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Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 22nd

Winter-weather talk from Butler County with Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities ...


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97 and thirteen thirty KM SS. We are Stevenson in the morning to you vacuums on Ted Woodward did. And I yourself plenty of time for windows great finger vehicle warmup and slow driving speeds this morning. The streets and roadways and south central Kansas are hazardous because of vice. This means closings and cancellations for many schools and organizations across the area including. Wichita as public and Catholic schools emergency accident reporting plan is in effect for the city of Wichita. Authorities are looking for a man who robbed a Bank of America branch at 21 and hillside in northeast Wichita yesterday. The suspect handed the teller a note indicating he had a gun he left on foot authorities described the suspect is a thin black male five feet eight about thirty years old. The Kansas senate has approved a bipartisan bill for strengthening the lobbying laws. That also would allow state officials to take more expensive gifts from people seeking to end. Bless them the measure approved unanimously Wednesday would require people trying to promote contracts or influence actions by executive branch agencies to register as lobbyists and disclose some spending. And has broader than current Kansas laws requiring lobbyists to report some spending when they seek to influence legislators or work for or against an administrative rule. But the bill also increases the total value of small gifts that state officials can accept and a year from an individual to 100 dollars from forty dollars. The measure was sponsored by Republican senate president Susan waigel Wichita and democratic minority leader Anthony Hensley a Topeka. Phil pulled over and K get SS news. In the wake of last week's Florida school massacre president trump held a listening session. Talking to victims of gun violence foxes Alison barber has the story. There were feelings and students from Stoneman Douglas high school might thought I'm not gonna see you again. She's not yet she's acting Damon. Senator. Parents of students who went to see Andy cook he was seven years old. They all called for change and asked for the president's help. But they didn't all ask for one specific policy some said it's tiring to DNA ER fifteen weapon. Others said teacher should carry guns some said more needed to be done in regards to mental health. Many said schools need more security TSA like checkpoints. President said he would be open to reviewing a bipartisan bill that addresses the national background check system. He's also directed Department of Justice to write up a ban on bomb stocks those devices that would turn semi automatic firearms into automatic weapons immigration activists in Southern California are pushing back. After recent crackdown by immigration and customs enforcement a coalition of. Immigration activists are organizing in Southern California against what they call a bullying and arrogant disregard of the walk. In operation executed by immigration and customs enforcement last week resulted in 122 inspection notice is being issued to businesses in more than 200 arrests of illegal immigrants. Can we rights group the Los Angeles raids rapid response ever is dispassionate legal observers to those businesses. But I circuit Tom Coleman defended his agency's actions on fox he's at night. We don't conduct raids. We conducted targeted enforcement operation we don't own neighborhood does not come to door looking for people different. Some Angel Fox News. Ford has booted one of its top executives. This over claims of inappropriate behavior Ford's North America president Raj Nair was considered a rising star in the company but after a complaint came in at the company's 24 hour hotline he's being shown the door. The company wouldn't say what that complaint was about but in a statement Nair said there have been instances where I've not exhibited leadership behaviors. Consistent with the principles that the company and I am always suspect most. Ford's president also putting out a statement saying we made this decision after a thorough review. The company says it's hired more people to investigate claims of misconduct. Till NATO Fox News. Let's take a look at the forecast now with Cain is a staff meteorologist Dan holidays in mourning and well good morning we'll have some slick spots on the road to start today and as long as temperatures are below freezing any precipitation in the comes down will only add to that. But we are expected to warm above freezing will be around 34 this afternoon so that made transition to light rain cloudy overnight Carlos 31 that looks like we get a break and precipitation through most of the day tomorrow Friday 46. