Are women less likely to get CPR than a man?

Steve & Ted
Monday, November 13th

One study finds people are more reluctant to perform CPR on a woman.


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Back in front of the bird. Wichita police are investigating a shooting Sunday night in the 800 block of south of the cup that we've got to dispatches one person was hospitalized in serious condition. No more information is released about a suspect. Tell us to look at the forecast with K and assess staff meteorologist at the holidays good morning Dan good morning it's been. For us lately the shake these cool temperatures and cloud cover and the likely stick around again this morning in this afternoon with some drizzle developing today are high 52 of light rain continues tonight are temperatures holding in the low fifties. And more rain early tomorrow with a high 63. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now cloudy sky himself waited six miles per hour day and 43 degrees the Kansas bureau of investigation is looking into a death in Beloit in north central Kansas. The white police chief David eland says officers and deputies responded to reported an unresponsive man with a head injury Saturday morning. Horry said there is no reason to believe that there's a threat to public safety the investigation continues. The draining of a massive awkward for that underlies portions of eight states is drying up streams. Causing fish to disappear and threatening the livelihood of farmers who rely on it. Their crops the Denver Post reports that it analyzes federal data and found that the over law uncle for shrink twice as fast over the past six years compared with the previous sixty. Also known as the high plains all over. The oval ala underlies 175000. Square miles including portions of Colorado Kansas Nebraska Wyoming New Mexico Oklahoma South Dakota and Texas. The US Geological Survey said in a June report that the uncle for lost ten point seven million acre feet of storage between 2013 and 2015. Water levels on the oval all have been dropping for decades says you're gators pump water faster than rainfall can recharge it. The little brand Kagan SS news. Big name at. Acts like Paul McCartney and Neil Diamond helped in trust bank arena more than triple its profits this year the Wichita eagle reports the high price acts also led to a 43%. Increase in the average sticker price at the arena. Which rose from thirty dollars and 31 cents. 243 dollars and forty cents this year arena management reported total net income was just below 700000. Dollars in the third quarter this year. Compared to 213. Thousand dollars at the same time last year. While the arena had fewer shows the performances were more profitable. Concerts account for one point nine million of the Arenas two point nine million in a bit and come in the first three quarters. As of G the arena management company shares profits with Cedric county which owns the arena. Ronnie Price KN SS news. As he nears the end of his five nation Asia tour president Donald Trump expressed gratitude for the hospitality that was shown the way. For us the respect that Japan. China and South Korean particularly those who went there and dozens and that really refuse. To. Wednesday trump will sum up his trip and the trade negotiations he's made while overseas. GOP senate nominee Roy Moore of Alabama is calling newspaper report carrying allegations he had sexual contact. With a fourteen year old girl for decades ago fake news. And as a suit will be filed in response. The former judge condemned the Washington Post story during a campaign speech in Huntsville Alabama. Earlier and other fellow Republican senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. Urged more to drop out of the race saying mores explanations. Had been inadequate. Flu season seems to have picked Kansas earlier than usual this year and some are concerned that the effectiveness of this year's flu vaccine. Experts say that it can be hard to predict how this year's vaccine will do because the World Health Organization and the CDC develop the vaccine. Based on strains of the flu in the Southern Hemisphere. Those viruses sometimes evolve before they arrived in the United States. Last year's vaccine was only 42% effective. Despite this experts strongly recommend getting a flu shot. Covering your coughs and sneezes and as your reminded every year washing your hands. In UNK an assessment. 633 now Stevens and the morning here on a Monday November 13. A new study shows that women are less likely than men to get CPR from a bystander. And more likely to die and you guess why. Researchers say they think it's because people are reluctant to touch a woman's chest. The study found that people may fear hurting a woman by pushing down hard and fast on the center of her chest. Others worry about remover her clothing to get better action is sort touching her breasts to do CPR. The experts say that shouldn't be a problem since doing CPR. Properly. Involve putting hands on the middle of the chest between the press. By Ted. That pressure throughout carry on the sternum yet. And I've heard people when they're getting CPR that you know the bones are broken sometime right but benefit save your life as a different deal let people. Bashful about doing that uniform and now I can see that. But that that makes you know. Want to die because of course herbal. Anyway New York police department says it wants to question a woman caught on video. Mailing stolen art back to the museum of modern art. Police said the woman was seen on surveillance video at a shipping store Thursday as she mailed to stolen photographs. Valued at 105000. Dollars. They were packaged in a large box she carried into the store. Police say that to print photographs profoundly missing from midtown Manhattan museum around midday Monday. There were no signs of forced entry into the building. The pictures arrived by mail back at the museum Friday police say the woman who mailed the pictures and her buddies. She wore a dark cap sunglasses and a black overcoat at the store eaten. She stole one or somebody did engines I'd better get back to those votes. So Gmail and it. Six totaled 635 Stephen Ted in the morning flu shots in order. Amy talking about them right deal. I don't have mine yet Shelley and I usually get one but yeah usually it's fun on the ball about this we learn about this from year to year every year it seems like well it only covers 30% only covers 40%. A lot of flew up there that we've had good luck and you and you'd yet aren't art pollution honors. But China had good luck or rural Virginia to. Watch out of the flu is certainly knocked me down earlier this year and up at about. Whacked me on my back for a whole week back in February it well yeah that was yeah they back in the last winter really. Yeah. And that's that was the worst I'd had a law that bad yet this you know one of thing obscene about the other day and the nineteen years at that we've worked together yet I don't takes place their real agenda and he. But we're