The area's largest certified public accounting firms

Steve & Ted
Friday, February 9th
Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy has the Wichita area's top 25.

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9713. Thirty KE NN says Steven in the morning here. On Friday morning at 7453. Big things. Which the mayor Long Will traveling to the White House to talk about infrastructure. Seeing alleged rapist of small girl in downtown Wichita YMCA has been arrested. Again the line. Todd reports through the night shuts down then reopens federal government. Three big things even dead on Kagan as fast. And this morning we panicked couple of there's traffic slowed installed a vehicle northbound I went 35 at Kellogg. Another one north bend I want 35 up at the north Kentucky 96. Traffic updates from Kate and SS radio and hit chambers. Mostly sunny today with a high of 39 degrees seconds after yesterday's sides of sixteenth. Mostly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight low fifteen. Saturday mostly cloudy and cold tomorrow's high 24. Mostly cloudy now 36 degrees we have a west wind at sixth. Miles per hour. Kate has asked whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of Kraft burdens and Christie's in the state of Kansas. The monarch over the military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in the Leino. 746 now Stephen Ted which it statement in which Toppert dot com poll right there on our web page in his radio that count. And you're invited to be a part of the the poll every day we're gonna retire today's question which are yesterday which is what would you like to receive for Valentine's Day. And here's the way it broke down. Flowers 8%. Chocolate 16% a movement. Jewelry 24%. And just spending time together got 52%. Just spending time manner on a bit. Beautiful Wednesday indicates that the people who visit our web page error. It is just very romantic or entities yeah. Or maybe a little bit above that now like why can't they. A Kate new question today is. An actual. And basically what is your favorite pizza topping and we have several for you to choose from and then a lot of People's Daily combination but only choose one. It starts at the bottom of the and shall we the lowly. Salty fish the potential although I think as a degree in greedy I like anchovies on pizzas. Not by themselves but mixed in with a definite answer over and theirs to green pepper. Olives. Mushroom. Cheese. Beef. Sausage pepperoni. The cures once you get towards the bottom of that list I'm on board we needed to you're getting in there and a I'd say it real easy to be part of the oldest or webpage. Cain is his radio to account for the steam engine which shoppers dot com we we have some results that we are definitely yes. How well defense is running in the leader right now. 40%. Because because I voted forty times. Now on I'm just kidding there aren't there some other. There are some other toppings getting votes though really including 20% each for the sausage the pepperoni. In the entry of answer yet. The locally and these question what is your favorite pizza toppings deep into which suffered dot com poll. Well Ted it is evident in other interest in dale rules treatment I've been. Thinking about this for several weeks maybe several months about where it was a top on this market worries about inflation. Drove down the stock market. The Dow plunged at 1032. Points there that's hoping to. Index's 10% below the record high it's it just two weeks ago. Putting it in what is known on Wall Street as a correction. Which is anything over 910% say 10% it's pretty now. Sizable the S&P 500 is also 10% below the record high it's it two weeks ago S&P gave up over a hundred points. And the NASDAQ lost nearly 275. Points. Leo. China's auto sales growth in January rebounded from the previous month contraction boosted by strong demand for suvs and equipment but talk abouts. Auto sales in China a lot of that. Is American made smokers. And cars and trucks and suvs. White House wants to change. More than one point five million federal workers are paid emphasizing performance based races. Instead of the current system that generally increases paid based on and year out but he now if you manage to hold on your job uterine. Senior officials with the Office of Management and Budget say these changes would be proposed as part of president trumps 2019. Budget plan to be released Monday. Of course you know Leo the old tenure based. Raised here in the in the private sector's primitive thing. If Dina who's tenure based you've been here for twenty years. You mean you'd be guy should be loaded you should be just you know he beats completely stinking it. But they base it on job performance of Ted doesn't go over well. Unfortunately it's no lie okay there's a stock market's wild ride since last week is captivated. Casual investors rarely who rarely follow its daily movements those who was a correction a market drop of at least 10% from a recent high. Which typically occurs about once a year but hadn't happened for a long time ago utility in the last couple weeks after yet another big sell off Thursday. The Dow industrial average actually ended the day in a correction. One record in February of 26 team get to personal perspective. What's a pullback that's a different story. When a specific stock or the market retreats 5%. To nine point 99%. From a peak that called the pole there and it. It's interesting information you can take to work refuted a and everyone will be impressed by public you know it's yes or they'll get bored with you quickly and it had for the doughnut there eyes simply lays over likely to lose doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. 751. And dead and at networking opportunity for local women and business editor bill which does business journalist is more important bill. Good morning Stephen Ted gather big story the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today. Mentoring Monday 2018. It's coming up Monday at the venue it distillery to 44 in old town. More than a hundred women have signed up to meet with 28 managers who have agreed to share their stories and there bites. It's an event as being repeated importing to other cities across the country. And hosted by our sister publications its fifth year for the mentoring mundane event. The Wichita event sponsored by Cox west our energy and Spirit Aerosystems the man enters. Have their own tables every ten minutes they get a new set of attendees to talk to. In the business journalist weekly feature six there Wichita area women who share the best advice day ever got. This week's top 25 list of Wichita area's largest certified public accounting firms. They're ranked by number of professional staff Allen gives and who the remains of the top of the list. Followed by BKD the rest of the top five Ernst and young Grant Thornton and Keiko eyes some. Local breaking business news everyday on Canas has sent a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. A disclaimer my son in law Eric worked a day Alan Gibbs in Italy and he's he's insisted I don't know how I did this to get the biggest office down there somehow. Is how corner offices you can put volatile there I mean continued. But he's Marty and he's more into the trappings than anything else not kidding aside it way to get a great for them. Today. I don't know if you're aware of this today is. National pizza today. And Joseph I've been talking about all morning and it just me you know the pepperoni the most popular pizza at 36%. Of all hi my appeal like pepperoni three million pizzas sold in the US eight each year and another billion on frozen pizzas. And 17% of all restaurants in America are pizza reais lately about that nice so you are favors it is a simple. An encumbered pepperoni. Pepperoni and put some extra pepperoni elderly ego baby covered the cheese with a to a destructive big one big red blob in the right and then put some more pepperoni home marketing and it puts pepperoni in your soft drink as well. And Jenna Leah did what your favorite column beef beef in Miami on definitely into us again have a test yet their favorite is pizza would be did the mushroom. Much of net that's cast like the beef and pepperoni with extra cheese paradise. Yeah. Well my crank you and actionable each day are right it is by the way it's also a look oldest and and is national read in the bathtub day. You do that bill at all. Not afraid and I don't spend much time of the bathtub Amish our LB twos and take a shower and you're trying to. The read your latest you know Archie injected this comic book it's a little sought. You read about subjects he did with a big in all the bubbles go in there like Jayne Mansfield or somebody who deserve no news. We took greater drama in the south of proper book your hands are wet this is my story all right that it's a bad idea and thank you gentlemen 755 Steven did come out of. The 8 o'clock hour we'll talk about Dotel about congress fully overnight or what they did but that did what birds blur the entertainment news coming up the o'clock hour also. We have one more Valentine's. Day prize package. Which includes a twenty dollar gift her gift card from Coca dolce and the Mannheim steamroller fashioned romance CD romantic humility about now all that coming up in the 7 o'clock hour Stephen did the morning. On Kate in a sense.