Anti-Police books showing up on summer reading lists

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 20th
Guest: Fox News commentator Todd Starnes

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Storms run heavy rain as large hail to parts of western Kansas Tuesday. The baseball sized hail falling on Coakley and Logan county and heavy rain that caused flooding and Scott city in Scott county. Scott county emergency management director Tim stack line reported a straw or storm they're dropped two point one inches of rain on the city. Said the storm caused flooding on several streets resulting in sold vehicles but no injuries. The Wichita City Council has authorized a submission of their annual action plan to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. To fit here at the plan will cover the period from July 1 2018. To June 30 2090. It provides a basis and strategy for the use of federal funds allocated to the city by. For supporting services for the homeless housing solutions as well as benefiting low to moderate income families. Also on Tuesday the council voted to a man city code which pertains to alcohol consumption and parking areas. This comes after promoters for events of the downtown area requested a process for the consumption of alcohol. In public parking garages parking lots and parking facilities within a certain area. The amendments would allow the City Council to approve an application for alcohol consumption for events which occur in those parking areas. Out of by central on the north hillside Al east Kellogg on the south and civic on the west Rodney prize Canadian assets news. Calling it a hypocritical and self serving organization. That makes a mockery of human rights. The drug administration is withdrawing United States from the UN Human Rights Council secretary of state Mike Pompeo and UN ambassador Nikki Haley announced the decision from the State Department. Pompeo says some of the worst offending countries are sitting on the council like China Cuba and Venezuela. Ambassador Haley says the council of sass of Lee missed treats Israel passing more resolutions against Israel but against North Korea Iran and Syria combines. If the Human Rights Council is gonna attack countries that uphold human rights and shield countries that abuse human rights. That America should not provide it with any credibility. Haley says the US will rejoin the council reforms democratic senator Chris to his calls a withdrawal a serious mistake. And that the US each show up and work with allies to isolate bad actors at the State Department rich Edson Fox News or people reported sick from cut Millen. The Centers for Disease Control saying there's ten more people with cases of Salmonella linked to cut Mellon bringing the total to seven date with 34 people hospitalized no deaths have been reported the agency says it you have it and you don't remember where you got the Mellon throw out or return it for a refund and Allen had been distributed to Costello Kroger Wal-Mart and whole foods stores least Seles arraf Fox News. The city government is apologizing for slavery. This City Council in Charleston, South Carolina took the voice votes denouncing slavery promising to be tolerant and to open up an office of racial reconciliation. The votes it plays on Tuesday June 19 and it was no coincidence the date is known as June 18 which celebrates the end to slavery. But also comes a few years after a white man opened fire in a black church in Charleston leaving nine dead. The vote also had a great deal of symbolism taken by a majority white council that meets in a building that was constructed by slaves came Duffy Fox News. Cedric county is planning to auction off land it owns at the Wichita Greyhound park. No dog races have been run at the park for more than ten years. And the county commission says it's time to sell because land is not being used and the buildings are deteriorating. The county owns the land developer Phil Ruffin lease is the part itself and out buildings all the property. Police would have to be part of the states. Part of the sailor news. Now look at the forecast with gay and as a staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Well good morning we got some much needed precipitation and some cooler temperatures to settle in for the rest of the week. Scattered showers and a few storms wind down this morning then clearing this afternoon with a high 88 tonight partly cloudy our lows 66. That a breezy day tomorrow or Thursday's high 83. I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now all mostly cloudy 66 degrees go south wind. Southwest end at seven miles per hour at 735 with Steve and 10 in the morning on the in 1967. But some hollow Lee was convicted in Houston of violating selective service laws. By refusing to be drafted and was sentenced to five years in prison Ali's conviction ultimately overturned by the US Supreme Court. And two awhile that you gain back some of the positive aspects of his image but it's a Camelot he was. Lot of people did like that he didn't step forward to evolve into the program I think it includes. Millions of young men not to long ago so making it stand in which you know George Carlin says it. Not gonna go kill people were not Italy to be Yuma yeah out of jail. A west Oklahoma and in prison for sending prostitutes dozens of times to strip