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now drizzle fog and 27 degrees river northeast wind and only seven miles per hour 635 now. Steven had a Morley on K and assess good many schools have a not a missed noting that an ice day again today it's the second one this week most of the schools and if say here in south central Kansas including Wichita public. And Catholic schools which state no classes. Friends Newman no classes Butler no questions. So it's one of those days last evening or yesterday afternoon I should say Shelley and I got after. Run if you aaron's attended Dellums was busy pre ice storm you know people this. In some of them last second stuff they knew there are going to be some bad weather lists etc. agenda. Have an interesting experience turning up in a speech read the situation quickly for you but I was going northbound on West Street. And turned at the idea a movement between the yet to that anyway I turn on the light. And turned into the proper. Closest lane somebody behind me closed turned into the other lane illegally. And then proceeded to give me some grief when I turned on my signal and scooted over into the right play in other words. They were in violation of law oh they didn't like that I was in front of them so they honked their horn at you early 219 talent uses their signal now. Shouldn't have I confuse a driver I mean. What was. And Arkansas radio show says it'll no longer caller promotion where lesser rate sixteen local female television personalities. In interment like contest a babe bracket after facing. Growing criticism. The hosts of Little Rock station KABC's. The show with no name. Announced that the 21 year old promotion will be called the bracket with donate. Statement says the brackets winner will receive a small package and a 500 dollar donation will be made to the charity effort choice. It also knows the change was intended to better reflect the nature. Of the segment. Change came days after female journalists and Arkansas and around the country used hash tag. More than a Babel on Twitter to protest. The bracket and what these guys but Dennis. The radio show over 21 years with us. The baby bracket by the promotions announced they said no you do you do that anymore. Apparently they've become politically incorrect. And the oldest captive polar bear in the United States has died. Philadelphia zoo says 37 year old. Colby locks Kobe likes coldly locks. Was a declining health and was put to sleep doesn't officials say couldn locks and a variety of age related medical issues including problems with three kidneys and eyesight. At a course you look at a polar bear and you think well what a sweet beautiful white. -- person or animal that is but and I understand they can be very very mean and they're very dangerous. He's a what do you don't wanna miss for the folder coldly locks. As passed away all that that will barrels a sweetie. Prairie fire coffee if you're not breaking prairie fire call for you work your boss doesn't let you. Got a great big hop cannot let rhetoric there right next morning like this correct here on the table all right. 638 that was Stephen dead and it is time for arcane and assess commodities update with mr. Tom Loeffler of what the commodity appoint Tom. Good morning Steve and do what they didn't trading session cartel complex of good luck with the book like candle and Peter Cahill future. Profit taking along with two dollar protest cattle trading at 128. Gold futures lower as the afternoon remotely Goldstone report and by do you have couldn't about a catalog speed report. We blog yesterday triggered mixed in those positive. Yes they have a lot of pill available and and I went and put them into art museum three dollars and 13% Obama 46 feet by the people need to hold them they're tired at 99. For the second straight so we can conclude that he did yesterday it didn't opt depicting an overbought conditions in the future corn important recovered from Norman dale tried yesterday to close positive but did not make lies within weeks. News wise it was a lack of French market moving news yesterday. Trading overnight we're looking at large complete bailout and in a quarter of the lower at lower sixties when they have outscored them happening to a 65 in a court. And soybeans and three and a quarter at 1031. People who runs and twenty cents lower to 148. It will probably have 6009. Cents at thirteen hundred point five when it. Participant took nine point 227 holes seven and three quarters what's dollar index eight cent higher at ninety dollars even. In the morgue just in terms of 26 point at one point out of 808. But the body to regulate marketing advisory contact look at commodity compound on the web by using. I could obtain dubbed. Tom the Kansas weather center radar this morning showing that done here and Cedric county were pretty much clear of any kind of moisture to speak of the team got a few spots over there. In Butler county pretty close to where you are in Augusta. You see anything there as far as pallets or drizzle or anything like that. It looked like most of it's pretty much moved out by now Steve but it left its damage overnight. How's Levy who else. There's certainly a familiar well yes and streaks and stuff I was there last night when it actually started you know and you know it just continued into the early and article in the morning but like he could have been regarded moved out. Platform that they've got a little bit. And you know just for folks out there driving around is slowed a little bit sport right. Or be like to Tom Loeffler and just only the house for a few days. What if I think it's up now at 641 seeded dead on king in his instigator for Don grant CMP. The money tractor. Market volatility and retirement accounts don's gonna Phyllis in. He's coming up Steven death on Kate in a sense.