in the second overtime. At municipal stadium in Kansas City 27. When war. Penn thing I don't think I had a color TV at that time. Really believe Mary I didn't want you were married at a young boy and my ultimate gamer and a couple and I don't think David sought. And their ego. 71 then Christmas Day 71. The willows discuss that with me it's no match for all live a weekly chat with Mitch will be. Less than an hour from now at 8:15 this morning victory listening right here on K and assess of that. We have soccer basketball tonight echo arena one more nonconference game for the eleventh ranked shoppers who are nine and two on the seas in the opponents. Florida Gulf Coast coming to town shoppers are seventeen point favorite tonight in their nonconference finale. Sox have won 44 straight nonconference games at Coke arena. My Canadian baby doll will be on the were pregame coverage at 5 PM and the game tips off at 6 o'clock tonight. The early start was available early start there L 103 point seven KEY in a you join me after the game I'll be joined by Jeff lutes. On Santa's little helper we got a twin peaks in east Wichita when he first and rock we'll take your phone calls after the game on the soccer lottery out running around and items have been are going to. Christmas Japanese citizen activists and on the right the other cap that's involved in the Nittany lion the night. And enjoy the shocks in Florida Gulf Coast. Kate you basketball last night had to stay up late for that one. Thirteenth ranked Kansas was in Sacramento last night taking on Stanford and this was no problem for the jayhawks were up by eighteen by halftime. And when the game by 21 K you beat Stanford 75 at. 54. Bill Poole as we came with 24 points for the jayhawks who finished up their nonconference. At ten and two. In conference play now. And we if you wanna watch hockey got back to back chances to watch the thunder. On home ice in downtown Wichita tonight at 705 tomorrow night at seminal five of both games hosting the Kansas City mavericks. Which top thunder get a couple more home games here before Christmas. And in the NBA last night the New York Knicks had a home win beat the Boston Celtics 10293. Former soccer Ron baker off the bench for twenty minutes for the knicks. A couple of rebounds in the couple assists. The big hero for the knicks last night was their sixth man coming off the bench former Kansas State wildcats Michael Beasley the only played 24 minutes. 32 points out dozen rebounds. It was on fire yeah why Beasley was filled up last nine me a lot of that came in the down the stretch in the fourth quarters he just dominating the Celtics. Hey how about the New York Knicks they've won five out of their last six there when on the the number eight spot right now in the Eastern Conference and me. Played very well at home and they got another home win last night. Madison Square Garden. Coming up at 8:15 this morning stay tuned we'll be talking with me told us of the chiefs previewing a Christmas Eve game coming up on Sunday between the chiefs and the dolphins will talk with Mitch at 8:15 this morning eight when he three now given her for the Rush Limbaugh morning update. Parents pulled kids from school. Because of a visit from a bank as well. That's coming up stated that the morning on Kate in a sense.