on a neighbor's front porch is incentives for possessing child pornography. Record say forty sectoral Douglas Goldsberry was given six years in prison. In US district court in all the hall feels very had pleaded no contest since September 2 pandering. But it's a gold pearl hire prostitutes to bear their breasts and strip on his neighbor's porch. While Goldsberry watched from his outs of this is what he's spending his money yup family. With two small children reported that women had showed up as many as 75. Times. Since 2003. And pay the prostitutes to come to his house and dance on his sports music store yeah those neighbors and and he watches investigators that found the portal two Eagles residuals prizes yet. Is it weird is it weird. Person that was as some problems and they'll have some nice on in prison prison of these 7:36. Now Stevenson morning. And Fox News commentator touched groups of minutes this morning good morning tot. You get bloodiest week tee area. I'm just glad I don't have decked out as a neighbor or know kids neighboring Sierra a while people who lost a cultural. You know it was you mentioned sweet tea I was out of Lancaster California which is up the high desert it ran into a bunch approach from Wichita. By the way. At least but they took the place we're at that this conference space they were serving sweet tea and they did a mighty good job. Really you Ryan people from which all over the place don't. You guys travel quite a bit that you got a great airport bittersweet he's got an album kid that did. I know how about this anti police books and and any police books and in reading list in the retirement that earlier but it looks at all about. Yeah what it is this is really wild and it's and it's it's it's not just I I was talking to my commentary about an incident in South Carolina. But this is really happening and and other places believe it or not there was some controversy. There in in which talks. At the at the state university player. The incoming freshmen are going to have to read a a controversial book as well get to that in just a second that this story out of a South Carolina is just really represents. Sensible I mean you've got these so you have these incoming freshman in high school. And they're required to read these these two books or at least the beast books are. To afford their record to read. And their anti police spoke and so it's really outrageous and believe it or not one of the books is. Also required reading over Wichita State. You did. Hate you give. Then eight you've given it's the story of a person who's best friend was shot and killed by police armed the other book by the way. And this was a doctor like that. The other book was about a kid who was roughed up by police after being wrongly accused of shoplifting. And it. On their on the list of. Well it'll look at them and local police are are are are. Are sort of you know upset about this and rightfully so. The dirt using this school district is South Carolina of indoctrination. And fostering this distrust of police. I don't know we haven't been able to reach out to a trivia. To the people Wichita State to find out what's going on there white students need to read this book. There was a situation and in the midwest and believed it was in the Chicago Public Schools where they actually been the best school invited. And anti police activist to speak to because salt career day. And eighties are called the police pigs. And to it was just an it was a horrible situation expressed little boys or girls whose body and bed capita people people. Right there would be terror completely embarrassing current upsetting. To have something like that now. So what is it this anti police movement going on a president I don't I don't see it much in here but maybe it which does state that. And usually they seem B pretty pro police out there and a police force on the campus and all that but. And they have the courses in this in you know and in this in justice and and and you know that the kind of urged it to be a wall person that does you know three do you guys. I wish I should have have by 3:2 this morning I apologize it is not Wichita State is Kansas State all okay that's why is that I have college. Your country sweet to global breeders out of digits in Kansas State had not Wichita State my my sincere apology. You think Kansas State gotten necessarily a hotbed for liberalism either you surely they're pretty conservative up. Right and that's and that and that's the issue here is that this step is creepy you know. And tell you have a lot of activists out there and look at the average American campaign attention this as a people pay attention. To this summer reading list. And so they're able to speak and it actually goes to the heart of of academics in America where you have a lot of liberals. We're trying to advance agendas and they're doing it through something that would be as Ed's not Q1 is as a summer reading. All right I thanks for being mothers as always this morning and have a good natured neighboring NetSuite to eat out Wichita State and Carol gonna smack you around on that little bit up and I did. 741 now Stephen Ted in the coming up we've got editor bill Roy that would stop business journal. And he is going to talk about forced sale land at the former Greyhound park. That's all the way Stevens in the morning on CNN sense.