we're sick we usually come in here just in fact ever colts. But he's got a good. But you're down for a for a week it took me out for a whole week. And boy it hit me like. But it but it feel like coming on. What are the symptoms is to start seven like a truck rental yeah prize is on you now on I was down in bad shape. And I deserted like it was a whole week it was Sunday I felt fine and then all of a sudden. Like something is not right here on time Monday rolled arouse. Not in good (%expletive) okay well well hopefully won't get as good a year maybe your immune now is make. Lunacy. I see what else is going on here. Well this morning at 710. Just about a half hour forty minutes from now prime covers update. With Wichita police detective Wendy humble you can do you may 2500 bucks anonymously. You know something about a crime when you'll tells about that meant. At 7:35 this morning of course. Mondays with the mayor which Tommy or Jeff Long well jam packed Monday morning we get I usually jam packed Monday morning in the Thanksgiving is ten days away. Is it. And do that Allah talked about Thanksgiving Day people people are planned I've been my family we've been planning what what's going to happen on. Thanksgiving this year who's going to do that Turkey. Looks like go to fall to my daughter. And my daughter in law. To do the Turkey in addressing it. Everybody s.'s out of towners out of touch cellist I can be able to do any cooking so so you're at ten. I'm budget plan ahead bell Stacy says she can handle all the sides. But it can Shannon handles the Turkey now they're the same age that suit to ladies. And I don't know pianist pretty doggone it she's pretty good nick in the old kitchen. So I think utility that's fine I'll get it done bush have to show there's several places they'll sell you a you'd nicely cooked Turkey at a price. That you had I had a pre Thanksgiving feast yesterday. Free went to the annual Delhi day out congregation Emmanuel. Yeah that's fantastic Jewish food yesterday you go to that every year and I guess I somehow missed it every year are you out you get on their list. There mailing list there I'll always gives it to market and account a market on the calendar that looked innocent and I have what what is that what their food what's the food like. Most mostly Mediterranean type stuff known enough. And I wouldn't call Mediterranean OK it's early and then you get. Corn beef sandwich all and brisket dinner. There's mop the ball soup Ohman got the mop the ball soup was just atoms were in noises. You get the lot is the potato pancakes and yeah yeah. Shall obviously egg bread. And now and don't say a south I was get the one has stated salad but I love the potato salad menu finish it up like an apple strewn Laura brownie. Great. So I don't you see anybody you know former Sedgwick county commissioner. Tim Norton and why they're there yesterday anything like I usually run them this event every now and you know when there's Chal Norton's going to be there. Yes he's he's pretty good no doubt. Thank you it's about they EG first line but it. Thanks to the folks congregation manually do the daily day every year throughout tonight's. Jewish deli food and it's and it's a great annual amendment raise a lot of money sounds delicious. I figure out away from me get an account or image here. It was when your coming in the gasoline prices have taken up I heard guys talking about how much like that yet 1510 and fifteen cents let's put something like that out of the third well actually more as we went from. Some places were down around 231 an hour to 49 to two and a half bucks a gallon now. I guess to both like artillery and Ella good for you and encourage. I'd buy just don't gas up to the first year we okay yeah. Come back down again. Yeah yes the oil we say gasoline prices go up by. Die aims in combat back down like pennies it's going to be awhile yes we never have the news a gasoline prices dropped eighteen cents a gallon or less what you can say you cooler and right now it never happens. Six. Or the one now Steve and Ted looking for a new career. Check out our virtual career fair at all Lionel. At K and assists radio dot com. 640 down Stephen did I don't gain as it is time for our. Commodities update with Tom Loeffler of leopard commodities to buy milk have been I almost forgot your key. And good morning Steve. Let me look like candle and Peter get a future all close next he put a large plot to speed in my life cattle futures. All the little buying actually late in the session. Cached channel traded about a dollar lower last week at present 124. The only blog world most of poverty fighting with the best team didn't hurt contract. December oddly enough folks try to continue to make new loans for the current flight. At close Friday December live cattle dollar ninety lower 11857. PM Peter what they have 67 cents or 15717. In December of seventy cents lower at 6247. The wheat corn and soybeans Friday traded and closed partly you know follow through selling for the corn and soybeans that occurred back on the following the USDA report. Last week we told December Casey wheat gained seven pence. Canned beans were unchanged in these corn blocked technical for the week trading overnight has been on the negative side. At the moment number Casey we straighten them and Nicole export 28 and a quarter December accord benefiting in the quarter 342 and a quarter. Jim beam them to me up at 984 and a half. To recruit all the scoring sick and tired. But it can take eighty. December gold four dollars and fifty cents after 1217870. To embrace some peace six and a half point lower point 573. December dollar index closed the entire 9440. In December that gives teachers 71 point slow work. 2300309. Per commodity trading like marketing advisor contact look for commodity on the phone and web by using eight. 866 go to talk. Donna thing we've talked about this before being you know you're an expert on commodity trading. Is very Turkey futures. Why. A one. I. Think Debbie sent you double up. And big Turkey. Gobble up the Arctic but that he did Richie yeah I noticed you got the joke Petit didn't Alaska's. There that's better thank you still. There's still an if Tyson wanted to. Started Turkey plant here that we do that mean you're gonna look chicken. And Turkey it. Turkey's first you and you're really not a Turkey personally. I don't understand elected on that trip. Yeah. Okay well and they see the Turkey's elected dumbest animals in the planet. I've heard it to and from what I understand that they will stand at the rainstorm thirtieth up and Graham. I looked up in the air and ground I've heard that. You ship that would then happen to QB on YouTube somewhere shouldn't. About that search and I know you don't think they would you would gobble up Turkey commodities. I. Thank you were left him I joke today. You learned nothing and I did you encourage you but that's okay. Thank you separate 643 now Stevens did. Kansas is not the most expensive. Don Lindsay got beat somebody drag her all the lazy dead on gay and SS.